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Author Topic: Fun with the Guys  (Read 1053 times)
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« on: March 11, 2016, 03:54:38 PM »

FUN w the Guys
Nick needs a break so he calls on his buddies, Jessie, Ben and Bert  to hang out at Rod’s place. Rod, lives with his “daddy” who is open and always in the mood to entertain and daddy’s house is a nice place to hand out play for sure.
The 5  guys all agree to meet up on Saturday around 3:30 at daddy’s place. As planned there’s pot to smoke, booze to drink and poppers to sniff, Nick wastes no time getting into the stuff  and soon enough is in a very playful and compliant mood.
Nick is a tall hunk of a guy and quite handsome as well. With the music playing and pot and booze going Rod suggests , “Nick why don’t you show off your hot bod and ink....take off  your shirt and show us what your tattoos are all about “ at this Nick starts to put on a show and starts doing a strip tease dance..he starts by taking of his shirt…..then drops his pants…. Steps out of his pants ..then takes of his socks…. Now clad only in his underwear  he tries to do a little more dancing moving clumsily .. stumbling a little ..then the guys unanimously shout “take it off...take it off” at this, without any hesitation peels off his boxers/briefs and flings them away.
To his surprise the guys readily pounce on him. Rod comes up from behind and ties his wrists behind his back, while Bert puts on a blindfold hood over his head/face then the next he knows Nick is pushed down to his knees and Ben ties his ankles to his thighs so that he is not able to stand up at all. Jessie comes and put on a posture collar on the tied up hunk so now Nick is unable to bend his face away from the on coming assault to his mouth. Rod snickers and remarks..ummm..now we’re gonna have some fun..”
I under 2 minutes Nick is bound in a kneeling position, completely naked and helpless to do anything about what is about to happen to him. He struggles and tries to resist but is utterly helpless. Next thing  he knows one of the guys clamps his nose shut with his fingers so Nick has no choice but to open his mouth and  as soon as he does a clamp gag  is jammed in his mouth  Rod who is the instigator of this planned assault then says..Oh look guys I think he’s hungry..why don’t feed him some cock” At this point the rock hard cocks of all four men are ready. To hold Nick in place they run a dowel under his elbows while 2 men hold Nick in place with the dowel, the other 2 face fuck Nick taking turns ..one by one, two by two.. One of them saying “that’s what you like right? “ Another saying that’s what you came for right” Nick gags, chokes and drools as the all that hard meat is jammed down his mouth and throat relentlessly and continuously.
“Okay now that we have our suck pig where we want him  ...let’s try something else.. Rod retorts. They untie his ankles from his thighs and stand him to his feet. They remove the clamp gag to give his jaw a brief and temporary rest. They play with his body, for a while caressing his chest, stroking his cock and balls making him hard and drip some precumm . “Okay let’s go….get him in here ” Rod orders. They drag him to the playroom where he bent over and strapped onto a waiting saw horse. His hands still bound behind his back. They bend him face down onto the saw horse and fasten leather cuffs on his ankles which are then clipped on to a leg spreader. They strap his chest on the saw horse with leather straps and remove the posture collar and replace it with a head harness to pull his head back, and position his mouth in the receiving angle. “There now we can fill both his hungry holes” Nick realizes that he is about to be spit roasted and struggles to break free but these guys know how to retsrain their sub/suck pig just the way they want. “Okay Jessie and Bert.. you’re up .seeing as you’re both up..Rod smirks..Nick groans, struggles and squirms as the two men enter him from both ends simultaneously. The thrusts into his hole and mouth are deep and hard. Nick has no choice but to take it. After a time of Jessie and Bert Nick hears “Ok our turn..c’mon Ben. We’re up” Rod says happily.  As di the 1st one before him, Rod slips on a condom and lubes up the bound up hunks hole takes the back end 1st while Ben is already pounding away at the front end. Then they switch places.
Rod can’t help but ask his buddy Nick “ We having fun yet?’ Oh did I tell you we’re just getting started..all the guys are grinning as the other onlookers continue to stroke their cocks. “Just a reminder guys..no one is allowed to come yet..ok? says Rod firmly.

“Ok I guess we could all use a break” Rod says. At this they release Nick from the saw horse, remove the gag and head harness, the ankle cuffs but leave the blindfold hood and his wrists still tied behind his back. They walk him over to the bed in the playroom, lay him down face down and tie his feet /ankles  and knees together with rope and leave him for a while as they take a break and compare notes 

The men enter the room leering at the beautiful naked body all tied up, ready for their use and pleasure. Nick tried his best to get free from his restraints but Rod knows how to tie his knots firmly and securely. One of the men get on the bed and flip Nick over to his back. It’s Rod saying “don’t move or tie to struggle. Keep your eyes closed” at that he pulls off the hood and replaces the hood with a leather blindfold  and flips Nick back on his chest. They untie his feet/ankles /knees and spread his legs open by tying his ankles to the corners of the bed. They do the same to his arms/wrists. Now Nick finds himself  in a spread eagle position face down, Again one of the men clamp his nose closed so as to force his mouth open and the gag is in place yet again. Nick already knows what’s about to happen..He soon feels a hard cock pressing on his lips while another cock is edging its way into his hole..As again the men take turns in assaulting the hot hunks mouth and hole. While they are it Rod gives a shout out “okay guys this time you can cumm. You’re choice his mouth or hole. Go for it guys” At this the thrusts increase in intensity and all the men finally get to blow their load in the hole of their choice. All the guys except for Rod…”What about you” asks Ben. “oh don’t worry about me I have an idea.. flip him..” Rod orders
They untie Nick and flip him on his back and tie him up spread eagle again. At this point Nicks has a raging hard on which does not escape the attention of Rod. I hate to see wood go to waste. They put a condom on Nick lube him up and Rod lubes up as well straddles Nick and starts to ride his cock. Just as Nick is about to cumm Rod pulls out and goes forward to face fuck Nick yet again, Rod thrusts hard and deep ..faster, deeper sometimes holding it in causing Nick to choke gag, gasp  and drool. Rod pulls out then comes in again with even more intensity. The guys watching untie his ankles and raise his legs spread apart. Two of them hold his legs up and apart while the other fucks his hole yet again. Finally with a loud gasp Rod blows his load into Nick’s mouth just as Jessie blows another load into his hole.
Rod and Jessie dismount and they tie Nicks ankles back up to the corner of the bed. Now Rod quips: Ok Nick’s turn” They take turns face fucking him while the others edge him to the point that Nick is begging to cum.  They take their time edging the hot hunk marveling at his raging hard cock and hot bod and finally they allow him to blow his load!! Globs of warm white liquid spew out all over his chest his abs…
Do these  guys know how to have fun or what?

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