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Harm's Way Vol. 6 ©
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Chapter Six

This was some of Val’s favorite time.  Her eyes stared intently at Roxy.  She felt like a child looking at the first snow.  It was perfect, unspoiled, and the only way to improve on it was to leave unmistakable evidence that you had been there.

Lost in her thoughts, Val hardly noticed as Roxy began to slowly wake up.  It wasn’t until the first moans of discomfort that she snapped out of her trance.

Roxy groaned as the pain in her wrists woke her up first, the spun rope had left a nice circular bruise around her tiny wrists as her body weight has been suspended from the ceiling for some time now.  Still groggy, she attempts to displace the pressure on her wrists as she finds herself precariously balanced on her tiptoes.

Val watched for a few more seconds as the drugs slowly began to lose their hold on Roxy, before she went back to the paperwork on her lap.

Candace had a lot of uses. A tongue that knows its way around a cock, an ass that can take a good paddling and a pussy tighter than a vice. Indeed, she had many useful things about here but the most surprising of which is her knack for research.  Before she found herself in Valerie’s charge, she had a promising future in research.  Though not the most studious, when she actually puts her mind to the task she has an uncanny ability to comb through every detail of any topic.  This may not seem useful to most, but to Val, everything has its place.

“Hmm” Val’s intrigue becoming just barely audible as she thumbs through the report Candace put together.  The topic; everything there is to know about Roxanne Cho.

Name: Roxanne Xi Cho
Age: 11
Height: 4’3”
Weight: 72lbs
Shirt Size: XXS
Pant Size: 0
Parents: Deceased
Siblings: None
Nationality: Korean
Interests: Dance: Ballet, Jazz; Art and Pop Music, Fashion
Favorite Food: Udon Noodles
Favorite Dessert: Chocolate Covered Pretzels
Fears: Sharp Objects, Darkness
Best Friend: Quinn Morgan
Abilities: Above Average IQ, Problem Solving, Musical Virtuoso
Disposition: Anxious, but can be resolved under right circumstances.
Val smiles as she thumbs through the report.  Candace would have to be rewarded for such good work.  Soft groans slowly get louder and turn into elongated whines of discomfort.  Roxy's pointed shoes give her just enough traction to wiggle her wrists and adjust her shoulders to a slightly less painful position.  A haze of confusion causes her eyes begin to flutter open, her mind searches for an explanation as to what her eyes are greeted with.

It appeared to be a basement, poorly lit, concrete walls, and a dirty floor.  The wall in front of her has a wooden cabinet, as she squints trying to get a better view without her glasses, her heart begins to race. Her struggling becoming more imminent, as the haze of sleep gives way to an disconcerting reality. "Help!?" Her tone was anxious, and yet confused. Val watched as Roxy went back and forth from trying to get free of her restraints to trying to soothe her aching wrists.  "Can anyone hear me!? Please HELP!" After a few minutes all of her exertion caused her to work up a bit of a glow.

Val's eyes took one long last look at the unfettered snow. Pristine. Immaculate, and somewhat awe inspiring in its perfection. Val smiles.  Time to go piss in the snow.

Silently she places the paperwork on the floor next to her, on her lap however is something far more sinister.  Her favorite cat of nine tails.  Her fingers close around the handle clutching it tightly.

The soft sounds of leather cutting through the air is all Roxanne has in the way of warning as Val's arm accelerates suddenly and deliberately. **CRACK** Lightning strikes Roanne's ass, her thin cotton leggings not providing any buffer from the leather.  "AHHHHHH!" she screams, first from shock, and then the pain sets in.  Her little feet dance, her head spins around, from one side to the other looking for the cause of the strike.

**WOOSH CRACK** Again the leather finds her rear, "AHHHGGGGG" she screams.  Confusion. Panic. Fear. Pain. Never had so many feelings combined to create such a dreadful cocktail as she pants wildly, trying to catch her breath having exhausted the capacity of her lungs while screaming. The scorching hot feeling at her rear was unlike anything she'd ever experienced.  Sure her papa had spanked her as a child, but this was different.  As her body hung exhausted from only two (of what Val would consider mild lashes) a pair of black heeled boots make their way around from behind her.

Following the lacing up from the toe of the boots, she finds two toned and tanned legs, a black micro dress that hugs the hips of her assailant tightly and barely covers the necessary parts to be considered clothing.  An ample bust pressed forward by a black lace bra and a face she was not expecting.

"Ms. Rose?!" Is all she can manage to exhaustively exclaim. Her eyes look the woman that has been entrusted with her safety and well being, up and down over and over again. Upon seeing Valerie pull her arm back its all Roxy can do to turn her head away and close her eyes. **WOOSH THWACK**  Her body slumps, taking away what little slack the rope had in it, the pain shutting off the part of her brain that would allow her to stand up straight.  "UGHHH!" Roxanne groans through gritted teeth as the rope cinches down on her delicate wrists.

"You are worthless, and as such, you've no value.  You will only speak when spoken to and asked a direct question," Valerie says in a very matter of fact manner.

"B-but, why are you doing this?" Roxy sobs no longer able to fight back the tears.  "W-wh-" **WOOOOSH THWACK**

Her thought is cut short as Valerie again rips another lash, this time across her sides and the small of her back. Roxy finds herself on her tiptoes again as the sheer force sends her reeling.  "You were not asked a direct question, you must understand, you're property.  You are my possession now, and as my possession, you have forgone all the things that a person might enjoy."  Val let's her words sink in.  Enjoying the soft whimpers but otherwise silence of the room as she takes in the sights. Taking liberties as she has been known to do, Val begins to let her hands roam Roxy's young body.  At the first touch Roxy pulls away, as far as the rope will let her anyway.

That won't do, Val stoops down grabbing the whip conveniently kept in reach and reminding Roxy of her situation. **WHOOOOOOO THWACK** The silence is broken as more sobs fill the room. It takes Roxy another 10 minutes, 16 lashes and an inordinate amount of pleading for mercy to finally understand how imperative silence and compliance is currently. Eventually Val makes her way to the cabinet in the wall in front of Roxy.  Placing the cat of nine tails on a hook, much to Roxy's relief she pulls out a pair of medical sheers.

Roxy slowly managing to deal with the pain tries to focus her gaze. "I... .... I-" she sniffles as tears have let streaks down her round little cheeks.  "Why, I don't understand I-" Valerie's hand moves from the cabinet where she is fiddling with something back to the cat of nine tails and Roxy immediately silences her questions but its too late.  Sheers in one hand, and the whip in the other Val makes her way behind Roxanne.  "Please, I- I am sorry, I forgot please d-"


"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" Roxy screams pulling wildly on the rope at her wrists, trying to escape the barrage but finding no safe haven from the onslaught. As the abuse subsides, Val makes her way back to the cabinet placing the cat of nine tails back but before letting go she turns looking back at Roxy, just to make sure there were no more questions that needed to be asked.  As Roxy hangs, legs limp her body quivering, Valerie makes her way behind the tormented girl once again.  Sheers in hand she lifts up Roxy's top and pulls her leggings from her body and takes the sheers down from her hips parting the cotton she begin to work around to Roxy's hips.  She hums as she continues snipping until Roxy's leggings have gaping holes in the front and back.

Her tight little bum is fully exposed, hanging out in a lewd manner.  She never felt so exposed as the cool air rushed around her bare cheeks.  Bright red stripes show the signs of multiple encounters with Val's favorite toy.  Val then moves to Roxy's top.  She takes great care to cut the back of the denim jacket in half, then moving around to Roxy's front she takes the sheers to the black tank top that was hugging her so tightly.  When all is said and done, the denim jacket is on pieces on the floor, and the tank top is cut in half at the front giving just a hint of Roxy's budding femininity.

Val walks back to the wall placing the sheers in their place turning seeing Roxanne's perfectly tight little pussy fully exposed and practically begging to be split apart.  Val feels her cock press tightly against the micro dress, as she turns taking a moment to compose herself, not wanting to ruin Roxy's surprise to early. 60 seconds of intense meditation and focus and Val is again ready to proceed.

"The first Edict. You will not speak out of turn." Val says taking in the full sight of the helpless girl before her.  Roxy looks up, her mouth quivers as she fights back the many thoughts running through her head.  Her body sways uncontrollably as she remains toes pointed trying to keep her balance.  "I believe you fully understand that now, yes?" Val prompts attempting to make eye contact with Roxy whose head is down but rises as she realizes she's been asked a direct question.

Too afraid to speak she only nods vigorously in an attempt to avoid any further punishment.  "You may speak pet."

"Y-yes," Roxy mumbles, sniffling as she fights back more tears.

"Wonderful.  Edict two: As my property and my pet, your actions are dictated by my will." As she concludes a scornful yet confused Roxy looks up. "I've lost you?" Roxy does what would amount to a shrug if her arms we're secured firmly above her head. "What I say, you do. No exceptions. Failure to follow through and well..." Val looks back at the cat of nine tails and her other toys, prompting Roxy to do the same.

"B-" is all Roxy can get out to object.  Val squints and makes her way to the wall removing the cat of nine tails again, spinning abruptly as Roxy can only adamantly shake her head no in protest but it clearly doesn't matter. **WOOSH THWACK-THWACK** Lashes land on the inner thigh of both legs forcing poor Roxy to bring her knees together as such a sensitive area is lit on fire by Val's treatment.

"As I was saying, failure to follow any rules gets you more of this. Understood?"

"Yeaaaaawwwwwwwww" Roxy whines finally being able to vocalize her pain under direct questioning.

A small smile comes across Val's face.  "Edict three, your body is mine," she begins as she walks behind Roxy whose head is hung as she cries.  A small pool of tears gathers beneath her on the floor.  "as my property I decide how and when it is displayed and what happens to it." As Val gets behind Roxy her pulse races.  Pulling at the hems of her micro dress, quickly removing it and placing it on the ground next to her.

It takes all on 7 seconds for Val's 9" to become fully realized and rock hard.  She bites her bottom lip as she walks back around to Roxy.  Silence. Confusion. Shock. Fear. Those familiar feelings again grip Roxy as her eyes dart from Val's cock to her now exposed tits, to her face and back to her cock. Val smiles.

Valerie makes her way over to a corner Roxy so far has been unable to see, slowly she pulls over a contraption that brings a quizzical look to Roxy's face.  Val had called in a favor from the coach of the gymnastics team.  The new uniforms that they are sporting this year came at a price, the horse that the team used would just have to be replaced.  Val took the privilege of adding the old horse to her collection, and came in very handy for a situation like this.  She'd had it modified so it stood just below waist height. As it stopped in front of Roxy, Val made her way to the rope that had been anchored to the far wall and had kept Roxy dangling tenuously for so long.

Roxy sighed as the rope came loose sending her collapsing perfectly over the horse, Val quickly secured her again leaving Roxy bent at the hip and her rear high in the air.  "This is your life now Roxy, time to embrace it, I know I will." Val pats Roxy on the bum and places a kiss on her cheek to which Roxy tries to shimmy away from, that will have to be addressed later; as Val had waited long enough.  Her nails trail down Roxy's back slightly digging into her tender flesh.  Val makes her way behind Roxy, "Its okay if you scream during this part." She adds as she places the tip of her cock on Roxy's bum.

Suddenly a chill runs down Roxy's back. It clicked, she figured out what was about to happen to her, at least she thought she'd figured it out. Val steps back, and spits in her hand rubbing it around her cock. Spitting again in her hand she rubs the saliva between Roxy's surprisingly ample cheeks. She spreads one aside licking her lips.

"UGHHHHH!" Roxy grunts as she feels the tip of Valerie's cock press against her little hole.  She instinctively clinches.  Her little hole refusing to let Val in.

"Fight it if you want, it'll just hurt more." Val says with a smile as she shifts her weight from the horse letting gravity do most of the work as she lowers herself into Roxy.

"OHHHHH GAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHDDDDDDDDDDD" Roxy screams, as her little hole gives way.  Val hands adjust to Roxy's little hips, pulling firmly not wanting to break her pace as inch after inch is forcibly pushed inside Roxy, whose legs are bucking wildly.  Her rear instinctively tries to expel the intruder but for all her body's efforts, it does her no good.

"FUCKING HELL!" Val shouts as 4" of her cock disappear into the whining girl beneath her.  Roxy's sobs are audible and deliberate.  Both women pant loudly as the stretching feeling Roxy is experiencing leaves her reeling.  The indescribable tightness is everything Val dreamed it would be.  Like an addict she had to have more. Grunting as she pulls with reckless abandon. "YES! FUCK YES!" She screams as another 2" slides into Roxy.

"UUHHHHHHHHH!" Roxy moans, followed by loud panting trying to catch her breath only to- "AAHHHHHUUUGGGGGGG!" Roxy's body begins to tremble having no idea how to handle this level of pain in her ass combined with the latent pain from being whipped. Her brain tried to make sense of it all but comes up with nothing. Coherent speech is gone as Roxy's mind can only focus on the searing pain in her ass. How was this possible. Why was it happe- "OWWWWWWWWW!" Her erratic thoughts shattered as another inch is rammed deeper into her rectum.

With one last visceral thrust Val slams home, negating any attempts Roxy may have employed to free herself from this position as the young girls body goes rigid and then limp. As it does the pressure added to Val cock nearly sends her over the edge. "Oh.... Oh, gaw-" She takes a moment to compose herself before she begins to withdraw from Roxy.

"Ohhhh, Ahhhh OWWWWWW!" Each inch causing nearly as much pain coming out as it did going in.  Val looks down seeing the bright red streak left from Roxy's ass, this would make for sufficient lube.  As she nearly get all of her cock out she wastes no time, sinking almost all 9 inches back into the unsuspecting Roxy. "WHYYYYYyyyyyyyyy?" is her only response as she feels Val pulling away preparing for another assault. "Please d-d-don't PLEASE! D- UGGHHHH" her pleas are only met with another pain inducing thrust as now Val strokes are long and slow, enjoying every inch of her newest toy. Stroke after tortuous stroke Val impaled little Roxy until the girls coherent cries are reduced to mindless whimpers.

Having worked up a sweat Val struggles to keep her grip on the tiny body under her. She doubles down on the pace, leaving Roxy wishing for any kind of relief, as what once felt like it would split her in two, now feels like a red hot rod being jammed deep inside her.  Each invasion of her body was so excruciating, that she slowly began to slip from consciousness.  Val, sensing this, picks up the pace even more.

The sounds of hips meeting ass, played over and over again, as Val hammers away and Roxy whose ass is painfully numb and whose bordering on the edge of lucidity.  Val comes onto her toes to get just a bit more leverage, the added sensation sends her over the edge as she buried herself deep in Roxy, only eliciting a soft "ugh" from her.  Valerie's balls clinch, wave after wave of orgasm rushes over her as she empties a days worth of frustrations into Roxanne's ass. Collapsing, she lay over Roxy, gasping for air, feeling herself shrink inside Roxy's violated asshole. Val lost track of time in the haze of a magnificent orgasm.  She grabs Roxy's hair pulling her head up. Eyes closed but still breathing.  Val giggles, "Whoops, looks like I may have lost myself that time," she says gingerly lowering Roxy's head down.

Val finally musters the strength to pull away.  As she does a stream of blood and cum roll from Roxy's ass onto the floor and into the drain below her.  Val delicately walks around gathering her dress.  Gripping a handful of Roxy's hair she wipes her cock off before sliding her dress over her body.  "Whew!" she exclaims.

Making quick work of her now incapacitated toy, she unties Roxy and drags her motionless body to the cage in the far corner of the room.  It takes some work but she eventually manages to get Roxy propped up in the corner. Closing the cage door and locking it Val steps back admiring her handiwork as the small pool of blood under Roxy continues to grow.  Double checking the cage which she had custom made to accommodate Roxy's every need (more on this later) Val pulls on the door, it'd be a shame for her new pet get out and hurt herself.  Val makes her way to the door, but her OCD gets the best of her again as she takes another 10 minutes to rearrange the room just the way she likes it before leaving.  Taking a look back one last time before she turns off the lights she can't help but laugh. "I love pissing in the snow."


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So deliciously Evil, HQ!!

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Bravo!  Bravo!

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Indeed, that was well done.
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