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Harm's Way Vol. 4 ©
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Chapter Four

   “It’s awful,” Roxy says leaning on the ballet barre next to Quinn Morgan.  “She’s really scary, I thought she was going to paddle me right there!”

      Quinn had been Roxy’s only real friend since her parents death and was always there when things seemed to be at their lowest to talk, or sometimes just to cry with.  They have been roommates together since Roxy arrived at school, Quinn was the person that really made Langston feel like her home away from home.  Being three years older than Roxy she took on a bit of a big sister role knowing how difficult the last year had been for her.  Quinn for the most part towered over the other girls in the class having hit her growth spurt last summer and shooting up to noticeable 5’2” .  She also came back sporting a more filled out figure as well, her once flat chest now managed to fill up her C-cup laced bra.

   “What about the Watson twins, did she paddle them?” Quinn asks tucking strands of her bright red hair behind her ears.  Roxy shakes her head no, as she puts her foot onto the bar leaning toward it stretching the muscles that were tight from sitting on wooden seats in class all day.  “I can’t believe you listened to those two, they’re like the worst!”

   “I know, I know,” Roxy says deferring her gaze to the floor.  “I guess I just wanted to feel cool for once.”  Roxy places both feet back to the floor stretching up toward the ceiling then pulling all her hair back quickly wrapping it in circles and pulling the hair tie from her wrist she finishes leaving a perfectly tight little bun atop her head.  “But I learned my lesson, I’m never talking to those two again.”

   “Enough chatter, first position ladies.”  The stern voice and thick French accent of Madame Tourville fills the room. All the girls hustle up to the barre knowing that cane she seems to never be without will painfully find their legs if their movements are anything less than hasty.  9 girls, all line up youngest to oldest.  Each of the girls stands patient and still their black leotards hugging their slender bodies.

   They were each hand picked by Madame Tourville herself, most of the stolen from Julliard to come and train with the once world famous prima ballerina.  Madame hadn’t performed on stage in decades yet at 50 she was still in performance shape.  Her black skirt stopped at her knees, and her heels made her well-toned legs look remarkable.  The white blouse she wore was covered with a ¼ sleeve crop black jacket.  She walks to the front of the line, “Begin.”

Little Roxy is first in line, as Madame walks past she adjusts her feet.  First position, her little feet in a straight line, second, third fourth, Madame nods and continues to Quinn.  When she finds each girl satisfactory she returns to the front of the room again banging her cane to garner the attention of the room.

As they each continued with their warmups, Madame moves her eye from girl to girl, taking in each of their unique features: Blondes and brunettes, short and tall, black and white, and everything in between.


No one ever interrupts one of her classes.  Madame sighs knowing better than to ignore something this deliberate. Cryptic though it seems to the girls in class who have diverted their attention away from practice to he large wooden door, Madame knows exactly what waits for her on the other side.

“Girls each of you will continue practice on your movements for the show in two weeks, I will be back shortly.” She says making her way toward the door as the girls begin getting into their starting positions for the rehearsal.

   Madame exits, heading to the room next door she enters the passcode on the keypad next to the door.  *BEEP* The deadbolt releases and she enters.  The two-way mirror reveals the girls she just left practicing their routine, moving in sync with each other.  So many tight young bodies all moving at her behest. Candace stands watching Roxy intently, she is in a white micro dress with white flats on, her dark hair in curls.  “You will be pulling Roxanne Cho from your class.”

   “Excuse me?” She says abruptly stopping, “She is one of my better students, I won’t simply-?

   “You don’t understand; this isn’t a request. This is a directive from the Head Mistress.” Candace turns her attention to Madame and walks across the room.  “And you wouldn’t want to disappoint Mistress would you?”  Her steps stop just short of the cane Madame holds tightly in her hand.  “You remember what happened last time she was disappointed?”

   Madame Tourville lowers he head, replaying the events that saw her in more than one precarious position in this room.  She recalls hearing her own screams and pleas for mercy that went unanswered.  The sounds that cane and paddle alike make as they cut through the air just before they find flesh.  For what seemed like hours she was suspended, naked, her body used as a plaything for the pleasure of her sadistic boss and her friends. “No,” she says her eyes diverted toward the floor, “no, I wouldn’t want to disappoint her.”
   Candace smiles as she raises her hand to Madame’s face, squeezing her cheeks tightly.  “That’s good, you’ll be seeing Roxy in one on one session from now on.  Val has some skills she wishes for the girl to acquire and you will teach them to her.”  Madame looks up realizing who Val’s target actually is.  Her eyes shift to the mirror seeing Roxy, as she moves so gracefully through the room.  The black leotard gripping grips her developing curves, “She now belongs to Val.” Candace explains.

   Madame sighs, knowing that the sweet girl in the window has no idea the terrible things that soon await her.

   Candace circles behind Madame Tourville, taking in the sight of her toned body, after being conditioned by Val, Candace had developed quite a taste for cougars, and given her station as Val’s favorite toy, occasionally took liberties of her position. “I should get back to the girls.” Madame says feeling Candace’s glare from behind her.

   “Don’t move Yvonne.” Candace says using her first name, a clear sign that she was about to pull rank. As she slowly walks behind her grabbing the cane from her hand.  Madame, Yvonne Tourville sighs, the nerve of this girl, the blatant disrespect that wouldn’t be tolerated from anyone else on campus.  Well, almost anyone else. Madame has been known to enact her own brand of swift and memorable punishments to girls who are mouthy or undisciplined in class.  But knowing what wrath would befall her should Val ever find out that she was anything less than accommodating to Candace, she  chooses simply remains still.  Candace looks down at the cane, a little more than 3’ in length and about the circumference of a silver dollar it certainly had some weight to it.  “So this is the cane huh?”  Candace grins; Yvonne can hear it in her voice.

   “Yes it is.” She replies coldly.  *BANG* Candace drops the cane hard on the floor watching Yvonne jump, chucking that the same instrument she uses to torment her students with now has her on edge. She can feel Candace at her back, and then at hips as Candace tugs firmly at the skirt sending it to the floor.   Next the young girls hands slide to her hips and Yvonne closes her eyes as she feels her silk panties fall to her ankles.

   Candace takes a moment to admire her handiwork. She picks up the cane walking around Yvonne, dragging it on the floor.  She continues to circle as she slides the tip of the cane into her mouth.  Pulling it out after she looks at it and holds it up for Yvonne to see.  Noticing a thin red line about 5” down the cane she cant help but inquire, “So is this the record?” Yvonne’s eyes are watering as she fights back a tidal wave of emotions that could see her choke the life out of Candace right here and now.   All she can do is nod to confirm her suspicion.  “Let’s see if we can break it.”
   Candace grabs a handful of Yvonne’s blouse.  And pulls her toward the mirrored window.   Yvonne tripping over her panties still tangled around her ankles is sent crashing to the floor.  The loud thud heard from the other side of the glass attracts the attention of the girls still going through their routines.  Candace’s hand is at her back quickly preventing her from getting back up.  As her ass is helplessly exposed in the air Candace quickly positions the cane at the rectum of the woman she suffered under as a student and with a smile and no warning rams the tip into Yvonne’s ass.  A stifled grunt fills the room.

   “Easy you old cunt, you wouldn’t want your students to know you were getting this cane rammed up your decrepit asshole would you?”  Candace smiles as she exacts a small measure of retribution for a number of demerits and paddlings she earned in this very room from Yvonne.  “Just think of it, they’d never respect a word you said again, we couldn’t have that, now could we?”  Candace jeers as she grips the cane tighter forcing it further into Yvonne who can only shake as she tries to relax her ass.  “just—a little – THERE!” Yvonne bites her lips as a small squeal she is unable to control slips out. It’s all she can do to keep from screaming as Candace jams nearly 7 inches of the cane into her ass.  “Records were made to be broken.”

   Taking a quick second to admire what she’s done, she smiles,  “Your lessons with Roxy start next week; Mistress will email you her regiment is that understood?”  Only a moan of discomfort and humiliation confirm the receipt of message.  “Good.”  Candace smacks the handle of the cane as she makes her way back across the room, typing in the access code, the deadbolt clicks and she exits leaving Yvonne still whimpering in pain and struggling to remove the cane from her ass.


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Also, other happenings on the campus of Langston Prep

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Re: Harm's Way Vol. 4 ©
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I almost pity poor Roxy!!

And having Yvonne at Candace's beck and call. I wouldn't be surprised if Yvonne finds herself screaming and begging right next to Roxy!!

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Re: Harm's Way Vol. 4 ©
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She just may end up there sooner or later
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Re: Harm's Way Vol. 4 ©
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Interesting hierarchy she has imposed on the other ladies

Bet with self ... Roxy is going to wind up ass raping her roommate  >:D
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