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Harm's Way Vol. 3 ©
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Chapter Three

        Outside her office however it was back to the vanilla facade
of Ms. Rose.
     High heels click as she makes her way down the busy halls.
Her traditional morning walk through gave the students a chance
to interact with their Head Mistress, for some that was rare at other
boarding schools.  However, Valerie truly did take a vested
interested in her students.  Some more than others.
     Making her way through the halls the Watson twins matching
blonde manes catch her eyes.  The brats move through the halls as
if they own them. What she wouldn't give to see those two cunts
on the end of her cock. However, though they aren't beyond
reproach as students' having them as toys was strictly out of the
question.  Too many pieces would have to be moved off the table.
     That's how it worked.  High profile cases got a pass, but
innocent little orphans like Roxy with no one to miss them, well
they got all the attention they could ever want.
     "Did you rat on us you little bitch?" The sharp words from
Clair Watson bring Valerie back to attention.  She scans the halls
looking for their origin.  "Well did you?" Jane snaps, giving away
their location.
     The swiftness that she displays as she makes a beeline for
the voices of the ever troublesome twins sends students
splitting to either side of the hallway leaving a clear path to the
bathroom door.  She enters silently taking a quick evaluation as
the Watsons' have the significantly smaller Roxanne trapped in
the far corner of the bathroom.
     "If you ratted us out my dad will-" Jane's thought is cut
short when she is viciously pulled away from Roxanne by a handful
of hair.
     "You two have clearly lost your minds," Valerie says bending the
necks of the two bullies back.  Wrapping her hands in their longs
strands she turns them both around and marches them to the
adjacent wall.  "Let's set some ground rules.  You do not talk to
Roxanne, you do not bully Roxanne, and if anyone in this school so
much as lays a finger on her, I will hold you two personally
responsible, make you both take thirty lashes in front of your
class and then expel you!"
     She brings her hands together knocking their empty heads
together.  "Do we have an understanding?" Stammering words of
agreement are all they manage to say before being escorted out
by their hair. WHAT HAPPENS TO THE TWINS? Klub Rape Vol. 3
     As Valerie returns a shocked Roxanne stares on, "Go on
sweetie, get to class." Val says softly with a reassuring smile. It
takes Roxanne a moment to react, her mouth hanging open with
amazement; she shakes herself back to the moment and gathers
     "Yes Miss," she hastily replies as she presses her glasses
back up the bridge of her nose still trying to wrap her head around
what she just saw.  Most people don't even notice her much less
stand up for her.  The hint of a smile plays across her lips as she
     Val places her hands on the sink her nails digging into the
porcelain.  Some days the self control required not to grab some of
these girls and force her way inside them was actually physically
painful.  Her cock had just begin to press against her skirt, she
took the time to compose herself before making her way back out
to the hall. Concluding her daily walk through the halls she makes
her way outside, the campus was always quiet early in the morning.
     As she stepped onto the quad from the front of the
administration building, she inhaled the fresh air, how invigorating.
She makes her way toward her favorite building on campus.  With
the construction complete of the humanities building over two
years ago, the smaller, significantly older and now vacant DeWall
Humanities Building sits idle save for one very small crew of
trusted workers.  Men Val has known for years. She double-checks
her surroundings, with class in session; only the odd
groundskeeper is spotted here and there. Everyone is usually busy
this time of day.  Pulling her master key from her bra she slides
inside locking the door behind her.  Making her way toward the
basement the sounds of construction get louder and louder, when
she petitioned to have this building renovated instead of torn
down knowing that it would take about 4-5 years for this project
to come back on the books; this is what she had in mind.
     1,500 sq feet, renovated with a holding cell, bedroom, small
kitchen area, bathroom and of course a playroom.  This is quickly
becoming the perfect place to keep little miss Cho for her training.
She took the liberty during the summer of having two small
corridors added to the basement, one leading to her residence
about 300 yards due north and another leading back to campus.
Making for easy access when she needed it.

   "Bruce?" She asks peering her head around a corner.  "How
are things coming along?"

   A large man in a hard hat diverts his attention from the light
fixture, looking down from his ladder and smiles at Val, "Certainly is
Val," He says before finishing locking the florescent bulb in place
and then carefully making his way down the ladder.  "We're just
about finished actually."  Wiping his brow and then his hands with
an old bandanna he pulls from his back pocket as he motions for Val
to follow him around the small living quarters.  "First, just like you
asked, all the doors have remote locks that you'll be able to access
with your phone.  Next, the soundproofing is done and all your
cameras are installed." He makes his way to the bedroom, pulling
from his pocket a list reading from it.  "Bedroom: one twin bed,
steel frame, exposed overhead supports, once dresser, two way
mirror, closet with in ground drainage, white carpet and pink
walls."  He turns back to Val, "This good?" He asks.

   Val fights the smile that is showing through despite her best
efforts.  She nods her eyes taking it all in.  They make their way
back through the only door in the room into the living quarters.
"Living space:" he says again reading from his list, "mini fridge, sink,
tile floor, one tall back chair. We good here too?"  Val nods again
her smile growing bigger.

   "And the last room?" she asks.
   "Well the last room was expensive," he says as they make
their way from the small living area to a concrete floor.  The feel of
the last room was much different.  The lighting was dim, and the
floor cold.  The walls had exposed metal loops sticking out ever 3
feet, another metal loop into the poured concrete floor and
another in the ceiling."  However as soon as Val walks in she cant
take her eyes off the closet in the far corner of the room. Walking
over to it she opens the door revealing a multitude of whips, ropes,
suspensions, chains, dildos, buckets and many other items that
she knows will make Roxy into her perfect pet.
"It's perfect," Val says with a smile closing the door.


If you haven't caught up on the first two chapters:

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Also, other happenings on the campus of Langston Prep

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Re: Harm's Way Vol. 3 ©
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I almost, ALMOST pity poor Roxy, or anyone else whom finds herself in this room....

But I can't wait to see whom gets put there first!!

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Re: Harm's Way Vol. 3 ©
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Finally found the inspiration to continue .....and now I'm writing two stories at once fml
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Re: Harm's Way Vol. 3 ©
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OK you still have me reading :)
It's what they're FOR! 
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