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Author Topic: Blackmailing a Detective ( MF , oral ) - Part 3 Added  (Read 2968 times)

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« on: January 07, 2016, 05:58:48 PM »

Blackmailing a Detective

Warning! You must be 18 or over to read these stories of rape and non consensual sex. If you do not like such stories, please turn back. I don't promote rape or non-consent sex. This is only a story, fiction, if you do not understand the difference between reality and fantasy, read no more. Rape is a heinous crime and the penalty is many years in prison. Anyone who commits rape are despised everywhere. But fantasies are all right so long as no one is hurt.

ft Sophia Bush
Detective Erin Lindsay walked into the office of her superior.She had recently been promoted to homicide detective at the age of 31. Her street smarts and toughness made her the fastest rising star on the Chicago Police Force.Her superior was a Lieutenant in his mid-50's. He was a tough talking guy, known for his willingness to get justice at all costs.
"You wanted to see me Lieutenant?" she asked.
"Shut the door and have a seat." he said.
When she sat, the Lieutenant tossed a file onto the desk for her to read. Detective Lindsay flipped through the file and looked at the pictures.
"That's Fatso Loogie.I know you're familiar with that man." He continued.
"You bet your ass I'm familiar with him," she immediately replied. "He's a real piece of work. I took down a number of his goons in a case last year but we never had enough evidence to bust him."
"Now you have a chance to take him down for good." the Lieutenant said as she gave him a puzzled look.
"Loogie is known for running a high-end escort ring and dealing narcotics. I don't see what this case has to do with me. I'm with homicide now." Erin said.
"Loogie is suspected in ordering the death of an undercover agent.As it turns out, he currently falls under our jurisdiction. Everything we have against him is purely circumstantial. His security detail is air tight and we have no way of getting any real information which would hold up in court. That's where you come in detective." he said with a stern voice.
"Oh no no no no...don't tell me I have dress up like a high-class hooker again," she replied. "That was a one time deal for the mission last year." Erin said not liking where this was going.
"Consider this an exception. He has a weakness for beautiful women, and to put it bluntly, you're the most attractive female officer in this entire department."
"If you're looking for a female agent to pose as a whore, why isn't anyone from Vice handling this? There are plenty of beautiful women there who routinely go undercover as prostitutes." Erin said trying to talk her way out of this.
"Out of the question," he replied sharply. "We suspect that Loogie may have multiple informants within Vice. He's always a step ahead of us. We think it's best to keep this operation as small as possible. Besides, you've got a better body than anyone in the force. That's the reason you were so successful last year isn't it?"
"Oh of course that's the reason. So what do you want me to do?" She rolled her eyes conceiding.
"Thanks to an informant, we know that Fatso will be attending a masquerade ball this Saturday.Masked balls at large mansions. They look like lavish parties on the outside, but they're actually just sex orgies on the inside. The participants are powerful men & women afraid to show their faces; politicians, bankers, mob figures, you name it..." The Lieutenant explained.
"Our goal is strictly to take down Loogie before he murders any more of our agents. We also need to find out who the leaks are inside this department."
he continued.
"I'm assuming you have a plan already worked out?" Erin asked
"The plan is, we send you into that ball as one of the models who serves drinks to the guests. Once the sex starts, we'll need you to find a way to plant a bugging device inside of an office where we believe an important meeting will be held later that night. It might not get us much, but it's a damn good start."
"And how exactly do I get inside? Security can't be easy in place full of influential figures."The Lieutenant tossed another folder onto the desk. Erin picked it up and looked at its content.
"That's Maria Mercedes Mooney," he stated. "She runs a classy strip club, and her dancers will be working as waitresses at the masquerade party. She's agreed to provide you cover as one of her strippers, in exchange we keep her out of prison for unrelated charges. That's how you'll get in."
"A stripper huh? Great, I'll be sure get as much information as I can after I fuck Loogie's entire crew," Erin said sarcastically.
"You don't have to fuck anyone Erin. I'm not that cruel. You're only there to look sexy and to serve drinks. Leave the sex to the escorts. That's their job."
"That's reassuring."
"You'll also be wearing a mask the entire time. Once you get inside the party, no one should be able to recognize you. On an assignment with this kind of sensitivity, that's a good thing. I need you to be as low profile as possible."
"I agree," she replied. "It sounds like a solid plan. If we get to send this murderer to prison for the rest of his life, then I'm all for it."
"This is a very dangerous assignment considering the leaks we may have in this department. I mean it, this is a very low profile assignment, meaning you won't have any back-up. We can't trust anyone." the Lietenaunt said a bit worried.
"Fair enough. I don't mind a little danger as long as we get to put the bad guys away." Erin said as she got up from her chair.
"Just don't get too cocky detective. These are dangerous men we're dealing with. I have faith in you. That's the reason I decided to promote you so early, and why I specifically recommended you for this job."
"Understood. And thank you." Erin said leaving the office.

Friday night Detective Lindsay stood in front of her mirror adjusting her outfit. She wore a sexy pair of heels and a tiny dress which showcased her toned body. She was dressed like high class server, but with a bugging device carefully hidden inside of her panties.'Not bad' she thought to herself. Her hair and make up were done to perfection and her body looked good in the tight outfit.Some time later the guests arrived to the party at the main entrance of the large mansion. All of them were wearing fancy clothes along with the gold masks to keep their identities secret, even though most of them knew each other anyway. Erin arrived at the back entrance at the time she was supposed to. She wore her skimpy outfit and had her mask in hand. For the first time in her law enforcement career, she was nervous. She knocked on the backdoor and a towering man opened it.
"You must be Cutter," she said.
"Depends on who's asking. What's the password?"He looked her over.
"Armadillo."  Erin said immediately.
"Come in. The party is about to start."His eyes looked her over once again and licked his lips. When she tried to walk inside the mansion, Cutter stepped in front of her and blocked the entrance.
"You're a tight little package," he said crudely. "How come I've never seen you before at the club?"
"I'm new in town. That's why." Erin replied trying to shake him off.
"That's funny. I went to Mooney's club a couple times recently and I never saw you." Cutter said as he kept his eyes pinned on her ass.
"Maybe you weren't looking hard enough. Maybe I was in the back with some other customers," she replied.
"I bet you're a great fuck. You're real sexy. I'd love to get inside your panties."
"Sorry, nothing's free."
"So what's your price?" he asked with a grin.
"No offense, but I don't think you can afford me. I'm here to do a job. Now get the fuck out of my way."
"Not with that top on."
"Excuse me?" she asked with a puzzled expression.
"Yeah, well the deal has changed. All the servers are required to be topless now. Show me those tits and I'll you in." Cutter said almost drooling at the prospect of seeing her tits.
"Fuck off. No one told me about this. The deal was to wear this outfit and a mask while I serve drinks, and that's it." Erin replied obviously annoyed at the thought of walking arouns topless for the rest of the night.
"Listen bitch, you either get topless right now, or I send your scanky ass back to the strip club where you'll be collecting dollar bills for the rest of the night. Got it?"Cutter clenched his jaw in a moment of anger.
There was no way around it. Erin had two options; either get topless for the rest of the night, or leave empty handed and miss a major opportunity. If Fatso was brought down because of her sacrifice, then it would be a major advancement in her law enforcement career. Reluctantly she pulled her top off and her breasts were exposed. They were average sized, perky, with small brown nipples. She handed Cutter her top and he took it.
"Happy now?" she asked.
"Very happy. You know something, I have a funny feeling that I'll get to fuck you hard before the end of the night. Call it a hunch." He grinned.
"Can you move your fat ass out of the way already? I can't serve drinks if you're just going to block the doorway and stare at my tits," she said with attitude.
"As you wish sweetheart." Cutter moved to the side with a smile on his face, giving the detective a clear entrance.
Erin stepped inside the large mansion and saw the other servers in the kitchen. They were all topless wearing their gold masks. Not wanting her face to be seen by anyone else, Erin put on her gold mask as well.The rules were explained and everyone knew what to do.For the next hour, the undercover agent walked around dutifully servicing drinks to as many guests as she could. Her bare breasts were exposed and she could feel the eyes on her body. Every room she entered, masked men and women turned their heads to admire her beauty.She worked hard to stay in shape, but she was never someone who appreciated being looked at in the sexual sense. It was a new sensation that was completely foreign to her. Being topless at the party was an important fact she was planning to omit when she reported back to the Lieutenant later. Before long, partially masked escorts arrived to the party after everyone was relaxed. The escorts were fully naked. Nearly every room on the ground floor of the mansion featured open acts of sexual debauchery. The escorts were either getting fucked by men, or had their masks lifted up while they sucked cock. Everyone was busy with their sexual encounters and Detective Erin Lindsay had a chance to plant a bug in a room where an important meeting would be held. She remembered the location,second floor, three rooms to the left.She snuck away from the wild sex orgy and headed up the stairs. Three rooms to the left and she arrived at her location. The detective was about to reach inside of her panties for a tiny lock pick.
"Looking for something?" a voice said behind her.
She turned around to see an elegantly dressed man wearing a gold mask. It didn't take long for her to make the connection. Between his hairline, his power body frame, and his voice, she knew it was her target - Fatso Loogie.
"Just having a look. Everyone's busy downstairs and I wanted to give myself a tour of this place," she said as an excuse.
"I can't say I blame you. This place is rather impressive. The owner is a friend of mine. I've been coming here for years and I still never get tired of looking at the artwork. It's a stunning place ." Fatso said examining the topless woman infront of him.
"Exactly. Now if you'll excuse me, I better get back to work." Erin tried to get away knowing this could mean trouble.
"What's the hurry?Everyone is busy downstairs with their lewd acts, as you've previously mentioned. People have had enough drinks already and I think you could use a break. How about I give you a quick tour of the upstairs floor?" Fatso asked.
"Look, I better get back downstairs. I have a job to do.'' Erin started feeling something was wrong.
"Nonsense," he replied. "No one is looking for you. Are you afraid security might come and throw us out of here for snooping around?"Fatso opened a bedroom door and motioned his arm for her to enter.
"After you," he said politely.
"I can't. I really should be going." looking for a way out.
"It'll only be a moment. There's something special I want to show you."At that point, fear was the emotion which consumed her. She was being cornered, and she knew it, but she couldn't fight it.
"Fine. If you insist," she replied and once she entered the bedroom, Fatso closed the door and locked it.
"I'd like for us to be formally introduced. Mooney is a personal friend of mine. Anyone that works for her is my friend as well. Please, remove your mask. I want to see if your face is as beautiful as Cutter says it is."There was no point in arguing. Erin reluctantly removed her mask and placed it on the table. Fatso did the same thing with his mask. She couldn't help but notice how handsome he was.
"Satisfied?" she asked.
"More than satisfied. You're a vision of beauty. I'm going to enjoy getting to know you." It finally sunk in that Fatso Loogie, the mob figure she was trying to take down, had seen her face and her breasts. If she felt embarrassed now, she knew she would be mortified later if she ever had to look at him in court, knowing that he had seen her bare figure.
"There's a special way that I get acquainted with Mooney's exotic dancers. It's a little crude, but I like to get to know everyone who works for her more intimately." Fatso said in a way that Erin knew she didnt like where this was headed.
"Don't even think about it. I'm not that kind of girl." she tried to cut him off.
"You aren't that kind of girl? Really? Mooney told me what a whore you are. She told me that you enjoy being a slut behind closed doors. Most importantly, Mooney has told me to be extra rough with you, because that's what you deserve." He laughed as Detective Lindsay's jaw dropped and her stomach sank.
"She never said that. I...I don't believe it." Fatso took a step forward and they were face-to-face.
"Well, maybe not in those words. The police have their informants, I have mine. Mooney is a strong independent woman, but she'll do anything to protect herself. She came to her senses this morning and admitted everything to me." Detective Lindsay felt stunned and betrayed. Never in her life had she felt so fearful of another human being.
"What do you want?" she asked.
"I want you on your knees, looking up at me with my cock in your mouth." Fatso said as he grabbed her chin and looked her in the eyes.
"Not that. I...I can't." Erin said trying to avoid his gaze.
"And why not? Not your thing? Are you a lesbian?"
"Because you're a criminal..."
"Perhaps so but I still don't see how that prevents your mouth from giving me pleasure. Now get to it." he replied.Fatso grabbed the back of her hair and she screamed in pain. He pushed her down to her knees and she was forced to comply. He held her down with one hand, and he unzipped his pants with the other. His hard cock was free and dangling in front of her face.
"If I do this, will you let me go?" she asked in a desperate attempt to gain control. "This can stay between us. No one else needs to know."
"I don't think you're in much of a position to bargain with me Detective. But I'll consider keeping this a secret as a good will gesture. Now start sucking."
He pulled his head forward and his cock entered her mouth. Erin tried her best to suck, but he pushed himself all the way in, making her gag. Lewd sounds filled the room. Fatso used both of his hands to control Erin's head while he fucked her face and throat. The deeper he went, the more she gagged, and the more her eyes watered. Erin tried her best to maintain her composure,there was no way around sucking his cock and she tried her best to make him cum as quickly as possible. It had been a long time since she had performed oral sex on a man but the principles were the same. She knew what to do, and what men liked. She held the base of his cock tightly with both hands and he groaned in pleasure.Fatso loosened his tight grip on her hair. He no longer made her gag. Once she began to comply, he became more lenient and allowed her a chance to be more comfortable with the sex act. She sucked and stroked furiously. As much as it pained her, she wanted to get the whole experience over it.
"Look up at me," he said.
For the first time since she began to suck his cock, the two of them made eye contact. It made the experience all the more degrading.
"Suck it harder detective. I want you to take it deeper. I want to finish in your mouth."He continued.
Erin worked even harder. The ultimate irony was that she spent more effort sexually pleasing Fatso than any of the men she had ever dated in her personal life. She wanted this ordeal to be over as soon as possible and no one would ever know.Loogie's body showed all of the signs of his oncoming orgasm. He moaned and his body became tense. A flow of cum shot out from his cock and inside the young Detective's mouth. She swallowed every drop to avoid being 'punished' later for spitting it out. When he stopped cumming, she took his cock out of her mouth, swallowed everything, and got back to her feet. They were standing face-to-face once again.
"There, you got what you wanted," she said, controlling her anger.
"Not a word about this to anyone or else I'll kill you." Erin tried to clean herself as she tried to move past him.
"Oh, I'm sure that you'll retaliate against me if you had the chance. That's why I'll need a little insurance. Don't take this personally detective. It's only business."Fatso reached forward with both hands and strangled Detective Lindsay's throat. She tried her best to fight back, but it was useless. She was no match for his strength. Her vision soon faded and she fell unconscious on the floor.

When she awoke, her body was spread apart, with her hands and feet tied to each corner of the bed posts. She was completely naked. She looked around and she was in the same bedroom. Loogie was still there, setting up a video camera on a tripod. On the other end of the room was Cutter, stripping off his clothes.
"I'm glad to see you're finally awake. I hope you don't mind, but I invited my friend here to join us. He'll be keeping us company for the night."Fatso said with a sadistic smile.Tears formed in her eyes as he started recording,she was completely and utterly powerless.
"Just let me go,i'm not going to tell anyone about this, I swear. Just let me go." she pleaded.
"This isn't about keeping secrets, it's about ownership. Once this is over, you'll be mine." Her eyes turned to Cutter, who was naked as he walked towards her. His body even more intimidated naked, with its thick muscles and layers of fat. His cock was equally impressive, and hung down even though it was only half erect.
"Are you going to hurt me?" she asked Cutter with desperation in her eyes.
"I'm not gonna lie, this is probably going to hurt." Cutter replied.
"Let's begin. I'm eager to see this." Fatso sat down on a chair while the video camera recorded.
Cutter smiled and positioned himself over the detective's naked and vulnerable body.
"I told you I was going to fuck you by the end of the night," he grinned.
"I've always wanted to fuck a cop. A detective is one better."He pressed the head of his engorged monstrous cock against the outside of her labia. Erin squirmed in bed,her arms and legs tried to break free from their restraints, but it was useless. There was no getting out of this.
"Please...don't do this...I'm a detective...You can't!" Erin screamed still refusing to accept the fact that she was about to being raped by a criminal.
"Lady, you're only turning me on more." Cutter pushed the head of his cock inside of her tight pussy.
"I'll fucking kill you if you do this to me!...Please..." She tried to struggle, and he pushed deeper, making her moan.
"I doubt that,the boss is recording this for good reason. Now shut the fuck up already and enjoy. My cock is 9 inches. You better save your breath, you'll need it." he replied, continuing to enter her.
Her eyes widened once she heard those words. 9 inches. She was terrified and there was nothing she could do. Cutter continued pushing his huge cock inside of her. Every second he was inside of her was pain. He wasn't gentle about it either. He just shoved it all the way in.Their faces were just inches apart as he was on top of her. She felt his cock in the lower end of her gut, a feeling she never thought possible. It was a surreal moment for her. His eyes were sadistic. He pulled out slowly, and she felt relief until he pushed it all the way back in. He repeated the process as he started fucking her.Slapping noises filled the room. His cock slammed against her body and the sound was distinctive and wet. Fluids from her body started gushing, there was no escaping this, so she tried her best to stay relaxed so she could to relieve some of the pain.Whenever she tried to look away from his hideous face, she would turn to see the video camera pointed at her. The red light let her know that it was still filming. The sexual degradation of her body was being recorded for future use, and she could only imagine what would become of it. Her career would be ruined. Everything she worked for, down the drain. Her life would be over if that video ever got out.
Worst of all, the more she relaxed herself, and the more Cutter continued pumping his large cock in and out of her body, the more she started to enjoy it. Pain soon became unwanted pleasure. It was still agony, but a part of her enjoyed being his fuck toy. Moans escaped her lips. She tried to best to hold it in, so that Fatso and Cutter wouldn't have the satisfaction of knowing she was enjoying herself, but it was useless. Her moans became louder and louder, the harder he fucked her, the louder she became. Erin's eyes shifted from looking at Cutter on top of her, to the camera, to Fatso with a smile on his face. She didn't care anymore. What else could she do? Detective Lindsay's moans soon became cries. Cutter fucked her body as hard as he possibly could. Tears streamed down her face. She tightly grabbed a hold of the bed sheet with her hands, and her toes curled. A loud scream came out of her mouth. It sounded like agony, but she was cumming. It was a violent orgasm that ripped through her entire body. She had never felt anything like it before in her life. Cutter grinned knowing that he had made the Detective cum. He gave her a slobbering kiss on the check as her body became limp. Then a big kiss on the lips. Cutter's mouth stayed on Erin's, and he continued pumping his cock in her body until he came.
When it was over, her body was lifeless in bed. She didn't move, even as Cutter untied her from the restraints. His cum was all over the inside of her pussy and there was a big wet spot on the bed from her squirting.
"What do you intend on doing with the video?" she asked meekly.
"It's leverage against you. Don't worry, I'm not going to let anyone see it unless absolutely necessary. Your life will continue as normal. You'll still be doing your noble duty of being our city's most admirable detectives. After all, we need people like you to keep our streets safe." Erin sat up on the bed. She ignored the aching. Her body was covered in sweat, and she didn't bother to cover up her nudity. It didn't matter anymore.
"There has to be a catch," she said.
"The catch is that you'll be my new informant from now on. If I get prosecuted, this tape will find it's way to every single member of the police department. And of course, every amateur porn site on the internet. Look on the bright side, you'll be a big star if that happens." he smiled.
The once proud detective bent down and put her face in her hands. She started sobbing. She was being blackmailed, and there was no way out.
"Don't cry detective. I'll treat you good. I'll treat you better than you've ever been treated before. You'll see." Fatso sat down next to her on the bed and put his hand on her back feeling his cock starting to get hard being that close to his future fuck slave.
''Now turn around so i can have your oh-so fuckable ass, and you'll be free to go for tonight Detective." Fatso said, turning off the camera.

Six months later.
 The rain was pouring in the evening. Detective Lindsay ran down the street after a long day of work. She was carrying a sealed packaged and she was soaking wet by the time she reached the black car at the end of the street.
"I hope I didn't keep you waiting too long," Erin said as she sat in the front seat.
"Some things in life are worth waiting for," Fatso replied as Erin handed him the package.
"Everything you want is in there. It's a list of all the phone taps we plan on installing. There's also a list of people in your crew who are being tailed by the police. You should be able to use this information to avoid being incriminated." Erin said looking down,she hated herself for doing this but she had no choice.
"Good girl. I don't know what I'd do without you."He smiled at his little cop slave.
"It's been an exhausting day for me. I haven't had any lunch and I'm starving," she said before reaching to open the door.
"Aren't you forgetting something?" he asked with an eyebrow raised.
"I thought we're passed that now. You have so many other women to choose from." Erin relactantly closed the door.
"I still prefer you. You've become my favorite since the day we first met."
"Promise you'll be quick?" she asked with a smile.
"Depends on how good you are." She bent over and unzipped his pants. His cock was fully erect by the time she released it. She held it in her hand and stroked it a while before taking it in her mouth. She expertly sucked and slobbered on his cock. Her head bobbed quickly as her hair moved around freely. The heavy rain and tinted windows were perfect cover for what she was doing. None of the unsuspecting bystanders had a clue that a Detective was sucking off a mob boss, and she preferred to keep it that way.

The End?
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Definitely not, please ! police  That scenario offers so many possibilities, that shouldn`t be wasted !  emot_thedrool.gif
So, please carry on ! By the way, very good writing, indeed !!

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Definitely not, please ! police  That scenario offers so many possibilities, that shouldn`t be wasted !  emot_thedrool.gif
So, please carry on ! By the way, very good writing, indeed !!

I didnt intent on making a sequel...but seeing many like this i might consider it!  Grin

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Several months had passed since the mansion incident,where Detective Erin Linsday was made into Fatso Loogie's informant for everything he needed to know from her Precinct but most importantly she had become his personal fuck slave to be at his beck and call any time of the day.At first Erin was giving him any information he wanted in fear he would destroy her career ,but when a sting operation to bust one of his warehouse went wrong and several police officers were injured,Detective Lindsay started having second thoughts about her deal with the sadistic mobster.So one day she decided to keep the information of an upcoming plan to arrest Fatso Loogie red handed when one of his shipments arrive at the docks.Erin hoped that he would get arrested or even better get killed during the operation so as not to blame her for not informing him before hand of was going to happen.
Detective Linsday was sitting at her desk in the Precinct waiting to hear the good news from the operation.When her Captain stormed the station and seeing his angry face she knew,somehow Fatso Loogie had escaped them once more.Erin's face darkened.Her hope of getting out of this nightmare was lost,now all she could wish for was that Fatso didnt make the connection and realize that Erin had betrayed him.

Opening the door of her apartment Erin reached in switched off the security alarm and switched on the lights. She slipped off her denim jacket and kicked off her shoes with a long sigh. She was so looking forward to her shower,the stress of that long day had really wear her off.Erin moved into the bathroom and switched on the shower. Simply the sound of the water splashing down made her feel more relaxed. She breathed a long, tired sigh as she began to unwind.Moving back into her bedroom she unbuttoned her white blouse revealing ample cleavage edged by the lacy, white bra she wore. Erin moved to her drawer unit and knelt down to open the bottom drawer. It was then that it happened!
"Don't move bitch, and don't look round." Erin froze as she clearly felt the cold serrated edge of a long knife at her neck. She felt a cloth bag slipped over her head and she was pulled up to her feet by strong hands. The bag was loose and she felt the same strong hands move under it and begin to slip it off.
"Don't turn around" she was firmly reminded as skillful hands replaced the bag with a tight fitting black blindfold.They were obviously professionals and knew her all to well. The unseen men had waited till she had removed her gun and was now defenseless.
"That's better, now we can see that pretty face of yours." Erin cringed as she felt rough, masculine hands at her neck. She was petrified! The state of her    relative undress filtered back into her mind and she began to panic as she knew that this invasion was not a coincidence the day Fatso escaped prison by mere luck.
"P.p.please, please leave me alone. Take anything you want, just leave me alone" she begged trying to stay calm.
"Oh we will take just what we want, but that, I'm afraid, does not involve leaving you alone, ha, ha ha!" Erin groaned in despair.
Suddenly they removed their hands from her and Erin was left blindfold feeling afraid and exposed. Then a pair of hands took her and spun her around. She stumbled feeling dizzy and slipped to her knees. She was completely disoriented. She had no idea how many people were with her. In fact there were three men and a single woman. Erin screamed as she felt her hair grabbed in a tight bunch and she was dragged to her feet. She was pushed and pulled out of her bedroom, along the hall and out into the cold air of her own private courtyard. There she was forced to walk barefoot until she stumbled into some small steps, whereupon she was bundled upwards into what she could sense was the inside of a large van.Once inside she shuddered as she heard the door of the van close noisily. Erin felt pressure on her shoulders as she was forced to kneel.
"Now we have you to ourselves Detective Erin Lindsay!" said an unknown man.
Erin had no idea where she was because of the blindfold. Her senses of touch and hearing were now heightened incredibly and she flinched as she felt a hand brush her arm. No one spoke. The gang just stood and watched, delighting in Erin's trembling nervousness. Erin's firm breasts heaved in terror. She swallowed hard as she felt the open blouse slipped off her shoulders. She felt the cotton brush against her leg just before it fell with a gentle rustle to the floor of the van. Suddenly her arms were taken and she screamed as she felt the cold of metal cuffs fastened to her. If she could have seen them she would have trembled at the long, thick chains attached to each cuff which were in turn fastened to a loop fixed to each side of the van.Instead she just felt her arms pulled cruelly out to her sides and stretched painfully taught.
"No, no please," Erin begged. The gang ignored her pleas and simply proceeded to fasten her ankles in a similar fashion leaving her standing very unsteadily, her legs about 3 feet apart.
"So my beauty, we really have you now" a man mocked her.
"Please, please let me go," Erin begged. This delighted them all immensely.
"Oh no my pretty one, not a chance!" was the reply received.
''You've been a bad girl today Detective.'' another man said making Erin turn around toward the voice coming from behind her.
''You had a deal with our employer...and today you will learn what happens when you dont honor that deal.'' another mad standing inches from her face said to her made her jump in surprise.How many are they she thought to herself.
''We will make you regret the moment you decided to betray our boss.''Erin swallowed hard as she felt a hand brush up against her thigh and under the hem of her skirt.
"Shall we take off your skirt or your bra next De-te-cti-ve?" Erin remained silent. 'SLAP!!' she felt a sting as she was hit across the cheek by a female hand and she was shocked to hear a female voice.
"Come on bitch, what'll it be?" Erin stuttered her response as another slap landed on her face before she could reply.
"M...m...my sk..sk..skirt," she finally uttered in a voice of defeated resignation. She felt the hand again,this time it continued the journey under the hem and up, up, up touching her, brushing against her groin. Fingers loosened the buttons and the wrap around skirt fell away.
"Fuck me, look at those panties!" Erin remembered she had worn black, silk, lacey high cut panties. Not a thong but very, very sexy. She wished now that she hadn't. Then silence. Silence, for minute after long minute. Suddenly the chill of a sharp blade touched her cheek. 
"No please don't cut me...im...im sorry."Erin panicked.
She felt the blade move down across her cheek and down the length of her slender neck. She hardly dare breathe. It continued its terrible trail across her bare shoulders,down the middle of her back then round, round until it traced the underside of her magnificent firm breasts. Once more she held her breath as she felt the pressure of the blade increase, then a snap as her bra was sliced in two. It sprung away leaving her exposed.
"Wow, look at those tits!" said a man.
''No suprise the boss kept her around that long'' said the man with the blade as two more strategic cuts and her bra fell away completely. The cold air and the fear of her predicament had made her nipples firm and erect. Erin looked stunning in her captivity. After five long minutes during which not a sound was made Erin felt compelled to break the silence.
"Where are you, is anyone there, what's going on?" She began to panic.
Then the uncertainty of inaction was broken as Erin felt something very, very cold on her cheek. She inhaled sharply. It was ice. Erin felt it cold and wet on her face.She felt an ice cube on the bridge of her perfect nose then tracing a line down, down, followed by a long wet trail. Sensually it moved to her lips over and around her full red mouth, leaving it wet and moist.Down it continued onto her neck and chest and then Erin moaned openly as the ice cube traveled onto her breasts. Then 'Ooohhhhh' a second cube, one on each breast now circling round and round, not touching her nipples just the firm naked mounds.
"Oooohhhhh, mmmm!" she groaned.They were torturing her.Then a third cube on her stomach skating over her tight flat muscles, moving down onto her groin. Erin tried to strain her thighs together to meet the cubes insistent approach, but the chains held her taught. Then her frustrations were answered in part, as the ice closed in on her nipples. Just touching briefly, lightly, the erect little buds. She moaned anew as the cube at her groin moved under her black panties.
"F….U…C…K!!" she groaned heavily, as the cube dampened her neatly trimmed pubic hair. She felt the fingers holding the cube brush against her sex lips, and, again, she tried in vain to push upwards to meet them. Then she bucked.
 "Aararrrgghh!!" she uttered unintelligibly as the cube opened her slit and was pushed into her.She felt a second cube quickly follow it, then a third and a fourth.
"Oh, my.......!" Erin was lost for words.Fingers, unseen by Erin, twisted her panties forcing the material, silky and damp, upwards trapping the cubes and splitting her wet, pink labial lips. Erin felt the pressure heightened then released. Once more heightened then released, and again. The friction was making her high. 
"Do you want to come Detective slut?" a man said as Erin cringed at the open, stark question, but couldn't avoid answering.
"Y..y..yes I do, oh yes I do!" through  her dry mouth. The ice continued to tease her nipples relentlessly. Erin felt it melting inside her and the water soaking her panties and making her pussy wet and pliant. The friction continued as Erin groaned and strained her tight, bound body. Her tongue wet her lips as she threw back her head ready to come gloriously!Then it stopped. Erin hung twitching with desire, devastated, her body heaving, frustrated and humiliated once more by mobsters.Panting, sweating, shaking and incredibly frustrated. That was how Detective Erin Lindsay felt as the friction stopped and she was left on the brink of a most unwelcome but certainly not unwanted orgasm.
"Oh no, please make me come, don't stop now" she begged, delighting her four captors.
"SLAP!" shut it bitch, came the female voice taking the opportunity to vent her feelings over the bound police woman. Again silence. Tears of fear and desire rolled down Erin's cheeks. Then she felt it again, the cold, sharp steel of the knife, this time on her thighs.
"Oh please don't" she whispered, fearing the worst. Moving upwards Erin felt the razor sharp edge against her skin. She froze, she dare not move.Up it traveled into her groin.
"Aaayyeeee!" she yelled as the slightest of pressure was applied and the knife poked the lovely smooth skin of her groin. A small dot of red blood appeared giving way to a slim trickle as the dot overspilled and ran down her thigh.Blindfold still, Erin was completely disoriented. She felt the knife move to her panties and then onwards underneath the thin strap of lacy fabric high cut to her waist. One slit and her panties fell away to reveal half of her neatly trimmed pubic bush, the other half still covered by the tenuously held black silk. The knife moved and cut again. Erin's panties fell away completely, the last remnants of material peeling themselves away from her still moist pussy. She gave a sharp intake of breath as she felt the cold air of the van wash over her entirely naked body. Erin's breath was rapid now,her gorgeous breasts heaving covered in a glorious sheen of perspiration.

Again no one spoke, moved or touched her. In many ways the isolation afforded by the blindfold was her greatest fear. Then she felt a slow, almost sharp, touch on her back. It was certainly a  female finger topped with a sharp fingernail as it moved down her spine, lower and lower then still lower. Erin moaned and tried to arch her back. It descended even further, dragging the sweat of Erin's back with it, moistening the finger until it reached the delicious curve at the top of her ass. She froze. The finger then start its descent into the lovely crack in Erin's bottom, invading, Erin squeezed her buttocks together but the digit invaded deeper and deeper.
"Mmmmffggppp" Erin groaned as the finger found the hole for which it had been searching and began to penetrate. She was very dry there and also standing up, both factors which made penetration very difficult. However, using only the moist dampness which had collected during the long tortuous trail down Erin's back the girl forced entry into Erin's bottom.
"Aaarggghhh!!" Screamed Erin.
"Go on cop bitch yell. That really makes me hot!" Painfully the finger continued the assault until it was buried up to the knuckle between Erin's buttocks. She bucked and squirmed, writhing against the chains which held her tight.
"Ooooohhhh, please take it out, pleeeeeeease"Erin nearly passed out as the girl wriggled her finger creating small circles deep in Erin's lovely bottom, invading her even more. She sensed the girls face near to hers as she whispered to Erin.
"I can feel your excitement whore, I can smell your desire!" Erin was sickened by this lewdness but had to admit that through the haze of her agony she could feel her natural juices being stimulated as the girl began to frig in and out of Erin's ass. She groaned as the act being performed on her body caused much pain to her arms and legs as they pulled and rubbed against the harsh chains. She was still standing but her legs were very wide and she could feel the naked exposure of her pussy for all to see.Then she felt it. Rough, hard, a finger brushing over her pubic hair.
"Owwww!" the fingers tugged a small bunch providing an alternative source of pain to that caused by the invasion of her bottom. Then it was on her pink, swollen labial lips, then it split her and was stroking the inner walls of her vagina. She groaned very deeply now as she was penetrated from the front and back. First the rough large male finger frigged her exclusively, but soon it was joined by a second then a third, moistening, deepening, bringing Erin to new highs despite her natural reluctance to be turned on. The finger in her bottom wiggled even more. Erin mewed, she was building up coming, coming, coming...
''Ohhh Yesssss!! '' she screamed.
Then quickly both invasions of her inner most regions were stopped.She was once more left panting desperately for inner release. This time Erin wasn't left alone for long. She felt the hot breath of her captors drinking in her feminine scent as a figure approached her and kissed her neck. Another man. She bit her lip then froze as she felt the nudge of his hard erect cock press against her damp pussy.
"OOOHHHH!" she exclaimed.This was it she was going to be raped. Then a shove and he was in. Now Erin really moaned as he fucked her hard. The lubrication of her body under previous action had Erin gyrating with him almost immediately as the whole of his long shaft disappeared inside of her. He could sense she was on edge. Her body tensed.
"Do you need to come?" he panted in her ear.
"Y...y.....y...esssss,please" she hissed
"I DO!" she yelled the second piece as she almost reached the point of no return. She very badly needed to squeeze her thighs together and bring herself on. This was sign he was waiting for. He pulled out of her immediately leaving Erin yet again dripping with lust.
"Oh, no please" she begged. Unseen to Erin he took his hard throbbing cock and jerked off into an empty mug  leaving his thick deposit swimming around in the bottom. Then a second man was in front of Erin. She grunted as his hard cock was thrust easily into her now, for she was so wet.
"Like that?" he mocked.Erin turned her head away not wanting to reply this time.
"Arrogant bitch" he spat. She swallowed hard as he began to fuck her in earnest. In, out, harder,faster. She moaned and groaned as she was raped for a second time.He fucked her faster then more slowly. Erin was so close once more to orgasm that she was quickly in the throes of coming.
"Ah..ah..ah..oh..ah... yes I'm co…." At which point he again pulled out.
"F…U…C…K noooooo!" she screamed in desperation. Their plan was not only to rape her but make her beg for it.Torturing her was part of the deal.Fatso knew what a slut Erin could turn into when she was taken over by her lust,so he had given them instruction of how to humiliate the young detective.Again she was left hanging as her assailant jerked off into the same mug as his predecessor. The third and final man approached her panting sweat covered body, superb in its nakedness, abused and beautiful. He cupped her breasts and tweaked her nipples. Even that made Erin groan now causing tremors of desire to spasm though her bound, captive body.Erin was so ready to come now, right now, that any touch, especially in a sensitive area, would have brought her to the edge. A sharp intake of breath and she felt it once more, cold, so ice cold, on her skin. Circling her breasts, brushing lightly against her erect nipples.
"Ohhhhhh," she groaned as the ice cube worked its way down,down, down over her flat stomach.She almost cried out as the cube brushed her groin and then lightly over her pussy. Slowly, very slowly, she felt it trace the length of her vaginal lips, and then ease slightly inside.
"Oh, yesssss!!" she hissed, straining against the tight chains which held her captive. She felt the cube, and the fingers holding the cube, scrape against her vaginal wall. Then it was outside of her again, retracing the damp trail upwards along her perspiring body. Back over her stomach, up between her gorgeous breasts, over her chest and neck until the wet cube, covered in her own juices, moistened her red lips. Another cock, the third,positioned itself between her thighs. A forceful shove and she was again impaled.Erin grunted and the ice cube was slipped into her mouth. She sucked on the melting ice tasting herself so clearly as once more she was fucked. Piston like strokes pushed her on and on, and again she gasped for breath. The melting ice cube filled her mouth causing water and juices to dribble down her chin. She pulled against the cuffs. The man could sense her coming and again, as on each previous occasion, he withdrew, jerking himself off into the come filled cup.
"Oh no, not again, please....." Erin begged. Once more complete silence. Long minutes of nothing heightened by the blindfold covering Erin's eyes. Gradually her body calmed down. The gang could sense her sexual tension and frustration.
"One more bitch!" Erin felt the sharp female fingernail at her cunt. She breathed sharply as the nail traced the full length of her labial lips. Up and down, up and down, up and down. Never parting, never entering. Just up and down. This was driving the captive Erin wild.
"Do you want me to make you come?" the girl asked mockingly.
"No, no, no - oh yes, Y..E..S I DO PLEASE, PLEASE!!" Erin fought her this time.The girl took the cup and moved it nearer to Erin.She dipped her fingers into the mixed sperm and smeared it onto them. Moving to Erin's mouth she held it near.
"You've tasted yourself, now taste this slut!" She moved her fingers over Erin's lips. She turned her head away only to feel the knife at her back. She moved to the come covered fingers once more. The girl's other hand once again brushed up and down her soaking wet pussy. Erin took the fingers of the girl into her mouth and licked them dry.
"Mmmmm, lovely" laughed the girl.
"Now drink you filthy whore!" Erin felt the cup at her mouth. Her hair was tugged back tipping her head. Erin's mouth opened and she gagged as something touched her lips and she was forced to drink the cup of slimy sperm. It poured into and over her mouth, running down her chin and onto her breasts. She gasped for air.
"Oh yes, fucking ace!" said a male voice as the cup was drained.
Erin felt totally used. She could taste the cum smeared around her mouth, and she could sense the thick sticky liquid to her chin and settling in her stomach. But yet she was still on absolute heat.
"Great show bitch" she heard the girl say. Once more the long fingernail scratched a sensuous path up and down the length of Erin's slit.
"Ooooohhhh please!" she begged. Erin felt the warm mouth of the girl on her breasts, her tongue circling Erin's nipple on her left tit, flicking the hardened end into a tortured erect state. Then soft hands were massaging the sperm into her skin. Erin was on fire!
"You can come now slut" said the girl as she slipped her finger into Erin's soaking pussy. It slipped in easily and the girl immediately felt Erin's cunt wrap around it. She was so wet that a second finger easily followed and then a third. Erin almost screamed as the fingers created small circles inside of her. Then she was over the edge.
"You coming yet?" mocked the girl. Erin could not speak to reply. Her hands gripped the chains which held her tight as she pushed her groin into the girls hand.
"F..F..F..F..FUCK MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" screamed Erin, and she came.
The girl moved closer to Erin and slipped her thigh between Erin's spread legs and she immediately rubbed against her. The men watched mesmerized as Erin's blidfold naked body came on wave after wave of pent up desire and lust as her orgasm subsided. The girl removed her thigh and rubbed the patch of soaking skin dry.Detective Erin Lindsay hung limp in the chains. Gang raped and abused she felt horrible and humiliated. Her breath was ragged and she was almost ready to black out.
"Why thank you Detective Lindsay" mocked one of the men.
"Oh it's not over yet" said another, "our orders where to make her pay.I want to whip her!." Erin clicked into consciousness.
"NOOO...no please don't" she whimpered realizing that it was game over.
"I have a special barbed wire whip for your precious skin, ha, ha,ha." The girl spoke up as Erin gulped.
"So slut say give me ten or twenty or even fifty lashes, and ask nicely." Erin was dumbstruck. 'SLAP!' again her response was encouraged.
"How many bitch?" the girl said in an angry tone that made Erin opened her month and whispered.
"Give me t.t.t.ten strokes,"
"What Detective?" Erin was sobbing now.
 "P...p...please" she continued.
"Okay slut I will" finished the girl. Erin felt a piece of barbed wire rub her shoulder. She knew it must be real.
"Ready my beautyfull cop?"came a mocking male voice. Erin broke down in a desperate panic.
"No, no, no please. Fuck me again, rape me, I'll drink your sperm but please don't cut me!Im so sorry for letting Fatso down" she cried begging for mercy. ''I promise i wont do it again....just dont kill me''Erin heard all four laughing loudly.
"Only kidding Erin, we'll save that until next time." the woman wispered in her ear,without having the blindfold removed.
''Besides,Fatso said you're his favorite fuck slave and would break his heart to lose Chicago PD's finest piece of ass.'' said a man as he removed Erin's restrains.
She was too weak to stand and she stumbled to a heap on the floor of the van.She heard the door open and felt the cold of outdoors getting nearer  as she was pushed out of the van. Erin landed hard on the stony ground with a bump.
"Here's your clothes, what's left of them!" shouted the girl closing the door behind her.
''….until the next time Detective!"That was the last thing Erin heard before the van sped off leaving Erin to reflect on her ordeal,knowing that her nightmare would continue for as long as that decadent mobster called the shots in her life.

The end?

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After a tiring day's work Detective Erin Lindsay headed back to her home and immediately headed for the shower.Erin stripped off her clothes,dead tired, she had to rest for a few minutes before getting back up to grab a shower.She grabbed her towel and entered the tub winded, sweating, and relieved that the day was over. She started the shower and lay down in the tub. The hot spray felt good as Erin closed her eyes and almost fell asleep. Sometimes, nothing felt more satisfying than spending long minutes in a hot shower, and this time was no different.What happened to her that day was quite unexpected ,she felt ashamed about what she had done but also couldnt forget how good it felt.

 Fatso Loogie had once again requested her presence to one of his safe houses where they would regularly meet so Detective Erin Lindsay would pay her respect to her employer,but this time it was different.

"Come on, Erin...give it up." said Fatso behind Erin, nearly growling.
After Erin had stood up from the sofa when she heard Fatso Loogie's latest request but as she made to the door she realized it was locked.
"What the matter Erin?We've always been having fun together?" The fat faced man smiled.
"And today you're looking  particularly well. " The man made no motion toward Erin, and simply stood with his hands in his pockets. Erin, meanwhile stood transfixed as she turned to face him.
"Either you're particularly brave or spectacularly dense. Which is it,my dear Detective hmm?" he smirked knowing she could nothing but obey.
"My lovely detective, you do that every time you see me.Can we just skip all this and get to the thing?"
"We agreed that i wont release the tape of you getting...personal with some of Chicago's most notorious criminals, and in exchange for my granting you a spectacular career, you are to be at my disposal for as long as I desire. Any of this ring a bell my sweet little pet detective?" Loogie said as he caressed Erin's cheeks.

She watched as the man raised his hand to her abundant breasts and slowly rolled one under his palm,letting his hand roam all over Erin's firm, young chest. Erin was getting into this.She looked up at him with a totally sexy look,pushing her chest out and further into his hand. She slowly moved from side to side so both her breasts would get their share of attention and she began to moan deep in her chest. She opened her eyes in disappointment when she felt him pull his hand away.

"Well, Erin, as i said,it's not about me today." Fatso said as a door opened and two young men appeared from behind it, one white, one black.
Both appeared to be a couple of years younger than her and well-built. Of more immediate concern to Erin, though, was the way they were both looking at her- their eyes hovering around her tits and her thighs, and all points in between. They looked hungry.

"Detective Erin Lindsay, meet Tony and Vinny, two of my most loyal servants." The fat mobster stepped back and sat down in a chair across the room.
There was now nothing between the detective and the two leering men.
"These men have served me for years now,and lately they have done some fine work for my organisation and in return, they requested...you." Erin was watching the men intently, her arms still behind her back, pushing her considerable chest out towards them.

''As you know loyalty is highly rewarded by me....and here we are'' Fatso said loving how displeasing this whole situation must felt to Chicago PD's finest 
piece of ass.

Erin knew she couldnt avoid this humiliation of being traded up like a piece of meat,so she turned to look at the decadent mobster staring calmly from his chair as she felt the first set of hands prodding and pawing at her firm tits, far harder than she was prepared for. She winced and looked at the man in front of her who had no reason to look up at her face, having found two new toys to play with. Erin had to work to steady herself as the other man, the one who she thought was Tony, came up beside her, knelled down, and began to shove his hands between her legs from both sides. He clamped onto her firm, round butt as if it were the first he'd ever felt, shaking the young detective this way and that, as he squeezed and pulled her tight cheeks.

The man who must have been Vinny, the one who was having his way with her breasts, now stood up and looked at Erin's face. As Erin was still looking across the room, she didn't notice until he placed his hand on her jaw, turned her toward him, and shoved his tongue deep into her mouth while continuing to work her tits over. Tony, as if on cue, also stood up behind Erin as his hands slid around her perfect hips, slipping across the smooth fabric. His hands met again at Erin's crotch, one pushing its way down the front of her pants, caressing her warm mound, and the other insistently finding its way between her round, tight, closed thighs to slide between her legs, from her ass to her pussy.

As he did this, Tony was pressing his erection into the warm valley of Erin's bountiful ass ,the excitement of the moment welling up within him. Erin looked passively across the room as his two thugs continued to play with her endowments, and she would be lying if she said she didn't enjoy it all on some level. She would have preferred things a little gentler, surely, but she knew that it was all out of her hands. This was part of her deal and she had no choice but to live up to her end.

She was having trouble staying on her feet, and she would have fallen over by now but for the fact that she was being sandwiched in between to men who had no intention of breaking contact with this body that was just made to be played with. Hand moved all across Erin's body. Rock hard cocks screaming to get at the young detective, pressed up against her body wherever they could.
Tongues licked across Erin's face and neck, as if the men couldn't wait to taste her. Finally Tony, trying not to separate from Erin's ass, unable to handle much more, began to tug at his pants and underwear, leaving his fully erect cock to spring up against the underside of the police officer's warm ass. Vinny, for his part, slid his hands under Erin's pants at her hips, and peeled the delicate fabric down her legs until they gathered around her knees. The two men both threatened to cum immediately when they could see that Erin was wearing no underwear, her trimmed pubic area and high, round butt now in clear view of their excited eyes.

Erin stood with her hands clenched tightly at her sides, trying to cope with the intense feelings as she felt one tongue traveling up and down crack of her butt, and another burring deep into her pussy. Both men were grasping tightly onto Erin's hips to try to keep her steady under the pressure, but she ended up falling forward several times, pushing on the head in front of her which in turn forced his tongue deeper into her, and giving the Tony, behind her, more opportunity to thrust his face into her ass.

Taking advantage of the kneeling Erin, Tony stood up, placed his throbbing cock in between Erin's tight butt and began to thrust quickly. The pressure there was astounding and the tingles that shot up his body forced him to go faster and faster as he violated Erin's ass. Seeing this, Vinny became very eager to get his first blowjob from a hot young detective. He stood up and slid his cock along Erin's wet, plump lips as she occasionally let her tongue stick out and give it a quick lick. Holding back no more, he finally thrust himself into her mouth, where Erin's tongue went to work full time over his excited tool.
As he felt Erin sucking on his aching cock, he leaned over enough to fondle and squeeze her breasts as they moved underneath her. Erin was barely even thinking at this point, having thrown herself completely into the part of a sexual toy for these two criminal men. She sucked and licked at the cock in her mouth as she felt Tony bury his as deep into her as he seemed able, as his balls came to rest against her thighs before he began to drive in and out of her.

''Arrrggg...this bitch sure knows how to suck cock....i bet she always wanted to fuck gangster cock!'' Vinny said he grabbed the sides of her head and began to frantically fuck in and out of her mouth.

At the same time Erin felt Tony's finger's burying themselves between her tight asscheeks, sliding around and grabbing handfuls of her flesh. She knew that they would not last long at this rate, and felt a bit disappointed by that. Just then, she heard Vinny moaning loudly just before she felt his hot sperm explode into her mouth. Her cheeks ballooned out as her mouth was filled with his unlawful seed, and she struggled to gulp it down, as Vinny was apparently not about to let her spit it out holding his cock still buried deep inside her throat.

She continued to drive back into Tony, and as she felt him losing control, she pushed her ass back into his pelvis and just wiggled it there, sending him into a frenzy. He finally shot his load into her wriggling body, several powerful streams that he half-thought would blow out the other end of her. Both men withdrew from her abused holes and slid down onto the floor, spent as Erin let out a sigh of both satisfaction and disappointment as her pussy craved for release.

Erin, beginning to recover from the sexual moment, stood upright, wiped the bits of cum that had escaped from her mouth, and slowly rubbing her sore ass. She stared back over at the fat man that had brought them all together tonight. Clearing her throat, she slowly gathered her voice.

"Is that all...Mr Loogie?" She asked not sure if she wanted it to be or not.
"Not quite, my sweet detective." The fat man simply stated.

"I hadn't planned on this for today, but seeing you just then, playing the little slut for these two, well, every guy has his limits, right?" the mobster said, walking over to Erin.
"Men...prepare her..." At that Loogie simply snapped his fingers and instantly the men got up from there rest on the floor,Tony went to the room next door and quickly returned carrying some clothes.

They each take hold of one of Erin's arms, and sat her down between them on the sofa behind them and started dressing her up.Erin was soon in a new outfit. a white button-down short sleeve dress shirt,  and a tartan, pleated skirt.The shirt was considerably strained to contain her now bursting breasts. Erin took a look at herself and realized she was looking like a sexy school girl.

''I havent fucked a schoolgirl as sexy as you since last month when two girl-scouts asked me for direction down the highway.'' he burst out an evil laugh
It was true that Fatso Loogie was a debauched and degenerate mobster that would degrade any woman at his mercy.
''Thats when i got the idea of you wearing that the next time we met for a little role-play...but what the heck....next time just bring your uniform....'' Fatso laughed as he kept feeling his cock through his pants.

Erin said nothing,she just looked back and forth between the two thugs as each took one of her strong, firm legs and put it over the head mobster's lap, leaving her still glistening pussy, now covered in white cotton panties, in full view as her skirt was pulled open just above her thighs. The two men, aroused again, took turns rubbing the moist heat of Erin's crotch and her tits that threatened to explode the buttons off her tight shirt. There was at least one hand working itself under her panties into her hot, tingling pussy and sliding between the buttons of her shirt, squeezing her sweet tits and flicking her nipples.
One of the men leaned over and nibbled on Erin's tits thru her shirt while molesting the other breast with his hand.

After watching all this for several minutes, the mobster slowly unzipped his black pants, reached inside, and pulled out his growing dick.Erin, in a daze up to this point, stared wide-eyed at his fuck tool, as it had to have been about 10 inches long and very thick. Everytime she would be impressed by his size,she couldnt believe a short fat man like him could be so well endowed. Erin was rocking back and forth under the attentions of the men as she looked up at Loogie before her, and he just smiled back at her. She wasn't sure if she could take that cock, but then again, she said that every time.

"Get her ready, gentlemen...i dont think she's properly prepared for me." The mobster said, watching his two thugs remove their hands from Erin's breasts and pussy, and pull her to the edge of the sofa.

Fatso Loogie began to rub his massive cock along Erin's soft, pouty lips as she looked up at him passively. Slowly he began to push his way into her warm mouth. He knew she had never been able to take his full girth before, in her mouth or anywhere else, but every time she took a little more. Maybe today would be the day. Now, half of his cock was gliding in and out of Erin's drooling mouth, her closed her eyes as she was once again being used as a fucktoy for someone not of her choosing. The fat man slid his hands around to the back of Erin's head and began to try to force a few more inches down her throat, but she seemed to have maxed out at about seven or eight inches.

Somewhat annoyed by this, Fatso drove himself as deep as he could into Erin's throat twice more before pulling out, watching Erin gag and cough as he did so spitting saliva as she tried to catch her breath and tear were running down her cheeks. He lifted the young detective by her arm, and flipped her over onto her hands and knees at the edge of the sofa.Erin felt the fat cockhead pressing at her wet, puffy cuntlips thru the soaked material of her panties. 
Without thinking, she began to wiggle her bottom, actually trying to fit the cock into her pussy thru her panties. Taking the cue, Fatso behind her ripped a small hole in her cotton underwear and quickly ran his fat cock straight thru, shoving into her as deeply as possible with the first thrust. Erin moaned and yelped loudly as she was impaled on Chicago's Most Wanted Man's thrusting rod, and it came to the point where she had to brace one hand against the wall in front of her for fear of  rammed into it.

She moaned loudly when she felt the abusive man's hands going to work on her ass, molding and kneading them over her cotton panties almost until it hurt. Tony was so turned on my Erin's moans that he decided he wanted some more piece of the action.He slid between Erin's face and the wall in front of her, pulled out his once again erect cock, and quickly placed it in her panting mouth.  He began to drill in and out of her face almost immediately, scrunching her body up between the fucking she was receiving at both ends now. Erin's moans were now muffled by the cock inside her mouth as she whined at the duel penetration and actually was relieved when she felt Tony's second load firing down her throat.  Her break was short lived however, when Vinny took Tony's place and was soon fucking her face even harder than the first thug.He kept a firm grip of her chestnut hair as he feed her more and more of his spasming cock trying to reach as deep as possible down the police officer's throat and he'd spray his seed directly into her stomach and collapse on the chair next to the screaming detective.

Meanwhile,Fatso was stuffing her pussy over and over again with more meat than she would have ever thought was possible. He would stop every few minutes to lean over and nibble on her big, firm asscheeks or to tongue her tight little asshole. And every time he resumed his fucking of her firm pussy, he'd fuck her harder and faster,was completely pushed against the wall, her arms between it and her head in an effort to keep from banging her head.  She began to wonder if this would ever end.The two thugs had no more energy left, and stopped playing with her about fifteen minutes ago. Now Erin only had to endure this mobsters unrelenting  assault, and she wondered how much longer he could possibly last.With her mouth now free of cock she was able to scream her mind out aloud as Fatso kept on fucking her with vicious thrust,her moans of pleasure and pain was music to his ears.

Erin finally got her prayers answered for this to end soon as she felt the first blast of his vile seed launch deep within her, with almost enough force to blast her off his cock.Fatso took hold of her hair and pulled back making her look up and scream in pain as she felt him shot deep inside her pussy. He slowly pulled out of the well fucked detective and shot several more loads of his semen all over her jiggling ass before flipping her over, straddling her stomach, and drenching her tits and perfect face with the last few sprays.He always wanted to finish on her face,it was like a constant reminder that she belonged to him as long as she was wearing his mark,and that was his cum.

  He climbed off of her and Erin slowly sat up against the wall, struggling to swallow the massive amount of sperm that had landed in her mouth.  She looked at the notorious mobster as he straightened his clothes and regained his composure.His two thugs were already dressed and standing by the door. 
 "You should be proud men....you just fucked Chicago PD's finest pussy" Fatso said as his men high fived each other.
Erin just stood there catching her breath when she heard two gun shot making her jump out of her skin.Fatso had just executed the two thugs in cold blood.
''Too bad they wont live to tell the story...we cant have them ruining your reputation.'' Fatso smirked and put his gun back in its place.
 "Not too many women can make me lose control like that Detective Erin." He said as he reached over to caress her soft lips with his finger.
 Erin watched in horror as the man headed for the door, acting as if nothing had happened. 
"See you next time, Erin....and dont forget that uniform..." he said as he closed the door behind him.

The end?
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Nicely done story :)

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Yes. This is exactly why I love blackmail as a tool for rape. It forces a girl to choose between nasty things, each with it's own price. Enjoyed it totally. aol_diddle

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You've made the volcano angry!

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Loved it, loved it, LOVED IT.  Damn that was hot....but...damn.   Smiley
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