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Author Topic: 20 year old girls are dangerous  (Read 1236 times)

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« on: December 24, 2015, 07:36:37 AM »

This is the second in a series of stories about a female bdsm orientated hitwoman each one based on a year of her age from 15 years old onwards.    The first one I submitted was the "19 year old" and I plan to submit the "15 year old" next time.    This is only the third story I have submitted on this forum and never anywhere else so once again I would ask that anyone who wants to make any constructive criticisms please do so.

I had just received a new contract.   Some guy who had got so far into debt with my clients that he was unable to pay it back and there was therefore only one course of action for my clients.   Me.

As always I scanned the email for the background information on the target.   Contact between my clients and myself was always by email with payment into an offshore account to preserve my anonymity.

The target was a businessman in a city not too far away.   Owned several businesses.  Some legitimate and some as fronts for more dubious enterprises.   Not that I was interested in how he made his money he was just the subject of my next job.   That was my only interests in targets.

He had been married twice.   A known wife beater but because of his contacts and paying off relevant authorities no action had ever been taken against him.   No children.   His first wife had run away whilst pregnant and despite all his efforts he had not been able to find her so he didn't know what had happened to her or whether she had gone through with the birth.   His second wife had an unfortunate accident when she fell down the stairs and broke her neck.   This explained the severe bruising to her body???    Her body had been cremated very quickly after her death.

Before leaving home I searched the web and found a bdsm dungeon available for rent on an hourly basis so I booked it for 48 hours using one of my many aliases and paying for it from an account in the name of that alias.   I booked a hotel room and rented a car using the same alias and payment method.   I had learned long ago how to minimise any chance of my being traced.

After arriving in the city and checking in I found the dungeon premises.  I entered the code on the numeric lock and entered the building.   I spent the next couple of hours familiarising myself with the layout and available equipment.  After sorting out the contents of my own "goody bag" I returned to the hotel where I showered and changed.   Afterwards I spent the evening enjoying a leisurely meal in the hotel restaurant revelling in the lecherous stares of the male diners and enjoying seeing their wives chastising them.

At 10 pm I went back to my room and changed into suitable working clothes for tonights job and then set off to catch my prey.   I already knew what his pattern of relaxation was and which club he would be in.   Nowadays having decided not to get married again and unable to keep  a regular partner his leisure time ranged from picking up a street hooker for a quickie to using the services of a high priced escort for the evening or the night.

I saw him come out of the club and walk to his car on unsteady feet.   Tonight he had obviously decided on a hooker at the cheap end.   Probably intended to take her somewhere quiet to fuck her and then throw her out of the car to find her own way back.   Or leaving her to find another punter for a trick and transport.

I heard the click as the doors unlocked.   She walked round to the passenger side as he dropped into the drivers seat, locked the doors, and went to press the electronic ignition.   I rose up from the rear seat grasped his hair with one hand and pressed the chloroform pad over his mouth and nose with the other.   As usual it only took a few moments before he was unconscious.

in the few seconds that had elapsed the hooker looked on in stunned silence.    Before she had a chance to react I shot her in the head.   I always used a silencer and suitable bullets for each job and this low calibre bullet lodged in her brain instead of leaving a big exit wound and shattering the car window.

I dragged him from the car and over to mine which was only a few feet away and zipped him into a body bag.   Fortunately I enjoyed working out and had had some practice in handling unconscious targets so it wasn't too difficult to get him in the boot and then return to attend to the hooker.   I turned her head to the side to hide the bullet wound and then reclined her passenger seat and she really did look as if she was sleeping off a hangover.   With a happy heart I drove off to the dungeon with the target and his date with destiny.

I sat quietly in a padded chair and watched as he slowly came round from the effects of the chloroform.   His eyes gradually focused on his surroundings and he realised he was completely immobile.   I had strung him up to the ceiling by attaching leather cuffs to his wrists and then hanging him by his arms with chains attached to ceiling hooks about 3 feet apart.   His feet were the same distance apart and attached to hooks in the floor.

I rose from my seat and walked into his sight so that he could get a good view of his executioner.   I had selected a black leather catsuit that hid all my body from view from my feet to my neck except for my arms and had tied a silver grey silk scarf around my waist.   Black leather ankle boots with 5" spiked heels.   Black leather gloves with studded backs and to complete the outfit an ornate mask decorated with fake gold and silver on a soft black leather mask that covered my nose and forehead.

"Who are you?   What are you going to do to me?   Why are you doing this?"   His voice had that pleading tone that only those who are being completely dominated possess.

"Why am I doing this?   Because you owe money.   A lot of money.   I don't know how much and I don't care because it's nothing to do with me.   These men have given up on your promises.    They are bad men to annoy.   Very bad men.  They want something done about it.   So they asked for my help because I'm the best at what I do.   Afterwards they will take over your businesses."

"What am I going to do with you?   I'm going to torture you.    over the next few hours I'm going to make you scream.  Because I'm a sadistic bitch.  Because I like torturing my victims whether they are men or women."

"Who am I?   Apart from being, to coin a phrase, your worst nightmare you can think of me as Miss Fortune because it's your misfortune to have met me.   Who I actually am isn't important at the moment. 

I picked up an implement that I had specially made with him in mind.    It had originally been a rough hewn 6" by 2" plank but I had cut it down to 4" by 1" and carved one end into a handle that I had polished to make it more comfortable for me to hold.   I showed him the smoothly planed side of my timber paddle and asked if he would like to be spanked with it.  he nodded his head.   I then showed him the other side that was still rough hewn and saw the terror in his eyes.   "This is the side that I will be using.   This is the side that will rip your skin.   This is the side that will implant splinters in your arse."

I fastened a ball gag into place.   Standing up I swung the paddle  so the smooth side hit both his cheeks and saw the relief in his body as I had clearly taken him by surprise.    As he hung there I sandpapered his arse with the rough side and scratches appeared immediately.   Without further delay I laid into him using the roughed side of the paddle.   Splinters were coming loose and embedding themselves in his skin.   I eventually tired of using the paddle when I decided that his arse was the correct shade of red and purple.    I started to caress his cheeks with my beautiful soft leather gloves irritating further the splinters in his arse.   His moans of agony were making my cunt pulse and I could feel my pussy getting wet.

My next weapon of choice was the crop.  I walked over to where it laid on the table, picked it up, and showed it to him.    There was a look of relief in his eyes.  Little did he know.   I stood in front of him for a couple of minutes stroking my cunt through the leather causing his cock to harden and rise.   When he was at full stretch I moved as if to go behind him and then suddenly turned and hit his cock with a sharp flick of my wrist.  He tried to scream and his teeth tightened on the rubber ball in his mouth.   Three more taps with the crop and his cock had completed crumpled like a deflated balloon.

I stood in front of him fondling his collapsed cock and knowing there was no chance of it hardening.  Holding the crop between my teeth I twisted his nipples and with my face inches from his face I enjoyed his agony.   He didn't see it coming when I rammed my knee into his balls.   If not for the chains he would have collapsed to the floor.   I dropped the crop and took hold of his shoulders.   Not giving him time to recover I smashed my knee into him again and again and again.  As my leg got tired I changed legs and rammed my other knee into his balls until that leg also became tired.   All the time looking into his eyes with a smile of ecstatic joy on my face.

I fastened on the nipple clamps.  Nice and tight and connected by a sturdy metal chain.   Gave the chain a sharp tug to make sure they held but more so to see the pain in his eyes and his teeth clench on the gag.  I stepped back and picking up the crop moved behind him.  His buttocks tightened in expectation of tasting the crop.   He didn't expect the toe of my boot to thump into his balls from behind.   I leaned forward and whispered in his ear "now wasn't that a nice surprise?  If you behave I'll give you some more nice surprises before I release you."    Not that he was going to get out of the dungeon alive but it's always nice to give them hope isn't it?  Stepping back I raised my arm and with the smooth efficiency of much practice I alternated between left and right as I lashed his buttocks unmercifully.   It wasn't until the blood was running down his legs and he was unconscious that I stopped.   I removed the ball gag not to make it more comfortable for him but because I had reduced him to a state in which he was incapable of speaking.   The dungeon was soundproofed anyway.

I place a large bucket full of freezing cold water in front of him and then lowered him until his face was just above the floor.   Lifting his head by the hair I slid the bucket closer and pushed his head under the water.   I released my hold as he regained consciousness and he lifted his head out of the water.   I gave him a couple of seconds to take in some air and then pushed his head under the water again.   After about 30 seconds I repeated the procedure.  I release my grip and allowed him to lift his head and breathe.   

I went to the table and strapped on my harness.    One that I had specially made for me.   Lovely soft red leather (just a little different from the usual black) that fitted me like a glove.  The straps were exactly the right length and fastened with velcro not buckles.   When I wore the harness whilst naked the soft leather was so stimulating that I could orgasm on that feel alone.    Not that this target would have the pleasure of seeing me naked.   I walked up to him with my cock inches from his face.   His head was hanging down so I gripped his hair and janked his head up causing him to open his mouth.   Before he had time to react I rammed all 8" into his mouth and into his throat.  "Suck my cock bitch.  Suck it as if your life depended upon it."   Just my little joke because his demise was a foregone conclusion.

I fucked his mouth for a few minutes as rough as possible without actually ripping his teeth out and then knelt in front of him nose to nose.   "How many women have you made suck your cock bitch?"    "I can't remember" he mumbled.   "How many have you fucked up the arse?"   He shook his head.  Moving behind him I kicked him in the balls as hard as I possibly could and watched in delight as his body sagged in the restraints.   I lubed up his arse and my cock and without further ado placed my cockhead against his shithole and pushed.  Gradually my cock went further and further into him and until I was balls deep and then I really started to fuck him.   Withdrawing my cock almost ll the way out of his arsehole and then all the way back in.   Slowly at first and then increasing the tempo until after a few minutes I was slamming into him like a jackhammer.   if it hadn't been for the restraints he would have been flung headfirst on to the floor.   I leaned forward with my tits squashed against his back and murmured "feeling good bitch?"

I wrapped the chain connecting the nipple clamps around my wrist and began to wank him.   Every downward stroke yanked the chain and he didn't know whether to enjoy the pleasure of being wanked or the pain of the chain.  I decided to up the ante and grasped his hair with my other hand and pulled his head back making his body arch back almost to breaking point.   I was in admiration of my own multi tasking.    He must have felt as if his body was being torn apart.   Fucking his arse; wanking his cock; ripping his nipples from his chest; pulling his hair out; his back bending in agony.   Absolutely fucking awesome.    I don't know how long I continued but eventually after one orgasm after another and my juices running down to my ankles I snarled "still feeling good bitch?"   There was no response so I snarled again "answer me bitch.   I asked if you were feeling good?"    There was still no answer and I suddenly realised he was unconscious again.

While he was unconscious I placed a chair behind him and loosened the chains enough for him to sag on to the seat.   I fastened the silk scarf that had been around my waist around his neck and fastened it to the back of the chair.   Sat him upright to show his mashed up balls in all their glory.   I threw what was left of the water in the bucket in his face to bring him round and then stepped back to once again give him a good view of my magnificent body before I finished him off.
I walked behind him and as he came round I clamped my leather gloved hands over his nose and mouth.   I whispered in his ear "this is my favourite way of executing my victims."    This was my favourite way of finishing off my targets.   But not today.    This one was special.    His struggles became weaker and just before that final moment I slackened my grip allowing him to breathe as I relaxed allowing my euphoria to lower and feel my body return to normal.

I walked round to face him and bent down to look at him with our faces only inches apart.    "Look at me" I told him.   He raised his eyes to mine and I removed the mask.   He gasped as he saw my face.  "People have always told me that I look exactly like my mother.   I bet you thought I was going to smother you with my gloves?  But I'm not going to do that."  I watched as a look of relief appeared on his face and then spoke the last words he was ever going to hear "goodbye daddy."   My enjoyment at seeing the terror in his eyes as the thoughts of the past flashed through his mind set my adrenalin pumping like an erupting volcano.

I wrapped my silk scarf around his neck and tightened it ever so slowly.   He didn't deserve the mercy of a quick ending and I so enjoyed staring into his eyes as his life slowly drained away.   A job well done.   I always enjoyed my kills but killing someone that I would gladly have killed for free?   Now that is satisfaction. 

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i very dangeros too
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