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Author Topic: Mansion of Terror  (Read 5448 times)
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« on: October 28, 2015, 05:56:05 PM »

This is a story I've worked on for Halloween. It features supernatural rape of celebrities.

Mansion Of Terror

An original story by Vile8r

The Halloween party was going great. There was tons of people in attendance, many of them the young up and coming elite of Hollywood. Lots of young, hot Hollywood actresses dressed in sexy, revealing costumes.

Two girls who really stood out in the crowd were the young stars, Chloe Grace Moretz and her friend Hailee Steinfeld. The blonde Chloe, was dressed as a sexy vampiress in a short tight black dress that came to mid-thigh. The front of the dress was rather low-cut, showing some of Chloe’s ample cleavage. She also wore a long black cloak and red shoes with 4-inch heels that really helped to show off her toned legs.

  Chloe had some white makeup on her face to make her skin look pale and, of course, dark red lipstick and fake fangs.

Hailee was a very hot-looking she-devil. The dark-haired teen wore a short, tight, black leather mini-skirt and a skimpy red halter top that allowed her to show off her flat tummy. On her feet were red high-heeled shoes and her beautiful legs were covered in red fishnet stockings. A red plastic devil’s tail was attached to the ass of her skirt and she had some tacky red devil’s horns on her head. They had little LED lights in them that flashed off and on.

Chloe and Hailee had been receiving many appreciative glances from the male partiers. It was quite obvious they were checking out the two sexy teens. Chloe didn’t care. She had a boyfriend, although he hadn’t been able to attend the party. Hailee was definitely soaking up all the male attention. Already she was contemplating who she might like to hook up with later in the evening.

Two more of their friends walked up to them. One was well-known Olympic gymnast, Mckayla Maroney, and the other was actress, Bella Thorne, from the TV show, “Shake It Up.”

Mckayla was dressed as a female Spiderman in a skimpy one-piece spandex Spiderman suit that really showed off the curves of her 19 year-old tits. Completing the ensemble was a pair of black thigh-high boots with high heels.

Bella was dressed as the Batman villainess, Poison Ivy, in a tight green suit that didn’t hide much. She wore green gloves and green knee-high boots. Bella’s naturally red hair was the perfect addition to the costume and she made a very striking presence walking across the crowded room.
“Hey girlfriends, what’s happenin’?” asked Mckayla. She looked Hailee up and down and made a whistle.

“Wow, look at you go girl! Nice costume! If that get-up don’t get you some action tonight, I don’t know what will.”
"This party kinda sucks," said Bella. "This place was supposed to look like a haunted mansion? Pretty tacky if you ask me!"
She pointed to the fake cobwebs and rubber spiders hanging from the ceiling and the plastic skeletons sitting along the walls.

"I saw scarier stuff at my Halloween party in playschool!"

"You probably saw scarier stuff this morning when you looked in the mirror!" Mckayla snickered. "Sorry Bella, I just couldn't help myself."
The other girls all shared a laugh.

"You know what would be cool?" asked Chloe. "Going to a REAL haunted mansion!"
"Oh wow, I would be so freaked if I saw a real ghost," said Hailee.

"That figures," said a voice from behind them. The girls all turned to see a group of four other girls standing there. It was Ashley Benson, Lucy Hale, Sasha Pieterse and Shay Mitchell.

They were all from the cast of the popular show, "Pretty Little Liars". And they were, of course, all older than Chloe, Hailee, Mckayla and Bella. Sasha was the youngest of the PLL girls, being only a year older than Hailee.

Ashley was dressed as Catwoman, from the Batman comics; Lucy Hale was a sexy French maid; Shay was in a skin-tight skeleton suit.
  Sasha was dressed like a doll. She wore a skimpy pink and white dress with a big bow on the back and white knee socks with black shoes. When she bent over, you could see her frilly white panties. Her hair was in a ponytail with a pink bow. Like Hailee and Chloe, Sasha was also picking up quite a few lusty stares.

"You guys have never been in a haunted mansion before?" asked Lucy.
"No," said Mckayla. "And you have?"

"Lots of times," Lucy replied. "And by the way, Mckayla, since when did Spiderman become a prostitute?" She was looking over Mckayla's very revealing outfit.
"About the same time Catwoman did," giggled Bella, pointing at Ashley.

"Okay, you girls! Behave yourselves!" snapped Shay. "No catfights! Oops, sorry Ashley!" Shay covered her mouth to stifle a giggle.
"Anyway, as I was saying," said Lucy, "we've been in lots of haunted mansions."

"Like where?" asked Chloe.
"All over," said Sasha. "There's a haunted mansion not far from here, you know?"

"Really?" asked Hailee. " A REAL haunted mansion?"
"Yeah," answered Shay. "Haven't you kids ever heard of the Hartley mansion? It's just a couple miles from here."

"How do you know it's haunted?" asked Bella.
"Everybody knows its haunted!" Ashley shot back. "It was the site of one of the worst mass murders ever in Hollywood!"

"There was this family that built it, way back in like the 1920s. They were really rich. But Mrs. Hartley had some mental issues. She had a daughter who died when she was just little  and apparently, she was so grief-stricken, she went insane. One night, while her family was asleep, she murdered them all with a meat cleaver! Her husband, her two sons, the butler and all her servants. Then she disappeared! No one ever seen her again!"

Shay got an evil smile on her face as she continued the story from Ashley. "They say that when the police were searching the house they went up into the attic and found a secret room where Mrs. Hartley had been practicing witchcraft and Satanism! They figure she became possessed and that is why she murdered her family!"

"Now they say her ghost haunts the mansion," said Lucy.
"That's just an urban legend," said Bella.

"Well, if it's just an urban legend, let's go there and walk through the mansion," said Shay in a haughty tone.
"Tonight?" asked Hailee.

"No," Sasha sneered. "Next week! Yes, tonight!"

"I'll do it," Chloe boasted. "I don't believe in all those haunted house stories. Which is ironic seeing all the horror movies I've done, but seriously, I don't believe that stuff happens in real life."

"We'll see," said Ashley. "Come on, let's go."
"How are we all gonna get there?" asked Mckayla.

"We'll borrow one of the caterer's vans," said Lucy. "We won't be gone long."

Over on the other side of the room, another young actress by the name of Nicole Anderson was having a difucult time with one of the other guests. A young fellow by the name of Matt. Nicole was dressed as little Red Riding Hood, in a short, sexy, red and white dress with a matching red shawl and white thigh-high stockings. Matt was being very persistent with Nicole. He had her backed into a corner and was trying to kiss her.
"Matt! Get the hell away from me!" Nicole snarled. She tried to shove him away but he grabbed one of her wrists.

Matt was in a werewolf costume. "Oh come on, Nicole. Damn, girl, you look good tonight. Let the big bad wolf take you upstairs and we can play."
"NO! Get away! I'm not interested."

Nicole saw her friends, Ashley and Lucy heading for the doors with some other girls. She wondered where they were going? Nicole found a reserve of strength and brought her knee up into Matt's crotch. He grabbed himself, yowling in pain. Nicole scooted around him and waved to Lucy.
"Hey! Where are you going?"

"We're going to a haunted house," said Ashley.

"Can I tag along?" asked Nicole. "I have really gotta get away from some creep who won't take no for an answer."

She jerked her thumb over towards where Matt was still doubled over, holding his hands between his legs.
Ashley laughed. "Well of course Nicky! You're always welcome to hang out with us."

"Good," Nicole added. "I'll take going to a haunted house any day over letting him touch me."

As Matt recovered from the sharp knee to the groin he had received from Nicole, his buddy Brandon, walked up.

"Hey dude, what's happenin'?"
"Fuckin' bitch kneed me in the nuts!" Matt said.

"What bitch?"
"Nicole! Nicole Anderson!" Matt replied.

"Oh! Nicole! Hey, she's looking pretty hot tonight. I'd definitely bang her," said Brandon with a nasty grin.
"Well, that was kinda the plan," sneered Matt. "Until the snooty little bitch put her knee in my bag!"

"Ohhhh, yeah, that's gotta smart," said Brandon.
"Where the hell did she go?" asked Matt, looking around the room.

"I saw her leaving with Ashley Benson and Lucy Hale," said Brandon. "And a bunch of other girls. Heard them say something about going to a "haunted house"?"
"I'll bet they're going to the old Hartley mansion," said Matt. "It's not very far from here. Come on, we're going too!"

"I don't wanna go," said Brandon. "I wanna stay. I heard Victoria Justice was showing up here tonight and I'd love to put the moves on her!"

"Listen, dude," Matt snapped. "I am not giving up on that little Anderson slut. I am gonna get some action from her tonight, whether she wants it or not! No one knees me in the nuts and gets away with it, I don't care who she is. And if you come help me, I'll let you have a turn on her too!"
"Seriously?" asked Brandon.

"I've never been more serious in my life. You gonna do it?"
"Damn," said Brandon, rubbing his chin. "I've wanted to get my dick inside Nicole for a long time. Yeah, I'll come along."
"Okay, let's go! We'll take my car," said Matt.

I could rape your pussy, but I'd be in and out in a few minutes. So I choose to rape your mind, and I'll be inside you forever!
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« Reply #1 on: October 28, 2015, 06:00:42 PM »

The girls pulled up to the spooky-looking old mansion in the large van they had borrowed from the caterers at the party. Lucy had put the charms on Bobby, the 17 year-old son of the fellow who ran the catering company.

"Gee, I don't know Lucy," he said. "If my dad finds out I loaned one of his vans to you girls, he' s gonna be pissed!"

"Oh Bobby," Lucy cooed. "It'll only be for an hour. We're not gonna wreck it." She batted her eyes at him and bit her bottom lip.

"Ohhhhhh......okay," said Bobby as his face blushed. His eyes wandered across Lucy's costume, admiring her lovely legs. "I can't say no to you girls."
"Of course you can't," giggled Hailee as she gave him a peck on the cheek, "No one can!"

Now they all stood in front of the foreboding house. It loomed ominously in the darkness, the windows looking like black eyes glaring at them. The Hartley Mansion was on a piece of property on the far outskirts of Beverly Hills. It was all surrounded by large trees and bushes and was at the end of a long winding driveway, that made it virtually invisible to see from the road.  The city of Los Angeles had wanted to raze this mansion many times over the years and develop the land into condominiums, but a relative of the Hartley family still owned it and he refused to sell.

  The huge grounds of the mansion were overgrown with tall grass and weeds and vines grew all over the outside walls.
"Wow, it looks really creepy," said Mckayla Maroney, giving a little shiver. "Do we have to go in?"

"Well, no you don't," said Ashley. "It's up to you, but then we'll just know you're a wuss and baby."

"Don't worry," said Bella, glancing over at Mckayla. "We'll all go in."
"Good," said Lucy. "It's really not as bad as it looks from out here."

They climbed the front steps to the big front doors. The steps were littered with old fast food wrappers, crumpled beer cans and other garbage, detritus left behind from the many bums, runaways and squatters who used the mansion as a place to crash. Shay and Lucy pushed open the big wooden doors  and entered. Lucy tried a lightswitch by the doorway and to their surprise, the lights came on. The girls were amazed at what they saw.

  The furniture was just as it had been left 80 years ago. Oh sure, there was some garbage strewn on the floors here and there, and cobwebs everywhere. Also some holes knocked in the walls, but otherwise it was just as if they were caught in a time warp.

"Wow! Cooool!" said Hailee, as she looked around at the spacious foyer.
"Yeah, this place is neat," said Chloe. "Doesn't look like a haunted house to me."

"Well, it is!" snapped Shay. "They say the ghost of old lady Hartley walks these halls, her soul never at rest because she murdered her family!"
"Sounds like a load of crap to me," sneered Bella.

The group of girls began walking up the long winding stairway that led to the upper levels. There were paintings and old photos hung on the walls.
Mckayla stopped in front of one framed photograph of a stern-looking lady in a grey dress. "Whoa......I don't know who that is.....but she is one butt-ugly old dame!"

No sooner had the words came out of her mouth, when a blast of chillingly cold air blasted down the stairs, stirring up garbage and dust in its wake.
"Brrrrrr.....what the hell was that?" asked Nicole, wrapping her arms around herself.

"Oh just the wind," scoffed Ashley. "There's lots of broken windows in here, you know!"

The girls continued up the stairs into a wide corridor. They walked towards an open door that led into a darkened room. Shay flicked on a light switch.
"Why would the power still be on in an abandoned house?"asked Chloe, looking around nervously.

"How the fuck should I know?" asked Shay. "I don't work for the utility company."

The room was like an old library. Shelves filled with old books lined the walls. It smelled heavily of mildew and dust. On a large wooden table in the center of the room lay several large, heavily bound books. Mckayla  brushed the heavy layer of dust off the cover. The girls coughed as the cloud of dust swirled around them.

"Way to go, Maroney," said Bella, brushing dust from her costume.

"Sorry, I just wanna see what it says," said Mckayla, squinting at the faded lettering on the book. "A....Book....of......Witchery...." she read out slowly.
"Oh creepy!" said Hailee. "Witches scare me!"

Mckayla gave a sarcastic sneer. "Witches! No such thing!"

The lights in the room flickered off and on and the cold wind hit them again.

"L-let's get out of th-this room!" said Nicole, hugging Sasha.
"Oh please!" Sasha snapped. "It's nothing!"

"Witches is bitches!" laughed Lucy. "They can kiss me you-know-where!" She slapped her behind and gave a giggle.

The room was suddenly blasted by an intense white light. The girls screamed and covered their eyes. They were assailed by a loud unearthly scream. Standing before them, hovering a couple feet from the floor, was an iridescent image of an old lady dressed all in black. An overpowering odor filled the room. It was a smell of rot and decay and made the girls gag.

Nicole screamed and pointed at the eerie apparition. "IT'S HER! THE OLD LADY IN THE PICTURE!"

The ghost began to speak in a loud booming voice. " YOU HAVE DISHONORED THE SPIRITS OF THE DEAD.....NOW........YOU SHALL ALL DIE!"
She pointed at the girls with a craggy finger.

As quickly as the ghost appeared, she was gone, leaving a deadly silence in the room.
"Let's get the fuck out of here!" said Chloe, looking around.

"Someone is playing a fucked-up joke here," said Ashley.

"I-I don't think so...." said Bella, pointing at one of the shelves of books. The books were moving off the shelves by themselves and hovering in the air. One of the books suddenly flew at them with incredible speed, narrowly missing Lucy and smashing against the far wall. Another book flew past Sasha and Nicole.

"Okay! Yes! We're getting the hell out of here!" cried Shay. They all ran for the door as the floor began to shake and more books tumbled off the shelves. They burst into the hallway and were met by more flying objects. The lights were flashing off and on.

"What's going on?" yelled Mckayla.

Ashley headed for the stairs. She grabbed Shay's hand and began to run. "Everybody, let's get to the door!"

She ran down the wide stairs, not even paying attention to the other girls. She could hear their screams and cries. At the bottom of the stairs Ashley had to dodge a small table that flew at her. She saw a doorway and dived inside. She wasn't even aware she was no longer holding Shay's hand. Whatever the room was she had entered, it was totally dark. Ashley turned around to leave and the floor fell out from underneath her.

She screamed as she felt herself falling. Ashley landed on a pile of something. The pile moved and she could see small glowing eyes. Something ran across her hand, something small and furry with long claws. A light flickered on overhead and Ashley screamed again as she saw where she was at. She was in a part of the basement and the entire floor of the room was swarming with rats! They squealed and nattered as she kicked at them.


She looked around frantically and could see no exit. "HELPPPPPPP! CAN ANYONE HEAR ME???? HELPPPPPPP!"

Off in the distance she thought she could hear faint screams from the other girls. What was happening?

Suddenly the rats surrounding her went silent. A part of the the wall on the other side of the room, began to swing open. Ashley's eyes widened as a truly grotesque creature emerged through the entrance. It stood about 5 feet tall and had a hairy human-like body with arms and legs and a tail similar to a rat. But it's head was that of a large rat, with yellow glowing eyes and sharp teeth. Ashley tried to turn to run but there were so many rats gathered around her feet, she couldn't move.

"Don't run away, my dear," the rat-creature hissed. "Isn't it ironic, the rats get to play with the kitty-cat!"

Ashley looked down. She realized, yes, she was dressed as Catwoman! She also saw with horror, that several other larger rats were gathered around the feet of the rat-man. They were the size of small dogs and hissed and snarled at her.

"PLEASE LET ME GOOOOOO!" she cried out.

The rat-man made a strange sound and suddenly the roomful of rats came to life again. They began to run up Ashley's legs and arms and into her hair. The blonde beauty screamed and flailed her arms. She felt something. The rats were chewing at her sexy costume with their savage little teeth and claws!

"Yes!" he yelled. "Get her my little ones! Strip the clothes from her body!"

"OH MY GOD.....OH MY GOD!" she sobbed. The rats were slowly stripping her costume off her. They gnawed through her panties, leaving her naked. She tried to knock the rats off her body, but more swarmed onto her. It was futile. The larger rats lunged at her and knocked her to the ground.
"OH NO...... GET OFF MEEEEEE!" Ashley shouted.

She suddenly realized to her horror, the large rats were rolling her over onto her stomach using their snouts. They were very strong and nimble. Something pressed between her legs and she turned around to see that one of the rats was climbing onto her, a long, slimy red penis dangling down from under its belly.

Horror of horrors! She was being raped by giant rats!

A piercing scream erupted from Ashley as she felt the rat-dick penetrate her tight cunt. It drove into her brutally and began to fuck her. The weight of all the other rats swarming over her, held her down. Ashley was certain she had to be dreaming, she must be knocked unconscious and having a horrible nightmare. But the pain of the horrible creature's large member pounding in and out of her was all too real. She could feel it's fetid breath on the back of her neck as it grunted.

  It was fucking her harder and faster, Ashley could feel the thick rat cock ripping apart her insides. Then a flood of wetness as the rat ejaculated inside her. Ashley was sick to her stomach. What kind of house of horrors WAS this???

  The first rat pulled out of her, his dick making a slimy sound, and a second rat plunged inside her, beginning the ordeal all over. So many filthy rats swarmed around her face she was unable to scream. Behind her she could hear the maniacal laughter of the rat-man.

"Do her hard! Do her hard!"

The second rat finished fucking her, spurting more slimy rat semen into her. A third large rat began raping her, hammering away at her pretty cunt. Ashley was near passing out from the pain of the brutal rapes. The rats were digging into the flesh of her thighs and back with their claws. Finally, the third rat was also finished inside her. She could feel the gross shaft pulsing and shooting more cum.

But her ordeal wasn't over. A hand grabbed her and pulled her up. It was the rat-man. He pushed her onto her knees and suddenly Ashley saw he was in front of her, his grotesque erection jutting into her face. It was more like a human erection but the shaft was thick and knobby and covered with hair. The rat-creature pushed it into her unwilling mouth.

Ashley gagged on the rancid prick in her mouth. The creature began pumping in and out of the gorgeous blonde's mouth. Slobber ran down it's chin. It's mind thought back to when it was still a human, when it was a cook working for the Hartley family. But the night Mrs. Hartley massacred her family, he had ran into her as she returned to the kitchen, holding the meat cleaver she had taken from there. He saw her covered in blood, her eyes were yellow.....like an animal's.

 He had been scared and he ran for the back door of the kitchen but she caught him and butchered him in cold blood. She told him he was no better than the rats who lived in his pantry and she cast her evil magic on him. Everything went black and when he awoke he discovered he was now a hideous rat-creature, his spirit destined to dwell in the dark depths of the old mansion.

Now he entertained himself with the pretty girl. He had not pleasured himself like this in a long time. He pulled his slimy cock from her mouth and mounted her from behind, penetrating her bleeding cunt. His pets had been rough and brutal with her and had torn her open. But she was still tight enough to provide enjoyment for him.

Ashley's screams echoed off the walls of the basement. She wondered why no one could hear her screams and cries and come to rescue her from this foul creature. It felt like his penis was pushing up farther inside her. The pain was intense. He finally pulled out, but then plunged his blood-covered rat-cock back into her mouth. Ashley gagged and heaved as he pumped furiously into her throat. A torrent of cum shot into her mouth, more than she could ever swallow. It shot out of her mouth and out her nose. She thought she would maybe suffocate until finally he pulled out.

At that time, the eerie spectre of the ghost the girls had seen earlier in the library appeared, hovering in the room. She pointed a craggy finger at Ashley.

"DEVOUR HER!" the ghost shrieked, then she disappeared.

"Wh-wh-what?" Ashley croaked, totally disoriented, her body wracked in pain.
The large rats that had raped her earlier, grabbed hold of her legs with their sharp teeth and began dragging her across the floor.
"N-N-NOOOOO! LET ME GO!" Ashley screamed.

She could see the rats were dragging her towards a large hole in the floor. She tried to grab onto something but wherever she put her hands, all she grabbed was more rats. The rats pulled her to the lip of the pit and soon she felt herself falling. Ashley didn't know how far she fell, but she landed with a sick thud on a hard floor. More pain shot through her body. It was totally dark, she couldn't see anything. But she heard the booming voice of the rat-man from up above.

"Eat well, my pets!"

Ashley realized the pit was swarming with more rats and the vicious little animals engulfed her as she lay on the floor. She screamed and screamed as their sharp fangs dug into her flesh, stripping it away from her bones. She felt rats chewing into her abdomen, burrowing their way inside her. Within minutes, she drifted into darkness as the poor girl was eaten alive.

I could rape your pussy, but I'd be in and out in a few minutes. So I choose to rape your mind, and I'll be inside you forever!
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« Reply #2 on: October 28, 2015, 06:03:07 PM »

 Shay remembered running down the stairs with Ashley as all hell had broken loose around them. It had seemed like the house had come alive. Furniture and loose objects were flying everywhere. Shay was suddenly struck in the chest by something. She didn't know what it was, but it knocked her to the floor and when she jumped back up, Ashley was gone.

"Ashley! Ashley!" she yelled. She looked around but saw none of the other girls.

Shay saw the front door and ran for it, dodging more flying objects. She ran out the door and tripped, rolling down the front steps. Looking around, she couldn't see the van they had come in. Where was it? She saw something that looked like a street light and began running toward it, through the tall grass and overgrown weeds on the grounds of the mansion.

 She stumbled over something, realizing it was a short metal fence. As Shay got up, brushing the dirt off her, she looked all around her. She realized she was in a small cemetery, surrounded by crumbling and decrepit-looking old headstones. It was the private burial plot of the Hartley family.

This was too creepy, thought Shay. She needed to get out of here, this was obviously not the way back out to the main road. Shay spun around, only to fall on her face in the grass. She had tripped over something. As she stood up, she had trouble moving, like someting was holding on to her. Shay looked down and screamed. There was a hand coming out of the ground, fingers with chunks of rotting flesh hanging off them, wrapped around her ankle.

"AAAAAAIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! HELPPPPPPPPPPPP!" the dark-haired beauty screeched as she flailed backwards, falling against a tombstone.

Another hand burst from the ground, reaching for her other ankle. Shay heard unearthly moans and looked behind her. The ground around some of the other old graves was erupting upwards and Shay could see the limbs and heads appearing. The dead bodies in the cemetery were rising out of their eternal sleep like....like....zombies!

Shay screamed and tried to pull on the deathly hands gripping her legs. The air was filled with the stench of decaying flesh. Instead of skeletons emerging from the graves in front of Shay, were putrid, rotting corpses. Chunks of rotting flesh hung from their arms and legs and their faces were leering skulls with no eyes.

"Oh my God.......OH MY GOD! Somebody please help me!!!!"

Shay could see the mansion behind her but could see or hear no one else. The zombie that had grabbed her ankles, reached down and grabbed the front of Shay's skeleton costume. It ripped open with one hard yank, exposing Shay's tits and stomach. More grotesque hands reached in and helped to begin stripping her costume off her luscious body.


She was certain some of the boys from the party were playing some kind of sick joke on her. She would kick their asses if she found out who it was!
Then she saw something standing in front of her. It was the old lady's ghost they had seen in the house. She was hovering several feet above the ground.

"YOU MOCK THE DEAD!" she screeched.

Shay had no idea what the spirit was talking about. Then she looked down at her tattered and torn skeleton costume and the realization hit her.
"NOOOOOO!" Shay cried out. "I-I wasn't mocking th-the dead! It....it's a c-costume! For fun!"

The ghost did not reply, just glared at her with fiery eyes.....then vanished.

Shay screamed again as the zombies pinned her to the ground. Two more zombies grabbed her legs and yanked them apart so far she was sure they would snap off her body. The pain was excruciating. But that was not the worst to happen. The first zombie kneeled between her legs and Shay could see a utterly grotesque erection between his legs. She was about to be raped......by the undead!

With unearthly force, the zombie pounded his cock into Shay's tight cunt. As the ghastly creature began to fuck her mercilessly, Shay felt like vomiting. The stench was unbearable and the feel of his putrid flesh against her was absolutely disgusting.

Shay screamed until her throat was raw and all that could come out were feeble whimpers. About that time, one of the zombies suddenly hovered over her face. As the stench hit her, Shay realized he was going to try to put his rotting penis in her mouth! She tried, unsuccessfully, to hold her mouth shut. No way this monster was putting his cock in there!

But the zombie just grabbed her chin and wrenched Shay's mouth open with amazing strength.
As Shay retched from the smell and taste, the zombie jammed himself into her warm mouth and began raping her throat. Shay couldn't even move her arms. She was pinned to the ground as one zombie raped her pussy and another assaulted her mouth.

The zombie in her cunt, finally finished as he ejaculated inside her, it's semen a sickly yellow color. The one in her mouth also spurted sour yellowish semen into her throat. Shay vomited, the jizz coming back up along with the contents of the stomach. But it didn't even faze the zombies. Compared to their stench, vomit smelled like fine perfume.

  What followed was truly a scene from hell, as the zombies took turns raping the beautiful, young actress. She wasn't even able to call for help, and if she could have, she didn't know where any of her friends were to help her. Shay could not believe the horrible fate befalling her. The fun night of exploring a haunted mansion had become a horrific nightmare.

  The zombies fucked her relentlessly. At least a dozen of them, rutted away on her nubile body, their thick, gross penises brutally penetrating her and then leaving streams of the yellowish watery semen dripping out of her. After finishing between her outstretched legs, they would invade her mouth with their slimy fuckpoles. Load after load of their abhorrent seed was pumped into her womb and her stomach. Shay retched and vomited so much it felt like her stomach had literally turned itself inside out.

Finally, they seemed to be finished. Shay tried to roll away, but felt the first zombie grip her ankle again. He began dragging her across the grass, Shay looked frantically over her shoulder. He was sinking back down into the grave he had just climbed from.


She realized as he was returning to his grave, he was still gripping her ankle with iron-like strength. He was pulling her leg down with him. Shay tried to grab the hold of anything close to her, but it was no use. Slowly, inexorably, she felt the cold dirt enveloping her body. She was going to be buried alive!!! With a rapacious zombie! Shay tried to kick and flail her body, but it was useless. Clods of earth fell into her mouth as she was pulled under. Everything went black.

Moments later, she awoke. She could tell she was inside something. She moved her hand and felt wood beside her. In the dark, she couldn't see but realized she must be inside a casket. With the zombie's body pressed against her. She pounded on the lid above her.


Suddenly, a deep guttural voice spoke in her ear. Shay squealed with terror as she realized it was the zombie.
"You can't escape!" the zombie said ominously. "You belong to the dead now! In fact......you ARE dead!"

"NO......NO.....NOOOOOOOOO!" Shay sobbed. "NO! I'M NOT!"
"Oh.....yes, you are," the zombie laughed in his guttural voice, as he rolled over and began to push Shay's legs apart. "Enjoy your eternity! I know I will!"

I could rape your pussy, but I'd be in and out in a few minutes. So I choose to rape your mind, and I'll be inside you forever!

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 emot_hot.gif emot_bigok.gif

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Damn good so far.  Can't wait for Mckayla's punishment  emot_thedrool.gif

Writing for the pleasure of others derives no pleasure at all.

Full story list here
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Matt and Brandon had pulled up behind the white van in the driveway. They had just observed the girls entering the mansion.
"Yeah, Nicole's with them!" said Matt. "I'd know that sexy Red Riding Hood outfit anywhere!"

"Gonna look even better, when it's off her," chuckled Brandon.

The two young men parked their sports car and walked up to the mansion.
"I don't want to go through the front door," said Matt. "They might see us. I'm sure there's a back entrance somewhere, we'll go in that way and surprise her."

"How are we gonna grab her?" asked Brandon.

"Don't worry," Matt smirked. "I'll figure out something."

He could feel his cock growing hard at the thought of burying it inside the gorgeous dark-haired starlet.

They made their way through the tall weeds to the rear courtyard of the mansion. There Matt saw a set of French doors opening into the old kitchen area. The two boys entered and made their way slowly through the darkened mansion. They came to a long hallway and carried on, stepping over heaps of old garbage and broken bottles. From the smell of stale urine, they figured they must be in an area that the squatters and bums used a lot. There were none there tonight, however.

They came to another hallway that looked like it led to the main foyer. They stopped for a minute. They could hear the girls walking up the stairs.
"Okay," whispered Matt. " I see some more stairs ahead of us. I'll bet they go up to the second level too. We'll go up that way and we can get behind the girls."

They began to make their way up the stairs when they heard a horrific commotion. The whole house was shaking, and the lights began to flicker on and off.
"What the hell?" asked Matt.

"Let's get back downstairs," said Brandon nervously. The air was suddenly pierced by the screams of the girls.

The shaking stopped but they could still hear furniture crashing and banging. As they rounded a corner, a girl almost ran them right over. A girl in a Red Riding Hood costume!
"Nicole! What the hell's going on?" asked Matt, as he grabbed her arm.

"Matt! What are y-you doing here? We have to get out! Now! A gh-ghost....is tr-tr-trying to kill us all!" she blabbered frantically.
Matt just laughed. "A ghost? Come on Nicole, don't be stupid. It's someone trying to play a big joke on you girls."

"NOOOO! It's true!" she bawled.
"Okay," said Matt, winking at Brandon. "We'll save you. Come on, we know a back way."

They began to head back down towards the kitchen.

"I just wanted to say, Nicole, I'm really sorry about earlier, okay? I was being a jerk," said Matt, as he began to put on the schmooze.
"I-It's okay....Matt, just get us out of here!"

"Where are the other girls?" asked Brandon.

"I don't kn-know," stammered Nicole. "We all got sp-split up....I th-think most of them got out the front door. But there was f-furniture and junk.....fl-flying all over....and I c-couldn't see."

"Well, we'll go out through the back and get out of here," said Matt. "Just as soon as we're done with you.....BITCH!"

He suddenly threw Nicole face down on an old table in the kitchen and began yanking up her short red skirt.

"Matt! What the fuck are you doing?" Nicole yelled out, kicking her legs at him.
He put an arm across her back to hold her down as he ripped at her nylons. "Just shut up cunt! I came here to get what I deserve. Gonna give you some cock, you uppity little slut!"


Brandon stepped in to help hold her still on the table. But Nicole was a fighter. She grabbed an old cooking pot on the table and, twisting her body, swung at Matt. It smacked him in the shoulder and took him off guard. At the same time, Nicole brought her leg back and kicked him hard.....right in the crotch.


Nicole was up and running back out the door of the kitchen and into the hallway.

"GO AFTER HER!" yelled Matt to Brandon, as he still doubled over in pain. "I am gonna fuck that bitch senseless when I get her!"

Matt was so mad, spittle flew from his mouth as he yelled. Brandon began running for the door and suddenly came to a halt. There was someone....or something....blocking the doorway. It was a hideous-looking old woman in a black dress. She seemed to hover a couple feet off the floor and her whole body was bathed in a weird green light. Pointing a craggy finger at the two boys, the old lady began to speak in some sort of odd language. It seemed like some kind of a chant.

Matt cried out as he looked down and saw his body beginning to transform. He was growing long claws out of the ends of his fingers and thick black fur began to sprout out of his skin. He looked over at Brandon. The same thing was happening to him. Matt was speechless as he saw Brandon's face slowly mutating into...into the face of....a wolf?

Within seconds the two boys watched in horror as their bodies changed into those of large vicious-looking wolves. They stood before the spectre of the old lady, slobber dripping from their razor-sharp fangs.


The Matt-hound let out a blood-curdling howl and the two large dogs were running.
Nicole ran as fast as her legs could carry her. She screamed out for her friends. "Ashley! Lucy! McKayla! Where the hell are you?!"

No one answered. She decided to head down a side corridor, thinking it would get her back to the main foyer. Suddenly, at the other end of the hallway, a hellish sight appeared. Two large wolf-like creatures stood staring at her with blood-red eyes that glowed in the darkness. They began to bound towards her, growling and barking.

Nicole screamed and tried to run in the opposite direction. But it was too late. The two demonic animals were on top of her in a flash.

One of the wolves grabbed her by the back of the neck with its powerful jaws. Nicole kicked and struggled. She felt the snout of the other wolf pushing under her short red skirt. Using its teeth, the wolf began to rip and tear at her panties. His claws ripped at the rest of her clothes.


Nicole tried to look over her shoulder but the other wolf held her firmly in his teeth. In horror, Nicole felt something brush against the back of her thigh. It was wet and slimy and.....long! She tried to kick as she realized the wolf was mounting her from behind. This horrendous beast was going to rape her!
The dark-haired hottie felt herself pinned down to the floor with the weight of the animal on top of her. It's powerful hips thrust forward and his large member drove inside her.

Nicole screamed as the true horror of her cruel fate struck home! The wolf's cock was huge, and she knew that he would damage her. Her vaginal lips were spread as wide as they could go to accomodate the width of the bulbous head that pried it's way into her tight hole.

She gave another ear-splitting screech as the wolf pushed forward, driving into her tight canal. She felt her already overstretched lips struggle to accommodate the thick shaft, they failed and she felt her flesh rip open, her blood dripping down onto the wolf's cock. It was absolute agony. She could feel herself tearing at the top and bottom of her slit as it was forced wide open.


"OH GOD . . . NNNOOOOO!!! PLLLEeaaase! Take it OUT! IT'S TOO BIG!"

"AAAAAAARRRRRRRRGGGGGGGHHHH!!!!!!!" the wolf grunted.
Where did these horrific beasts come from......and where were her friends?

The wolf was penetrating her more deeply than anything that she had ever felt before. Nicole felt like she was being ripped apart by its enormous girth.
"Oh God, Oh God, Oh God, Oh God, Oh God!!"

Then....something that truly made her blood run cold! She could hear the wolf panting and it sounded like it was saying something.


It was very faint, and at first Nicole thought she might be hearing things. But the more she heard it, the more she realized....yes! The wolf was saying her name as it raped her!

The wolf started to withdraw, then suddenly lunged forward. Jennifer screeched and tears ran freely down her face. The big black wolf pressed forward, slamming into her cervix with every bone-crunching thrust. It was like a fist pounding it's way up into her belly. Then with a loud groan, he began pumping his slimy seed into her womb. She could feel the thick, heavy load thumping again and again into her. It was so hot, she thought it would actually burn her! It filled her womb and spurted into her deepest recesses.

The first wolf got off her, Nicole feeling a rush of air enter her as it's large dick slipped free from her vagina. The second wolf had let go of her neck with its teeth and now prepared to also rape her. Nicole braced herself as he rammed his massive cock deep into her core!


She screamed as the terrible pain registered. The black wolf cock was pounding into her and the pain was unbelievable as her tiny body was driven into the floor beneath her. The wolf fucked her with harder and harder thrusts. She screamed and screamed as his thick veins tore at her brutally over-stretched pussy, sending searing agony through her body as the vicious animal raped her violently.

With every passing moment, Nicole desperately prayed that this thrust would be the last.

The relentless pressure continued until the wolf's knobby cockhead probed her cervix, twisting through the tiny gap and spreading it wider.The hellhound gave an angry growl and pulled back a few inches, before charging forward with all his might. Nicole was paralyzed with pain beyond her wildest nightmares as she felt her tiny cervix split in half by the invading member.

"EEEYYYAAHHHGHH!!!" the girl screamed in unbearable agony. "AAUUHHH . . . GODDD!!! NOOooo! You're KILLING me!!! AAAOOWWW!!!"

Then the fucking really began. He withdrew half his prodigious length and then powerfully rammed it back in to the hilt! The wolf's balls hit her thighs as he plunged all of his fifteen plus inches into her petite body. She felt something else rip deep inside and it felt as if the brute had torn through the far end of her womb. It seemed as though his cock was nearly in her chest, it had gone in so far. Her cervix was ruptured and the massive phallus tore agonizingly into her womb!

"Nooo! Ah! Uh, uh, oh, uh, ah, uh, oh," she gasped, as the wolf paid no regard to her pain and simply fucked her like.....well, an animal! Nothing in her life had prepared Nicole for the unique and intense agony of being womb-fucked, especially by such a massive cock as the black wolf possessed.

And again she could hear her name being muttered under the wolf's heavy panting. Nicole managed to turn her head and look up at the wolf. What she saw, shocked her! It's eyes....they were not the eyes of a normal wolf. They were more.....human....almost like someone she knew. Then she realized! She had just looked into those eyes short minutes ago.....in the kitchen!

 It was Matt! Matt was the wolf who was so brutally and savagely raping her!

With a couple more heavy inward thrusts, the thick cock slammed into the back wall of her womb. Nicole cried out as she felt the deluge of wolf-spunk literally pour into her, the wolf's cock jerking and spasming violently. As he began to pull out of her, Nicole laid on the floor in an exhausted heap, her Red Riding Hood costume in ripped tatters still clinging to her sweat-soaked body. Her body was racked with horrible agony from the horrid rapes she had just received.

Then the floor began to shake. Nicole tried to lift her head to see what was happening. To her horror, the floor began to fall away in front of her. The smell of sulfur and decay was overpowering. As the hole grew bigger, hot flames leapt towards the ceiling. Before her was a massive, seemingly bottomless pit of fire! The heat was almost unbearable.

The form of the old lady they had seen earlier in the library appeared, hovering over the burning pit.


The hellhound that looked like Matt, seized her by the neck as he dragged Nicole towards the pit of Hell. Nicole realized too late.....this was no mere a haunted house....it was a portal to Hell itself! And she could not warn her friends!

Screaming and clawing at the floor until her fingers were bloody, Nicole was dragged into the pit by the ungodly creatures that had raped her. As she slipped over the edge, the floor reappeared and the spectre of the ghost vanished. The hallway was silent again....as though nothing had even happened.
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When all hell had broken loose in the library, Mckayla had ran for the big staircase leading back down to the main floor. Chloe and Hailee had been right in front of her, and she thought if the three of them stuck together, they could all get to the front door and get the hell out of there!

 Pieces of furniture and other objects were flying through the air and she had to duck several times to avoid being struck. McKayla just knew someone had set this all up. An elaborate Halloween prank to scare the shit out of her and her friends. It was a pretty sick prank.

  Mckayla had a suspicion it was the Pretty Little Liar actresses who had done this. It was their idea to come to this place! If she found out they were behind this, she was going to be giving them a piece of her mind!

Something came flying through the air towards McKayla. Too late, she realized it was a wooden chair. She had no time to dodge it and it struck her full in the chest. With a loud scream, McKayla was knocked over the stair railing. She wasn't sure how far she fell, but suddenly everything went black.
When McKayla came to, she was in darkness. She had no idea where she was at, or how she had gotten there. She could vaguely remember invisible hands grabbing her and dragging her by her feet through a door. But it all seemed like a distant dream, and McKayla wasn't sure if any of it had really happened.

All she knew was, she wasn't on the ground floor of the mansion. And her friends were nowhere to be seen. From somewhere, she thought she heard screams. McKayla sat up and rubbed her left shoulder. She really ached and hurt from the chair hitting her and the subsequent fall over the railing.

The light was very dim, wherever she was at, but she could see a little bit. From the dank, damp smell of the place, she figured she was likely in a cellar.
"Okay, Lucy.....Ashley.....Sasha.....Shay! I know you bitches did this! The prank is over! Turn the light on."

But nothing happened. Nothing but a faint, strange noise.

It sounded like a stick being dragged across a concrete wall. Mckayla walked toward the sound. She could also see some sort of a weird glow, but it didn't seem to be coming from a light. Puzzled, McKayla moved toward the glow, figuring it had to be the way out. As she walked, she felt cobwebs brushing against her face.

"Ewwwwww, gross!" she said out loud, as she brushed them away.
But the cobwebs seemed to get thicker and stickier, harder to brush away. They weren't just around her face any longer. They were wrapping around her arms and legs, making it difficult to even move.

"Okay guys.....nice job! You can stop now with the bullshit!" she called out.

The weird scratching noise was getting louder. Suddenly, McKayla realized she couldn't move at all. Her entire body seemed to be wrapped in the sticky cobwebs. She tried to turn around, to go back the way she came. But that was no good. The cobwebs just wrapped around her tighter.
She also noticed the glow was getting closer and brighter. That was when she saw a sight from hell and McKayla screamed. Louder than she'd ever screamed in her life.

Coming towards her was a massive spider. It was the size of a large dog, with long, hairy legs, and sharp horrible-looking fangs. The strange glow seemed to emanate from its abdomen and its eyes. It was a true vision of terror. McKayla pulled and tugged at the sticky web surrounding her, absolutely terrified.


With its two front legs, the horrid creature pulled her loose from the web and began to carry her away. In the brighter glow, McKayla could see that the entire room was one huge spider's web. Setting her down, the large spider hovered over top of her. McKayla screamed and screamed, until her throat was raw. It's abdomen over top of her, a white gooey substance shot out from it, covering McKayla and encasing her upper body like a cocoon.

McKayla looked up and saw the apparition of the old witch they had seen earlier in the library. She seemed to be hovering in mid-air.
"Now you belong to my pets!" she cackled. "By the way....they LOVE to play with their food!" Then she disappeared.

This had to be some terrible nightmare, McKayla thought. She was still unconscious from falling over the railing and she was just having some frightful nightmare. But no.....it all seemed too real! This was NO nightmare!

Then more horror! The spider flipped McKayla around so she was on her stomach. McKayla shrieked out in sheer agony as she was penetrated by something. A thick, pointed phallus-like thing was being pushed into her vagina. She was being raped......by a spider! The spider-penis was drilled in and out of her with amazing speed, ripping and tearing at the walls of her pussy.

McKayla felt the hot, foul breath of the spider on the back of her head as it's heavy weight settled on top of her, working it's gross member in and out of her. It was incredibly long and thick. McKayla felt like her body would split in half. The spider didn't even seem to be moving itself, it's penis thrusting as though it had its own separate set of muscles.  It was very warm and slimy and the stench of it was overpowering.

The stroking motion slowed down and McKayla felt the long rod go rigid. Seconds later, a steaming hot deluge of spider semen flooded her insides. It filled her up, shooting and spraying out of her from around the spider's dick, still buried in her. McKayla could literally taste it in her throat and she violently vomited, not being able to hold it back.

The spider pulled out of her and lifted itself off the girl. McKayla was left encased in her cocoon, wrapped in the web. Tears streamed down her face as she realized her horrific fate. Already, McKayla felt a stirring in her womb, and had the sickening realization that the demonic spider had impregnated her.

In the bedlam that had ensued in the library, Lucy was separated from her friends. She had ran out into the hallway, like the others. But when she turned left towards the stairway, her path had been blocked by flying debris. She stumbled backwards and turned to run in the opposite direction, not knowing where to go. She saw an open doorway and dove inside the room to get away from the garbage and other objects being flung around by the witch's ghost. She slammed the door shut behind her.

Obviously, coming to this haunted mansion had been a horrible mistake. Either that, or someone was playing some very sick prank on them. Lucy looked around and saw that she was in a large bathroom. There was an old-fashioned flushing toilet and a huge circular tub. It looked like it could fit four people in it. Lucy heard the ruckus outside slowly dying down and everything getting quiet. She heard several screams and realized it must be her friends.

What the hell was going on out there?

Lucy turned to leave the room. She had to get back to the front doors and get the hell out of this place! But the door wouldn't budge. Lucy wiggled and shook the doorknob.

"Come on, you stupid thing! Open up!" she yelled, getting angry. She pulled on the door with all her might. It wasn't moving!

The room filled with a cold breeze and Lucy whipped around. There before her was the witch, her form glowing with an eerie blue light.
"You spout filth from your mouth! You shall be condemned to wade in filth for eternity!" the witch shrieked.

Then Lucy heard her own voice echoing through the room. "Witches is bitches!.......They can kiss me you-know-where!......Witches is bitches!.......They can kiss me you-know-where!.......Witches is bitches!.......They can kiss me you-know-where!"

"No....No!" she cried. "I-I didn't mean that! I'm sorry......I'M SORRY!"

She held her hands out apologetically to the witch, but the apparition just faded away, leaving Lucy alone in the room again. She heard a loud burbling noise. Looking around, Lucy realized the noise was coming from the toilet. A geyser of black, fetid water shot from the toilet, spraying across the room. It stank of death and decay.

"OH NOOOOO! HELP!" Lucy yelled out as she tried to open the door again.

She looked over her shoulder. Thick black ooze was bubbling up out of the toilet bowl and pooling on the floor. Lucy watched in horror as slowly, the ooze began to form into a shape. The shape of a....man? Lucy could not believe her eyes.

Standing before her was the horrid, mis-shapen form of what was probably a human at one time. But now, it was far from any normal type of person. It was just a blob, with some type of formless face, watery eyes set deep in it's face and  a long slimy tongue running across what she supposed was a mouth. The utter smell and stench of the creature was unbelievable.

Before Lucy could have a chance to jump out of the way, several long, slimy tentacle-like appendages sprung out from the blob. One tentacle wrapped around her throat and another around her waist, lifting her off the floor. Lucy tried to scream, but the tentacle was cutting off her air. She pulled and yanked at the gross thing around her throat but to no use. She was pulled toward the thing, her long legs in her short French maid's skirt, kicking and flailing.

Her face was right in front of it now, and Lucy was ready to pass out from the smell. The fat, slimy tongue was forced between her lips. Lucy felt it rolling around inside her mouth and into her throat. She tried to bite down on it with all her might. All that did was enrage the monster and the tentacle around her waist tightened. Lucy thought her whole body would explode from the pressure.

Immediately, she released her teeth from the tongue and the pressure on her midsection also relaxed. The taste of the gross tongue made her sick and Lucy vomited, a spray of bile ejecting from her. It obviously didn't bother the monster, as its tongue lapped at the vomit.
Lucy heard a voice in her head. The monster was communicating with her telepathically!

"Mmmmm! I love the taste of a beautiful young girl! It has been a long time.....too long....since I enjoyed the pleasures of the flesh......come.....come my dear.....you will be mine forever!"

Terror-stricken, Lucy saw the monster began to ooze back into the toilet, pulling her with it.

Lucy knew there was no way she could fit into the small opening of the toilet bowl, but miraculously she realized she was being pulled down into it.

Farther and farther, the tentacles still wrapped around her, the sewer pipe seeming to expand to acccomodate her. It was a very tight fit, but Lucy was being sucked down into the sewer pipes below the bathroom. She let out one last wailing scream as her head disappeared down inside the muck of the toilet bowl.


I could rape your pussy, but I'd be in and out in a few minutes. So I choose to rape your mind, and I'll be inside you forever!

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Great story

Writing for the pleasure of others derives no pleasure at all.

Full story list here

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Hey,you cant take her away and leave us hanging! emot_4wank.gif

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Crazy awesome/weird/squicky. Maybe an update with newer teen stars like Olivia Holt or Dove Cameron?

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Or Piper Curda, Paris Berelc

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Or even malese jow or Kelsey asbill chow
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