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Author Topic: Cherry  (Read 3320 times)

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« on: October 28, 2015, 09:31:14 AM »

This is the second story I've submitted and whereas my first (19 year old girls are dangerous) was written with a staccato rhythm to suit the action this one has been written to be read at a more leisurely pace to suit the someone who is totally confident and in control who sees no reason to rush.   Again I would appreciate any constructive feedback as I am new to writing.  Sorry that I had to complete the story in three postings.   Circumstances beyond my control.   Hopefully those who read the incomplete story will come back and finish.  

The door bell rang and Cherry took her time answering it letting him stand at the front door waiting.   She was sure that some of her neighbours knew, or thought they knew, what she did for a living and that they were watching.   He would also be wanting to get inside as soon as possible because he wouldn't want someone who knew him to pass by and see him waiting to enter.

She opened the door and with a gesture of her hand invited him in.   "Hello Walter.   I'm Cherry.  Let me take your coat" she said in a voice that would get his already eager cock twitching even more.   She looked him over with a practiced eye.   About 5'7" - about 40 lbs overweight - almost completely bald - very short sighted judging by the lenses in his glasses - total lack of confidence - and probably a little cock to go with it.   He in turn looked at her and saw a very attractive lady - towering over him in 5" heels - short blonde hair - slim - white tank top - short leather skirt.

She took his hand and lead him into the bedroom.   She removed her top to reveal a young firm pair of tits and then, as she dropped her skirt, and enticing shaved pussy was also revealed.   "Would you like me to undress you or would you prefer to do it yourself?" she said in a soft sweet voice.   He stuttered a little and then mumbled "no thank you I'll undress myself."    "Ok Walter.   You just take your time.   Do you have something for me/"   He looked surprised and then, as it dawned on him what she meant, he removed the envelope from his jacket and handed it to her.   "Thank you Walter.   Whenever you're ready we can begin."

He undressed and she saw that she had been correct about the size of his cock.   Fully erect it was less than 3" long and not very thick and he couldn't even see it because of his stomach.   To get that inside me, she thought, I'd have to be on my back with my knees touching my shoulders.   She put her arms around him and, although the thought made her sick, gave him a warm lingering kiss.   She lead him to the bed and sat him down next to her.

"How about we begin with tie and tease Walter?   When we spoke on the phone you said you liked tie and tease and had done it with other ladies."  "That would be perfect" he replied "I must say you are very beautiful Miss Cherry."   "Why thank you Walter.  It's always nice for a girl to get compliments."

She laid him on his back and, lifting his hands above his head and pulling them apart, handcuffed them with Velcro cuffs to the head of the bed.   "Has a blindfold been used before when you have had a lady do a tie and tease?"  "Every time" he replied.   "Then we'll use a blindfold this time as well Walter."   She quickly put the blindfold on him and then produced some earphones.   "I'm going to have you listen to some music while I get everything ready."

Leaving him lying on the bed unable to see or hear she started going through his pockets and wallet.   She took photos on her phone of his driving licence - a letter with his full name and address - details of where he worked - an in case of emergency card showing his wife's name and then replaced everything.

Picking up a feather duster she tickled his feet and he immediately began to giggle.    She removed his earphones.   "Did you enjoy that Walter?  she asked still keeping the same sweet tone to her voice.  "Yes Miss Cherry.   You took me by surprise.   I expected you to remove the earphones before we began."   "Well we've done the tie and we mustn't forget the tease must we Walter?"

She tickled him under the arms and then moved down to tickle his cock.   Putting the feather duster down she licked the end of his cock, licked down to his balls, and then swallowed his cock whole.   With such a small cock it wasn't a problem.  She'd deep throated cocks three times the times the length and much much thicker.   Walter moaned with pleasure as she sank all the way down his little shaft and grazed it with her teeth as she came back up.  She put some ice cubes in her mouth and took his helmet in her mouth again.  Boy did he react!!   "Did you enjoy the ice cubes Walter?"   "Yes Miss Cherry.  No one has done that before.   It was very enjoyable."  She looked down at the tiny shrivelled pathetic cock and, with difficulty, stopped herself from laughing.  "The fun has only just begun.  Just lay there.  I will be back shortly.   I'm just going to replace the blindfold for a moment while I get ready for what comes next."

When she returned she was completely naked and wearing her strapon harness with her 8" long and 2" thick strapon eager and ready for action.  She could already feel herself getting wet in anticipation.   "I'm just going to tie your feet Walter.   It will make the next part even more enjoyable."   More enjoyable for me she thought but not for you.   You pathetic fat little excuse for a man.   She pulled down the ropes from above the bed and secured the ends to the cuffs on his ankles.   As she pulled on the ropes his legs were raised and stretched apart.   "Nearly there Walter."    "This is hurting me Miss Cherry.    Please untie me.   I've had enough of this tie and tease."    She tied off the ropes when his feet were above his head.  "I'm just going to put a pillow under you to make the next part easier."   Easier for me you fat little useless pig.!!!

Kneeling down between his legs she removed the blindfold and stood up.   Walter's mouth dropped open when he saw the strapon.  "What are you going to do?"   She smiled down at him and her lovely lips twisted into an evil grin as she snarled "you're going to find out why my name is so apt.   Because Cherry is going to take your cherry.   I'm going to fuck your arse Walter.   When I said that the next part would be even more enjoyable I meant for me not for you."   Not surprisingly he looked absolutely terrified.   "No.  No.. Please don't do this to me Miss Cherry."   The tears started to roll down his cheeks as he started to cry.   She stuffed her panties in his mouth.   "Suck on my panties Walter.   I just pissed on them when I went to put on my strapon.   Enjoy the taste my little piggy boy."   

She knelt down and, after snapping on latex gloves, picked up the open bottle of lube and poured some on his balls and watched it slide down to his fuck hole.  She pushed the lube in with her finger and then poured some more before inserting a second finger and working it around inside him.  Then a third finger and working more lube into him while listening to him moaning.   Is it pain she wondered?   Well I damn well know it's not ecstacy !!

Standing up she lubed up her cock all the time staring at him and taking delight in seeing the terror in his eyes.  Kneeling down again between his legs she held her cockhead to is fuck hole.   "Just relax Walter and it will be easier for you.   Admittedly this is going to hurt you a lot more than me.   Well, actually, I'm lying because it's not going to hurt me at all.   Push out as if you want a shit and it will make it easier."

She began pushing but he automatically resisted.  "Relax Walter.   Make it easy for yourself."   She still felt him resisting and began to lose her temper.   "Ok you useless cunt you asked for it" she hissed as she threw her weight on to her cock and rammed in the first few inches.    With the next thrust she was balls deep.  Then she slowly withdrew almost all the way and asked him "do you know what I'm going to do next Walter?"   He shook his head.   "I'm going to rape your arse" she snarled "I'm going to slam this strapon in and out of your arse until you bleed.  I'm going to fuck you until you're unconscious and then I'm going to fuck you again.   I'm not going to stop until I'm the one who is too exhausted to continue."   With that she slammed all 8" back into him again; and again; and again.   The sweat ran down her face and her body glistened as she held his ankles and pushed her body down as she hammered her cock into his fuck hole.

She felt her juices running down between her thighs and felt her first orgasm on the way.  It surged through her body like a tsunami.   She held her cock all the way in, arched her back, and screamed as the pleasure shook her body.   Her body remained rigid waiting for the ecstacy to subside and she looked down at Walter who was staring at her with wide eyed amazement.  "My cock and your cunt bitch.  A real good combination.   Let's see what happens wen I fuck you this next time" she hissed trough clenched teeth.   With that she hammered her cock into him over and over again.  She orgasmed again and again completely lost in her pleasure.   It wasn't until she came to a shuddering halt hanging on to his legs to stop herself from collapsing that she realised he was unconscious.   How long he had been unconscious she ad no idea.   Not that she cared.   He was just the provider of a cunt for her to fuck.

She felt the wetness beneath her and saw the blood on her cock and running down their bodies mixed in with her juices and his cum.    Sometime during the fucking he'd shot on to his stomach and, surprisingly for the size of his cock, had produced a decent load.   She collected some on the tip of her finger and, after removing her panties from his mouth, smeared it across his lips.   When she got no reaction she collected some more and this time pushed her finger inside his mouth wiping his cum on his tongue.  he opened his eyes wondering for a moment where he was and what was causing the excruciating pain in his arse.    As his mind came back to the present he looked at her with a mixture of fear and hate.

"Open up baby.  Clean up the rest of the cum you've spilt."   He suddenly realised what the taste was in his mouth, shook his head, and clamped his mouth shut.   "Well if you won't eat it there's only one thing to do."   She collected what was left of his cum and smeared it across his face.   She smiled and said in her sweet voice "there there my little fuck baby.  You should always clean up your mess for mommy.   Have you had enough of Cherry fucking your arse?"   He nodded hesitantly.  She leaned down to his face "too fucking bad you little cunt because I haven't finished" she screamed and spat in his face.   "I haven't finished fucking you yet and you have no say in what's going to happen.   It isn't if you've had enough it's if I've had enough and at the moment you're a piece of meat to be fucked until I don't want to fuck you any more."

Stuffing her panties back in his mouth she slammed back into him.   She pushed on his ankles to raise his arse up from the pillow so she could pile drive him.    She flexed her knees and slammed into him so hard the bed bounced up and down like a trampoline.   "I think we should be in the Olympics Walter.   Higher.   Faster.  Harder.   Fuck me this is great.   This is the best fucking rape I've had for ages."

Eventually Cherry decided she had enjoyed herself enough.   Looking at her watch she realised that she had been fucking him for almost an hour.    She unfastened all the restraints and kicked him off the bed.   As he hit the floor she snarled at him "get dressed and then fuck off out of my house you sad little man before I make you lick my strapon clean."   he hastily dressed and got some of his courage back and pointing his finger at her yelled " I'm going to report you to the police you deranged bitch.  You won't get away with this."

She looked at him with contempt and told him she had gone through his pockets earlier.   "You won't go to the police and have your wife find out.   Once you leave you will want to forget what's happened.   If you cause me any then I will tell your wife all about our little adventure and I'll also tell all your friends and neighbours.  I think your colleagues at work will be interested as well and perhaps you would like to show everyone the video of our encounter.  I'll edit it so there is no sound and it will look as if it was consensual."

He shuffled out of the door with his head bowed.   Once he'd gone she poured herself a drink and said to herself "little does he know I don't have a video camera.   Fucking loser." 
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« Reply #1 on: October 29, 2015, 08:37:58 PM »

Excellent story! I am surprised he could walk out of there :)

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« Reply #2 on: February 06, 2016, 05:03:07 PM »

Great story, some guys have all the luck.  Grin

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« Reply #3 on: March 07, 2016, 08:27:55 AM »

want fuck man in ass with very big dildo Cheesy
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