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Author Topic: Hayden's bad luck ( shemale / rape )  (Read 9838 times)

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« on: October 21, 2015, 04:19:28 PM »

Warning! You must be 18 or over to read these stories of rape and non consensual sex. If you do not like such stories, please turn back. I don't promote rape or non-consent sex. This is only a story, fiction, if you do not understand the difference between reality and fantasy, read no more. Rape is a heinous crime and the penalty is many years in prison. Anyone who commits rape are despised everywhere. But fantasies are all right so long as no one is hurt.

Hayden Panettiere was returning home after a long day of shooting her show in downtown Nashville.The house the production had found for her was in the outskirts of the town so she could better relax in her off time.The roads were empty at this time of the night so Hayden was driving her SUV rather fast and lost in her thoughts she missed a red light and drive through it,thankfull there wasnt another car crossing the intersection at that time.Hayden realized what she had just done and sound of relief escaped her mouth,only to be cut short when the flashing lights of a police car come on from behind.
''Good going Hayden'' she cursed her luck and stopped at the side of the road.The officer approached Hayden and tapped her window.
''Hello miss,do you know what you did back there?'' he asked at the young actress
''Yeah,im so sorry officer.I got distructed and missed it.'' Hayden apologised,she thought if i play the whole im sorry act he might let her go with a warning.
''Empty streets dont mean that the laws dont apply miss'' he said ''Licence and registration please.''he added.Hayden leaned over the glove compartment to find her papers,but couldnt
find them anywhere.
''Damn it,i seem to have misplaced them.Could we go to my house,im sure i have them there'' she said.
''Im sorry miss,i cant do that.Do you have an ID maybe?'' the policeman said.Hayden looked through her purse and then remembered that she had given it to the production because they wanted to make some papers about a visit she'd do in Europe soon.
''Fuck'' she muttered to herself,could anything else go wrong tonight?
''Erh..i dont have it with me'' Hayden started to panic now.The policeman surely wouldnt let her go now.
''Thats too bad miss,you will have to follow me to the station.'' he said with a stern voice.
''But,surely there's no need to do this.You might know me,im an actress,Hayden Panettiere and i play in the show Nashville.'' Hayden said hoping he might recognise her and avoid being dragged at the police station at this hour like a criminal.
''I know who you are miss.I love you on this show.Its an honor to promote our little town....but sadly i cant let you go till we verify who you are.I know who you are,but the system doesnt till we check your papers.If you follow me at the police station hopefully it wont take too long'' he said as he opend Hayden's door to let her out.Hayden sighed and followed the officer as he put her in the back of the police car.She thought about flirting with him,she got out of a ticket one or twice when she used her femininity this one looked like he wouldnt budge with flirting.

They soon arrived at the police station which seemed deserted.A couple of officers at the front desk watching movies on tv.
''What do we have here Jones'' they asked as they saw the officer bringing Hayden in.
''Nothing serious,just need to check her id and then we can let her go.'' he said to them
''Hahaha.Good luck with that,the system is down and they informed us it would take an hour to get it back up.So grab a chair and join us.You can put her in the cell as we wait'' one of the officer informed him.Hayden was horrified when she heard the word cell mentioned.
''No, you cant put me in a cell.I didnt do anything.'' she pleaded
''I know,but i cant let you go either.It just till we check your prints in the system and you'll be free to go,after i give you your ticket off course.'' he said looking down at her.
''Cant i stay with you guys?I dont bite.'' Hayden started to flirt with him.The two other officers noticed that were about to let her stay,they didnt object to having a beautifull girl hanging out with them but Jones refused and took her to the cell area.
''You know better than this miss Panettiere,its not a big deal really.'' he added and opened the cell door.Hayden was like a child grounded at his room.
''This better be over in a hour or...'' she said but cut her sentence short when she realized that she wont be alone in the cell.
''Wait,i wont be alone in it?Perfect!'' Hayden was obviously starting to get annoyed by the whole situation.
''She doesnt bite....'' Officer Jones mocked Hayden for her earlier remark as she gave him an irritaded look.''I'll be back when the system is back to get this over''he said as he moved away.
''Wait dont i get a phone call?'' Hayden shouted through the bars.
''Phone calls are for those arrested and you are not arrested.'' he replied and moved away,leaving an obviously mad Hayden Panettiere sitting in a cell cursing her bad luck.
Inside the cell was another woman who didnt even bother to get up from her bunk.She wasnt sleeping,she was just checking out the scene unfold infront of her.
''Hi,im Hayden''Hayden tried to be polite but got no reply.'' I here because of a mix up,i hope they dont take too long....'' trying to make small talk,again not getting any reply ''i'm sure you're here from a misunderstanding too.'' and stopped talking when she saw the other woman getting up from the bed.She got up and moved towards Hayden.She towered infront of the young actress...she was build like a man,Hayden back up against the bars.
''Dont be afraind young girl.As the officer said.I dont bite....much!'' she laughed as she looked down at the beautiful girl who seemed like a trapped animal.
''You dont know me,you dont know why im here,but i do know you,Juliette!'' she said emphasizing on Hayden's character name.
''Yeah,i play her on Nashville.Are you a fan?'' Hayden said smiling thinking she was a fan of hers.
''Fuck me...fan of that crappy show?I get plenty of drama in real life little girl.I dont need you to remind me how hard life is.Thats for stuck up bitches like you!'' she hissed and put her hands grabbing the bars on both sides of Hayden trapping her between the bars and herself.
''Erh i thought...that you..'' Hayden tried to say.
''You thought wrong,thats your second mistake about me.'' the unknown woman said in an almost threatening way.
''Second?What did i do wrong the first time?'' Hayden asked confused.
''The reason they brought me here....even they dont know what i was really doing when they got me at the mall with a stolen van'' she said with an evil grin forming on her.
''They...the officers will come if you do anything to me.'' Hayden was now scared.
''Shit,you think they care?They are watching football and drinking beer right now.You're all alone with me now!'' she said as she licked her lips and suddenly let go of the bars and moved back to sit on her bed.
''By the way the name is Dom.'' she said laughing.Hayden was both confused and speechless,was she toying with her all this time just to scare her?
''Erh...nice to meet you'' Hayden said and sat on her bunk on the other side of the cell for a while.Dom was staring at her without saying a word and was starting to make Hayden feel uneasy.

Hayden turned her back to her to avoid eye contact with her,but doing so she gave her a great view of her tight ass barely covered by her short skirt.Dom made a whistling noise 'Damn
girl,you got a nice ass,thats how i know you,i touch play with myself when i watch you on tv.'' Hayden tried to block her disgusting comments covering her ears.
''Ssssshhhhhhhh...'' she said sliding in next to Hayden,she immediately cozied up next to Hayden who remained still in her bed,her perfume made Dom even hornier.Whispering she said ''I am so excited to see you from up close Hayden, i hope you dont mind me saying but you're very sexy'' her hand moved in and touched her ass.
''It also makes me very, very Hot, I want to FUCK!!!''Hayden immediately turned and sat up on the bed with an angry face as she pushed her away.
''Sorry but im not a lesbian.'' Hayden said with stern voice annoyed by the advances of the other woman.
''I want a bitch to fuck tonight and I know you are a bitch and a hot nasty whore, you just need the right woman to bring it out in you.I know you want to be my BITCH tonight don’t you?'' looking down on the young actress as her tongue sensually slithered out and wetted her lips slowly and motioned Hayden over as her skin got cold and sweaty at the shear dominating sensuality her finger conveyed.
''I dont,i dont like women,i like men,you dont have what they have you know.'' Hayden tried to keep her cool but failing horribly.
''Who said i dont,thats your 3rd mistake about me tonight little girl.'' Dom said making Hayden raise an eyeborw and panicked as she looked over at her crotch.
''I want to FUCK you till you can’t walk'' Dom continued as her hands cupped her buldge through her pants.She pulled her zipper down slowly, then opened her fly and reached in. She seemed to be digging at her pubic hair, then in the next moment she brought her hand back out. And with it was a long hard cock. At first Hayden thought it was a strap on, but then she narrowed her eyes, looked more closely.No it cant be Hayden thought.Her legs were long and luscious.And those breasts.Those were massive and riding high on her chest showing deep gorgeously deep cleavage.Dom couldnt,couldnt be a man for sure.
"Yikes," she said, the note of surprise in her voice mingling with wonder. "That thing is real."
"You bet your ass it is," Dom said. She smiled down at Hayden as she slowly stroked her fingers up and down the thick hard shaft. "Fully functional, too."
''Get away from me you freak.'' Hayden screamed backing against the bars trying to get away from her.
"Im not a freak. I'm all girl. Well, mostly girl. I was born a girl, with a womb and real tits and everything. I just have a dick instead of a pussy. It's an authentic medical condition, you can look it up. Later, though, if you don't mind. We're kind of in the middle of something right now." she moved in like a predator closing on its prey and proceeded to remove her shirt.With Hayden trapped for the second time this night between her body and the bars,this time the invevitable would happen,she grab hold of her face and she kissed her slowly her tongue wicked and wild, her womanhood totally devouring Hayden's mouth her hands already working her mound through her pants, Dom's other hand in Hayden's hair gripping gently then releasing over and over. Hayden's smaller breasts crushed against Dom's rock hard nipples.
''No,let me go'' Hayden protested.
''I love how nervous you are, I just want to FUCK you in the ASS, probably more than once or twice or three times.Well if we have the time i mean.'' Dom joked. She gripped Hayden's hair ''You want me to fuck you, you want to be a slut for me don’t you, DON’T YOU!'' she whispered in her ear licking it as she finished her sentence.Hayden wanted to throw up and made a futile attemp to break through her grip but she was too strong for her.
''Did i tell you what i was doing when the cops busted me?I was stalking some girls at the mall,when those assholes noticed my stolen van.I would have had some fun with those girls.They were younger than you but i guess you'll have to do for tonight.'' Dom said and started to pull on Hayden's shirt which at first fought to keep on ,Dom's hands slid inside Hayden's shirt, cupping her breasts and thumbing the hard nipples. Hayden wasn't wearing a bra, and she reluctanlty moaned felling Dom running her hands up her thighs as the kiss deepened.Hayden was angry but she was starting to feel slightly aroused, angry that Dom was forcing herself onto her and aroused from the pervetion of getting raped by a chick with a huge dick.Dom twisted Hayden's nipples makinng her moaned at the rough treatment of her breasts, gasping for air.Pulling away from the kiss, Dom turned Hayden around forcefully, pressing the young actress against the door. One of her hands was still up Hayden's shirt, and the other was sliding under her skirt and pulling her panties to the side... barely any foreplay, but Hayden's pussy was already soaking wet. Positioning her hard dick at Hayden's hole, Dom began to push in.Hayden moaned and writhed as Dom worked her dick into her, one hand pinching Hayden's nipple, the other twisting her clit. The terrified girl gasped and pushed back, trying fight her of but instead only helped to push more of Dom's dick into her even faster, shaking her ass only fed more cock into her tight pussy.Dom obliged, fucking harder and harder, Hayden had to put both her hands on the bars to keep Dom from shoving her into them with every thrust. Then Hayden began howling like a banshee, her knees weakening and making her slide down the bars a little as she came, giving Dom an even better angle to fuck her from. Dom could feel Hayden's pussy trying to grip the dick inside of her, and Dom groaned and shoved in deeply, rocking her cock back and forth inside the young actress.
"I love fucking girls," Dom breathed. "Sticking my dick in their hot little pussies and fucking them while they suck on my tits. You like sucking tits, Hayden?" she asked Hayden all she could do was moan in both pain and pleasure.
"You like my dick?"Dom asked giving a rather power thrust trying to make Hayden reply.
''Mmmm'' was all Hayden could say as her face was pressed against the bars.
''I knew it,then you're going to love this'' Dom withdrew her dick from Hayden's pussy leaving it gap open for a few seconds as she turned her around to face her and drop her on the bed this time.She lowered herself on top of Hayden's body, her incredible breasts hanging directly above Hayden's face. She supported herself with one hand while with the other she guided her cock up to the lips of Hayden's pussy.
"Please stop" Hayden pleased.Dom took Hayde's hand and reached up and made her touch her breasts and started caressing them reverently.
"I want you to suck my tits"Dom ordered as she used her hand to pitch hard on Hayden's nipple.Hayden did as she was told,she lifted her head up from the pillow to give one of Dom's breasts a kiss.
"I didnt ask for a kiss, i said suck them" Dom said, her voice low and husky. But still really feminine. She adjusted her position slightly, then began to push her cock again into Hayden's pussy.Hayden felt the familiar sensation of a nice big dick entering her, and she gasped surprised with the pleasure of it. At the same time she was aware of Dom's light woman's weight on top of her, nothing like a man's weight, and of course the big breasts in the palms of her hands. As she luxuriated in the feeling of a cock sliding into her she sucked and licked at Dom's hard nipples, and thought to herself, that this night was only getting worse by the minute.Now all she needed was the police officer to come in and see her like that.She wasn't entirely sure how to suck on a girl's nipples, she'd never actually done it before. She figured, though, that it couldn't be too different from sucking on a dick, just use the lips and tongue, and only use the teeth for the occasional erotic thrill. That was how she liked to have her titties sucked, anyway. Her clit too, for that matter. So that was what she did, and as she worked delicately on Dom's nipples she noticed that they really did appear to be authentic female nipples. And the skin of Dom's boobs, so smooth and creamy. And the boobs themselves, so perfectly firm. There was no doubt about, Dom was one hundred percent woman.Or, as she'd said so herself, well, mostly.And the part of Dom that wasn't a woman was really doing a number on her. Dom had it all the way in now, and as she murmured and caressed Hayden's blonde hair she began to move it back out, then back in again, slowly, so slowly, seemingly cautious at first, but then with a deliberate and luxurious rhythm.
Dom continued to fuck Hayden, saying little as she began to quicken her pace. Both girls began to moan and sigh as the intensity of the lovemaking increased. Dom began fucking Hayden harder, and harder, and Hayden was so caught up in the act that she actually wrapped her slender legs around Dom's waist.Dom gasped when Hayden started to nibble on her nipples,lost in lust and lowered the top half of her body so that her breasts were practically mashed against Hayden's face as pressed her nose into the soft warm valey of flesh between Dom's breasts.Dom was trying to suffocate the poor girl underneath her with her huge breasts.
"Oh fuck!" Hayden cried out. She couldn't help it, the things that were happening within her were too huge, too brilliant and beautiful. She felt her mouth turn into a helpless grin as her body trembled and shook with orgasm. She cried out again, loud and long as the pleasure spilled everywhere inside.Dom too was making noises that signaled she was getting close to her climax, and she was fucking Hayden even more intensely now, her big breasts bouncing in Hayden's face. Finally, she let out a long moan and pulled her cock out of Hayden's pussy. She moved up so that her knees were on either side of Hayden's body and positioned her cock above the girl's chest. With her long throbbing cock in her hand she started to jerk off. Within moments Dom began to come, spurting huge milky jets. There was a lot of it, and it landed in watery globs all over Hayden's face. It got in her blond glossy hair too, and when Hayden opened her mouth some of it dropped right down onto her tongue. She swallowed the stuff unwillingly, but instinctively brought her head up from the pillow to lick and suck more of it off the end of Dom's still pumping dick.
''Oh yeah let that horny little SLUT in you come out'' Dom said as she gripped Hayden's head and move it closer to her still hard dick.Her hand was on the back of Hayden's head pulling her into her as her hips grinded against her unwilling mouth.With her head gripped by her hair Dom guided Hayden's mouth to her cock. She reluctantly opened and took her as she eased into her mouth filling it. Now with both hands on her head she stroked to the back of Hayden's throat over and over.Then she pulled Hayden's head farther down on her and she gagged as she pushed forcefully into her throat. By instinct Hayden pulled back hard but Dom was ready and jabbed at Hayden and she thought her throat would burst before she was able to jerk back and cough wildly. She stepped back and said.
''I want to fuck your mouth, i need you to clean your mess.''Dom said looking at the ceiling savoring the tightness of Hayden's throat.She cupped her chin and gripped the back of her head. Her cock forced its way into her mouth and she instructed Hayden to swallow, just then her girth pushed hard into her throat forcing her open as she pulled her head viciously onto her hard shaft. Hayden again couldn’t help but pull away as pure shock and panic overwhelmed her.She jabbed and thrusted hard and sank her cock deep into her throat cooing and trying to calm Hayden but not letting go, pulling her head firmly down on her. Hayden was panicking too much so Dom returned to sliding smoothly into position straddling her face. Now her weight as well drove and held her cock in Hayden's throat. She constantly kept saying swallow and calm down and slapped Hayden's face to get Hayden's attention. Hayden's body spasmed and struggled underneath but Dom moaned and enjoyed it, till Hayden finally began to calm down like a trapped animal.
''Your throat is so spasmodically tight, maybe I should just unload into you right here'' Dom said and with that Hayden felt her withdraw and shove in again, Hayden gagging all the way, full panic returning, her thrusts and strokes getting more and more vicious till she was ramming full long strokes down her throat. Hayden whimpered. So completely tired from her relentless assault she blacked out off and on, waking up to panic each time not even able to recognize her throat anymore.Dom's balls quivered uncontrollably as her moans turned very, guttural. She pulled all the way out of Hayden as tears streamed down her face. Dom kneeled down and kissed Hayden, licking her face.
''You are so sweeeeeet'' she said ''I want you to open your throat up to me as much as possible and scream for my cum, yes scream as I begin to rip your innocence away and make you a SLUT. Scream for my seed deep in your throat, scream for more of my cock, scream your submission to me. Scream for what will come after I am done with your throat.” She was delirious as Hayden was crying from the abuse.She thrust her cock deep into Hayden's throat pumping wildly her balls ready to erupt for the second time in a short notice,her body tightening ready to cum again this time inside her mouth. Hayden screamed a muffled panicked scream as Dom's cock exploded,gobs of warm cum filling her mouth, throat and belly. Her massive cock pumping Hayden's stomach full with each stroke. Cum dripped from her mouth onto her beast mixing with her own drool as she continued to unload into her. Hayden's lips were tightly stretched around her cokc and almost every stream of cum stayed in her.After she was spent and her cock started to deflate Dom slowly pulled out.As Hayden looked up all I could see was a scary animal-like fire in Dom's eyes and noticed that there was still life in her unholy snake between her legs
''No...no...it cant be...you just cum twice''Hayden said as she couldnt believe her eyes.
“Hmmmmm'' Dom whispered ''how should I take your ass?Maybe I should just ram into you and make you faint. Or just slowly push and let you fight to stay closed. But I want you sooooooo bad, stretched around my cock, in pain.” she kissed Hayden's quivering face and breast as she made her way down to her pussy.
''Turn around and grab hold onto the bars young girl,this is going to hurt''Dom commanded.Hayden could do nothing but obey as she slowly turned away and took hold of the bars next to her bed preparing to get penetrated by a hard dick.Dom licked her lips as she grabbed Hayden's waist and positioned her now rock hard cock at the entrance of her tight little pink asshole.
''I think I’ll let you struggle to keep your ass closed.'' she whispered as she pushed Hayden legs apart, her head drapped over her shoulder so she could lick her neck.
Her head was so much bigger than Hayden's asshole,she thought she could keep her out,if she tightened her asschecks but the pressure increased and slowly began to weaken her rim muscle. She slowly began to lean into her a little more at a time.
“Mmmmmm you’re going to be ready to be RIPPED open, I feel you weakening” Dom said as she was preparing to celebrate her triumph over Hayden's clenched asshole.
Just as she was about to pop her head through her tight seal the cell door opened.
''Well the system's back up ,so you it will only take a few minutes now miss Panet....erhh...WHAT THE FUCK????'' Hayden got startled by the office that she clentched her ass so hard it crushed the head of Dom's cock making her fall on the ground shrieking from the pain.Officer Jones had walked into the most obscene scene he had seen in his life.....a famous actress being raped by a woman...with a dick...up her ass in his cell.

The End
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lol Good revenge ending! ;-)

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lol Good revenge ending! ;-)


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Very nice
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