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Author Topic: The Teacher Is The Pet  (Read 4571 times)

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« on: August 22, 2015, 05:01:57 PM »

“Yes Karen, what is it?”  Ava sighed as she placed the papers on the desk and lifted her eyes to greet the student.

“I want you to change this C to and A,” Karen remarked as she placed the recent test onto the desk.  Ava's faced flushed with anger as she addressed the girl.

“We've had this discussion before.  Just because your parents are wealthy and connected to the board of education does not mean you automatically pass my classes.  You got what you deserved, and quite frankly I would have been justified in giving you a D you done so poorly.  I suggest you try something new and unique like studying the next time,” she snorted as she shoved the test paper back into Karen's hands.

 Ava Madison and Karen Johnson had locked horns from day one.  The 28 year old teacher was popular but demanding of her students, and Karen's constant attempts at obtaining special privileges was getting on the teachers last nerve.

“Go sit down, I have work to do before class,” Ava remarked in a stern voice. 

Instead of retreating, Karen coyly slipped a manila envelope onto the desk in front of Ava.  “Now what?” Ava snapped as she began to open it.   She expected to find a threatening note or special plea by Karen pretending to be her affluent parents,  instead she began pulling out pages of nude photographs.

“Something wrong Ms. Madison?” Karen smiled wickedly as she watched Ava's face turn ashen and her hands begin to tremble.

“Wh...where did you get these, you little bitch,” Ava hissed.

“Take full advantage of the internet, there is so much information out there,” Karen replied, using Ava's own words to her.  My, you certainly were right.  Who would have thought that scholarly Ms. Madison flaunted her tits and ass all over the place!”

 Imagine my surprise when I found your naked ass spread all over the net.

Ava buried her head, thankful for the moment that the classroom was empty. “That was a long time ago, you don't understand.  I'm not going to discuss this with you,” Ava snorted as she scooped the pics up and stuffed them back into the manila folder shaking her head in disgust.

“Oh please Ms Madison, or can I call you Ava now?  You surely know I have more copies, and if you do not want them going public, and ruining your perfect little reputation, then you need to listen to me for a change.”

The room seemed to spin as Ava realized that Karen was now holding the cards.  With Karen's family connections, Ava was certain she would be fired and ran out of town if those pictures ever got.

“Alright, give me the damn test paper,” Ava remarked as she reached her hand for it.

“Good girl,” Karen remarked sarcastically as she placed it in front of Ava as she picked up the test paper and leaned closer.  “Now you are going to log onto the system and change it permanently, and I want a hard copy of the changes,” Karen remarked as a triumphant grin formed on her face.

“Bitch,” Ava murmured as she turned red faced.

“Bitch??” Oh, you have not seen a bitch yet.  As long as I hold these pictures, I own your ass.  If you think changing my grades square us you are sadly mistaken.  My parents are out of town.  Be at my house Friday night at 7 or these go public,” Karen huffed as she turned and walked to her seat moments before the class room began filling up with the other students.


“You bastard! I paid you good money to make my past disappear.  A goddamned teen age girl found them on the internet!” Ava hissed at the attorney on the other end of the phone.   After a 20 minute heated discussion that got nowhere, she slammed the phone down in complete disgust.

It started innocently enough, posing for pictures.  Ava had always had the girl next door looks.  Platinum blonde hair, gorgeous eyes, perfect smile, and a hot body, but a girls got to pay for college and having no trust fund or rich parents, she took up modeling.  That led to nude modeling, then the sex stuff.  She wasn't proud of it, but she did what she had to do.   Earning her teachers degree, she found a smart lawyer and paid him to have all the photos erased, but that was before the internet came along.  Now they were back and that little bitch Karen, of all people had them.

Ava stood in front of the mirror and made some last minute adjustments.  The sleeveless black dress still fit perfectly.  Ava wanted to look as professionally as she could to remind Karen that she was a teacher, and an authority figure.  She grabbed her purse and drove to Karen's house.

Karen greeted her enthusiastically at the door and asked her to follow her to her bedroom upstairs.  Ava frowned but followed, just wanting to get this over with as quickly as possible.  The instant Ava entered the room she knew something was wrong.  On the bed sat a half dozen of Karen's girl friends from school, all staring rudely at her.  She heard the door lock behind her and turned inquisitively to Karen.

“What's going on here?” Ava inquired as she bit her tongue nervously.

“Well, you don't think I would do this without witnesses do you?” Karen shot back.  “What's going on here is old fashioned black mail, the beginning of our new relationship.  We will agree never to show this pics to anyone and in return you will agree to be our real live sex slave.”

“Sex..slave!...Have you lost your mind? I will do no such thing! I am your teacher and you will show me some respect!” Ava snarled as her face flushed in anger.

“Respect?” Ha, that is a laugh. You flash your tits and ass all over cyberspace like some cheap ass whore and you want us to respect you. Not going to happen sweet cheeks,” Karen retorted.  “But here is what we will do.  At school everything will be perfectly normal.  No one will know about our little arrangement that we don't want to know, but away from school you will do as you are told. You will belong to us and do what ever we say.  Do we have a deal?”

“No, I simply can't do something so awful, I won't.”

Karen stared angrily at Ava. “Show her!” she snapped as she forced Ava to look at the computer monitor on the stand by her bed.

Ava's heart sank when she saw every degrading picture saved into a file and ready for sending.  “All I have to do is enter the addresses and hit send and your ass is finished in this town,” Karen announced as she folded her hands proudly.

Ava tried to fight back the tears as she realized she was being played by six teen aged girls who held the upper hand. “What do you want me to do?” she asked softly as she hung her head in defeat.

“Take off all of your clothes! Sluts need to be naked,” Karen fired back in a stern voice.

For a brief moment, Ava considered running for the door.  Even though she was certain they would send the pictures, perhaps she could explain it all.  But then there was Ed Collingsworth, the extremist religious leader who had hired her.  There would be an embarrassing investigation and then the truth would be discovered and she would be fired, her reputation tarnished, and her resume tainted.

The shame of her past was felt again as she bent over and began removing her shoes.  This time was worse.  Before she had posed willingly for a camera, but now she was being forced to strip by some of her own female students!

As the dress floated to the floor, Ava covered herself and gave one last pleading look to Karen.

“Off!” was Karen's only reply.

As Ava unhooked her bra and let it fall gently to the floor, she could hear the girls begin to snicker and felt their stares on her naked breasts.  She took a deep breath and slipped her fingers into the elastic bands of her panties and slowly pulled them down to her ankles before stepping out of them.  She now stood before them butt naked, ashamed and humiliated.

The girls all rose enthusiastically from the bed and formed a half circle around her where they began fondling and slapping at her tits, twisting her nipples, and pinching and slapping her ass as they shouted, “Our teacher's a whore.”

“Please..stop,”Ava pleaded as their humiliating teasing continued non stop.   

“We are just getting started slut Ava,” Karen teased. “We have worked hard on making your first night with us a memorable one,” Karen quipped as she held up a pair of hand cuffs.  “Hands behind your back.”

“No, please don't. This is not right. I am your teacher,” Ava again sought to remind them.  Her efforts fail on deaf ears as Karen grabbed a lock of hair and pulled her head back roughly.   “Our agreement bitch! We say, you do, now get those goddamned hands behind your fucking back now!”  Ava was startled at the harshness of Karen's rough words.  Kids could be so cruel when they wanted to be.

Ava slowly put her hands behind her and felt the metal cuffs click onto her wrist. Karen then slapped Ava's 38-DD tits again, causing them to jiggle for the amusement of the girls. “Bet you are proud of those big fucking tits aren't you?” she snorted as she slapped them again. “The boys will love them,”Karen replied with a wicked grin. “They will probably want to tit fuck you until they are covered in cum. Can't wait to see that.”

After a humiliating time of enduring the girl's probing hands and fingers into her most intimate regions, and listening to their verbal assaults, she heard Karen speak again.

“Come on, we are going to the playroom,”  she announced to the other girls and they forced her to walk through the kitchen to a door that led the basement.  Being made to walk through a strangers house naked and cuffed by her own students made her burn in shame.  Descending the darkened stairs she felt frightened and trembled at what these girls might have in store for her.  She was not sure what Karen meant by “play room” but knew she was about to find out.

At the bottom of the stairs, Ava felt her feet strike the cold concrete of the basement floor and when the basement lights were turned she Ava gasped aloud.   The girls had transformed the basement into a makeshift bondage dungeon in rather short time. Sitting in the middle of the room directly in front of her was a sybian with a flesh colored dildo on top pointing precariously upward.  The electric cord was plugged into an outlet behind it and the girls had arranged six chairs in front of it for them to sit in.

“You are in our class now bitch and you best pay attention.  You are going to sit on this and bury that dildo up that cunt of yours.  As it buzzes away you will be asked questions by each girl.  Fail to answer and you get this,” Karen remarked as she produced an electric prod and touched Ava in the abdomen causing her to shriek from the shock.

Ava listened in stunned silence as Karen went on to explain. “Each time you have an orgasm you must announce it to the rest of us by screaming out its number, and you better not lose track or we start all over and believe me, we have all night.”

Ava tried to scream her resistance as the girls forced her to straddle the device.  She cringed in humiliation when she felt it forcing its way inside her until if filled her uncomfortably.  Karen flipped the switch and the girls took their places in front of the humiliated teacher.  Then the volley of degrading questions began.

'How often do you masturbate?”

“Have you ever licked another woman's pussy or ass?

“Have you ever let a guy pee on you?'

There were no question off limits as each girl took a turn.  As much as Ava tried to maintain her composure she felt the unwanted stirrings of her first orgasm.

“One!” Ava shouted as it overtook her.  The girls laughed in jest as they continued the degrading interrogation.  When she would stumble or hesitate at an answer she would be stuck with the probe and her body shocked.  By the time she had reached her fifth orgasm, she was glistening in sweat and finding it harder and harder to concentrate on the questions.

“How many cocks have you had in you at one time?” Karen asked as Ava, panting heavily moaned and admitted to three cocks at once.  She was about to scream her sixth orgasm when her pussy began gushing copious amounts of female cum, splashing her thighs and soaking the edge of the sybian as the girls squealed in delight.  Exhausted and drained, Ava slumped over semi conscious, still gushing like a fountain and her legs trembling.

Karen pulled Ava's head up by her hair. “Six orgasms. That's it?”  she teased as the other girl's laughed. “You owe us more than that you ungrateful bitch.”  As the girls removed the cuffs and forced Ava to her feet, her entire body gleamed from a heavy coating of sweat.

“No...more...Please,” Ava whispered tearfully.

“As our slave you will be required to service boys as well as girls, so I think you need to get some cock sucking practice,” Karen blurted out as she began tossing each girl a strap on dildo.

Despite Ava's protests, she soon found herself on her hands and knees with her mouth wrapped around a cock, while another girl took her position behind her and shoved a cock into her already drenched pussy and began fucking her with it.  Impaled at both ends there was little Ava could do but endure the ordeal until she had sucked and properly fucked by all six girls.

Exhausted, she lay in a defeated heap on the floor until awakened by Karen kneeling by her head and smiling triumphantly.

“Had enough for tonight?” Karen teased as she gripped her hair tightly.

“Y...yes..pl...please, let me go.”

Karen looked at the other girls and smiled.  “Sure you can go...as soon as you have licked every pussy in this room, and you can start with mine!” Karen hissed as she sat on the floor and forced Ava's face between her legs.

“Lick it bitch!' she snorted.  The scent of Karen's pussy filled Ava's senses as she began running her tongue over the moist lips of the girl's sex.  “Someone get a picture of this,” Karen barked as she ground herself against Ava's mouth.

“Come on bitch.  Get that tongue to work. Make me cum!” Karen screamed as she pulled Ava's hair unmercifully.  It was after 2 A.M when Ava finished licking the last girl to orgasm.  Her mouth was numb and the taste of pussy lay heavy on her tongue.  She was too exhausted to even put up a fight when the girls tossed her into a small metal cage and locked the door, leaving her alone in the basement.

Upstairs the excited girls found it hard to sleep as they planned more degrading acts for their new pet.   Tomorrow they would call some of the guys over and watch Ava suck some real cock. It was going to be such a great year with the teacher as their pet.


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« Reply #1 on: September 21, 2015, 09:04:09 PM »

Delicious and sweet! Desperately ItChing for more  Cheesy

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« Reply #2 on: March 19, 2016, 03:35:52 PM »

This is awesome.  I love violating social taboos. Teacher-Student, incest, whatever. They are awesome and this is a wonderful example.  Thank you for posting it.
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« Reply #3 on: March 19, 2016, 04:32:41 PM »

This is great - please write more! You know I love your stuff!

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« Reply #4 on: March 20, 2016, 07:22:39 PM »

Thanks all.  Much appreciated.

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