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Author Topic: Ass Effect (A ME story)  (Read 3359 times)

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« on: January 26, 2015, 03:40:26 AM »

Disclaimer borrowed from the greate Vile8r

WARNING!    You must be 18 or over to read these stories of rape and non-consensual sex.  If you do not like such stories, please stop reading. This story is all fiction.  If you do not understand the difference between reality and fantasy, read no more. Rape is a heinous crime and the penalty is many years in prison. The people who commit rape are despised everywhere. No one is being hurt, and this is pure fantasy. Any similarities to real people, places or situations is purely coincidental and not intended!

I hope no one minds as I start posting another story - of course written in collaboration with Morgan333. This time it all takes place in the Mass Effect Universe and our (first) victim will be the lovely asari Liara...

Helplessness. No other word described as closely the way Liara T’Soni felt at the moment. She prided herself on being an independent being, that didn’t have to rely on others anytime she got into trouble.
And now she was here – floating like a lifeless statue, surrounded by the shimmering of a stasis field. She desperately tried to remember how did they stasis field technology work, how it slowed the processes of her body. Not that it would any consolation – that would only mean that instead of dying of thirst or hunger she is going to live, trapped here for all eternity.

Or maybe someone would come? But even then the geth would kill any rescue party, as they did with her research team. They were circling the stasis field, trying to find a way around it. Fortunately, even their advanced computer skills weren’t able to hack the Prothean technology which protected her.
She regretted she ever agreed to listen to her mother’s suggestions. Liara became an archeologist, a very succesfull one in fact, just to be removed from her mother’s affairs. Matriarch Benezia was a major player in asari politics and everyone either expected Liara to behave in the same way she did or tried to use her to gain her mother’s favour. But then, this call was so urgent, desperate…
“I know we aren’t very close” Benezia said and even the holographic projection of her face showed how she frowned saying this “But you’re the only one I can trust with this… and it is your area of expertise.”
“Good to see you to mother. How it has been?” Liara snarked, trying to silence a spark of curiosity she felt.
“I wanted to get straight to business but maybe a small-talk would make you understand me more” she said. “I have taken something of an undercover assignment. A S.P.E.C.T.R.E. agent by the name of Saren Arterius has probably gone mad but as the Council isn’t willing to act, I’ve decided to accompany and counsel him, trying to keep the damage he does to minimum.”

“And what do I have to do with it?” “Saren is looking for some peace of technology, he calls it the Conduit.” Benezia said “He heard this name using a Prothean beacon and is desperate to find this.” “A working Prothean beacon?!” Liara gasped, opening her eyes wide.
“Well, not working anymore” Benezia said “I want you to find this Conduit or at least learn what it is, before he does. Believe me if I say, that the fate of galaxy may be at stake here.”
“Lets say I agre… where should I go?”

“Therium” Benezia said, glanced somewhere to the said and whispered “I have to go.” And the projection disappeared.
Liara stared for a moment at the empty projector and finally turned her head.
“What do you think about it?”
“So, your mother is working with Saren Arterius. And he is after the same with we are.” Jane Shepard said coming out of the shadow. Liara gently touched the N7 inscription on the holographic projector. Tali assured her, that Benezia won’t be able to find she is contacting an Alliance vessel. It seemed it worked.

“So what do we do now?” Liara asked, admiring the gracious silhouette of her captain, friend and… yes, lover. Even in the relatively plain Alliance military uniform Shepard was so attractive – not simply beautiful but vibrating with this inner energy coming from her self-esteem, strength and sense of duty. Her body was slender, although strong – as it was fitting for a true soldier. The tight uniform emphasized all curves of her body, including the average-sized but, as Liara knew, perfectly shaped breasts. She wore her red hair cut short, which looked beautiful paired with her intensively green eyes. “Willing to jump with an answer anytime soon?” Shepard laughed warmly, sitting next to Liara “What were you looking at, by the way? Do I have something on my face?”

“No, erm, so…” Liara tried to calm down, slightly ashamed. “I think I should go to Therium.”
“What?” Shepard rose rapidly from her chair “That may be a trap and you’ll play into their hands! We will go there with the whole crew.”
“You know you can’t. You have to check this Ferros lead and better do it fast.”
“So we will go after Ferros…” Shepard suggested.

“We can’t. If there really is some peace of Prothean technology on Therium I have to be there before Saren.” Liara said “And I don’t believe my mother would betray me. You heard her… she is working undercover.”
“You believe her?”

“Yes, I think I do.” Liara finally said. “She may be… how you humans say it… a bitch, but she rather means well. And I don’t believe she would let anyone to hurt me.” Liara said with conviction.

“Ok, you won. Just allow me to assemble some team to accompany you. The sooner we get it done, the sooner we’ll see each other again.” Shepard said and before she left the room she looked at Liara and asked “Any chance you’ll visit my quarter tonight? For a… debriefing.”
Liara’s smile was the only necessary answer.

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« Reply #1 on: January 30, 2015, 03:33:36 AM »

On the third day of her imprisonment, when she finally concluded that at least she want die of thirst something changed. The geth first left the room, then returned with doubled energy. They began exploring the complex even faster and finally returned with a powerful laser drill. A krogan appeared and began gesturing, swearing all the time and pointing towards weak rock below the stasis field.

Soon the drill was turned on and after few seconds the ray pierced the rock, the stell protecting the generator and stasis field was disabled. Liara tried to brace herself but just fell to the floor lifelessly. The geth quickly surrounded her, raising their guns – but she wasn’t defeated yet. As tired as she were, she reached with her biotic abilities, grabbed two nearest geth with her power and crushed them against each other. She managed to knock another enemy out of his “feet” when the krogan attacked. He easily shrugged her biotic attack – at full power she would have defeated him easily, not now. He slapped her with a terrible backhanded blow and when she fell again, he kicked her. Liara rolled to a ball as she saw him prepare another kick, but the warrior suddenly was thrown to the wall.

“She is my daughter” Benezia entered “Welcome, Liara. I hope you learned something interesting.”
“No time to chat mother, take care… of… those… geth…” Liara said, more and more slowly as the terrible realization came: geth didn’t even point their guns on Benezia.

“Come with me daughter. Mr. Arterius wants to speak with you.” She said grabbing the struggling young asari in a mass effect field. “And I’d advise you to tell him everything. In other case I won’t be able to protect you from some… unpleasantries.”

Seeing little choice for her in the matter, Liara nodded, eyeing her mother warily. Unfortunately – at least from her point of view – they had never been close, making it hard for Liara to read her mother. The whole situation seemed wrong on more than one level but the young Asari wasn't sure whether her mother was simply playing along or if something truly sinister had happened.

„ Where are we going?” she dared to ask after they had left the complex in silence, walking through corridor after corridor, constantly surrounded by faceless Geth and the mercenaries Saren had hired, brute-faced Krogans, Batarians and even a few humans. Liara felt distinctly uncomfortable with the way the mercenaries watched her, not just wary but...expectantly, as if looking forward to something.

„ To his flagship, the Sovereign”, Benezia responded calmly. She stayed ahead of the group, stepping forward with the regal and self-assured motions so typical of Asari in the Matriarch stage, acting as if nothing could faze her.
Liara nodded again- after all, what else could she do? - and remained quiet, thinking about a way to get out of this. If her mother was simply playing her part, she would help but if it wasn't the case, as Jane had suspected, Liara had to use all her wits and strength to escape as soon as possible. Which was, given the number of weapons trained upon her, definitely not now.

The rest of the march progressed in silence until they finally reached an airlock that seemed somewhat out of place here. It was dark and, while obviously metallic, it looked disturbingly organic. Without any words, Benezia approached it and it slid open, revealing a much darker corridor behind it. Liara shivered the moment she set foot into the ship. Something was utterly wrong. It was as if some unseen presence tried to break into her mind, pressure mounting in her temples.
She staggered a bit and was, quite roughly, caught by one of the human mercenaries. Did he just squeeze her left breast while steadiyng her? No, she thought, it must've been a coincidence.

„ Mother...something is wrong”, she said and watched Benezia nod slowly. „ It's called indoctrination. Don't worry, you will not be here long enough for it to have a noticable effect.” A shiver ran down Liara's spine. Her mother's words made no sense but they were laden with a dark foreboding...and a coldness she found profoundly unsettling. Despite the many differences they had. Benezia was her mother...but seemed not to care at all about her daughter's well-being.

At least the trip through the dark corridors didn't take too long and finally, the group arrived at the main control room. It was dominated by a throne-like contraption in which a grey-skinned Turian sat, surveying screens and displays like a king surveys his underlings. „ Ah, there she is!” he said, his voice gravelly and domineering, „ Bring her before me!”

The mercenary behind her prodded her with his weapon, causing her to sumble forward. „ Hey!” she made but an imperious glare from her mother silenced her. Benezia shook her head slightly, reminding her of her earlier words. If only Jane was here...
„ The Matriarch has probably already told you what I am after”, he snarled, fixing her with these grey, dead eyes.
„ Yes”, Liara nodded. It wasn't too much of a secret, after all. „ The Conduit.”

„ Yes. The Condiut. A priceless piece of working Prothean technology. Tell me, then Liara T'Soni...have you found it? Or, if not the object itself, any hints of its whereabouts?”
Liara shook her head, truthfully. „ Nothing useful so far. I only encountered the trap where your...men found me.”
„ Hmmm”, Saren made, his hand scratching his chin with an irritating rasping noise. „ that is most disappointing...IF it is the truth.”

„ It is...I have found absolutely nothing”, Liara stated, looking at her mother and finding that Benezia looked at her with a mixture if mistrust and...malevolence?
„ Hmmm...of course, you could be telling the truth...or you could be lying through your teeth. I think we should probe a little...deeper. Matriarch...strip her!”

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« Reply #2 on: February 28, 2015, 05:58:55 PM »

Liara felt short relief as Benezia didn’t even move. The relief was short lived as she felt her uniform tear on her chest, exposing her white bra underneath. The tearing continued as her whole sleave came off. Liara shot a quick glanced at her mother, hoping to see any sign from her to play along, that she is in with her. There was nothing but the usual serene but arrogant face. This time however her expression was tainted with something… unsettling.

Not even looking at Liara’s face concentrating only on using her biotic power, Benezia used her abilities again and a large part of Liara’s pants was torn on the behind, exposing her perfectly shaped ass, covered just by her black panties. Mercenaries observing the scene chuckled at this sight.
“What are you doing?!” Liara shouted in desperation not knowing even whether she addressed Saren or her mother. The turian moved so fast that she didn’t even see the motion. One moment she was standing there, in another she was on the floor  holding her stinging cheek. She didn’t even see Saren’s hand as he slapped her.

“What are we doing?” the turian  said. “Trying to reveal everything you try to hide! Continue, Benezia!” he ordered as if her mother, the matriarch of the asari was just a servant of his. And she did obey, making small gesture with her hand which tore of the remaining of her shirt. Still kneeling on the floor Liara raised her hands to protect her medium sized, but beautifully shaped and perky breasts. Among the laughter of Saren’s cohorts, she heard the tearing of her trouser’s materials. Soon her body was covered just by shreds of material, which were torn off with a small gesture of Benezia’s hand. Now, apart from her shoes, only her white bra and black pants were covering her smooth, blue skin.

“What do we have here…” Saren said circling the kneeling asari, resembling a predator bird even more than a usual turian. “Beautiful, beautiful… what a… fine specimen.” He said, his voice suddenly becoming deeper with a hint of metallic sound in the background. He shook his head for a heartbeat seeming confused, but soon his glare became as sharp as before. “That will make the interrogation so much more enjoyable…”
“I’ve already told you that I don’t… Agh!” she hissed, as Saren grabbed her neck, effortlessly lifting her so her eyes were directly in front of his. “Ghhh!” she gasped as his grip choked her.

“You see interrogation usually is all about the victim’s torment… and I can do this. Electroshocks that will reduce to shriveling, crying wreck… or flaying this cute blue skin alive. I can do it yes.” He said, suddenly releasing his grip, allowing Liara to fall to the floor, desperately gasping for air. “But it can also be as much about the interrogator’s pleasure. And I can do it as well. Yes… So better start speaking and after I’m finished, maybe just maybe I won’t leave you for my men.”

“After you’re… finished?” Liara gasped in terror, her imagination filled with what can happen to her. She shot another glance at her mother but only saw the same blank expression as before.
„ Of course”, Saren responded, matter-of-factly, „ after I have taken from you everything I want.” Liara could only stare at him, hugging herself with her arms to protect her almost-nude body from the leering gazes of the assembled mercenaries. „ But...what do you want?”

„ Information regarding the Conduit, as you know. Barring that...your dignity, your sense of self-worth...your carefree attitude...these would suffice for the moment as well.” His voice was calm, but there was this strange echoing undertone within it again. Liara shuddered, glancing back at her mother again. Benezia did not react and Liara was beginning to suspect that her mother had been in way over her head...just as she herself was now...
„ I told you two times already...I do not know anything about....”, Liara began then suddenly stopped when Saren, almost casually, began opening his pants, freeing a large, throbbing cock..Liara stared at the massive member. It wasn't the first turian cock she'd ever seen but still, it was quite large...and it spoke of the darkest of intentions.
Feeling the tide of fear rise within her, Liara turned around to meet eyes with her mother, but Benezia did not even flinch at the sudden sight of Saren''s massive member.

„ No...please...I am sure we can come to some sort of agreement...there is no need for...this”, Liara said, doing her best to keep her voice even and banish the tremble of fear from it, but to no avail, as Saren's expression showed. As a Turian, he couldn't exactly grin, but the way he cocked his head and fixed his gaze on her was telling enough.

„ But there is. Apart from the need to break down your self-assurance and to undermine your willpower, there is also the simple matter of...my pleasure”, Saren said, his voice filled with dark merriment. He stepped closer to her, now looming over the kneeling asari, his cock uncomfortably close to her pretty blue-skinned face.

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« Reply #3 on: March 20, 2015, 09:57:26 AM »

Great so far! Really hope you continue this one.

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« Reply #4 on: April 12, 2015, 05:46:38 PM »

„ Now, be a good girl and open up for me”, he snarled, brushing his cockhead against the asari's soft lips. Immediately, Liara shied away, a disgusted look on her face. „ N-No...”, she said between clenched teeth, shaking her head. Her entire body was trembling with a mixture of disgust and outright fear. She was not unused to sexual relations, of course, but her few encounters with men and women – prior to meeting Jane and falling head over heels in love – had been sweet, gentle affairs, nothing like...this. This was debased, degrading...primitive.
„ I had expected that”, Saren said, but instead of stopping his intended assault, he looked over towards Benezia. „ Benezia, come here and hole dher steady while I use her mouth.”

Liara blinked. He couldn't be serious. He wanted her own mother to assist in...the rape of her daughter? This was beyond insane, this was sick....and Liara was certain, no matter what Saren had done to her, the proud Matriarch Benezia would never stoop so low.
Her heart froze in her chest when she saw how wrong she was. Benezia simply nodded at the command and stepped behind her daughter, placing her hands on Liara's shoulders to keep the younger asari from moving as she slid onto her knees behind Liara. „ It would be best if you simply allowed it to happen, daughter. It would spare you a lot of pain.”

„ Mother...you can't be serious! P-please...let go!” Liara exclaimed, struggling against her mother's grip as she felt Benezia's long, slender fingers on her shoulder and the back of her head, keeping her from moving away as Saren placed his cock against her lips again.
„ Open up, daughter. Let him use your mouth and throat...”, Benezia began, her voice suddenly taking on a deeper tone as she continued, „ just like you were born to do...”

“Open up… this is what you deserve… a thick, long turian cock to cleanse you of your impure desires and thoughts.” Benezia continued to speak “Open up and embrace the gift you were offered… open up…”
Everything became a blur. The sounds, the sights, the smells… Only the sharp taste remained… almost… spicy? It burned her tongue, although she didn’t know what it was. Nevertheless, everything was better than having Saren’s cock in her mouth. But this unknown taste lingered, stronger and stronger on her tongue.

Finally, gathering her strength, Liara did pierce this strange veil that overcame her and in shock she realized that she WAS having Saren’s dick in her mouth. She didn’t remember when she parted her lips, but she was now held firmly, as the turian was holding the appendages covering her head and thrusting his hard, rough turian cock in and out her warm, wet mouth. It felt awful. Stingy, hot, itching, filling her mouth with some horrible taste. As the turian’s skin, the cock was hard, rough and almost sharp, extremely uncomfortable in her mouth.
Turians… turians… thoughts raced through Liara’s head. Garrus looking at Jane Sheppard, complaining to Liara that he may never be with Jane – not knowing how close Liara and Shepard are – as he is made of entirely different amino acids.

Was it the same? Was the cock in her mouth feeling so horrible as it basically for her was like… poison? She gagged even more, not knowing whether it was at the terrible realization or because Saren began plunging his cock more and more viciously, basically face-fucking her.
“Grlg!” she gagged on the large member filling her mouth “Nnn! Plsss! Mthr!” she begged, trying to look at her mother, to plead with her eyes – all in vain.
“Yesss… bitch… that is only the beginning!” Saren hissed, holding her head and thrusting his cock forward and backward, pushing it hard and deep into her mouth “You’ll see… you’ll learn…”

Liara gagged around the member sliding back and forth inside her mouth, the head tipping against the back of her throat, making her heave, the taste of precum on her tongue burning. She tried to pull away now that the strange fog over her mind had lifted but his grip was too tight to allow for an easy escape...and there was her mother with her hands on her shoulders, keeping her on her knees while whispering into her ear, the suggestions making her daughter pale with revulsion and horror...to witness how her mother had fallen so low...
„ Hmm, yes...can you feel it? Sliding over your tongue, into your throat?”, she whispered, the sudden touch of her long tongue on her earlobe making Liara shudder. This was so very wrong...

„ He's using you just as you deserve...your warm, wet mouth...your tight throat...can't you see how much he enjoys it? You will give him pleasure...with all your holes, my dear...” Benezia's left hand slid down. Liara felt the long, nimble fingers run over her skin, reaching for the clasp that held the bra in place. Reflexively, she tried to twist away, unwilling to give up the last protection she had against the leering eyes of Saren and the mercenaries.
But Saren merely chuckled...then rammed his cock all the way down her throat...and suddenly, Liara had other problems, gagging so hard she nearly fainted, her constricting throat sending shivers of pleasure through the Turian mouthraping her.

„ Gglll...grrrrlllll....”, she made around the cock, tears welling up in her eyes at the unpleasant, uncomfortable sensations. The rough cock hurt her throat simply by being there, blocking her throat, making it impossible for her to breathe. In a haze of panic and nausea, she felt the clasp loosen and her bra falling to the floor, exposing her pretty breasts for all to see.

Immediately, she tried to covber her breasts with her hands but Benezia grabbed her wrist and forced her hands together behind her back. „ Do not deny him the view...you are so beautiful, daughter...let him enjoy all of you...”

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« Reply #5 on: September 29, 2016, 03:44:00 AM »

Slowly, at a torturous pace, Saren withdrew from her throat, allowing her to breathe again after a few excruciating moments. But, unfortunately, it was not over yet. Now, holding her head more tightly than ever, he began to fuck her face rapidly, the sound sof her gargling and gagging filling the room along with the cheers of the mercenaries and the slapping of Saren's heavy balls against her chin. Drool ran down her blue skin as she was throatraped, her eyes watering more and more.

Every now and then, when he would pause for a moment to feel his cock deep inside her gagging throat, Benezia would lean forward to lick at the tears with her tongue in an obscene mockery of affection, her eyes dead, devoid of anything approaching genuine emotion, making this all the worse...

And them, finally, when she thought she would faint from sheer lack of oxygen, he pulled out, leaving her to gasp and pant heavily, a thick line of drool and precum hanging from her chin, connecting it to his cock until he wiped it off on her tear-stained chin.
„ Are you going to speak honestly now, my dear?” Saren asked, his voice mockingly friendly as if he hadn't just brutally violated her mouth.

„ I...already...did....I know...nothing...please...believe me!” Liara said between greedy mouthfuls of air. „ I knew she would say that”, she heard her mother say and her next words chilled her heart, „ I feel you need to be more...inistent to break her spirit. I suggest a vaginal rape...”

„An excellent suggestion, dear Benezia” Saren said, stroking the asari’s face. “Your mother is a great advisor, I don’t know what I would do without her. Well, I wouldn’t have you, for once.” He turned to Liara and before she could become even more surprised he backhanded her hard, causing her to fall backwards, landing on her back.

Without wasting any more time Saren almost jumped at Liara, taking position between her shapely legs. He grabbed her by the knees, and effortlessly spread them, allowing himself to crouch near her pussy, protected only by delicate panties… which Saren promptly torn off her.

“Stop! Mother!” Liara shouted, terrified, shocked and hurt by Benezia’s betrayal. “Grllg!” Liara gasped for her as Saren leaned and grabbed her neck, choking her and cutting her pleas short. He lowered himself, so his face was directly above Liara’s… and his cock was almost teasingly touching the entrance of her tight, young pussy.

“You know… your mother is not only a great advisor…” he whispered, as his nimble tongue, licked her cheeks and teased her lips. “She is also a great fuck.” Even with Saren’s hand on her neck, Liara gasped in shock at this revelation. Saren only chuckled. “Though your body is even better… And I know I’d love the way you will struggle. I’m quite curious how long it will take for you to become as willing as she is…” he said cryptically as he released his grip.

“Ghh!” Liara felt that she can breathe again and desperately gasped for air. “Mpfff!” she opened her eyes wide, as Saren leaned even further forward and brutally kissed her, forcing his tongue into her unwilling mouth. She shrugged at the horribly bitter taste of his tongue, but at least it was better than his cock… though only a bit less degrading – feeling as his organ explored her mouth, rubbing against her teeth and pushing in.

“Mpffff!” she moaned and kicked her legs in vain, as suddenly pain exploded in her sore, tight snatch. Saren grabbed her ass with one hand and without any hesitation rammed his hard cock in one rapid thrust. As pain engulfed her lower body, Liara bucked her body and writhed to escape the inevitable assault. Her legs were kicking in vain and she suddenly felt that her hands are powerless – another effect of Benezia’s power.

“Mmmm… so tight…” Saren whispered as he stopped the kiss “And so tender… I’m sure my hard, rough turian cock is hurting your asari whore’s cunt. Oh yes… I can see it in your eyes.” He grinned in his strange turian way, as he began rhythmically fucking her unwilling snatch.

“Noo…” Liara cried as the pain of the intrusion became more and more intense “Noo… stop! I don’t know anything!”
“Even if… ughh… now… I… ugh… don’t even… care!” Saren hissed between his moans of pleasure as his each thrust caused the asari’s wonderful trembling body twist beneath him. As he kept pumping her, he felt the wonderful, perfect globes of her breasts below him, moving in the rhythm he enforced.

“Aaa! Stop!” Liara wailed again, twisting desperately as Saren withdrew his cock, so that only the hard, almost sharp head was inside… and then rammed it again, burying it inside in one vicious thrust.

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« Reply #6 on: October 06, 2016, 05:47:38 AM »

I love the detail and the way you describe her pain. Please continue with the anal rape next. (After all, your title is Ass Effect ;-)
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