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Author Topic: Serving MS Walters  (Read 4934 times)

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« on: December 07, 2014, 06:39:58 PM »

Serving MS Walters
Millie Dynamite

The woman walked around the room in an imperious manner. She looked over his application and resume making ticking noises as she did. The kind of ticking sounds that one makes for no, no, no when one is less than impressed with what you are seeing. He watched her trying not to look as if he was gawking at her. She wore an impossibly tight blue dress which came only to her upper thigh. Her ample bosoms strained the material and fat nipples poked out in small hills marking the center of attention. The lacey stockings clung tightly to the muscles of the shapely legs which they covered. The spiked-heels of her shoes clicked while the open toed shoe gave him enough of a view that he could see her painted toenails. She said nothing but looked intently at his application and resume. He head barely shook displaying a slight disgust.

“Useless, irrelevant, waste of time,” she whispered out the sound of antipathy in her voice as she looked at the meager work history. “Liberal arts, communication major,” she spat the words out. “What a useless degree, speech, drama – it is just an absolute waste of human effort.”

He had applied for data entry clerk, he was certain you didn’t have an interview with an executive vice-president for a data entry position. The not yet 21-year-old boy, for he really was just a boy, was nervous. An uncertainty fogged his brain as to why he was here. The improbability that he was qualified for any job that MS Shauna Walters, Executive Vice-President of Acquisitions for Stewart, Henning, and Saunders would interview him for was a mystery. The weight of it crushed down on him. The holding company bought and sold major corporations the way the local Walmart purchased and resold facial tissue. A fine, yet perceptible film of perspiration covered his face while his hands trembled with his uneasy expectation that he would fail spectacularly in this interview. To make matters worse, his prick came to life as soon as he saw the shapely blonde.

Walking back to the desk, she opened a wooden box and removed a short, thin, brown cigarillo, “Smoking is prohibited in this building.” She spoke as she lit the cigar, “That is for you – not me.” She tossed his paperwork on her desk walked behind it. She was a tall woman about five feet ten and the heels must have put her over six feet. He felt quite insecure, he was a slight man, thin, less than five feet four. He was quite small, no actually he was scrawny. Feeling uneasy with his pecker taking such attention of her he crossed his legs. She stood looking at him with her arms crossed and she had what he took for a look of disapproval. He could hear her toe tapping as she scowled at him. The look burned in him stirring up his insecurities.

“You’re a tiny man,” her disapproval evident in her tone. “I don’t imagine you are very athletic are you?” He wasn’t sure it was a real question.

“Not very,” he said his voice quaking. She sat in her big chair and puffed on the dark fire-stick watching him. Her eyes seemed to drink him in. But not like drinking in cool water the way you drink down bad tasting medicine quickly to get over with. The smoke swirled around her as her head shook slightly in a disapproving manner, she rose and walked around behind him. Uneasy he turned his head trying to figure out where she was. She loomed over him directly behind him putting her hands on the back of the chair she pushed it up very close to the desk. Shauna Walters moved him like he weighed nothing as if she was just moving the seat. Perhaps had the chair been one of those chairs with wheels it wouldn’t have meant so much. It didn’t have wheels, no it was a wooden chair with a big flat board between the front and back legs. She pushed him like a sled on snow.

“Eric, why do you want this job,” she tested him.

“It is Derick MS Walters, my name is Derick,”

“Are you sure? It looks like Eric to me on your signature,” she walked around and grabbed the application. “Oh, your right, your handwriting is dreadful. Back to my point, why do you want this job?”

“I don’t know, I mean, I don’t even know what job you’re interviewing me for,” he didn’t intend for it to happen. It just did without warning his voice quivered, quaked and cracked. He sounded like a child saying he didn’t know how the lamp was broken. Same shaky, cracking, voice, he had when he was a 12-year-old being beat up by the bullies. He sounded as if he was about to cry, which he was.

“Don’t be a baby stop acting like a spoilt child?” Tears flooded out of his eyes, “Are you crying? Really you are going to cry like a baby,” She moved right in front of him. Carefully, MS Walters maneuvered onto the desk, cautiously, slowly she crossed her legs, almost daring him to try to peek. Putting her elbow to rest on her knee, she put her chin in her hand and looked at his tear stained face, “Personal assistant.”

“Ma’am,” he said confused as he wiped his eyes.

“Personal assistant that is the job, my personal assistant.” She watched him intently she could see a small tent in his pants and she knew he was erect. She also could tell it was a tiny prick – good she loved boys with little dicks. “The hours will be long and hard. The pay is shit and I am quite rough on my personal assistants. I tend to make more manly specimens than you cry. Now why do you want this job?”

“I graduated college a year ago ma’am and I’m flipping burgers at a fast food place. Anything has to be better than that,” he kept his head down with his eyes fixed on the floor, he was afraid to look her in the eyes.

“No, it doesn’t child,” re-crossing her legs his eyes drifted up for a moment and then back to the floor. “This job will be difficult for you, I will insult you, belittle you, and humiliate you in private and public. You will work long hours, do demeaning task for me, fetch coffee and lunch. You will even buy me tampons if I tell you to. There is another thing as well, but we won’t go into that until I know you want this job. Well – do you want this job?”

He sat there and turned his eyes only up to her. His brown eyes were wide with a mixture of fear and anticipation. He licked his lips and then answered her, “I want this job.”

“Why, be honest every little reason.” Her fierce green eyes burned him and he looked down again. Her stare was unrelenting holding him at once in total disdain while filling him with desire.

“I crave it,” he said in a halting voice nearly crying again.

“What do you crave?”

“The humiliation and all that goes with it,” he said something else as well but it was inaudible.

“Don’t whisper speak clearly,” she said sharply.

“I look forward to doing anything you want anytime you want. In return, I will accept any work or punishment cheerfully, even if I cry.” He hoped he hadn’t misread the situation.

“Bravo,” she clapped her hands together. A heartbeat later she sprang on him clutching his throat squeezing lightly. She forced him to look at her. “I will abuse you, physically and sexually, I’m sadistic and I will give you pain for my pleasure. I will use you for my desires, how I please … when I please … where I please. In return, you will keep your mouth shut. If I ever,” she closed her hand around his throat – squeezed harder closing off the airway. He struggled trying to breathe, “If I ever think you are going to talk to anyone about this.” He raised his hand to hers, “Drop that hand boy.” He lowered his hand while the tears streamed from his eyes the view of her face was fogging up as his eyes fluttered. “I repeat if I every even think you are going to be a rat … I … will … kill … you. Your body will never be found…” the words trailed off in his mind as he passed out.

Jerking upright with a start he saw her sitting again perched on the desk, legs crossed. She blew smoke out of her mouth then looked at her watch, “Six minutes. I became the youngest vice-president of this company at 34 and now at 39 I am the only woman to ever fill the position of Executive Vice-President. Soon I will be President, then CEO.” Touting her qualifications she impressed on him just how important she was. If you behave yourself and are a good little boy, then you can come along for the ride. If you disappoint me – I will kill you. Do you believe me?”

He ducked his head pondering her questions. Leaning forward, she smacked his cheek hard with the back of her hand. The diamond ring on her finger cut his cheek, the thin cut oozed blood and the cheek swelled up.

“Look me in the eye faggot and answer me.”

“I believe you MS Walters.”

“Good –” she paused contemplating her next words. “Is your mommy still alive?” She knew the answer he had no one left in the world. The waterworks burst forth, his small shoulders heaved and he covered his eyes as the grief hit him hard. He looked like a 12-year-old crying for his loss.

“No, she died a month ago,” she jumped to him quickly pulling his head to her massive breast.

“There, there don’t cry little boy, you don’t need a mommy you have me. You can call me mommy – that is if no one is around,” pulling his head away from her chest she grabbed his cheeks with her fingers pinching him hard. “Does the dirty wittle boy want to call me mommy?” He nodded his head. Gouging her thumbnail deep in the open wound on his cheek, she spoke to him slowly. “Mommy will treat her nasty wittle boy worse than his real mother ever treated him.” She then moved back onto the desk. This time she did not cross her legs she sat there her legs slightly spread.

“Nasty wittle boy you’re looking up mommy’s dress. Mommy should whip your dirty wittle butt for that. Well, I will let it pass this time.” She moved to the very edge of the desk. “Now you have to do a pre-employment test if you get a passing mark you’re hired.”

“Test,” he said quizzically. She spread her legs wide then pulled the tight dress up over her curvaceous hips. There was a thick triangle of dense blonde hair and below it her glistening pussy lips beckoned him.

“Eat me … Make me cum – if you do make me cum your hired. If you fail the test,” her eyes hardened her eyebrows arched while an evil smile crossed her lips. “I kill you and dispose of your worthless body.” Somehow he knew she wasn’t kidding.

Kneeling he slowly licked and explored her pussy from the hood of her clit to deep in her hot wet honey hole. His mother had taught him well. He used every trick his manipulative mother had taught him. Slowly he expertly brought his new ‘mommy’ to a shattering orgasm! Once the waves subsided she pushed his head away and lay back on the desk.

“Stand,” she ordered he obeyed quickly. She looked up at him and motioned with her finger, Walk around this side of the desk,” she rolled over on her belly. He stood in front of her his cock was rigid. With deft skilled hands, she explored around his pants then skillfully squished his balls with three fingers and squeezed his miniscule cock hard between forefinger and thumb. He blew his load as soon as she clutched his prick. Quickly the nasty spunk spread a sticky darkness over his trousers. He collapsed on the floor spent from the torturous interview and his physical exertions.

MS Walters stood and moved to the door at the back of the office. Opening she stepped into the hallway looked down making sure no one was using the hall.

“Getup,” she ordered him.

“Yes, Mommy,” he said covering his stained pants as best he could with his small hands. She wagged her finger at him. He marched to her.

“Leave through this corridor there are two doors at the end of it. Do not turn to the left it will take you into the hallways of this floor. Rather go right.” She put a tissue in his right hand, “So you know left from right. Turn the direction of the hand the tissues in,” she spoke to him as if he was a moron. “There is a private stairwell take it down to the street. Parade yourself around for everyone to see for 10 to 20 minutes, make positive that women notice you’re are sporting a wretched cum stain.” She held out a card to him.

“Return at precisely 9:00 am when you show that card. Then they will instruct you where to go and what paperwork to fill out. After that, you come here – be in my office no later than 9:45.” She shoved him down the hall, he heard the door close followed by a click as she locked the door.

Entering the stairwell he realized it was the 68th floor he was worn out when he walked out onto the busy boulevard. Snotty women were everywhere, in their custom made dresses and business suits they looked at him giving him contemptuous glares as they spied his wet spot. “Pervert,” one scolded him, “Freak,” another spat out at him look of supremacy showed on her face as she passed him. “Little faggot,” one older woman scoffed at him. His cock was stiff again.

He jerked off several times that night. He dreamed of her massive titties hovering just out of reach. She taunted him, always teasing she was just out of reach. The exquisite pain he was soon to be enjoying played out through his dreams, but there was no pain for it was only a dream. How FRUSTRATING! All through the night he dreamed of body withheld from him other than a motherly hug his face mashed into her immense boobs. When he awoke in the morning, his sticky cum soaked sheets stuck to as he jumped from the bed.

He put on the suit, it didn’t fit well. He purchased it online and must have fucked up something. The arms were too long and it was too big around. He hated the way he looked, he was sure she would punish him for how poorly the suit fits him. Rushing to the subway, he sat down reading the paper on a crowded car it bumped and weaved its way toward his destination. He sat idly reading not paying attention.

“Some of you little children should grow some God Damn manners,” a harsh, angry female voice snapped at him. Looking up a big fat black woman stood over him sullenly frowning down at him. Her massive arms at her side big fat hands on her broad hips. Quickly he stood up and moved aside.

“Bout time you noticed me you fucking little cracker,” she sat down and the bench bowed under her weight. “Fucking bony assed cracker like should show some manners or you're liable to get your ass whipped – I’m just the nigger bitch to do it to you – BOY!” His cock sprang up he hoped she didn’t notice. He held onto the strap handle bouncing one way and then the next. Then in no time he was at his stop and exited the car hurrying to his destination.

Shit I’m late his mind raced as he entered the building. It was already 9:10 … He hoped he could get through the paperwork and not be late. There seemed to be a massive amount of it – he scribbled as fast as he could. At last he handed in the work to the woman behind the desk she frowned as she tried to read his handwriting. Shaking her head, she moved him to the ID station and took his picture. In a minute, he had his id and ID badge and was on his way.

“MS Walters will eat that poor child alive,” the woman watched him walk away the girl next her nodded in agreement. The elevator moved swiftly up the 58 floors his stomach felt uneasy his whole body was alive with apprehension. His mind was filled with a foreboding of what was to come. He entered the outer office and the young lady behind her desk looked at him frowning.

“She has asked if you are here 5 times so far. You better get in there and hope you still have a job.” She looked at him with sad eyes. He walked up to the door and took a deep breath. Reaching out he turned the knob and pushed the door open. Walking in Derick looked around the room, nothing different from the day before except for her.

The black boots had at least 6 inch heels, the black lace stockings had a floral pattern halfway between her knees and waist the skirt began, black leather very tight. To top it off she wore a tight black silk blouse which was latterly see through. Nothing underneath or last nothing underneath the shirt. In her hand was a rod about 3 feet long and a bit over a quarter inch thick. He thought it was a dow rod at first, but it was white and plastic. Slowly his mind realized it was a cane. She held it in her right hand and smacked the palm of her left hand with the cane.

“Remove your coat, drop your pants and undies, bend over and grab your ankles,” she paused for a moment as he processed the order. “NOW BOY,” she spat out the words her anger barely under control. Quickly he followed the instructions. Standing next to him she lifted his shirt up off his ass and pulled it well onto his back. The cane fell hard to his ass three times. Then she reached down and covered his tiny cock and balls with her hand and closed her hand roughly around them. She tightened her grip till tears welled up in his face.

“You’re a nasty, tardy, shiftless, little boy,” slowly she spoke with each word she swatted his ass hard with the cane. His cock stiffened with each blow as she felt it harden she tightened her grip. “Such a lazy, worthless, dirty boy,” again with each word the cane crashed down on his bare ass. Grabbing his hair she drug him to the couch and threw him face down it. Rolling him over on his back. She grabbed her skirt and hiked her it up and straddle his small ridge cock. With no warning, she forced him inside her and she began to ride him mercilessly. Balling up her fist, she crashed them down on his small chest as raped him with her pussy.

Soon he pumped out a load in her; however, most of it just dripped out from her vagina as his small cock barely in her. She pounced from his waist to face grabbing his head she forced his mouth to the creampie. She roughly forced him to her digging her nails into his scalp.

“Eat your useless seed out of me. I would kill myself before I brought a repulsive worm into the world from your spunk.” She roughly battered his face with her pussy. Soon she shuddered through a wild orgasm. Holding his neck with one hand, she grabbed his re-energized cock and squashed it hard. Squeezing she cut off the flow air and watched and waited just as he eyes fluttered shut he spewed again spreading his pole milk over his belly. It took over seven minutes for him to wake this time.

Blinking he slowly regained his senses standing he quickly put his clothing back on. Looking around, he didn’t see her. He was unsure what to do then he heard a flushing sound, the running water. She walked out from the bathroom and shut the door. She was drying her hands with a paper towel. She threw it to him.

“Dispose of that,” she spoke as if nothing had happened. Sitting behind her desk, she adjusted her seat. “Take a letter,” looking around he quickly found a pad and pencil and sat near her desk.

“Sir, in response to your letter of the 24th. We find terms, generally, agreeable. However, your stipulation of a yearly bonus corresponding to ¼ of percent of annual net profits will not be acceptable. Should a bonus be paid it will be determined by the company…”

He wrote quickly jotting down each and every word she spoke carefully making sure he didn’t miss a thing. Soon he worked up the letter printed it out and brought into her. She read it made a few notes for changes. After several more revisions, she signed the printed letter and handed it to him.

“Have Shelia send that out right away. Go down to data entry and give James Hover this note. After he reads it accompany him to Human Resources and tell him for me if he ever enters this building again, he will be arrested for criminal trespass. After that, you can go to lunch.” Then she pulled something from her drawer standing he could see it was a strap on with an enormous rubber cock in it. “And Derick you will find that if are late returning from lunch I’m going to fuck you in the ass with this!”

Derick thought what a wonderful boss!

Just 90 lbs of Dynamite Big Bada Boom!!

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« Reply #1 on: March 04, 2016, 06:39:27 PM »

Damn!  Your stories are great.

There are a few grammatical errors that distract from the tale, but the storytelling makes up for it.

Nice job.

« Reply #2 on: May 07, 2016, 12:17:38 PM »

cool story...thanks
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