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Author Topic: school liberian taken for a ride'  (Read 2697 times)

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« on: May 12, 2014, 05:44:10 PM »

Eddie was a 15 year old nerd in his sophmore year in high school standing just five feet tall and weighing only 80 pounds he looked like a junior high student he was shy but other kids left him alone and his female classmates ignored hi. He had a free period in his schedule so he decided to hang out in libarary grab a few magazines and sit across from liberians desk. He would get so absorbed in the magazines he wasnt aware of other people.

One day he was reading a magazine and just happened to lookup he saw the new liberian Ms.pullen walking past him and he couldnt stop staring she was  about 23 had black hair big boobs and ass she reminded eddie of 'elviva' from tv show 'the crypt' the bell rang and eddie left-that night laying in bed eddie jerked off for only second time in his life he had just began puberty and hardly had any hair on his dick and balls nothing happened first time he jerked off but this time he pictured ms.pullen and got his first nut it felt great so great he jerked off three more times.

Next day he headed to libarary but it was closed due to meeting but he saw sin asking for volunteers to help in libarary .So next day he signed up to volunteer for his two free periods from 1-3pm he knew he would get to work with ms.pullen they're were only two volunteers with im both were girls, One day ms.pullen asked eddie if he had any male friends who could help out lifting heavy boxes eddie said he knew someone and thought of his friend jimmy so that evening eddie asked jimmy to join at first jimmy said no but when eddie told jimmy about ms.pullen he agreed,jimmy was 14 in ninth grade stood five ft 8 weighed bout 130 pounds looker older than 14.

The next day eddie introduced jimmy to ms.pullen and she thanked them both jimmy stared at her and told eddie man i wish i could see her naked,eddie laughed and said when you jerkoff tonite think of her you'll enjoy it that nite jimmy jerked off and thought of ms.pullen's huge tits he blew his load strong. Eddie and Jimmy worked with ms pullen for about four months and she was loosening up around them even cracking jokes,the guys were always trying to look down her blouse.One night jimmy was hanging out in eddie's room when eddie got a magazine he found it actually had pictures of men fucking women and suucking their tits eddie pulled out his dick and jerked off jimmy was shocked but he decided to join in. After they finished jimmy told eddie 'we should fuck ms.pullen,we're both virgins i dont think she'll let us'we wont ask for permission'jimmy said 'think about it'.

Two days later ms.pullen asked if eddie and jimmy could work extra four hours noone would be in school as vacation was in effect she even offered to buy piazza and soda she told them to get their parents pimission and to wear old clothes that saturday. As they walked home that day all they talked about was ms.pullen suddenly jimmy said'saturday we lose our cherrys' 'what'eddie asked 'easy only her and us in school for four hours i want to suck her boobs' i dont knoe'eddie said we could get in big trouble''yeah but  what a thrill we'll get it took some convincing but eddie finally agreed only if he could go first.That saturday the boys waited outside the school it was a cold rainy november day ,than they saw ms.pullen pull in parking lot she got out of her camero she had on tight jeans a jacket and blouse-morning fellas she smiled ready to do some work? 'yup we are said eddie  and they followed inside she locked door and set alarm they went to second floor and ms.pullen unlocked door and relocked it once they were inside'if you need to use bathroom there's one in lounge in the back,ms pullen removed her jacket and eddie and jimmy stared she had no bra and they watched her huge tits jiggle.

They all worked for about two hours when ms.pullen asked 'who wants pizza? 'we do replied the boys well i'll order it and we can work till it arrives,15 minutes later the bell rang and ms.pullen went to get pizza' we fuck her today'eddie told jimmy jimmy laughed 'hell yeah'.Ms pullen returned with pizza they went to loung and ate pizza 'ms.pullen can we see your boobs? what? She asked shocked' we just want to see them she got angry 'back to work i'm going to wash my hands 'we screwed up'eddie said'nope i'm gonna see those tits' jimmy said ms.pullen came out of bathroom  and jimmy grabbed both her arms behind her back 'open her shirt he said to eddie 'eddie stood  frozen watching her tits jiggle as she struggled' rip off her blouse jimmy said again edd tried to open her shirt but she kicked at him,avoiding her kicks eddie finally grabbed her shirt and yanked it down her huge tits spilled out jimmy and eddie stood in shock 'shit look how big they are jimmy said 'lets put her on floor'im gonna tie her hands behind her jimmy said 'i'll gag her eddie said and stuffed his snotrag in her mouth.Once she was subdued they looked at her 'well you wanted to go first so go'jimmy told eddie eddie knelt down next to her and with trebling hands groped her huge tits ms.pullen groaned in fury,eddie kept groping her tits 'suck her nipples'jimmy said eddie lowered his head and sucked her nipples'man they taste great eddie said, i want to see her pussy eddie said and opened her heanns and pulled off her panties jimmy watched in awe 'fuck her man'he yelled at eddie. eddie took his pants off and his underwear his five inch dick stood erect'u have no hair on ya prick'joked jimmy ms.pullen stared at his dick and made laughing sound thru gag-eddie got pissed he yanked her legs open and tried to stick his dick in her and missed 'jimmy was laughing hard 'dude u missed' he yelled ms.pullen's gag had come out and she too was laughing furious eddie tried again and 'BINGO' he was inside her she froze eddie thrust in and out for bout five minutes got that crazy feeling he got when he jerked off he suddenly froze and shot his cum in her pussy 'no pull out'ms pullen screamed eddie stopped cumming and climbed off jimmy quickly dropped his pants layed on top of her and entered her he fucked her fast and sucked her tits,meanwhile eddie was hard again waited fo jimmy to finish got on top of her again and fucked her again for bout ten minutes he pulled out and shot his load on her tits-jimmy fucked her again got another orgasm they both got dressed and walked out ms.pullen layed on floor crying  vomit1

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You've made the volcano angry!

« Reply #1 on: August 24, 2016, 11:37:21 PM »

Not bad.  keep up the good work.

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« Reply #2 on: August 25, 2016, 05:28:28 PM »

i like bit plz contine
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