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Author Topic: Buffyverse story: Hotel Hell  (Read 6590 times)

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« Reply #15 on: August 01, 2016, 03:16:11 AM »

 Blushing very hot thank you

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« Reply #16 on: September 29, 2016, 03:46:00 AM »

And, given how much he enjoyed her mouth working on his disgusting dick, it might even work. He'd closed his eyes, groaning loudly in absolute pleasure, just like he'd done when the same cock had been buried inside Willow's still-sore asshole. „ Deeper...I want it down your throat”, he suddenly grunted but still, he did not touch her head. No, he wanted Willow to deepthroat him on her own. The redhead looked up at him, his throbbing cock between her lips, her eyes pleading him to stop and simply let her finish him off like this but she only met a merciless glare.

So, knowing what would happen if she refused to obey, Willow tried to relax her throat and allow his cock deeper into her mouth, gagging hard as the thick head hit the back of her throat, which he commented with a grin full of a sick, depraved mirth. „ Come on, go deeper.....” Despite her gagging and the fact that it was incredibly hard to even try and relax her throat, Willow had to force herself to keep on taking his member into her throat which already constricted around it.

Tara looked away, unable to watch her beloved Willow fight herself to take more of this cock down her throat, her gagging and gargling sounding ever more awful the more she took in. Suddenly, she felt him grab a fistful of her hair and yank her head back hard enough to make her cry out. „ Watch! She's doing this for you, you ungrateful slut!” the demon yelled at her.

Willow couldn't take any more...the cock was halfway down her throat and that was all she could do...she simply could not bring herself to take it deeper...the taste, the girth, the fact that she did not like doing this at all...it kept her from even attempting to take it deeper. The demon was less than thrilled about this, however. „ Deeper!” he yelled, growling angirly when Willow refused to do as he said, simply because she could not...not even when he started slapping her face in anger.

But just as Willow began to cower in fear from his rage, he pushed her away with one final brutal slap. „ Dumb bitch...we'll teach you about this soon enough...but now it's your turn!” he said, turning to Tara, „ Ready or not, I'm going to rape your ass now...and you better pray it's enjoyable for me!”

“Please…” Tara said, without any hope preparing herself for what was in store for her. Still… better her then the gentle, sweet Willow. The demon however must have read those thoughts from her face somehow and laughed out loud.
“Well bitch… I want to beg me for my cock in your tight ass” he ordered, chuckling madly and slapping her ass again.
“Let me… go…” Tara panted with exhaustion.

“Let you go?” the monster smiled wild “Never. Neither of you will leave this place ever again!”
“No…” the girl whispered, this time with resignation and despair.

“And now… beg me to fuck your ass… or I’ll do it to her!” the demon pointed at trembling Willow “And I’ll make it ten times worse.”
This finally was enough to break Tara’s will and make her obey the digusting command. With weak, trembling voice she whispered “Take… take my ass…”
“Beg!” the demon said, slapping her again.
“P-P-P-Please… I beg… for… your c-c-cock…” she said finally.
“Where do you want it?!”
“In my… ass…”

“So you will get it!” he laughed, slapping the poor girl again, so hard that she fell to the bed. Effortlessly he turned her around  on her belly, and began spreading her asscheeks. “You will get it… whole!” he roared as he plunged his cock up her tiny asshole.
The girl’s tormented shriek of pain was cut short as he brutally plunged his fingers down her throat, causing her to gag on them. “What a wonderful ass…” he whispered, as he began pushing his dick further into her tight fuckhole.

Willow could only watch as the demon subjected her lover to an even more brutal assrape than she had suffered at his hands and cock. He kept drilling his cock into Tara again and again, simply pushing through her clenching resistance, adding to her pain and his pleasure. The redhead's heart broke at being so powerless to stop this, so utterly helpless, unable to do anything but watch her lover take this awful cock up her ass.
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