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Author Topic: Buffyverse story: Hotel Hell  (Read 6294 times)

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« on: May 07, 2014, 03:22:09 AM »

It is time I shared another story that I've been writing together with the great Eridan (Morgan333), taking place in Buffyverse.

I hope you like it Wink

First the disclaimer:

WARNING!    You must be 18 or over to read these stories of rape and non-consensual sex.  If you do not like such stories, please stop reading. This story is all fiction.  If you do not understand the difference between reality and fantasy, read no more. Rape is a heinous crime and the penalty is many years in prison. The people who commit rape are despised everywhere. No one is being hurt, and this is pure fantasy. Any similarities to real people, places or situations is purely coincidental and not intended!

Furthermore we don't own any characters etc. but we'd like to thank Joss Whedon for making it :)

Let us start!

Hotel Hell

Hell Hotel

„ I’m still not convinced staying here is a good idea”, Tara said, looking around the room with it's old carpet, flimsy curtains and decade-old bed, which had creaked ominously already when she and her lover had put the bags down on it. „ Oh, sweetie, it's just for the night”, the cute redhead responded from the bathroom, „ and you know we're both terrible night drivers.” Tara sighed. Of course, Willow was right. The sun was already setting behind the spotty windows. The hotel had been there, on the side of the road, when the sun had begun to set, seemingly the only place to stop and rest a bit before continuing on their vacation tomorrow.

Willow had suggested they stop here and rent a room for the night and, in all honesty, Tara had been pretty tired as well. While the reception had been nice yet ordinary, the rooms were definitely substandard. In one spot, the tapestry seemed to peel from the wall already. But it was only for the night, after all...she should be able to endure it.

After all, this was supposed to be a vacation, a time off from all the world-saving and demon-slaying. Willow had suggested it and Tara, after some initial fussing about how the others would be able to handle the absence, had finally agreed that the constant stress was endangering not only theit health but also their relationship, something she did not wish to risk.

And so far, the trip had been enjoyable and relaxing...and the fact that she did not have to worry about Willow's life all the time made it all the better. However, this place here had a seedy quality to it that made her somewhat uncomfortable.

Her mood and face lit up when Willow entered the room again, a cheerful smile adorning her cute features. There were no words to describe how much she loved the redheaded witch...and when Willow crossed the room to embrace her, sharing a gentle kiss with the full-bodied blonde, Tara felt like she could melt.

„ Hmmm”, Willow made, licking her lips as if she'd just sampled something delicious, her eyes sparkling. „ The bathroom is alright...and the shower is big enough for the both of us...” She winked mischieviously while Tara's heart began to beat faster at the obvious invitation. The thought of making love to this beautiful, smart and lively woman was enough to make a welcome warmth spread through her lower body. She practically worshipped Willow. The redheaded witch had managed to wipe clean all the awful memories of her past and replace them with thoughts of love and a family and friends of her own. To Tara, this was a gift worthy of worship and she would do anything to thank her for it.

„ Come on, then. Sweetie!” Willow said, giggling as Tara's cheeks flushed and the blonde felt a smile appear on her face. Turning around, Willow began to move back towards the bathroom door, moving in a slow, sensuous swagger that made her round, perfect ass sway hypnotically. Tara was quick to unzip the travelling bags they'd brought, rummaging around it with trembling fingers until she'd found the smaller black „fun bag”, as Willow called it, even having written it on the side with glowing indelible marker. It contained everything needed for a wonderful bout of lovemaking and Tara grabbed it and hurried after Willow, who was already throwing her shirt through the open doorway. „Come on, first come, first served!”
Tara was quick to follow.

They practically jumped each other as soon as the shower was running and their clothes were off, soon engaged in a bout of passionate lovemaking while warm water caressed their bodies, glistening on their skin. Tara was gripping a small dildo in one hand, sliding it in and out of Willow's pussy in the slow, deliberate rhyhtm the redhead liked so much. Her other hand placed with Willow's breasts, stroking, caressing them. Willow's mouth was closed around Tara's left nipple and the blonde witch moaned loudly as her lover caressed it with dextrous tongue and lips. It was pure bliss, purest passion, wonderful, intimate and warming.

But suddenly, Willow's head jerked up. „ Tara, stop”, she said, her voice breathless and hoarse, laden with her own arousal. Tara looked at her, confused. „ Sorry, sweetie...am I going too fast?”she asked, stopping the dildo's motion, half of the toy still buried in Willow's tight pussy.

„ No...I have a strange feeling...wait a moment”, Willow said ominously, ently pulling the dildo out before stepping out of the shower after giving Tara a quick peck on the cheek. Throwing a towel over her glistening, naked form, she approached the door...and stopped dead in her tracks.

„ Goddess, no!” she exclaimed and her voice was so filled with shock and dread Tara's heart seemed to stop.
“What happened?” Tara asked, alarmed.
“I’m… I’m not sure.” Willow said finally “Something… dark. Cover yourself and let’s be quiet.”

She slowly opened the door and looked to the room… and fell forward when the door was pulled forward. Willow didn’t fall – she was grabbed by two parts of hands and tossed further to the dark room.

“Will!” Tara shouted and ran towards her. She quickly stopped when a silhouette stood in the door. She began an incantation but before she could finish it the person jump towards her. She recognized him immediately as he came into the light – it was the receptionist, a tall, gauntly thin bald men. She dived under his hands and pushed him. As he slipped on the wet floor she run forward to the door. He managed to grab her towel and tear it from her body.
Naked, wet Tara ran to the room. A silhouette in the dark lunged towards her, but now she was ready. She finished her spell, devoting it to goddess Diana and the being was thrown to the wall. That, however was all she could do – other being swarmed upond her, grabbing her effortlessly. As she struggled she yelped in shock, disgust and pain as a hand grabbed her breast, another grabbed her hair while a third groped her crotch. She was immediately thrown to the middle of the room and cried in pain when she hit the bed and fell to the floor.

“Will..!” she shouted and stopped as the light was turned on blinding her.

Near her there was Willow, towel torn from her as well. A tall, slim… demon was holding her. His vaguely humanoid form covered with scales, long claws instead of nails. They dag into her flesh, making her squeal in pain, against a hand holding her mouth, each time he twisted his fingers.

Another demon stood blocking the doorway, this one was more human-like, just very obese and with two little horns on his forehead. Near the window there was another, she wouldn’t have noticed it, if it haven’t moved. Completely white, with skin peeling of him as if her was flayed and a black maw instead of mouth. The one she throw on the wall just stood up – it was short with a beard that moved as if it was a living creature and intensively yellow eyes. When the hotel owner came from the bathroom another one simply materialized near him – he looked just like a human if one didn’t noticed that parts of him were becoming transparent then solid again. And finally there was the last creep – the one almost no resembling a human. While his upper torso was of a well-built man, if not for a complete lack of hair, the lower part of his body was just a mass of swirling tentacles.

They were different, but all of them were scary… and apart from the owner – naked.

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« Reply #1 on: May 11, 2014, 05:17:51 PM »

“Nice from you to join us… naked.” The owner said.
“We wanted to watch your show longer… we had a camera in the shower. But it made us too hot to just watch.” The short one said.
“Of course there are more of us… we were chosen to… welcome you accordingly.” The owner said again.
“Ih’sia! Samea!” the demon with tentacles hissed.
“Oh yes, we will start the fun right now” said the one who was holding Willow and pinched her breast, making the girl squeal.

Tara stared at the gathered demons, dread clouding her mind. She struggled back onto her feet, her own nakedness painfully obvious to her just as another fact...most of the demons sported hard erections.
 „ Oh, goddess...no...”, Tara whimpered, covering her breasts and crotch with her hands. She knew what was going to happen...and she knew she wouldn't be able to stand it. Looking over at Willow, who was still squirming in the scaled demon's grip, she saw the pain and terror in her lover's eyes...and that alone made the situation so much worse.

She had to do something, she had to get them out! „ Assah...athun...”, she began, gathering the power needed for a banishment spell...but a harsh slap from the owner silenced her, making her fall backwards onto the bed, holding her stinging cheek. At the same time, Willow's muffled shriek carried through to her. The scaled demon had released one of Willow's wrists to push one claw against her soft throat.

 „ One simple rule...”, the owner said, his voice almost gentle, „ If either of you even so much as utters one word in any dead language...Latin, Sumerian...a demon language...or anything that rhymes, we'll cut the other's throat! Is that understood?”

Tara hesitated, still overhwelmed by the sheer impossibility of the situation. How could this have happened? Why hadn't they felt anything when stopping here? This had been supposed to be a vacation...without demons...just the two of them and endless hours of lovemaking...how could it have come to this?
 „ I asked you if you understood!” The owner yelled at her and Willow shrieked again as the claw dug a little into her skin.
„ Yes! Y-yes...”, Tara quickly said, trying to get up from the bed again.

„ Stay there, whore”, the fat demon said, „ You're not going anywhere anyway.” he chortled, a phlegmatic, ugly sound. Gripping his cock, he stroked it gently, licking his thick lips in anticipation. The other demon released Willow from his grip, tossing her onto the bed alongside Tara.
„ Sweetie...oh goddess...what...what is happening here?” the redhead whispered, putting her arms around Tara for support, seeing that tears were already glistening in Tara's eyes, her face deathly pale.

„ Now...as the owner of this proud establishment”, the owner said, „ I think i should go first. The only question is, whom will I have...” As he spoke, he opened his pants, pulling out his hard cock which was already throbbing with excitement. 

„ P-p-please n-no...c-c-an't...w-we m-m-make a d-deal or s-something l-like that?” Tara whispered, falling back into her stuttering immediately.
„ T-the d-d-eal is s-s-s-simple”, the scaled demon responded, mocking her stutter, „ You a-a-re g-g-g-getting f-f-f-fucked now!”

„ I think I'll take the blonde first”, the owner said after a moment's consideration, „ she looks like a screamer.”

 Before Tara could react to this dreadful announcement, the one with the living beard had reached over the bed and grabbed her wrists, forcing her back onto the mattress, her large, full breasts now in full view for the demons to see. „ No...n-no...p-p-please..I'm a v-v-v-...”, she began, kicking out in vain, for the owner was not even within reach yet.

„ V-v-vhat? A virgin?” He asked, laughing. „ This is getting better and better! Never been touched by a man!” Tara shuddered, knowing he was wrong about that...but reliving these memories would make the whole ordeal even worse. By now, tears of fear and disgust were running down her cheeks and she turned her head to look at Willow.

 The redhead tried to push the demon holding her away but the scaled creature grabbed her again, pushing her onto the mattres, grabbing her wrists to maneuver her into a position where her head was hanging just slightly off the mattress. „ I'll have her first...she has such a pretty mouth...”

“No… t-t-take me!” Tara shouted suddenly, surprising everyone and especially herself. She didn’t believe she could bear more abuse, more of what they want to do… but she experienced it once and survived and if she had to sacrifice herself so Willow wouldn’t be scarred like this… she had to.

“Don’t worry sweetie, you’ll have plenty of cock soon, if you are so hungry for it” the owner said, climbing on the mattress.

“How lovely…” the demon holding Willow laughed dryly “How brave and chivalrous… It will be a pleasure fucking you both… but I’m taking her mouth now!”

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« Reply #2 on: May 18, 2014, 07:38:17 AM »

Veryveryvery promising beginning !!! Please go on !!  emot_bravo.gif

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« Reply #3 on: May 23, 2014, 06:36:10 AM »

“Noo!” Willow and Tara shouted at the same time. Tara struggled against the demon holding her, as Willow tried to fight of the scaly demon. Both girls were now laying on the mattress, not more than two feet from each other, bucking against hands holding them.
“Yes…” the owner said as his hands started to roam over Tara’s body, feeling her curves, touching her full breasts.

“N-n-noo… d-d-don’t!” Tara cried, pale with terror, the images of her previous ordeal, filling her mind all at once.

For so long she managed not to think about it, seeing them only in nightmares during some lonely nights – which passed after she met Willow. Not she saw and felt it all again, every touch, every move. The owner just laughed loudly, accompanied by other beasts. Tara tried to kick him but suddenly her leg was immobilized by the grip of the semi-transparent demon. Before she could move her second  it also was grabbed… when she turned her head she shrugged in disgust as she saw three demon’s tentacles grabbing it, wettening it with some itching ooze. Both demon pulled, spreading her legs wide and with her hands held firmly, completely exposing her pussy. Tara yelped as the owner, still groping one of her breasts, pushed two then three of his fingers inside.

“Tara… leave her… aa!” Willow cried as the demon slapped her again. The pale beast grabbed her in an instant and together with the scaly, they pushed Willow to the edge of the bed, so her head was on the very edge.

“It’s time to put this sweet mouth to better use!” the scale demon hissed, moving his large cock towards the cute redheads face, slapping her chin with his cock. “Now, you will open your mouth and let my dick in. If you even think about biting… your lover there will pay understood? Now open your fucking mouth!”

“Nnn…” Willow shaked her head, trying to avoid the cock that scaly tried to push into her mouth. The demon quickly grew impatient and grabbed the girl’s nipples in his clawed fingers, twisting them
“Aaa… ugh!” as soon as the redhead opened her mouth to scream the scaly demon pushed his cock into her mouth, gagging the scream of pain.
Tara opened her eyes wide as she saw her lover taking the beast’s foul cock into her sweet mouth. She didn’t have time to look though as the owner rapidly leaned forward and sunk his teeth into the flesh of her soft, full tits.

“Aaaa!” she cried in pain, arching her body then she gasped as the owner basically fell on her, positioning himself between her spread legs.

“Ready to be fucked?” he asked smiling, as his hard cock touched the entrance of Tara’s virgin pussy “It’s time you fucking lesbo learned to appreciate good cock!”

„ No...n-no...”, Tara whimpered, shaking her head while squirming in their tormentos' grip, her escape attempts in vain. Her legs already hurt from being spread so wide but the demons did not care...most likely, they were even getting off on her suffering.
„ Y-y-yes!” the owner responded, laughing, pure sadism gleaming in his eyes. Slowly, he began to ease his cock into Tara's dry, unprepared pussy.

Tara shrieked in pain. It burned terribly, the way his cock was forced into her unwilling opening, stretching it against her will, her warm depths engulfing his throbbing member. He grinned, leaning forward and then began to push further in, going in deeper with short, hard thrusts until he met resistance.
„ Oh yes...now i'm going to make you a proper woman!” he exlaimed...and then pushed again. Hard.

Tara howled, her struggles intensifying, but their grip was way too strong. A sharp pain had filled her lower body as he had defiled her, taken away the last vestiges of innocence she'd had left after all she'd been through in her younger years. It was gone now. This terrible man had taken her virginity against her will...and was now gleefully pumping his cock into her aching cunt.

The tears that streamed down Tara's face were born of shame and pain in equal measure but the demons didn't care much...they gleefully watched as Tara and her beloved Willow suffered through a torment worse than anything they'd ever experienced before.

„ Yes, take it...take all of me in, you dumb slut!” the owner yelled at her, slapping her impressive tits until they were red and sore, the other demons cheering him on while he hurt and humped the helpless, crying blonde.

She wasn't even able to plead coherently anymore, the terror and pain of her predicament reducing her to a helpless, wailing wreck that could do nothing but squirm and cry under the terrible assault that seemed to strip away her last shreds of dignity with each brutal thrust into her tight, unused fuckhole.

Willow's struggles were no less intensive...and also just as futile. Her eyes were swimming with tears as she was forced to take the large scaled cock into her mouth and throat again and again, her position allowing the demon to ram his rapetool into her throat as deep as he wanted, makimng her gag and gargle helplessly.

„ Gll...grrlll...glll...grrr...glllgll...” was all that came from her abused mouth, her lips tightly stretched around the cock abusing her face. Spit was running down the sides of her mouth and over her face while the clawed hands rested on the back of her head, holding it up so she could not escape the merciless oral onslaught.

Her throat constricted hard around the invading cock, hurting terribly while the constant gagging made her dizzy and nauseous...she tried to bite down in a last attempt at defending herself, but his scaly skin protected his cock against her teeth grazing against it and with her mouth and throat so tightly stretched, it was impossible for her to actually bite down. Helplessly lying on her back, she was forced to take the cock...again and again....and again.
His balls slapped against her nose each time he drove down, embedding his entire length inside her throat, enjoying her gagging with a low, snarled moan.

„ She's got a great mouth...”, the scaled demon snarled, reaching forward to pinch her nipple with one clawed hand, making her howl around his member. Added to this pain came the sensation of a sudden violent intrusion into her cunt as the fat demon pushed two thick fingers into it, beginning to thrust them in and out at a rapid and uncomfortable pace. „ Nice and warm...hurry up there, G'llath!” the fat demon yelled at the scaled one, „ I want to try out her ass, too!”

G’llath hissed impatiently as he reached forward, grabbing Willow’s breasts in his hands and squeezing it hard.
“Nnnn! Plsss!” Willow moaned around the dick in her mouth as she felt pain pierce her tits. “Mpfff!” her wails came out as soft, gagged moans, as the demon grabbed her nippled in his claws and twisted it hard. “Mmmm!” she opened her eyes wide in pain and shock as G’llath continued the abuse of her tits, her muffled cries arousing him even more as he began driving himself deeper and deeper her sweet, warm mouth.

“Yesss bitch, yesss… you’ll take it all!” he hissed, pushing himself so deep that he blocked her airway. He laughed desperately seeing as the terrified girl started to struggle against the hands holding her.

Willow’s mind raced. She couldn’t believe it was happening to her! She didn’t want to die like this, suffocated by some ugly demon’s dick! Finally G’llath withdrew his cock and as she gasped around his member for air he plunged it again.

“Grllg!” he unwilling throat constricted around his scaly member, as she gagged on the tool rammed down her throat. Finally she felt him withdrew a bit and as she was still trying to catch air, her face red with pain, shame and exhaustion his cock began to shoot cum. “Mmm!” she gagged feeling the horrible taste of the fould liquid as the demon fucked her mouth with long steady strokes, with each move shooting more of his jism into the sweet girl’s mouth.

Finally he withdrew and hissed satisfied, seeing as choking and gasping, Willow spat some of the cum from her mouth, making it flow down her chin in two sticky lines. She caught air rapidly, still painfully aware of the unpleasant sensation of the demon’s fingers working in and out her pussy. She immediately turned her head, looking for Tara, despite knowing that the sight won’t bring her any comfort.
She was right.

Tara was wailing as she twisted and bucked her full, beautiful body. She was writhing under the owner as he was between her legs, pumping her deflowered cunt with fast, vicious thrusts. Often he would withdraw, so only the head of his cock was inside and then push himself in one powerful thrust, making Tara cry loud as her body was pierced by sudden pain.

“Please… stop… don’t… please…” she kept begging, her face in tears as she felt his hard cock rape her tender, formerly virgin pussy. “Nooo…” her legs were held by other demons, spread wide so the owner could work between them how he wanted, mercilessly fucking the poor girl. Her body tensed and arched in pain, each time he buried his cock deep.

“Stop! Leave her alone!” Willow managed to find the courage to shout, her outrage briefly overcoming her fear. Quickly she was rewarded by a powerful slap by the scaly demon and she was lifted again. Effortlessly the demons turned her, so her tits and face were on the bed, looking directly at Tara’s face, twisted with pain and tears. Willows ass, however was on the edge of the bed, where her face was raped not long ago, with her legs on the floor.
“I’ll give you something to cry about” the fat demon laughed, standing beside her, running the tip of his cock up her thigh, touching her pussy… and going higher, placing it at the opening of her asshole.”

“No! No!” Willow could only shout but even her terrified cry was lost as Tara wailed.

The blonde girl bucked her whole body as the owner grabbed her large tit and bit on her nipple, hard, very hard. Her eyes went wide with pain and she twisted against him, inadvertently fucking him back, only adding to his arousal. Helpless Willow could only watch, as her beautiful lover cried and sobbed.

The owner’s thrusts were becoming more and more rapid as he was breathing harder, approaching climax. As his arousal grew, he kept gnawing on Tara’s perky tits, biting her nipples, causing the poor girl to wail in helpless torment.

“No… please… don’t… please…” she begged in vain, as the memories of her past overcame her, mixing with the horrible situation she endured.

“Oh, yes bitch, yes… you’ll take it all!” the owner began to moan in pleasure.

“No… please… don’t… do… THIS… in me… please… aaa!” the girl tried to beg but her pleas turned into a loud wail as he bit on her nipple again. The way her body tensed pushed him over the edge and he felt his cock shoot into her warm snatch.

“Nooo!” Willow and Tara shouted simultaneously, but then the fat demon grabbed Willow’s hips and pushed his fat cock into her tight asshole, making all of her thoughts disappear, leaving only excruciating pain.

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« Reply #4 on: June 06, 2014, 04:27:55 AM »

Even all concerns about Tara and her horrible predicament were wiped out as her lower body exploded with intense, horrible pain. Willow threw her head back and howled, feeling her ass stretch around the fat cock invading it. She'd never had anal sex before and the demon entered her without any thoughts for her safety or comfort. Given his pleasured groan, he seemed to enjoy her screams just as much as her clenching asshole around his member.

„ Nooooo”, she wailed, her hands clutching the bedsheets so tightly her knuckles turned white. She could feel the demon above her, his bulk pressing down on her, pinning her to the bed while he ravaged her asshole with short, deep strokes, „ take it ouuut....please...oh goddess...take it out....it hurts!” The demon just laughed, continuing his brutal assault, not even bothering to respond, just grunting happily now that he was able to drill into the redhead's ass at his leisure.

Willow, beside herself with pain, tried to kick and writhe underneath him but all it  did was make the whole rape that much more enjoyable to her rapist. „ Hrrm...yess..wiggle that ass...”, he grumbled, laughing so hard his drool splattered onto Willow's back.

Tara watched Willow's renewed defilement through a veil of bitter tears. She felt so ultimately soiled by the eruption of sperm into her once-virgin pussy, the mere thought stinging almost as much as the sensation itself. The owner kept on thrusting into her until his cock had finally gone limp and he pulled out of her aching hole, reaching out to give her tits one more painful squeeze.

„ You're a great fuck...what a shame that you kept your charms for whores like her”, he spat into Willow's direction.

Tara sobbed. If he only knew....” P-p-please...l-let her go...t-t-take me...”, she whimpered, looking at the gathered demons for any sympathy...and finding none. It would be awful for her, of course...but it would be so much better than seeing her beloved Willow, the source of her safety and peace, abused like this...in a way Tara knew how to deal with.

„ No way...”, the fat demon grumbled, „ but if you're so desperate for it...hnngh...I can fuck your...ass later, too!” He laughed, turning his attentions back to Willow his flesh slapping against the redhead's asscheeks while he kept violating the screaming, crying wreck that had once been a powerful witch.

„ But now it's my turn!” the demon with the wavy beard exclaimed. Grinning, the creature climbed on top of her, his legs straddling her chest as he placed his thick, slimy cock between her large, full breasts. „ I love sluts with big tits like you...”, he said, using his hands to press her tits together painfully enough to make Tara yelp in pain again, though she was grateful no one was trying to rape her pussy again...she felt as if she could die if anyone so much as tried...

Unfortunately, she should be proven wrong...as the demon on top of her began to slowly thrust his cock back and forth between her tits, his member brushing disgustingly against her quivering chin, she suddenly felt the tentacled demon extend one of his limbs, reaching between her legs, the tip beginning to force itself into her sore opening again...

“No!” Tara shouted, terrified at the very touch of the slimy appendage. “No! Not like this!” she cried, getting silent immediately, shamed by her words as if though they meant or implied it was better or acceptable to rape her in any other way.

“Shut up, whore!” the bearded demon yelled, slapping Tara’s face. He immediately grabbed her tits again, squeezing them hard around his dick as he pushed forwards and backwards.

“Nnnn!” Tara gasped, as the demon’s strong hands held her breasts firmly, pressing them so hard that it hurt her, it hurt her so much. As if that wasn’t enough he grabbed her pink nipples, twisting them hard as he fucked her tits. “Stop!” she shouted and suddenly arched in pain, as one of the demon’s tentacles was rammed up her sore cunt. “Aaa!” she cried as she felt, the vicious appendage slid into her abused fuckhole, lubricated only by the cum of the man who had previously been in her.

“Noo! Leave… us!” Willow shrieked as the fat demon was driving himself into her tight, untouched asshole. Each thrust filled her lower body with pain, making her either yell in absolute agony or whimper silently as she felt pain erupt throughout her body.

“Oh yes, what a tight little hole, witch-bitch” the demon hissed, his enormous weight hurting her not only when he pumped his fat organ but also each he leaned forward too, crushing her lithe form with his enormous weight. “Witch-bitch… witch-bitch…” he repeated as Willow accompanied his grunts with agonized shrieks.

“Nooo! Nooo! Mpfff!” Willow shrieks suddenly were cut of, as on of the tentacle demon’s appendages was forced between her lips, making her gag in surprise, shock and disgust when her mouth was filled by an awful taste, the sticky ooze, touching her tongue as the demon forced his tentacle deeper, making her gag on it.

“That’s nice… those shrieks were beginning to annoy me, witch-bitch” the fat demon grunted as he brought his large hand to slap Willow’s ass her, repeating it each time he pounded into her ass, filling her with absolute agony.

“What you looking at? Are you not only fat but also dumb!” the demon fucking Tara’s tits suddenly got angry, as he saw Tara look at her lover with tears filling her pretty large eyes. “Look at me!” he demanded, deciding that the best way to capture her attention would be to twist her nipples again, so viciously that her piercing scream silenced even the muffled moans made by Willow.

“Lick my dick!” he ordered, squeezing and twisting her breasts so long as the poor girl obeyed, sticking her tongue. Each time he pushed forward, the tip of her tongue touched the vile head of his dick licking at.

“Nnnn… slurp… please… slurp… don’t… slurp…” she whispered between licking, her luscious body tensing with pain, each time the slimy tentacle slid in and out her abused cunt, fucking her mercilessly, as the tentacles demon swayed almost gently in the rhythm of his thrusts. The appendage was oozing some vile liquid, stinging and hurting the tender flesh of her abused pussy as the tentacle worked its way in and out her hole.

Fortunately at least the bearded demon was approaching orgasm, as he grabbed her tits hard and as he squeezed them he leaned forward. Strands of his beard touched Tara’s mouth and slid into the surprised girl’s mouth, exploring it hungrily. And then, a second tentacle touched the opening of her ass…

Tara's eyes widened as she felt the tentacle probe her puckered opening, her entire body going rigid as she felt panic flood her senses, worse than before. Anything but that again!
„ Nnglll....pllshhh....” she protested but by now, the strands from the strange living beard of the demon who was still fucking her tits at a rapid and quite painful pace had gathered together, sliding in and out of her mouth and dipping into her throat, causing her to gag loudly, much like Willow, who was still suffering the forceful intrusion of the tentacle into her mouth which the appendage had started to fuck hard and deep.

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« Reply #5 on: September 18, 2014, 03:42:49 AM »

Tara tried to clench her asscheeks as hard as she could to deny the demon entry, but it only staved off the inevitable and within mere seconds, she felt her hole stretch around the unwanted intruder. Howling around the...thing in her mouth, she arched her back and strained against the hands, claws and tentacles holding her. The pain was awful, a hundred times worse than the pain that ravaged her cunt as the other tentacle kept raping it, its ooze burning her insides.

But even worse than the physical pain was the emotional torment this new intrusion inflicted upon her...as if the rape had not been bad enough, especially seeing her beloved Willow so abused, this brought back all the memories she'd tried so hard to escape from...it was a soul-searing torment and now more than before, Tara wanted to just vanish.

The tentacle began to move with her, pushing deeper and deeper into her aching anus, the demon groaning with pleasure as her muscles squeezed his appendage. Tara tried to relax her ass but it had been too long ago...she didn#t know how to make this more bearable anymore, her ass clenching hard reflexively as it tried to expel the intruder again...in vain, of course.

Finally, the demon's beard, which had started to probe her throat deeply, silencing all her protests except for deep, pained sobs, finally withdrew as the demon neared its climax. Squeezing her breasts so tight Tara let out a tortured moan, he pumped between them until suddenly, he threw back his head and groaned as his cock began to shoot a huge wave of sticky cum at her. Thick strands landed on her crying face and neck, drops splattering all over her tits, lips and chin...
” Hnnngh...oh yes...wear my cum, you dumb lesbo whore!” he snarled, slapping her face while his cock kept on spurting his sperm over her face and chest. Some of it slid into her mouth, making Tara heave as the taste violated her tongue with its sheer awfulness.

Her gagging was accompanied by Willow's tearful gargling and sobbing while she gagged on the tentacle fucking her mouth, the fat demon still violating her ass to his dark heart's content, her cheeks red and shining by now due to his constant slaps. She could not move her head but out of the corners of her eyes, she could see Tara cry as her face was covered in demon cum, the tentacled beast's face in absolute rapture as it violated the blonde's ass and cunt simultaneously while also forcing the cute redhead to deepthroat a third tentacle.

Finally, the demon on top of Tara climbed off of her, grabbing a strand of her silken hair to wipe his cock clean, sighing happily as he watched the rape continuing. „ Who's next for that blonde whore?”
„I… am…” the pale white demon hissed, the sound of his voice echoing in the room.
“First let Ssnath-Kh have his way with her… you know how nasty he gets one someone comes between him and his… toys.”

The white demon didn’t even move, watching the occurring rape with his lidless eyes, the black maw of his mouth still opened, with two tongues sliding in and out as he was observing Tara’s ordeal… And there was much to watch.
Taking advantage of the fact that the bearded demon let go of the blonde, Ssnath moved forward. Another of his tentacles sprung forward, wrapping itself around Tara’s neck and choking her hard, so hard that her face became almost purple as she desperately opened her mouth for air… which the demon used to literally rammed the tentacle choking her into her wide opened mouth.

She opened her eyes wide at the shock of another intrusion, her desperate gasping for air bringing exquisite pleasure to the demon as she literally sucked on his appendage in order to breathe. Although the vicious, writhing tentacle almost blocked her airway as she was forced to deepthroat it, at least she was getting enough air not to die.
“Grrlg!” Tara moaned around the rubbery tentacle.

Ssnath hissed in pleasure, and shook his body as another tentacles emerged. They crept over struggling blonde’s body, living a trail of stinging ooze and wrapped themselves around her breasts, squeezing them a dripping drops of acid-like liquid on her soft and tender flesh.

Meanwhile Willow’s face was red with pain, humiliation and exhaustion as the fat demon was beginning to cum. He grabbed her hips, his nails pushing in her body as he pushed his cock deep, burying in her asshole as he began to flood her bowels with wave after wave of cum. As he kept shooting his jism, he continued his steady, strong thrusts, making the cute redhead squeal in agony, around the tentacle gagging her little warm mouth. Suddenly the demon withdrew his dick and the last few waves of jism landed on Willows back. He slapped her ass once again as he stepped back.

Willow, still uncomfortable with the rubbery appendage working in and out her mouth and sore from the relentless assault on her tight asshole, could finally concentrate enough to look at Tara, her sweet, gentle, loving Tara she was stretched to her limits by hands and tentacles holding her, mauled and raped by the arms of Ssnath. Tentacles were pounding her cunt and ass, slipping in as deep as it was possible, while her desperate pleas and cries of pain were muffled to pitiful moans. Her breasts were squeezed and whipped by other tentacles, causing her body to tense each time another wave of pain pierced her.

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« Reply #6 on: November 08, 2014, 07:37:48 AM »

I love Buffy and well... I love rape as well so this is a great combo. I hope this turns into a long and brutal story. Maybe Buffy and Faith will try to save the witches later on? Maybe they bring Dawn or a few of the potential slayers?

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Finally the demon, receiving pleasure from three tormented holes began swaying back and forth. He began to hum a strange melody, closing his eyes as intense wave of pain felt by his victims transformed into pure pleasure as he received them. Finally, he couldn’t wait any longer, all of his tentacles shoot a wave of ooze or cum, only once – but the girls immediately began to writhe their bodies as they felt the foul burning liquid fill their most intimate places. As the were lieing, trying to spit the vcious substance in their mouth, filling it sting their insides – already sore after rapes Ssnath finally withdraw his tentacles. The girls weren’t allowed much of a respite, however. Strong arms lifted them and threw them both to the centre of the bed. The strange beast, whose parts of the body were randomly disappearing and appearing stood behind Willow, stroking his cock, while the pale white demon loomed above Tara his two tongues sniffing the air around the helpless girl.

“You… will be… mine… soon…” he hissed, his words heard in her mind, without the need for hearing.
“But we can’t allow you to be soiled by those filthy bitches, can we?” the owner said, smiling. “So I think they should clean each other before we proceed…”

Willow barely heard what they were saying, having already reached out to touch Tara, to give her some solace in all this torment. Both girls were sobbing as they scuttled closer together, pain radiating from every one of their holes, the cum from the tentacled demon burning terribly, amplifying their soreness...and the demons did not look likely to end their ordeal anytime soon.

„ Shhh...sweetie...everything will be alright...”, she whispered, giving her best to keep her own fear and pain from her voice, biting back the sobs that arosewithin her at the pitiful sight Tara presented...

The blonde witch had been covered in a thick layer of cum by the tentacled beast, her large breasts and her face almost completely white and dripping with foul demonic sperm. She was crying loudly, trembling as she tried to curl up into a ball, barely feeling Willow's hands stroking her head as the redhead desperately tried to comfort her. Seeing Tara like this was almost worse than her own abuse had been....

„ Hey...listen to us, you dumb whores! We gave you an order!” the owner yelled, making both girls shudder in fear as they looked up at him, stroking his cock, watching their misery and delighting in it.
„ H-h-havent you d-d-done e-enough?” Tara whimpered, looking at him, trying to keep her gaze steady through a veil of tears, her body shaking with humiliation and shame. Like Willow, all she wanted to do was curl up in a corner and disappear. But these terrible demons would have none of that, she knew it...

„ N-n-n-no...w-w-we h-h-haven't e-e-even s-started y-yet!” The owner mocked her, much to the delight of the gathered demons if their guffawed laughter was anything to go by. „ Now, I don't like to repeat myself so better get it this time...I want you two sluts to clean each other of demon cum before we continue...and you will do it with your tongues!”

„ Yesss...lick each other! It's what you do all the time anyway!” the fat demon grunted, seeming to be very giddy at the prospect of watching them, his cock twitching in pleasure already, even though he had just deposited a huge load up Willow's sore asshole.

Willow and Tara looked at each other, unable to believe what they had heard. Now these demons wanted to make it all even worse? It should come as no surprise to them but still, they had trouble believing these words.
„ W-we...h-h-have to...”, Tara whimpered, looking down, not daring to look her beloved, sweet Willow in the eye. Willow bit back a heart-wrenching sob as she nodded. They had no choice. „ I..I know...”, she whispered to her lover, „ lie down...I'll start...just...think it's just the two of us...”

As Tara complied, Willow tried to mentally steel herself against the horrid taste that still lingered on her tongue and which she would be forced to experience anew now.  Suddenly, a hand landed on her ass with a loud smack, „ Do it already! Stop dawdling!” It was the voice of the fat demon again. His hand remained on her ass, kneading it hard enough to make Willow whince in pain even as she lowered her head onto Tara's heaving breasts, her tongue sticking out, starting to lap up the vile sperm...

The taste was horrible, it lingered in her mouth as she was running her tongue all over her lover’s wonderful breast in a cruel parody of what they used to do. The demons, cheering, laughing and smacking their bodies made it almost impossible for Willow to even imagine that she and Tara are here alone and that this act is anything else than another form of abuse. As she was kissing and licking Tara’s tits, she felt the girl’s tongue on her neck and shoulder, as Tara leaned licking the drops of the disgusting, itching liquid.
“That’s great for a lesbo show” one of the demons laughed.
“Yeah, but they are too much into this” another argued.

“You! Redheaded witch! Bite her!” the owner ordered. Willow, surprised looked at him with a blank expression which only made him slap her face hard. “Are you deaf as well as dumb?” he barked “Bite her fucking tits! Sink your teeth into her nipple or I’ll break them one by one!” he threatened, furiously slapping her ass again.
“What?! You can’t…” Willow tried to protest but her protest was cut short as the tentacle demon angrily whipped her back with his appendages.

“Shhh, Wil, shh…” Tara gently silenced her, as she hugged her. “Do it… I can stand you being hurt… and better you then them.”

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Cheater.  You know that people like me are predisposed to love anything Buffy related.

There are very few monsters that warrant the fear we have of them.

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I know what you mean Wink Thank you for the kind comment :)

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Will didn’t say anything, just slowly nodded her head, tears running across her face, mixing with the cum that was still there. She leaned forward and gently began running her tongue over Tara’s nipple and then bit it. She felt her lover’s body tense, as the blonde girl hissed in pain.

“Harder!” the owner ordered and Willow, hating herself for it, obeyed. She bit the pink nipple harder, sinking her teeth. Even more tears run across her face as she heard Tara trying to contain a cry of pain. She kept biting while Tara was licking her body, until finally, the owner ordered her to stop. He grabbed her by the arm and pulled to the bed.
“Now you blonde! Lick our love juices out of her cunt!” he ordered, grabbing Tara’s hair and pushing her face between Willow’s spread legs, to her sore pussy.

She hesitated for a heartbeat but the owner encouraged her by slapping her ass hard, and the bearded demon grabbed Willow’s nipples twisting them hard, causing the cute redhead to cry in pain. “Stop! I will do it!” Tara cried as she moved her face… but before she could actually start licking she was thrown to the bed again.
“Changed my mind” the owner laughed, forcing Willow to lie next to Tara… each girl’s head facing the other’s cunt. “Hope you won’t mind doing a 69 for us?” he said.

„ Is it never enough for you?” Willow cried, presented with this new sadistic order. She saw Tara's soft pussy before her, red and sore from the brutal rape she had endured and knew how her lover must feel. She herself felt like there was a burning furnace between her legs, reminding her of her shame with each passing moment.
„ No”, the owner simply said, „ we want to degrade you two sluts as much as possible...now get to it, I was asking a rhetorical question!” Tara yelped as he slapped her ass for emphasis, then stepped back to watch the two crying girls. Willow sobbed, hearing Tara whimper quietly as the blonde witch edged closer to her. Willow didn't want to do it, didn't want these monsters to abuse their passion, their love for each other just to humiliate them...but she had no choice but to obey and she knew it.

Her best bet was to just try her best and forget that these horrible observers were there. Reaching out, she slid one hand over Tara's waist, cupping one of her asscheeks to hold her in place while inching forward, her own face only inches away from Tara's tender and abused pussy. Willow couldn't help but cringe at the smell of demonic sperm that emanated from it instead of the sweet scents she was used to. She felt Tara's hands on her body as her lover steadied her...and then Tara's lips between her legs, blowing a tender kiss onto her sore cuntlips. Normally, this gesture would have made Willow shudder with desire but now, she had to suppress a choking sob. She knew Tara was feeling the same – despair and incredible shame at what they were doing...an act like this was reserved for a tender moment, full of love and desire...not of sleazy entertainment for a bunch of brutal, vile rapists...

Biting back more sobs, Willow began to extend her tongue, lapping along Tara's sweet, sore snatch, gagging at the horrid taste of demon cum on her tongue. Even though she'd just been forced to swallow a substantial amount of the horrid substance, licking it from her lover's most private hole somehow worsened the taste by magnitudes. A heaving retch from Tara shortly after Willow had felt Tara's soft tongue enter her own pussy accompanied the sound, much to the demons' amusement.

„ Like that taste, hrm?” the bearded demon guffawed, slapping Tara's ass, then pushed against it, showing her crotch into Willow's face. „ Better than the usual taste of cunt on your tongue, isn't it?” he mocked, reaching out with his other hand to cup the back of Willow's head, shoving her face and Tara's crotch together as hard as possible, mashing Willow's tearful face into Tara's cum-smeared snatch.
„ This is all well and good”, the white demon suddenly hissed impatiently, his cock still hard and throbbing, having been the only one without a warm hole to sink it into so far, „ but I want my fun now...”

The owner chuckled, then turned to the disappearing demon who was eyeing Willow's asscheeks greedily. „ Why not have our cake and eat it, too? You two...get your cocks up their asses...and you two whores better not stop eating pussy while they pound your filthy assholes...or you're going to regret ever being born!”
“No, please!” Willow cried but the owner silenced her by a brutal, backhanded slap.

“Eat her cunt!” he barked and Willow, choking down her tears, buried her face again between Tara’s slightly spread legs, tasting the horrible taste of cum that was almost oozing out of her lover’s tender pussy.

She felt Tara’s tongue, gently caressing her pussy, licking it, but although usually it was the feeling she loved the most, now it made it even harder for her to concentrate on the task she was given. Nevertheless, try as she might, she couldn’t receive any pleasure from her lover’s gentle touch and caresses, not when they were a part of this twisted show.

Her thoughts suddenly were replaced by shock and terrified anticipation, semi-transparent demon appeared behind her, grabbing her asscheeks with his greedy hands. She gasped, trying to prepare herself for the ordeal, but nothing could prepare her for the searing pain that came as he pushed his hard dick into her tight, thoroughly abused asshole.

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“Mmmmpff!” she literally cried into Tara’s cunt as she felt wave after wave of pain, fill her lower part of the body, radiating through her asshole, as the demon was mercilessly raping her with hard and vicious thrusts. “Nnn- mphfff!” she cried in pain again as the owner grabbed her head by the hair and pushed it harder between Tara’s legs, at the same time twisting her gentle, pink nipples.
“Eat her out, you lesbo cunt!” he shouted to her ear.

Sobbing, trying to concentrate and not let her cries stop her from obeying his order, Willow began to move her tongue again around Tara’s pussy lips. Her task was made even more difficult as her head, as well as her body, rocked in the merciless rhythms of the demon’s thrusts.
“Mpppfff!” Willow felt Tara’s warm breath on her exposed cunt and seconds later she felt the blonde girl almost scream her lungs out as the white-skinned demon began raping her tight asshole, burying his huge dick deep in her tightest hole.

Both girls just were lieing there, sobbing, trying to obediently lick each other cunts in order to save themselves from further torment, while the demons raped their unwilling fuckholes, pushing in so hard, that each thrust made the moan, the muffled sounds arousing the beasts even more. The kept fuckign them, abusing the girls’ sweet, gentle and nubile bodies to their dark hearts’ content, relishing in causing more and more excruciating pain as the pushed in and out, in and out… rhythmically pounding their assholes, already sore after the previous rapes the girls endured.

“So tight… oh yes…” the white demon hissed, his two tongues sniffing the ear next to Tara’s head and tits, while he kept driving himself into her fuckhole.
“We will be doing it often… very often…” the disappearing demon whispered to Willow’s ear “You will be our fuck-slaves and pain-sluts forever… you understand? Forever! We will be taking your bodies as we wish, making you suffer and beg us to stop as we are fucking, raping you again and again… day after day… forever!”

“Sure we will” the owner grinned, looking at the show “But we will discuss your future when the other nine demons have taken their turns… you see… we were just chosen for a welcoming party.”

Even now, with pain and humiliation flooding all their senses, the girls' hearts seemed to stop at this horrid revelation...there would be more torment...and after that, it would not end...no, these demons had more violations in store for them! It was then that both, driven by sheer panic, began to struggle anew, only to discover that the demons simply grabbed them more tightly and continued their anal violations at their leisure, pounding their tender assholes into oblivion while mashing their faces into each other's cunts, brutally striking out at their heads or asses whenever their victims dared to stop licking each other...

On and on they went, relishing the feeling of their tight, clenching assholes around their cocks, plunging them in deeply again and again, violating their crying victims while constantly spewing obscenities at them. „ Dirty cunts!”, „ Filthy lesbian sluts!” „Anal whores!” were some of the least offensive things Willow and Tara were forced to hear as they suffered under the brutal anal intrustion.

The white demon had begun to wrap one of its tongues around Tara's right tit and demonstrated his strength by squeezing her fleshy breast as hard as he could, making her shriek delightfully, his cock twitching at the sound while he drove it deep, hissing, „ Your assholes are made to be raped, you hear me! This is your destiny!” At Tara's sobs, he merely laughed, squeezing her asscheeks with one hand, the other keeping her head buried in Willow's crotch.

The poor degraded girls got little warning before both demons suddenly pulled out.  The white demon reached over to grab Willow's hair, the other demon doing the same to Tara. Before both girls, relieved that finally, their anal rape seemed to be over, could react, both had their throats stuffed by the same cock that had been in their beloved's asshole only moments before, gagging hard on the massive length that now blocked their throats.

„ Glll...ghllllrrr...” Tara made, much to the demon's amusement as he grunted and groaned loudly...then his body stiffened as his cock shot a huge load right down Tara's throat. The white demon did the same only moments later, filling Willow's throat with his load. The girls gagged and coughed, cum spilling over their lips as they fought to swallow or otherwise get rid of the awful taste.

„ Yess...take our cum...”, the white demon hissed, laughing at Willow's panicked attempts to breathe around his cock, „ how do you like that? All the cum, all worked up by your blonde whore here!”

Their cocks remained down the girls' throats until the demons had stopped cumming, pulling out with a satisfied grin on their faces.
Their throats sore, their voices hoarse from crying and screaming, their bodies wracked by pain and weakness born of despair, the girls could only try to hold each other, crying in each other's arms while the demons got off the bed.
„ That was good...I certainly enjoyed myself. Now, let us tell the others that its their turn now...we should make plans for these two here...”, the owner said, satisfied at seeing the two witches reduced to cum-covered wrecks for the moment...
“I’ll let them know” the small, bearded demon said and left the room.

“Let’s prepare them… they did quite a good job of cleaning themselves with those slutty tongues… but still they’re quite filthy.” The tentacled demon whispered.
“Wonder whose fault it is” the owner laughed as he gestured at the fat and white demon “Clean them up.” He ordered.

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The exhausted, abused victims were effortlessly lifted and dragged to the bathroom. There the beasts literally threw them into the shower cabin and turned the icy cold water on.
“Clean each other, whores!” the fat demon ordered and as the white demon added something in his strange tongue, he said “And make a show of it!”
The girls, at this point too exhausted to even consider resistance, wanting only for their abuse to end even for one moment. Slowly, curling under the cold water they began to rub soap into their sore bodies, caressing each other, seeking some measure of comfort… but knowing that their actions are only arousing the demons even more.

They’ve even tried to prolong the bath as long as it was possible, even at the cost of putting out a better show for their abusers – everything to delay the moment, when they will have to return to that bedroom and face the rest of the demons from the hotel. How many there were? Five? Ten? Fifteen? The girls started to tremble with fear at the very thought of the ordeal that was waiting for them.

“Get  out of there! We don’t have whole night!” the fat demon lost his patience, finally and grabbed Willow by her wet, red hair, pulling her out of the cabin and pushing towards the door to the bedroom.

“Leave her- ugh!” Taras protests were cut short as she was slapped and dragged out of the shower by the white demon.
Both girls were pushed back to the bedroom… where they’ve found themselves surrounded by the nastiest group of demons they could imagine. There were many of them, some large, some small, some almost humanoid, some obscenely deformed – but in fact Willow and Tara weren’t even paying attention. As the were forced to their knees, they’ve hugged each other, fixed their eyes on the floor and waited.

“Aaaa… isn’t it sweet?” they heard a hissing voice.
“Two lezies want some comfort” added another.
“We’ll sure comfort them…”
“Yes we will!”
“The redhead is great!”
“But the tits of the blonde…”
“Wonder how many cocks they can fit in their mouths…” The girls trembled as more and more perverse remarks were fired at them, the circle of demons tightening around them.
“Well, you have been welcomed already…” the owner said with a large grin “But your official welcome party is starting now! Have fun!” he laughed, as he and the other demons who had their way with them, left the room.

And for the two lovers, the ordeal truly began. There was no holes that remained untouched by the awful creatures now surrounding them. Indeed, they did test how many cocks Willow could fit into her mouth, trying to ram two at once down her throat while forcing the redhead to watch Tara's ass being pounded once more.

Later, they were both held on the bed while a demon with two long, thin tentacles for arms methodically whipped their cunts until they were hoarse from the constant screaming at which point the other demons proceeded to fuck their whipped cunts once more.

Several times, they received huge loads of demon cum in their faces, only to be forced to clean it up with their tongues...of course, during this act, some drops fell to the floor and while Willow was forced to lick them up, she heard the ear-piercing screams from her lover whuile the demons whipped the blonde witch as punishment.

In the end, Willow could not remember how often a demon cock had been forced up her ass or how often she'd been forced to swallow sperm during this night. It all blurred together into a nightmare of pain and humiliation, the whole situation  made that much worse by having to constantly watch her lover being raped in the most brutal ways...these demons, even more than the ones who'd first raped them, obviously loved to see her anguish at watching Tara abused and made her watch constantly even while she herself was raped.

She'd long lost all sense of time when finally, the demons threw them onto the bed, dripping with cum and left the room, telling them that they'd get a few hours to rest before the others returned to discuss „their future”. They also remarked that the room had been enchanted while they'd been busy raping the girls so that magic would no longer workk. In short – there was no way out. Then, the door slammed shut and the two abused girls were alone.

Crying, Willow and Tara both crawled towards each other, seeking the warmth of the other's embrace, ignoring the cum on their bodies. They just wanted something to hold onto, something to comfort them after this horror.
„ Will, sweetie...I...I..”, Tara began but could not finish, heart-wrenching sobs silencing her. Willow tried her best to stroke her face and hair, even though she whinced whenever she touched the cum the demons had sprayed onto her beloved.
„ Shhh...we will get out, Tara, I promise...I promise...”, she whispered, though she had no idea how to do that. The demons were right, her magic was gone. They had no way of defending themselves against further assault. Gently, she kissed Tara, hoping to console her at least somewhat.
„ I will get us out of here...and then I'll burn this whole place down...I promise...”, she whispered again while Tara cried in her arms.
And so, huddled together in a desperate embrace, the two girls drifted into a deep, exhausted sleep, dreading the next morning...

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And they had good reason to. When Willow next awoke, it was to a harsh slap to the face. Immediately, a meaty hand landed on her face, keeping her from crying out. Another hand was gripping her left tit and squeezing painfully. The fat demon from yesterday, the one who'd raped her ass for the first time, leered down at her.

„ Be quiet, whore!” he snarled and dragged her over to where Tara lay sleeping. How he'd managed to get in without waking any of them up was a mystery to Willow.

„ I want to fuck your lover's ass this time, before anyone else gets here...and I want you to prepare it for my cock...with your tongue!”

“Mmmm!” Willow tried to protest, but another brutal squeezing of her breast was enough to turn her protests into muffled moans.
“Do it, or I’ll rape her asshole dry!” he threatened. Willow, hating the very thought of causing Tara more pain than it was ‘neccesary’ obliged and quickly nodded her head.
“Good” the demon said, releasing her from his grip.

Willow took a deep breath and gently turned Tara over on her belly. The girl muttered in her sleep, but didn’t open eyes, until the demon smacked her ass. She immediatele awoke, eyes open wide with shock and surprise, noticing Willow and moments after the demon.

 “Shhh, shhh” Willow whispered to her ear, laying a gentle kiss on her lips. “It will be allright, try to relax…” she tried to calm her lover, but the fat demon slapped Willow.

“No chit chatting! Get to her ass!” he barked an order and watched with a wicked smile as Willow obeyed, first kissing Tara’s asscheeks, then beginning to run her tongue all over them, licking them as the demon was watching, mauling her breast all the time.  She almost gagged with revulsion when she felt the lingering taste of the demons’ cum all over her lovers ass, but kept obediently licking it, finally spreading Tara’s asscheeks gently and running her tongue a bit deeper.

“P-P-P-Please…” it was unclear what Tara wanted to say, her whole body tensing for the inevitable assault. She wanted to relax, really wanted to, hoping that it would at least ease the pain somehow. But even with her lover’s gentle tongue touching, caressing her, she simply couldn’t stop thinking about the torment she was going to endure so soon, her body trembling at the horrible anticipation. The only good thing was that at least this time Willow would be spared…

Well, she was only partially right.

“Enough!” The demon yanked Willow’s head by her read hair. “Now prepare my dick! And it’s the only lube she’s getting so you’d better be good… and do all the work!” he ordered as he touched the witch’s trembling lips with his fat dick.
Slowly and hesitantly Willow parted her lips and began licking the head and shaft of the demon’s foul dick…

The demon growled down at her as he watched her begin to lick his cock, seeing how she shuddered with disgust each time her tongue touched his thick member. He resisted the urge to just grab her head and force her mouth onto his cock, however...he wanted to see how she could perform on her own.

„ Kiss it!” he growled and was soon rewarded by the soft touch of her lips on his fat cockhead while fresh tears of shame ran down her cheeks.

Willow hated herself for doing this, for giving in and basically readying his cock to violate the ass of the woman she loved more than anything else in the world...but as he said, he would rape her anyway and if she could ease her pain somewhat by trying to lubricate this beast's cock, it was all she could do, no matter how often she gagged on the taste of his precum.

„ Enough licking...I'm not your lover, little witch-bitch! Take it in your worthless mouth!” he grunted, his glare leaving little choice for Willow but to obey. As she parted her lips furhter and allowed his cock inside, her tongue teasing the tip even as she began to suck on it, she caught a sideways glance at Tara.

The blonde witch simply lied there, unmoving, her eyes swimming with tears as she watched the new humiliation of her lover, knowing that there was nothing she could do...and that, soon, she would have much more reason to cry than simply the awful sight presented to her...and that thought alone brought new tears to her face and new misery to her heart. She just wanted to crawl somewhere where she could hide from all of this. But life wasn't fair.

By now, even though her entire body was trembling with pure revulsion, Willow was bobbing her head up and down the demon's cock, trying to lather it with her spit as much as possible, hoping to spare Tara some of the pain she'd felt when the very same demon had first raped her own asshole. She slurped and sucked, hearing the demon groan in pleasure, harboring the faint hope that maybe she could make him cum into her mouth, robbing him of the stamina to carry out his sadistic plans with Tara.

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Tara and willow have always been my favorite characters on the show. Very good story.
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