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Author Topic: The Return  (Read 12475 times)

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« Reply #30 on: August 29, 2015, 04:37:56 AM »

It was quiet around me save for soft humming noise coming from the AC outlets mixed with sharp clicks of my 5” stilettos on the marble floor. I kept on walking toward the room at the end of the corridor. His private room…yes, his private room.

The air was cool caressing lightly through my stockings but yet I could feel tiny beats of sweat appeared on my skin as I got closer to his room. Bit of wetness dampened a sensitive spot at my panties on my pussy lips as those rubbing lightly the flimsy silky sexy panties under my tight mini skirt which hem rested shorter above the mid of my smooth thighs. My heart was beating harder inside my chest and my nipples were standing hard as ever knowing those sensitive tips rubbed thin fabric of my blouse. Without my suit, anyone could see clearly these two sexy nicely shape marks.

I looked around once more before I tapped Mr.Raynor’s ID. He would not know this until tomorrow and by then I would be long gone and completely disappeared. No one was around and I knew that I would not have much time as the CCTV was watching the corridor tiredlessly. But as long as I had valid access and didn’t trigger false alarm, everything would be just fine. I was betting on it.

My nicely manicured fingers took the ID from my suit pocket and tapped it on the sensor. I gasped in relief when the device beeped once and the lamp glowed green. Soft unlocking sound broke the deafening silent and with confident I turned the handle then slid into his room.

It was dimmed inside and it took some time for me to adjust my eyes.

“hmm…” I softly hummed.

My goal was simple. Tapped into his computer, downloaded all information that I needed then disappeared… Nothing was ever as easy as it was. I walked toward his desk. I could only hear series of clicking sounds of my black slingback stilettoes.

The monitor flickered briefly as it was turned on.

“Full of confident, huh?” I softly mumbled and smiled to see that there was no password whatsoever. I could not believe a sheet of my luck. Either Mr.Nash was a careless or he was arogantly confident…or perhaps he was a mix between these two… I chuckled as my fingers plugged my USB into his computer. It was not that hard to find all files which I wanted. His operations codes, dates, agents, passords….anything which I could possibly get from his computer. I smiled as I was watching the bar filling up when his computer was filling up my USB with the information.

The light was suddenly turned on when I just pulled out the USB and put it inside my suit pocket. I was shocked and paralized to see someone stepped into the room.  I thought he was Nash himself but then I recognized a young face as one of Nash’ low level guards.

“What the fuck are you doing here, miss?” he said as he stepped into the room.“Get away from the desk!” he continued as he pointed his gun at me.

It was not long for me to find out that he came alone. It would be hard for me to handle two trained guards but one.. hmm…I could handle him easy I said confidently to myself.

I smiled and stepped away from the desk and computer. “Mr.Nash wants me to take something for him” I said a lie and smiled sweetly though I knew that he would not easily believe it.

“Oh really? Mr.Nash? He would have told me” he replied. I knew that he must have recognized me. “Turn around and put your hands on the desk!” he said and walked closer. I waited for my chance and reluctantly complied with his command.

The glass on Nash’ desk felt cold and hard as I put my hands on it. My skirt was slightly getting shorter as my petite body bent a bit.  I knew he was walking closer and stood behind me.

“I know who you are…” he said softly and he put his left hand on my back. I could see through the corner of my right eye that his right hand was holding the gun pointing at me. I remained silent and felt that his hand started moving down along my back toward the back hem of my tight skirt.

“Open your legs, lady” he said and slightly kicked my ankles forcing me to comply. I could feel his fingers moving along the nice curve of my ass toward the edge of my short hem. I bit my lower lip and gathering courage in me. I could feel my pussy lips quivered lightly. I could feel his finger brushing over it under my skirt then touched a sensitive spot between my thighs along my pussy lips. I could feel his touch through the thin dampened fabric and he must have felt bit of my wetness too. I pretended to moan slightly to make it him relax and when his finger moved again toward my clit, I took the chance.

I quickly spun around, grabbed his hand holding gun and twisted his palm in a methodically trained way. The momentum twisted his wrist hard and I could almost heard something cracked. The gun fell on the ground as he screamed in pain and cursed. Before he could gain his footing, I raised my left knee fast aiming toward his hard shaft between his thigh. He screamed in great agony and stuttered backward then fell on his knees.

I took the gun from the floor and pointed at him. He was holding his broken wrist and glared at me with his angry eyes. I could feel his anger boiled inside him. I smiled as I heard his angry curses.

I knew that once I fired the gun, the sound would echo through the floor and would definitely invited others. He kept his eyes on me and when he cringed once again I took this chance to swung my left feet from left to right aiming to his temple and made his head twisted sideway hard. The thick exquisite carpet silenced thudding sound when his body fell hard on the floor.

I turned toward the computer and turned if off before I quickly walked out of the room.

I had to get out of here before it was too late I said to myself as my finger pressed the elevator then checked for the USB. It was still sitting nicely inside the pocket.

It took ten second before the booth door opened. There was no way out of here but through the lift. It was impossible for me to walk on my high stilettos down 24 stories building toward the basement through the emergency stairs.

“Come on..come on” I whispered as I saw the number was counting down. The booth was sliding down nicely and quietly. It was then I could faintly hear the alarm blaring breaking the silence just when the boot reached the first floor. Two more…please I prayed… toward the basement where I parked my car.

“Hey!!” I heard someone shouted as I stepped out of the lift. I turned and pointed the gun to him and shot. The bullet missed about an inch from his feet. He was just a common security guard and not one of Nash’s trained men. I saw him ducked his body and pulled his gun; and I took this chance to run toward the closest concrete and shot aimlessly toward him buying some time. My heels were clicking briskly as I moved. Behind the concrete I turned and saw my car there, just a couple meters away from me…but still it was impossible for me to reach with my heels on.

It was then I shrieked when a bullet scratched the column as I took off my heels. I heard he shot his gun again and… and again but this time the bullet terribly missed. I quickly grabbed a key to open the car door; and when the alarm chirping, I pulled the gun and shot him back. I started to run and shot again. The bullets hit the coloum where he hid himself.  He knew that once I got into the car, he might loose me; and I predicted this well. As he stepped out of the column, I took the chance to shoot at him…just a split second before he fired his gun. I saw him stuttered backward and stumbled.

I quickly pulled open the car door and threw my heels in then slid into the car. The engine reeved up as my right foot stepped on the gas pedal after my finger pressed the start button. Two people were coming and more would come if I didn’t move fast.  I quickly put the gear in making my BMW leaped forward and hit one of them hard before I turned the steering wheel avoiding collision with the barrier behind him. The tires were smoking hot as the car rushed forward then made one more turned toward the exit. I heard three shots. Two missed but one bullet sank on the trunk of the car.

Once again the tires were scratching the road hard as I avoid the another car coming just in split second after my BMW leaped out of the parking space. My car slid wildly for a while before I could get full control of it and hit the gas pedal as hard as I could. It darted down along the bare empty street in very early of morning and took turns after turns. I didn’t care how many red lights as I kept on driving through until I found that there was no car tailing behind my BMW.

In one of dark narrow alley I pulled aside for a short break. My heart was beating hard and my fake blond hair was in mess. The flimsy thin blouse under my suit was soaking wet and my panties was dampened badly. I pulled out the fake blond hair and tossed it off to the pile of of garbage just a couple meter away.

I could almost feel my nipples were standing really hard and stiff as those tips rubbed against the fabric. My right hand fingers slid into the pocket of my suit and I smiled as I touched the USB with my finger tips. I felt so relieved and could not stop smiling everytime I imagine how crazy Nash would be once he later learnt that I kept most of his secret in my hand. At the moment all I needed was a nice hot bath….

Smiling I pressed the start button again and drove slowly toward my apartment. I parked the BMW aside five blocks away, took my heels then wiped the steering wheel and all clean including the gun then locked the car.

My fingers tightened grip on my suit when chill wind blew as I walked crossing the road toward another car which I rent...

115lb, 5'5", black hair. Love to wear sexy dresses; a see-through blouse and a very short tight skirt fit well. Like 5" spiky heels with straps v much.

Love a role-play as much as i love these dresses and heels.
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« Reply #31 on: August 29, 2015, 11:06:38 AM »

Nicely done :)

"I thought I'd given up rape, but I've changed my mind."  Clint Eastwood.  The eiger sanction.

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« Reply #32 on: September 30, 2015, 12:04:05 PM »

“Good then… See you tommorrow, Dan” I briefly said and hanged up the phone. I planned to share sufficient slice of the information which I stole from Nash’ computer with Daniel who was a freelance reporter and a friend of mine. I had known him for more than 8 years and I knew exactly his connections. I believed that once the information went to public, there would be no more cover for Nash and he would face multiple charges and undoubtedly spent years in prison for treasons and conspiracies.

I smiled as I looked at my own naked reflection on the mirror and set my mobile to silent mode then put it on the side table beside the bed. I took off the white towel which wrapped around my body and let it fell on the floor. My nicely manicured fingers moved and started touching sensitive areola of my right breast. I closed my eyes and slowly gasped as my nipple was getting harder and tingling feeling rippled throughout my body. I kept on teasing myself for a bit longer before I opened my eyes when I saw my face slightly blushed. Wetness slowly gathered around the  my inner thighs surrounding my pussy lips. I clenched my thighs and bit my red lips. It was then both of my nipples were standing rock hard, poking out firmly.

Slowly I stood up and walked toward the bed then slid my nakedself under the blanket. It felt so comfortable. It was so relieving to know that I finally I would be able to score it even with Nash for what he did to me in the past.

My petite body shruddered briefly and countless goosebumps appeared on my skin all over my body when my right fingers running along…following the nice curve of my body and aiming toward my clit. Once again I gasped and pinched my left nipple with my left hand fingers as my right hand fingers touched my clit and circling it softly. I let my mind drifted to the moment when I spent with James then swifted to those perilous moments when I was kept hostage by one of agency’s agents….when I was being used…. again and again. I was so helpless.

I was recalling those moments in my own bedroom where there was no danger at all.

“OooHhH~~!!” I moaned softly when I slid my finger inside my wet pussy and started teasing the wetness..soft warm wall inside my pussy. I squeezed and pinched my left nipple a bit harder only to make myself squirmed endlessly under the blanket.

Tingling feeling rippled once again throughout my mobile when the tip of my finger touched the most sensitive part. I could not hold myself gasping and moaning at the same time. I clenched my thighs and held my hand between my thighs with my middle finger inside my wet pussy.

“OhhhhHH!..Yess…Yess~~” I moaned unstoppably as I was fingering myself again and again.. bringing myself higher..building up feeling inside me. I could feel my heart was beating harder as I kept on gasping for more air.  My naked petite body squirmed hard.

Tingling feeling rippled throughout my naked body…one after another… and the inner part of my pussy quivered more and more obvious…sending me higher and higher. I played again and again how helpless I was when he raped me…imagining his thick cock ravaging my pussy…

“OohHhhHH~!!!”..finally I could not hold any longer. My body shruddered and the inner part of my pussy was convulsing uncontrollably as my orgasm flushed thoughout my body like one forceful torrent. I closed my eyes tight, squirmed hard and clenching my thighs as tight as I could. I was so damn wet with some fluid oozed out of my pussy soaked my middle finger completely.

 I let it flowed for a bit more longer until the feeling slowly subsided….

Feeling satisfied and slightly exhausted, I grabbed one piece of tissue to clean up my finger and turned the light off. Still naked under the blanket, I slowly closed my eyes and let myself succumbed in darkness…. Few times I could feel my pussy tingled and quivered and I grinned my pussy lips softly between my inner thighs…

The night was deep and quiet….and I completely fell asleep..

115lb, 5'5", black hair. Love to wear sexy dresses; a see-through blouse and a very short tight skirt fit well. Like 5" spiky heels with straps v much.

Love a role-play as much as i love these dresses and heels.

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« Reply #33 on: October 04, 2015, 11:15:09 AM »

“Dan, you will find all inside this envelope…” I said and smiled at him. I noticed that he was focusing his attention to something else. My fingers slowly moved and tugged the hem of my cotton mini skirt then I crossed my legs. I took the tea cup in front of me and sipped a bit. His eyes moved and he was looking at me awkwardly.

“Ohh..um.. what did you say, Celina?” he asked.

“it’s ok Dan. I said that everything is inside this envelope”, I replied, put down the tea cup and patted one small envelope.

“Are you sure about this? I don’t want to take any risk of being declared as fugitive by Mr.Nash. We only have one chance”. His eyes fixed on the envelope then looked back at me. Again I noticed that he was focusing on my cleavage showing timidly through low cut blouse that I was wearing. Anyway, it was a nice afternoon and the weather was good.

“Very reliable source” I said shortly. My fingers touched his right hand and squeezed lightly giving him assurance that he needed.

We continued chit-chating until I heard his mobile beeping once telling him that a message came.

“Very well, Celina” he said and after he checked the message on his mobile.

“It’s ok Dan, you can go. I know that you have another appointment” I said and smiled at him. He had a baby face and looked purely innocent especially when he smiled. I recalled that we had time together but I had no intention to dwell into deeper relationship with him regardless what he had inside his mind. He was simply not my type.

“Take care, Dan. I can assure you that it will give a boost to your career”, I stood up and gave him one nice hug. I even let him kiss my left cheek before we parted.

There was nothing special happening for the rest of the day and I simply spent my time shopping for some stuffs and had a lavish dinner pempering myself.

The following few days…

“Celina, how are you today babe?” I heard James’ voice through my mobile.

“James!” I replied happily. It has been quite some times and I felt so happy to hear his voice again.

“Yes, it’s me, my dear. I am just wondering whether we can have time to spend time together tonight” James said and laughed.

“Yea..sure” I quickly replied and felt so happy. I had been missing him so much these days.

“7.30pm Odyssey Bar, ok?” he asked and before I replied he continued, “You know where it is, right babe?” I knew he was teasing me and could hear that he was laughing gaily. Of course everyone in the city knew that it was an high class exclusive bar with invitation only. For a person like James, making a reservation would not be a problem.

“Yea, 7.30pm then” I replied and checked my Dior wristwatch. It was 6.04pm and I still got some time.

“I send Doug to pick you up, ok?” he asked.

“Sure. I will see you there, James” I said.

“Until then, my love. Love you” he said.

“Love you too, James” I replied and we hanged up.

Not wasting my time, I quickly prepared myself. I must look pretty and sexy in front of him. I really enjoyed whenever he was admiring me. I played with myself when I took a shower; teasing my clit and pussy lips and imagining that he was filling me. Again and again I teased my body under the warm nice shower until my face blushed and my pussy quivered uncontrollably before I stepped out of the shower booth, grabbed a white towel, dried up my hair and walked naked toward the dressing table.

I took a pair of skin coloured nylon and rolled up along my feet then thighs. The fabric stretched smooth and nice. Those were cool on my skin. I knew that James liked this, I smiled when I hooked up the garters. Then I chose a deep V black open back evening dress which hem was rested slightly above the mid of my thighs. I wore nothing but a tiny g-string beneath the dress. I tugged down the hem and looked into the mirror at my own reflection. I saw a pretty petite Asian lady with smears of her nipples poking lightly on the front fabric of her evening dress.

The clock showed 7.10pm when I finished up with a bit of make up. Nice very light blue colour eyeshadow and light red lipstick on my sexy lips as well as light pink colour blusher on my cheeks. It was then my mobile buzzed and vibrated noisily on the dressing table. I didn’t recognize the numbers on my mobile screen.

“Yes?” I said.

“Good evening Ms.Celina, I am downstairs” the main said briefly. I knew that he was Doug sent by James to pick me up.

“I will be right there,Doug”, I replied and hanged up.

I took out and put on a pair of 5” thin stiletto heels with criss cross straps accentuating my sensual shape and appearance. I checked my appearance once more time before I sprayed Mademoiselle perfume and grabbed my purse. I was so happy knowing that I would meet James and perhaps we would spend one more special night somewhere as he might wish to choose.

“Good evening, Miss” Doug said politely and opened the passenger door to let me slid in.

“Thank you, Doug” I replied and smiled at him. I knew that his eyes were stealing glance at my body as any other man did. I sat and tugged the hem of my dress a bit as he closed down the door. The leather of the seat was cool and it felt comfortably nice touching on my bare back.

It took another 35 minutes before the car stop in front of the building where the Odyssey Bar located on its top floor. I noticed that along the way Doug was stealing glance at me through the mirror but I preferred to ignore him. I waited until he opened the car door. I saw James was standing there. He smiled when he saw me stepped out of the car.

“James, I am sorry I am bit late” I said when I hugged and kissed him.

“It’s ok, sweetie”, he said and whispered in my right ear and nibbled lightly its earlobe making me squirmed as the tingling feeling rippled throughout my body. I saw others where looking at us so I was trying not to wriggle away from his hug.

“Please stop it, James… not here not now” I whispered with slight moan in his ear when he kissed the sensitive spot on my ear. My hands slightly pushed his chest giving him a sign to stop it. I felt a bit of moist gathered in my inner thighs and dampened a bit the tiny g-string at the spot where it covered my pussy lips.

“Come…”, he said, released me from his hug and led me toward the private elevator where the doorguard greeted him a nice evening and good to see him back then stole a second glance briefly on me on a pair of marks of my standing hard nipples poking out on the fabric. smiled at him as James and I walked into the elevator booth.

As the booth travelled up, I leaned against his muscular arm and hugged it tight ignoring James’ personal guard who was looking at us through the reflection on the elevator wall.

“Ohh..I miss you, James” I whispered as I closed my eyes. He didn’t reply but simply kissed my hair assuring me that he felt the same. I kept on closing my eyes until soft chimes telling us that we arrived.

I saw a well-dressed waitress greeted us as we walked out of the booth and she asked us to follow her toward the room where James had reserved for both of us. It was a lavishly decorated room with a wonderful view of the city. The air was cool and light smell of fragrance filled the air inside the room. James is always peculiar in making a choice.

“Thank you, Marjorie” James said then continued, “I will let you know when I need you”. She nodded and closed the door behind us.

As soon as the door closed, James turned me facing him. Standing on those stiletto heels, I was slightly higher than his shoulders. He leaned toward me and I parted my lips slightly then closed my eyes feeling his soft warm lips as he started to kiss. His tongue darted into my mouth looking for mine and we let our tongue teasing each other as we had a deep kiss. My hands slid under his arms and pulled him closer to me. The tips of our tongue touched and teased each other until we slowed down…until I felt my face warm and slightly blushed as I opened my eyes. He smiled nicely at me.

“Come” he said and led me toward another section of the room where the dinning table had been set. I leaned against him and kissed his cheek before he pulled a chair and let me sit on it. He took his own seat across the table and pressed the button telling Marjorie that we were ready for the dinner.

It was indeed decent dinner as many other dinner which I had wih him many times in the past and many will be in the future. Other people might think that he was some sort of dreadful villian but in my eyes he was such a nice companion with indeed pleasant personality and I considered myself lucky in this sense.

For almost half an hour we chatted and laughed as well as shared many stories that we might have missed when we were far apart. He had been always busy with his so called “businesses” whilst I was busy devising a plan for my revenge to Nash. He never forbid or stop me from pursuing my goal, but yet as we had a dinner I felt a bit sorry for him.

“It’s over, James” I assured him when I touched his hand and squeezed gently as we were standing by ourselves looking outside through the glass window after we finished our dinner. The night view of the city was remarkable from such a high place. He looked at me, emptied his glass of wine, and smiled.

“Yes, sweetie”, he said, “…and you did an excellent job”.

I smiled when he took the empty glass from my hand and walked toward the bar table then put both glasses there.

“Do you want some more?” he said but I simply shook my head then turned my face again facing the glass. I could see my own reflection and could almost see that I was slightly blushed. My heart was beating harder and my blood was rushing through my vein. I could also feel that my nipples were standing stiff and hard whenever those sensitive tips rubbed the thin fabric of my sexy dress. I smiled secretly knowing that he must have added his powerful aphrodisiac into my drink.

It was then when I felt my pussy tingled lightly. The feeling  rippled freely and it indeed made more moist gathered around my pussy lips. Goosebumps appeared on my smooth skin all over my body. I saw through the reflection on the glass that James was watching me as he took another sip of wine then put down the glass. I bit my lower red lip when I saw him walking toward me, stood behind me then leaned forward abit. My petite body shivered when his warm lips touched my neck sending me another ripple of tingling feeling.

Yes…..I knew these symptoms. I knew it so well.

“You are so naughty, James” I closed my eyes, tilted my head to the left a bit and moaned when he kissed another spot on the right side of my neck. This time his hands moved toward my breasts and fondled those through the flimsy fabric. I squirmed hard and my nipples were standing painfully stiff and hard. Under influence of the druig, those tips which had became more sensitive.

His cock was hardened and stiff. I could feel the bulging front part of his pant pressing hard against my butt cheeks when he kept on fondling my breasts and teasing those sensitive nipples….one after another with naughty pinches…twists…some times he pulles lightly only to hear me moan harder and louder. He enjoyed teasing me like this.

“OooOHhh~~ james….” I whispered and moaned when he slowly took off the left shoulder of my dress followed by the right one….then let my dress fell on the floor crumbled around my stilleto heels.

I slightly opened my eyes and saw my petite body almost naked save for sheer skin colour nylon, garter belt, and sexy heels as well as tiny g-string which was getting wetter. I shrieked when his fingers pulled my left nipple again naughtily.

“You like it, right?” he whispered in my right ear.

I didn’t answer but simply nodded and moved my right hand behind my back then slid into his pants passing his belt touching his manhood. It was hard and stiff. Its head was slightly wet because of pre-cum which started oozing out of its pee-hole. I heard him grunted and breathing heavily as my fingers slid deeper passing its cock head along his cock. My fingers moved a bit more until his pants stopped it from moving further.

He gently took my hand out of his pants and turned my body facing him.

“Do you mind, Cel?” he whispered in my left ear followed by a brief kiss. I smiled and moved my hands to unbutton his shirt..one after another until the last button. His hands were busy teasing and squeezing my ass cheeks and only stopped briefly when I took his shirt off.

He paused for awhile and lifted up my chin for me to face him then lowered his face kissing me deep. My hands kept on moving to unfasten the leather belt then continued unzipping his pants…freeing his cock and letting it fell around his ankle. His boxer followed next and his cock was free…twitching several times and I could feel the wetness of his cockhead touched the skin of my flat belly.

“Yessss…” he moaned whilst and he pushed me download so that I knelt in front of him. I could see his cock twitched several times with its cock head glistened by more precums.

I gave his cock head a gentle kiss and I could see that he leaned his head backward, exhaled and moaned. He was gasping when my lips engulfed the cockhead. His breath became heavier and harder when his cock slid deeper into my warm mouth…deeper and deeper until its cock head reached the back wall of my mouth. His hands grouped handful of my hair and held my head for a while. I could feel his cock twitched inside my warm mouth and a few drops of saliva started oozing out through the corner of my lips.

When he eased his grips, I started sucking his cock. Slow at the beginning and started adding up more speed…rounded my lips around his cock smearing my lipstick on his hardened shaft. Soft slurping sound filled the air. He grunted, hissed and breathed heavily for every moment his cock got really deep inside my mouth.

It was twiching hard when I took it out of my mouth and licked its pee-hole. James gasped and hardly get hold of himself. Looking at him made me really really wet. His cock glistening under the dim light. I kissed its pee hole and licked again…and again…and again…with my wet tongue…

It was then he guided me up. I was standing shakingly on my heels when he ripped my tiny g-string. It made me shrieked and made the inner part of my pussy quiver soflty. Before I knew what would happen next, he lifted my body and carried me toward the leather sofa and laid my back on it then spreaded my legs. He put my left foot on the cushion on the sofa whilst he left my right heel on the floor. I laid on my back and closed my eyes whilst my hands fondled my breasts. Sometimes my fingers pinched my nipples one after another…again and again.

I squirmed and bit my lower red lip when James put his head between my inner thighs…then slowly…

“OOHhHhH!!” my petite body shuderred a bit when the tip of of his wet tongue naughtily patted my sensitive clit. It touched again and again…then his lips teased my clit pulling it lightly…so lightly but I could feel tingling feeling rippled throughout my body. My right heel was scratching and clicking on the floor as I clenched my thighs grinding his head between my inner thighs. I squirmed and I knew that my sheer nylon rubbed both of his cheeks and his temples….and he licked again … sucked my clit and made my whimpered uncontrollaby begging him to fuck me then. My pussy was so wet and the inner part of it quivered uncontrollably. I could feel his tongue licked my pussy along my pussy lips from the bottom until the tip of my clit. Its tip slid between my pussy lips caressing those sensntive walls and sending me to the highest…..

“OOHhhHHhHH!!!! JamesssSS!!!” I shrieked when the first orgasmic wave hit me. I felt so good and the blood was rushing through my vein. My heart was beating hard and I could not stop myself gasping. My left hand pinched and pulled my right nipple whilst my right hand fingers combed his hair and squeezed gently.

His tongue slithered along my pussy lips and I could not myself from squirming and clenching my thighs….grinding his cheeks and temples on the nylon between my inner thighs…and when he poked the tip of his tongue inside, it almost touched my sensitive spot but yet… it sent another orgasmic ripple from my pussy.

“Fuck me now,James.. I am yours… please fuck me me…please James..please…now James..please” I murmured uncontrollably and eased the grip of my inner thighs on his head.. I felt my knees were trembing and the inner part of my pussy quivered hard.

Whilst I kept my eyes closed, I could feel he climbed up and put his hand under my right knee then put it on his shoulder… my left knee followed next. I slightly opened my eyes and saw both of my stiletto heels were pointing toward the ceiling whilst he rubbed his cock along my wet pussy lips…rubbing up and down…Ooohh..it moved again up and down….sometimes the tip of its head slid through briefly between my pussy lips.

I arched and closed my eyes when he started pushing his cock into my pussy. I gasped and pinched my left nipple….and moaned as it stretched my pussy lips and moved in…. I gasped for every second it got deeper. The warm wall around my pussy lips started quivering … squeezing every spot of his cock until the tip of his cock head touched the deepest spot. I heard him grunt and he put his hands on my shoulder…folding my legs and started pumping his cock in and out.

The softness of the nylon rubbed his shoulders as he rocked my petite body under him. I gasped and moaned for every slam that he made….for every touched of the tip of his cock at the the deepest spot of my pussy….really deep inside.

“OoooOhhh James Yesss YessSS!!” I arched and squirmed when he pumped his cock as fast and as hard as he could.

“oOhH! yessS..Ohh yesss…yeessSSS,,, OOOOhHhHhHH!!” my eyes shut tightly when another orgasmic wave hit me….tranversing through my nerves…..then followed by smaller peaks. He rocked faster and faster..harder in every slam that he made…. I heard him grunting..breathing heavilty and I could feel drops of his sweats on me.

Yet…. I got it again and again…….and again…. I could not stop myself moaning… 

I completely lost count how many times I got my orgasms….my pussy was quivering hard.. I only knew when he added more speed and his cock started throbbing deep inside me. His cock head bulging and slightly expanded..

He grunted…. He arched his body and pushed his cock as deep as he could.. His muscular body tightened and went rigid. It got really deep inside me and….

“OoHhhHhhH!!!” he moaned when I got another wave in just split second almost at the same time his cock exploded inside my warm pussy…squirting cum again and again…filling my womb with thick cum which was exploding from his pee-hole.. It kept on filling me for a few more squirts before he released my knees from his shoulders. His body collapsed on me and he deep kissed me as mixture of my liquid and his thick cum started oozing out from my pussy lips and puddled under my ass.

We kept on kissing each other until he pulled his cock out from my pussy. At glance I saw its glistened head twitching several times. I closed my eyes as he climbed down from my body as I felt so exhausted. I thought it was over but I was wrong….

James’ cock was still stiff and half hard. He flipped my body over so that I was lying facing the leather sofa. Slowly he lifted up my ass and spat on my cheek then smeared the liquid around my tight ass hole whilst his other hand stroking his cock and made it hard again.

My hands moved backward pushing his wrists but it didn’t stop him….

115lb, 5'5", black hair. Love to wear sexy dresses; a see-through blouse and a very short tight skirt fit well. Like 5" spiky heels with straps v much.

Love a role-play as much as i love these dresses and heels.
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very nicely written with erotic passionate words

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He pushed his cockhead toward the opening of my ass and I could feel that it parted the tight opening then slowly poked inside. I gasped and moved my fingers to tease my clit adding up pleasure to myself whilst his cockhead was sliding deeper and deeper. Sometimes James stopped for awhile when the muscles around my ass tightened up squeezing his cockhead and its thick hard shaft.

He moaned and grunted when his cock reached at the deepest spot as if he completely impaled my petite body with his thick hard cock. I could feel his mushroom shaped cockhead inside my belly. All muscles around my ass was contracting and squeezing his cock again and again as he pulled his cock slowly then to pushed it back it. He grunted for every move that he made. I did likewise.

“Yesss.. Jamessss..” I moaned whilst my right hand fingers patting my clit. I folded my legs and let my knees pressed against the leather of the sofa. I clenched my ass to grip his cock deep inside me and it made him moaned and grunted with heavy tones. I could feel his cock was throbbing inside me.

Then he pulled and pushed it back in with higher rhythm…faster and faster he moved slamming his cock deep inside my ass again and again….and again. His grunts were more louder whilst his cock throbbed more frequent. Following his pace, my fingers patted and circled my clit…sometimes I slided my middle finger between my wet pussy lips. It made me moaned uncontrollably…..

“OooHhHhHh…yyYYyYEsss… Yess.. James.. please….Yessss..OHHh!!!~~” I screamed……

….and in split second, I could feel the inner part of my pussy quivered as if it alived. At the same time, the feeling rippled throughout my petite body.

Knowing that, James shoved his cock as deeper as he could. I could feel his cockhead throbbed then followed by series of squirts of his cum deep inside my ass. James moaned and exhaled with great relief as he was unloading his cum for a few more seconds until his cock squirted the last drop of his warm liquid.

My petite felt exhaustedly on the leather once James pulled out his cock. I could feel the coolness of the leather as my stiff poking nipples pressed against it. I bit my lower lip lightly when the inner part of my pussy was quivering briefly.

I saw James climbed down from the sofa and staggered for a while as if he was trying to regain his balance and I smiled at him. I saw beats of sweats on his forehead and streaks of sweat running down his muscular shoulders and chest. I closed my eyes when he lowered himself to kiss my left cheek. I let his right hand stroke gently my black shoulder length hair when the liquid started oozing out of my ass and pussy…..gathering in a small puddle on the sofa. I kept on closing my eyes and let my mind succumbed and drifted in a nice short pleasant reverie.

I didn’t know how long I had been lying there…

The air inside the room was cool…

“James?” I whispered and opened up my eyes. He was not there and the room was empty. It was quiet save for a soft humming noise coming from the air conditioner. Our liquid between my inner thighs and under my pelvis had dried up save for a bit sticky spots on the leather as I raised up.

“Ohhh..shit” I cursed when more liquid oozing out as I stood up. Some dropped on the floor and some running down slowly along my inner thighs toward the sexy strappy non-platform 5” heels that I was wearing. My fingers wiped it quickly as I walked briskly toward the shower booth….expecting that some more liquid, a mix of James’ cum and my liquid, would ooze out at anytime from either my pussy or my ass.

Without wasting more time, I turned the water on and slipped my feet off from the heels then stepped into the shower. The water felt so warm and nice on my skin.

The vapor slowly filled the room as I cleaned up myself and took moments to tease my sensitive nipples and clit ….letting my mind drifting back and recalling moments that I just shared with James.

I moaned and squirmed when a brief tingling feeling rippled throughout my petite body. I gasped under the shower with water splashing on my skin… my pussy was quivering briefly…. I moaned… I gasped then let myself drifted....and enjoyed the feeling until it completely subsided.

Slowly I stepped out of the shower booth and grabbed a towel to dry up myself. I called James but still….I didn’t see him.

It was then a message showed up on my mobile screen…

Old Cabin West Lake. Come.

The message was short and it mentioned about a secluded place usually used by James to meet with any of his inner circle or important contacts. He took me there several times and told me many stories about his childhood he spent in the west lake area. It was beautiful in both spring and autumn. In the past James’ uncle owned only 4 hectares land covering the most natural and beautiful spot at the west side of the lake. After he passed away the land (along with other inheritances) passed to James who acquired even more. I knew that in total James gathered and owned more than 10 hectares. A perfect hideaway place.

I looked back at the message after I wore back my evening dress. It was too short and it was unusual. Yet the number was correct that it was sent from James’ phone number. Without wasting more time, I put on a pair of 5” sexy strappy heels, grabbed my purse and walked out of the room. I saw Majorie was talking to a stranger and she turned to me as I walked closer to her.

“Leaving, Ms.Celina?” she asked.

I nodded and smiled at her. We gave each other a nice hug and I took this chance to whisper in her right ear thanking her for the patient and service. She then took me to the elevator where a bellboy was holding the booth door waiting for me to get in.

“Until we meet again, Ms.Celina” she said politely as I walked into the elevator booth.

“…and you too, Majorie” I replied when the booth doors started closing.

It took about an hour and a half for me to travel to the West Lake at 2am in the morning. Doug drove the car and we didn’t talk much. I knew that he was stealing glance at me several times through the mirror as I was sitting on the black leather passenger seat and looking out of the window. I preferred to ignore him.

I checked again the mobile when the car took a left turn leaving the inter city highway. There was no further message from James. I decided to call but he was not answering. So strange I felt as the car was dashing through the country road. It might took another 15 to 20 minutes before I arrived.

James, what game are you playing now?... why do you want me to come to such place in such hour? .. This was very unusual but I didn’t see any reason for me to turn back.

It was completely dark outside the car. The sky was cloudy and the moon was hiding behind the thick cloud. It might be raining soon and it rained a lot during this season.

I checked once again the mobile and tried to make a call to James’ number. Still he didn’t answer it. So strange indeed and such thrill made my pussy tingled a bit. Moist gathered a bit around my pussy lips between my inner thighs and I knew that I didn’t wear my panties under the short tight cotton dress that I was wearing. My nipples started standing stiff and hard when I saw the cabin from the distance.

“Are you sure that this is the way, Doug?” I asked.

“Yes, Ms.Celina”, he replied politely. I looked into his eyes through the mirror. Put aside his lusty look, he looked calm and full of confident.

why is the cabin so dark? Are you sure that you are there, James?

I sighed and checked my mobile again. I dialed the number but he still didn’t pick up my call. What made it worse was that the signal was running only two bars and sometimes less….just a few second before the car stop a few meters in front of the cabin with its tires scratching the gravel noisily.

I saw James’ car and two others lined up in front the cabin.

“Wait here, Ms.Celina” Doug said and opened up the door. He kept the engine running and the headlight on.

I looked around and it was indeed very dark outside. Black and dark shadows of wild bushes and trees were looming all around us. I saw Doug walked toward James’ car and without waiting any longer, I grabbed my purse, opened the car door then got out of the car. Cool breeze caressed my skin as I stepped out and closed the car door.

Dough turned, raised his left hand and said “Wait, Ms.Celina”. His right hand was holding a handgun whilst his eyes were scanning around.

Ignoring his warning, I stepped closer. I rubbed my hands on my arms and looked around. I saw nothing else than darkness. My ear heard mix of noisy sounds of night insects all around us. Again, the cabin was dark and it was indeed very unusual.

My heels stepped on the gravel as I walked closer toward James’ car. Doug moved to another car next to it without saying any word. Something wrong must have happened and it was really unusual. I knew James well and he would not play such joke on me. If this was really a joke, I would slap his face when I met him later.

My hand pulled the his car handle and yanked it open. It was unlocked and no one was inside. what’s wrong..? I wondered as I closed the car door. My petite body was shuddered when another blow of cool breeze caressed my skin. I could feel it between my inner thighs making my pussy lips were quivering lightly.

“Lets go inside” I said to Doug and walked passing him toward the front door of the cabin. My stiletto heels were clicking noisily on the wooden floor no matter how I tried to walk silently…

I gasped when I saw the door was slightly ajar….and I took out my mini Beretta from my purse as Doug pushed the door aside. It was dark inside and I could feel my heart was beating hardly inside my chest. My nipples started standing stiff as those sensitive nipples rubbing against the fabric of my low V cut evening dress.

It was then….

I turned my head to the right when I heard that the night insects at that direction suddenly silenced for unknown reason.

I saw a red dot on Doug and in split second his body was pushed forward by an invisible force. His body tumbled hard on the wooden floor with a heavy thud and it really sent me a shock. Driven by instinct, I lowered myself just a split second before a bullet the door frame sending splinters of wood. I rolled and hid behind the wooden wall of the cabin…hiding myself from the sniper.

The night insects stopped chirping briefly and it was quiet save for a soft hum of the car which Doug didn’t turn off. I saw him lying there on the floor with puddle of dark liquid around his head.

With the headlight aiming directly toward the front side of the cabin, it would be impossible for me to check outside….

“Damn!” I cursed and took out my mobile. The battery was full but the signal was only one bar. I tried to make a call but the connection could not get through.

Knowing that there was no way for me to get through the front entrance, I slowly crawl away from the door and windows. I knew that the sniper was waiting out there. I had to stay calm and I knew the drill. My pussy lips quivered lightly because of this thrill and a bit of moist gathered between my inner thighs. I kept on crawling away until I entered into the living room and slowly stood up.

My heart almost stopped beating when I saw two bodies lying on the floor. My heels were clicking briskly as I walked closer then kneeled beside one after another to check. Under dim light I saw their faces. All strangers and none was James. It gave me a bit of relief.

As I moved from one room to another, I found more dead men as well as scattered  and broken furniture. Despite noisy clicks of my stilettoes it was impossible for me to take those off unless I wished to risk to step on the broken glass or sharp wooden splinters. It was indeed a chaotic mess of what was left after heavy gunfight. I kept on checking and moving around the house. I found more dead bodies but not James.

“Where are you, James? Are you safe?” I whispered when I reached the backdoor of the cabin leading toward the narrow dirt road toward the small harbor beside the lake. I peered through the narrow slit of a window and saw the lake was amazingly calm and still. There was a faint light across the lake coming from another cabin but yet it was hard to walk through the darkness and bushes wearing only such an evening dress and heels.

Last choice if I have to make … I said to myself.

I turned my face to the right when I head a soft heavy thud coming from my right side. I saw a black shadow lurking slowly and when I was about to open my mouth to whisper, I saw it raised something looked like a gun aiming at me. I raised my handgun and shot…

His body was jerked backward and his gun fired a bullet which was missing an inch from my left arm.

Another one showed up and I shot but missed.

I crawled away when a bullet crushed the vase next to me.

I kept on moving from one room to another whilst exchanging several shots with them. They were two people if I counted right and they were closing me from left and right….cornering me back toward the front door.

I saw one of them coming from the left and I shot again. A massive body felt on the floor with heavy thud without curse or grunt. I knew that he was dead but another one would come up and there was only one bullet left inside my mini Beretta.

I was breathing heavily and was trying to calm myself whilst I was pointing my handgun toward a direction where I would expect him to come. My evening dress was completely dampened by sweat and my hands were trembling badly. I could feel the wooden wall pressing against my back as I leaned against it.

It was then…..

“Come out little sweetie….” Someone was shouting from outside of the cabin.

I moved slowly toward the window and peered outside. It was really bright when another car aimed its headlight toward the front side of the cabin.

“Come out and meet with your lover, James or else….”

Then he continued….“I know that you are watching this..”

I saw him standing there between two cars….another man standing beside him holding a rifle whilst another one kneeling in front of him. I could not see their faces as they were standing beside the headlights of the car. With one inside the cabin there were three men other than who was kneeling on the ground.

“James?” my heart was beating hard and I felt my hands went cold.

“You know I am not a patient man, little sweetie. It’s your choice or I’ll shot his head” he chocked his handgun and pressed against the head of the man who was kneeling in front of him. I recognized his voice and he was Mr.Nash himself.

“Come out now or I’ll shot him!” …and he pressed the tip of the handgun on the man’s head.

With them standing beside the bright light of those headlights, it was completely impossible for me to recognize their faces. I slowly stepped out of my hiding and raised my hands. I could not let them shoot James in front of my eyes. I could not let it happened in front of my eyes…

I loved James...
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115lb, 5'5", black hair. Love to wear sexy dresses; a see-through blouse and a very short tight skirt fit well. Like 5" spiky heels with straps v much.

Love a role-play as much as i love these dresses and heels.

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“Throw your gun, young lady”, Nash said and I did what he commanded. The gun was empty anyway. It flew for a few seconds before landed and scraped the gravel then stop a few inches close to Nash.

“Very good”, he said then unarmed his handgun. He gave a sign to the one standing next to him to pull James up.

My heart was beating heart as I moved to cover my eyes from the blinding light. I saw James stood up stuttered in limbo as he was trying hard to gain his balance. Without me knowing, the other man inside the house came out, grabbed my right wrist then twisted hard behind my back followed by my left hand. I cringed in pain and struggled in vain he secured both of my wrists behind my back with a piece of plastic strap.

James was dragged roughly into the house and I saw Nash stopped for a while in front of me. His right hand moved to grab a handful of my hair and pulled me closer to his face. His eyes were red with anger boiled inside him and I could almost see his vein pulsed on his temple as if he was holding a tremendous amount of lust for revenge inside his heart.

I saw his mocking smile as I cringed and shrieked in pain when he pulled my hair harder.

“My pretty lil bitch” he hissed next to my right ear; and it sent thrill through my nerves.

There was not much time to waste as he dragged me back into the cabin. I stuttered trying to keep pace with his steps and my heels were clicking scrapping noisly on the gravel then on the wodden floor. There was no way for me other than to follow him toward the main room…. and with one forceful move he threw me onto the sofa.

My petite body bounced for a while and my hair was completely in mess. I saw James was sitting on another one seater sofa on the other side facing me as I vainly grabbing my night dress as it revealed most of my thighs in front of them to see. My panties was slighly dampened as my heart was beating hard inside my chest. I could expect what would possibly happened to me but I relieved to see that other than bruises on his handsome face, James was ok. His eyes fixed to Nash and I could sense his anger flaring.

“Let me make this short. This bitch has stolen some information from me; and I want it back!! Damn it!” Nash said and pointed his finger to my face as I flinched on the sofa with my hands tied securedly behind my back.

“…and you, James, we have been following you for years and I personally have been expecting to see you face to face. If not because of this bitch, I wont have this chance….”…. he stopped for awhile then continue….”My method is proven correct…if we can find her, we will find you sooner or later”.

Nash walked toward me and without any hesitation, his hand moved toward my right nipple. I tried to dodge it but I could not do much. It started with a light touch but then with sudden move…..

“AAAAaaaaaaakKKhHHh~~~!!” I screamed in pain…my petite body twisted wildly as Nash’s fingers pinched my right nipple really hard. I could feel my nipple pulsed and it was slowly getting hard poking out my flimsy night dress. I gasped and bit my lower lip until the feeling slowly subsided. 

James stood up and tried to rush angrily toward Nash but both of bodyguards grabbed his shoulders then one of them launched a blow toward his belly sending his body falling backward hard on the sofa. He coughed badly.

“Please don’t hurt him”….I screamed and tried to stand up but Nash grabbed me and threw me back toward the sofa.

“You should care about yourself, bitch!.... You have put me under investigation of the committee after such accusation was released in the news…”....and his hand move toward the neckline of my night dress…..

”Did you know that, BITCH?” … then with full force he ripped open my dress until my belly button showing my supple breasts for everyone to see. I blushed and turned to another direction.

James raised again and those two bodyguards sent several blows toward his abdomen making him falling hard coughing, grunting and breathing heavily.

Nash continued ripping open my night dress regardless my stuggle until it was completely torn off into two pieces…. exposing my naked body save for a tiny g-string, which was quickly ripped off in the next few seconts then threw away.

I stood there …blushed and felt so embarassed…standing naked on my strappy stiletto heels with completely torn night dress. A drop of tear leaving a long streak on my left cheek as I closed my eyes and whispered…”please don’t hurt him, again…please”

“What did you say, young girl..” Nash leaned his face toward my trembling lips expecting me to say out more words; but I remained silenced even as his hands started caressing my left breast moving toward my left nipple. His hand was warm on my skin.

With a gentle kiss on my neck which made my petite body shivered, his hand moved toward my left nipple and pinched again then twisted my hard nipple hard sending another jolt of pain which rippled through my body. I closed my eyes and cringed…then gasped when he released his grip. My left nipple was pulsing as it stood hardened…

As I opened my eyes, though the corner of my eyes I saw James was struggling. Nash turned his face to him and said….”Enjoy this, huh?” then he turned back to me.

“Tell me where you keep all copies of the information, bitch”, he said menacingly next to my ear.

Knowing that I didn’t make any move, he continued….”Or perhaps you need more treatments to get your memory back?”… and with one strong move, his hand move toward my left shoulder and pulled me closer to him. I could smell his foul breath.

I shrieked when he throwed me on the sofa….and my petite body bounced up and down briefly with my feet parted letting to peek my pussy lips between my inner thighs for split second. I quickly tried to close my thighs but before I did, he grabbed my left ankle and pulled me until I was lying flat on my back on the sofa.

Briefly I saw James flared up with anger and he got more punches on his face to calm him down. Blood oozed from his broken lips. Nash didn’t give much time as he pinned my shoulder and hissed in front of my eyes and said .. “now you can remember, bitch?”

“I will tell.. I will tell… but plss..dont hurt him” I said and nodded wildly.  Lying on my back I closed tightly my thighs and I could feel more moist was gathering down there between my inner thighs.

Nash gave sign to one of his bodyguard who took out his mobile from his pocket as I mentioned several location where they could find copies of the information.

“Call others to clean up those locations mentioned by this bitch..” Nash said then turned back to me. Smiling mockingly he stood up then unzipped his pants, left it crumbled on the floor then stepped out of it. I shrieked and folded my legs as he took off his jacked then shirt. His cock was half stiff and it was getting harder…twiching up and down several times as he moved closer to me.

One bodyguard gave James another blow and I could see blood oozing out from his nose.

I struggled when Nash tried to touch my body. I squirmed and dug my heels on the sofa as I tried to push myself away from him.  I desperately pulled my hands which were securedly tied behind my back but it was only hurting my wrists when the plastic band scratched my skin.

“Get away form me!..” I screamed but  it wouldn’t stop him.

“Shut the fuck up, bitch”, he shouted and back handed my face.

I shrieked as I feel the skin on my left cheek burning. It was then followed by another blow on my right cheek sending my face looking at another direction facing James. I could see him blurly as tears filled my eyes. I saw him struggling as those bodyguard pinned him down on the sofa. Yet I could also taste a bit of blood on my lower lip.

Apart of my burning cheeks I felt my face blushed knowing that James would see me being raped by these guys…then Nash pushed my knees apart exposing my naked slightly wet pussy. I shiverred when his fingers brushed against my soft pussy lips.  He snapped his hands angrily as I tried so hard clenching my thighs once again.

Unstoppably his hand moved toward my right breast as his other hand busy stroking his cock until it was standing stiff and hard.

“AkkKkHh~~ Stop it….you…~~hurt me…please~~!” I screamed when he pinched and twisted my right nipple after he fondled my breast gently. My petite body squirming hard and I shook my head left and right fighting against the pain which rippled like endlessly through my petite body. My heels were kicking the cushion on the sofa and tearing some parts of it.

“That’s for cheating me, slut” he hissed and released his pinched on my right nipple. I started sobbing uncontrollably when he started climbed up on my body. I could see his face blurly hovering above mine. His cynical mockery smile…then he forcefully parted my thighs and positioned himself between my thighs.

Once again he slapped my face hard to calm my struggle before he slid his thick hard cock in one hard slam into my tight pussy….made me writhing in terrible pain. I could feel his hard and stiff cock impale me completely.  The pain was so unbearable and it was killing me as it rippled throughout my petite body. I writhed in pain when he was even trying to pushed his cock deeper inside me.

All muscles clenched trying to stop him but it could not. He kept on grunting…pulling his cock slightly only to gain momentum to slam it back in as hard as he could…until I finally gave up. My stiletto heels were kicking frantically when he started pumping wildly on top of my petite body.

“AkkKHhh~~~! Stop it…stoppp…please…~~” I whimpered but my trembling voice only drove him mad. It seemed that  he enjoyed fucking me hard throwing all frustrations and anger on me.

My pussy was so painful and sore. The inner part of it quivered softly for every hard slam that he made. I gasped and whimpered in paid…cringed and threw my head left and right…clenching my fists hard. My supple breasts were jiggling wildly. Some liquid was oozing out and it eased my pain. There was no passion at all. No mercy in the way Nash was fucking me hard.

I felt ashamed knowing that James was matching me as well.

The sofa was creaking as he moved and rocked my petite body under him…

My vision was completely blurred and my eyes were filled with tears. Some were rolling down my cheeks smearing my make up….but the torture continued, until Nash’s body went rigid briefly and his cock was throbbing inside my body. He pulled then slammed it back in…once, twice and then with sudden twich…Nash cummed hard inside me spurting his warm thick cum. There was no way for me to stop him…

Blurly I could see his face glistening with wet beats of sweat on his forehead. One drop of sweat fell on my face almost at the same time he squirted the last drop of his cum inside my quivering pussy.

Some liquid was oozing out from my pussy… running along my pussy lips then gathered around like a small pond under my ass cheeks. A mixture of his cum, my liquid and perhaps a bit of blood. My pussy was really really hurt, sore and painful. I cringed in pain as I closed my thighs slowly then continued sobbing. Nash stood up and exhaled a great relief. One drop of his cum dripped on my thighs…leaving disgusting sticky streak on my skin.

Before I realized what would happen next, someone flipped my body over and clipped out the plastic strap around my wrists. My hands were slightly numbed when the blood was finally rushing through.

“please… no more….please…..” I vainly struggled when someone lifted me up from the sofa. As I tried to get my balance standing on my strappy stilettos with sore and painful cunt, I could see James staring at me. His left eye was swollen and his lips were cracked. His nose was bleeding badly.  His suit and shirt were completely in mess.

“This bitch is yours guys…”Nash threw me to one of his bodyguards. I stuttered on my heels and fell on his musclular chest. More liquid oozing out of my pussy..some dripping off my pussy straight to the floor and some were running down my thighs toward my calf and my stilettos.

The black guy grabbed my body and torned completely my night dress leaving me naked except my strappy heels which he didn’t bother to take off.

“Let him has his turn with her first; and you stay here with me. I need to speak to James.” Nash said….then turned to the black guy, “Take her into that room but leave the door open. Let him hear her screams whilst you are fucking her petite body…” Nash smiled at me and I really hated his smile….

”Do as you please, Gonzo but don’t kill her, ok?” Nash said; and the guy lifted my petite body easily into the next room; and as instructed he threw my petite body on the bed and leave the door open.

I quickly tried to regain my balance on the bed, which used to be the place where James and I shared moments. I saw the man was taking off his clothes and behind his back in the other room I also saw Nash and the other guy were beating down James.

“Please stop…” I whimpered and climbed down the bed; but the black guy called Gonzo moved quick toward me, grabbed my shoulders then quickly threw me back on the bed.

I shrieked and used my heels desperately to fence him away from me. His thich and half stand cock was swaying as we struggled. He could easily dodge me until he finally got a good grab on my ankle and pulled.

As my petite body slid on the table and tried to flip and crawled away. He grabbed another ankle and pulled me until my belly pressed against the edge of the bed. His strong hands gripped my waist then pinned me down regardless how I struggled and wriggled to free myself. His cock was getting harder  as he realized how desperately I was.

My hands grabbed the bed cover and desperately tried to pulled myself away from away, I could not move that far when he rubbed the tip of his cock on my asscheeks….and leaving streaks of his pre-cum on my skin. My heels were scratching the wooden floor and kicking empty air as I screamed and cried out when he lowered himself and pushed slowly between my asscheek aiming toward my ass.

I clenched my ass and resisted as hard as I could; and knoiwng my resistence, he pulled back before he pushed it as hard as he could into my pussy until the tip of his cock touched the entrance of my womb.

“NooOOOo…AkkkhhHHH~~~”, I cried when he grabbed a handful of my hand and pulled it backward arching my petite body. I felt my pussy quivered and he started fucking my pussy from behind. His cock stretched my pussy to its possible limit…. but yet a mixture of liquid left after Nash fucked me helped his cock to slid easier and slightly eased my pain.

Countless time he was fucking my pussy from behind and there was nothing I could do when he pulled my hair more arching my body and forcing me to face the ceiling. Whilst my left hand gripped tight the bed cover, my right hand landed on the front side of his right thigh desperately pushing him away…..again and again… he slammed in and out my pussy.

“Yess….long time I havent fuck such a tight pussy” he grunted with heavy voice betweeen his breaths…”Fuck…you are so fucking hot, bitch”…he hissed as he pushed his cock as deep as possible into my pussy.

After few more hard painful strokes, he pulled his cock out and his hands grabbed my asscheeks and tried to spread it open. Knowing how thick his cock was, I shook my head pleading him to stop and desperately resisted his efforts.

I took a chance when he pulled his cock. I flipped my body and swung my right foot as fast as I could. He stepped back but it was too late for him and the sharp heel caught his cheek leaving an obvious mark on his skin. I took this chance to crawl away to the other edge of the bed.

He roared in angry and moved back toward the bed; and grabbed. His hand missed a few inches from my left foot as I climbed down the bed. His cock was swaying wildly when he moved around to the other side of the bed.

I climbed back up but my left heel slipped on the wooden floor. My petite body fell on the bed and before I could regain my balance, he was there grabbed my right hand and pulled me off the bed like a ragged doll with his left hand.

“Fuck you, bitch!” he shouted angrily. His grip was like an iron fist around my right arm.

“AaaaakkkHhHh~~~” I shrieked when he backhanded my face; then followed by a fist landed on my flat belly emptying air from my lungs… then another blow landed a few inches from the first one. I felt the world around me spinning and my stomach curned upside down. I felt hard on the floor …lying there holding my belly and cried out. He was about to step on my body sending a fatal blow but….

“Hey…Gonzo!” I heard Nash shout as he stood at the door. “We still need her, ok?”

Without saying a word, he grabbed both of my arms and pulled me up facing him.

“You did that again, bitch….you will regret to meet me tonight. Do you understand?” He roared and his eyes were filled with anger.  I could only nod telling him that I understood what he meant.

“Very well then” he threw me back on the bed faced down; opened my asscheeks and wetted his thick hard shaft. My petite body trembled in fear and pain. Blood oozed out from the crack on my lip and from my nose. I sobbed uncontrollably as he pushed his big cockhead into my tight ass. I tried to resist but I was to weak.

I cried out in pain when his cockhead disappeared into my ass. The pain was  excruciatingly unbrearable. My hands gripped tight the bed cover until my knuckles turned white. Everyone in the other room must have heard my cry as he pulled and pushed again his cock deeper and deeper..

Series of pull and push…again and again…all muscles around my ass were tightly gripping his cock. I could feel how those muscles trembled. He grunted and pushed again.

“StooppPPPppP!!...Aaaakkhh,..AkkhhhHH!!!~~~~” I cried in pain but there was nothing stopped him.

“PleaseeeEEE…It reallyyYyy huuurttt!!~~~ please…..” I cried again but this would only make him push in his cock as hard as he could until all disappeared into my ass…followed by his heavy sound as he exhaled.

It was then he pulled and pushed again….pulled an pushed again and again…..again and again…sending ripples of agony throughout my petite body. Beats of sweat appeared on my skin as he once again gripped a handful of my hair and pulled whilst he pushed his cock as deep as he could.

I could not cry any more. My voice was cracking and my tears were almost dried when finally his cock throbbed inside my ass. He pulled and pushed then his body went rigid and he was grunting with low voice telling how he loved tightness of my ass. It was then he moved with franzy in and out movements as if he would like to completely ravaging my ass.

In split second, his cock exploded inside my ass unloading his nasty disgusting cum. Squirt after squirt and throbbed again until he squirted the last drop. With great relief he pulled his cock out of my ass….

I closed my eyes and sobbed uncontrollably. I could hear only his heavy steps stuttered backward. I was lying there at the edge of the bed and was completely exhausted and wasted. Liquid started oozing out from my ass soon enough and those running down my thighs. When I felt sharp pain, I knew that my ass must have been bleeding. Those liquid ….. must have been a mixture of his cum and my blood.

Before I could do more, I could feel a pair of hand lifted up my body and threw me on my back on the bed. I could see blurly his face…..another man took his turn to fuck me. I could feel how he teased my bruised nipple…one after another. My legs were completely paralized with the pain. I was only hoping that he would treat me nicer than those people. Nothing that I would expect more….

One tear drop run down from my left eye when he pushed his cock into my pussy. I was too weak to resist. There was nothing left inside me. It was so painful when he was fucking my pussy no matter how gentle it was. I closed my eyes and felt my petite body started moving back and forth.

Only a cracking voice came from my broken lips begging him to stop as it was really painful for me….but why should he? He kept on moving and rocking my petite body.

I could feel when he finally squirted his cum deep inside me…but before I could resist another guy took his turn and climbed up again on top of my body and started to fuck my pussy again and again…

It seemed to me.....it was endless... and I started to surrender as blackness engulfed my mind..

115lb, 5'5", black hair. Love to wear sexy dresses; a see-through blouse and a very short tight skirt fit well. Like 5" spiky heels with straps v much.

Love a role-play as much as i love these dresses and heels.

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A great story ! I just love it !!!  sign_outstanding

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I didn’t know how long I had been left unconscious….

I opened my eyes briefly then cringed in pain when sharp pain stung my nerves coming from my pussy. It was really really hurt and made me closed my thighs whilst I was writhing in pain on the dampened bed. Beats of sweat appeared on my skin until the pain was slowly subsided. Tears of pain running down my cheek as I gasped for fresh air when another sharp pain emerged as I shifted my hips. The pain was really excruciatingly unbearable…

It took me more time to wait until my body could adjust and felt less pain…

I was lying there naked on the bed with both wrists were tied up securely above my head to the bed post. I was in a complete mess with my messy hair which many parts crumbled because of drying sticky cum. My face must have bruises and cracks on my lips were getting dried and hard. Once again I uncomfortably moved my hips and another sharp pain stung…I could bear it better this time and lightly bit my lower lip but only to end up cringed in pain… Mixture of thick sperm liquid was getting dryer on the spots between my inner thighs.

“You wake, bitch?” I heard someone’s voice with heavy Mexican accent and I turned my face toward the door. I could see his cynical lustly smile appeared on his face and didn’t say anything. I just looked at him as he walked closer to me. He was about at his 40-ies and not really handsome. Must be a new recruit, I said to myself.

“You did a great job last night….”, he said as his finger slither along my chin downward toward my breasts…circling around my left nipple for awhile teasing it and made it slighty stiffer.

“I fucked you twice but…I guess you didn’t remember, huh?.... Four of us, including Nash, had a good time….and you know… you are indeed remarkably sexy…”… then he used his thumb and index finger to grin my stiff left nipple and made me gasped… I shrieked in pain when he pinched it hard.

“…there you go…sexy sweet voice like when we had you in turn…” then he pinched again harder for seconds before he released it. I could not stop myself from squirming….digging my stilettos, which they still left,  into the torn bed dampened bed where James and I used to spend time together.

Tears were running down my temple and my vision slightly blurred when he lowered his face to kiss my cheek then he used his wet tounge to lick my tears away. I felt so disgusted but I knew that I should not waste my energy and waited for any slight chance.

All muscles around my belly were trembling as his finger moved along it curve toward my pussy. I closed my thighs slightly and stopped when another shot of pain rippled through my nerves. I let his fingers slightly rub my clit before I said in breaking voice…

“I… I need to pee….”

His fingers stopped briefly and he looked at me.

“…Please I need to pee….” I said again and looked into his eyes trying to convince him.

His face turned away and I could feel his fingers moving again pushing away my thighs …giving me a sign of what he wanted…. Then brushing lightly my pussy lips. I closed my eyes and was ready for any worst situation if he ever decided to climb up on to the bed and fucked me again. My petite body shuddered lightly….

“…please … I need to pee…” I whimpered softly whilst keeping my eyes close tight.

Out of my expectation, his fingers stopped and he leaned toward my face.

With menacing voice, he said, “If you plan something stupid, bitch…you will get consequences.. Others are out and will be back shortly….and…” he paused briefly then continued….. ”….once you finished, I wanna fuck you the way I will”.

I nodded briefly and didn’t say anything. The only problem which I had was the throbbing pain inside my pussy…..

After he untied the ropes, I felt blood rushing freely through my veins. I opened and closed my fingers to make it flow normally. Impatiently he grabbed my right arm and pulled me from the bed…making me stuttered trying to keep balance standing on my strappy stilletos.

“Come on, bitch…make it quick”, he snapped angrily and dragged me toward the restroom. My stilettos were clicking sharply on the wooden floor as I followed him until we arrived there.

“Could you please close the door?” I said briefly….but he simply shok his head smiling cynically and kept his eyes on me watching every move that I made.

“Let me seee your hands all the time and don’t do anything stupid”, he said and his fingers rubbed the front side of his pants which buldging hard and made him uneasiness leaning against the door frame.

I finished and flushed the toilet before my eyes saw puddle of soap on the floor right in front of glass window separating the bathroom and the bedroom. The liquid came from a bullet hole on its contrainer. I might have a chance…

“Oh come on, bitch…” He said impatiently and stopped rubbing the bulging front part of his pants. I just looked at him and didn’t do anything until he got more impatient and stepped into the restroom to grab my arm.

I struggled when he grabbed my arm and drove him mad. I could see from his eyes and his face….

“You!..Bitch!” he snapped angrily as I slapped his face. He was about to move his other hand but before he did that, my left stiletto set on the edge of the bathtub then sprang forward with full force as hard as I could. I drove forward pushing his body backward toward direction which I wanted.

His feet slipped over the liquid soap and his body stuttered backward dragging my petite body with him. I let him be and didn’t resist adding more momentum of his falling. It ended in split second when his head broke the glass with heavy thudding sound and broke it into many sharp pieces. Finally some sharp pieces left on the wooden frame cut through his back and finished him off.

He spitted blood and his eyes looked at me in disbelief.

“Fuck you Bitch!” he screamed angrily as I frantically pushed his body downward a bit more. My stilettos scratched and slipped on the dampened floor as my weight added more pressure for those glasses to plung deeper into his body. His body jolted several times before it completely stopped.

Quickly I released my arm from his grip before stiffness of his corpse set in. I stood and stepped on his chest with my right thin heel to make sure that he was done. Yet his body remained silent lying on the wooden frame with pond of his own blood.

“Nice…..Celina, very nice…. You don’t forget your training…my little bitch”…Nash walked into the room and clapped his hand. I took a few step back as he walked in followed by his bodyguard who walked closer with his gun aiming to me. There was no way for me to resist when he walked behind me and twisted my hands behind my back.

“I don’t wanna waste time with you, sweetie” he walked closer to me and grabbed a handful of my hair.

“What do you want now, Nash?” I asked with trembling voice as my naked petite body was squirming so hard to avoid his touch. His bodyguard held me still regardless how hard I tried to squirm…allowing Nash fatty fingers covered in leather gloves to slither freely on my breasts…playing and teasing my nipple..one after another.

“What I want, huh?” Nash replied and paused briefly before he continued, “I want back the files which you stole from me”…..his hand grabbed my hair again…”Did you hear that?”

I had not gotten any chance to open all files but if he was desperately asking me to delete all files and taking this chance to storm James’ place on his personal account, then there must be secret…a big secret that he wished to keep from the rest of us. Including Agency. From the way these people behaved and acted, I knew that these people were not Agency’s agents but perhaps mere mercenaries.

I looked into his eyes.

“And if I refused?” I mustered all courage left in me and asked when his fingers played with my right nipple. His reply was expected but the results were unexpectedly painful.

“AKKkKKKKKkkkhHhHhHH~~~!” I screamed in pain and gasping hard when his fingers pinched and twisted my right nipple mercilessly. My petite body squirmed hard and tried deperately to wriggle away. It was so painful…really painful…and it continued after some seconds more before he released it.

“Well, you know how we extract information. You learnt from the Agency, didn’t you….and it would be a waste if such a….. his fingers slithered freely from my breasts toward my clit passing my flat belly… …nice body ends up like a rag doll in the middle of nowhere, right?”….he whispered in my ear with cold voice which sent shivers through my nerves. I knew what he was capable of and he was not bluffing.

“I am not the only one who keep this information, Nash” I said when his fingers reached my clit and pulling it lightly. I tried to clench my thighs but his bodyguard kicked my heels open.

“Don’t bluff me, bitch” he said and without taking his leather glove off, he pushed his finger into my pussy. He enjoyed as it made me shrieked in pain. The inner part of my pussy was so hurt because of endless rapes the night before.

“…then there is no point to ask you to give back the files anyway…” he said….

“AKKkkkKKhhhhHhHHHH~~!” I released a long painful scream as he shoved his fingers deeper into my pussy. It was really hurt and the pain made my petite body jolted and arched uncontrollably.

“Finish this bitch…do whatever you wish to do…” Nash pulled out his finger from my pussy and spoke to his bodyguard who quickly dragged me toward the bed.

I tried to resist as hard as I could. My stilettos were clicking frantically and scratching noisily on the floor…. It could not stop him from pushing me down at the edge of the bed and pinned my body whilst he was releasing his thick fat hard cock. I saw Nash was walking around the bed…Smirk smile appeared on his face to see me struggling to keep my thighs close….and yet..

“AKKkHhh~~ stop …please….it’s…hurrt~~ pleasee~~” I screamed but he would never listen when he rammed his thick cock into my painful pussy. Again and again he rammed my pussy without passion. He used his force as if he wanted to split my pussy….again and again and again….he pulled and pushed his cock in and out my pussy releasing his lust.

“Please stooppp~~” I cried and sobbed whilst my fingers gripping tight the bed cover as if I wanted to tear it to pieces. The bed was squaking noisily as he was fucking my body forcefully. He was grunting with heavy voice…mumbling how tight my pussy was.....and how he loved to fuck a petite woman like me. I felt some liquid oozing out from my pussy lips after sharp pain as if a needle was stabbed into my pussy. I sobbed uncontrollably knowing that I must have been bleeding….

“Please…ask him to stop…~~..please I will give whatever you want….pls stop…” yet the man kept on fucking me like crazy…

“Where did you keep the files, Celina?”…Nash said and grabbed a handful of my hair then pulled backward forcing me to see his face whilst his man kept on fucking my pussy.

I spat on his face ….

….and hard slap landed on my right cheek making me shriek in pain…

In the next few seconds his bodyguard’s body went rigid and his cock exploded inside my pussy spurting his sticky sperm into my womb…squirt after squirt until the last drop before he pulled his cock out.

“Well, Celina…I simply now believe that you are just a fucking whore…” Nash said and loosened up his belt. Through the mess of my hair I saw him walking around the bed…and at the same time the mixture of man’s liquid and my blood oozing out of my pussy and dripping on the edge of the bed.

I saw him opened up his pants, let his pants crumbled on the floor and stepped out of it. His cock was standing stiff and hard. I crawled away but this bodyboard grabbed my wrists and pulled me back on the bed.

“You really like it in a hard way, Celina….do you?” Nash said again and slapped hard my ass cheek. It was really hard that I felt as if my skin burned to red. Again and again and again…..he stroke his hand and then he…..

“AAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaAAaaaAAkkkhHHH~~!” I screamed in agony…shoke my head and cried…

He stroke again my ass cheek with his leather belt…and made me shrieked and cried for every stroke that he made especially whenever the belt landed on my inner thigh close enough to my pussy lips.

He stopped after few more stroke and kicked my heels opened spreading my legs then without giving a damn to my misery, he simply slammed his cock into my pussy as hard as he could.

“STOoooOOPPP~~~!.... It’s HhuRT!!” I cried out when he pulled and pushed it back it again ….very rough and hard. It made the inner part of my pussy really painful and it must be bleeding worse, but there is nothing that I could do to stop.

“You like it, don’t you, Celina?... I always want to fuck you since the first day you walk into the office with your slutty dresses” he leaned forward and hissed beside my right ear whilst burying his cock deep inside my quivering pussy. 

“Don’t you!?!”, he even tried to push it deeper…. I didn’t answer but sobbed uncontrollably.

“or perhaps you like this one, huh?” he pulled his cock and aimed for my tight ass.

As I knew what he would do next, I frantically tried to wriggle away from him before it was too late. My heels were kicking and scratching the floor but I couldn’t move much when his bodyguard helped Nash to pin my body down.

“No NooO!!.. PpleaseeEE .. DOoonNNT” I cried and tried as hard as I could to clench my ass. He slapped once and twice…then again and again…until I gave it…soon he pushed his hard cock into my ass. I could feel it stretched my ass and slithered in greased by the mixture of liquid from my pussy.

It was indeed so painful to me but regardless how hard I cried out begging him to stop, he didn’t listen and kept on moving….. a bit of pull then push back in….making me gasped for every move that he made. His bodyguard pinned both of my wrists on the bed beside my head and I could only tighten grab on the cover until my knuckles turned white as I was fighting against the pain.

“Like it this way, right whore?” he whispered again in my ear. I really hated him and would kill him for doing this to me. “Say it!....Say it bitch!”……

Yet I could only shake my head and cried.

The bed once again squeaking noisily whenever he rammed my ass mercilessly. It happened again and again until his cock slightly expanded inside my ass which was gripping his cock tight..squeezing it…it was then….he exhaled and his cock exploded deep inside my ass..emptying himself…squirt after squirt of his thick sperm liquid filling me…

Soft sharp popping sound broke the silence… and some liquid sprayed on my face. I opened my eyes and in blur I saw his bodyguard fell on the floor with heavy thud sound and his blood sprayed all over the bed.

In split seconds, Nash pulled his cock out of my ass and grabbed my hair forcing me to stand up and grabbed a hunting knife lying on the side table. He used me as his shield facing someone who limped heavily walking toward us. I could see shadowy figure moved into the bedroom. His face was hidden in the dark.  Nash’s hot and heavy breath brushing my neck and his wet cock leaving mark on my back. My fingers held Nash’s wrist tight and could feel my own heart was beating hard inside my chest. The cold steel of his hunting knife on my skin was threatening menacingly.

The shadowy figure ackwardly walked closer…

who is he? I opened my eyes wide and tried to recognize him, but yet Nash’s grip on my hair really disturbing my concentration.

“Drop your gun or I kill her?” Nash threathened the stranger and pushed his hunting knife on my skin.

“Please don’t” I whimpered soflty….

“Release her, Nash” the shadowy appeared and I could now recognize him…

“James!!!” I cried out but Nash pulled my hair backward and coldness of his hunting knife prevented me to struggle more. Some liquid was oozing out from my pussy and ass…some dripping directly to my ankle whilst some running down my inner thighs toward my calves.

As he appeared from the darkness, I could see that James was not in a better condition that me. His face was badly beaten with blood running down his right temple wetting his cheek. His hair was in a total mess. His left eye was swollen and his lips were cracked. What worst was his left knee. It must have been displaced badly. His clothes were torn in many places  in complete disarray.

“I don’t want to repeat this again, Nash….release her” James said. I felt sorry for him. Nash and I must be able to notice that his right hand which was holding the gun with silencer was trembling badly….and his left hand…OohHH!!.. I gasped in sorrow to see that his left hand was covering an open wound on his right chest and some blood dripping off between his finger.

“Drop the gun, James… or I slice your pretty whore’s neck” Nash said and slightly pressing the sharp edge of his hunting knife. My hand desperately pulled his wrist but it didn’t budge a bit.

“If you slice her, then you wont get this, Nash” James left hand took something from his pocket. I recognized it as my USB.

James continued… “I know what’s inside this. Your conspiration, Nash to spread terror so that the Agency can tighten its grip….the Agency which is under your control”…

I could hear Nash snorted briefly and said, “Don’t threaten me, James. How do I know it’s real?”

James coughed and wiped blood from his lips. My eyes filled with tears as I saw him like this…..

“It is up to you, Nash, whether to believe or not. I kept one copy with address kept in my office. If my men do not hear from me soon, they know that they should you….” … James coughed again and it really made me worried… “I have no interest in your treason so I will give this back to you”…James threw the USB toward us….

I could sense that Nash’s focus shifted in split second to the USB as it flew and I took this chance to step his feet using the sharp thin heel of my stiletto and pulled away his hand holding knife whilst lowering myself.

“Bitch!”, Nash hissed but it was too late. I could release myself from his grip and James shot but it was missed misserably. When Nash moved to grab me back, James released another shot and this time it scratched Nash right arm.

Cursing badly he rolled his body, grabbed the USB and jumped to the next room. James shot again…yet the bullet sank on the wooden frame about an inch from Nash.

“Jamess…..are you ok?” I run toward James and grabbed his limping body. He almost felt and I was trying so hard to sustain weight of his body.

He looked back at me and smiled, “Don’t worry, sweetie, I am fine. Just a bit scratches here and there and this….AkkkhhH!” he cried in pain because of his left knee.

At that moment I saw the open wound on his right chest…..

115lb, 5'5", black hair. Love to wear sexy dresses; a see-through blouse and a very short tight skirt fit well. Like 5" spiky heels with straps v much.

Love a role-play as much as i love these dresses and heels.

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I knew the drill and ignoring my own conditions I quickly grabbed some clothes to cover up my naked body, then medical kits that we had inside the cabin to quickly attended to his open wound. James kept his eyes closed and breathed irregularly. I was so scared of loosing him.

Time passed slowly until I heard tires scratching gravels in front of the cabin. I thought they were Nash’s people and felt so relieved to know that they were James’ own people.

“Are you ok, Ms.Celina?”, a woman asked me and I just replied her with a simple nod without leaving my eyes from James. “Please no worries. He will be just fine”, she smiled and gave me a nice hug before guided me to walk toward the car.

I felt my body was so weak as I walked beside James when they carried him toward the medic car. I kept on walking until I could not stand anymore and collapsed. The last thing I could remember was someone catched my body before I hit the gravels….

115lb, 5'5", black hair. Love to wear sexy dresses; a see-through blouse and a very short tight skirt fit well. Like 5" spiky heels with straps v much.

Love a role-play as much as i love these dresses and heels.

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Almost twelve months later ....

I heard rumbling of thunderclaps in the far distance as I closed the screen of my Macbook Air after the stewardess announced the last call for any remaining passenger to go onboard on flight AY5417 from London to Washington.

“Have a nice flight, Ms.Evelyn”, a nice looking stewardess smiled and gave back my passport and ticket.

“Thank you” I replied briefly and walked toward the first class cabin. I checked my mobile again and I saw three missed calls from James but I didn’t bother to call him back nor did I have any interest to send him a message. I had my own plan and this would be a payback to Nash for what he did. James had been trying to persuade me to forget and stay away; but it would be too naive for me to simply walk away.

Inside a comfortable cabin, I leaned against the seat and closed my eyes when the pilot greeted every passenger on board followed by the stewardess announcing the same announcement which I had listened more than a dozen times.

Almost a year had passed and I had been completely recovered. The Agency had launched a massive man-hunt for me and James. Only with James connections and network, we could stay low and under their radar whilst we were recovering ourself.

The USB which James gave to Nash was a fake one and it contained nothing. However the original USB contained so many confidential information including contacts, plan details, schedules, and usage of funds. Those plans were intended to create series chaos in the most delicate ways. Noone would ever think that it was initiated inside the Agency. Despite the victims and damages, these would ensure continuous flows worthed billion of dollars into the Agency and  some….but perhaps some was a modest word.... would be very likely flowing into Nash’s personal pocket and his connections.

I had leaked out some of information anonymously and investigation had been initiated on Nash. Surprisingly none had any impact on his position and those information was simply denied as ungrounded scam. Consequently Nash retaliated and authorized a massive manhunt for James and me either live or dead. For almost a year we had been waiting until it was cool down.

During those hard months, endless nightmares haunted my sleepless night…and most of time, either I woke up with body covered with sweats or James had to calm me down only for me to end up sobbing uncontrollably in his hug. This madness had to end and there was only one way to end this.


I slowly opened my eyes, saw a young pretty stewardess and took a deep breath. I smiled awkwardly and nodded my head...rubbing beats of soft sweats on my forehead, I saw an old man sitting next to me was watching me. It must have been a nightmare again. Taking a deep sigh, I ignored his look.

“Please fasten your seatbelt. We shall arrive soon at Washington Dulles airport”, the stewardess continued. I nodded briefly before she left.

I fixed the hem of my dress followed the seatbelt, then briefly took a glance toward the old man and noticed that he was no longer looking me….


"He will stay in the Presidential Suite at Montage during his visit....expect heavy security as usual", the man sitting next to me wisphered close to my left ear whilst he was pushing an access card under my LV handbag. I tilted my head a bit and let his lips touched my soft cheek so that everyone who might look at us would possibly think that we were just a pair of lovers as we were sitting on second sofa next to the corner.

I let him kissed my neck a bit more before I pulled myself gently away from him, taking a glass of martini on the table in front of us then took a sip. i smiled at him when I could sense a slight of dissapointment inside his eyes for the interruption. I knew this man and I could trust him. Healing his disappointment, I leaned toward him and whispered next to his right ear, "I owe you, Max as I always do. I have prepared some for you in the car when you are ready.....but please...stop your fingers there."....I could feel that his left hand had slipped under the hem of my mini skirt and roamed freely until I closed my thighs just before the tip of his fingers touched my sensitive spot covered only with my flimsy g-string.

I kissed and licked his neck gently with my wet soft tongue. I could hear he took a deep breath and sighed as if he was trying to hold himself hard. Yes, he better did. Max was a double agent and only with a right price, I could buy his favor. Money was fine and not a problem but I could not yet allow him to take more than that...not yet, at least. I could feel his fingers moved again..rubbing gently on the smooth skin of my inner thighs. I let him be to taste a bit of bonus.

"Are you sure this will work?" I wisphered again and he simply nodded. Whether I liked it or not, my nipples were getting stiffed and poked lightly the fabric of my blouse. My fingers moved and held his wrist when he was trying again to touch a sensitive spot between my thighs where my g-string got already slightly wet. I did not wish to let him know about this... Not yet...

I pulled his wrist gently, put the card inside my handbag, said, "Come with me..", stood up and fixed the hem of my miniskirt. I smiled when I saw him standing awkwardly with bulging front part of his pants. Leaning against him, we walked through the crowd toward the parking lot behind.

It was 2am in the morning, and it was quiet. I could feel cool breeze caressing my inner thighs through sheer nylon that I was wearing. Only a few cars left in the parking lot as we slid into my BMW car.

"Thank you, Max for your help. Your money is there inside the brown bag. Twenty five grand sharp" I said and tilted my head briefly toward the backseat, where he could see the brownbag lying there silently.

"Celina..." he said gently after he took a glance at the backseat. He moved toward me when my nicely manicured point finger press the ignite button of the car. He kissed me gently on my cheek then my neck. I let him enjoying the smoothness of my skin as well as intoxicating Mademoiselle perfume. There was no harm for me to let him enjoyed this. No one could tell whether I would need his help next time so there was no need to offend him as long as....

"Ohh...Max..." I moaned lightly when his hand once again slid under the hem of my miniskirt. My legs parted briefly allowing his fingers to touch the wetness on my g-string between my thighs. I could feel it moved up and down caressing gently.

He moved and kissed my parted lips deeply. My left hand moved along his arm whislt my right hand moved toward his bulging front side of his pants. My mind was briefly drifted, I almost closed my eyes letting myself succumbed....

.....but yet suddenly bright light flashed from the headlight of another car which was parked two lines in front of mine....

"Max....Max...stop", I frantically pushed his body away and closed my thighs.

"What?" he asked with bewildered eyes.

I didnt say anything but sitting there silently watching the car moving out the parking space until its taillight disappeared after it took a turn into the road.

"Damn...." Max cursed and was about to continue again..

"No no....Max, please... Perhaps next time ok?" I said and smiled at him. I could sense his deep frustration but there was nothing I could do.

"We can drop at my place, Celina.. it's 2am anyway" he continued trying to persuade me.

"Perhaps next time" I smiled again whilst fastening my seatbelt. "james was waiting in my apartment" I said a lie....a damn lie.

"I thought you came alone.." Max replied and still tried to persuade.

"He came this morning, Max. I am sorry" I said as my highheel lightly pressed the gas pedal.

There was deafening silence between us when the car was dashing through an empty street until it reached Max's apartment and stopped in front of it.

"Are you sure, babe?" he asked...

"Nite nite, Max" I smiled and leaned toward him then gave him a good kiss.

"Oh well... not my luck", he replied, grabbed the brown bag..... "You take care of yourself, Celina. I am definitely waiting for the moment we could stay together"...he said, leaned his face once again toward me then kissed my lips.

"Nite", I said when he got down the car, waived my hand and drove away.


A young bellboy greeted me as I stepped down from a black limousine right in front of the entrance of Montage, a luxurious high class hotel in city.

"Good evening", he greeted me with young nice smile.

I smiled back briefly in reply and stepped toward the entrance. Nice cozy music was played inside and mixed with sharp clicking sound of my 5"stiletto heels. Some guys sitting at lounge was stealing glance at me but I preferred to simply ignored them. From the way they looked at me, I could almost certainly sense what they had inside their mind as I walked a few meters away from them wearing low V knee length dark blue coloured dress which revealed slightly how my stiff nipples poking through its flimsy fabric.

After a brief formality during check-in, the same bellboy escorted me to my room at the second floor of the hotel.

"Oh..ugh...thank you miss" he said when I gave him $20 tips after he put down my luggage. I smiled to know how awkward his attitude was, especially when he knew that I caught his eyes staring at the low V opening of my dress and my cleavage. He quickly turned around and closed the door behind him.

The room was really nice and the ambiance was really cozy. I walked around the room and slowly undressed. I left my dress crumbled on the floor as I stepped toward the window facing night scenery of the lake.

"Oh..James... I wish you are with me at the moment" I whispered softly as I rubbed my fingers on my arms. I saw my own reflection on the window....a petite Asian lady, half naked saved for her tiny sexy g-string and the strappy heels. I didnt even bother to know whether there was someone else looking toward the window. who cares, anyway... I said to myself.

After a few minutes, I turned around, took off my stilettos and jumped on the bed where the expensive fabric felt so nice and comfortable on my skin. I streched my body and my legs down to my toes...releasing all day tension and tiredness. I slowly closed my eyes and firmed up my plan. The room was quiet save for soft humming sound of the air conditioner. I could feel the cool air softly caressing my breasts and made my nipples standing stiffer.

Slowly my nicely manicured right hand fingers run along the nice curve of my body. Moving along my neck whilst my left hand moved toward my tiny g-string and slid beneath touching my clit and made myself squirmed. I kept my eyes closed when the vivid memories with James filled my mind. My fingers kept on moving until those touched my sensitive and stiff nipples. I pinched softly and it made me moaned....

I imagined that James was here with me.....with his soft and warm lips kissed my nipples and sucked it one after another. Gently....again...then again... and at the same time, I took my left foot off the g-string but let it hanged on the ankle of my right ankle. I parted my legs and let my fingers moved freely along my dampened pussy which was getting really wet as moment went by...

"OOoOooHHhH~!" I moaned again softly when my middle finger slid between my pussy lips and touched the soft warm inner part of my pussy. My petite body slightly shuderred as I pulled gently...twisted lightly...my right nipple.

I recalled the moment James slowly parted my legs and used his soft tongue to poke the inner part of my pussy...softly..again...and ... "OOOhhhHhh....Jamesss!!~~".....again I shrieked when my finger touched the sentisitve spot. Series of tingling feeling travelled throughout my body and created goosebumps all over my skin.

"Yes, James... please now..fuck me...." I whimpered again softly....as my palm patting and pressing my clit... I pulled my fingers out form my pussy and used it in a circular motion against my clit again.....and again...faster and faster...

Then I slid it back again....caressed along my warm and soft and wet pussy....aiming toward my sensitive spot again. I felt blood rushing through my vein as the feeling was building up inside me...

I recalled the moment when James pushed his thick hard cock inside..stretched my soft pussy lips...then one push..."OooOoOHhhh~~"....and it went deeper and deeper...filled and stretched my pussy to its limit...I squirmed uncontrollably by myself on the bed. Again and again....then again...I played with my pussy and teasing my nipples at the same time whilst my mind recalling the moment when James fucked my body harder....Ohh yes.. he moved harder and harder... fucking and rocking my petite body back and forth... I recalled how his cockhead touched the deepest wall inside my pussy... how he was grunting, breathing heavily for every thrust his hard cock deep inside my pussy.  It played again.. then again.. until.....

"AaaaaAAAkkkhhHH!!!!" I screamed in pleasure as the feeling overwhelmed and succumbed my mind. My body shudered hard and the inner part of my pussy was quivering uncontrollably. I gasped for more fresh air before I bit lightly my lower lip and recalled how James' body went rigid followed by his thick cum flowing freely...filling my pussy and womb.....I moaned again when the second ripple travelled throughout my body.....

......it was unexpectedly however...that my mind played trick.... another memory flashed in unwantedly.. it was the moment when I was raped by Nash and his men...terrible and horrible moments.... "Fuck you in hell, Nash!" I cursed and gnashed my teeth in anger.....

It wiped out all comfortable memories with James quick and I forced me to open up my eyes and realized that I was lying naked on the bed.  Feeling so disgusted, I stopped playing with myself..pulling my wet finger from my pussy. Anger slowly crept inside my mind. Anger toward one man which I hated most in my life. Nash...Mr.Nash so I called him when I was still with the Agency. I took a deep breath and closed my eyes again for a moment to get rid of those memories....

It took some time before I jumped down from the bed then stepped into the shower booth. Nice warm water on my skin helped me to recover my mood and I stayed there for a bit longer before I finished it up, dried myself and slid my naked body under the blanket then tried to sleep....

If the information was correct, then Nash and his team from the Agency would come in the following day at the same hotel for a conference. I had planned something for him.

I let darkness engulfed my mind...as I felt drifted slowly....
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115lb, 5'5", black hair. Love to wear sexy dresses; a see-through blouse and a very short tight skirt fit well. Like 5" spiky heels with straps v much.

Love a role-play as much as i love these dresses and heels.

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Vapor came from a cup of tea on the table in front of me, danced in the thin air until it disappeared.....

The morning was fine and my Cartier wristwatch showed 9.35am. I was wearing simple white blouse accompanied with a short pencil skirt. There was no point for me attracting too much attention so formal attires were a decent option to choose. I was sitting in the lounge alone and just finished the last piece of bread for my breakfast when I saw there were many people dressed in black suit entered the lobby.

Very typical, huh?.... I said to myself when I noticed the way they behaved through my sunglasses. Following their formal protocol, they turned their faces around, scouting for any so-called "unusual activities" and updating each other for the situations. I recognized some faces amongst many new agents. A young agent was looking at me for a moment but there was nothing for me to worry about. They would not recognize me anyway ...... I calmed myself and smiled at him before taking the tea cup and took a sip. He was not handsome but not too ugly either. With no change of expression on his face, he ignored me and turned his face toward different directions.

Soon enough I saw more people coming in and I recognized the hateful face that I would never forget for the whole life. I saw Mr.Nash walking in whilst talking to a pretty young blond secretary. A new face for me....and perhaps... a new innocent victim? She could probably be. I recalled the first weeks in the Agency when I caught not less than once, Mr.Nash stole a glance either to my cleavage or toward my thighs below the hem of my skirt. It was prideful for me in the beginning but later I learned that he was no different that any other men.

I kept on watching them walking and noticed that he was quite busy and didn't even bother to give attention to others. I waited for awhile before stood up and slowly walked toward the elevator following them. I needed to know where they would stay...or at least which floor this bastard would enjoy his last day. For such an important person like him, it was a standard to "secure" the whole floor. Anyway the Agency paid...

"Miss., appreciate if you could wait for the next", one of their agents held my shoulder and stopped me when I was about to join them in the elevator. I could easily grabbed his weak point between his thumb and index finger then twisted hard, but it was not a wise move in front of many.

"Sorry", I took one step backward, and waited.

"What happened?" I heard someone asked the young agent. I recognized the voice and I knew him.

"I just asked her to wait", the young man replied and the other looked at me as if he was trying to recognize me. I could feel my heart was beating hard in my chest; and my pussy lips quivered lightly because of such thrill.

"Could you open on your glasses, Miss.......?", the man asked.

"Evelyn", I replied and took of my sunglass. Damn security..... I cursed.

"You remind me of someone, Ms.Evelyn", he continued. I didn't say anything but slowly put my sunglasses back on after a while. I knew this man as my shooting trainer long time ago. A rough, tough and strict man. From the way he looked at me, I was almost certain that he could recognize me in my disguise. I held my breath to hide my nervousness.

Knowing that I didn't reply nor make any suspicious move, he turned his face and walked away....

Through the corner of my eyes, I saw the elevator bringing Nash stopped at the top floor. So top floor....presidential suites, huh?... I said to myself and followed the next batch of the crowd walking into the next elevator.

...later in the afternoon....

It was not so difficult for me to get one set of housekeeping uniform of this hotel for USD250 from one of housekeeping staffs. It might be an exaggerating price, but I was more than willing to give even more than that as long as I could get what I wanted

I checked my wristwatch briefly before I stepped out of the elevator when it stopped at the top floor. I had ordered some fruits earlier and I decided to use it as part of the plan. With a simple ponytail, wearing a simple housekeeping uniform and holding one white towel which I took from my own room, I walked confidently to the only presidential suite at this floor. I pressed the bell and waited for a while...

"Room service", I said but there seemed no answer...

I repeated once again before finally tapped the access card. With the soft beeping, the door was unlocked.

I walked in toward the working desk and briefly checked around... there were some documents then the luggage. There was nothing special about those items so I decided not waste much of my time. My hand take a small device from my pocket and stuck it under the edge of the oak working table, another at behind the flower vase in the living room, then another one on the side table inside the bedroom. Finally I put the towel which I brought in the towel drawer, took a mini Baretta with a silencer from my pocket, then used tapes to attach it hidden on the backside of the towel drawer. I knew the procedure at the Agency that they usually did security check before the room  was occupied but not when it was being occupied.

Once again I checked and I felt satisfied that there no one would be able to notice any difference, I brought back the fruits and quickly left the room. I needed to wait until the evening for the next step of my plan...

... 9.13pm...

The rain started falling when I took a pair of sheer nylon and slid my left feet in then rolled it halfway up before I slid my other feet and finished up until its elastic band rested on my waist. It was always nice to feel the fabric on my skin. So nice, smooth, sleek  and cool as always. Finished up with the nylon, I picked up a pair of 4" black strappy stiletto heels, slipped my feet in and buckled up its tiny strap around each of my ankles.

I then took a mini light cream coloured skin tight dress from my luggage. The dress had long zipper from the top at my breasts until its hem. It was short and perhaps too short knowing its hem covered only a quarter of my thighs far above my knees and revealed most of my legs covered with the sheer nylon. I could feel the fabric was tightly wrapping my body as my second skin and revealed nice curves. I lowered the zipper so that anyone could see my cleavage. It was impossible for me to wear anything beneath this skin tight dress.

I smiled when I saw my own reflection on the mirror with a pair of nicely pointy shapes of my stiff nipples poking the fabric of my dress.....

Once again I checked my appearance on the mirror and felt the thrill. It really made the spot on the nylon around my pussy was getting slightly dampened.... Oohhh my...

I applied soft colour make-up then finished everything with light red colour lipstick on my lips, before I combed my hair, grabbed my LV purse and left my room.

The top floor corridor was empty when I stepped out from the elevator. Once again I could feel my heart beating a bit faster and my pussy lips quivered lightly....very lightly... but I could feel it. I sucked my lower lip to fight my nervousness.

Save for muffled steps of my high heels on the carpet, I could hear nothing but soft humming sound of the air condition. The air was nice and cool and I could feel it caressing my naked pussy though millions of tiny holes of the stocking. I had to be honest that I really felt nervous once I arrived there.

Would he be there alone? Would there be many Agents inside?......

Taking a deep breath, I pulled downward lightly the hem of my dress before my point finger pressed the bell. I could feel my heart was beating hard as I stood there waiting...

....once.....there was no answer....

I bit my lower lip once again as nervousness crept back into my mind...

.....twice...yet there was still no answer.....

Shit.... I cursed knowing that my plan might failed apart...  He was not inside... I could not just get in even though I had the access card. There would be too much suspicions when Nash and his Agents found me inside by myself...

My finger pressed the bell once again and there was still no answer....


Leaving with no other choice, I turned around and walked back toward the elevator. I checked my Cartier wristwatch and it showed 10.12pm as I was standing there in front of the elevator waiting for the booth to come up...

..until it was finally arrived.....and the door opened up in front of me...

It was out of my surprise that Nash was inside together with one Agent and his young blond secretary. All were looking at me with surprise, especially the girl who was looking at me. Her face was filled with shocked and disgust. I could feel jealousy built up in her eyes as she sneered at me...

I took a few steps backward to give them a way out and almost stumbled. The Agent quickly grabbed my wrist and snapped my purse then checked inside as if he was trying to know whether I carried any weapon. He found nothing than ladies stuffs such as lipstick, credit card wallet, and phone. Nash came out after him followed by that young blond girl.

"You are in a wrong place, Miss. You need to leave" the Agent said, handed over my purse roughly and dragged me forcefully with his right hand. His left hand kept the elevator door wide open. As I stuttered on my heels into the elevator, I saw through the corner of my eyes that Nash was standing there watching...... scrutinizing me from head to toes. A lustful look that looked familiar to me.

"Wait, Edward... wait", Nash's voice suddenly broke the silence.

"Sir?" the Agent turned toward Nash with his hand still holding my right arm.

"Dont be rude to this young lady", Nash said and Edward released his grip on my arm. Nash turned to his secretary and said, "Meet me at 8am tomorrow at the lobby, Nancy".

I almost could not hide my smile to see how awkward the secretary was as she heard what Nash said. She stepped into the elevator passing me without saying any word.

"It's ok, Edward, you can leave us too" Nash said and offered his hand to me. I took his hand and stepped out of the elevator.

"I am sorry, Sir... I came to a wrong floor and was about to go back....and..." I was pretending as if I was lost and before I finished up my words...

"It doesn't matter, Ms......?" Nash asked and completely ignored his Agent and his secretary who were standing there staring us until the elevator doors were closing in front of them.

"Evelyn" I said and smiled...."Ugh..ohh...sorry.. I don't mean to..." I continued and my fingers moved tugging slightly the hem of my dress downward. I could see Nash was stealing glance at my cleavage when I did so. He must have also been enjoying a pair of faint marks of my nicely pointy nipples but I kept on pretending that I didn't notice his look.

"Ms.Evelyn.. such pretty name", Nash said then continued, "Perhaps, you care to spare a bit of time for a short chit chat. It is more convenient to speak inside rather than here. Someone at least, keeps on watching us..... ". He smiled and tiltled his head toward the camera on the ceiling.

"I can stay for 5 or 10 mins. It has been too late....Mr....?" Cel, you must be a pretty good liar...you knew him... my mind teased me as I tried to calm myself down a bit.

"People call me, Mr.Nash.. but I prefer for you to call me, Dave. Actually you remind me of someone...anyway, please come with me..." He gave a sign for me to follow him. I simply smiled then followed his step to his room where he tapped his access card on the sensor then opened the door. I followed him walking into his nice and comfortable room.

On the sofa in his luxurious room we spoke for almost two hours about a lot of things. He was such a charming guy for any woman who didn't know his dark side. Many times he made really funny jokes which made both of us laughing gaily. Yet..... I would never forget what he did to me in the past, and I could still sense what he might have inside his dirty mind. I noticed that even though he was trying to keep his gestures as a respectable gentleman, I caught his eyes were always stealing glance to either my smooth thighs uncovered by my mini dress or my cleavage. Like James, I knew that he had such insatiable lust for woman who wore nylons. I could tell with certainty that deep inside his heart, he must be been admiring my sheer and sleek nylons.

"Do you want to have another glass of wine before we call it a day, Evelyn?" Nash politely said whilst he kept his eyes on my cleavage shown by the low V neck of my dress.

"Sure, Dave" I replied and smiled.

He took the glass and walked toward the private bar. I leaned against the sofa and planned for another move. It didn't take much time for him to hand me a glass of martini and some liquor for himself. As I took the glass, he raised his and gestured for a toast and emptied in one shot. I smiled and following him to empty my glass. I felt the liquor tasted something different, there was something but it was simply too late. It had flowed freely through my throat.

"How do you know the Agency, Evelyn?" he asked when I put the glass on the desk in front of me. I could feel my belly was getting unusually warm...strange kind of feeling and it spread freely all over my body. I could sense something was wrong with me and he must have noticed it as well. I could see from the way he smiled.

Pretending to stay calm, I smiled and replied.... "Not much, Dave. Just a bit from here and there. May I use the restroom?" He nodded his head and tilted his head toward the restroom then filled in his glass with more liquor.

I stood up but I could feel that my surrounding seemed spinning lightly. How could it be? What did he put inside my drink? I shook my head to get rid of such a feeling.

"Are you ok?" he asked and stepped closer to me.

"I am fine, Dave... just feel a bit dizzy.. perhaps it's just too much liquor" I replied but it was getting worse to me. I took a few steps but my knees felt so trembling weak and I could almost fell on the ground if Nash didn't catch my right arm and guided me up. I looked at him and saw him smiling as if he had been expecting this to happen.....
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115lb, 5'5", black hair. Love to wear sexy dresses; a see-through blouse and a very short tight skirt fit well. Like 5" spiky heels with straps v much.

Love a role-play as much as i love these dresses and heels.

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It was like a dream....

I felt that I was lying on the comfortable bed.....
Fingers pulled the zipper of my dress downward from my breast toward my thighs...
It kept on moving...and moving...
My hand moved to stop it but someone..... someone pushed my hands aside..
I opened my eyes but I only saw blur images of ceiling...
Another blur images of side table when I turned my face to the left...

"Stop it ....please", I whispered softly but the zipper kept on moving until it reached the end and completely opened up my dress exposing my breasts with these half-hard standing nipples...and my naked pussy beneath these sheer nylons. He didn't bother to remove my stiletto heels.

I squirmed lightly and folded my right leg trying to clench my thigh but once again....a strong hand push my thigh aside to keep legs spread apart.

I closed my eyes briefly and shook my head trying to get rid of this light dizziness...

"Who are you?"...once again I whispered softly..

Goosebumps appeared all over my body when tips of his fingers touched my flat belly then moved upward. His sudden touch also made my belly flinched... I could feel my belly muscles flinched again when those fingers almost touched my breasts. I moved my left hand to stop it but he grabbed my wrist and put it aside on the bed.

Was this a dream?...

I tried to understand why I felt so weak. It seemed that I had lost my strength. What had happened? Why it seemed that I was stranded between dream and reality? The same feeling happened long time ago... I remembered I saw Nash' face before this...

"Mr.Nash?" ..I whimpered..

There was a brief silence as his fingers teased my nipples...one after another...and made these harder ands stiff. He made my petite body squirmed on the comfortable bed.

"Good to know you wake up, Ms.Evelyn..........." .... he paused as if he hesitated to continue......"..or you prefer me to call you, Celina?.... my little bitch?"

I opened my eyes and saw blur image of his face hovering above me. My heart almost frozen when I heard him call my name. How did he find out?

"I carve to fuck your body since I saw you for the first time....it seemed that my little bitch love me to fuck her again again.....and again, huh?"...his pinched my right nipple between his fingers and twisted hard. It made me scream, squirm and clench my thigh hard...digging my stilettos on the bed. My hands frantically griped his wrist  begging him to stop.

"StopppppP..pplease..it's hurt!" I screamed..

My nipple pulsed lightly when he released his pinch but only to move toward my other nipple.

He lowered his face and licked my right nipple, which flinched when his wet tongue touched its sensitive tip. I squirmed more when he sucked my areola then teased my nipple with his tongue.

Moist and wetness gathered around my pussy as he did so...

I could feel my pussy lips quivered lightly when I knew that he moved himself downward. I closed my eyes and tried to gather my will but it seemed that my body betrayed me. It must be something that he put inside the drink. I didn't know what it was but it must be such a potent drug. Yet, there was no time for me to think about this when I felt....

.... rubs of his cock along the sheer nylon along my left thigh. I could feel it twitched and must have left long streak of pre-cum. The liquid felt warm when it permeated these tiny holes and touched my skin. It was warm for the first time...and just in split second it got cooler and sticky.

He exhaled when the tip of his pee-hole rubbed against the nylons leaving more marks on the fabric. It moved back up again toward my pussy. He really took his time to tease his cock with great pleasure on these nylons until his cock became so hard and stiff and left many streak of disgusting pre-cum on my nylons all along both of my legs.

"How lovely your body, Celina..." he said with a voice filled with heavy grunt whilst his hands spread my legs wide apart. I tried to resist and clenched my thighs but I felt so weak. Once again he put himself between my thighs.

"Please stoppp..~" ..my petite body squirmed and I folded my legs until both my stiletto heels dug into the bed cover but the effects increased his ecstasy when my nylons rubbing both sides of his body as I was desperately trying to close my thighs.

I squirmed and arched my petite body when he rubbed the tip of his pee hole on the sheer nylon covering my soft pussy lips. His pre-cum permeated more and more through millions of tiny holes....and he rubbed again.. then again whilst he exhaled and moaned almost at the same time. Both of his hands where holding my hips to keep me still.

"Don't ....please.." I bit my lower lip and my hands held his wrists when his hands moved to grip the nylon on the spot touching my pussy then with quick sudden move....he ripped the nylon open. I shrieked in shocked and my pussy lips were quivering lightly in anticipation of what would happen next...

"Ohhh.. fuck...." he grunted with heavy voice..."how I always wait for this moment....."

My stiletto heels were frantically kicking the bed cover when the tip of his cock started to peek into my pussy lips.

"No use to resist, my little bitch..." he hissed and pulled before pushed it further deeper..."You can't stop me... even with information that you give to the public. Yes, you gave me a hard time and I would make you pay for it....I simply....don't expect that you come to me ...uuuugghhhH~~!".....Half of his cock disappeared into my pussy and he kept on pushing it.

He grabbed my wrists which were pushing his pelvis and he slowly pinned both of my hands on the bed beside my head as he lowered himself and pushed his cock deeper and deeper inside my pussy.

I turned my face away when his face was hovering just about an inch from mine...

"Perhaps you didn't notice it but let me tell you..." he whispered next to my right ear...I closed my eyes tight when he pushed his cock really deep inside my pussy as he continued..."Since that moment we shared in my office ...ohhh...it looks like long time ago.... I know that you have been blaming me on the operation with a call sign "White Pawn"....."

I shook my head lightly and gasped when he pulled his cock only to pushed it roughly back into my pussy. He did it again...then again... torturing my pussy.. several time before he stopped briefly with his cock throbbing deep inside me.

"All information about operations that you got are all correct and true. I authorized every disposal of Agency's agents including you.... One important piece of information..is about the MO ...All is to ensure continuous funding to the Agency, bitch.. that's the fucking MO and I chose which agents to sacrifice..." he continued mumbling and his body went rigid briefly for a few seconds. I thought he would straight cum inside me but it seemed that he would just taking his time....

His words froze my hearth. I turned my face looking at him with watery eyes. I read the report by myself from the confidential information inside USB drive which I took from him earlier. A typical denial, Dave... I knew it since the beginning and that once again you told me a lie...

"You lie.....Liar~!" I screamed with broken voice filled with cry. I shook my head when one tear drop running down my right temple.

"You know, Celina... everyone knew that you were my golden child....my golden prodigy but..... you fused it purposely when you went too far and too deep stepping over the fucking boundaries..." He continued and started fucking me regardless how I resisted. He then gathered both of my wrists on top of my head and pinned both with his left hand whilst he was using his right hand to tease my breasts and played with my pebble-hard nipples.

I clenched my teeth in disgust as he kept on fucking my pussy. I could feel his cock moving in and out.....again and again...enjoying how my pussy was gripping his cock as it moved...

"Lana was my other pawn regardless whether she had another agenda of herself...." he stopped for awhile just to exhale and his body went slightly rigid with his cock throbbing deep inside me.

"I also know that your relationship with fucking Kyle, does not work well eventually..." ...he slammed his cock and made me shrieked in pain..... he pulled and slammed again back in...."...otherwise I would make sure it wont work!!!!... you hear this, bitch?.. huh??"...he black-handed my face...."look at me, bitch!" he yelled and slapped me again.

"From this day, I will never let you away again...I will fuck you again...then again whenever I wanted. I would not give you any drug like James so that I could enjoy your pain for your betrayal. You have thrown shits on me, bitch..."

I stared at him with eyes filled with tears and trembling lips... I could taste a drop of blood and pain stung my lower lip...I really hated this man as he rocked my petite body hard beneath his naked body with his cock was unstoppably moving in and out.. ravaging again...then again...my soft tight pussy.   

The inner part of my pussy quivered and pulsed. I could only feel hurt.. nothing else but hurt... then he grabbed my right leg and put my knee on his shoulder making my right stiletto heel pointing up to the ceiling as he rocked my petite body again. I was holding myself so hard not to cry. I could not let him enjoy more than what he did on me. I saw beats on sweat on his forehead and his body was wet of his own sweat.

He kept on pushing and there was nothing that I could do until the time when once again his body went rigid as he kept his cock deep inside my pussy. It throbbed again .....then with sudden exhaled...his cock cummed deep inside me and filled my womb with his filthy sticky cum. I could only closed my eyes whilst tears were running down both of my temple. My heart and mind were filled with anger. I sworn to myself that he would pay for this. I sworn deep inside my heart!!

He rocked my petite body several times until he finally squirted the last drop of his cum... and took out his cock from my pussy....

I tried to move yet my body seemed betraying my will.... and I could only lay there naked whilst the liquid was oozing out from my pussy making small pond of thick liquid and wetted the bed cover under my asscheeks.. His cock glistened as he climbed down from the bed and twitched up and down several times.

He stood next to the bed and his hand easily swatted my left hand when he moved to tease my right breast with its standing nipple...

"AkkKKkhhHHHhH~~" I screamed and squirmed when he pinched my right nipple hard....twisted it and pulled it. It was so painful to me...really painful... and lasted for a few seconds before he released it.

I looked at him with angry eyes filled with tears...

He turned his face to me and grabbed a handful of my hair then squeezed hard with his hand as if he wished to pull these hair...."You will do what?.....kill me, bitch?". Then he threw my head back to the bed and used his other hand to slap my face hard and made blood oozed out of my nostril. He leaned toward me and lowered his face until his lips were just a few inches from my left ear.

"I wont kill you that easy but will keep on fucking you, bitch then give you to people like Mark.... people like Mark... those who are homeless, beggars.... and let them enjoy your body for days...months. Death is easy to easy for you..." he hissed softly with his menacing voice ignoring me sobbing uncontrollably whilst covering my burning cheeks with my fingers.

Then with both of his hands, he forced me to flip over on the bed and grabbed my dress, took it off and threw it away exposing completely my naked body save for nylons and strappy heels. I was there lying down facing the bed when he forced my legs to spread far apart.....I gasped and clenched my ass cheek when his fingers rubbed along my pussy lips then stopped at my asshole. One of his finger pushed in roughly and made me scream in pain..

I gasped and clenched my ass cheeks whilst my fingers gripped tight the fabric. I knew what he was about to do next but there was nothing that I could do to stop it....

"Tight as always, huh bitch?" he hissed.. and pushed again forcefully the same finger into my tight ass and made me shrieked in pain...he did it again then again with more fingers as if he would tear my ass apart...

"I wonder whether you would be able to walk again on your sexy heels when those people finished with you... But now... I will get back to you soon. I need to make a short phone call..." he suddenly pulled his fingers and walked around the bed...."Wait until I get ready and you will taste a bit of what it means..."....

I slowly curled my naked body on the bed and cried uncontrollably. I saw him took his mobile...checked it briefly then pressed a call button whilst walking away toward the living room. I knew that I would have a split chance which I could not let slip away easily.

I slowly climbed down the bed when I heard his voice from other room... only to fall on my knees when I took my first step on my stiletto heels but the sharp pain helped me to fight the drowsy effect of the drug....It helped me to keep on walking by leaning against anything which I could grab with my hand until I reached the bathroom door.

It was that moment when my hand reached the door handle, he stepped back into the room. He screamed with great anger as he leaped forward whilst I took my last chance to open the door, got into the bathroom, crawled and reached the back of the towel drawer then snatched the Baretta as hard as I could from the tapes which kept it at the back of the drawer. Whilst lying on the floor I quickly turned around as fast as I could....right a second before he took his final leap...

There was series of muffled popping sounds coming out from my Baretta. I missed most except one bullet which hit his left arm just before he threw himself behind the wall then cursed me with words full of "fuck" and "shit"..

Without wasting much time, my right stiletto kicked the door and closed it with a loud bang sound.

"I swear I will kill you, bitch.. You know it" .....I heard his anger voice from behind the door as I scrawled toward the bathtub away from the door. I was right ..... more bullets punching through the door. I curled my body on the floor when it happened. Those bullets are missed and hit the mirror glass.... made it scattered into thousand pieces showing over me like a rain. I cringed in pain when few pieces scratched my skin..

"Fuck!! I want you guys to kill her!!!" he screamed again behind the door and I could hear many heavy steps telling me that many agents rushed into his room attracted with gun fights and chaos. 

"Give it up, lady!" one of his agent shouted from behind the door.

I checked the magazine and there were 2 bullets left. When I heard that the handle was moved and the door was slightly ajar, I quickly put back the magazine back in and gave away those bullets and left me with nothing. They must have been waiting there..... and it would just take a few moment that they would find out I had no more bullet in my gun....and I was right...

The door was kicked forcefully wide open and three males agents rushed in finding me sitting on the floor leaning against the bathtub and folding my legs in front of me. They quickly moved in grabbed both of my arms and forced me to stand up..... I kept on stuggling to cover my body when they forced my hands behind my back the secured my wrists with a handcuff. All could see my naked body wearing only torn nylons and strappy heels.

"Let me go, assholes..." I yelled and kept on struggling in vain. My breasts were jiggling freely up and down and few drops of liquid dripping out of my pussy. Some drops fell on the floor and some running down along my inner thighs when both agents on my left and right side dragged me roughly out from the bathroom. They kept on dragging me and held me still facing Nash who walked closer with eyes filled with anger. His left hand was bleeding badly.....

His right hand grabbed my cheeks and forced me looking at him. I saw cynical evil smile appeared on his face as he moved his left hand toward my right breast and squeezed. He had become a totally different person from a true gentleman that I knew from the day I met with him. I held myself not to scream and instead spat on his face. I knew it would only drive him really mad. He released his grab on my breast and in split seconds...

"AAAaaakkhHHHH~~~~~~~~~!" I shrieked when his hand stroke in blinding speed and I felt my right left cheek burning.

My world spun wildly and I totally lost my conscious.....
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115lb, 5'5", black hair. Love to wear sexy dresses; a see-through blouse and a very short tight skirt fit well. Like 5" spiky heels with straps v much.

Love a role-play as much as i love these dresses and heels.
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