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Author Topic: The Return  (Read 11635 times)

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« Reply #15 on: April 27, 2014, 02:26:13 PM »

Well-done Celina!  Can't wait to read more!

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« Reply #16 on: April 27, 2014, 09:28:39 PM »

“Hmmm…” I softly purred like a kitty and curled myself under the blanket. I was completely naked save for a pair of thigh high sheer stockings that I was wearing. The air was so fresh and relaxing whilst the bed was comfortable. I rubbed my check on the feather pillow and I felt a man hugged me from behind. I opened up my eyes briefly and I saw through the window that the sky was so blue with a wisp of clouds hanging in the sky. It must be a beautiful morning. Contented to know that I was not dreaming, I closed my eyes again and let his hand rested on my waist. James was lying behind me and I could almost hear his breath as he was having such deep sleep.

It was not long when I felt that his hand moving from my waist toward my right breast then brushed his palm briefly over the tip of its sensitive nipple. I smiled when he kissed a spot behind my neck and it sent tingling feeling all over my body. I opened up my eyes and shifted my petite body facing him. I could fee that his cock was rubbing my thighs as I moved. It was half stiff when my hand moved to touch the tip of his pee-hole. My left hand circled its cockhead with my palm then wrapped its shaft with my fingers and I started stroking it lightly. I saw him opened up his eyes then smiled at me. His cock twitching lightly and a drop of precum oozed out wetted my palm.

“Morning babe…” he whispered. I didn't say anything and just smiled back at him. My hand kept on stroking his cock and I bit my lower lip when it briefly twitched in my palm.

He slowly climbed on top of me and grabbed both of my wrists then pinned both above my head with his left hand whilst his right hand brushed his palm over my clit. I squirmed briefly and spread my thighs wider allowing him to position himself between my thighs.

“Ooohh…” I moaned, closed my eyes and sucked my lower lip when his palm brushed once again over my clit. It made my pussy lips quivered.

He lowered his face and kissed my neck.. nibbled my right ear and whispered softly telling me how he always missed me, how he worried about me and how sexy I was for him. Once again I squirmed and rubbed my check against his cheek as his tongue licked the sensitive spot behind my ear. I gasped and felt thousand tingling feeling travelled throughout my body. My nipples were getting stiffer as those were rubbing his muscular chest.

“Yes, James, I miss you too…” I whispered and kissed him then nibbled his right earlobe before he slithered on top of my body until his face reached my breasts. He released my wrists so that I could move my hand freely to rub his hair..naughtily took a handful of his and squeezed it gently as his tongue flickered on my right nipple. I folded my legs and curled my toes when his tongue teased my other nipple. My inner thighs rubbed against his upper waist and my clit rubbed against his belly. More and more moist gathered around my pussy lips.

“AhhH!” I shrieked when he naughtily grinned my left nipple between his teeth and naughtily sucked my nipple with its areola. My body shivered in excitement. It was just hours ago when we made love through the night but for some odd reasons I felt so hunger for his touches…It seemed that we shared the similar insatiable sexual desires.

“OooHH!! James!” I moaned and slid my fingers through his hair when his face moved from my breasts toward my clit. His tongue slithered slowly and passionately through my belly and passed my belly button. I gasped when his tongue was about an inch from my clit.

My petite body shuddered heavily when his wet tongue flickered on my clit and made it protruding even more. The feeling was so remarkable and continuous tingling feeling travelled endlessly throughout my body, sending me higher and higher. The inner part of my pussy quivered and it made me really wet.

“Ohh.. James.. don't stop..dont…OOhhhh!” I lost control of my body when I got the first peak. I squirmed and gripped his head tighter between my inner thighs as the inner part of my pussy quivering and pulsing uncontrollably. My hands squeezed his hair when his tongue rubbed along my pussy lips moving up and down.

Satisfied with his work, he climbed up on my body and positioned the tip of his cockhead to the opening of my quivering pussy lips. I opened my eyes and looked into his eyes when he was pushing his cock between my parted pussy lips and made it slid deeper and deeper. I gasped and sucked my lower lip when he finally filled my pussy completely with his thick hard cock. I felt the inner part of my pussy quivering again..squeezing and milking his cock inside.

“You are so sexy, Celina” he hissed when he pulled his cock halfway and shoved it back inside in split second.

“Yes, James..yes… fuck me..please fuck me hard!” I squealed, folded my legs then round my legs around his hips… rubbing his body with sheer skin colour stockings…letting him to feel smoothness and sleekness of the fabric. Using my calves, I pulled gently his asscheeks only to make myself gasped and squirmed when the tip of his thick cockhead touched the deepest spot inside my pussy. I could hear his heavy grunt almost at the same time.

He slowly fucking my tight pussy and brought me closer and closer to my second peak for every slam of his cock. My nicely manicured fingernails naughtily scratched his back as I moaned uncontrollably… begging him to fuck me harder as I was really close to the second one….

“OOOOOoooHhhhh!~~” I could feel blood rushing through my vein when I squirmed. I felt so complete and fulfilled. My nipples were getting really stiff and hard, and the inner part of my pussy quivering as if it became alive. Some fluid was oozing out of me, and he was adding up speed more and let me had a wonderful orgasm in a very short time. It felt so wonderful as it rippled through every inch of my petite body, which was squirming passionately under his body.

I looked into his eyes, bit my lower lip then gasped when I felt his cock throbbed once deep inside my pussy. I rubbed my inner thighs on his waist and hip as I used my calves to add pressure on his ass…

…and his cock throbbed again… then he added more speed. I gasped when it throbbed again deep inside in split second…. more and more obvious as he slammed hard…until it finally exploded once again deep inside my pussy. Thick warm liquid was flowing freely inside me as his body tightened and went rigid for a few more seconds. His cock kept on squirting until it squirted the last drop of his cum.

I closed my eyes and breathed slowly when he lowered his face then kissed my forehead before he pulled his cock out of my pussy and collapsed beside me. My pussy was still pulsing briefly for a few more seconds..

We stayed there silently on the bed for a while. I closed my eyes and felt that the feeling was slowly subsided. He finally got up, and kissed my forehead before he climbed off the bed.

“I am waiting for you downstairs, whenever you are ready, Celina. There are things which I want to show you”, he said as he walked away from the bed.

I didn't say anything and just simply nodded. I needed a bit more time to lying on such comfortable bed. I felt so happy and my spirit was rising high.

We spent almost the whole day together, and he showed me to some of his businesses around the area. As to myself those were normal business activities and nothing was suspicious. He also introduced me to one of his business partners who was running a high-class boutique in town and let me choose whichever clothes, sexy shoes, perfumes, or stuffs, whichever I like.

“James, just wait for a moment, ok?” I said and smiled at him as I took a pair of nude sheer exquisite stockings and walked to the changing room. He looked at me and smiled, then continued talking to his partner.

As soon as I was inside the changing room, I stepped out of my strappy stilettos. I rolled down the stockings and took off the flimsy tiny g-string which I was wearing and put those inside my Hermes handbag. Slowly I slid left my feet into the new stockings and rolled it up along my legs, I could feel how smooth and cool the fabric was. It stretched nicely and fit every curve as if it was my second skin. I slid in my other feet and rolled it up further until the elastic band rested nicely on my waist. I looked at my own reflection on the mirror and felt satisfied with what I saw.

After pulling down the hem of my black low cut dress, and buckled tiny straps of my heels, I stepped out of the changing room and walked toward James. He turned as he heard soft sharp clicks of my heels.

“Well, what do you think?” I said and smiled.

“It’s lovely, babe” he said as his eyes were staring at my legs uncovered by my miniskirt. The way he admired me made my pussy lips quivered lightly and dampened lightly the spot between my inner thighs. I walked closer to him and raised myself until tip toed and kissed his lips thanking him. I let his hands rested on my waist and through the corner of my eyes I could feel that his partner awkwardly looked to other direction, and obviously jealously looking at us.

As we were sitting inside his limo, he said.. “There is another part of my business which I would like to show it to you, Celina”. It was later in the afternoon and we were travelling to another city.

“What is that, James?” I turned my face and looked into his eyes. I crossed my legs and leaned toward him at the backseat of his limo. I could see that his driver was taking a brief peek through the mirror but I preferred to ignore him.

He simply smiled and said, “you will see one of many” as he rested his right hand on mid of my thighs then rubbed gently up and down as if he was enjoying every smoothness and sleekness feeling of the fabric of the stocking that I was wearing.

I shifted briefly and let my pussy was grinded lightly between my inner thighs. My nipples were getting stiffer as those sensitive tips rubbed against the silky fabric of my low cut dress.

It took another half an hour before the limo arrived in a clean pharmaceutical compound with an “Advance Corp” logo at the top of the building…

“Come, Celina”, he said as the driver opened up the door next to him. I waited for a while and fixing my dress before the same driver opened up the door next to me. I stepped out of the car and let James led my hand as three gentlemen and a lady greeted us.

As always James introduced me briefly as Ms.Catherine to his people and they introduced themselves as the members of the boards and one of them as the head of research division. James told them that he wanted to show me around including the Aphro project as well.

“Are you sure that you want to show her that, Mr.James?” Mr.Krisnan, the head of research division, said to James who turned his face briefly to me and smiled.

“Yes, Krisnan. No problem. We can trust her”, James said and the man nodded.

“Please follow me”, he said and led us to the main facility until we arrived at a section of the building marked with “No Admittance. Authorized Personnel Only” printed with a red letters on the door. Mr.Krisnan keyed in his password on the digital keypad and the door slid open.

“What you will see is a totally confidential, Celina” James leaned his face and whispered at my ear. I simply nodded as I walked beside him following Mr.Krisnan.

Inside I saw an amazing advance research and production facility. Series of high tech machinery were mechanically filling up tiny bottles with clear liquid. Only few staffs were there inside the production facility supervising the process.

“James, what is this?” I asked, and other people were looking at me then James.

He was simply smiled and replied, “I will explain it to you later” then turned to Mr.Krisnan and said, “Thank you, Krisnan for your time. I will go to my office” then he shook their hands.

“Come with me, babe”, he said and I followed him silently to his private office at the top of the building. As I stepped in, the air was cool and nice. The interior was a lavishly decorated office, very exquisite touch as usual, and memories flashed to the day when I stepped into his office for the first time more than 2.5 years ago. The feeling was the same and thrill remained.

115lb, 5'5", black hair. Love to wear sexy dresses; a see-through blouse and a very short tight skirt fit well. Like 5" spiky heels with straps v much.

Love a role-play as much as i love these dresses and heels.

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« Reply #17 on: May 01, 2014, 10:23:40 PM »

James walked toward his private bar then poured some drink into two small glasses and offered me one of those before he walked toward the shelves, dimmed the light and turned on the music.. slow romantic music..whilst I walked toward the leather sofa and crossed my legs. I felt my pussy quivered when they were grinded between my inner thighs.

“Well Celina, to answer your question when you asked me down there, that liquid is a very potent aphrodisiac” he smiled and sipped his drink.

“Is it dangerous? You are not doing this just for money, right?” I asked.

He laughed out. “It’s totally safe. The drug will wear off after several orgasms as the chemical reaction of the body will change the substance, which is… you know…long enough for a couple to enjoy the moment together. It has no side effect” he said and smiled at me when he saw me staring at the liquid inside my glass. “It’s pure liquor, Celina. You are worried too much” he once laughed and finished off his drink.

Looking at him and smiled, I took a sip of the liquor and it’s flowed freely through my throat..it tasted smooth and nice. It was then my mobile was buzzing inside my bag. I noticed that James was looking at me through the corner of his eyes when I scrambled for mobile inside my handbag. He then walked away standing next to the window watching outside.

I recognized that it was Kyle’s number. He must have recorded the number when I called him that day.

“Yes?” I said.

“Hi sweetie.”

“Kyle, please…. Don't call me again..forget about me”

“Sweetie, please….. I heard that an announcement from the Agency that you are going rogued, turning your back against the Agency. They have made it official to all of its agents, including those who are inactive. I am worried about you’

….I didn't reply but the memories the moment that I shared with him flashed inside my mind. After all, he still cared about me. Was he sincere or was he simply playing his role? Could I trust him again?...

“ hi…you there?”

“Bye Kyle” I hanged up the call and emptied completely the glass in my hand. I saw my mobile buzzed again and the same number flickered on the screen, but I didn't bother to pick it up. James walked to me and said… “Want more?”

“Yea” I said as I was trying to get rid of memories that I shared with Kyle.. I felt the pain inside my heart. “…and James….”

“Yes, babe?” He turned to me and looked into my eyes.

“I wanna taste a bit of that stuff you made” I saw a smile on his face. I was trying to get rid of the thought that I might have been falling in love with James. This couldn't be… [i[ This was not right.. but the Agency and Kyle…looked what they had done on you, Celina….[/i]

“Are you sure?” He asked and took out a tiny bottle from the drawer.

I simply nodded and smiled at him no matter how awkward it was. My mobile once again buzzed and still, I didn't bother to pick it up. It stopped and showed 7 missed calls. Finally I picked it up and turned it off.

“Here, babe” James said and offered me a glass in his hand. I saw his smile when I took the glass.

Without saying any word, I quickly emptied the glass in one shoot as all memories about Kyle flashing back inside my mind.

“Woa…slowly babe”, he said and took his seat next to me. I turned my face away from him as there was one tear drop running down my cheek from the corner of my eyes. I quickly wiped it and sighed.

“Is everything ok?” James asked.

“Yeap”, I said, turned back facing him, tried to smile and looked into his eyes.

When you feel the sunlight…Fade into the cold night..

The next song played, a song, which I knew very well. I could feel that my body was slowly getting warmer and warmer as the drug and liquor were taking effects on me. James, rested his hand on my right knee then brushing it briefly. The feeling sent thrill all over my body and created goosebumps on my back and on my skin.

And all the dreams you're dreaming…Seem to lose their meaning..

James slowly took my glass away from my hand and leaned forward toward my right ear..then kissed the spot where he knew it well.. I closed my eyes and softly gasped when I felt his lips on my skin.

Let me in your world
Baby, let me in your world
All you need is someone you can hold
Don't be sad, you're not alone…

One tear was running down my cheek as I felt so moved when he kissed the back of my neck then slowly flickered his tongue on my skin teasing my skin. His hand moved slowly and opened up the shoulder of my dress over my left shoulder…revealing up my supple left breast with its protruding nipple. My left hand slid under the front side of his pants and slid deeper until my fingers touched the tip of his pee hole…slowly I circled his shaft using my fingers and started stroking it lightly. I felt how it grew thicker and harder…

He stopped kissing me and guided me up, then raised my chin and kissed my lips. I could hear the song kept on playing when his hands opened up my dress and let it fall on the floor and crumble around my ankles. The effect of the drug was taking over me completely and I felt every spots on my body was getting more sensitive than usual. Tingling feeling endlessly rippled through my body whenever he touched the right spot. This made my nipples standing stiff and moist was gathering more and more around my pussy lips. He left me standing so close to him almost completely naked save for expensive sheer stockings and 5” sexy strappy stilettos that I was wearing.

Slowly my hands unfastened his belt and I let his cock sprang stiff and hard when his pants fell on the floor and crumbled around his ankles. I looked up to him who smiled back at me and raised my face until I was standing tip-toed. I kissed him deeply and we let out tongue flickered and teased each other.

I will be your shelter
I'll give you my shoulder
Just reach out for my love…

My mind silently whispered Yes, James… I knew you would be my shelter when my world that I knew was falling apart I finally ended up kissing his lips and started to kneel in front of him. His cock was twitching freely in front of my face before I wrapped it with my finger then stroke it lightly. I looked up and saw that he was looking down at me. With a smile I leaned my face toward the tip of his cockhead and kissed it briefly. It was twitching twice as my wet tongue flickered teasing the sensitive spot on its pee hole. I could hear my heart beating as I heard him held his breath and grunted heavily. I continued for more before finally I rounded my lips around his cockhead then slowly took it inside my mouth. He exhaled and grunted…breathing heavily.

Wet warm wall of my mouth wrapped his cock head whilst my lips wrapped his shaft when I started sucking it slowly. Light pungent taste mixed with salty as I pulled my head whilst kept gripping his cockhead with my lips. I saw smears of my lipstick on his cock shaft, which was glistening under dim light. His hands grabbed handfuls of my hair then guided my head to shove his cock back into my mouth. It slid deeper and deeper until it reached the deepest spot. Wet wall of my mouth contracting… milking and squeezing his cock. In split second, I could feel that it squirted his pre-cum.

I could hear him grunted and his cock throbbed lightly inside my mouth..I slowly moved my mouth backward whilst kept on sucking his cock until only its cockhead remained inside my mouth. At the same time as my left hand fingers slowly gave tender massage to his balls, my right hand rested on his left thigh. I could feel his muscles tightened and he moaned softly then hissed…. when my tongue flickered on the sensitive spot on the tip of his cockhead…he moaned as if he was releasing heavy burden built up inside him.

Whilst I kept my left hand giving a nice massage to his balls, my right hand slowly moved toward my pussy and using my fingers to gently pat on my clit. My petite body shuddered lightly when I found that it was out of my surprise, my clit became extremely sensitive. I closed my eyes and shrieked in gag with his cock inside my mouth. I stopped patting for awhile as I could feel that my pussy lips were quivering lightly and series of tingling feeling rippled all over my petite body. It made my nipples getting stiffer and harder.

In the next second, I could hear slurping sound as I started sucking his cock..whilst my right hand fingers kept on teasing my clit..and sometimes rubbing along my wet pussy lips. I moaned several times in gag and mixture of saliva and his pre-cum drooling from the corner of my lips. More and more wetness gathered on the spot of my sheer stockings right at the part which touched my pussy lips.

After several more sucking motions, James pulled my head away from his cock. I saw his cock was twitching in front me and its shaft was covered with mix of my saliva and smear colour of my lipstick. A long thin line of thick liquid was coming from the tip of his pee hole until the drop finally fell on the floor.

He led me back toward the leather sofa and let me lying down flat on my back. The leather felt so nice on my skin..it’s cool and comforting. I clenched my legs briefly but he held my knees and politely gave me signs to spread those apart. My left stiletto was stepping on the floor whilst he put my right stiletto on top of the back cushion of the sofa.

The music changed to another one… but it became harder for me to focus on the lyric when James torn a bit of my sheer stockings on spot right on my pussy then lowered his head between my inner thighs. I closed my eyes and squirmed with my hands squeezing my breasts one after another….my fingers lightly pinching and twisting my nipples when….”OOoOOhhH!!~~” I moaned as the tip of his tongue flickered quick on my clit. I closed my thighs in reflect and holding his face between my inner thighs…holding it tighter..rubbing the sheer fabric on his cheeks as I moaned uncontrollably.

“OoHhhH..yes, James..please don't stop…please…Oohhh!~~” I moaned and my body jolted lightly as his tongue brushed along my pussy lips moving up and down. I gasped then squirmed further more when I pinched my nipples and made those harder. A bit of liquid was oozing out of my pussy. I could hear soft slurping as James licked my pussy once again.

“AAaaaaaAAAHhhHHHH!!~~” I shrieked naughtily when his tongue slid between my pussy lips and briefly brushed my pussy which became extremely sensitive. It brought me closer to my peak and yet it was not that easy for me to get it. I begged for more…and more…until it was so close to me. The feeling was teasing my mind. It started to torture me for I felt so hungry for it. In split second after I eased the grip of my inner thighs on his cheeks, he briefly kissed and sucked my clit…and…

“Give it to me James… yess.. yess..OOhhh~~ I am cummminng~~~…Ohhh..yess yes..OooHHHH~~~” I felt my body was getting warmer and my blood was rushing through my vein when the first peak hit me and rippled through every inch of my body. I felt so relieved and wonderful….

“James…stoppp teasing me..please fuck…me..fuck me hard…please… babe..fuck me…” I moaned uncontrollably….

Without opening my eyes, I knew that he slowly climbed on top of my body..and it made me shrieked when I could feel the tip of his cockhead touched my pussy lips. His warm breath was brushing my neck skin briefly when he lowered his body on top of me, and it made my petite body shivered under his body when he teased my earlobe then whispered how much he needed me…how much he missed when I was away from him... I gasped and squirmed lightly under his body and let my nipples grinded against his muscular chest.

“Ohhh..yess!” he hissed when his thick cockhead started penetrating my pussy. I gasped and naughtily clawed his back with my nicely manicured fingers as his cock slid deeper and deeper.

“OooOOhhh~~ James..make me cum…again….AaaahhHH!!.. Yes..yes…OooHhhmmmMyy!~~” I moaned and finally sucked my lower lip when his cock finally reached the deepest spot inside my pussy, which pulsing and squeezing his cock endlessly.

“OhhH yess..fuck me..James.. oh babe, fuck me hard..” I continued moaning when he started pulling his cock halfway only to shove it back in…again and again…..and it took no longer for me to feel that I was so close for my second peak when his cockhead rubbed the most sensitive part of my pussy. My legs wrapped his hip and my calves rested on his asscheeks..pulling him to make his cock as deep as it could. My feet curled when the feeling was getting stronger.

“OOOOOoOOHhhHH!!~~” …..and my hands pulled his body to me and hugged his body so tight whilst my calves pulled his asscheeks as hard as I could…so that his cock buried deep inside my pussy which started to pulsing…contracting..milking his cock. I squirmed hard under his body. Wonderful orgasm hit me again and like the first peak…the feeling was remarkably wonderful and amazing….the inner part of my pussy was convulsing uncontrollably. He kept on fucking my pussy a bit more before he got up when I eased my hug on his body.

I let him guide me to kneel on the sofa facing him as he sat and leaned against the back cushion. I rested my hands on the cushion next to his head and bit my lower lip when my pussy tingled softly. He was looking at me and he looked so handsome… “Come..” he whispered and his hands guided my waist…slowly pulling my hip toward him and positioned my pussy lips on top of his twitching cockhead. I saw pre-cum oozed out of its pee-hole as it brushed briefly against my pussy lips. It made me gasped and my petite body jolted upward briefly when his cockhead peeked inside my pussy. Slowly he guided my waist downward so that his cock slowly entered into my parted pussy lips. I gasped when it slid halfway then slid further until his cock completely disappeared inside my pussy.

“OOOooOHhH~~” I moaned when his cockhead once again rubbed the sensitive spot inside my pussy. He was groaning almost at the same time.

I leaned my petite body forward with both hands remained on the back cushion of the sofa when his hands gripped my asscheeks. I pulled slowly my petite body upward until his cock almost completely slipped out and then pushed my petite body back downward and let his cock slid along warm wet wall of my pussy. He groaned briefly before he started teasing my nipples which were juggling up and down in front of his face.

“OooOoHh..Yess~~” my fingers squeezed lightly the leather cushion as I straddled his cock. He was groaning and breathing heavier. I was so close to another peak when I felt his cockhead throbbed deep inside my pussy. It was so obvious that it throbbed again as I continued straddling with faster and faster pace. His hand squeezed my asscheeks and he was grunting heavier. I arched my body and offering my breasts to him when finally….

…almost at the same time his cock exploded inside my pussy, I finally got the third peak and as I continued straddling for a few more….I could hardly believe that another peak followed in a very short time. My body shivered in excitement and my pussy quivering uncontrollably. His cock continued squirting his warm cum deep inside my pussy and there was so much cum that he squirted until some started oozing out of my pussy running along his shaft the continued flowing and gathered on the sofa under his balls. I finally collapsed on top of him and we kept in position after his cock squirted the last drop of his cum until the feeling subsided….

“Ooohh James..” I moaned and rested my head on his shoulder. His cock briefly throbbed deep inside when he kissed my cheek lightly. I felt so satisfied and fulfilled when I got up from his lap.

“Ouch…” I shrieked when mixture of my cum and his flowing freely out of my pussy. Some of that thick liquid dropped on the leather sofa and some other was running down along my right thigh on the sheer fabric of the sheer stocking. He laughed to see my expression and it made me blushed to remember that he must have seen how I was cumming hard several times. He must have noticed that. Feeling so shy, my hand slapped naughtily his upper arm and my finger pinched him lightly.

“Ok..Ok..” James laughed and tried to dodge me before he finally grabbed my waist and leaned his head then kissed me deeply. I was sitting on his lap and facing him, and kissing him back passionately before our lips released each other. I felt my heart was beating hard inside my chest whilst my face blushed and warmed. My pussy lips were quivering lightly.

“It was wonderful, isn’t it?” James said. I simply nodded and bit my lower lip tenderly when my pussy tingled again softly. He leaned his head forward and naughtily bit my left nipple. It made me arched my body and slightly jolted backward. The tip of my nipple was still painfully sensitive. His cock was getting stiffer again as its cockhead rubbed against the sheer fabric of my stocking and leaving wet mark of his pre-cum on the spot around my flat belly.

I followed him and raised my asscheeks from his lap as his hands were guiding my waist. He led me until the tip of his cockhead touched the soft opening of my tender pussy. When his cockhead slid it in I gasped and jolted my body up until his cockhead slipped out of my pussy. My pussy was quivering lightly and I waited for awhile before I lowered my hip and let his cock slipped back into my pussy then kept on sliding deeper until its tip reached the deepest spot inside. I gasped when his tongue tickled and teased my left nipple as his cock was gripped and squeezed inside my pussy. I felt it throbbed lightly.

Slowly he guided my waist to move up and down…I followed his rhythm only to end up squirmed hard every time his cockhead caressed the most sensitive spot deep inside my pussy.

“OOhhhhHH! Yess!!” I closed my eyes, moaned and arched my body offering my breasts with their nipples standing stiff and hard toward his face. I straddled his cock once again..moving my hip up and down faster and faster… patting sound filled the air when my asscheeks patted against the front side of his thighs whenever his cock was completely buried inside me. It was so wonderful and I could clearly feel that I was so close to another peak. He started to raise his hip every time I lowered myself as if he was trying to push his cock even more and more … deeper and deeper inside my pussy. I could hear him grunting and breathing heavily… his breath was hot and warm brushing on the skin of my breasts.

“OOhhhhhhhhhhHHHHHh~~!” I finally reached my peak. My pussy was quivering hard and milking his cock inside my pussy. He waited until my feeling subsided before he guided me to stand up from his lap. I followed him as he asked me to lay facing down the leather sofa. He took his position behind my ass and slowly guided me to raise my waist. My left knee pressed against the sofa whilst my right stiletto stepped on the floor. He tore a part of my stockings around my ass.

I sucked the back of my index finger when I felt the tip of his cockhead rubbed between my asscheek and aimed toward my asshole. He spat then lubricated more around my ass hole before he slowly pushed his cockhead it. I clenched my ass in instinct and gasped.. gripping his cockhead as it started sliding into my tight ass.

“ooOOhhh~~ slowly..Jamesss….slowww…OOhh~~” I moaned and relaxing myself to let his cock moved in but yet it was still too tight for my ass which was gripping his cock tight as it moved..inch by inch..deeper into my ass. He was grunting whenever I clenched all muscles around my ass gripping his cock tight and milking it endlessly… It was then I slid my left hand under my body and used my fingers to pat my clit when his cock was almost completely buried inside. I gasped when he exhaled his breath and his cock completely impaled my body. He waited for awhile as if he enjoyed every contraction of the muscles around my ass…squeezing and milking his cock…before started fucking my ass, and he moved faster and slammed harder.

It took some time before ……“OhhHH…Fuck!~~” he moaned and I could feel his cock throbbed deep inside me. I kept on patting my clit..teasing and circling its sensitive tip with my fingers. The feeling was getting higher as the sensitive tips of my nipples were grinded against the leather when my petite body was rocked back and forth. He kept on moving harder and harder as if he was trying to drive and push himself beyond his limits.

I finally gasped when my pussy once again quivered with a bit fluid oozing out of me….and in the next split second I heard him grunting heavily and finally with one hard rough slam, which made me shrieked, his cock exploded inside my ass when the tip of it reached the deepest spot. His warm and thick cum was flowing freely and filling me up. He exhaled and waited until his cock squirted the last drop then pulled it out of my ass. I felt so exhausted and my petite body collapsed completely on the leather sofa after he pulled his cock out of my ass. His cock squirted once again and drops of his cum fell on the sheer stocking around my asscheek.

I closed my eyes and curled myself on the leather sofa. I let the thick liquid oozing out slowly from my pussy and my ass when he covered blanket on my body, slowly lifted me up then carried me toward his private bedroom through the connecting door of his office. I felt so exhausted and yet I was indeed sexually satisfied.

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I enjoyed reading your post too,and I also liked reading thew description of your self too. check my profile and maybe we can chat sometime too.xx

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After that day, James took me to see more of his underground businesses. He showed me through his connections how the corrupt the high level of the Agency was, and those facts completely destroyed my loyalty to the institution which had brought me up for many years. Yet I also noticed James was indeed a very meticulous man, smart and cunning. A part of him made me scared but yet I could not resist the charm of the other side of his character. I knew that there was no turning back for me, and yet there was nothing for me to turn back anyway.

“Babe, can you do me a favor?” he said when we were inside his limo after we had a nice dinner in the city.

“Yes, James..anything” I said and smiled as he was closing the window between the passenger seat and the driver so that his driver could not hear what he was about to say. He then took a small thumb drive from his pocket and gave it to me.

“What is this, James?” I continued.

“I need you to tap this into the Agency’s network. It will open up a backdoor for us to access their system”, he said. I looked into his eyes and didn't say anything. “It is impossible to breach from outside and the only way to do, is to breach their system from inside. You see, I have my men inside but none has my full trust. Only you, Celina. We can only do this once and it must not fail”, he said and waited for my answer.

I looked at the thumb drive in his hand and then looked into his eyes. It was hard for me to foresee what his ultimate game plan was. I knew that he had done a lot to me, but breaching the Agency system…it was something, which never crossed my mind. I knew that there was only one man could have an access to the main computer system. He was Heinrich, a computer freak and he was the head of IT department. When I was still with the Agency, I met him only once and he was a bit shy whenever I caught him staring at me. Everyone knew that he was almost untouchable as the Agency was relying hard on his brain. Behind his shy behavior, I heard a rumor that he had such a disgusting insatiable interest in torturing bitches. Only because he was so precious to the Agency, he could easily slip away from any charges.

“It’s easy, honey” I said and took the thumb drive from his hand. James smiled, kissed my cheek and whispered “I know that I can rely on you”. I leaned my head against his and let my cheek briefly brushed against his cheek like a kitten brushed its cheek.

I saw Heinrich as I stepped into the bar. He was sitting in the corner like a fool, and his eyes were looking at me since I walked in.

Did he recognize me?... I was wondering but felt relieved when he turned his face in shy as if he was too shy to look at my eyes… a typical Heinrich that I knew. I ordered a drink then walked silently passing the crowd toward his table.

“Mind if I sit here?” I said and he was just shook his head and emptied his beer then ordered another one. I took a seat on his left side. His pale face blushed red and I could sense that he was slightly drunk. I sipped my drink when the male waitress replaced his empty bottle with a new one and took brief glance over my cleavage uncovered by my low cut skintight dress. I preferred to ignore him and back to Heinrich.

He didn't say anything and just sitting there uncomfortably. I almost chuckled to see how awkward he behaved, but once in a while I noticed that he leaned his head aside taking a short peek over the hem of my miniskirt as if he wanted to check how short it was.

“Alone?” I sighed and looked into his eyes, and he was simply nodded and gulped his drink.

‘I have never seen you before and well, yea..it’s a lonely night for me..” he said and left his words hanging in the air and his eyes was once again stealing glance over my cleavage.

“You remind me of someone…” he suddenly continued and it almost paralyzed me.

“Yea? And who is she?” I asked.

He took a deep sigh, before continued, “She looks almost the same like you, but I know that you can’t be her. She was…. He was silenced for a while… I mean we work in the same company, but the rumor said that she already left and work for the other. We believe that she went rogue and the whole company is looking for her”.

Yea.. I heard it from Kyle before I said to myself, before I touched his hands. He nervously tried to pull his hand.

“She must be a beautiful lady, right?” I said and he simply nodded. I then leaned my head next to his left ear and whispered, “perhaps we can … you know .. live up your secret fantasy with her”… and as I expected he was looking at me and simply nodded his head.

“Very well, let’s find a more private place, ok?” I said and stood up…my hands naughtily pulled the hem of my miniskirt and brushed it over as if I was tidying it up. I knew that he was watching me closely. He stood up, took out some money and put it on the table then grabbed my hand. I was surprised to know how desires changed this shy man in seconds. I knew that some guys were looking at us jealously when I leaned my body against him as we walked out of the bar like a couple of lovers.

We took a taxi to a motel, which was located about five blocks from the head office of the Agency. I glanced at the clock on the dashboard of the taxi and noticed that the night was still young. It was about 2:12am. He was busy kissing my neck and rubbing his hand along my thighs as we were sitting at the driver seat of the taxi. The taxi driver was stealing glance at us for several times but this was none of his business. My body jolted briefly whenever his right hand slid under my miniskirt and the tip of his fingers almost touched my clit through the thin fabric of my panties and sheer stockings that I was wearing.

Shyness has disappeared quickly as he closed the door behind him in the motel room. He turned my petite body and kissed me passionately…lust fully without any hesitance. Smell of his foul breath mixed with cheap beer almost made me choked… it wouldn't be long, Celina…it wouldn't be long… I told myself. His hands were slithering freely all around me. Sometimes his hand slid under my miniskirt and pulled its hem upward revealing more of my thighs. Not to raise his suspicion my hands rubbed his back and I moaned several times. I knew that this would drive him crazier.

“Oohhh” I moaned and pretended that I would like to push his hand away as it rubbed against my ass when he was pushing me slowly toward the bed and bulging part of his pants rubbed against my pelvis bones. When I got my chance, my hand grabbed his middle finger, moved my body around him whilst my fingers gripped tight and twisted hard until we could hear its soft bone twisted. He screamed in pain and pushed my petite body felt on the bed. As he stuttered backward holding his broken finger, I quickly got up and swung my stiletto his ball as hard as I could. Once again I could hear his scream in pain and he felt on his knees. In split second, I leaped toward him, grabbed his head and used all my strength to twist his neck around. His body felt on the floor with hard thudding sound.

Without wasting too much time, I quickly searched his pockets, took his wallet, his access card, made my hair as messy as possible and torn a bit of my dress before I grabbed Heinrich jacket and opened up the door. I saw two people stayed in the room next to ours opening their room doors and peeped outside. So I turned around and yelled angrily… “Fuck you asshole!!.. Go and fuck yourself!!” then I slammed the door hard. I pretended walking angrily toward the elevator and just raised my hand ignoring someone who asked me what was going on.

As the elevator booth closed its door, I leaned against the door and took a deep sigh. It was hard for me to believe what I had done and everything just happened. As a field agent, they have trained me hard in martial art to defend myself, and yet I used it for another purpose. I felt so pity to the man. I covered my ears and shook my head whenever I recalled the sound of the soft bones of his finger and neck when it was twisted and snapped like a dry twig.

This was for those poor bitches tortured by this bastard in the past…. I was trying to comforting myself as the bell chimed softly as the booth reached the ground floor. I saw two couples were waiting in front of the door and I stepped silently passing them. The receptionist turned his face briefly as he heard soft clicks of my stilettos and shook head before he turned his attention back to the television.

The air was so cool and fresh as I stepped outside the motel and picked up my mobile calling one of James’ staffs to pick me up. I could not waste much time. I had to be quick.

I changed my clothes and wore Heinrich jacket as the car was taking me to the head office of the Agency. I knew that I could not just simply walk through the front side, and must use a back entrance to slip in. Heinrich’s access card should be more than enough and I was right.

The led turned green as I touched his access card on the access panel, and I put on a hat to cover my hair and slipped in. Since I grew up in this place, I knew where I should go and I had to move quickly to the mainframe room. It took less than five minutes for me to stepped into the server room next to Heinrich office then tapped the thumb drive that James gave to me. I was lucky that Heinrich card could be used to bypass the system.

I waited until the system completely loaded the content of the thumb drive, and I dialed James’ number.

“James, it’s done..” I whispered in low voice.
“Hold on” he said and checked with his engineer whether it was completed. It took 10 seconds before James said, “Ok, get out of there, babe”

I pulled out of the thumb drive and sneaked out of the Agency building, then got into the car, which took me back to James, who had been waiting for me in front of his mansion.

“Come with me, Celina. We need to disappear for a while” he said as he helped me to take off Heinrich’s jacket and handed it over to his staff then said, “Burned this completely. No trace”

“Where are we going, James?” I asked and he was simply smiling at me when we were sitting on his limo taking us to the airport, where his private plane had been waiting for him.

“You have done a great job, Celina. We simply need to disappear, sit tight and enjoy the show” he said when both of us were sitting comfortably inside his private jet. I just smiled and raised a glass of champagne to him. He did the same then we sipped it. I knew that I had changed completely from what I used to be, and this man, James had turned my life 180 degree. Anyway…there was nothing for me to linger in the past, and it would not took long time before the Agency sniffed me as the prime suspect and started hunting me.

We moved to another country for a while avoiding the Agency’s radar. James predicted that once the Agency knew that we had killed their most valuable staff, a massive operation would be launched to all places known to them, including Valerie’s place, and I had to admit that he was right. I saw in the recent news that Valerie and Federico had been detained and they were facing multiple charges soon. One of the charges, as I could read from the news, was that the Agency charging them for a murder of Heinrich, which I knew exactly, had nothing to do with them. James also told me once that his place was searched and it was clean since he got an updated plan through the system that he hacked. The Trojan that his engineer had prepared helped to crack the system from the inside. It definitely gave James a good head start ahead of the Agency and exposing the Agency completely like an open book in front of him to read.

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It was early summer evening in a nice chateau belongs to James’s friend that I joined a fund raising event on behalf of James who couldn't make it due to an important person that he had to meet. Sigh..important business … again?... I was getting bored with these excuses that he was getting more and more busier for his businesses than spending time with me. Some rumors…. I shouldn't trust it… but yet… said that he was getting busy with another young lady who worked for him. I couldn't find any evidence about this but yet I was getting the story was more convincing day by day. He simply laughed it off whenever I was about to raise this topic with him.

It was then I saw this man who was standing about a couple steps away from me. His face looked familiar to me, and yet I couldn't recall who he was. When I stole a glance at him through the corner of my eyes, he looked at me and smiled. He raised his glass of wine and sipped it once. Another man, who was talking to him, Mr.Richard turned his face and smiled at me. I knew Mr.Richard, an old man and a jewel master, one of James business partner overseeing all kind of jewelry distribution such as diamond, ruby, sapphire..anything valuable, all over the continent. I smiled back at Mr.Richard.

Damn!... who is he? .. my mind was trying so hard to recall any information about him as I put my attention back to my conversation with a mid-age lady who managed one of prominent social funds.

“Excuse me, Ms. Catherine….” suddenly I heard Mr.Richard voice with his deep British accent as he was standing on my right side.

“Oh..Mr.Richard, how are you?” I greeted him and shook his hand.

“Please excuse us” I said to the mid-age lady who nodded and smiled at me.

“Catherine…I would like to introduce you to Mr.Andre, who had successfully persuaded me to introduce him to you”, Mr.Richard said and I turned my face to Andre who was standing next to him. He was looking at me with his blue eyes and smiled, “Hi, I am Andre Engelmann” he said and we shook hand briefly.

“Very well, I will leave both of you for I need to take another glass of this bloody drink that I cant resist”, Mr.Richard said to me and I gave this old man a nice hug and cheek-to-cheek kiss.

“Take care Mr.Richard and nice to see you again” I whispered next to his ear before we released each other.

“So, Mr.Andre…. “ I said when Mr.Richard walked away.

“Just call me Andre, Ms.Catherine”, he said briefly and smiled.

Andre Engelmann… who was he?.. sigh…Why could I not remember him except one person?.. I said to myself… He could not be him

I laughed and said, “Just call me Catherine or Cathy, that will do fine, Andre”

“How do you know Mr.Richard?” I asked Andre who just sipped his drink. For some odd reasons, the way he looked at me tickled my hidden desires. His charming smile and the tenderness in his eyes..those were so attractive to me. Could he be the one Andre, which I knew long time ago?

“No. I don't know him” Andre said then continued, “I just met him an hour ago, Cathy”

His honesty impressed me as some people might pretend that they knew something, which they didn't know in order for them to get what they want.

“You remind me of someone whom I knew long time ago” he suddenly said, and in split second he simply nodded and simply raised his glass greeting someone. I turned my face and saw he was greeting another pretty young lady. How could he…sigh!...he did that whilst he was talking to me.. I felt slightly annoyed with his attitude.

“and…may I know who she was?” I asked and for some unknown reasons, my mind confirming that he was the one from my past. I could feel my heart beating harder as I was waiting for his answer.

“Her name is Celina, and she was my junior in our high school long time ago. You are indeed looked like her”, Andre continued and smiled.

OOoh!.. It couldn't be!.. I couldn't believe what I heard and for a brief moment my mind was scrambling to find any word that I should say. I was trying to hard to find a grip to control myself to receive this. If he was indeed Andre, the same Andre Engelmann, the high school womanizer and a handsome quarterback who made remarkable performances in autumn competition almost 14 years ago. He was the idol for all young females including…. I had to admit shyly…myself. I felt my face blushed knowing that this person in front of me could be him.

“Cathy?” his voice woke me up from a nice reverie of the past.

“Oh..um.. yea… I mean, I am sorry I don't know her”, I said. The ringing the crystal glass with a small spoon to attract all attendants attentions…. Phewww…. I sighed as I was standing beside him. All memories of the old past were flooding back into my mind. I wished that I could simply admit that I was Celina and gave him a long nice hug for I had not met him for years, but it would compromise a lot of things. It was hard for me to concentrate on what the host said as he was giving his speech.

I bit my lower lip secretly when my pussy tingled lightly as I recalled one night I spent with him that time. Very moment and every second the way we spent the night. It was long ago and yet the feeling was coming back so close and real. My hand went cold and I was getting nervous. I knew that he was stealing glance at me several times as we were standing next to each other. I was slightly over his shoulder as I was standing on 4” sexy stilettoes. I could still remember how we spent that night together, how he touched me and in fact, he was the one whom I voluntarily gave my precious self for the first time. I was so young and careless. Yet I had chosen to forget those moments after finding out that he was playing with me. I found out myself that he was in bed with another young lady and it really broke my heart. Feeling betrayed, I promised to forget him and I hated him much for so, and yet, I met him again in this event. He remained charming and attractive as he was before.

“I would like to thank you all for all donations and wish you all nice evening” the host finally closed his speech and we did final toast to end the night.

“So…Cathy, are you up to something this evening?” Andre asked when we were standing in front of the chateau waiting for our own cars to pick us up.

“Nope”, I replied briefly and tried to understand whether this was merely a coincidence. I had not heard about him for years and this meeting lightened up a flicker of the old days. He was standing close to me… and it was so close that I could almost feel the heat of his body in a cool autumn night. His right hand rounded behind me and rested on my right shoulder. I was about to politely take it away but I didn't.

His car came first before mine..

“Come, I will drop you, Cathy”, he said. I saw my car coming so I simply smiled and shook my head. “Oh..come on.. I am safe and I will not do anything stupid. Promise” he continued.

Feeling so eager to find out more about him during these years, I finally nodded and followed him to get into his car then called my driver’s mobile telling him to come back first. I would call him if I needed be.

I found that there was not much change on Andre. He was as charming as he used to be. He knew exactly how to lay down his charm and I had to admit that he was as charming as James…but of course in a different way. We made jokes and laughed gaily as his car was taking me back to the place where I stayed.

I really caught off guard when he took his chance to kiss my right ear gently. If he was a stranger, I would have slap his face hard, but yet….his kiss which was so gentle and tender, and warmth of his breath on my skin…lightened up my desires. I closed my eyes and it brought me back to the first time when this man kissed me in our high school.

“It’s indeed very hard to resist your charm, Cathy” he whispered in my ear as he laid his right hand on my thighs for a while then slid silently through the opening of slit of my long silky party dress, which run up on my upper thighs almost reaching my waist. I squirmed and my petite body shivered. I clenched my thighs lightly and grinding my pussy lips when his fingers brushed along my bare skin of my thighs. Moist gathered more around my inner thighs. I leaned comfortably against the leather cushion of the leather seat when he kissed my neck…it sent me higher when the tip of his wet tongue slithered along my skin. Goosebumps appeared all over my body and squirmed.

I knew that this was not right. James would know about this, but the passion of the past was really hard for me to resist.

“ohh~~” I gently moaned when the tip of his fingers brushed over my clit whilst his other hand squeezed gently my supple breasts and made my nipples hard and stiff under the strapless bra that I was wearing.

“Please…stop~~..please..” I whimpered when my mind reminded me that this would drive James mad to know about this. James would not be hesitate to put an miserable end to his life.

He simply stopped and pulled himself away from me. I opened my eyes and looked at him whilst I was fixing my dress. He smiled at me and said, “I am sorry, Cathy..”

“It’s ok, Andre” I replied, grabbed his hand and gripped it gently comforting him that he did not do any wrong.

He dropped me safely in front of the big mansion that I stayed. I wished that I could spend the rest of the night with him, but I was just simply waived my hand when the car was moving away. I waited until its taillight disappeared in the distance, before I got into the mansion.

I sighed when I walked into my room, took off my clothes one after another save for a pair of sexy strappy stilettos which I did not bother to remove…. leaving myself naked then climbing on the big empty bed. All memories went back to Andre..on how he was touching me inside his car. How passionate it was like the old days… I remembered how and when I was so deeply in love him.

As I laid on the bed, I closed my eyes then started touching myself..teasing every sensitive spots on my body imagining that Andre was here with me. His hand slithered freely all along my naked body.. I moaned when my fingers gently pinched my left nipple whilst my left hand teased my clit. I squirmed on the bed and clenched my thighs whilst grinding my left hand between my inner thighs imagining that Andre was here with me..hugged me..teased me…pleased me once again…

“Ohh!”, I moaned softly when I felt the inner part of my pussy quivered lightly. My mind travelled back to the night when he kissed my lips gently..when his lips kissed the smooth skin on my neck…nibbling my earlobe and whispering sweet words that made me hard to forget…He teased me again and again…

Slowly I opened my eyes and took a small bottle from the drawer, poured half of it into the glass of liquor then finished in one shot. I put back the glass on the side table then lying back on the bed looking at reflection of my naked body on the mirror on the ceiling. I clenched my thighs and squirmed on the bed…. I saw how my nipples were standing hard and stiff… It has been many days and perhaps weeks that James had been busy dealing with his business. There was a big transaction happening he said before he went for the business trip..

I closed back my eyes when I felt that my body was getting warmer. The drug was slowly taking over me and every touch of my fingers brought me higher…. made me squirmed and moaned. My fantasy went back to Andre and the moment that we met in that chateau. He didn't change much except that he looked much mature at the moment than he was before. I recalled how his hand slipped under my dress and caressed my smooth skin…rubbing gently up and down….Oohh!... I should have opened myself to him and let him give me what I wanted.

I folded my legs and let the stilettos dug into the bed..parted my knees slightly and let my fingers teased my pussy moving up and down along its parted lips. My body jolted up and arched when my fingers slipped in and touched the sensitive spot inside. “OoHhhHHH~~” I moaned softly and kept on teasing my pussy with my right hand fingers which was teasing my clit and inner part of my pussy..At the same time, my left hand teased my supple breasts…squeezed gently…pinched my sensitive nipples…and oooOOHh! Yess…

I completely succumbed in delirium of my own fantasy. I moaned and squirmed as I lived up a fantasy when Andre slowly pushing his cock inside my pussy then started pumping gently. His lips kissed and teased my neck whilst grinding my nipples in between as he was on top of me. OOohhhHH~~ fuck me, Andre…fuck me….. I squirmed again when the inner part pulsing once again…Yess yess…OoHh~~ my fingers patted my clit until I got so close to my peak heightened by the drug…and every second it brought me higher and higher. I was so close.. and..

“OOhhhhHHhHHHH~~~” I screamed when I reached the first peak. I felt so wonderful when it came to me. My petite body shivered and bit of liquid oozed out from my pussy…I kept on teasing my clit…whilst imagining that he was fucking me harder and harder…slamming my pussy with all of his strength until I could almost hear him grunting…breathing heavily..and he was so close…he was fucking me with his bare cock..and I sucked my lips when…

“OoOhhHHmmmm~”…I squirmed hard on the bed and curled my toes then gasped uncontrollably when I got the second peak.. my body was getting warmer as the blood was rushing through my vein. It was there for some seconds and the inner part of my pussy quivering as if it alive….I sucked my lower lips until the feeling slowly subsided… I pulled my hand from between my inner thighs…slowly unbuckled the tiny straps of my stilettos and tossed them beside the bed.

My face was blushed in shy as I saw my reflection once again on the mirror above the bed. I gently bit my lower lip when my pussy pulsing softly and curled my naked petite body on the bed. As I closed my eyes, I felt so relieved. Not fully satisfied but it was much better after I released my hidden frustration and desires.

Just a soft humming sound of the air conditioner….I knew it must be close to morning but I didn't bother to check. Deep inside my mind shyly I let my fantasy run wild.. I secretly smiled by myself as I rubbed my right cheek gently on the nice warm pillow…

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My meeting with Andre opened up a new adventure in my life. We met several times in secret and it lived up the old story. He told me that he owned his own construction company in the area and convinced me that it was purely coincidence that we could meet that night. Further in one of the candlelight dinners that we had, he told me how he missed Celina and admitted how stupid the mistakes that he made. Yet, I learned that he had found many similarities between her and me. Save for his voice, all of him was Andre whom I met in the past.

Known as Catherine Liu to him, every time I looked into his eyes, I wished that I could simply tell him who I really was. We spent time either lunch or dinner whenever James was not around. I was trying so hard to hold myself not to spend time with him in bed regardless how my desires endlessly teased and urged my mind whenever we were facing each other face to face. For some obvious reasons, it was hard for me to resist his charm.

The only thing, which worried me much, was James might know about this affair, and yet I had done everything that I could do to cover this up from him.

My trust in Andre built up day by day, and the more we were spending time together, the more I felt that I could find someone to fill in my emptiness. It ended up when I let him touch me more inside his car on the way back after we had a nice candlelight dinner when he gave me a Cartier wristwatch worthy more than a hundred thousand dollars. I knew that James was away for a couple of days and he wouldn't be back shortly.

That night….
I softly gasped and breathed heavy as his hand run through my thighs then slipped under the miniskirt that I was wearing. I closed my eyes and leaned my back on the leather passenger seat and squirmed softly as the tip of his fingers caressed gently my clit. It had been days since I kept such a fantasy inside my mind and I would eventually let it come true. I slowly parted my thighs giving his hands more free space between my inner thighs to rub my thin flimsy g-string, and he gently pulled my flimsy panties. I held my breath and bit my lower lips as my panties run through my thighs, and I clenched my thighs in the moment it passed my stilettos. He took off my flimsy panties, smelled and inhaled deeply then put it inside his suit pocket. My pussy quivered gently and my nipples started standing stiff as those sensitive tips rubbing the fabric of my blouse as I kept on breathing heavily. He must have noticed this when his hand gently squeezed my supple breasts one after another as we kissed each other deeply.

“Nous allons à la maison, Stevan.. We are going back home, Stevan ”, Andre told his driver, who nodded and changed the direction of the car.

“Andre…but your wife?” I heard a rumor long time ago that he married a beautiful French model and stayed in this country.

“Shh…..” he didn't reply and simply sealed my lips with deep passionate kiss. I rounded my hands around his body and hugged him tightly. I completely surrendered myself to him as our tongues flickered and teased each other. The inner part of my pussy tingled lightly when finally we released each other, and I could feel my face blushed and warm. I bit gently my lower lip and turned my face to another direction and at this moment, it was even harder for me resist his charm.

It took another some time before we arrived at the place where he stayed. Soft sharp clicks of my sexy stilettos filled the air as he led me into a nice suite located at the top floor of the building in the city center. It was very spacious and the only lights were the soft colour light of the wall lights. I walked toward the window glass and I could see many flickering tiny lights of many buildings in the city like fireflies. There were just two of us.

He walked toward the bar table and poured some drink inside two glasses, walked to me then standing on my right side.

“Here..” he said and offered me a glass of liquor.

“It is beautiful view..” I whispered and sipped the drink, and without me knowing he leaned toward me and whispered in my ear “..but it is nothing compared to you, Cathy” then kissed the spot on my right neck. I could feel his warm breath tickling my skin and it made me tilted my head against him rubbing my cheek against his.

I took another sip of the drink before I put the glass on the small table beside me then moved facing him. There was no more time to waste. There was nothing stop us at the moment…. And slowly my hands moved to unbuckle his leather belt and unzip his pants then let it fall on the floor. His boxer followed soon. I kneeled in front of him and I could see his stiff hard cock standing half stiff and twitching briefly in front of my face. I knew that he was looking down at me.

I rubbed its pee-hole and it was twitching again as if it turned alive. I could feel it was pulsing lightly when I wrapped it in my hand then started stroking it lightly…again and again. He groaned and breathed heavily leaned his head backward as I kept on stroking his cock with my left hand whilst my right hand was teasing his balls…squeezing gently. My hand moved up and down in a gentle twisting motion. It was twitching again and grew thicker and harder. My pussy was tingling lightly almost at the same time. I sucked my lower lip as the urge was building up fast inside me..raising fast and irresistible. It was getting so hard for me to get hold of myself and I knew the feeling so well. I kept on stroking until his cock was getting really stiff and hard. Some of his pre-cum oozed out and I used my hand to smear it over its shaft.

I looked up briefly into his eyes and smiled at him before I parted my lips and kissed the tip of his cockhead. Once again it twitched…. I could hear him groaned as I let his cock slid into my warm mouth. It slid deeper and I started sucking it gently. I let him grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled my head as if he wanted to completely fill my mouth with his cock. He pulled my head until my hands patted the front thighs to give him sign to slow down when his cock head reached the back of my mouth at the opening of my throat. It squirted some pre-cum again before he eased his grip on my hair.

Slurp..slurp sound filled my ear when I kept on sucking his cock with faster pace…

“Enough.. enough…Cathy..” he hissed and pulled my head away from his cock. I could see smear of my lipstick on the shaft which was glistening under the dim light.

He led me stood up and it was out of my expectation that he ripped my blouse with his strength then he pushed me roughly against the thick glass wall. It paralyzed me to know how rough he was. some people changed.. I said to myself. He tore my blouse completely and pulled up my miniskirt up until it was crumbled around my waist then kicked my stilettos spreading my legs. I gasped but I let him unleashed himself on me.

“Wait Andre…wait…” I whispered when his cock rubbed against my pussy lips, which was wet but not wet enough and I needed so more time. I desperately used my hands to push myself away from the glass but it was impossible for me to resist his strength. My nipples are pinned hard against the glass.

“Shh….” He hissed behind me whilst rubbing his cockhead along the soft opening of my pussy lips….”You will love this…” he whispered beside my right ear from behind.

“Andre.. please slow…AAAAAAAaaaaAAKkHhh!!” I screamed when he shoved in his cock without warning. He kept on shoving it rough and hard until his hard cock completely buried inside my pussy. I felt sharp pain and my stilettos were kicking wildly trying to get him away off from me. My palm hitting the glass…as I was crying..begging him to stop. This was not what I dreamed off. This was not the way that I wanted to make love with him.

He pulled his cock halfway and shoved it back in as hard as he could. It made me screamed and cried out. I could still feel the pain as the inner part of my pussy started contracting…pulsing…squeezing his cock as it was trying to adjust itself to the size of his cock. Ignoring my plea and cry, he grunted heavily and started fucking me as hard as he could. Again and again, he pulled and shoved back his cock.

“Andreee!! Stop~~~~ please.. you are hurting me~~ AAKkhh!!” I cried when I felt his cock throbbed inside my pussy after few hard long strokes, but he didn't listen.

“Fuck you, bitch!..I know who you are..” he grabbed a handful of my hair. I felt cold feeling crept along my back. He knew….what did all of this madness mean? What did he meant by knowing who I was... He pulled my hair harder backward and forcing my face to tilt up…forcing me to arch my body whilst he shoved his cock again hard into my pussy then fucking and rocking my tight pussy like crazy, as if he was unleashing every strength and lust inside him on me. If he was Andre that I knew, he must have changed a lot. Doubt gripped my mind, but it might be too late.

“Yea..scream for me, bitch…scream for me!” he groaned and breathed heavily. bitch? … the word rang like alarm inside my head. Andre never called me that in the past.

After many hard fucks and slams, his cock throbbed inside my pussy. His body went rigid for a while before he was slamming his cock in and out again briefly in split second then his cock started squirting endlessly. Warm thick liquid started flooding in freely as he was fucking me with his bare cock. It kept on squirting until the last drop before he pulled his cock out of my pussy and released his pressure on me.

115lb, 5'5", black hair. Love to wear sexy dresses; a see-through blouse and a very short tight skirt fit well. Like 5" spiky heels with straps v much.

Love a role-play as much as i love these dresses and heels.

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I turned angrily at him but I did not prepare when his hand moved in split second and slapped my cheek hard. I shrieked and stuttered on the thin heels of my sexy stilettos.. and as my petite body fell on the floor, he moved in…gripped my neck and slapped me once again. He didn't give me much chance to defend myself and I ended up lying on the floor with bleeding nose and cracked lips.

His filthy cum oozed out from my pussy as I struggled to release myself as he grabbed my hair and dragged me forcefully toward his bedroom.

“Andre..please~~..what’s wrong with you..~.. we can talk this over~” I whimpered when he threw me on his bed. My petite body bounced up and down several times before my stilettos were kicking wildly as I was pushing myself toward the headboard. There was no tenderness on his face. He sneered coldly at me.

He didn't say anything and just grabbed my ankles and pulled me lying flat on the bed… then moved and grabbed right wrist, pulled a hidden handcuff that he prepared then secured my right wrist. I struggled as hard as I could but he could easily dodge my attacks. He moved to the other side of the bed and secured my left wrist to the other corner of the bed.

“Andre…what’s wrong with you?!..” I screamed again and desperately tried to move away from him as he climbed up on the bed. My supple breasts were bouncing up and down and my nipples were pointing hard and stiff. There was no way for me to cover those, and the liquid around my pussy was getting drier. Once again I saw cold sneer on his face as he grabbed my miniskirt with both of his hands and forcefully yanked it with his strength, pulling it off my body leaving me completely naked. I knew that there was no way for me to get any help. James didn't know about this and I was completely on my own.

“Andre..please..we can talk about this..” I whimpered when he climbed on top of my petite body.

“Shh….I know who you really are, Celina..” he hissed, and my petite body went rigid as I heard him said my name. It was really out of my expectation, but his next words almost made me cry…

”You see…. I am not Andre. They gave me your file. I dug deep into your past and picked that poor guy that you called Andre” He said.

“Where is he?” I said whilst kept on pulling the handcuffs.

“He and his wife were lying somewhere out there deep in the bottom of the ocean where people would never find them.” He sneered, climbed down from the bed and used his hands to caress my supple breasts…..pinched briefly my stiff hard nipples. I clenched my thighs when I saw his cock was hard stiff swaying freely.

“Who are you?” I said and pulled my wrists until the chain stopped me moved further. He simply laughed as he was taking off disguise and revealed his true face. He was such a confidence bastard. His true face was menacingly cold.

“I am who I am”, he said…”.. I was not sure that you would fall into my trap, but since the day we met in that chateau… he laughed again.. I couldn't believe that I could have a beautiful mix blood Asian female as my toy in my hand. A rare catch which I shall really treasure.”

“What do you want?” Once again I was pulling the chain and wetted my dry lips.

“Well….my assignment is simple. Dig some information from you about your lover James…then dumped you somewhere… but yet… he walked closer to the bed and sat on the edge … I decided to modify the plan. You are so yet so precious to be wasted…”.. his right hand once again moved along the nice curve of my body, running down following my breasts toward my flat belly and along my thighs.

“So, Celina, we start with a simple question, how does James know about the Agency’s plan? A planted mole inside the Agency? ” he said and it brought me another startling fact that he was connected to the Agency. In fact, the Agency hired him.

“I don't know about James…. He….AAAAAAAAKKKhhH~~~~” I screamed before I finished my words as his right hand fingers pinched hard my left nipple and twisted it…. “Please.. please stop… it hurts…” I gasped and shook my head.

“Wrong answer, Ms.Catherine…. or should I call Celina?…let’s try again.. How does James know about the Agency’s plan?” he asked in cold tones.

Tears were gathering in the corner of my eyes. I simply turned my face again from him and didn't say any word…. and I screamed and squirmed hard when another hard pinch on my right nipple. I folded my knees and let my stilettos dug into the bed cover as he pinched and twisted it harder than before for three seconds before he released it. I could feel my nipples were pulsing hard and those were protruding out harder and stiffer. Beats of cold sweats appeared on my skin as I gasped.

“Hmmm…tough woman, huh?... Celina, it can be worse than you can possibly imagine. None of my victim ever escape from me, except the moment they were delivered back to their lovers in plastic bags.. Same like you…. It’s a pity for James to get your petite body back in a plastic bag one day”… I knew that he was trying to break me mentally but I couldn't betray James.

“Well…let me repeat again….who…” his words hanged in the air when I spat on his face. Without saying a word he quickly climbed on the bed on top of my body and parted my knees then put his body between my inner thighs. I squirmed and screamed but I couldn't resist him as he brushed his cock along my pussy lips then shoved it in as fast and hard as he could. My blood screamed echoed in the room as I writhed in terrible pain and desperately pulled both the chains holding my wrists to the corner of the bed. My stilettos were scratching the bed cover and kicking empty spaces wildly.

“Fuck you, bitch!...you thought you are tough, huh?” he yelled with anger and slapped my face as he was fucking me harder. He was slamming his cock in and out my tight pussy regardless how painful it was for me. I cringed in pain and bit my lower lip when he slammed his cock so deeply inside impaling my petite body.

“You like this, huh?.. you like this!...Yea, squealing like a pig!” he yelled and kept on fucking me like crazy.

The pain was terrible that I could almost feel his cock was tearing my pussy apart. Time passed so slowly as he was ravaging my petite body. Again and again …… and again…. he slammed as hard as he could whilst his hands squeezed hard my supple breasts and pinched hard my nipples. The soft inner part of my pussy was quivering in pain when his bare cock finally flooding my pussy with his filthy thick cum. He roughly pulled himself off me and climbed down the bed, leaving fluid slowly oozed out of my pussy.

With eyes filled with tears, I saw his muscular body covered with sweats. He took off the blue color soft lenses and threw those away as he walked toward the table and emptied liquor inside a whisky glass. Without saying a word, he walked out of the room leaving me lying naked on the bed with hands spread and chained to the corner. More liquid was oozing out of my sour pussy. I moved my hips but only ended up clenched my thighs and cringed in pain. I silently cried but it was too late for me to regret this. It was a complete fool of me.

115lb, 5'5", black hair. Love to wear sexy dresses; a see-through blouse and a very short tight skirt fit well. Like 5" spiky heels with straps v much.

Love a role-play as much as i love these dresses and heels.

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It took some time before he came back into the room…

“So, Celina.. lets start again… How does James know about the Agency’s plan?” he said whilst he was walking around the bed as if he was admiring my petite naked body laying naked on the bed only with stilettos on my feet. My both nipples were pointing upward stiff and hard. Streak of blood dried up at the corner of my lips, and so was the dampened spot on the bed cover under my ass cheeks. I did say a word to him to reply him and I knew that I could.

“Very well then…lets…” he didn't finish his word as his mobile in his hand was ringing.

“Yes?” he said and walked away from the bed toward the room door. Once again I tried to pull the chain and checked the handcuffs but it was really impossible for me to escape from this. The steel cuffs were cold on my wrists.

“Yes, she is here” I heard he replied with native accent.

“Negative” He continued with firm tones.

“I will let you know” He finished off the conversation and hanged up the call.

“Very well, Ms.Celina.. The night is still young. I will surely break you either in hard way or soft way” he said and walked back to the bed. I desperately pulled the chain but it didn't make much different.

I heard the door was unlocked then closed again… and for some minutes, I was left there alone tied up on the bed. Save for soft humming noise of the air conditioner and soft clinging sound of the chain, it was deafening quiet. I looked around me but there was nothing that I could use.

“içeriye girmek [ come in ]” I was shocked when I heard his voice again followed by some heavy footsteps. Some people were coming toward the bedroom. I wished that I could cover my naked body but there was nothing that I could do with both wrists tied up tightly to the corner of the bed.

Some?...Ohhh!.. what did this madness lead me to?

“Kadin hakkında ne düşünüyorsunuz [ What do you think about this woman? ]" he said as he stepped into the room followed by three shabby strangers looked like a beggar in my eyes. I completely didn't understand what they were talking but their eyes and attitudes showed me what they had inside their minds.

 “Hmmm .. çok sevimli [ Hmmm..very cute.. ]" one of the guests replied with heavy tones. Together four of them walked toward the bed..

“Please… you don't have to do this on me…” I said to my captor. My pussy was tingling lightly knowing how they looked at my naked body and what would happen on me next. It was really humiliating for me to be tied up naked and helpless in front of these strangers.

“Call me when you are ready to tell me what I want” he replied to me and turned to the one of these strangers.

“İşte kelepçe anahtarıdır. Gibi yapın lütfen, ve kadin benimle konuşmak istediği zaman bana haber ver [ Here is the handcuff keys. Do as you please, and let me know when the woman wants to talk to me ]” He handed the guy a small key and walked away toward the door. The other two guys started taking off their clothes.

“Evet [ Yes ]" The guy replied shortly and turned his attention on me then started taking off his clothes. The other two naked guys started touching my body…teasing my nipples…squeezing my breasts…and their runs running all over my body freely.

I saw the man sneered at me as he closed the door and an ugly face of a stranger, who was moving in to kiss my lips, blocked my view. My black hair swayed in the air as I turned my face quickly dodging his kiss and clenched my thighs as a pair of hands was trying to sneak in between my inner thighs. I squirmed but there was nothing that I could do much.

They were murmuring between themselves and must have been telling each other how they wanted to make use of me. I started to cry when the handcuffs were unlocked one after another.

“NoOo…Stoop!!..please!!” I screamed when one of them forcefully parted my knees exposing my naked pussy. I squirmed and dug my stilettos on the bedcover as I was trying to pull myself upward but another pair of hands pinned my shoulders on the bed. Suddenly things were moving fast in seconds. I arched my petite body when I felt fingers brushed over my pussy lips and made the inner part of my pussy quivered uncontrollably.

“Yeaa .. Yatmadiniz [ Yeaa… Fuck her! ]" one of them said and I felt someone was taking place between my parted thighs. My petite body shuddered when the tip of his cock brushed over my quivering soft pussy lips. Another guy kissed my parted lips and sealed my scream whilst the other licked and sucked my stiff standing nipples. There was no way for me to fight against three of them….and a thick hard stiff cock started parting my tight pussy up to its normal limits.. filling fully my tight pussy then started sliding in freely. I knew that they would be fucking me one by one with their filthy bare cocks. I could imagine how dirty their cocks were.

“StoooppmmmMMmM” I screamed in gag when someone’s lip sealed mine whilst the cock kept on moving halfway inside my pussy, which were quivering lightly. My hands desperately tried to defend myself but they grabbed it easily and pinned both my wrists above my head.

…and thick hard cock moved deeper and deeper inside. He kept on pushing his cock regardless how hard I was trying to resist. My stilettos were scratching wildly the bedcover and kicking empty spaces but the cock kept on moving until it reached the deepest spot and even slightly further and I could feel it throbbed inside. He pushed until his cock buried until its hilt. I felt so disgusted and humiliated when my pussy gripping it tight and the cock throbbed once again…

Ignoring my cry, the man started fucking my pussy whilst the others were stroking their cocks with one of their hands whilst teasing…caressing…squeezing…pinching every part of my body. I could not enjoy any of this but deep humiliation inside my mind. One thing for sure, I must stand up to my limits for not betray James.

The man was fucking me like crazy as if he had not fuck a woman for a long time until another man was getting impatient, pushed him away and took his place between my thighs. I took this chance to clench my thighs but it didn't hold long for him to spread my thighs and breach my pussy lips with his cock. I screamed in severe pain when he pushed completely his cock inside my pussy in a second. The pain was excruciating and unbearable.

It didn't take long however, when he was pulled out by the first one and both of them got into an argument. I took this chance to roll my body on the bed. It was a mistake that I made when the third one pinned me down facing the bed, forcefully spread my thighs, spat on my ass and on his cock, then pushed his cock into my ass. My fingers squeezed the bed cover as I clenched my ass trying to resist his cock which was pushing to breach in. He grabbed my hair and pulled backward as hard as my hair allowed… forcing me to face the ceiling….and when I eased my resistance in a second, he pushed his cock into my ass again then kept on pushing.

“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaKKHHHH!!~~” I released a bloody scream when his cock slid deeper and deeper. He pulled his cock and shoved it back it. My scream attracted the other two guys who walked beside the bed whilst kept on stroking their cock.

It was so painful to me when the thick cock breached into my dry ass….and all muscles inside my ass were contracting wildly squeezing it. There was a brief conversation then the guy pulled my body allowing another one to slide his body under me. I could smell his nasty sweat. My petite body was sandwitched between these strangers. My hands were desperately pushing the guy under me away but it were grabbed by the guy fucking my ass. He held both of my wrists securely behind my back as the guy under me was aiming his cock to my pussy then shoved it as fast as he could.

“SttoOOoOpp!!~~ Pleasee..Akkh!~~”….My hair waved in the air as I shook my head. Tears were running down my cheeks smearing mascara that I was wearing as both cocks were breaching my ass and my pussy at the same time. I cried and begged them to stop but my scream and cry only drove them crazy and fucking me harder and harder. Their strength and endurance were remarkable and there was no sign for them to reach their peak, save for their heavier and deeper grunts. My stilettos were kicking the mattress and empty spaces as I was trying to pull myself away but a pair of strong hands holding my waist and another pair holding my shoulder. I clenched my teeth and gasped whenever both cocks reached the deepest spots inside me. My fist squeezed the bed cover until my knuckles white. Ooh…….please stop..dont do this to me.. It is really hurting me…please.. stop..

Again and again….and again…. both cocks were ravaging my ass and my pussy…making me screaming and crying until my voice was breaking up. Both kept on ravaging until the one inside my ass were throbbing and his body went rigid for seconds then followed by series of squirts of his thick cum deep inside my ass. I could feel warm liquid flooding in when the one under my body kept on nibbling roughly my stiff hard nipples and sucking my breasts.

The guy unloaded his cum completely inside my ass before he climbed down and replaced by third one. I was too weak to resist when he pushed his cock inside my bleeding ass. I could only sob and cry endlessly when the cock fucking my pussy was finally pulsing and throbbing. He was grunting and unloaded his cum from his bare cock into my pussy…until the last drop.

I shrieked softly when he pulled his cock out of my pussy and the third man rolled my body, folded my knees and tried to shove his cock into my pussy.

“Noo no.. please stop it..it’s really hurt…” my hands were pushing his shoulder and fat belly and I was struggling to get away from him. Yet his friend grabbed both of my wrists and pinned both above my head. The third guy snapped angrily to him who then released his grip on my wrists.

It was out of my expectation that this third guy grabbed my neck and squeezed until I could hardly breathe…and as I struggled, he took this chance to shove his cock into my pussy. I gasped for fresh air and pushing desperately his shoulders. I couldn't take it more. My pussy was so sour and pain; and liquid was oozing out from my ass. My tears started to dry up and I could see in blur his evil smile as if he was enjoying my suffering. He then started fucking my pussy at his will, and I used my last strength to slap his face before I was completely running out of breath.

He released his grip on my neck just to slap me hard. I shrieked and cried when my cheek burn and my face turned to right side.

“You…like play hard, huh?” he said after he lowered his face. His hand grabbed a handful of my hair and pinned on the bed..forcing me facing him.

After he cursed in a foreign dialect, he fucked me like crazy and started beating me up. My nose was bleeding and my lips were cracking…and my world was spinning around me. I completely giving in when he stopped beating me up but kept on fucking my petite body like a rag doll under his body.

When finally he finished himself and squirting his filthy cum inside my pussy like what the other guy did, I could only cringe in pain ….

I felt my body rolled over...
I felt another cock started fucking my ass again…
I felt splash of cum on my face and hair…
I felt my body lifted up from the bed…
Another cock shoved into my pussy
More squirts inside my pussy and ass…

My petite body was covered with mix of my sweat and their….
Their cum sprayed thick on my skin and my hair…
I couldn't do anything to resist what they wanted to do on me….

I lost count how many times they were fucking my pussy and ass again and again. Their strength and endurance were inhuman. I didn't think that I could even handle one, but then there were three of them ravaging me at the same time..

Finally I could barely open up my eyes when they threw my petite body on the bed. My pussy and ass were very painful and must have been bleeding badly. My eyes were swollen and red because of my cry. Bruises appeared on my shoulder and arms…and I could feel sharp pain on my nipples and I knew that their teeth must have scratched my stiff pointy nipples. My hair was completely in mess covering up a part of my face and sticky with their cum…

As I was lying down completely exhausted and wasted, the door was opened up then slammed closed. I could only sob silently when hear them talking and laughing gaily out there…out of the room. I cringed and cried when I tried to curl myself on the bed.

“Very well…. I have to admit that you are tough lady, Celina..” I heard my captor said when he was stepping into the rooom. “..but yet… Andre’s wife broke down worst than you when I gave her to two guys like them”

“Lets repeat again..” he climbed on the bed and put aside the hair covering up my face…”what a waste of pretty face.. but don't worry.. nothing is broken…….. not broken yet..” he leaned toward me and kissed gently my lips. I could only clench my lips tighter when sharp pain once again stung my nerves coming from the inner part of my pussy and ass.

“How James knows about the Agency’s plan?” he repeated again but I closed my eyes and ignored him.

“Hmmm?....”…and he was waiting for my answer, then his fingers squeezed a handful of my hair briefly then released it.

“Very well. I have another plan to break you”, he released his grip on my hair and climbed down the bed. Keeping my eyes closed, I curled my body on the bed. I preferred to picture nice things in my mind to ease my suffering but yet the pain was really so undeniable.

I didn't know when he prepared this but suddenly he covered my nose and mouth with a dampened cloth and sharp chemical smell hit my nostril…I knew that it was the smell of chloroform and didn't take much time for me to give in. My mind succumbed in unfathomable darkness, and I started loosing my grip fast….
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115lb, 5'5", black hair. Love to wear sexy dresses; a see-through blouse and a very short tight skirt fit well. Like 5" spiky heels with straps v much.

Love a role-play as much as i love these dresses and heels.

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“Wake up, my little bitch”…..

I gasped when icy cold water splashed on my face and drenched my hair completely wet. I tried to pull my hands but I found that I was tied up on the chair in the middle of a place looked like basement. There was the only bright light shining in the ceiling high above me. I shook my head to get rid of dizziness and noticed that he was standing in front of me holding an empty glass. I didn't know how long I had been unconscious.

The steel of handcuff was cold on my wrists behind my back, and I was completely naked save for the 4” sexy strappy stilettos, which he didn't bother to remove. My ankles were chained on both legs of the chair with a pair of ankle-cuffs. The pain was lessen and the thick liquid around my pussy and ass as well as many spots on my body had dried up leaving uncomfortable sticky feeling on my skin. My nipples were standing pointy stiff and hard.

“We have plenty of time here” he said whilst he walking around me as of he was admiring me. He stopped behind me. My petite body shivered when his hands rubbed gently my skin…caressed as he wished along my shoulders from left to right, then slid nicely following nice curves of my breasts until his fingers touched my pointy stiff nipples.

“I…I..really don't know what you are talking about?” I said with creaky voice then lightly bit my lower lip when there was a light tingling feeling inside my pussy followed by brief sharp pain. I squirmed and gasped when he pinched both my nipples at the same time. “AKKKhhh!!~~ Please..stop.. it hurts..” I shrieked and wriggled as far as I could.

“Hmm… you know the James well, Celina. I need the names of all moles working for James?” he said and released my nipples whilst hissed with menacing tones beside my left ear. “Do you know, my little bitch?..”

My nipples were pulsing lightly when I shook my head..and shook my head again whilst pulling the handcuffs on my wrist.. “Please.. I really don't know..”

“Hmmm…”…there was a brief pause….”Do you think I am a fool?” he kissed lightly and nibbled my earlobe. Once again I squirmed and tried to clench my thighs pulling the ankle-cuffs when his right hand move along my shivered flat belly passing my pelvis toward my pussy. I screamed begging him to stop but it seemed that he enjoyed teasing me. Again and again…I could feel the inner part of my pussy pulsing when his fingers slowly rubbed and patted my clit then moves along the soft opening of my dry pussy.

“Ohhh…. Noo..please..dont…AAAAAKkhhH!” I shrieked and squirmed when his slid his middle finger straight through the opening of my pussy. Another finger follow…then another one. The tip of his finger reached deep and those flickered briefly deep inside making my petite body squirmed and jolted. My wrists and ankles were pulling the cuffs desperately.

“Hmmm…You enjoy this, don't you, Celina? You are so freaking wet” he pulled his fingers out and wiped my own liquid along my dry lips. “James must be missing his pretty little bitch.. and I simply believe that you know a lot more about him, don't you little missy?” I didn't say anything just tried desperately to close my thighs but there was a space about an inch between my inner thighs.

“Now…” and I tried to clench my thighs when he moved his right hand again toward my pussy… ”Assuming there is no breach in the system…the only possible leakages are the James’ moles in the Agency, right?” … I squirmed, shrieked again then cried as he shoved his fingers once again deep inside my pussy and did the same thing again. The soft muscles inside my pussy started contracting and squeezing his finger when my inner thighs gripped his right hand.

Yes, I knew some names as James told me once. Some were holding positions in the HQ, others were simply a field officers… I shrieked and gasped when the tip of his finger almost touched the most sensitive part inside my pussy. My petite body shivered and squirmed.

His fingers kept on moving inside my warm pussy and made me really felt uncomfortable…

“Come on..I am waiting…” he said...”or you need some treatments to refresh your mind, Celina? I have a lot in my mind for such a little bitch like you. If you wanna try in a hard way, James wouldn't be able to recognize you when I am done with you”. He pushed his fingers deeper and pressed my clit harder with his palm. It made me screamed in pain and cried out as pleasure changed to sharp pain within seconds with sudden rough movements of his fingers inside my pussy.

“James…….he…. he never tell me any name, please….” I whimpered and gasped. Tears were running down my cheeks from the corner of my eyes.

“Nice try, my little bitch!.. let me show you something” he pulled his finger out of my pussy and wiped my own liquid on my cheeks, then took out his mobile. He grabbed a handful of my hair and forced me to see what he showed on his mobile screen. I saw a clip of movie where he played skillfully his scalpel on his female captive. She was finally giving in and gave him information with a hope for him to spare her life, but it was not the end. I closed my eyes and turned my face but he gripped my hair tighter and forced me to watch how he peeled skin on her pretty face bit here and there. Her bloody scream echoed in the basement and made my petite body shivered…shuddered in fear. It was so scary to imagine such a horrible torture was happening on me. Tears were running down my cheeks as he kept on gripping tight my hair and forcing me to watch until the end. He finally sliced her breasts and left her bleed to death.

“I would love to torture you like her. I love to hear and enjoy lovely voice of a female as I slice her lovely skin” he said and released his grip on my hair. “…but it’s gonna be a waste if I have to do this on you too soon, Celina”

Fear gripped my mind and heart beating hard inside my mind. My naked body trembled uncontrollably in fear and I could not hold urinating on the steel cold chair. The images of the female victim flashed and played inside my mind again and again. This man was really a psycho and I had never heard that Agency used a person like him with a single purpose to extract information from a victim.

“Shit…” he cursed when my pees dripped on the floor and wetted his shoes. “Fuck…look how dirty you are”. He dragged the chair toward the corner and I gasped when cold water showered from the pipe above me drenched my hair and my body completely. The water was shivering cold and it was pouring endlessly from the opening above me for sometimes before he turned it off. I was completely soaked and shivered in cold.

“Hmm.. that’s better” he said. “Now, give me names….”

I gasped and stayed silence but my silence drove him mad. He turned on the water but it was simply a continuous dripping water drop straight on my head.

“I will come back again later and by then you better give me names…”

My naked petite body was still shivering in cold as I saw him turned and walked away….leaving me alone tied up naked only with strappy stilettos on the steel chair with drops of water kept on falling on my head. I started to sob and cry when I heard the door was slammed and locked. I cried out and desperately pulled the handcuff and the ankle-cuffs. Other than clinging sounds of the metal, it was impossible for me to break free. The water kept on falling…again..and again…and again…and again on my body.

I kept on sobbing and felt so desperate. I felt cold and hungry. Minutes passed then several hours passed.. yet there was no sign that he would come back. James, please… help.. I prayed silent wish inside my mind…

Time kept on passing very slow and my ankles and wrists were getting numbed. It was finally I heard the door was unlocked and he walked back in…
“Please I know nothing.. please don't do this on me..” I cried and whimpered. My petite body was shivering hard and the water was getting colder.

“That’s what I expected..” he said…”very well, Celina… I will see you tomorrow” he turned his body away and started walking toward the door.

“Please don't leave me like this…please.. I AM BEGGING YOU.. I REALLY DON'T KNOW~~~” I screamed and cried, but obviously this was not the answer that he would like to hear. Once again the door was slammed close, locked from outside then turned off the light. In the pitch-black basement, I was crying alone with icy cold water kept on dripping on my naked body.

Night passed very slowly and the man didn't even bother to check me. I really could not handle this. There was no training for this and I started to give in. I couldn't stand anymore. I couldn't… For the whole night I couldn't close my eyes and concentrate.
Every time each drop fell on my skin..once again..and again..then again… oooOhh..It drove me crazy and I could not see anything in the pitch-black darkness around me.

It was then after long hours……

I was still chained naked on the chair when I heard faintly the door was unlocked. My body was shivered in cold and my nipples were painfully standing stiff. I felt so exhausted and weak when he grabbed a handful of my wet hair, pulled backward and forcing me to look up. The water fell straight into my face. Some run into my nostrils and made me coughed as I was choked. I saw his face was hovering a few inches above my head.

“Now, my little bitch….ready to give name?”

“Emerson, code name “dagger”…. “ I whispered with trembling lips. I had never met with this person. He was just a field officer.

“Good…I need more..” he once again pulled my hair and make me shrieked in pain.

“Jeff Lin, code name “striker”…..”..tears running down my cheeks. I met with Jeff once and he was such a nice person.

“Very good…more?” He asked with cold tones. I saw flickers of anger when I slowly shook my head.

“Very well…” he released his grip on my hair then un-cuffed my ankles then dragged me toward a wooden table in the room. I tried to resist but was too weak to fight against his strength. I saw chains hanging loose on every corner of the table. It was the place where he tortured the female victim whom I saw earlier. My spiky stilettos scratching noisily against the floor as I was trying to drag myself away from him. My stilettos were kicking him but he could easily dodge my kicks whenever I tried to use the sharp pointy heels of my stilettos.

No matter how hard I resist, I could not stop him forcing me to lie down on the wooden table. He secured my wrists using chain connecting to one side of the table and my ankles to each corner of the other end. My legs were spread wide leaving some empty space between my inner thighs making me impossible to clench my thighs. My pussy was quivering lightly in anticipation of what to come…

115lb, 5'5", black hair. Love to wear sexy dresses; a see-through blouse and a very short tight skirt fit well. Like 5" spiky heels with straps v much.

Love a role-play as much as i love these dresses and heels.

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“Hmm…more names, Celina?” he said and run his right hand along the nice curves of my naked body. I squirmed and whimpered..begging him to stop doing this to me. He rubbed his palms against my pointy nipples then squeezed my supple breasts…

“I want more names, Celina..” he whispered next to my ear whilst squeezing my breasts harder.

“I DON'T HAVE IT ANYMORE… PLEASE~~~.. Those are only names I know” I cried and sobbed uncontrollably as he was squeezing my breasts so hard and made naked petite body squirmed and writhed in pain. I was desperately pulling the chains securing my wrists and my ankles.

“Playing tough, huh?.......What if I record this and send this to one of suspected James’ company?” he said and walked away from the table. He installed a tripod with a camcorder facing directly to the table where I was tied up naked. I saw constant blinking red dot on the camcorder as he put mask to hide his face, then walked back toward the table.

“That camcorder is also connected directly through the private line to one of top management in the Agency. He would enjoy seeing this whilst stroking his cock in his nice room. Once more chance, little bitch…names?” he whispered next to my ear, and I only started sobbing and shook my head.

Without saying a word, he covered my face with a cloth….and…. I chocked, gasped and coughed when he poured cold icy water on the cloth. I gasped for fresh air and felt like being drawn inside the water. Some entered my nostrils ..more flooded into my mouth. I was desperately pulling all chains securing my wrists and ankles. My naked body squirmed and wriggled on the wodden table. The water kept on flooding a bit longer before he took off the cloth. I coughed out water and kept on coughing….again and again..

“Names, bitch?” he said and as I didn't say a word, he took a dildo and regardless how hard I resisted, he shoved it through the opening of my pussy lips and turned it on. I gasped as it turned alive swirling inside my pussy….

“Please don't do this on me…plea..mmm” he once again covered my face with the same cloth then poured the icy cold water. “Plea…[ coughed ] …sto… [ coughed ]” and the water kept on pouring. I was somehow running out of breath and I was badly chocked every time the water flowing into my nostril. The swirling dildo inside my pussy really made me fell worst. The tip of it was teasing endlessly the soft warm part deep inside my pussy.

“Please… [ I coughed… coughed again and gasping for fresh air but yet only water flowing into my nose and mouth ]….. stop….” I coughed again. I clenched my firsts and pulling the cuffs on my wrists when he made the dildo swirled faster deep inside my pussy.

“I simply want those names, little bitch!”….I heard him said and the water kept on pouring a little bit longer.

“Ss..tt. o.. [ coughed ]… sstoo..[ cough out water badly and I was forced to take some water..and yet it made me felt worse… ]…”. I was pulling my wrists and my ankles but the chain didn't allow my wrists to move further. The dildo tortured me more as it kept on moving with steady fast movements inside my pussy…forcing me to gasp whenever it gently rubbed the right spot. I squirmed more … arching my body and my nipples were standing stiff and hard whilst pussy was getting wetter.

The water stopped pouring on the cloth which covered my face but it was still difficult for me to breath with this wet cloth kept covering my face. It was impossible for me to see what he would do next as I could only see his shadow moving…..I gasped when his hands touched between my inner thighs and pulled out the dildo.

“Hmmm….look how wet you are, Celina” he said and I felt the table was slightly moving as if someone was climbing up on it.

“Please… don't do this..[ coughed….]” I whimpered when I saw through the cloth a big shadow hovering above me. I squirmed when I felt the tip of his cockhead rubbed up and down along my pussy lips and… without wasting too much time he shoved his cock inside as fast as he could. It made me cried out……I shrieked bloody scream, clenched teeth and tightened my fists as his cock slid deeper and deeper. His cock filled up completely my pussy…still I could feel slight pain because of what happened on me the day before. He even pushed it harder and deeper until the tip of his cockhead touched the deepest spot inside my pussy to the opening of my womb.

I writhed and begging him to stop when his right hand mauling my left breasts. Ignoring my pleas, he started fucking me on that table as rough as he could regardless how I felt.

There was nothing for me to stop him ravaging my petite body again and again. I could only writhed in pain when his cock slipped into my pussy roughly and when he pinched my one of my nipples harder. The wet cloth still covered my face and it was hard for me to breathe. My eyes could only see shadow hovering above me as my petite body was rocked back and forth. I could hear him grunting with heavy voices, and he was slamming harder and it was getting harder as he was closing in. It was completely impossible for me to enjoy this, and it was impossible for me to have even any slight sign of pleasure.

It lasted after few more minutes when he took off the wet cloth and whispered next to my ear… “Let James see your pretty face as I was fucking and cumming deep inside your pussy….and fill your tight fucking pussy with my…. Akkhhhh~~”

His body went rigid and his pelvis pressed harder against my clit. The inner part of my pussy started slightly quivering when his cock was throbbing deep inside. I turned my face away from the camera but he grabbed my chin and forcefully turned my face back facing straight to the camera. I felt so humiliated knowing that oooOOHhh~~~ ….. within the next second his bare cock throbbed hard and started squirting. I closed my eyes, bit my lower lip and sobbed when his warm liquid flooding freely into my pussy and womb. It was so humiliating to be raped and taped…knowing that James would also see this when the file reached him.

Yet I knew that this would not be the end. I just wished that James would look for me and helped me before it was too late…before…I closed my eyes and teardrops run down along my left and right temple. I gasped when he pulled his cock out of my pussy and climbed down the table.

I was too naïve to assume that it would simply end like this. It was out of my expectation as he shoved the dildo back into my pussy and turned it on again…. 

“Ooh!~~..Stop please….. I am …[ gasped ] begging you” I screamed and he replied with whispered voice next to my left ear..

“Give me more names, Celina..” He said, but I could not give any name. Those names which I gave were not members of James’ organization. I could never betray James no matter what happened on me. I was… I…. felt in love with him, and I was so sorry to betray him and to end up like this.

“Very well then..” he said and once again covered my face with the wet cloth then pouring the icy cold water on the cloth on my face. This happened again and again….and every time I refused to give him any name, the water was pouring longer on the cloth covering my face, making me harder to breath and barely suffocated. I started to feel really uncomfortable inside my pussy as the head of dildo kept on swirling.

It kept on going….on and on… until I started loosing my consciousness. I couldn't take it anymore. Desperation, frustration, fear and feeling humiliated knowing that some people including James might be watching this, tightened its grip on my mind. I couldn’t take it any more. I kept on coughing out water. I started to give up…..

He stopped pouring water and simply left me lying naked tied up on the table with face covered with wet cloth and the dildo still moving inside my pussy. I weakly coughed and gasped desperately for fresh air. He left and turned off the light…leaving me alone naked and chained on the wooden table with dildo endlessly moving inside my pussy…

It took some time before he came back….

My eyes squinted as he took off the wet cloth from my face then untied my ankles and my wrists. Without saying any word, he grabbed a handful of my hair and dragged me down the table, put a collar around my neck and locked it with tiny lock, then dragged me toward the long chain at the other side of the room. The dildo was slipping from my pussy then fell on the floor. I stuttered weakly on my stilettos and shrieked as I felt several times on the rough cement floor. He kept on dragging me like a ragged doll until he reached the end of the chain, which was only one-and-a half meter away from its other end which was bolted to the concrete wall. It was too weak for me to struggle against him. My hair was dampened and wet. I crawled away from him as far as the chain allowed then sat folding my knees in front of my breasts. Some of thick liquid was oozing out of my pussy and my petite naked body trembling badly.

He threw two dry towels to me and put down a bowl of milk and some foods on the plate.

“I would check those names and I have not yet finished with you, Celina. If you lie to me, you would see what would happen on you ” he said then left.

With a trembling hand I took one towel and started drying my hair and my body. I cringed when I gently wiped my pussy using the towel. I sighed when I saw smear of his thick cum on the towel then throw it away. I took another one, covered my naked body then moved toward the bowl of milk and food. The milk was still warm and it felt so nice as it flowed through my throat, and I could only eat a half of foods that he gave me. Bit drops of water from my hair felt on my shoulder.

The room was some kind of a spacious underground basement without any window and there was only one door to get in and out of this room. There were piles of boxes, there were strange tools and torture equipment and some darker splashes on the wall. Goosebumps appeared on my skin to think that those were marks of dry blood of his victim. The air was foul and moist but the temperature was just. It was hard for me to believe that such place was really existed hidden deep in the middle of nowhere.

Slowly I moved toward the dry piles of some old magazines and newspaper then slowly lying down on top it…curling my petite body and covered myself with dry towel as far as it could. I felt so exhausted and wasted…… Ohh..James, where are you?... I miss you and I am so sorry... It was quiet and sleepiness slowly crept into my mind. I closed my eyes and curled tightly…started breathing slowly and let my mind drift peacefully into the void…..

I lost track of time I had spent in this basement, perhaps two or three days, perhaps more. I could see neither sun nor moon but the lamp above the ceiling. Many times I had to spend time in darkness alone by myself when he intentionally turned it off for many many hours. Some other times, he didn't allow me to have no sleep at all. He chained me completely naked to the wall with the collar around my neck. There were countless times when he raped and fucked me in every way he liked and whenever he wished ravaging completely my ass and pussy. The only thing made me endure this suffering was a flicker of love deep inside my tender heart. No matter what my captor did on me, there was no way for me to betray the one that I loved. One thing that I noticed, he never inflicted serious wound on me, but yet I noticed that his patient was growing thin and he was getting ruder to me and rougher when he fucked me. There were bruises on my neck and shoulders..on my breasts and around my inner thighs whenever he got off from my petite body.

“Damn, Celina!” he cursed when he stood up after he finished fucking me. I was lying there on the cold floor curling my naked body and sobbed uncontrollably. It was so painful inside my pussy as he was fucking me when I started having my period. I saw him walked around my body with his cock swaying left and right. Its peephole was glistening and few drops of his sticky cum fell on the floor. Its cockhead and shaft were smeared with my blood.

“If I don't have to follow their stupid fucking request, I would love to hear your scream when I slice your smooth skin when I found out a fucking stupid little bitch like you gave me false names. Damn!........ Fuck!” he was so angry. He kicked an empty tin can then his hand grabbed a ceramic bowl and threw it against the wall until it smashed to small pieces. I closed my eyes, covered my ears and curled my body tighter. My body was trembling in fear when I heard he threw a glass bottle on the floor close to me. A few sharp pieces slightly scratched my right arm as those sharp pieces of glass flying forcefully in the air to every direction.

Filled with anger he walked out of the room and slammed the door behind him. It seemed that he was so angry so that he left me unchained to the wall. It was quiet inside the room save for soft mumble voice as I was sobbing uncontrollably by myself on the floor. It took for a while before I grabbed a pair of my stilettos and put those on. It was impossible for me to walk with bare feet with those sharp pieces of glasses scattered all over the floor.

I knew that he would come back again soon as he used to. I tore a dirty cloth and wrapped it around long sharp piece of the glass then moved slowly toward the door. Sounds of glasses crushed to pieces under my stilettos echoed softly in the air. I kept on moving until I reached the door and checked.

“Shit!” I cursed.. the door was shut locked. I was just finished wiping a liquid mix of his cum and my early period blood oozing out from my pussy lips and running down my inner thighs, when I heard the handle was turned. I quickly sneaked behind the door and waited for a while. My hand gripped tighter the cloth wrapping glass. Its sharp edge was glistening under the light. The door was opened and he stepped in then standing a couple steps away from me.

Without wasting so much time, I leaped forward and swung the glass with all my strength. He heard and turned around but it was too late for him. The glass slashed his right arm and he was stuttered backward. Before he could gain his balance, I threw the glass toward him but he dodged it easily. I knew that I got split second chances so I turned around, run passed the door and closed it. Heavy thudding noise filled the air. I knew that he should have the key with him and it might be a small chance for me. So I run as fast as I can despite the sharp heel stilettos, which slowed me down.

Outside the room, I saw a stair leading upward and run toward that direction asap. I was a half way toward the stair when I saw him out of the door. I kept on running and the stair was there, just couple step away from me. My stilettos were clicking noisily as I run up the stair. I knew that it was impossible for me to run away from him but I could try to get away from this hell. It was then when I was about to reach the final step of the stair, his hand grabbed my left ankle, and made my petite body stumbled down and felt on the wooden floor of his house. I turned and kicked with my right stiletto as hard and as fast as I could but he could always dodge it easily whilst he kept on holding my left ankle.

“Get away from me!!” I screamed and tried my last chance to kick his face with my right stiletto again but he grabbed my right calve and pulled my body. He climbed and his body started to pin my petite body under him. I saw his right arm was tickling blood.

“BITCH!” he shouted and back slapped my right cheek hard. My hair swayed in the air as my head turned left and I felt my world spinning lightly. He then gripped my neck and squeezed blocking my breath. I desperately gasped and my hands gripping his wrists…hitting his shoulders..pushing his chests and arms but his grip was getting tighter. My stilettos were kicking wildly empty space. It was getting harder for me to breath and I was running out breath quickly.

His face was reddened filled with anger and marks of veins appeared on his forehead. My struggle was getting weaker….and just when he tightened more his grip completely blocked my breath……. We heard the window glass was smashed and the man eased his grip on my neck and rolled toward the drawer and took out a gun hidden under the small table beside him.

Lying naked on the floor I saw someone rushing in but his bullet sent the intruder body backward followed by a heavy thudding sound when his dead body hit the floor. A gunshot filled the air followed by another one…My captor knew his situation was not good for him, and he aimed his gun to me….”STOP OR I SHOOT HER!” he shouted…

I closed my eyes as there was nothing that I could do. I was startled when a gun was fired but when I opened my eyes, I saw him stuttered backward after a bullet hit his left shoulder. He looked at me with his angry face and was about to aim his gun once again to me when two more bullets hit the wall around him. He rolled his body dodging more flying bullets. I saw him disappeared after taking a turn in the corner.

I saw more people rushing in and I could not recognize any of these strangers. One of them walked closer to me whilst the others were chasing my captor. He took off his suit and covered my naked body then quickly lifted me up. Two others were covering him as he carried me out of the house.

“Who are you?” I said softly but he didn't bother to reply other than cold sneer on his face..

The cool night air was fresh and much different from foul dampened air inside the basement. I saw crescent above me then several cars parked about a distance from the house. I closed my eyes and let the guy carried me toward one of the cars, and when another guy opened the car and he brought me in, I saw who was sitting inside the car. One familiar face which I missed so much. I couldn't hold myself not to cry when I leaped into his laps, hugged him tight, and sobbed uncontrollably as he hugged me back and whispered in my ear that everything is ok.

“I am glad that we can take you back on time, Celina” he whispered in my ear as I wiped one teardrop running down my left cheek. We were sitting inside the car which brought us back to the city. “I am sorry that I have been busy dealing with business and ignored you”..he leaned and kissed me.

“No.. no.. James. It’s my fault...I was so stupid” I said and shook my head. I felt so ashamed to admit to him that I had been so stupid to live up my long lost memory with someone else, who had been brutally murdered altogether with his wife, simply because of me.

He didn't say anything just smiled at me as I looked into his eyes.

“How did you find me, James?” I finally asked to break silence between us as we were sitting inside his car which brought us back to his place.

“Do you remember the backdoor program which you put inside their system?” he asked, hugged my shoulder and let me lean my head against his shoulder. I nodded in reply.

“Shortly after we lost you, one of my guys tapped classified discussions within the Agency that they was trying to extract information from a missing female agent. There were then series of conversations leading to you, and we noted that some names were mentioned. I was upset when they told me that names were being mentioned…but then, Celina…I found that you were giving them false names simply to buy some time. Once you did that I knew that time was not on your side. Sooner or later they will find out your trick and do worse things on you forcing you to tell the truth. They will break you down eventually, and that’s why my team worked around the clock monitoring every possible channel until finally we could identified location where you were held” he explained and I curled my body in his hug. I closed my eyes and felt so relieved.

“But now, first thing first… you need to clean up yourself and I have called Dr.Matteson, my private doctor, to come over with his team to ensure that everything is ok with you…” he continued as the car was dashing through the night.

We arrived at James’ place in the next half an hour and he let me clean up myself. I felt so refreshed when I stepped out of the showering booth with a nice soft towel wrapped around my body. Walking into James’ private bedroom I saw Dr.Matteson accompanied with two nurses had been waiting for me. James was there and he smiling at me as I slowly took off the towel and standing naked in front of everyone.

It took some time for Dr.Matteson to check me…… “Is she ok, doctor?” James asked when Dr.Matteson finished up. I took the cotton robe and put it on to cover my naked body.

“Don't worry, James” the old doctor replied, “Those bruises on her body will disappear in days and there is no fracture. No internal bleeding. You got her on time, and I have seen many worse things of a victim. She will be just fine, and just need some days to rests. Oh yes, I have administered some antibiotics just for precaution” and he looked at me, smiled then left the room followed by his nurses.

“Very well then, have a good rest, Celina” James said and kissed my forehead before he left the room.
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115lb, 5'5", black hair. Love to wear sexy dresses; a see-through blouse and a very short tight skirt fit well. Like 5" spiky heels with straps v much.

Love a role-play as much as i love these dresses and heels.

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Few weeks slipped away silently….

“Stop it, my dear. Just do not do it. I just worry about you. Let us handle it..” James said as we were sitting together in early afternoon having teas at a terrace of a five star hotel facing a nice beach in front of us. He must have heard from his guys what I had been planning to take up revenge against the Agency, especially to the stranger for what he did on me in the basement. I knew that David Nash, the Operation Director, must be somehow connected to this and following him might lead me to many things. This would end up opening a can of worms but I did not care less.

“…and here is no point for you alone fighting against them..” James continued. He sipped his tea, squeezed gently my fingers and leaned toward me about kissed my neck, but I dodged his kiss.

“No point? James? No point after what they did on me? Did you know that they taped it when the guy raped me? Did you know how many times those assholes were jerking off whenever they watched the tapes of your lover being raped by a stranger? Did you know how humiliating this for me? Did you? Did you, James?” My voice started cracking up as I felt anger built up inside me and tears were gathering in the corner of my eyes.

“Shhhh…babe.. let my men handle them. It is too risky for you” James said.

“Your men? How many days have passed and yet there was nothing happening. I know there is nothing happening, James. Nothing. How long do I have to wait until….your useless men… finished up their works, huh? How many more nights I have to spend endless nights of nightmares, huh? ” I pulled my hand away from his hand. He pulled back his body, took a deep breath then leaned against the cushion of the chair looking at me through his sunglasses. I turned my face to other direction and shook my head…
“The point is, James…it’s not you who endured those humiliation and suffering. It’s me! IT’S ME, JAMES!” I snapped angrily pointing finger to myself. My left hand fingers were cold and trembling hard as those wiped one teardrop rolling down my left cheek. Couldn't get hold myself any longer I stood up and left him there.

“Celina, wait..” James said but I ignored him.

“What are you looking at?” I shouted angrily to his bodyguards who were standing up blocking my way knowing that James was trying to stop me. They took a step aside after James gave them sign to leave me alone…
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115lb, 5'5", black hair. Love to wear sexy dresses; a see-through blouse and a very short tight skirt fit well. Like 5" spiky heels with straps v much.

Love a role-play as much as i love these dresses and heels.

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The rain just stopped and the early evening air was cool and fresh as I stepped out of the HQ building together with Mr.Raynor, the IT director of the Agency.

“Have a safe trip, Mr.Raynor” I said and hugged him. As he hugged me back, I took a slight chance to slip my hand into his overcoat pocket, took his access card then put it into mine. I had been studying his behavior for months after I was accepted as his secretary. Victoria was my name that I used and I completely changed my appearance, my hairstyle and its colour even I used soft lenses to change the colour of my eyes and added a tiny birthmark on the left side of my chin. So far everything went well. I heard some people said that I reminded them of someone but I usually laughed it off and telling them that I had no idea whom they talked about. Anyway, whenever I asked them who she was, they remained silent or dodged my question with other topic, but I knew exactly whom they were referring to.

“You too, Vicky.. have a nice weekend”, Raynor whispered next to my ear and we released each other. I waited for a while as he stepped into his car, which had been waiting for him, then waived my hand briefly as he lowered the dark tainted window of his official car, waived to me then raised it back. Across the road I saw someone was siting inside the car and he was watching me closely. I knew him and there was nothing for me to worry about. He had been following me and he was one of James’ personal bodyguards.

I turned, mixed with crowd and went to a grocery store before walking back to my apartment. I tightened my overcoat when I arrived at the lobby. It was dark already and I went straight up to the floor where I stayed. I was startled in fear when I saw the door was opened ajar.

how could it be?.....

The apartment corridor was empty and I could almost hear my own heartbeats inside me as I put down the groceries and took out Glock from my handbag. It was dim inside the apartment as I stepped carefully. Save for soft clicks of my 4” stilettos and low humming sound of the air conditioner, it was quiet…completely quiet. Everything was tidy and remained silently at its place.

I took a deep breath and felt so relief, but as I took down my Glock, someone’s hand grabbed me from behind and I could feel his strong fingers gagged my mouth. In split second, he snatched my Glock and tossed it away to the corner of the room. I screamed in gag and struggled as hard as I could as he lifted me up until my stilettos were barely scratching the floor. I was so panicked…I scratched, wriggled, and struggled wildly… My right hand gripped his writ whilst my other hand desperately trying to push his other hand which was holding my waist. My feet kicked wildly…

“MMmmM..Mmmm.M!!” who are you? but I heard my own muffled sound….

He didn't say anything but instead he leaned his face and gently kissed my right cheek. Goosebumps appeared all over my body when he nibbled my right earlobe. I felt so disgusted but yet my nipples were getting stiffer under the satin blouse that I was wearing and some moist started gathering at one spot of my tiny g-string beneath cotton tight black mini skirt. I wriggled again but he was too strong. He didn't say anything but instead inhale deeply as if he was enjoying nice perfume that I put on earlier before I left the office.

I was crying out muffled cry as he was dragging me toward my bedroom. It was confirming me of what he wanted. I struggled as hard as I could to resist. My miniskirt rode up and barely covered my upper thighs. So far there was no way for me to resist him.

“MMmMMMMMMM!!!” Please!! I screamed in gag. The room was dim and I could see the stranger reflection on the mirror across my bed. It was impossible to recognize him. He was wearing a mask, a cheap leather jacket and jean. As we were close to the bed, he threw me on it. My petite body turned and felt hard on the bed.. bouncing up and down briefly before I scrambled crawling toward the other side then got down of the bed as I saw him taking off his leather jacket then his t-shirt. His pants followed soon…it felt on the floor crumbled next to his ankles.

I was so panicked when he started stroking his cock as he walked closer to the bed. I look around and grabbed a perfume bottle and threw it to him. He easily dodged it and the bottle broke into small pieces after it hit the wall with heavy low thudding sound. I was about to grab a reading lamp when he rushed to me. I took my chance but I didn't move fast enough.

“Akkhh!!... please no.. don't do this to me… no!” I screamed when he grabbed the collar of my satin blouse and pulled me toward the bed…forcing my petite body lying flat on my back. I saw his white teeth as he sneered as if he was mocking my vulnerability. This smile looked familiar but it was impossible for me to see his face with his black mask still on. I rolled and tried to grab anything from the night table beside the bed, but he moved quickly. He once again grabbed the collar and forcefully torn my satin blouse off revealing my sexy bra….and he didn't stop there. He pinned me facing the bed with his weight on my back whilst his fingers unzipped the zipper at the back of my cotton miniskirt,  pulled it roughly completely off my feet then tossed it on the floor.

“Don't do this to me!!.. Please!!” I was so panicked and shook my head making my auburn painted hair waiving wildly in the air as he grabbed the hook of my sexy bra, unhooked it and took off the bra without leaving me much chance to fight him. My hands still trying to grab a glass on the night table and my stilettos were kicking wildly the bed as his fingers torn the thin strap of my tiny g-string around my left waist …. followed by the right one. With his strength, he could easily pull the remnants of my tiny g-string off then tossed it away.

I shivered when my clit touched the soft fabric of the bed cover. My pussy was completely naked and it was getting wet. I clenched my thighs as hard as I could when he tried to slide his hands between my thighs. The more he tried the harder I resisted. Moist gathered more between my pussy lips but yet I knew it was not enough for what might happen on me next. I didn't want this to happen…please stop…stop!!.. Who was he? Why me?

I could feel his desperation as he eased his weight on my back, dragged my naked petite body to the center of the bed and flipped me over so that I was facing him.

“Please no..!” my hands were pushing him away in vain when he easily grabbed my wrist… one after another.. then pinned those above my head with his left hand. It was impossible for me to recognize his face, but yet his eyes looked was so familiar. I just could not recognize who he was. I writhed and squirmed as he started mauling my breasts and pinched my nipples..teasing between his index finger and his thumb… twisting lightly..pulling it.. right one then left… It made me gasped and squirmed as those nipples standing stiffer and harder. My stilettos kept on kicking wildly the bed cover as I was trying desperately to get away from him.

I was screaming and asking him to stop…

I folded my knees and seeing his chance, he moved his right hand in split seconds between my inner thighs. It was too late for me to realize and could only grip his right hand in between as I closed my thighs. I screamed and shook my head wildly. I felt so embarrassed knowing that he must have touched the wetness of my pussy. His palm felt warm slowly it rubbed along my pussy lips…

“Hhhmmm” he murmured….Again his voice sounded familiar but yet there was not enough time for me to think it over as it was getting more intense and… Ohh no!!.. he pushed his right knee between my feet then used his strength to spread my thighs slightly open. As my inner thighs parted, he took this chance to slide his fingers in then teased my sensitive clit and pussy lips. My petite body once again jolted up as I gasped and squirmed frantically. I knew I could not resist him with his knee between my thighs. I folded my right knee and kicked again the bedcover and my stiletto torn the fabric.

There was no way for me to stop him as he moved his fingers along the outer of my pussy lips and sometimes his fingers slipped into the opening between my soft and tender pussy lips making my body jolted and arched in response. I felt so ashamed and humiliated knowing that I was getting wetter and moist was gathering even more.

Satisfied with his works, he pushed himself between my thighs and climbed on top of my petite body. I shook my head as felt the tip of his cock at the opening of my pussy. I gasped and whimpered begging him to stop ….. bit my lower lip when his cock rubbed upward along the crack then finally his cockhead rubbed against my clit. His cock kept on slithering up..rubbing my clit all the way along his shaft. Series of strong tingling feelings rippled throughout my body. I closed my eyes arched my petite body and squirmed.

As if he knew what happened on me, he lowered his face teasing my nipples then circling the areola… one after another… with his warm and wet tongue…. again and again one after another… the tip of his tongue was teasing my sensitive areolas endlessly. I closed my eyes and gasped when once again the inner part of my pussy was tingling lightly. Other than pinning me on the bed, he didn't beat me up…he didn't hurt me more…yet, his cock kept on teasing my pussy and sometimes the tip of its cockhead poked inside briefly… He was enjoying my body… teasing every sensitive parts of me again…and again… and again…

Was he enjoying his pretty prey squirming and sexually tortured as insatiable desire slowly building up inside me?... why did he not just rape me?...what was he waiting for when I was so vulnerable under his body and his thick cock was there right in front of the opening of my soft pussy?

The more I squirmed.. the more he teased my body..the more tingling feelings coming from my clit and inner of my pussy…. the more wetness gathered around my pussy. The feeling was raising slowly and it was harder for me to resis…who was he? I was so ashamed to know that my body was responding differently as he kept on teasing my nipples…naughty bites…wetness of trails left by his tongue as it slithered around my areola…flickering on the sensitive tips of my nipples.. It was getting more intense as he lowered himself and nibbled my right earlobe then kissed the sensitive spot behind my ear. It was getting harder for me to resist…. But at the same time, it was too shame for me to ask him to fuck me....

Until finally my eyes opened wide in fear as I saw him lowered his body and covered my mouth. I was so panicked and screamed desperately inside the gag. My thighs endlessly rubbing his waist as my stilettos were kicking empty space. My sheer nylon rubbing his naked skin…

“MMMMMMMMMM!!!..MMM!M!!!!!!!!!!” I cried it when finally he pushed his cock slowly inside my pussy …I cringed and screamed in the gag when his cock stretched my pussy to its limit. Filling my pussy slowly with his fat thick cock. He stopped for awhile when his cockhead disappeared as if he was enjoying every contraction of my pussy squeezing his cock inside. I squirmed and cried. A teardrop was rolling down my left temple when he completely lowered his muscular body on top of me. I cried more when he pushed his cock deeper inside. It moved so slow…deeper and deeper… with the very soft warm wall inside my pussy was milking…squeezing his cock as it got deeper and deeper. I heard his disgusting heavy grunts next to my ear. With eyes filled with tears I saw blurly the dark ceiling above me as my body was rocked back and forth beneath his body. His breath was hot brushing the skin on my neck. I clenched my fists when his left hand squeezed both of my wrists which he pinned above my head.

He exhaled when his cockhead reached the back end deepest spot inside my pussy. I squirmed and cried but there was nothing I could do with his body on top of mine. I folded my feet and once again kicking desperately with my stilettos tearing more the bedcover. I sobbed… and beats of sweat appeared all over my body and dampened the fabric under my back when he pulled his cock halfway then shoving it back in… My pussy was quivering and milking more. I felt so vulnerable. I couldn't believe why such thing would happen on me again….Whoever this stranger was….he started fucking me slowly and passionately as if he was enjoying how my petite body reacted as he was ravaging my pussy.

My mind flashed back to the experience when I was held captive a few months back. Chill feeling crept along my back when I questioned myself of who he possibly was. Fear filled my mind when he kept on pumping his cock in and out my pussy in faster speed. I squirmed, struggled hard and gasped desperately for fresh air with his hand covering my mouth…muffling my cries and screams…whenever he moved faster and faster…

Yet every time his cockhead rubbed the sensitive spot inside my pussy and combined with vulnerable feeling that I had…it slowly brought me closer to my peak. For some reasons I slowly noticed that the way he fucked me and the way my captor fucked were different. The way this stranger fucked me….ohhh!.. I could feel that he didn't treat me that rough aside from necessary strength that he used. I folded my knees and gripped his hips…let him felt smoothness of the soft cool fabric of my sheer stockings….. I could hear his heavy moans and his cock throbbed gently deep inside my pussy.

“MMMMmMMMMMM!!!” NooOOOOOOO!!! I squirmed and screamed in panic as I knew that he would cum inside my pussy with his bare cock. His cock was throbbing and he didn't put any protection.. Was he clean?.. He pulled his cock half way out then shoved it back it… making its throbs were more obvious. He knew I was panicked. He must have been noticed this and yet he seemed enjoyed this. He tightened his grip on my mouth.

“MMmMMMMmMMM!!. mMMM!!..MMM!!!!” PleaseeEEEee.. NoO!.. NOo!! I cried desperately. I knew that there was nothing I could do to stop him cumming inside my pussy.

With one more hard slam of his cock….. he made me lost control of myself…

“MMMMmMMMMMM!!!!” OOOOOhhHHh!! I would have released a long moan if his hand didn't cover my mouth… when finally… the inner part of pussy quivering uncontrollably squeezing his cock deep inside whilst…….at the same time…blood was rushing through my vein.. my heart was beating harder and my skin was getting slightly warmer…..

His cock… OOhh myy!!...it was expanding a little bit then throbbing in a split second before his body went rigid briefly then finally… It squirted his cum freely inside my pussy… squirt after squirt his warm sperm filling me. He pulled and shoved it back hard before his making his last squirt.

I screamed in gag and shook my head in disbelief and could only sob silently when he rocked my body wildly until the last drop of his cum. The feeling inside my mind subsided just before he pulled his cock out of my pussy. I felt the blood flowing freely to my hands as he released his grip on my wrists… He released his gag on my mouth and climbed down from the top of my body. His cum started oozing out of my pussy lips and dampened the spot on the bed cover under my ass.

I curled my petite body and started sobbing whilst more liquid was oozing out of my pussy lips.

It was out of my surprise when he pulled his black mask off and hugged me tight as I was sobbing uncontrollably. Without looking at him, I was trying to wriggle away from him.
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115lb, 5'5", black hair. Love to wear sexy dresses; a see-through blouse and a very short tight skirt fit well. Like 5" spiky heels with straps v much.

Love a role-play as much as i love these dresses and heels.

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“Shhh…Shhh….Celina..” he whispered and kissed my cheek.

Celina?.. this stranger called me with my real name? I opened my eyes and looked at him carefully. Without his mask, I could clearly recognize his face.

“I miss you, babe” James said and smiled.

“James!” I wiped my tears and leaped toward him then hugged him tight. I let him hugged me back and kissed my lips deeply… “I miss you too, James” I whispered next to his ear.

We hugged each other tightly before I realized that more thick liquid oozed out of my pussy.

“Damn” I cursed, released myself from his hug then pushed James away. He laughed and let me climbed down the bed. I saw a pond of thick liquid on the bedcover. I turned to him and pushed him further away…”All because of you, James! Hate you for this!” I naughtily slapped his shoulder but he dodged it easily, grabbed my wrist and pulled me toward him. Whilst I tried pulling my wrist, his hand touched my chin and gave me deep passionately kisses.

I let him until his lips parted from mine and he released his grip on my wrist.

“How is it going, babe?” he said as he walked toward the kitchen, took a bottle of wine then pour its content on two glasses.

“It makes some progress” I replied and unbuckled tiny strap of my right stiletto high-heel followed by the left high-heel. “Ohh shit…” I cursed as a drop of James’ cum oozed out of my pussy then dropped on my right thigh then running downward. My right hand covered my pussy after I threw those stilettos in the corner of the room. I looked at James as he raised the glass in his hand, sipped his wine and smiled at what I did. I showed naughty angry face toward him then rushed to the bathroom, quickly unrolled the sheer stockings then stepped into the shower booth.

I felt much better when the warm water drops on my skin. I wetted my hair then started soaping myself starting from my neck, my shoulder, my supple breasts…one after another…feeling how my nipples were standing stiff then my fingers running down passing my flat belly toward my pussy. I bit my lower lip when my fingers brushed gently along its out lips. Tingling feeling travelled through my nerves all over my body. I rubbed again and closed my eyes...enjoying the feeling under the warm shower.

“Ohhh!” I was shocked when I realized that James stepped into the shower booth and his fingers run along my back spine from behind my neck until it reached my waist. I turned and saw him standing there naked with his cock half stiff. He smiled and stepped in closer to me…raised my chin and kissed me once again. The tip of his cockhead was rubbing my belly button whilst my nipples were rubbing against his abdomen. I let his fingers slithering freely..running all over my body along every inch of my curves.

This feeling…..ohhh…..created goosebumps all over my body. We kissed again deeply and he made me squirmed as his fingers were rubbing along my outer pussy lips. Much that I love being caressed and touched under the shower, especially when the soap made our skin slippery and wet. It was then he kissed my neck again and slowly nibbled my earlobe..gently and his other hand rubbed my right breast…pinched and twisted my stiff hard nipple.

Thousand tingling feeling travelled throughout my body and I moved my hand in response started stroking his half-stiff cock. I felt it twitched for every stroke that I did. It got thicker and stiffer and…OOhhHH!!... I moaned and screamed when his middle finger slid between my pussy lips and finally touched my sensitive clit. He slowly turned me around facing the wall, slightly pushed my back and made me arched my body. I bit my lower lip and parted my legs slightly...whilst the water kept on pouring on our body. I closed my eyes and gasped when he rubbed his cockhead along my pussy lips…I felt how wonderful it was and it made me gasped once again as he slowly pushed his thick cockhead into my pussy.

“OoOhhH!.. Jamess!” I moaned as he kept on pushing it deeper and deeper until the tip of it reached the deepest spot inside me. Slowly he started fucking me under the shower. I moaned for every slam that he made… for every time the tip of his cockhead rubbed the most sensitive spot deep inside me. My heart was beating harder and I could almost feel blood was rushing through my vein as he drove me closer and closer to orgasm…and he continued rampaging my pussy harder and harder. For months I had been missing him much. For months I had been longing for him to fuck me hard….

For every drops of water… for every second passed… I was brought higher to reach the peak and moaned endlessly. He was grunting and breathing heavily. Moving faster and adding up speed more and more.

“Yesss…yess. James… I am ..Ohh.. yess. James please fuck…. OOhhHhHHH!!” I arched my body and squirmed hard when I finally reached the peak. It felt so wonderful and my pussy was contracting endlessly…convulsing as if it came alive…squeezing his cock inside. He continued rampaging and it didn't take much time for me to get the second peak and it rippled throughout my body before the first one disappeared. He kept on moving before he finally slowed down and hugged me from behind then pulled his cock out of my trembling pussy. I let him kiss my check before I turned my face facing him then kissed him back deeply..lips to lips..

“Celina, I miss you babe” he whispered.

“…and I miss you too, James…” I whispered sweetly in his right ear and kissed his cheek.

He helped me taking bath and I could not help not to moan whenever his palm brushed over my painfully stiff nipples or sensitive pussy lips. I hugged and kissed him once more before I stepped out of the shower booth.

Wrapped with a soft white towel I walked toward the kitchen bar and saw there are two glasses of wine. One was empty and without hesitation I took another one and drank it. The liquid flowed through and it gave me nice warm sensation. James was still finishing off his bath and the shower was still on. I smiled by myself when I recalled what just happened on me. It was indeed a nice surprise from him, and I had been missing him much these days.

“Ahh.. you are there, babe” he walked in with towel wrapped around his waist. He took it off and I saw his half stiff cock was swaying as he walked closer to me. I smiled then bit my lower lip when he was standing in front of me then leaned his face toward my neck and once again kissed me.

“James… ohh.. stop it… you are very naughty .. ouchh..stop it…” I chuckled and tried to dodge him and wriggled away. For some reasons goosebumps appeared all over my body whenever he kissed me and it seemed that sensitive spots all around my body became extremely sensitive. He hugged me in his strong arms and didn't let me go no matter how hard I struggled to release myself. My towel, which previously wrapped around my body had fell crumbled on the floor around my ankles.

“Ohh .. James.. please stopppp…. Oohhh!” I moaned when he pressed my body hard against his so that my stiff and sensitive nipples grinded against his body… His tongue slithered around my right ear and I wriggled hard fighting against the tingling feeling which travelled endlessly through every inch of my body.

“What did you…OOhhhH!!...put inside the wine… Please..OOhHHHHHH!!!” I arched my body avoiding his kiss. My nipples were getting really stiff and those were…ohhhhH!!...achingly sensitive. I could feel my pussy quivered lightly… the inner part of it…. It quivered so softly and I could not hold myself to round my arm around his neck and hugged him back. My fingers slid through his hair as he lowered his face and moved from my ear through my neck toward my right nipple.

“ooOOOOHhhhHH!!” I shrieked when his tongue touched the tip of my right nipple. It made me squirming hard and my fingers started massaging gently his hair. The feeling was growing extremely strong. I gasped when his tongue licked my nipple again…then when he sucked it…when his lips rounded its areola... and when his mouth started sucking, I could hardly hold myself not to release a long and sexy moan. My sweet voice filled the air and my hands pulled his head toward me so that his lips pressed harder against my right nipple’s areola.

“Yess.. James… don't stop .. don't stop.. please..akkhhh!!” I screamed and squirmed hard.

He kissed and teased me more before he carried my petite body toward the leather sofa…then as he laid me on it gently I looked at him. I felt my face blushed and my blood once again rushing through my vein. I gasped when I clenched my thighs and let my sensitive pussy lips were grinded between my inner thighs.

He smiled as he looked at me and said…”It’s a new formula, Celina…. You like it?”…

I didn't answer just simply nodded my head then closed my eyes tight and gasped when a sharp tingling came from my pussy and rippled throughout my body.

He slowly opened up my shivering thighs. My hands played with my nipples… pinching one after another in a constant rhythm…. and my fingers gently squeezing my breasts…. Whenever I pinched just slightly too hard, it made me squirming really hard. I knew that he saw it and he enjoyed the view.

“Jamess.. oOhhh!.. It’s too .. Akkhhh I shrieked when I felt the tip of his tongue touched my overly sensitive clit … it’s to strong for me…” I could feel my heart was beating hard inside my chest.

“JAmESss!!..OhhH!!” I gasped and grabbed his head between my thighs when his tongue licked my clit once again. It made my pussy quivering inside out, and more liquid wetted my pussy.

“ooooOOOOhhhHHH!!!” another lick of his tongue sent me straight very close to the peak and yet it lapsed only for a second. It was there within my reach but I simply could not get it. It made me long for more and more sensual tease. I clenched my thighs holding his head between my inner thighs and squeezed a handful of his hair.

I endlessly gasped for fresh air and the tip of his tongue slid between my pussy lips……. “OooHHH!!! Jamess!!”…. The feeling made my naked petite body jolted… it was then..more and more tickling, teasing, flickering of his tongue which sent me higher more than ever.

“JAMesSS!!...OHhH!!!” My eyes closed tight and I shrieked when the tip of his tongue peeked really deep inside my already wet pussy.

Again and again his wet tongue flickering inside until I could not hold on any longer. “OooOOOHhhhHH!! … YYEeessess!!!...Ohhh!” I could almost see stars when the blood rushing through my vein and the inner part of my pussy quivering uncontrollably. My nipples were painfully stiff and I clenched my thighs harder holding his head in between. More liquid oozed out from my pussy and he licked those liquid dry. The feeling was amazing.

“Come James.. come…Ohh please fuck me!” I screamed and eased the grip of my inner thighs around his head. With half open eyes I saw him climbing up and positioned himself between my open thighs. It was hard for me to breathe normally when the feeling was still high. I saw him climbed up on top of me slowly. My lips parted slightly and tremblingly whispered … please…please fuck me, James…..

When he was set on top of me and started to lower himself, my hands rubbed both side of his body…. My fingers clawed his skin when his cockhead parted my pussy lips and he started pushing it in..

For every inch it got deeper inside my pussy… for every second passed… I could not stop gasping. I could feel his weight on top of my petite body…. I could feel his cock sliding deeper and deeper…. I could feel its thick cockhead caressed every inch of warm wet wall of my pussy until it reached the deepest spot….

“OohhHhhhH!!!” I moaned and my nicely manicured fingernails clawed his back as he pulled his cock and slowly pumping in and out of my pussy. He kissed and teased my earlobe and put his hands under my body holding my shoulders keeping me still under his body.

“Yess Yess!” I screamed as he pumping with rhythm. I folded my legs and let my inner thighs rubbed his hips and his waist briefly before I put my calves on his butt, rounded my legs around him and pulled him every time he got really deep. It really made me shrieking in excitement. It happened again and again….then again … then again.. continuously until the inner part of my pussy was quivering uncontrollably squeezing continuously his cock deep inside me.

“OOOOHhhhHHHH!!” I screamed when I got another peak. He must have noticed this and he was adding up the speed of his cock fucking my pussy so that before the ripple of this peak subsided, the second orgasmic wave hit me. It really felt so marvelous and my pussy was really getting wet whilst continuously milking his cock. I squirmed hard under his body.

It was then he was sucking my neck harder. I could feel hotness of his breathe on my skin. I could feel beats of sweat appeared on his skin. He grunted like a wild beast. He was fucking me like crazy. He was fucking me really really hard as if there was nothing could ever satisfy his desires. His cock moved wildly in and out and despite that I could feel it throbbed many times inside my pussy, it was simply not yet the time for him to cum inside me.

Series of orgasmic waves hit me again and again…some big ones…some were smaller peaks and ripples. It happened many times until I was completely wasted and felt so exhausted. But yet he was still fucking like a wild beast…as if he wanted to crush my petite body.

“Jamess.. James… please stop it..” I whimpered when the last wave subsided and I started to be overwhelmed with extreme fatigue. My pussy was slightly aching painfully whilst my nipples remained aching hard. Yet James kept on fucking me with endless rough slams.

“James.. please.. James…” I desperately trying to push him away but I didn't have enough strength to do so. I folded my feet and tried to push myself upward but his strong hands were holding both of my shoulders and prevented me to get away.

“Please. James.. enough.. please.. you… AAkkhhhH!!...sshhhh” I hissed and gasped as the sharp pain stung my nerves coming from deep inside my pussy.

“James you are ….akkhhh… hurting me .. stop.. please…” I whimpered but he ignored my pleas…. “James.. please .. James… akkhh!!” I screamed and one teardrop running down my temple.

I felt like endless until finally he took a deep breath and his body went rigid whilst he kept his cock really deep inside me. It started throbbed… became more and more obvious and in split seconds…. a strong gust of thick cum flooding into my womb… His cock keep on squirting until the last drop his thick cum filled me.

I shrieked then curled my petite body on the sofa when he pulled his cock out of my pussy. I felt so exhausted and wasted. I cringed and hissed when a brief sharp pain stung my nerves coming from my pussy.

“Are you ok, babe?” James asked and I simply nodded. I was trying to hold the pain, which was coming from my pussy as he lifted up my body, brought me toward the bedroom, and put me gently on the bed.

After he threw away the ripped out bedcover, he was lying next to me and hugged me from behind. Our naked body touched each other skin to skin. The warmness of his skin eased a lot the pain inside my pussy.

“James….” I said then closed my eyes. The inner part of my pussy was convulsing lightly.

“Yes babe?” he replied and tightened his hugs.

“The new medicine is wonderful but it is simply too strong for me..” I said softly.

I heard him chuckles but he didn't say anything and simply kissed my cheek once more. I felt so secured in his hugs. His body was so warm and his breath was softly brushing my skin. I hugged his strong arms. I felt so exhausted and let my mind slowly drifted… It didn't take long for me to be succumbed in deep sleep….

115lb, 5'5", black hair. Love to wear sexy dresses; a see-through blouse and a very short tight skirt fit well. Like 5" spiky heels with straps v much.

Love a role-play as much as i love these dresses and heels.
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