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Author Topic: The Return  (Read 11417 times)

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« on: March 09, 2014, 10:51:20 PM »

Dedicated to the the unfinished roleplay with Mr J (Ravishfan) for his remarkable inspiration  emot_kiss.gif


The rain had just stopped when I stepped out of the bus. The air was fresh and I like the breeze caresses in my smooth skin. I saw my female friends sitting inside the bus and waived my hand goodnight to them as the last bus started moving away. I saw its taillight glowing red in a distance before it took a right turn and disappeared. Briefly I fixed my miniskirt then looked around before I started walking to the grocery store across the road. My Gucci wristwatch showed 11.43pm.

Tonight was my second day for me in this city.

“Hi..Good evening, Miss” the young male shopkeeper turned his face and greeted me when the tiny bells behind the door chimed lightly.

“Hi” I smiled at him then walked toward the rows of tidily arranged groceries. I walked around, took some cookies and some other stuffs when I heard the doorbells once again chimed lightly. Through the corner of my right eye I saw a man was coming in. He was looking at me but I preferred to completely ignore him. He was tall and well-built but other than that there was nothing special about him. He was wearing a hat, leather jacket, blue denim pants and a pair of sneakers. His face looked so familiar but yet I could not remember where and when I met with him.

“It’s $10.6”, the young shopkeeper said to me after he put all stuffs into the plastic bags. I saw the stranger was walking toward the counter as I pull out my LV wallet from my Gucci handbag. I knew that his eyes were watching me closely and it made me slightly feel uncomfortable knowing he was standing just one step away behind me. I was just slightly passing his shoulder as I am standing on my 4 inches Louboutin strappy stilettos.

I took out $11, handed it over to the shopkeeper then grabbed the plastic bag without saying any word. I just need to get away as soon as possible from this stranger. The way he looked at me really made me feel unsettled. My apartment was just one block away anyway and I needed to be there before something happened.

“Miss..the change” I heard the shopkeeper said to me. I turned my face and gave him a sign that I would not take it. Again I saw the stranger turned his face looking at me. His eyes reminded me of someone but it could not be him. He should be kept many miles away. Somehow the way he looked at me makes my pussy tingling lightly beneath my flimsy panties and my nipples were getting stiffer poking out of the light blue satin blouse that I was wearing.

A car just passed as I stepped out of the groceries shop, and it disappeared after making a left turn. Without wasting too much time, I started walking to my apartment.

Series of sharp clicks of my stilettos filled the air as I walked along the pedestrian way. For some odd reasons I turned my face and saw someone was walking about a distance away from me. I could hardly see his face in such a distance but I knew for sure that he was the stranger that I had just met in the groceries. I turned back my face and quickened my pace. After a couple meters I turned my face again and saw him walking faster as if he was trying to catch up steps with me.

It was out of sudden I heard tires scratching the road and a car stopped abruptly just a half-meter away from me. I gasped in shock and stuttered backward briefly on my stilettos. It seemed that I had been crossing the crossroad without looking at the sign.

“HEY! BITCH! YOU WANNA DIE OR WHAT?!” I saw the driver lowered the window, showed off his middle finger and yelled at me. I turned my face and saw that stranger was standing still at the corner with some other people watching at me. He was simply looking at me without any expression. Under the yellow streetlight above him, his face was barely visible… hidden under the shadow of his hat.

“HEY!!”…. the driver yelled again followed by series of loud blaring sounds of car horn brought me back to life. I realized that I was still standing in the middle of the cross-road and there were more cars stopped waiting for me to move. Without saying any word, I quickened my pace crossing the road. I could still hear the driver cursing and calling me bitch before he drove away.

“Good evening, Ms.Celina” the old doorman greeted me as I was approaching the front door. “What happen?” he asked politely. He must have seen what happened just now. I smiled at him and shook my head but I did not say anything. I turned around, but I did not see him there. The stranger must have left.

“Something is wrong, Miss?” the old man said.

“It’s ok, George” I said and smiled at him then continued… “I might have just felt tired and lost my focus”

“Very well, Ms.Celina. If there is anything wrong, George is here to protect you” he said and laughed. I knew that he was a soldier when he was young but he was over 60 at the moment. How could he be possibly protecting me?

“Oh well, good night, George” I smiled sweetly at him, rubbed lightly his right arm then walked into the lobby of my apartment. Once again I turned around and I saw nothing strange outside my apartment building.


“There is someone following me, Kyle” I told my husband when I stepped into our apartment. I saw him staring at the screen monitor.

“When?” he said, stood up and walked toward me. I let him hug then kiss me deeply. His lips felt warm and tender comforting my feeling.

“I don't know… I just… I just feel that there is something is not right” I said after our lips parted. He leant forward then kisses my cheek briefly.

“Don't worry too much”, he whispered and nibbled lightly my earlobe. I loved when he did that on me. “You must be too tired, babe..just clean up and take a rest. I have lot of things to do” he said and we kissed briefly once more before he walked away toward the windows as if he was checking outside then turned to the monitor screen and continued working.


“Morning, Celina” Angela said when she saw me walking into the office.

“Morning, Angel” I said briefly and smiled at her, walked toward my office in the corner, then sit on the chair crossing my legs. I did not bother when my miniskirt rode up higher revealing more of smooth skin color stockings and barely covered my upper thighs. My mind was completely filled with what happened the night before.

I saw some files were piling up on my desk and with a sigh I took one after another. It was then I saw a white envelope bearing no sender and no receiver on both side. I torn the one side and found one USB thumb drive and piece of paper with a simple message:

Someone from your past send me to find you, Miss C.
We have what you will find out interesting to see.

I took the USB and connected it to my laptop. I browsed through the files inside the thumb-drive and gasped to find out what I see. Those were files and movies dated about two and a half year ago when I was assigned undercover. Long forgotten memories flowed back into my mind. Back then it was called operation Kingpin. My left hand holding the mouse was getting cold as my manicured index finger double clicked on one of the movie clips. My eyes were staring open as I was clearly what was showing on my laptop screen. I could not believe that I was there with Dimitri in one of the hotel owned by Mr.James, a notoriously infamous person whose business empire we had successfully brought down. I closed the movie clip and double click another one. It shows the same movie about me and Dimitri, whilst some other files with me and Jamal. I closed down the movie and pulled the usb out. How could this possibly happens? Last night…then this package. My heart was beating hard.

Since the end of Operation Kingpin, the agency granted me and Kyle new identities . We finally decided to get married and moved from cities to cities trying to cover up out trails as quietly as possible. It had been going well for two and a half year until at this very moment.

I picked up the phone and called Angela to come to my office.

“Did you see the person sending this?” I asked her when she was standing right in front of me. I was holding the empty envelope in front of her.

“A tall handsome guy brought it”, she replied briefly.

“Can you please check the record and get back to me asap?”

“Sure, Miss” she said and left the office.

I closed my eyes; took a deep breath then walked back and leant against the leather seat. I couldnot believe that my past was coming back and haunting me.

The day passed as any other busy days for me. Internal meetings, meetings with clients, phone calls, and reports distracted my attention from the envelope. I was about to grab my handbag when Angela came into my office.

“I am so sorry, Ms.Celina. I have checked the record but I could not find any. I must have been busy yesterday so I do not put much attention on everyone who drops packages and files at the front desk. I…”

“Enough, Angel. Enough…” I closed my eyes and shake my head in disbelief. what a stupid bitch!.. I cursed inside my mind. I waived my hand asking her to leave me alone. It was then my mobile beeped and vibrated once. I took it out from my purse and check the message.

Hope you like the package, Ms.C. He also knows that you stole some evidences and make some fortune for yourself worth more than a million dollar

I called the number and there were calling tones…one, twice…but my call was left unanswered. So I sent a message:

Who are you?

The message was delivered and I was there waiting for several minutes. There was no reply at all. With a sigh, I walked out of my office and it was quiet already. I hear only sound of cleaning man vacuuming the floor in a distance. I walked passing him toward the elevator. Angela has left.

My mobile beeped once again and vibrated when my finger just pressed the ‘ignition’ button of my BMW. I checked and the same unknown number showed up. The message was simple:

Warehouse 2 - Pier14 – 23:15 tomorrow – dress well - alone. If tell anyone, even your darkest secret will be known.

I turned off my mobile and put it inside my handbag. I drove my BMW away going back to my apartment.

“Have a good time, babe”, Kyle said over the phone when I told him that I would be coming a bit late in the following day. I simply told him that there would be an office gathering for a farewell of one director. What a lie… I said to myself knowing as I hanged up the phone. There were many details during the Operation Kingpin, that Kyle and the Agency did not even know. They were not supposed to know. It would only raise a false alarm if I ever opened all of those to them, and that was the main reason that I could not allow anyone else to know.

I stopped my BMW in front of Pier14. The engine reeved up smoothly before it stopped. I looked around and did not see anyone. The place was completely deserted at this hour. The sky was a bit cloudy and I could not even see many stars. My Gucci wristwatch showed 23:03pm and I opened up the driver door then stepped out of the car. I checked my Beretta 92 inside my purse and looked around once again. Still I could not see anyone else around.

I could only hear the soft clicks of my stilettos on the concrete pave way. The air was humid and I could smell my Madamoiselle perfume filled the air. I kept on walking and checking around. There was still no one. My fingers opened up my handbag and gripped my Beretta and felt its cold steel in my palm. The cool breeze caressed my inner thighs through the thin skin colour stocking that I was wearing. The satin blouse and the tight cotton miniskirt felt slightly tight on my body. A bit of moist gathered around my pussy lips under flimsy panties that I was wearing and my nipples were standing slightly stiff as its sensitive tips were rubbing the fabric of my blouse.

Still…I did not see anyone else as I stopped in front of the Warehouse 2 with fading “2” painted on its steel doors, which were tightly shut. My wristwatch showed 23:17 and nothing happened. I took out my mobile and checked..still no message no miss call so I kept on waiting alone under the bright yellowish streetlight. My hand brushed my hair away off my face when the wind blew. I checked again my wristwatch and it showed 23:21. With a sigh, I was about to leave the place, when…

My mobile suddenly vibrated and beeped one. The message said:

Good. I am watching you. Put down your handbag and kick it away from you. There is a small package a couple steps behind you. Take it out and put it on.

I looked around and saw no one. I turned my body once again yet, I still saw no one else. I turned my face to right when I caught a glimpse of shadow moving but it was just a cat run passing the street in a distance.

My mobile vibrated and beeped again.

Hi babe, how’s the party? It’s from Kyle.
It’s great, honey. Will see you again soon I replied and took a deep sigh. Still there was nothing happen all around me.

It beeped and vibrated again twice. I didnt bother to check the message from Kyle and simply checked the one coming from the unknown number.

Very well. You will see what will happen next. I am leaving.

My fingers quickly pressed the calling button. I heard calling tone..once and twice…out of my surprise, someone picked up my call on the other line.

“Wait..wait!” I say..”I will do it.. I will do”. I could not let anyone know that I took a pack of diamonds from James’ hidden vault. I thought no one would see this but I was wrong. Someone had seen these. I feel the wind was much colder when I thought of a possibility that James installed a hidden security camera to keep over his valuables, and I didn't check it.

“Hello? You there?” I asked as I heard nothing from the other end…other than a sound of wind blowing. He hanged up the call, and I put my mobile inside my handbag, put my handbag on the concrete then kicked it away from me. Having done so, I looked around and saw a small package lying next to streetlight pole next to my right stiletto heel. I took, and open it then took out a blindfold out of it.

I could almost hear my heart beating inside my chest when darkness engulfed my vision. I could see nothing but darkness, and I was standing alone. I clenched my thighs and felt between my inner thighs was getting slightly dampened. My nipples were getting stiffer poking out of my flimsy blouse as their sensitive tips rubbed gently against my the satin fabric of my blouse.

Surround me was quiet until I heard heavy steps coming from my left side. I turned my face and was about to take off the blindfold, but it was simply too late for me. A strong hand with wet cloth covered my mouth and nose. My hands were desperately pushing him and pulling his wrists, but the strong chloroform odor filled my nostril as I gasp and breath. I felt my world slightly spinning and the more I struggle the quicker I fel weaker. It took just for a while before I completely lost my conscious.

“ugh…” I moaned softly. I tried to open up my eyes but no matter which direction I turned my face, I could not see anything other than darkness. I tried to pull my wrists but I found those were securely tied above my head. My legs were spread wider and my ankles were tried up to the corner of the bed. I felt the air was warmer and more humid on my skin. I gasped to know that I was not wearing my blouse anymore, and I could feel the air caressed my naked breasts, which were completely exposed with its pair of rock hard nipples standing stiff. I also could not feel my miniskirt and I belief that it had been taken off as well.

I was tied up on the bed somewhere with both of my wrists were securely tied above my head and my legs were wide apart….almost naked save for flimsy panties, skin color stockings and 4” strappy stilettos that he didn’t bother to remove.

I heard the door was opened and closed. I turned my face toward the direction where I heard the footsteps coming but yet I saw only darkness.

“Who are you?.. what do you want from me?” I screamed at him but he did not reply.

“Shhhhhh!” he hushed and put his fingers on my trembling lips. “It has been quite some time, Celina… but I am happy that we finally meet again” he finally said whilst his fingers run along nice curves of my body…circling and teasing my stiff nipples..one after another, then moved along my breasts…then slithering along my flat belly toward my clit. I tried to clench my thighs but those were about an inch a part. His voice was so familiar to me.

“James?” I asked and felt so puzzled how he could possibly out of the jail. I recalled that he was sentenced for a life-time without parole. I arched my petite body and gasped when his fingers teased my clit through the flimsy fabric of my panties and stocking.

“It’s nice…very nice indeed..smooth as always…” he said and rubbed his fingers up and down on my pussy whilst his palm put a bit pressure on my clit.

I was desperately pulling my wrists and ankles..digging my heels on the bed but nothing that I could do more to stop him. I wished that he would take out my blindfold but he didn’t. The more I heard his voice, the more convinced I was that he was indeed James. I could still remember the first time we met face-to-face in his office. I could still remember how he touched and fucked me several times…and such memories created goosebumps on my skin and made my petite body shivers.

I gasped when his fingers pinched lightly my left nipple then gently squeezed my breast…then pinched and grinded the same nipple once again between his index finger and his thumb. I bit my lower lip and tried to hold my moan when trillion of tingling feeling travels throughout my body.

“Ooohh!” I finally moaned as I couldnot hold myself after he teased my clit and nipples a bit longer. My left nipple was getting painfully stiff and more wetness gathered between my inner thighs…dampened the flimsy panties that I was wearing.

“Nice…I love to hear your moan, sweetie”, he said again..”how I miss to hear your sexy voice again for many many lonely nights in the prison…how I miss to taste you again…”

I gasped when I felt he rubbed his cock on the stockings along my thighs. Its pre-cum must have left wet marks along the stockings. I heard him grunts and breaths heavier as his cock moved up and down along my thigh.

“hmm….let me see how wet you are now, sweetie” he said and ripped apart the stockings that I was wearing…then I felt he put aside my flimsy panties. I gasped when his bare fingers finally touched and caressed directly on my pussy lips as if he was feeling my wetness. I felt my face warmth and being treated like this made me blushed. I squirmed when he parted my quivering pussy lips then slid one of his fingers inside. I felt it slithered inside me…teasing the sensitive soft wet wall of my pussy…touching every sensitive spot. It made me gasp more when I felt that the tip of his finger ws very close to the most sensitive spot inside my pussy. I squirmed and moaned uncontrollably.

He teased a bit more before he pulled his fingers out and released my right ankle but left the other ankle tied up. I clenched my thighs and grinded my pussy lips between my inner thighs. I hear the bed was creaking as he climbed up.

“Ohh.. please no no.. don't!.. James! No!” I screamed when he tried to position himself between my thighs. I struggled as hard as I could. My sanity struggled inside my mind. I couldnot let him fuck me again. He was just a stranger and he was a villain…yes, he had his chance fucking me in the past but… most of all, I had married someone else.

“James!! Please stop it!” I screamed in panic when he can finally put his hip between my thighs. I felt his cock rubbed and patted my clits. He put my right ankle on his left shoulder, once again put aside my flimsy panties then started rubbing the tip of his cock up and down along my pussy lips. I clenched my fists tight and shake my head. I felt the inner part of my pussy quivered.

“I like the way you struggle, Celina” he said..”but it wont stop me…Ohhh…yessss” he hissed as his cock parted my pussy lips then slowly slid inside.

“NooOo~~..please don't~~…please~~” I screamed and desperately tried to clench my thighs…but there was no way for me to stop his cock getting deeper and deeper inside my wet pussy. It was as big and stretched my pussy lips to its limits and I could hear him exhales when his thick cockhead disappeared inside my pussy and being squeezed and milked. He pushed it in deeper and deeper….I curl my toes when it briefly rubbed the most sensitive spot inside my pussy just before the tip of his cockhead moved deeper and reached the back wall deep inside.

All I could see was darkness with blindfold still on. I could only clench my fists tighter when he started fucking my pussy and teasing my nipples with his fingers. Again and again he slammed his cock until its hilt and his cock reached at its deepest. I squirmed and begged him to stop. I know that he was fucking me with his bare cock. After a few more hard strokes and slams, I felt it throbbing deep inside me. My pussy was pulsing and milking his cock in response gripping tight its thick cockhead and shaft.

He released my leg from his shoulder and I fold my leg digging my stiletto on the bed mattress as if I was trying to pull my petite body under his as far as I could away from his. He lowered himself on top of me. His muscular chest was grinding my stiff hard nipples.

“You are as sexy as you were used to be, Celina” I heard him whisper next to my ear then nibble my earlobe. His kissed on the spot behind my ear sent ripples of thrill throughout my body. I gasped and moaned.

“How I miss to fuck your tight Asian cunt…
and he slamed his cock as deep as he could, made me shrieked and gasped ..
….Every single night I spent alone in that fucking prison cell….
he pulled out his cock halfway then slammed it back in as hard as he could.. I felt his cock was completely impaling me… I could hear him grunting next to my ear and felt his hot breath on my skin..
This was not the end, bitch for what you had done to me”

“Mr.James.. please…” I whimpered.

“Shhh..” he hissed and covered my mouth…”I am not James that you used to know” and whilst his hand covered my mouth, he adding up speed..slamming and fucking my pussy without mercy…rocking my petite body back and forth under his body. His voice was changed and it made chill feeling crept along my back. Was he really James? If he was not James, then who was he? Oh! I was trying to say something to convince myself that he was really James but only muffled words coming out from my mouth as his hand was covering it up.

I felt his cock throbbing..slightly growing thicker deep inside me. I screamed in gag begging him to stop but my muffled scream only heightened his lust. His cock slammed again and again, his chest was grinding my nipples and my pussy was responding to his assault. My pussy started pulsing and every hard slam that he made….every second I realized how vulnerable I was…how I could not do anything to stop him… Such helpless feeling brought me closer and closer to my own peak.

After a few more long hard strokes that he made…I got my first orgasm. I closed my eyes and screamed in gag as it rippled so heavily throughout my body. I could feel the blood rushing and some liquid was oozing out of my pussy greasing his thick cock. It followed with the second wave before his cock finally exploded deep inside my pussy. Warm thick liquid was filling up my pussy as his cock squirted again and again.

“Ohh..fuck....” he moaned next to my ear…”look how bitchy you are, Celina.. fuck!.. you can even cum whilst being fucked by a stranger…”

His words really humiliated me but again there was nothing that I could do. Again and again…his cock keeps on squirting until it squirted the last drop of his cum.

I gasped and bit my lower lip when he pulled his cock out of my pussy then climbed down from the bed. I heard his footsteps as he walked away..

“James?!... please don't leave me here…” I said and mixed of his cum and mine start oozing out from my pussy..leaking out and gathered in a small pond on the mattress of the bed.

I turned my face as I hear another footsteps coming…

“James?!.. is that you?.. ..MMmmMM”…a piece of wet cloth covered my mouth and strong smell of chloroform hit my nostrils once again. It took less than a few seconds for me to loose my consciousness.

“Oohh!” I felt my face was getting warm, and slowly opened up my eyes but the bright sunlight blinded my eyes and made me squint. It took some seconds before I could see that I was lying on the leather driver seat in my BMW which still parked on the same spot as it was the night before. Quickly I got up and checked.. My satin blouse and my miniskirt had been put on me, but there was no sign of my panties and skin color stockings. My right hand fingers gripped my satin blouse when I realized that three top buttons were left unbuttoned and my left hand was frantically pulling down my cotton miniskirt when some passing workers were looking at me. My pussy had been wiped clean. There were no marks on my wrists and ankles.

The engine reeved up as my fingers pressed the ignition button. All I was thinking was to get away from this place as soon as possible. Some spots on my inner thighs were still slightly sticky. So this was not dream. This was real and it happened on me. I clenched my thighs as I drove my car away from that place.

115lb, 5'5", black hair. Love to wear sexy dresses; a see-through blouse and a very short tight skirt fit well. Like 5" spiky heels with straps v much.

Love a role-play as much as i love these dresses and heels.
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« Reply #1 on: March 09, 2014, 11:04:49 PM »

Very well thought out I like how its written do you mind if I shoot you some ideas

Is it still rape if I yell surprise

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Trying to get back into the mood - to ravish

« Reply #2 on: March 10, 2014, 01:54:58 AM »


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« Reply #3 on: March 10, 2014, 01:25:52 PM »

Fantastic story, celina, thank you for sharing.


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« Reply #4 on: March 10, 2014, 07:13:35 PM »

Thank you guys Wink

yeap, the story started long play done about 2.5 years ago between me and Mr.J (Ravishfan) but it is lost since RD was closed down ;(

it was such a long detailed roleplay that keeps running on inside my head up until today.
look how wonderful Mr.J is when he spins a story..

thanks to him Wink


115lb, 5'5", black hair. Love to wear sexy dresses; a see-through blouse and a very short tight skirt fit well. Like 5" spiky heels with straps v much.

Love a role-play as much as i love these dresses and heels.
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« Reply #5 on: March 10, 2014, 08:36:48 PM »

Ive got a story idwa for you celina

Is it still rape if I yell surprise
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« Reply #6 on: March 10, 2014, 08:56:01 PM »


Kudos to you, My Sweet!! This was a very engaging tale!! It is among the beat I have read in quite some time.

I cannot wait to read more from you.

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« Reply #7 on: March 12, 2014, 09:32:29 PM »

“You are back, babe…” Kyle greeted me as I stepped into the apartment. Regardless how awkward it was, I tried to smile at him as he walked to me after I put my handbag and key on the small table next to the door. We kissed briefly. I loved the way he hugged me and it always gives me so much comfort. I wished that I could tell him what happened on me but nothing came out of my mouth.

“You take a rest, babe.. I have an appointment” he said as we released each other. I simply nodded and kissed his cheek one more time. My mind was still puzzling and trying to understand who was the guy fucking me at that place. Could it possibly be James? How could he possibly get out from the prison?.... All of those questions were lingering inside my mind even after I closed my eyes lying comfortably on my bed after finished taking a nice bath to clean up myself.

A few days later…

“Mr.Nash?” I said when someone picked up my call at the other end. It was late in the afternoon and I was having a cup of coffee at the Starbuck next to my office building. The sun was shining brightly in the west and there was a wisp of cloud floating in the sky.

“Yes, Celina”, a man replied. He was Mr.David Nash, the Director of Operation of the Agency. He then continued: “I am late for a meeting so you better be quick”

“I am sorry to bother you, Mr.Nash, but I need to ask you whether James is still in the prison?” I said and there was a brief silence…

“Yes, he should be there, Celina. Why?” he asked.

“Oh…nothing, Sir” my heart was beating hard.. If it was not James, then why his voice was so similar to James, and how did he know much about the Operation Kingpin as implied in his messages to me. Who was this mysterious guy?

“Celina, talk to you later”…and he hanged up the call without waiting for me to say more.

I sighed and put my mobile on the table in front of me then leant against the chair crossing my legs. I was staring at my mobile then looked around through my sunglasses at the bustling crowd of people passing the crossroad. So, who was he?.....damn it! who was he?.. the same question is running around my mind again and again.

I took another sip of my coffee before I noticed that someone sitting inside a black sedan across the road was watching me through the car window, which was slightly lowered down. It was impossible for me to see his face clearly, but I knew that he was watching me. I stood up fixing my miniskirt, fixing my sunglasses and grabbed my handbag then joined the crowd to cross the road. Once he saw me moved, he drove his car away whilst I with other people were waiting for the green. I got his car’s plate and took a note.

“It’s a stolen car, Celina” a female voice said. I sent the car’s plate number to Magdalene, one of analysts in the Agency, for her to run it through the archive. We grew up together in the Agency and she joined a month later than me.

“Any other useful information that you can give me, Maggie?” I asked.

“Nope” she said briefly and I heard faintly that she was typing something.

“Oh well, thanks, Maggie. I owe you a cup of coffee” I said and heard her laughing gaily.

“You owed me a lot of cups of coffee, Celina. Til we meet again, honey. Take care”, she said then hanged up the call.

I knew that there was no other way to find out about this than to visit the penitentiary to see James himself. Once I firmed up my plan, I booked an evening flight then went back home to pack my stuff. Kyle was not around so I simply put a message to him on the fridge.

It took me about two hours flight to arrive in the closest city to the maximum-security federal penitentiary, which was located about 2 hour drive through the desert. This was only my third visit if I counted correctly. It was a place where I wished that I would never visit.

“Buenas noches, señorita [ Good evening, Miss]” the male receptionist of the small motel greeted me as he saw me stepped in.
“Buenas noches”, I replied “puede hablar Inglés [ Can you speak English? ]”

“No, señorita”, he replied and smiled at me. He was trying to be polite but I knew that his eyes were watching closely to my cleavage through the opening of my blouse as I was standing in front of his receptionist desk.

“Necesito una habitación para alojarse durante varios días [ I need one room to stay for several days ]”, I said. I knew that my Spanish was very rusty and I just hoped that he would understand what I said. I saw him smiled, gave me a form to fill in, and asked for my ID to make a copy.

“Ah ... la señorita Catherine [ Ah … Miss Catherine ]” he said as he read my ID. I just smiled and looked at him through the corner of my eyes whilst I filled in the form. “Usted es muy bonita.. [ You are very pretty ]” he continued but I preferred to ignore him and finished up with the form then gave it to him. He took the form and handed me over the key of room 218.

“Tener una estancia agradable, la señorita Catherine [ Have a nice stay, Miss Catherine]” he said and I simply smiled and took the key from him then walked to the elevator. I knew that he was watching me as I walked away.

The desert was getting hot as the sun was shining brightly rising high above in the sky. It was almost noon-time when I drove a rented car passing through the desert. I fixed my sunglasses and could see that there was a vast bare land out there with only sand and stones. It was virtually impossible for anyone to walk through this dry hell without any support, and that was why the government chose this place to build such a maximum security prison for those dangerous people.

“Good afternoon, Ma’am”, a male guard greeted me and handed me back my real ID endorsed by the Agency.

I smiled at him and said, “Can you take me to see prisoner J05342 James Rav? If necessary, you can call Mr.David Nash for a clearance”

“That wouldn't be necessary, Ma’am”, he said, then continued: “Please follow me”

“Thanks” I smiled at him then followed him to the meeting room. My stilettos were clicking sharply on the tiles and echoed through the empty hallway, breaking deafening silence inside the penitentiary.

“Please have a seat and wait for us to bring him in” he said, and I took a seat on the steel chair. Honestly I felt so nervous to meet him again after such a long time. I crossed my legs and used my hands to fix my short business skirt, which was rode up revealing smooth skin colour stockings that I was wearing. The room was quiet and I could only hear soft humming sound of the air conditioner from the ventilation holes high above me. Wetness gathered between my inner thighs and dampened flimsy panties that I was wearing….whilst my nipples started getting stiffer as those sensitive tips rubbed the white satin blouse under the black one-button blazer that I was wearing. I was wondering how he would look like after these years.

Whilst I was waiting for them to bring him in, I took out a small mirror from my handbag and checked my appearance. I saw my hair was tidily groomed and the lightly applied lip-gloss made my lips slightly glistened under the light.

I quickly put the mirror back into my LV handbag when I heard the door was opened and two guards carried a man dressed in an orange colour uniform with his hands and ankles securely shackled, followed by another guard carrying some files with him. The prisoner was as high as James but slightly thinner. In a second I saw him, I instantly noticed he was acting differently than James. He was lacking of James confidence and pride. He kept on avoiding my look and something told me that this was not right. A messy hair covered his face. Could it be possible that hard life in prison for 2.5 years changed James a lot? I saw the guards guided him to sit on the chair across the table.

“He is your prisoner, J05342 James Rav, Ma’am” the guard said and handed me the documents.

“Are you sure that he was James Rav?” I asked and felt so puzzled.

“Yes, Ma’am. He is the only J05342 James” he said briefly.

I opened the files and read through. I looked the guy who was still trying to avoid my eyes. He had blue eyes like James. Similar to James, but something told me that he was not the real James that I wanted to see. I continued reading the report and nothing looked so suspicious.

“Mr.James, do you remember me?” I asked and the prisoner looked at me. Yes, everything looked like him. He was looking at me and yet it took a long time for him before he replied, “Yes”

“Please tell me where and how we met, Mr.James” I asked further and he remained silent as if he was trying to recall something. My sense convinced me that he could not be the same James that I had known before. I shifted on the chair and grinded my pussy lips between my inner thighs. I felt more wetness gathered there and my pussy was tingling lightly, knowing that it could be positive that the real James was fucking me that night. My heart was beating hardly thinking every possibility that he was still on the move…somewhere out there. He might have been watching me silently these days.

“Thank you. I think this is enough” I stood up, closed the file and handed back to the guard.

“Please follow me, Ma’am” he said and I followed him out from the room, then walked out of the prison.

“Thank you for your time, officer” I smiled as we shook hands. I put on my sunglasses, stepped into the car then drove away. My mind was still trying to understand how this could possibly happen. He was supposed to be here. What the hell was going on? I picked up my mobile and dialed Nash’s phone number. It was calling but my call was left unanswered. I called again twice and yet my calls remained unanswered. I sighed and put back the mobile into my handbag. He must be in a meeting or something.

“Kyle, I need to speak to you” I said to Kyle when he picked up my call.
“Hi sweetie, I am on the line with a client at the moment. I will call you again later, ok?” he said brieftly.
“Sure, give me a call” I said and hanged up.

It was 2:43pm the afternoon when my car started acting strange. It shuddered for no reason and the engine was out in the following seconds. I checked the fuel and it was half full. I turned the ignition key…one…twice..three times..but nothing was happening. I took the mobile out of my handbag and saw that it was blinking “No Signal”…

“Damn!” I cursed and cringed when felt light pain on my palm. It was definitely hot out there and it was getting hot inside the car without any air conditioner. I took out my blazer and stepped out of the car. This was the only inter-state highway and I could see hot air hovering above the asphalt. I walked around the car in frustration…kicking small pebbles using the heels of my stilettos…squinted whilst I was looking at every direction. Then with a deep sigh, I opened the car door and sat on the chair whilst kept the door open. It was getting really hot and I started sweating profusely wetting completely the white satin blouse that I was wearing. It was so wet that anyone could see clearly two pointy marks of my nipples.

I checked my Gucci wristwatch and it showed 3:42pm, when I saw a car running in a distance. It was getting closer and closer. I grabbed my handbag and stood up beside the road as it was getting closer.

“Hi” I said when it stopped beside the road. It was a young man with a nice sexy smile holding a steering wheel.

“Hola ... que tiene un problema con su coche? [ Hi... having problem with your car? ]” he asked whilst tilted his head pointing toward my car.

“Sí .. ¿me puede dar un paseo a la ciudad, por favor? [ Yes..can you give me a ride to the town, please?]” I said. He just smiled and leant toward the passenger seat opening the car door from inside and let me in.

“Gracias .. [ Thank you ]” I said and smiled at him as I slid onto the passenger seat next to him.

“I believe you speak English, Miss……” he said.

“Just call me Catherine” I said and smiled at him.
“I am Federico” he replied and started driving the car.

I leant against the passenger seat and crossed my legs. I knew that whilst he was driving the car, he was stealing glance several times at either the obvious pointy marks of my nipples or my thighs covered by smooth skin color stockings. I didn't bother to fix my miniskirt and let him enjoy a bit bonus for his favor to me.

As we chatted along the way, I started to kinda like this guy. He was very cheerful and funny. For some odd reasons, I loved to see him smiled. We laughed as we exchanged jokes.

“Catherine, if you are thirsty, there is one bottle on the back seat behind you. Feel free to take if you want” he suddenly offered. Could hardly stand my thirst, I turned my body and checked the back seat. Through the corner of my eyes, I noticed that his eyes were once again stealing glance to my nice cleavage through unbuttoned top of my satin blouse then briefly looked at my inner thighs as the hem of my miniskirt rode up when my hand grabbed the bottle of water. 

“It’s poisonous water” he said and laughed out as he saw me checking the liquid inside the bottle in my hand. I looked at him then laughed gaily and without waiting any longer, I opened up the cover then started drinking the liquid. It tasted pure water as it flowed through my throat. Very refreshing and quenching my thirst, and without me knowing I took a quarter of it already.

“If it’s poisonous, then it’s good poison” I said and offered him to have some.

“I am good” he replied and smiled then focused back on the road.

Everything looked fine and perfect until I felt my hands were getting slightly numb. It didn't take long when numbness spread through my body. I took the bottle, opened up the cover and tried to smell but I could not smell any strange odor. I tasted it again a bit but I tasted nothing but pure water. He looked at me through the corner of his eyes and watching me as I was trying to understand what was going on.

It took less than a minute when I started to feel as if I was loosing my strength and became so weak. The bottle felt off my hand and the liquid pouring on the floor of the car.

“What did you….” I turned my face to him.

“I have told you that the water is poisonous” he said in cold tones. I saw cynical smile on his face, and his attitude completely changed. I felt that he was slowing down his car and my petite body became so weak as if all strength was zapped out of me. I was still fully conscious and aware of what happening.

He waited a bit more before his hands rubbed my breasts and it was indeed surprising me that my nipples were getting twice more sensitive than before. My hands were trying to push his hands away but he grabbed my wrists then pinned my hands above my head. I felt so weak to struggle away from his grip. I bit my lower lips when his palm rubbed my left nipple and trillion tingling spread throughout my body. I wished that I could move my hands to push his right hand away as his fingers opened up another button of my satin blouse. I closed my eyes when his palm rubbed the painfully sensitive tips of my nipples…teasing one after another…pinching and twisting lightly and made my both nipples stiffer and harder.

“Please~~…stop~” I moaned and tried to calm myself down as the unwanted sexual desires built up inside me. It built up fast and uncontrollably when he pulled his right hand out of my blouse then moved between my inner thighs. My pussy quivered and wetness gathered more around my pussy lips as I felt his hands rubbed along the nice smooth stocking..kept on moving up and down along my inner thighs.

“Stop~~~” I could not hold myself to shriek when his hand slid under the hem of my miniskirt and touched my pussy lips through the thin fabric of my panties and sheer stockings.

He pulled over the car beside the empty highway. I saw the sun was shining bright in the west through the front window of the car. He pulled the lever under my seat and let the seat slid backward then pulled the lever beside my seat so that my seat was fully reclined. There was nothing for me to do to stop him. My sanity was struggling against the sexual hunger which was building up fast. My breath quickened and my heart was beating hard when he opened up more buttons of my blouse. One after another until the last one then put aside my blouse and completely exposing my painfully stiff nipples on my supple breasts which were moving up and down as I was breathing heavily.

“What a sexy bitch!” he hissed when his hands once again run along the nice curves of my breasts. It made my petite body shivered when his face leaned toward me and I felt his wet warm tongue touched the tip of my left nipple. It was really hard for me to get hold of myself when he started sucking my left nipple and his left hand moved between my inner thighs and teased my pussy lips. I gasped and closed my eyes. A part of me wishing him to stop but another part wishing him to end this up and fucking me hard.

When I opened up my eyes I saw through my sunglasses that he moved himself on top of me, ripping of my sheer stockings between my inner thighs and put aside my flimsy panties.

“Please~~ don't~~” I whimpered softly when he unbuckled his belt and unzipped the zipper of his pants. I could hardly see his cock but I could feel its cockhead was touching my pussy lips…teasing up and down. I gasped when he started to push his cock between soft flesh of my pussy lips. I closed my eyes knowing that this young stranger would fuck me soon with his bare cock.

It was out of sudden that the car door was snatched up and his body was pulled away from on top of me.

“Go and fuck yourself!” I heard a voice filled with anger. “I asked you to take her but I never ask you to fuck her. Now get off!”

I just heard that the car door beside me was slammed hard and someone climbed up on the driver seat. In split seconds he used cloth bag to cover my head so that I could not see anything other than millions of tiny holes of the cloth bag. The sounds of tires scratching the gravel and pebbles being swirled away filled the air when the car started forcefully moving forward.

The car moved straight for a while before it took a left turn off the road, then another one then another one. His hands moved and covered my naked breasts with my blouse but he simply left it unbuttoned. I weakly squirmed and tried to use my hands to stop him but I couldn't do much.

“Who are you?” I whispered softly and he didn't bother to answer. He drove the car faster as if he was trying to chase time. It dashed through the dry dirt and after awhile, it abruptly stopped. He moved out of the car and walked around toward the passenger seat. My heart was beating hard as I was trying to understand what was going on. Was I being kidnapped? Why? By who? For what?

“Let me go!!~~” I screamed although I knew that there would be no one else other than them in this desert. He opened up the passenger seat, took my petite body out from the car and carried me with him, and then handed me to another man who said….

“Jamal, you clean up all trails. No evidences and no fingerprint. Collect all her stuffs but throw her mobile away in the bay. Can I trust this to you?”

My heart sunk when I heard the name. It convinced me that I had fallen into James’ hands. I knew how meticulous he was in planning his moves. It was indeed amazed me to realize how powerful he could be, and how his power reached beyond the prison wall.

“Mr.James, please let me go~~ please” I whimpered as he put me on the leather seat in another vehicle. He didn't say a word and so he had been planning all of this revenge and it seemed that he was enjoying his upcoming victory. He left my satin blouse unbuttoned and once in a while his hand went under the fabric, rubbed, played, pinched and twisted my nipples, once after another, whilst the drug effects were indeed hard to resist. I could only suck my lower lip when ripples of tingling feeling travelled over and over again throughout my petite body.

With a cloth bag covered my head, it was hard for me to tell where they took me, and time seemed moving very slow until I saw it was getting dark inside the vehicle. He kept on teasing my nipples and sometimes tickled my pussy lips, enjoying every moment when I was trying so hard to get hold of myself not to humiliate myself by moaning like a bitch whilst he was teasing all sensitive parts of my body.

“You are so wet, Miss.Celina, you know that tight?.... so damn wet”, he whispered next to my ear when I gasped after he slid two of his fingers between my pussy lips feeling wetness of my pussy. By then I was convinced that his voice was unmistakably James’ voice.

“James..please stop it~~…OoOohhmmm~!” I gasped and sucked my lips when he slid his fingers as deep as he could until his palm grinded against my protruding clit. Once again he pulled his fingers out and rubbed along my thighs toward my knees then moving back up again between my inner thighs as if he was enjoying every second his hand slid smoothly along my sheer stockings.

He kept on teasing me again and again and drove my frustration to its limits. His hands easily brushed off my hands as I was desperately trying to defend myself or when I was trying to take the cloth bag from my head. I didn't know what drug that his man gave me but the effects were so overwhelmingly hard to resist.

“You are mine, Celina..and you are mine now. I know that you took the payment and I am simply taking the goods now. It’s a fair trade” he whispered when the vehicle stopped and he opened the car door and took me directly in his arms.

“I need privacy” I heard James said.

“Si, Senor” I heard the voices of two men, who were presumably his bodyguards.

James carried me into his place. Through the cloth bag covering my face I could only see changes of brightness as we moved from one spot to another. He carried me up stairs until we arrived to his private place and through the fabric which covered my face I could smell nice fragrant in the air. He put me on his bed and started taking off my blouse, followed with my miniskirt. There was nothing that I could do when he ripped my flimsy wet panties and threw it away. Finally he took off the cloth bag from my head.

I saw his face smiling above my face. My eyes briefly looked around and saw how nice his private room was. Exquisite design fitted his eccentric taste and characters. Nothing changed these years. I bit my lower lip lightly when I saw him taking off his clothes one by one.. his shirt, his belt, his pants until he was standing naked next to the bed. I saw his cock twitching lightly as his left hand rubbed along my legs and moving upward toward my thighs.

“James…please~~~” I whispered and tried to get up but he pushed my shoulders so easy that I was lying back on the bed.

“Shhh~~~” he hissed and put his right hand index finger on my lips.

“You are as beautiful as the first time we met in my office” he continued and his left hand fingers moved brushing my pussy lips feeling my wetness and made the inner part of my pussy quivered lightly. His right hand then started stroking his cock to make it stiffer and harder. I saw pre-cum was oozing out from the tip of its pee-hole.

Feeling satisfied, him climbed up and pushed gently my legs apart then positioned himself between my inner thighs. I gasped and felt my heart was beating hard inside my chest. My breath quickened and heavier when I felt the tip of his cockhead touched then parted my pussy lips. He knew that he had plenty of time and he did not have to be in a hurry. He knew that there was no way for me to resist him anymore in his sanctuary. He lowered his face and he lowered more until he kissed my lips. I couldn't hardly resist his lips as he kissed me deeply then his tongue slid between my lips and he sucked my lips.

“You are so sweet” he whispered as he pulled his face away then started kissing my chin, moving toward my neck and my left shoulder. I closed my eyes and gasped every time his lips touched my skin. He moved toward my left breast, teasing and circling my areola with his wet tongue then tickling the sensitive tip of my left nipple. It was so hard for me not to moan when his tongue flickered a bit longer then finally took my nipple between his lips and gently sucked it.

“James~~~” I whispered but he put his fingers on my lips when he did the same on my right nipple, making both nipples hard and painfully stiffer. My body was reacting to his touches and my sanity was completely wiped away as his mouth moved toward my belly whilst his hands kept on teasing my breasts with gentle squeezes and his fingers danced pinching and twisting my nipples. I was getting closer and closer to my peak when his tongue flickered on my belly button…

“OOooOHhh!~~” I moaned when his tongue slithered on my skin from my belly button toward my clit. I gasped uncontrollably and fold my legs digging my stiletto heels on the bed..holding his head between my inner thighs. My pussy was quivering hard when his tongue finally touched my clit for the first time. I could not resist when his hands spread my legs a bit wider then used his right hand fingers to open up my pussy lips. I felt his hot breath on my pussy, which was getting wet and wetter.

“OOOOoOOOOOoOOOOHHHH!!!” I moaned long when the tip of his tongue probed into my pussy then flickered fast. With the drug doubled the sexual intensity and brought me to the edge of my first orgasm, I gasped and whimpered uncontrollably when his tongue probed deeper and flickered again. I sucked the back of my right index finger when some liquid was oozing out of my pussy. He sucked it dry.

“OoOooohh YeeeSSSssss!” I felt so close to my first peak when he did it again….and again… and…...”OOOooOOOOoOOhhhHHH~~~~~~” I felt all parts of my body were snatched away from me and my blood rushed through my vein. The ripples were so remarkable when it travelled and subsided in every part of my body. One after another ripple. I wished it to stay longer.

As he noticed that I just had my first peak, he pulled his face off my pussy and quickly replaced with his cockhead. Without wasting too much time, his cockhead touched and parted my pussy lips. I curled my toes when he grabbed my knees and lifted them up folding my legs as he pushed his cock deeper inside my pussy which started contracting…milking and squeezing every inch of his cock inside me. I felt his bare cock slid deeper and deeper, moving caressing every inch of the warm wall of my pussy. I heard him exhaled deeply when his cock was finally and completely filled up my pussy. I opened my eyes looking into his eyes and sucked my lips as he pulled his cock halfway only to push it back in deeper.

My petite body shivered slightly when his thick cockhead rubbed the most sensitive part of my pussy and brought me closer to my second peak.

Slowly he started pumping and adding up more speed as he slammed his cock inside my pussy…again..and again… I closed my eyes and sucked my lips hard when it started again inside me. The same feeling built up freely. My fingers started squeezing the soft bed cover when….

”YYessss James…YesssSSS!!~~” I moaned…..”Fuck me…” I completely lost my grip on my sanity as I was whispering those words. I really couldn't hold myself. I only wanted him to fuck me hard, and only harder. I only wanted him to fill me…and when the second wave hit me, it was almost as high as the first one…. More liquid oozed out my pussy, which kept on contracting and squeezing his cock inside. He double up the speed and more.. I heard him grunting hard. I could feel the grip of his fingers on my knees tightened up…and when finally I got the third wave…

His cock throbbed deep inside me and he pushed his hips forward for his cock to reached at its fullest. He pulled and slammed it back in harder. It throbbed again and it was getting more obvious. His body tightened and went slightly rigid…..He held his breathe…and….

“Oh Fuck!” he screamed and exhaled. His cock exploded in split seconds deep inside me, filling me up with his warm thick cum. I could feel his warm liquid flooding into my pussy which was milking cum out from his cock.. contracting again and again…. It lasted for some seconds more before it subsided and he finally pulled his cock out of my pussy leaving emptiness inside.

The liquid started oozing out of my pussy when he put down my knees. I instinctively clenched my thighs.

He moved, took off my strappy stilettos and lying on the bed next to me without taking off the stockings. He rubbed his knees on my thighs as he smiled at me. I closed my eyes and let him kiss my cheek. There was no other choice for me.

“As long as you be good, you will be fine, Celina” he said…”as long as you give me what I want and as long as you do what I say”…and he hugged me tight then kissed me on my forehead.

After a while, he got up from the bed and left me curled my petite body.

“Take a good rest and I will be back soon” he said as he leaned toward me and once again kissed my forehead. I kept my eyes closed and tried to take some rest. The effect of the drug was declining fast and I could only feel overwhelming deep fatigue. I felt so exhausted that I didn't even bother to wipe wetness on my inner thighs around my pussy lips when some liquid was oozing out a bit more. A brief shoot of tingling feeling rippled silently throughout my body as I curled in his bed.

I heard him walked out of his room. It was a long day for me. I felt so exhausted and slowly let my mind drifted in peace. It was quiet inside his room save for soft humming sounds of the air conditioner.
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I didn't know how long I had been sleeping. I saw bright light coming through the glass windows and I saw that the sun had been rising up in the sky. It seemed that he didn't come back after all.

I stretched my naked body comfortably on his bed before I got off from the bed, and noticed that all liquid had dried up leaving sheet thin layer remnants around my inner thighs close to my pussy lips. The effect of the drugs had been completely worn off. Slowly my hands rolled the broken stockings and threw it crumbled next to the bed. I stood up and walked around naked inside his bedroom…touching some of antiques he put as part of the interior, and amazed with wealth that he had. We thought that we had completely stripped him off his wealth but obviously we were wrong.

Looking outside the glass windows I saw how wide his private property was. It was like an oasis in the middle of desert with vast dry sand and stones surrounding its perimeters. It had a nice swimming pool and garden, and I also saw horse ranch far in the distance. There were some people owned such places and all of them had extremely large wealth in their hands. Perhaps James used another names and identity to own this place, or perhaps one of his connections allowed him to use such place. There were many ways that he could play around to avoid us from seizing everything that he had.

The place was obviously securely guarded. I saw several men holding machine guns patrolling around the perimeter. From his bedroom I saw at least 10 people and I didn't know how many more guarding the other side. There was very slim chance for me to escape and even if I could, then I need to use a vehicle to pass that vast desert beyond the perimeter. If this was his prison, this must be a nice prison to stay.

I took one step away from the window when I saw one of his guards looked up to me. I didn't want him to see me naked standing next to the window.

How many people know in the Agency that James in the prison is not the real James?..Who is getting involved in this scandal?.. Will the Agency launch a massive search to look for me? …Those were questions that I had inside my mind as I once again checked outside the windows to see whether his guard was still looking up to his bedroom window. I sighed in relief when he had left.

“Morning, Ms.Catherine”, a female voice shocked me as I didn't notice when she came into the bedroom. “Mr.James asked me to tell you that he is waiting for you for a breakfast in the east wing downstairs. These are things which he asked me to prepare for you”, she said in English with a local accent. This young female servant had a decent appearance and made me wonder how many beauties lingering around James. I simply smiled and didn't say anything to her when she put all stuffs on the table in the middle of the room and a pair of strappy stiletto sandals on the floor.

“Ms.Catherine, I would like to excuse myself” she said and I simply nodded.

After she left and closed the door, I walked to see what she put there. It was a piece of white colour skin tight minidress with some patterns made from golden threads, a pair of sheer stockings and no others. James is indeed an eccentric man with a delicate taste.. I said to myself as I walked into the bathroom to clean up myself.


“Here you are, Catherine..” he greeted me as I walked toward the table in the middle of terrace facing the garden. The breeze caressed my skin as I walked silently toward him. My naked pussy was grinded lightly between my inner thighs beneath tight minidress which hem rested about an inch above the mid of my thighs, and my nipples were gently rubbed the fabric of the dress as I moved.

“Catherine? Mr.James?” I asked him when his bodyguard pulled a chair for me next to James and let me sit down.

James leant toward me and whispered “Yes, from now on you will be known as Catherine for people, but for me.. you are still sweet Celina. One more thing, just call me James” and he kissed a spot next to my ear then inhale my Madamoiselle perfume. It was really amazed me that how he could put attention on such a details like a perfume that I loved to wear. The touch of his lips obviously created goosebumps all over my body.

When we almost finished our breakfast, I heard sharp clicking sound of highheels, and as I turned my face, I saw a beautiful tall blond woman walking toward us. James stood up and greeted her. I followed and offered my hand but she refused.

“So, this is Catherine. Very cute indeed!”, she said with a strange accent. It was then out of my expectation that her hand swung so fast in split seconds and backslapped my left cheek hard. I shrieked and stuttered on my heels, trying to get a grab on the table but I lost my grip. I cringed in pain when my petite body felt on the floor. My left hand rubbed the skin on my left cheek as I felt it burned and I looked at her with an angry face. If this bitch wanted a fight, I would beat her down easily.

“Valerie! Stop it!” James snapped angrily to the woman when she was about to walk closer to me.

“Remember little bitch! James is mine and mine only. James gave this house to me” she shouted angrily and walked away.

“Are you ok, Celina?” James said to me and offered me his hands.

“Go away!” I said angrily and brushed his hands off. His bodyguard helped me to get up but I turned my face and stared angrily at him, who then took a step back. I fixed the hem of my miniskirt, pushed away the chair as I walked back into the house. I heard James called my name but I preferred to ignore it. I could understand that there must be many women in James’ inner circle but one thing for sure that it was not me who wanted to be here.

When I was about to go back to the bedroom, I overheard Jamal’s voice coming from one of the rooms which door was slightly ajar. I looked around and when I saw no one else, I slowly stepped closer to the door and listened.

“Yes, Kyle, she is here with us” I heard Jamal said as he was talking over the phone. My heart was almost stopped beating when I knew that Kyle’s name was mentioned. Did Kyle take any part of this madness?

“She is safe and yea…I agree with you that she is kinda cute woman. You are so lucky that you could fuck her whenever you want whilst I could only dream about it..” I peeped through the gap and saw Jamal was talking to someone with his mobile…

“Yea yea.. of course we will take care of her. She is James’ favorite and he has been telling everybody that she is the mistress of the house now”

there was another long silence as if he was listening….

“Btw, Kyle, you got the money in your account, right? James transferred it by himself in return of your favor, and asked me to confirm this with you”

followed by brief silent….

“Ok it’s good then, buddy. Good luck with your money and have fun with…..who’s that lady’s name?..... oh yea, yea…Maggie…hahahaha….. Kyle, you can enjoy your time with her and we keep Celina here with us, fair exchange!……hahahaha….. Oh yea before I forgot, James asked me to say thanks to you for keeping eyes on her”… Jamal was laughing out loud as if he was listening to Kyle’s joke, then said goodbye to him.

It broke my heart to hear all of this. My right hand wiped one teardrop running down my cheek and I slowly moved away. It’s hard for me to accept the fact that Kyle was somehow connected to James as he was supposed to be the one whom I could ultimately trust. I kept on walking through the hallway until I reached the door leading toward the garden. I stepped outside and leant against the corner, sucking the back of my left hand and sobbing silently.

A part of my mind kept on arguing that Jamal might be pretending but yet when Maggie’s name was mentioned, it completely turned everything upside down. Only a few people knew about a secret between Kyle and Maggie. Some said it was just a rumor but not for me. Kyle had sworn that he would never have any relationship with Maggie since we married, but yet, I had just overheard differently. Jealousy, frustration and anger filled my mind as Kyle might have been fooling around since our marriage.

It was suddenly that someone put an overcoat on my shoulder. I turned my face and saw James was standing next to me and smiled. I frantically wiped tears from the corner of my eyes and cheeks. I really hate this guy but yet there was nowhere for me to turn to. I was alone by myself and I must live on to confront Kyle when I met him.

“What happened, Celina?” he asked but I simply shook my head, wiped tears from the corner of my right eye then sighed. If Kyle could do such thing behind my back, then I could also do the same in revenge. I let James give me a hug and he patiently waited for me to sob until I could finally get hold of myself.

“Come. We will visit one of my favorite clubs tonight. It’s in the city center about three hours travel from here. We will have fun, ok?” James said and gently kissed my right cheek. I nodded and let him guide me back into the house.

The sun had set in the west when we arrived in the city. I was sitting crossing my legs next to James inside his limousine and looking outside to the perfect hue of the sky through the tinted window of the his limo. He put his right hand just on the hem of my skin-tight evening dress and sometimes rubbed his hand on the sheer stockings that I was wearing. Sometimes his hand slid beneath the hem of my skirt but I let him do whatever he wished.

“Here, try this. It will help you to ease your mind” he said and handed me a glass filled with some liquor. I saw the driver stole a glance briefly before he focused back on the road.

I smiled at James and took the glass from him. Special fragrant emanated from the liquor, and without thinking twice, I took the liquor in one shot, then handed the empty glass back to James, who was laughing. Through the corner of my eyes, I saw the driver was looking at me once again briefly. The liquor tasted sweet as it flowed through my throat.

“Can I have some more, James?” I said and James poured a bit more from the same bottle then handed it to me, who finished it at once.

“It’s enough for now, babe. Don't get drunk yet … We will arrive soon” James said and took the empty glass from my hand. In the next few minutes I felt my body was slowly getting warmer and I felt much comfortable. My heart was beating slightly faster as the liquor was taking effects on me.

“Do you know about this?” he said.
“Hmm?” I replied and turned my face looking at him then to the Ipad in his hand.

The liquor was slowly taking its effects.

“Who are they?” I asked as I was staring at the screen. The picture was slightly blurred as if it was taken from a hidden camera from a distance.

“You don't recognize them?” James asked in puzzled. “They are closest persons to you, Celina. Cant you recognize that this is Kyle and the beautiful lady sitting next to him laughing is your friend, Maggie?”

I tried so hard to get hold myself. As a matter of fact, I recognized their faces but I needed to hear whether I was right. Tears were gathering in the corner of my eyes when I handed over the gadget back to James. “I don't wanna see that. I don't wanna know anything about that again”, I shook my head and closed my eyes letting a teardrop falling through my left cheek. When James’ hand touched my skin to wipe the tear, I pushed his hand away, took a deep sigh, then looking back outside the window. Sorrow, anger, jealous and feeling betrayed all mixed together inside my mind and those heightened by the effect of the liquor.

“I am sorry to let you see those facts, Celina. There are many things which you have not seen or known” James said and his hand patted my thighs as if he would like to comfort me. “Some, I believe, you may see tonight if you are lucky. I will show it to you one by one as long as you are willing to stay with me”. I didn't reply. There was no word for me to reply. I knew that such possibility might happen in real life but yet, it indeed happened.

“Here we are” James said as the car stopped in the alley behind a club. He leant toward me and kissed my cheek lightly. I closed my eyes feeling his kiss and felt that my pussy was tingling lightly.

“Come” he said as the driver opened the door for him. I was checking my appearance through my own reflection on the small mirror then put it back in my handbag just before he opened up the car door for me. The air was dry and cool as I stepped out of the car and my hands were pulling down the hem of my skin-tight dress, which barely covered my thighs. I smiled at James when he took my hand and let me in.

“You know why I never take the front door, right?” he whispered in my ear. His face was so close to me that it made me have goosebumps on my skin as I felt his warm breath brushed the sensitive spot close to my ear. I smiled and cuddled lightly against his shoulder. I saw the driver was looking at me but I preferred to ignore him.

Blaring music welcomed us as the usher opened the door for us after he greeted James.

~~~ It’s the way I’m feeling I just can’t deny, but I’ve gotta let it go ~~~ The lyric said…

I heard the lyric as we walked following the usher. James hugged my hips as I was walking beside him. We kept on walking passing an alley behind the stage to James’ private room.

We found love in a hopeless place ~~
We found love in a hopeless place~~
We found love in a hopeless place~~
We found love in a hopeless place~~

A tall beauty greeted James as we are coming to James’ private room.

“Bienvenido, Sr. James. Cuánto tiempo sin verte [Welcome, Mr. James. Long time no see ]” she said sweetly to James. They hugged each other and for some unknown reasons I felt slightly jealous of her when James kissed her cheek. She then turned to me and asked, ”and she is……….”

“Her name is Catherine Liu” James replied to the lady who smiled at me. Feeling slightly annoyed with her attitude, I ignored her and turned my face. It was becoming harder for me concentrate as the effects of the liquor was getting higher and higher. I could barely hear James’ voice when he was talking to her for a while before she opened the door for us and closed it after we were in. It was much quieter but I could still hear the music.

“Very well, I will leave both of you here, and if you need anything Mr.James, please let me know, ok?” she said. I preferred to ignore them when they hugged each other, and I walked toward the leather seat. There was a glass table in front of it with various liquor bottles on it. I felt so relieved when I took a seat and leant against the back cushion. I closed my eyes and let my mind flowed freely following the music out there. The DJ changed the music and I could hear the cheers of the crowd.

“Don't get jealous of her, ok?” James whispered in my ear as he was taking his place next to me.
“Who will get jealous of that small thing, huh?” I sneered and replied whilst keeping my eyes close tight.

I really succumbed into the effect of the liquor, and let James put his right hand on my knees. I clenched my thighs lightly when his hand freely slithered up so close toward the hem of my skin-tight dress. His breath was warmer as it brushed my right cheek…and in next seconds his hand disappeared under the my skirt and…

“OOoohhhHHmmm” I moaned softly and wriggled lightly when his thumb touched my clit through the sheer stockings that I was wearing. I didn't wear any panties so that he could directly feel the wet spot there. His fingers rubbed gently my pussy lips and made me squirmed and clenched my thighs tighter. My nipples were slowly getting stiffer for every time his fingers caressed gently the sensitive spot around my clit and pussy lips. I knew that he loved to watch me squirm like this.

He stopped and pulled his hand away when there were knocking on the door. It was waited for a while before the door opened.

I opened my eyes and saw several people coming. There were five of them, 2 males with 3 bitches with them. I fixed my sitting position and pulled the hem of my miniskirt as they were coming closer. James stood and greeted the males, who then introduced them to me as Pablo and Alvarez. Pablo took seat between those bitches, whilst I was sitting between James and Alvarez.

“¿Dónde has estado, amigo? [Where have you been, dude?]” Alvarez asked James but his eyes were fixed on the low cut of my dress, which revealed my nice cleavage. James replied to him whilst he was opening up one bottle of liquor then poured its content into 7 glasses for each of us. Pablo was busy chatting and flattering with his bitches.

“Come! For whatever you wish for!” James said. Each of us took a glass, raised it and finished it one shoot. I cringed when the liquor flowed through my throat. It tasted slightly bitter but I could felt it much stronger than the one James kept inside his limo.

We chatted and laughed cheerfully exchanging jokes and rumors.

“Catherine, where did you meet, James?” Alvarez asked as he finished another shot of liquor.

“It’s a long story, and we met about 2.5 years ago” I said, took a glance at James and smiled. He smiled back at me. He leant closer to my ear and whispered, “He is well connected weapon dealer, a good friend of mine when we were still living in a slum. We treats each other like brothers”

“Hey! ¿Qué le has dicho, amigo? [Hey! What did you tell her, dude?]” Alvarez said.

“Nothing about you Alvarez. It’s about us”, I said and raised a glass of liquor offering him. James was holding my wrist and reminded me, “He is a heavy drinker, Cathy. You wont be able to compete with him”

I heard Alvarez laughed gaily. “¿Cómo puedo rechazar una oferta de tal belleza? [ How can I refuse an offer from such a beauty? ]”. He poured more liquor into his glass and mine, took his and finished it. I took mine but I couldn't finish it. There was still about a halfway. He laughed to see me like this. “Come on…” he said and opened up his hands as if he felt dissapointed, and I firmed myself then took it all until the glass dry. All of them laughed when I coughed.

“Whoaaa .. suficiente para ella [ Whoaaa..enough for her ]” James said when I leant against the back cushion of the leather sofa desperately trying to fight against the effects of liquor which was getting too much for me. I knew that the hem of my skirt rode up until it was barely covering my thighs but I didn't bother to fix it. I felt Alvarez’ hand on my left thigh as James was sitting on my right side.

Ooohh!.. I felt the world started spinning lightly. My heart was beating hard inside my chest and blood was rushing through my vein. It was really harder for me to think clearly. As if in a dream, Alvarez’ hand started rubbing my thighs and it was getting closer and closer toward my upper thighs. I heard all of them laughing and chit-chatting but I was just wondering why James let Alvarez did on this me.

“Hey babe, James asked me to show you this.” Alvarez said when I slowly opened up my eyes and found that James was not around. “It’s a live broadcast and this is coming from another private room at this very moment. I think you wanna see this” and Pablo handed Alvarez a gadget, which was then passed to me. It was really hard for me to see the screen but I could see that it was James and he was talking to a guy with two high class bitches on his left side and right side. Alvarez zoomed out on the guy and pressed pause button.

I gasped when I finally recognized the face. He was…oh my!.. I could not believe my eyes to David Nash, the Operation Director of the Agency. How could this be? Was this a dream? Was this true? He and James were …. Friends?? I felt my head spinning hard and handed over the gadget back to Alvarez. One of the bitches handed me a can when she saw me coughed hard. I couldn't hold it anymore, and I grabbed the can from her hand and….I puked out uncontrollably, puking out liquor until my throat was hurt and felt burned, and my stomach churning. I pushed Alvarez hand from the back of my neck when he was trying to help me.

I coughed and puked again and again until I tasted acid coming from my stomach, then handed the can to one of the bitches who helped me to clean up my lips. I gasped and leant against the back cushion again. It was hard for me to believe that the sky was falling on me hard. Turning everything I believed so far up side down.

“Discúlpeme, tengo que ir al baño.. [ Excuse me, I need to go to toilet ]” I stood up but fell again on the leather sofa.

“Let me help you”, one of the bitches said, and I let her guided me into the private toilet inside the room. I stuttered on my 5” stiletto heels toward the toilet and gripped tightly the edge of the sink table. “Can I leave you here?” she said when we were inside the toilet and I nodded.

I could see my own reflection on the mirror. My face was completely blushed and I coughed again. It was then I felt that a hand caressed my ass under my minidress. I thought it was James and simply clenched my thighs when it was about to slide between my inner thighs. But it was paralyzed me when I heard…

“¿Está bien, señorita Catherine? [ Are you ok, Miss Catherine? ]” he said and he was obviously not James. I saw that Alvarez came into the toilet and stood behind me.

“What the hell are you doing here, Alvarez?” I turned and said to him… “and get your hand off me”.. as my hand tried to push his hand away, but he kept on pushing me until my ass pressed against the edge of the sink. He kept on trying to put his left hand between my inner thighs. I knew that I didn't wear any panties and he could feel wet spot on the sheer stockings that I was wearing. I couldn't let him touch me more, but under my conditions, my strength was not much weaker than usual.

My hands were pushing his shoulders when he leant forward trying to kiss my lips.

“Leave me alone, bastard!” I screamed when his lips brushed briefly against mine, and at the same time his hand successfully got between my inner thighs. My petite body shivered when he put his left knees between my knees and slowly pushing his thighs spreading my thighs. I gasped and screamed but no one came to help. His hand grabbed my sheer stockings and ripped it open roughly, whilst he put his hand behind my hand trying to stop me avoiding his kiss.

“Jamess!! Help!” I screamed, but seemed no one might have heard me screaming.

Whilst he kept his knees between my thighs, he unfastened his belt and unzipped the front side of his pants, taking out his stiff hard cock…wanking it for a while before he forcefully turned me around then grabbed the low cut of my dress and ripped it open forcefully. I shrieked when I heard the sound of fabric being torn apart, and my supple breasts were bouncing up and down freely. He pushed my back and forced me to bend over the edge of the sink.

My stilettos were kicking the empty air trying to kick him away but he could easily dodge me. There was no way for me to stop him from grabbing the hem of my minidress and pulled it up over my hip exposing my naked pussy for his cockhead to brush freely my pussy lips up and down….

James.. where are you?.. please help!!! I started to cry when Alvarez gagged my mouth with his hand, pushed in his thick cockhead between my pussy lips and without waiting any longer he slammed his cock until its hilt straight into my pussy. When sharp pain hit my nerves coming from my pussy and it ripples throughout my body, I screamed in his gag and cried loud out but only muffled voice came out. It was so painful for me when he starting fucking my dry pussy and made my pelvis bones pressed hard against the edge of the sink. He fucked me furiously no matter how hard I cried and begged him to stop.

Slam after slam was a real pain to me. My hands gripped tightly the edge of washing basin when once again he pushed his cock really deep inside my pussy, and made it contracting wildly. My stilettos were scratching the floor noisily as I was trying in vain to wriggle away from him.

Second after second, he was fucking me faster and faster. I could hear him grunting. He released his gag on my mouth, grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled backward forcing my petite body to arch and allowed him to get even deeper inside my pussy. I felt his cock throbbed once….he pulled halfway and rocked me again like crazy. He pushed as deep as he could and I could feel his body went rigid. In split seconds his cock exploded and his warm filthy cum flooding into me. Squirt after squirt he tightened his grip on my hair until he squirted the last drop of his cum.

Finally he released the grip on my hair and as he threw my head forward. I hear deep thudding sound inside my head hit the mirror in front of me….and in the next second he pulled his cock out of my pussy, zipped up his pants, and grabbed a handful of my hair then dragged me forcefully out of the toilet into the private room. I tried to resist but it was impossible for me to resist him especially whilst I was overly intoxicated.

My petite body bounced briefly when he threw me on the leather sofa. My hands were frantically trying to close the ripped front part of my low cut dress but those bitches grabbed my wrists and pinned those above my head…leaving my naked breasts with their pointy nipples for them to see. I squirmed when one of those bitches rubbed my breasts one after another.. squeezed and pinched my nipples with their fingers.

“OoOOOohhHh!!” I moaned when I felt the world was slightly spinning around me. I saw them taking off their clothes except one in turn kept me pinned on the leather sofa. As I desperately struggle to release myself, Alvarez’s cum started oozing out from my pussy lips and wetted the leather sofa under my ass.

“Please stop this~~”I whimpered when Pablo climbed on the sofa then lowered his face toward my breasts and licked my left nipple areola and made my petite body jolted in response. I squirmed more when his lips wrapped on my nipple which was getting stiffer then slowly sucked me. I closed my eyes and bit my lower lips. He kept on teasing my left and made it really stiff and hard. His left hand moved…stroking his cock and rubbed its cockhead along my pussy lips…moving up and down..again and again.

“Ackh!~~” I shrieked and squirmed when his cockhead slid between my pussy lips and probed briefly. I folded my legs and dug my stilettos on the leather trying to pull myself away from him. I shook my head and pulled my wrists but I could not do more.

No matter how hard I tried to clench my thighs, Pablo easily put himself between my thighs then used his left hands to pin my pelvis bones and his right hand to guide his cock. He then slowly pushed his cock inside my pussy. Alvarez’ cum greased his cock and it slid deeper and deeper with ease until the tip of his cockhead reached the back wall of my pussy. I squirmed and moaned when he started pumping.. speeded up faster and faster.. At the same time, his hands were mauling my supple breasts and his fingers pinched my nipples as if he wanted to milk me out.

The bitch who was holding my wrists finally released my wrists as she was offering her breasts to Pablo for him to lick and suck. I closed my eyes and enjoyed every time Pablo slammed his cock faster and rougher. I moaned when I clenched my thighs rubbing the sheer stocking on his hips, and he was grunting and breathing heavily. His cock throbbed inside my tender and wet pussy, which was contracting and milking its cockhead again and again.

Pablo put one of my leg on top of the back cushion whilst leaving my other heel touching the floor spreading my legs wide for him to take more, then he lowered his body until he was lying on top of my petite body and started fucking my pussy as wild as he could. His cock was slamming in and out with incredible speed and strength as if he was trying to tear my pussy apart. I gasped when I felt how strong he was and how vulnerable I was. It brought me closer and closer to my first peak.

After a few more hard strokes his cock was throbbing hard and almost at the same time….”OoOOooHhhH!!!” I released a long moan when my first orgasm hit me. I wrapped my legs around his hip as he was pushing his cock as deep as he could. In the next split second, his cock exploded inside me and warm liquid was flooding freely into my womb whilst my quivering pussy was squeezing his cock in frenzy.

I opened my eyes when he pulled his cock out from my pussy and Alvarez took his place. His hands quickly grabbed my dress and completely split open the front side of my skin tight dress. He forcefully flipped my body and pressed his hand on my back pinning my petite body facing the leather sofa then pulled completely the remnant of my dress until I was almost naked save for sheer stockings and stilettos that I was wearing. I couldn't resist more when he spat between my ass cheeks and used his cock to spread over my tight asshole.

“Please~~..no..please don't…~~” I whimpered softly trying to get rid of intoxicating effects of the liquor and stopping him from fucking my tight ass.

“OohhHH!!.. please don't!!~~” my petite body shivered and my nicely manicured fingers gripped the sofa as tight as I could when he started pushing his cockhead spreading my tight asshole. I tightened my ass and tried to resist but his cockhead kept on poking the entrance of my asshole and tried to break in.

“NooOoO!!.. Stopp!!~~” I screamed in pain and clenched my teeth when his cockhead breached in for the first time. It was painful as I was not ready to accept this.

“Take it out!!..please nooO~~!”….one of my stiletto was kicking the sofa and the other scratching the floor noisily as I was struggling to get away from him, but the bitches helped him to pin my petite body. I shook my head in pain when his cock kept on pushing in and being gripped tightly with muscles around my ass, which were contracting wildly. I cried and tears of pain were gathering in the corner of my eyes.

“HEY! GRINGO!” I heard James’ voice when Alvarez’s cock was a half way into my ass. “dejarla sola!! [ leaver her alone!! ]” he continued. I turned my face and saw him stepped in with great anger. The bitches released their hands from my body and Alvarez cock was pulled suddenly out of my tight ass when James dragged his body away. I got up and saw Alvarez stuttered backward after James hit his chin and chest in two consecutive blows separated only in seconds.

They were exchanging blows, and Pablo was trying to separate them. Madness and anger filled James and he kept on pushing in. It was not long to see Alvarez was cornered and James’ fists landed many times on his face.

“BANG! BANG!” two shots in the air stopped James from landing his final blow on Alvarez. I crouched on the sofa holding both knees in front of my breasts as I saw Pablo holding his gun and fired it up to the ceiling.

“Si la tocas otra vez, Gringo!… [ If you touch her again, gringo! ].. usted es carne muerta!...[ You are dead meat! ]” James said and pointed his finger to Alvarez’s face.

“El señor James, mi padre va a tratar con usted más tarde .. [ Mr. James, my Father will deal with you later .. ]” Alvarez said and wiped streaks of blood oozing out from the corner of his mouth. Pablo helped him to get up whilst the other bitches were helping them to collect their dresses. I was startled in fear to see this and felt that the effects of liquor were tearing down quite fast leaving deep headaches creeping into my head.

“Are you ok, Celina?” James asked me after they were gone. I nodded and my body was still shivering. Mix of Pablo and Alvarez’s cum start oozing out of my pussy lips.

“Try this. It will help you to ease your mind” he lighted up a thin cigarette, inhaled it and offered it to me. It was just two of us inside his private room, and without asking any question, I took it with trembling hands from his hand and I inhaled then smoked it out. I smoked it several times and felt slowly much better.

“Thank you, James” I said, uncurled my body and crossing my legs sitting next to him almost completely naked saved for the sheer stockings and 5”strappy stilettos that I was still wearing. He took the crack from my hand and smoked it once before he put it off pressing inside the astray. He kissed my hair and rounded his right hand around my body. I felt goosebumps created all over my body when he kissed my hair again, then put aside my hair with his other hand and slowly kissed the back of my neck. I closed my eyes and felt much better.

Without saying any word, he guided me to lie down on my back on the sofa. I closed my eyes and let him do whatever he wished to do.

“mmmmmmmmMMmm!” I sucked my lips and I led his hands to rub on the surface of my sheer stockings to let him feeling smoothness of the fabric. I opened up my eyes and smiled naughtily at him when my hands led his hands moving up toward my inner thighs. I saw him smiled and he looked so handsome.

I need your love
I need your love
I need your lovin'

I could hear the lyric playing faintly from the dance floor outside. I clenched my thighs and gripping his hands… led by mine… between my inner thighs. I grinded lightly his hands and let his skin caressed and rubbed the smoothness of the sheer stockings and after I eased slightly.. my hands led his hands moved further and deeper until his fingers touched the softness of my pussy. It sent tingling feeling all over me and made my nipples standing stiffer and harder. I closed my eyes and squirmed when I heard him groaned.

“Come…” I opened my eyes, whispered and released his hand and let him opened up his clothes one by one..

Make me come alive
Come on turn me on

Slowly my fingers touched wetness of my pussy and squirmed on the leather sofa when he was unfastening his belt. My tongue licked my dry lips and blew kiss to him knowing that it would drive him crazy.

His hand grabbed my left ankle and put it on the top of back cushion of the sofa, then he rubbed his cockhead following the nice curve of my thighs. It moved up and down leaving trails of wet marks on the sheer stockings, then he position himself between my thighs and aiming his cock straight to the soft opening of my pussy.

“Come, baby…” I whispered and opened up my arms to him, who lowered himself on top of me, kissed my left ear…nibbling naughtily my earlobe and licked the sensitive spot next to my ear. I squirmed, curled my toes, and rounded my arms around his body…naughtily scratching my nicely manicured fingernails up and down along his back.

“OhhHh…” I moaned when he kissed my cheek and my lips and used his tongue to probe into my slightly parted lips. I responded and the tip of our tongue teased each other.. slithering freely and ended up deep kissing after few more seconds. I was surrendering myself completely to him when his cockhead rubbed and touched my pussy lips.. probed lightly inside and made me jolted up and shrieked in joy.

“Yes.. fuck me, James” I whispered softly and his cock started entering into my pussy. Inch after inch it moved deeper and deeper…caressing all along the soft wet wall of my pussy, which was contracting and quivering.. milking his cock and squeezing it as he gently kept on pushing it deeper. Finally I wrapped my legs around his body with my calves draped on his asscheeks. Gently I pushed his asscheeks using my calves when his cock was completely buried inside my pussy…this added more pressure of his pubic bones on my clit. I gasped and puckered. His cock completely filled and fit nicely into my pussy. “ooOOhh Yes…” I closed my eyes tightly and my pussy was gripping his cock deep inside until it was throbbing softly.

Come on and turn me on
I'm too young to die
Come on and turn me on
Turn me on
Turn me on

The music kept on playing and blaring loud out there…

Slowly he pulled his cock half way when I eased the grip of my calves around him and he started pumping his cock in and out my pussy…and he pumping faster… “Yes, James…yes..Ohhhh..yess…” I moaned and dug my fingernails into his back and rubbed my thighs around his hip…letting him to feel the sheer stockings on his bare skin. I know that he loved the feeling.

“OoHHhhhHH~~”… and I squirmed and grabbed his shoulder pulling him closer to me and grinding my stiff nipples on his chests. “Yess.. fuck me harder, James.. I am yours…I am cumming….I….I…” I whispered when he kissed my neck and gently sucked my skin. With his cock pumping continuously, he brought me closer and closer to my peak. I felt the inner part of my pussy quivered and my fingers squeezed his shoulder tighter… and… “I am cumming….oooOOOhhh!!”...I joyously moaned as my peak rippled throughout my body.

“You are so damn hot and sexy, Celina” he whispered in my ear as he pulled his cock out and flipped my petite body so that I was lying down facing the sofa. His strong hands grabbed my waists and made my petite body arched rising my ass high whilst my knee pressed against the sofa. He spat on the crack between my asscheeks and spread the liquid using his thumb then aimed his thick cockhead into the opening of my ass. I moved my left hand under my body until my fingers reached the tip of my sensitive clit, whilst the my right hand gripped tightly the leather.

I gasped when his cockhead probed into my ass. Different from Alvarez, James was indeed a gentleman. He pulled it back when I shrieked in pain and only pushed it back in when I could relax myself. My fingers flickered, patted and added up pressure on my clit whilst some times slid my fingers probing into my wet pussy. He kept on pulling and pushing his cock.. and I could feel it got deeper and deeper. My ass contracting and gripping tight his cock as it slid inch by an inch. I heard him grunt and breath heavily.

“Slowly.. James…slowly…AKkkchhh!!!...” I screamed when he made his final pushed and completely buried his cock inside my ass impaling my petite body. I gasped when he pulled and pushed it back it until his balls touched my pussy lips. In the next seconds, he started pumping and fucking my ass…and he increased speed and he was fucking my ass faster and harder. As I continuously teased my clit, I felt the inner part of my pussy quivered and… OoHhh!!.. I sucked my lips when it quivered harder. His cock throbbed almost at the same time and with final stroke, his body went rigid and I heard him released his long heavy moan.

Warm liquid flooding into my ass as his cock exploded…squirt after squirt until his cock squirted the last drop of his cum…then he leaned forward kissing my back and slowly pulled his cock out of ass. I curled my petite body on the sofa and smiled at him as he walked closer to my face and rubbed his cock on my cheek..leaving streak of his cum on my skin. I naughtily slapped his thighs for what he did and wiped my cheek. He laughed, kissed my cheek and whisper..”you are so sweet, Celina”. I hugged his neck and we kissed once again before I released my hug and back curled on the leather sofa. Fluid started oozing out from my ass as I was closing my eyes feeling so fulfilled and satisfied. He was standing there in front of me, pouring a drink for himself and finished it in one shot, whilst he rubbed his hands along my thighs…once again brushing against cool sheer fabric.

He put the glass on the table and kissed me once again, and whispered “I will be back soon, babe”.. I simply nodded without opening up my eyes, and continued cuddling on the sofa.

“Come, babe…”.. I heard James whispered in my ear and cover my naked body with blanket then lifted me up with his strong arm. I didn't bother to open up my eyes and simply cuddled tightly. He carried me back to the limo and put me in the passenger seat next to him. I felt the car was moving as he caressed brushed over my hair. I let myself succumbed deeper into deep slumber.

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Love a role-play as much as i love these dresses and heels.

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I would love to read more of this role-play.


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a few days later..

“James, may I ask you something?” I said when we were sitting together having breakfast in east wing.

“Yes, Celina.. If I have the answers I will let you know” he said then spooned his food and slowly chewed.

“Do you know Kyle?” I said then took a sip of fruit juice.

He smiled then nodded. “As to how I met him, let that be between me and him. But to answer your question, yes, I do know him”. His answered paralyzed me.

“And about Mr.Nash, David Nash? That day, Alvarez showed me that you… I mean… that you know him”, I said as many questions started lingering inside my head.

He didn't answer directly, but simply smiled whilst he took a glass of water in front of him. He looked into my eyes and said, “There are things which you do not know, sweetie. Some people are covering up the true facts for their own benefits or position”. I didn't say anything but his words could be true.

“Well.. Carlos, give back her stuffs“ he said to his bodyguard who then left and came back with my handbag in his hand then put those on the table next to me. I looked at James in puzzled who laughed out seeing me. He leaned to me and whispered next to my ear “I trust you. You have seen some and you will see more if you looked carefully”. He moved back and said, “I have some business to do and you may have a good time for yourself. You can stay here or you can go back to your old life. It’s your call. Don't worry we shall meet again soon”.

Once again he leaned toward me and whispered, “soyez prudent, mon cher [ be careful, my dear ]” then he kissed the spot next to my ear, and made me leaned my face against his and our cheeks brushed each other.

“Carlos, preparar el coche [ Carlos, prepare the car]” he said and stood up. Once again he kissed my forehead and patted my shoulder, then walked toward the main hall followed by his bodyguards. I kept sitting there for a while and staring at my handbag. Slowly I took it and opened. Everything was still there, my purse, ID, small mirror, lip gloss.. except my mobile, which has been replaced with new one.

As he left for business for some days, I decided to go back to the city as I needed to confirm what I was told. I didn't send any notice to Kyle or my office, but instead I stayed in a hotel a few blocks away from our apartment. I also changed my hairstyle and appearance.

It was almost noontime when I was sitting by myself taking a cup of coffee in a distance, I saw Kyle getting off from his car and opened a door to a woman, which I knew for sure, was my friend Maggie. I opened my purse and dialed Kyle’s mobile number. It was ringing once and twice…and he picked up..

Kyle: “Hello?”
Me: “Hi Kyle…”
Kyle: “Celina? Oh god, thanks you are fine. How’s your business trip? Did you lost your phone?”
Me: “Yea, it was stolen”
Kyle: “ No wonder.. I have been trying to contact you these days”
Me: “Really? I thought you had been busy with someone else”
Kyle: “What do you mean, sweetie?”
Me: “….”
Kyle: “Hello? Celina? You there?..”

Me: “Yes, I am”…. I wiped one teardrop running down my cheek. There was no other word that I could say.

Kyle: “No you must have been mistaken!”…. I saw him looked around and Maggie was walking to him and asked him what had been going wrong. I could hear her voices.

Me: “Goodbye, Kyle”.

Kyle: “Wait…wait”

I put down my mobile and hanged up. It was ringing again but I didn't bother to pick it up. I tried to control myself not to cry out when he looked at me once as he scanning around. With trembling hand I took the cup as natural as possible and sipped it slowly. He once again looked at me but I turned my face looking at other direction. Through the corner of my eyes, I saw him walking toward me followed by that bitch, Maggie behind him. My body went rigid as I knew that he would find me, but then he stopped to a lady sitting two tables away from where I was.

I saw him greeted the lady then said sorry to her. I awkwardly smiled as I noticed that he must have been mistakenly guessed that lady was me. I quickly turned off my mobile when I saw him holding his mobile and started to dial. He looked around several times before Maggie calmed him down and guided him back to our apartment. I took a deep sighed and called the driver to take me back to the hotel then back to James’ place. I cried out all the way back until my eyes were swollen and red.

It was then I started my days as new mistress in his place. He called me several times a day to make sure that everything went well with me. In fact, it was really nice place and I started to enjoy and slowly forget my past.

“I will be back tonight, sweetie”……I remembered what he said over the phone. It was the fifth day, he had been away for business, and I had been missing him so much. The day passed quick, as I prepared myself to welcome him back. My Gucci wristwatch showed 7:31pm when I tidied up my hair then applied lip-gloss on my lips. I once again checked myself and satisfied with what I saw. For him, I chose white skin-tight dress, a pair of sheer skin colour stockings and 5-inch non platform strappy stilettos to accentuate my appearance. Wetness started gathering and slightly dampened the spot of the stockings touching my pussy lips as I didn't wear any bra and panties beneath my dress, whilst my nipples are getting hard stiff when their sensitive tips rubbed the fabric of my dress.

It was close to 8:00pm when my mobile beeped and vibrated once. A message coming, and it was from James: “Alvarez Sr wants to see me urgently. I will come back tomorrow. I am so sorry, honey. Miss you”. With a deep sigh, I took off the pearl necklace as well as a pair of earnings that I was wearing and put it on the desk, then walked out of the room to have some fresh air in the garden. Deep inside me, I felt so disappointed.

It was quiet outside save for songs of crickets, night insects, and soft sharp clicks of my stilettos as I walked through the pathway in the garden. The waning moon was high in the sky and I saw some stars. I recalled how everything was started when I met James for the first time in his office. I was on an undercover mission at that time. It seemed that time passed really fast and after such a long time, I was trapped..entangled in romance with James. I sighed and smiled. I did hope that he could settle the matter with Alvarez Sr amicably knowing that it must be connected with what happened in the nightclub a few days before.

I turned my body as I saw soft clicks of another pair of high heels. I saw that beautiful bitch called Valerie walked closer to me and smiled mockingly.

“Well well well.. so this Asian bitch is still here, huh?” she said as we were facing each other just a couple steps apart. Anger slowly built up inside my mind when she called me that.

“What about yourself? Blond bitch! What are you doing here?” I sneered, and smiled when I saw changes in her face.

“What did you say?!” she stepped closer and her hand swung toward my face. I dodged that easily and quickly gained my balance then swung hand, which hit her left cheek. She shrieked and stuttered backward on her heels.

“That’s for what you did to me that day”, I said and walked closer to her then prepared to swing my hand once more time before she could regain her balance.

In split second before I swung my right hand, someone grabbed my wrist. I turned and saw his familiar face.

“You?!... how could you get in here?!” I yelled as I recognized that he was Federico, the young driver that picked me up in the desert. I yanked my hand and whist his attention was focusing on my effort to pull my hand, I used this chance to hit his left shin using the sharp heel of my right stiletto. He released his gripped and cursed whilst he was holding his left shin.

I saw three more men coming out from the bushes behind him.

I quickly turned and pushed away Valerie, who stuttered briefly and felt on the ground. It was strange that I saw no guard around as I run on my stilettos as quickly as I could. Series of quick clicks of my heels filled the air.

“Guard!!!” I screamed but I saw none of them as my eyes frantically scanned the area… where are those people? I turned my face briefly and saw Federico started moving limping. He was chasing me with their guys.

I didn't see when someone was standing in front of my and bumped on his body.

“Please help me, they are chasing me!” without looking carefully on his face, I turned myself checking on four guys and Valerie who was moving closer.

“They..ugh..mmmm…MMMMmMM!!!~~” I felt my mouth was covered with wet cloth. Another hand rounded my waist, pulled my body tight against his and raised me up slightly until I was standing tiptoed. I held my breath and struggled as hard as I could. The toes of my heels were scratching frantically the gravel…and I was running out of breath. I couldn't hold it any longer.

“Good Pablo!” Valerie said when I gasped for fresh air but instead I inhaled the strong smell of chloroform. My petite squirmed and jolted upward in my last effort as the drug took over my consciousness.

“Take her away.. I will take care of the rest…and…..” I heard Valerie’s voice was getting fainter and fainter as if distance was growing between us and my eyes were getting heavier and I became weaker… please…… was the last word I could scream inside my mind before I was completely passed out.

115lb, 5'5", black hair. Love to wear sexy dresses; a see-through blouse and a very short tight skirt fit well. Like 5" spiky heels with straps v much.

Love a role-play as much as i love these dresses and heels.

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Really enjoying this, keep up the good work.

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“Ohhhh…” I moaned softly as I opened up my eyes. I found myself lying on the floor with my back against the wall in a basement. The only light was the electric bulb hanging on the ceiling in the middle of the room. I closed my eyes, held my forehead and shook my head slowly to get rid of slight dizziness inside my head. All clothes and heels were still on and nothing had been removed whilst I was unconscious.

Slowly I stood up and looked around. I saw a pile of boxes in the corner with various kinds of dirty brochures, old magazines, newspapers and other stuffs. Nothing was useful. The air was slightly cooler and humid. I could only hear soft clicks of my own stiletto heels as I moved around the room. I saw there were small windows close to ceiling secured with steel bars. I gathered some boxes under the window with broken glasses and stood tip toed peeping outside. I could only see wild bushes and nothing more. I shook the bars but those wouldn't budge a bit.

Stepping my heels on the floor, I felt so frustrated and wondered what would happened on me next.

It didn't wait too long when clanging sound of the lock being unlocked broke the silence. I saw Valerie stepped in and followed by Pablo and the young man Federico. I took a couple steps back when three of them got into the room. Pablo was moving on my left side and Federico on my right.

“This bitch is petite and sexy, isn’t she?” Valerie said to both of them, and they were laughing. Through the corner of my eyes I saw Pablo was disgustingly rubbing the front side of his pants.

“Valerie, what do you want?” I asked and turned my face to Federico as I saw him moved closer to me.

“What I want?” she laughed…”I simply wanted to get rid of you, bitch! Starting from today!”

I saw Pablo rushed to me and I turned myself facing him but it was Frederico grabbed me from behind. Valerie took few steps back and watching me as I struggled to release myself from Federico. I shook my body but his hands were strongly holding me up. I felt Federico’s warm breath brushing the back of my neck. When Pablo took his chance to brush the front side of my dress and made my nipples standing stiff, I took this chance to use the sharp stiletto of my right heel to step has hard as I could on Federico, who then screamed in pain and released his grip. I took this chance to swing my palm up toward Pablo’s chin then in split second swung my right feet aiming to the front side of his pants.

Pablo screamed in pain when my stilettos hit hard his crotch and he felt on his knees. I turned myself and kicked Federico using my right heel when he moved toward me. My stiletto hit his belly and made him stuttered backward and felt on the pile of boxes close to the corner.

“Enough!” Valerie shouted and I turned myself to her. She was holding a handgun and aiming straight to me.

“Don't you ever try, bitch!” she aimed her handgun and shot on the floor about an inch from me. She aimed back to me whilst at the same time I saw both Pablo and Federico were slowly recovering.

“Why don't you strip your clothes or I will shoot you!” Valerie said. My heart was beating hard knowing that I wore nothing under the skin tight dress that I was wearing save for these sheer skin colour stockings and strappy heels.

“Don't test my patient, bitch or James will get you back inside a plastic bag!” she screamed and I really hated her. She shot her handgun once again and I knew that she was really serious. I saw Pablo and Federico had been completely recovered and they were looking at me. Anger filled their eyes. Slowly I took off the dress and let it fell crumbled around my ankles. My petite body was shivering slightly when my right hand moved to cover my nipples, which were standing stiffer. I was standing there clenching my thighs and moist were gathering around my pussy lips between my inner thighs.

“Stepped out of your clothes and kick it to the corner” she said and I did what she told me to do. I saw her nodded to Pablo and Federico who then took off their clothes one by one until they were completely naked.

“Ella es suya [ She is yours ]“, Valerie said and Federico moved in. He grabbed my hands and secured my wrists between my back leaving my supple breasts with those nipples standing stiff and hard for all of them to see. Whilst he was locked my hands behind my back using his left hand, he used his right hand to grab a handful of my hair and pulled backward. I gasped and my body arched with my face looking upward to the bulb hanging to the ceiling above me.

“No wonder James loves you…You have such a nice sexy body, bitch.” Valerie said and walked closer to me. I couldn't stop her hands to caress my chin, then my neck and kept on moving toward my supple breasts and teased my nipples..one after another…using her fingers I shrieked when her fingers pinched and twisted my right nipple. She twisted briefly then released it and made my right nipple pulsing and standing hard.
“hmmm….Lovely voice too” she said and her fingers run downward passing my flat belly aiming to the spot between my inner thighs. I clenched my thighs and squirmed but Federico was holding me tighter. His cock was rubbing the crack between my asscheeks. I squirmed and my petite body slightly shivered to know how hard it is.

I clenched my thighs before Valerie’s fingers slid between my inner thighs..

“Feel shy, huh?” she hissed after she leaned forward. I bit my lower lip when her breath brushed my right breast and I closed my eyes squirming when her wet tongue lick my nipple. Her hands were still trying to slide between my thighs. Knowing that she couldn't make it, Pablo moved in and used his strong hands to open up my thighs. I clenched as hard as I could but I couldn't stop my inner thighs were slowly parted. I wriggled when Valerie’s fingers finally brushed over my pussy lips through the sheer stockings that I was wearing.

“Ella está mojado! [ She is wet! ]” she said and it made me blushed. Federico’s cock was twitching and throbbing when he heard this.

“Bueno chicos, se divierten! [ Well guys, have fun! ]” she pulled her fingers and stepped away replaced by Pablo who then forcefully ripped open the spot on my sheer stockings and used his wet tongue to tease my clit. I gasped when tingling feeling rippled throughout my body.

“No golpearla! [ no hitting! ]… but you can fuck her as hard as you want for what she did on you” Valerie said and turned her face briefly before she stepped out of the room. “Nos vemos más tarde, perra [ See you later, bitch ]”.

I looked at her with eyes full of tears of anger when Pablo took a filthy blanket from the dusty pile of stuffs. He put it in the middle of the room whilst Federico dragged me to it. I struggled, wriggled and tried to resist as hard as I could. My stilettos were scratching the floor and kicking wildly but they were prepared and dodged every move that I made.

There was nothing that I could do when they worked together to force me lying flat on my back on the mattress. Federico pinned my wrists and held it tight above my head whilst Pablo grabbed my knees and forced my legs to spread open. I squirmed  and clenched my thighs as hard as I could.

“Release me…assholes!” I screamed in frustration, but there was nothing that I could do when slowly Pablo parted my thighs and positioned himself in between. I felt my pussy pulsing lightly in anticipation of what would happen on me. I gasped and desperately trying to pull my wrists.

“quiero coger a esta perra!! [ I want to fuck this bitch ]…Hold her!” Pablo shouted and forcefully spread my thighs. My petite body jolted and arched when the tip of his cockhead briefly poked inside through my pussy lips. He kept on pushing and no matter how I tried to move away from him. I could not move more as Federico was pinning my wrists on the mattress with his left hand whilst his right hand rubbing my breasts and pinching my nipples.

“déjame ir, hijo de puta [ let me go, you bastard ] “ I said then screamed in pain when Pablo’s cock finally breached through my pussy forcefully. The pain was so unbearable and made my petite body shuddered uncontrollably. I shook my head and I heard him exhaled his breathe whilst his cock was throbbing lightly inside my pussy, which was gripping his tight..squeezing and milking it.

Without wasting much time, he started moving his hip slamming his cock freely in and out my pussy regardless the pain that I got. He pulled halfway then pushed it back it as hard as he could after he grabbed my knees and folded my legs. I curled my toes when his cockhead once again touched the deepest part inside my pussy.

“Joder, esta perra está caliente! ... Joder! [ Fuck, this bitch is hot! Damn ...! ]” Pablo screamed and moaned after he slammed his cock several times. He then fucked my pussy as wild as a beast and used all of strength that he had until his cock throbbed inside my pussy. He really made me screamed in pain and my petite body writhed in pain.

“James will make you pay for this with your life..” I screamed when he slowed down.

“Ah sí? ¿Qué pasa con esto, ¿eh?! [Oh yea? What about this, huh?!]” he pulled his cock halfway and slammed it as hard as he could. I screamed and squirmed uncontrollably. It was so hurt and painful that tears were gathering in the corner of my eyes.

“.. y éste también, ¿eh?! [..and this one too, huh?!...]!” Pablo said and once again gave me one hard slam, and I could feel his cock throbbing more. In split second his cock throbbing more then exploded inside me. I closed my eyes and bit my lower lip and tried to hold myself not to sob when his cock injected his cum without any protection straight into my womb…squirt after squirt, thick warm liquid flowing and filling up my pussy… It was impossible for me to get my peak. There was no pleasure at all and only pain as the inner part of my pussy was pulsing lightly.

“su vez, Federico [ Your turn, Federico ]” Pablo said and pulled his cock out of my pussy and replaced Federico position pinning my wrists on the mattress. I could not do anything when Federico spread my legs once again. My stilettos where digging and kicking frantically the mattress as I was trying to pull myself up. Pablo started mauling my supple breasts…one after another then pinched and twisted my nipples, as Federico started pushing his cock inside my pussy. It slides easier as Pablo’s cum greased his cock. I turned my face to other direction after I saw briefly the expression on the young man face as he enjoyed fucking me. He looked so disgusting and I clenched my first then bit my lower lip when he added more speed.

He was slamming his cock again and again….then again…rocking my petite body back and forth whilst Pablo pinched and twisted my nipples harder. A drop of his cum fell on my fingers.

I tried so hard not to scream but the pain inside my pussy and on my nipples were completely unbearable.

“AAAAAaaaaaaaAAKhhh!!” I finally screamed when Federico slammed his cock as hard as he could..then followed by several hard slams as if he was trying to tear my pussy apart. I clenched my thighs and gripped his hips and curled my toes.

“Yea! Fuck this bitch until she bleed!” Pablo said and his words fueled Federico to fuck me harder. I cried and sobbed uncontrollably when his cock finally throbbed and started squirting inside my pussy in the next split second. It was then I got my chance to release my right hand from Pablo’s grip when Federico’s cock was squirting inside my pussy. I took this chance to slap Federico’s face as hard as could and dug my stilettos into the mattress then kicked. Federico’s cock snatched out of my pussy whilst it was still squirting some of his last cum.

Pablo quickly grabbed my wrist and pinned me back when Federico turned to me with eyes filled with anger than hit my face with his fist. He didn't use all of his force but it was enough to make my nose bleed. I gasped and coughed when bit of blood chocked me, and without waiting any longer Federico slammed his cock deep inside my pussy.

“AAAAAKKKHHHhHHHH~~~!!” I screamed and clenched my teeth as sharp pain stung my nerves. It was so painful and I felt that my pussy was quivering..squeezing his cock. He arched his body and exhaled before he started fucking me as hard as he could. I shrieked whenever he slammed his cock hard and deep.

“Gritar! perra! [ scream! Bitch! ]” he grunted as his hand right hand grabbed my left breast…squeezed it hard then used his fingers to pinch and twist its nipple. It made me squirmed hard. My feet were kicking frantically the mattress as he lowered his body and rocked my body using all of his strength. I turned my face when he spat on my face. His saliva splashed and run down along my cheeks. I clenched my fists feeling so humiliated but there was nothing that I could do. One teardrop of shame was running down my temple from the corner of my right eye.

It was not long when his cock throbbed lightly before he pulled halfway and shoved it back until his pubic bones pressed against my clit. I felt it throbbed again…and it was just a few more hard rough stroke before his cock started squirting and his warm cum flooding freely deep inside my pussy. It kept on squirting until it squirted its last drop before he pulled it out roughly.

Pablo released his grip on my wrists and I curled my body on the mattress then started sobbing uncontrollably. It was then someone grabbed my ankles and pulled. I turned my face and saw Pablo grabbed my other ankle and forced me to face the mattress. I struggled and frantically kicked my feet but his grip was as tight as ironclad. Knowing that I was struggling against his friend, Federico quickly grabbed my wrists and pinned those down in front of me. I squirmed as hard as I could. I knew what Pablo would do….

“Stopp!! Pleaseee!!” I screamed when Pablo positioned himself between my thighs and I felt that the tip of his cock rubbed between my ass cheeks. I shook my head and cried when his cock peeked inside my tight ass. I clenched as hard as I could but I couldn't clench long. He patiently peeked again and again until I couldn't clench hard enough to stop his cock entering my ass.

“NooOoOOO..AAKkkKKKHHHHH!!!” I arched my body and screamed when his hard cock pushing in as if it was splitting my ass. He kept on pulling and pushing…making his cock shoved deeper and deeper inside my tight ass…gripped tightly with muscles around my asshole. I shook my head when the pain was so unbearable, and knowing that there was nothing I could do, I gasped, bit my lower lip and tried to relax myself. Cum started oozing out of my pussy and dampened the mattress under me.

“UGhhHH!! Fuck!” I heard Pablo grunted and exhaled when his cock finally completely filled my ass. It throbbed once…and he started fucking my tight ass. I shrieked and writhed whenever his cock reached at its deepest. My body rocked back and forth hard until his cock throbbed more inside my ass…and finally exploded once again. It kept on squirting again and again until its last drop before he pulled his cock out.

Federico was about to take his chance when the door opened up and Valerie stepped in. I curled my body and sobbed on the mattress.

“Ahhh! Usted está teniendo diversión con ellos, Catherine… [ Ahhh! You are having fun with them, Catherine ]” she said as she walked closer to me. She kneeled in front of my trembling body and wiped away my hair which was covering my face.

“Idiota! I told you not to hurt her!” she yelled at both of them who didn't say anything and just silently grabbed their clothes. I would remember their faces and I promised myself that somehow they had to pay for what they just did on me.

“Adella! Esme! ayudarla a limpiar a sí misma! [ Adella! Esme! help her clean herself ]” she said to the two maids who came with her.

“sí señora [ yes ma'am ]” they replied and helped me to stand up. I cringed when I felt sharp pain stung both of my pussy and ass. I heard Valerie chuckled to see me like this. I bit my lower lips and tried to stand up on my stilettos with trembling knees. I really hated her but knowing that there was nothing I could do at the moment, I had to think about new plan.

These young girls treated me nice. They looked innocent and I had no idea how they ended up in a place like this. Perhaps they were coming from the poor neighborhood.

“¡gracias Adella y Esme [ thanks Adella and Esme ]” I smiled at her when both of them rubbed my body under the shower. They just looked at me and smiled but didn't say anything. Their hands rubbed all over my body and gave a soothing massage. My right hand grabbed Adella’s wrist when she was about to rub between my inner thighs.

“déjame hacerlo a mí mismo, Adella [ let me do it myself, Adella ]” I smiled at her.

“Lo siento, señora [ Sorry, ma'am ]” she softly said and politely released her hand then started rubbed along my back. I let Esme rubbed my right breast and caressed my nipple which was standing hard. Slowly I moved my hand and rubbed the soft spot between my inner thighs and softly touched my pussy lips then found that it was getting slightly sensitive. I bit my lips when my fingers cleaned up my pussy lip and felt it quivered lightly.

“puede dejar, Adella y Esme [ you can leave, Adella and Esme ]” I said and they politely excused themselves.

Left alone, I crouched under the shower and sobbed silently. I released all my anger and frustration .. hitting the floor several times and let the water splashed…until I finally could get hold of myself. I sighed and finished up, grabbed a nice towel they put outside the shower booth and dried up myself. Looking at the mirror, I could see my petite body with both of my nipples were standing stiff and hard. A few drops of water were falling from my hair. I sighed when I saw faint bruises on my face, my breasts and my shoulder. There were faint reddish marks on my wrists.

I continued drying up myself then slid myself naked under the blanket, curled my body and closed my eyes. I needed some time to rest. I need to think on my plan to get away from this place.

115lb, 5'5", black hair. Love to wear sexy dresses; a see-through blouse and a very short tight skirt fit well. Like 5" spiky heels with straps v much.

Love a role-play as much as i love these dresses and heels.

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Four days passed silently…

There was nothing happening in these two days and they didn't allow me to get out of my room. The door was always locked and the steel bars were installed on the windows. It was obvious that staying in this room was much better than the basement down there. Those wounds and marks were disappearing from my skin.

It was a late afternoon when Valerie stepped into this room. I saw Pablo and Federico walking beside her. Esme and another young lady followed behind them. I saw Federico and Pablo looked at me with their lustful eyes and I stared back at them. Anger built inside me as my hand silently grabbed the letter opener on the desk behind my back.

“You have a visitor tonight, Catherine” Valerie said as she walked closer… “An important person”

James?! I said to myself.

I saw her chuckling and continued.. “Of course not James, my dear. I have been thinking a better use of you at the moment until the day….. she paused briefly.. until the day I see no use of you and decide to throw you for a hundred dollar to a group of people that you will never imagine before”

Me? a hundred dollar? I felt humiliated enough with her words and tightened my grip on the silver opener when she stepped closer to me. I was about to take my chance but because of my curiosity on who would be my visitor, I decided to ease myself.

“Very well, Catherine. Esme will help you to prepare”, Valerie said and walked out of the room followed by Pablo who sneered at me.

Esme stayed with me for the whole day but not much information that I could get from her. She was at 20 when she came here for the first time to work. This place was about fifteen miles across a desert from James place, and the only closest village was about a mile. She said that there were important people were coming here for certain deals but she was so scared to tell me what kind of business that those people were actually dealing with.

It was almost 7:34pm when Valerie came into the room followed by Pablo and Federico.

“Well, Ms.Catherine, your mystery guest is coming and he would love to see you personally” she said and nodded to Pablo and Federico, who came to me and grabbed my hands. I was struggling as hard as I could. My stilettos were scratching and kicking wildly when hey dragged me toward the bed but my strength was no match of theirs. Without wasting too much time, they pinned my petite body on the bed and secured both of my wrists with silk ropes connected to the both corner of the nicely bed followed with both of my ankles which was secured by another pair of silk ropes to each corner at the other end of the bed. I squirmed and clenched my thighs when saw Valerie was coming by then sit on the edge of the bed. The long slit of my dress opened up and revealed most of my thighs as I desperately pulling my ankles.

“It’s a good bargain for us, Ms.Catherine so be nice to him. He wants to keep himself secret” Valerie said and put a blindfold. I pulled my wrists desperately but I could not move my wrists further than the distance silk ropes allowed.

“Fuck you, Valerie!” I screamed when I felt her fingers opened up more the low cut of my dress then slipped under my dress and cut my flimsy panties then handed to someone. I tried to clench my thighs but those were about an inch parted. Slight wetness gathered between my inner thighs when I heard her laughing to see me squirming but I could only see darkness. My nipples were standing stiffer as those sensitive tips were rubbing the fabric of my nightdress.

“Hmm..would you prefer Pablo to do this, huh?! Bitch!” she said and got up from the bed. I heard her phone ringing and she said… “Sure, wait for a minute, my dear. She is almost ready”….I could then feel Valerie’s breath on my right ear and whispered, “have a good time, honey”..followed by quick brush of her hand over my right nipple which made it stood up painfully harder.

The soft low hum of the air conditioner filled the air after they left me alone on the bed blindfolded with both wrists tied up above my head. I squirmed but there was no way for me to release myself. I fold my legs and those silk ropes pulled back my ankles. My strappy stilettos dug into the soft bedcover as they didn't bother to remove those from me. I felt more wetness gathered more between my thighs as I was wondering whom the person would be.

It wouldn't long when I heard the door was unlocked. I turned myself but I could see no other than darkness. Someone was coming in the door was locked again. I could sense that he was there staring me. I tried to clench my thighs as I could almost feel faint cool air brushed my pussy lips when the man climbed up onto the bed.

“Who are you?” I whispered but I could only hear my own voice. He didn't reply but I knew that he was taking off his clothes one after another.

I gasped and held my breath when his hands slowly opened up the low cut nightdress then torn the fabric revealing my supple breasts with their pointy hard nipples protuding harder and stiffer. His hands moved touching my nipples and its areola then kept on moving along the nice curves. I squirmed and pulled the silky ropes, which bound my wrists. His hands slithered freely and no way for me to stop them to move toward my belly then torn completely the rest of my black satin nightdress.

I bit my lower lip when he lowered his face. My mind kept on wondering who he was as his hot warm breath brushed over the smooth skin of my belly. All muscles around my belly were flinching and contracting uncontrollably when the tip of his tongue finally touched and slithered. I further gasped and squirmed as his tongue moved upward toward my breasts and flickered teasing my left nipple. It was getting harder when his lips rounded and he slowly sucked it.

“OhhHHH!” I moaned uncontrollably when he took my right nipple and did the same. I felt so vulnerable and helpless. My petite body squirmed and my ass dug into the soft mattress of the bed when he moved upward and the tip of his cock touched my tender pussy lips then brushed briefly over my clit. He kissed my neck and licked along my neck toward behind my ear sending thrill feeling all over my body. His cock was growing harder between my inner thighs and rubbed slowly leaving traces of his precum on my skin.

It was shocking me later when I recalled the smell of his aftershave and his manly perfume as he slowly kissed my parted lips.

“Mr.Nash?” I whispered. He stopped briefly but again he didn't bother to reply or say anything to me. I could hardly believe when my mind was telling me that the man was Mr.David Nash, the Director of Operations of the Agency. He was about to take his chance to fuck me secretly for a trade which I didn't know. As he enjoyed his time teasing my body and pleasing myself, my mind was scrambling for a rumor since the first day I joined the Agency. The rumor said that this old man had such obsessions on me as his golden child. Until this moment I had been laughed it off and had never been taking the rumor seriously. For these years, he had been covering it well.

“No.. no.. please don't do this to me, Mr.Nash.. please.. Oohh..MMm” I whimpered and gasped when his cock pushed and slid in between my pussy lips. I could hear him gasped as my pussy contracting… squeezing.. and milking his cock as he pushed it deeper and deeper.

I squirmed and arched my body when his cock finally reached the deepest spot inside my pussy. I clenched my fists and curled my toes….pulling all four ropes, which tied up my wrists and ankles as I squirmed. He lowered his face and kissed my forehead as he started fucking me. His cock moved in and out freely and he was slamming it harder and harder. His left hand squeezed my right breast. His finger pinched and twisted my hard rock nipple. The bed was creaking softly as he moved added more speed.

“Mr.Nash..please don't...stop this.. remember your family” I whispered when his cock throbbed briefly inside my pussy. I met them several times during the Agency gathering and they were such a lovely family. He stopped briefly as his cock was buried deep inside my pussy. It was out of my surprise that my words set his anger.

“AAAAAAKKKkhhhH!!~~” I shrieked when I felt my left cheek burned as he slapped me hard. His hand grabbed a handful of my hair and he lowered his face just about an inch from my face. I could feel his warm breath and my left cheek started pulsing.

“Shut up, Bitch! Don't say any more word.. he pulled his cock halfway….about my family….” then slammed it back in as hard as he could and made me screamed in pain

He did that once a few more time…pulling his cock halfway out then slammed it back it as hard as he could. Sharp pain travelled throughout my body coming from my pussy which was contracting and quivering. As I heard his voice, I was convinced that he was indeed Mr.David Nash. I had no doubt about it.

“I heard you fuck bad guys… I heard you scream and squeal like a pig when they fuck you back hard, huh!” he rocking hard and our body bounced up and down on the bed. He tightened his grip on my hair… His hissed beside my left ear..“Isn’t it, bitch!?”… I stayed silent.. He released his grip and once again I shrieked in pain as he slapped my cheek hard. I could taste a drop of my own blood.

“Answer me, young bitch!” he grabbed both of my breasts and pinched then twisted hard both of my nipples. I screamed and cried out as I felt so painful.

“StooPP!~~ please!~~” I whimpered when he eased his pinches on my nipples briefly.

“Do you like them to fuck you, huh? Answer me!!” he twisted again my nipples whilst he kept his cock inside my pussy which was quivering hard…milking his cock deep inside me.

I didn't say anything and instead spat a mix of my blood and saliva on him. I knew that it fueled his anger even more, but I was loosing faith with the Agency. My heart was filled with anger, sorrow and despair. All of these facts… Kyle, the Agency, their people, these madness… my world had flipped upside down. James was the only person that I could trust, and that person was the one whom I was assigned to harm.

“FUCK YOU BITCH!!” he screamed and punched my face once with his fist. I gasped and chocked with my own blood. He slapped my face again and made the blindfold slightly opened up. With eyes full of tears I could see his face…reddened .. beats of sweat on his forehead..

“I will fuck you till you bleed..” he screamed and started fucking me like a wild beast. He threw all of his anger on me, and I felt only pain inside my pussy when his cock throbbed again deep inside me as he slammed it really deep. He fucked me as rough as he could. He grunted heavy like a wounded beast.

I gasped and chocked with my own blood from bleeding nose…

Finally his cock exploded and squirted his cum inside my pussy…warm thick liquid was flooding in unstoppably as I felt it throbbing and pulsing. Squirt after squirt… he pulled then shoved it back it for the last squirt.

When he realized that the blindfold was not covering my eyes, he pulled his cock out of my pussy, climbed down the bed and grabbed his suit. He pulled his gun and pointed out to my forehead. I closed my eyes whilst my pussy lips were quivering and his filthy cum started oozing out from my pussy then gathered into a small pond on the mattress under my ass.

“Mr.Nash. That wont be necessary.” I heard Valerie’s voice as she stepped into the room. She must have heard me screaming. I opened up my eyes and saw she was walking in with Esme and Pablo, who was staring at me with his typical eyes filled with lust.

“This bitch has to die!”, Nash said, turned back to me then aimed his gun again. I saw slight hesitation in his eyes. Pablo leaped toward David Nash in a split second before I heard the gun fired. I shrieked and trembled in fear. My body went cold as I thought I was shot, but the bullet was about an inch away from my right ear blowing some goose feather in the air.

“Chill yourself”, Valerie said as Pablo seized Mr.Nash gun from his hand. “We can talk about this, Mr.Nash….” then she asked Esme to help me. “Please Mr.Nash, we assure you that Catherine will never get away from us. She is yours only and you can visit her as you wish, ok?” Valerie said.

“Catherine? Who is Catherine?” I heard Mr.Nash said as Valerie led him out of the room followed by Pablo.

“¿Estás bien, senorita? [ Are you okay, miss? ]” Esme said as she untied my wrists then my ankles. I just nodded and cried out in her hug. Sometimes I chocked with my own blood coming from bleeding nose. She hugged me back and patted my back…patiently waited until I could get hold of myself.
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115lb, 5'5", black hair. Love to wear sexy dresses; a see-through blouse and a very short tight skirt fit well. Like 5" spiky heels with straps v much.

Love a role-play as much as i love these dresses and heels.

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It was calm in the next few days…

I could see the marks and brushes were getting less obvious as I checked myself on the full body mirror inside my bedroom. Four days have passed since the nightmare with Mr.Nash and I firmed up will to get out of this place. Valerie didn't allow other to enter into my room except for Esme who came regularly. We talked a lot and got to know each other better.

It was late evening when I finished up myself and put on my skin tight dress then tidied up my hair in a nice ponytail. Esme told me earlier that Valerie was out at the moment with Federico, so this would be my best chance. The clock showed 1:03am when I set the cable and made it looked like it had been short-circuited. Burning smell of plastic filled the room as I briskly knocked the door and screamed for help. I knew that there was one guard standing outside.

I stepped back when I heard the door was unlocked from outside.

“Algo falla en el cable!! [ Something is wrong with the cable!! ]” I said nervously to the guy and pointed out at the electric cable hidden at the other side of the bed. He looked at me with perplexing looks as he smelled the burning material then walked toward the bed.

As he turned his back on me, I took this narrow chance to grab the knife, which was put hidden under the small table. It was given by Esme earlier, and without any hesitance I leaped forward and slid his throat using the knife. He was about to take out his gun but I snatched his handgun and kicked him away. He stuttered backward whilst he was holding his neck as blood gushing out and staring at me with eyes filled with disbelief as I was standing there pointing the gun to him. He was about to scream but the gushing blood drown him.

It didn't take long when his body finally tumbled on the floor. I waited for a bit longer before I checked him, but I found nothing than just one silencer inside the left pocket of his leather jacket.

As I peeked outside, the hallway was empty and quiet. I closed the door, quickly took off my heels, checked the gun, put on the silencer then walked bare feet along the corridor. I simply followed the right corridor, and it was out of my surprise that I heard whimpered muffled cried coming from the door ajar on my left side. I moved slowly, took a peek, and shocked to see Esme struggling against Pablo who was trying to rape her.

“Hey! Get away from her!” I said, stepped in and pointed out my gun. Pablo was shocked and Esme took her chance to get away from him.

“Senorita Catherine…” Pablo said and smiled. He tried to calm himself.

Without waiting too much longer, I simply pulled the trigger and his head snatched backward as if his head was hit by invisible hand, and his body tumbled down hard on the floor.

“Vamos, Eme! Vamos! [ Come on, Eme! Come on! ]” I said and grabbed her hand. Her hand was trembling and cold as she led me toward the garage. I grabbed any electronic key that I could find, pressed the button and looked for a car which alarm was chirping. We quickly slid in. The engine was reeved up briefly after my manicured finger press the ignition button and without wasting time, the tires were smoking and the car dashed out of the garage at full force.

“HEY!” one guard jumped out and started to fire up his gun. A bullet hit the left side mirror and shattered it to pieces. The car moved zig-zag until the front gate was just a couple meters away when more guards were coming. I saw one car dashing out chasing us. Bullets flying around the car and I shrieked when one sharp metal scratched my left shoulder but there was nothing to stop my feet to step deeper on the gas pedal and the car bumped through the gate and disappeared in the darkness of the desert.

The headlight from the car behind got brighter as it was getting closer as I looked through the mirror.

“Damn!” I cursed and stepped deeper onto the gas pedal until it almost reached 100 miles per hour. Two cars were dashing fast through the deserted interstate road in the middle of the night. Once again more bullets were flying out when it was getting closer and I heard Esme screamed with her hand holding her right shoulder. I turned my face and saw her blood oozing out from the wound.

“ESTAR ALERTA! [ Watch out!]” she screamed and pointed out. I turned back and saw a pair of dazzling headlights of a big truck coming fast from the other direction. It seemed that my car had taken a wrong lane in just some seconds. Quickly I turned the steering wheel back but it was a split second late. The left side of the car was scratching noisily against the trailer’s body and completely crushing its left side of its tail.

Next we heard a heavily thud and our body bounced forward when the car behind us hit the tail of my car. Tires were scratching noisily against the asphalt as I was trying at my outmost to get control of my car. I knew that the engine was getting hotter as the coolant must have been leaking out after we bumped the car on the gate. It was slowing down and the car chasing us took this chance to run by our side.

“Frenar el coche, perra! Frenar el coche! [ slow the car, bitch! stop the car! ]” the guy sitting in driver seat shouted at me. I preferred to ignore him and desperately stepped my stiletto on the gas pedal. The situation was not good and the speed was slowing down under 80 miles per hour.

Both Esme and I shrieked in shocked when he bumped his car onto my car and once again I was trying to control my car. Esme was crouching on the passenger seat, staring in fear to the road ahead of us, and holding her legs in front of her. Her hair was waiving wildly in the air. She looked so poor as this might be the first time for her.

Once again the car bumped onto mine and it made the right tires of my car running out the road into the dry dirt. I turned my steering wheel back and through the corner of my eyes I saw the guy took out the gun then aimed at me, and it was then I took my chance to bump my car hard onto his when I saw something darker spot  on the left side of the road. Our cars bumped several times before….

Through the back mirror I saw his car smashed onto something, spinning wildy, flipper over several times and burned.

I turned my attention back onto the road and shocked when I saw a night animal passing by. There was no time for me to recognize what it was other than reflections of a pair of its nightly eyes. I hit the break as hard as I could and turned the steering too fast. The tires smoked out and the car spun around wildly several times out of the road into the dirt before finally bumped on big rock protunding out in the desert. I heard Esme screamed and the car stopped after a deep heavy thudding sound. My head hit on the bar and I almost lost my conscious. The engine hissed up and silenced.

“Ohh” I finally opened up my eyes. My head was so dizzy and everything looked blurred when I saw several cars were approaching fast. I checked on Esme. She was still breathing but her eyes were tightly shut. Blood oozed out from found on her head but I found out that I was not in a better condition than her.

With last strength that I had, I opened up the car door but I could not even take one step away. I shrieked as my knees were too weak for me to stand on my stilettos, and my petite body felt hard on the dry dirt blowing dust into the air. With weary eyes, I saw three cars stopped a couple meters away and some people were coming out rushing toward us. I closed my eyes knowing that this might be end of me.

“Celina…hey!...” I was almost crying out when I heard the voice which I recognized very well. I opened up my eyes and I saw James’ face hovering above my head. I turned toward the wreckage of my car and saw his guys took out Esme.

“James…” I whispered and leaned against his chest when he lifted up my body and carried me back to his car. Faintly I could hear his heart beating and it was comforting me much.
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115lb, 5'5", black hair. Love to wear sexy dresses; a see-through blouse and a very short tight skirt fit well. Like 5" spiky heels with straps v much.

Love a role-play as much as i love these dresses and heels.
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