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Author Topic: Rape Fantasy  (Read 34668 times)
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« on: November 19, 2013, 10:42:59 AM »

A Rape Fantasy
   By Marksubmits

   I pressed submit and it was done, my fate was sealed. I had paid $4,000 to a website that promised to make my fantasies come true. After my 25 year marriage had gone bust I decided that it was time to act on my bisexual submissive fantasies and I joined some websites. I was in a chat room on one of those websites when I read about this website. It was called Ravished, and it was a rape fantasy website. I was amazed at how good the short stories were and the videos of men and women being tied up, molested, and raped were so realistic. I found myself spending hours on the website and its chat rooms. Then one night I came across a man in a chat room who called himself Fantasy Master and that’s were my oddesy began. He said his company specialized in making closet bisexuals like me realize their deepest darkest fantasies of bondage and submission and that for a price I sould litteraly dictate my own fantasy rape scene and he would make it come true. I was intrigued. He had a 6 page questionair that detailed every obscene sexual act I could imagine and a box next to each one. If you checked the box it would be added to your rape fantasy. There was also a full page with nothing but lines on it to describe my schedule and routine. I don’t know where I dug up the courage but I filled out the form and paid $4,000 for a three day weekend of bondage, discipline and molestation. The weekend could be any weekend in the next 6 months and I was to follow a routine of staying around the house all weekend for the next 6 months. I could grocery shop and run errons, but I was not to be away from the house for more then an hour beginning Friday evening and carrying through to Sunday night. I guess what really got to me was all the warnings on Fantasy Masters site about the lack of cancellation. You could not cancel under any circumstances once you paid and your would be tied up and raped, trained and disciplined for the entire three days. The site said my limits would be respected but I would be pushed right up to the edge of those limits and the scene would be very real. I actually had the balls (at the time) to contract for the gang rape weekend which meant that there could be  up to three men having their way with me. I even got to specify the physical description of my rapist, their race, their physical build, there height and weight, and their cock size. My hands were trembling as I typed Nationality Black, and 8”  cock size minimum. I had favorite dildo that I fucked myself with when I fantasized and masturbated and it was 8” and very thick. I had to use lots of lube and start with smaller dildos, but if I went slow, I had learned to take the whole thing in my ass and once it was there, I could fuck myself with it. It filled me up and made me feel like I was really being fucked, so I figured that was my perfect cock size. I could even give it head but I couldn’t take it all the way down my throat yet. So I filled out the paperwork, signed the releases, and paid the hefty fee. I kept thinking it was a scam and that I was just going to loose my money, but I plunged ahead anyway. That was two months ago. I carried out my weekend routine faithfully, in case I had stumbled upon the real deal with Mr Fantasy Master and I came into the house on Friday night, a three day weekend mind you, to find them standing there in my living room. Three of the biggest black men I had ever seen, each over 6 and a half feet tall. They all wore tight black T shirts which had to streatch to accomidate their muscular arms and chest, and tight blue jeans, and military style boots. All three men were very handsome and they eyes swept up and down my body like hungry wolves eyeing their lunch.
   “Hello Mark, Its time to play.”
   I froze in place, and must of looked plenty scared because the men laughed at my reaction.
   “Lock the front door Mark, and strip.”
   I turned around and did as instructed. I locked my front door, and turned back around as I looked at the trio of rapist, I began to unbutton my shirt.
   “Eyes to the floor slave.” One of them growled.
    I lowered my eyes so that I stared at the tile on my floor and continued unbuttoning my shirt.
   “Your are not to speak unless spoken to and when you are permitted to speak you will address us as Master.” One of them instructed.
   I finished unbuttoning my dress shirt and removed it and let it fall to the floor. I started on my shoes and sox, then my slacks, and finally my boxers. I have fantasized thousands of times since puberty about being taken by force, tied up and ravished, by both men and women. Never in my fantasies was my cock shriveled in fear like I found it now. I removed my underwear and stood naked before them with my eyes cast down to the floor.
   “Secure the prisoner” a deep voice said.
   One of them came to me, went behind me, and handcuffed my wrists behind my back. I heard metallic ratcheting noise as the handcuffs were locked first around one wrists, then the other. He reached around my chest and began pinching my nipples roughly, and they began to respond at once becoming pointed in arousal. Then he reached in his jeans pocket and produced two nipple clamps connected by a silver chain. He attached a clamp to each of my nipples and the pain was instant, but not unpleasant. I am a pain slut although in my long marriage, my wife was the submissive and I never got to explore that aspect of my sexuality. My X didn’t have a dominant bone in her body and refused to Top me.
   One of the men in front of me told his two partners that they could get naked now that I was secured and as the man behind me finished applying the nipple clamps and joined his cohorts in front of me they began to strip.
   “Now bitch, you can watch us get naked and see what you get to have all weekend long.”
   I looked up at my captors and instructed. They all removed there shirts first and all three torsos were ripped, with massive shoulders and chest and stomachs that rippled with muscle. They all obviously spent many hours in the gym. They legs were all well muscled as well and then I couldn’t help but look at their cocks which were large even in their flaccid state.  It looked like all three of them met my 8” criteria.
   One of the men came to me and placed his huge hands on each side of my face and pulled my head so that we were face to face and he kissed me. His tongue slipped between my lips and began exploring my mouth. I could only moan and to my dismay, my tongue began to play with his. My cock was beginning to wake as well as I began to get hard. I struggled in my handcuffs, knowing that I was not going to escape. As his kiss became more demanding he began fondling my cock and balls, tugging on my erection. Then he broke our embrace and dropped to his knees and began licking my balls and cock.
   “I see your starting to like all this attention bitch.” One of the men teased.
   “You can’t do anything about it, so you might as well enjoy it, right? Pay attention slave, because how we lick and suck you is exactly how we want you to lick and suck us”
    As he licked and sucked my balls and cock, another man came forward and began kissing me the way his partner had. I could only moan in pleasure as we kissed and my cock was being sucked. He took my cock deep into his mouth, right down to the root. My cock is only 6 inches hard so that wasn’t near the task that I would have trying to match his deep throat skills on the three of them.
   Now the third man went behind me and I felt my ass cheeks being spread. Then I felt the cold lube being applied to my asshole and he eased one of his thick fingers inside me. He began to finger fuck my asshole with his lubed finger as I moaned my protest and struggled against my bondage.
   “Relax bitch, your definitely want to be properly lubed when we fuck you. In case you haven’t noticed, and I know that you have, we own some beefy cocks and you own a very tight virgin asshole.” All three of them laughed.
   He continued finger fucking my hole, and soon he forced another finger in me. Now he was fucking my hole with two fingers and my hole was being stretched in preparation for the coming assault.
   The guy sucking my cock stopped and stood up, towering over me. He went somewhere close by but I couldn’t see as I was still locked into a deep passionate kiss but he returned and put a thick leather collar on my neck and paddled locked it on. Then he attached a long leather dog leash to it. The man kissing me stopped and he went over to my living room coffee table where they had a large duffle bag full of sex toys and he retrieved a pair of nipple clamps that were attached by a chrome chain. He put the clamps on my hardened nipples and the pain was immediate, but not unpleasant. Then one of them grabbed my dog leash and pulled me so that I was bent at the waist and my face was even with his cock.
   “Now it’s your turn bitch. Remember to do it like I showed you. First lick my  balls and cock, then as my friend shoves his cock in your ass you need to have my cock in your throat so we don’t hear too much noise.”
   He shoved his cock and balls to my lips and I began licking them. His cock responded at once, growing larger and hard with every touch of my tongue. I grew to its full 8” length as it rubbed against my face when I licked his harry ball sack. Now the man behind me put his massive cock head against my asshole, rubbing it in the thick lube between my ass cheeks, carefully lining up his weapon with my hole. I prayed that he would ease his cock into me instead of shoving it in as his partner had suggested but I knew it was no longer up to me. As I felt pressure from his cock head beginning its assault I opened my mouth as wide as I could and began to take the thick ebony cock head into my mouth. The cock behind me began forcing itself inside my tight hole. Fortunately my rapist had lubricated his cock as well as my hole but it still hurt as he eased slowly but surely into my virgin ass. I began to squeal in protest from the pain but the man in front of me fed me more of his thick cock and all I could do was moan as his bulbous cock head  neared the back of my throat. Then his cock cut off my air and I couldn’t make any sound, not even a moan. Taking advantage of my cock gag, the man behind me continued to insert his hot thick cock in my ass until I finally felt his balls next to mine. I was stretched to my limit, impaled by his cock. He didn’t move once he was buried in my ass. To add to my agony, my nipples were beginning to feel like they were on fire from the nipple clamps.
   “Not bad for a virgin. You now have all eight inches of my cock in your tight ass bitch.”
   As tears ran down my face the cock in my mouth began to withdraw a little so I could breath through my nose again. The pain in my ass was already starting to subside as my tight hole began to accept the massive intrusion. I had fucked my self with my eight inch dildo many times and it was about the same size as the hard erection I was stuffed with now, so by the time he had pulled out everything but the head I was beginning to enjoy it. He eased it back inside me once again but this time he inserted his length a little faster than before. The cock in my mouth began a series of medium sized strokes as it began raping my mouth. He held both sides of my face in his strong hands as he raped my helpless face.
   “Hey fuck toy, I thought you said in your contract that your were a virgin. You certainly suck cock like a pro.”
   The men began to find a rhythm, both pumping in unison so that my ass and mouth were stuffed in unison. The cock in my mouth would pump shallowly three times and then I had to inhale through my nose deeply so I could hold my breath on the fourth stroke as he went deep, all the way to the back of my throat. Each time he left his cock in my throat for a little bit longer. The cock in my ass fucked me in the same fashion. This was one of my “wants” on my forms that I had filled out, being double penetrated with both cocks coming at the same time.
   I had never actually sucked cock before, nor had one in my ass. For that matter I had never even kissed another man before, so all the sensations that I experienced now were new. I was being overwhelmed by the double rape and closed my eyes and concentrated on just feeling what was happening to me.
   The pumping rhythm of my captors began to increase as they fucked me.
   “That’s it bitch, take our cocks like the slut that you are.” The man behind me growled.
   I was moaning in sheer ecstasy now as they fucked my face and ass. There speed increased again and I knew they were about to blow and I was about to get my first taste of their seed.
   “Oh yes. You fuck good bitch” they chanted.
   “OH fuck I am going to cum. Are you ready?” the man in my mouth asked.
   “Lets do this fucker.” The man in my ass agreed.
   Then the cock in my mouth hit his fourth stroke and went to the back of my throat as I held my breath so I wouldn’t gag. He shot a hot, salty load of cum down my throat as the man behind me filled my intestines with his hot load. The man fucking my face pulled my head so that my nose was buried in his thick pubic hair and his cock was as deep in my throat as it would go as he came. I didn’t even have to swallow his cum as it shot down my throat. Then he backed out of my throat and I could breathe again as he filled my mouth with the rest of his load. I felt the cock in my ass begin to go soft and he pulled out of me and slapped my ass. The man in my mouth pulled out as well.
   “Make sure you lick any sperm off my cock bitch. I like a clean cock.”
   I licked him clean.
   They stood me back up and the man that had just shot his load down my throat slapped my face hard.
   “I didn’t give you permission to look at me boy”
   My eyes dropped back to the ground.
   “ Get him up stairs, I need to fuck him.”
   They led me by my leash up to my bedroom. I saw the chains and heavy duty leather restraints that I had locked on the bed when I filled out my contract were now on top of the mattress. One of the preparations I had to make was procuring the heavy chains and leather restraints and locking them on to my King sized four poster bed. I had the bed designed when I topped my X and it was a steel framed monster with lots of steel rings around the frame the large steel post at each corner of the bed. It had been designed to be escape proof if you were locked to it.
   The men removed my handcuffs and then my nipple clamps. Pain shot through my tenderized nipples as they removed the clamps. They ordered me to get on the be and lie face down. 
   “Reach for the corners of the bed bitch.”
   As I obeyed, they quickly locked me down spread eagled on my stomach. The heavy chains pulled my body taunt with no slack to struggle with. I couldn’t move my limbs and inch.
   “Now it’s my turn.” One of them said. I knew it was the man who hadn’t had a turn at me yet.
   He climbed on top of me, pinning me down with his weight. I felt him line up his cock head with my punished asshole and without hesitation he sank his full length into my well lubricated asshole.  I felt his balls on my ass cheeks.
   “Ah yes. His hole is nice and warm.” He assured the others. He pulled his cock out so that just the head remained inside me and shoved it back in with one quick thrust. Then he began a series of long, deep thrust as he settled into his fucking rythem.
   “You like that cock inside you bitch.” He growled.
   “Yes Sir.” I panted. I knew to answer if he asked me anything and his cock filling my ass felt like heaven to be brutally honest. He fucked me hard and I thought he would never cum as his weight pinned me to my own matress. Finally I felt his cock swell inside me and he shot a huge load into my ass. Then he climbed off me.
   “Give me a whip” he ordered.
   One of his buddies handed him one of my cat of nines that I had purchased and he began flogging my ass hard with it.

To be continued
I hope this is how you post stories. If not if someone could help me out as to the proper way that would be excellent.

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formerly known as "rape.me.rough" on RD ;)

« Reply #1 on: January 10, 2014, 02:52:42 PM »

very interesting beginning.. nice read (:  emot_kiss.gif

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« Reply #2 on: February 17, 2014, 06:51:47 AM »

Nice story! I like
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« Reply #3 on: May 18, 2014, 06:10:18 AM »

Nice story very well written, love the details.

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« Reply #4 on: July 18, 2014, 04:06:04 AM »

[col emot_penis.gif emot_penis.gif emot_penis.gif emot_penis.gif emot_penis.gif emot_penis.gif emot_penis.gif ani_bond2.gif :ani_bond2.gif:or=yellow][/color]

                              This is a very hot story! Glad its not my ass!
                                                    x3 cum on.  me!

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« Reply #5 on: May 02, 2016, 06:20:48 AM »

Great story, thank you!
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