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Author Topic: My Favorite Coffee Shop  (Read 3221 times)

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Diminishing to reality

« on: August 15, 2013, 10:48:57 AM »

I had promised myself I could and would control it but it was becoming more and more difficult.  I found myself walking the malls, grocery stores, loitering in parking lots, anywhere that I could watch women.  Not that there was a shortage of them, I was just very particular.  So luckily for them, I hadn't seen anything that sparked my interest, which at first made me think that I was in control.

It had been about two months since my last time and I soon realized that I was getting incredibly frustrated and as old habits die hard, I returned to the very first scam I had used.  I would browse the newspaper, checking the 'for sale' ads.  It was an old scam but it worked well enough.  I would call the numbers in the ads and ask all the right questions until I found a lady at home - alone.  Then pay her a visit to buy what she was selling and if I liked what I saw, I would take what I wanted too.

I stopped at a coffee shop that I knew was frequented by the local strip mall employees.  A good place to eye up the bank tellers on their breaks while I browsed the paper and filled up on caffeine.  Before I even got to place my order I noticed this young lady, sitting alone, engrossed in a book.

She seemed to be a petite young thing, maybe 25 years old.  From my first glance I could only see above her table and her top looked like it had a fairly open neckline.  That got my attention but it was already too busy to see much more.  I got my coffee and paper and spotted an empty table in the corner of the shop, perfect for viewing the whole place.  I hurried over and sat down, quickly adjusting the paper so I could peer over the top without being noticed.

The young lady with the book was sitting sideways to me about three tables away and I had a wonderful unobstructed view and unless she turned around she would never even know I could see her.  I instantly knew I didn't need to bother with the want ads.  To my delight, her top was snug to her pert breasts but what really caught my attention was that it was actually a dress she was wearing. It seemed to come just above her knees, her well toned legs were curled up under her chair and she had on a pair of rather dressy, delicately strapped high heels.

 She seemed slightly out of place, but I was not one to complain. I could feel myself already reacting to her. As the minutes went by I enjoyed the show as she adjusted herself several times in her chair; stretching her legs out in front of herself, turning in her chair, crossing and uncrossing her legs, dangling and wiggling her high heels.  She had me captivated and I began to get the feeling that somehow she knew I was watching her and everything she did was for my benefit.  Teasing me.  Taunting me.  Tempting me.

I noticed she was frequently looking at her watch then would look around the shop then stretch her neck to peer out to the parking lot while she scanned back and forth.  She was waiting for someone! Of course! That would explain her attire.  I surmised she was waiting for someone.  Waiting for a guy – a date.  And a lucky man he must be, I thought, instantly feeling a wave of jealously. For the next 45 minutes I watched her from behind my newspaper, filled with anger, convinced that she was flirting with me all while waiting for another man.  My skin was crawling and my unfulfilled needs took over.

 My heart was racing and my stomach started to knot in anticipation and hope that her date was not showing up.  Luckily my hard-on had subsided when it looked like she was getting ready to leave. She had looked around again, presumably for whomever she was meeting, or should I say, was supposed to meet.  I was able to get up without a noticeable bulge and got out of the shop before she did and hurried over to my truck.  My hands were shaking as I lit up a cigarette trying to calm my nerves.

When she finally walked out I watched where she was headed and again, luckily, she was angled just slightly away and couldn't see me as I approached.  She went between a van and her car and I could hear her unlock her door and open it.  Just as I got to the corner of the van she was closing her door but I managed to catch a short glimpse of her left leg as she moved it inside, her dress hiked up and exposed most of it.  I nearly panicked; the urge to grab her was overwhelming.  I was about to rush up and pull her door open when at the last moment I noticed a 'For Sale' sign in her back window.

Instantly a plan formed in my mind and I tried to relax the tension on my face.  I tapped on her window.  She hadn't seen me yet and she was startled but I put on my best innocent look and she even smiled slightly and rolled her window down.  She hadn't had time to compose herself and I had to contain myself from enjoying the view.  Her dress was rolled up her thighs and the top of her dress was puckered, exposing more cleavage than she would like, I suspect.  I smiled at her then pointed toward the sign in her window, pretending I wasn’t interested in how she was displayed.

She seemed to relax but quickly adjusted her dress to a more modest appearance.  I lied, telling her that I had been looking for this exact type of car and that I ran a business, refurbishing them and that I might be interested in it.  From our brief conversation it was obvious she didn't know much about cars in general so I was able to string her along.  She seemed to be getting impatient when I couldn't help but look down at her outstretched legs and I saw her frown.  I raised my eyebrows and smiled as I complimented her dress and she awkwardly thanked me as she rolled up the window.  I stepped back as she pulled out of the parking stall and drove toward an exit. I memorized the number on her sign then when I was confident she couldn't see me I ran to my truck and got ready to follow her.

Staying a discrete distance away I was able to follow her until she drove up to a house with a long driveway.  As her car disappeared along the side of the house I drove past and could see the door to a double garage opening up and she was driving inside.  I drove up a few houses, turned around and went past hers again.  This time the garage door was closed.  I waited about five minutes then dialed her phone number from my cell.  She picked up right away and I told her I had seen her for sale sign.  She sounded excited this time and answered a few of my lame questions.  Then I told her that I needed to know something specific about the car and that there is a number under the hood that I needed to know.  I gave her a story about offering more money if the car had a certain number on it.

She was more than willing to check for me and I convinced her to check right then and that I would wait.  She told me she had a cordless phone and would check.  I could tell she was walking as she talked and could hear the wind over the phone as she got outside.  I got out of my truck and started up her driveway when I heard her open and close the pedestrian door to the garage.  I talked her through what to look for as I walked up her drive and quickly studied the rear of the house.  The screen door was still closing on its piston so I hurried and caught it before it made a sound.  I slipped inside the house and eased the door closed as I continued to talk, stalling for time.

The house sounded completely silent and I was sure no one else was home.  A quick survey of the shoe matt at the door revealed all women's shoes so I was even happier.  I quickly looked around the house to get an idea of the layout then having finished with my instructions told her I would call her back with my answer.  I stepped into the bathroom and moved the door away from the wall just enough to conceal me then reached over the vanity and unscrewed both light bulbs.  I flipped the switch on to be sure the lights would not work.  I could hear the hood of her car slam shut then a few seconds later I could hear her heels clicking on the pavement just before the door opened.  Her heels were even louder on the tiled kitchen floor then she switched on the stereo and loud music began to play.

My hands were shaking again as I heard her walking around and I began to plan my move.  Every time she walked by the door I could smell her perfume, could hear her heels clicking on the floor and the subtle but unmistakable sound of her dress sliding over her hose clad legs with each step. My hard-on had returned with a vengeance and I hoped the odour of my cigarettes wouldn't give me away.  Luckily the sound of the stereo was enough to mask my breathing that was getting very deep and I was very nearly moaning with excitement.

She stopped just outside the bathroom door and I could swear I heard her sniff the air and mutter something under her breath. Then the sound of her heels became louder than ever. She walked into the bathroom and her hand slipped up the wall. The light switch snapped but the room stayed dark. "What the fuck?" she mumbled.

Her perfume was intoxicating and I could even feel her body heat as she stepped back and looked up at her dark light fixture.  She nearly bumped into me and my cock was throbbing.  I think she finally sensed my presence because she started to turn around at the same time she muttered "What the hell?"

I put one hand around her face and covered her mouth. Her breath was warm as she screamed into my fingers while I wrapped my other arm around her waist and pulled her against me.  I buried my face in the crook of her neck and breathed in deeply filling my senses with her scent.  I couldn't help but groan with pleasure as I felt the soft skin of her neck, listened to her stifled scream, felt her lips on my palm and felt her ass squirming against my groin.  Her arms were flailing trying to grab at my hand so I spun her around in the dark and pushed her face first to the wall, grabbed both her wrists and pinned them up over her head.

Her screams were loud with the acoustics of the bathroom but I didn't care.  I smelled her hair as I suckled her neck and pressed my straining hard-on against her ass. Her dress slipped back and forth over her pantyhose, sliding up each time I rocked my hips. I let go of her wrists and roamed my hands down over her body.  Her dress was very smooth and silky and it moved easily over her skin as I groped her firm little body, down her sides and hips to her legs.  I enjoyed the feeling of her hose and pressed my knees between her legs to spread them apart.  I touched them as far down as I could reach then back up and pulled her dress up over her ass.  I cupped her firm cheeks then pressed my hands around in front of her and felt the heat radiating from between her legs.

She was pushing against the wall but I outweighed her so much that she wasted her strength.  I could tell she wasn't wearing any panties under her pantyhose as I pressed my fingers down into her crotch.  She was hot and damp, the hose getting slick as I pressed them into her groove.  Her scream rang out louder than ever so I drove my shoulders into her, knocking the wind from her and quieting her groans.  With her dress falling back down over my hands I moved up over her belly and cupped her braless breasts, kneading them in my hands and feeling her little nipples get hard.

She sucked a breath and I could feel her mustering some strength so I leaned on her again.  My cock was so hard it hurt but I couldn't stop rubbing myself against her backside while I suckled on the nape of her neck and breathed into her ear, telling her how much I appreciated how she had been teasing me.  Unfortunately from the string of foul curses she groaned out I figured she was not impressed.

I couldn't take it anymore and picked her up in one arm while I cupped her mouth and carried her out of the bathroom down the hallway and into what was the biggest bedroom.  Her muffled screams of realization were wonderful as I got to the edge of the bed and fell onto it with her.  Trapped face down under me I was able to grope her even more.  I pushed her dress up over her hips and grabbed the waist of her pantyhose. She squirmed intensely, clawing at the bedding, trying to pull herself away from me.

Her pleas were getting more and more desperate as I slipped my hands into the panty then folded it down over itself creating makeshift handles that I used to jerk them down, exposing her tight little ass.  When I moved my hands along the waist toward the front and pulled it down too, her screams turned into cries of horror and she tried to buck me off. That actually felt good, her knees digging into the bed and trying to lift made her bare ass press against my crotch quite nicely.

I reached up and grabbed a handful of her soft wavy hair and pulled hard, her hands instinctively coming up to her head and her knees giving out.  With my free hand I unbuckled my belt and unsnapped my jeans before tugging at the zipper.  Finally she started to plead to God and begged me not to.  I let go of her hair and planted my knees into the mattress then flipped her over to see her pretty face, bright red from straining, tears streaming from her eyes and bubbles of saliva stretching between her lips as she realized who I was and she cursed me again. I quickly repositioned my knees so they were between hers then lay down flat against her so her hands could do no damage.

I grabbed both sides of her head and kissed her face, her ears, her neck as she pounded on my back and tried to pull my hair.  I only had to close my fists in her hair and her hands moved up to pull them away.  Meanwhile, all her squirming was helping me wiggle my pants down.  I kept one hand in her hair, pulling tight, while I used the other to tug my jeans down then switched hands and pulled on the other side, alternating until they were down to my knees.  I could feel her legs rubbing against mine as I slipped my underwear off my hard on and let it lay on her belly, which felt surprisingly cool compared to the heat of my cock.

I pushed my mouth onto hers knowing her scream would be loud as soon as she felt my bare organ on her.  I was right and feeling her yell into my mouth was fabulous.  Her breath was warm and sweet save the hint of salt from her tears.  I was wet with pre-cum and slid easily over her smooth belly as I rocked my hips up and down.  I reached down and grabbed myself in my fist and guided it down between her obviously completely shaved pussy and quickly found her lips.

I could feel that she was wet, either from the book she was reading or maybe thinking about fucking her no-show date, but I preferred to believe it was that she liked what I was doing.  The head of my cock quickly nestled up to what would prove to be her very tight opening.  I couldn't wait.  With my fist I pushed myself into her, breaching that small hole, then with no way for her to remove it I grabbed her arms and held them down, pressed myself up and looked into her glistening eyes as I grinned.  I pushed myself into her completely with the first stroke.  Her head rolled back and she howled out.  It felt like I was fucking a tightly clenched fist lined with velvet.

I let her know just how good it felt before I pulled back out.  She gasped and cursed me some more before pleading for me to stop.  I paused, nearly popping out of her then my mouth curled and shook my head as I matter-of-factly said, "No".  I was already so aroused that I immediately broke into the most frantic pace of penetration I could muster.  Her screams were reduced to short huffs of exhaled breath as I was slapping against her so hard.  Her knees were sliding over my sides and the sensation of her sheer hose on my skin was adding to my pleasure.  I could feel myself welling up but had to stop to catch a breath.  That gave her time to renew her struggles and curses of hatred which both felt and sounded wonderful.

I collapsed on top of her; both to shut her up and to conserve some energy.  I took that time to feel her firm breasts again, pulling at her tiny, rock hard nipples before I reached down to pull her knees up higher and hook my arms behind them.  I lifted my head and relished the look of fear on her face then I returned to my piston like attack.  With her legs in their new position it made her even tighter which felt so good.  I worked myself inside again and started to get into a rhythm which only lasted a handful of seconds before I got primal and began to pound into her hard and fast once again.

Her hands were swinging at me again so I grabbed them and pinned them down then stared into her eyes as I felt it.  I could barely keep my eyes open as the warmth rushed through my body and my thighs tensed up.  My belly pressed down into hers and my back muscles tightened hard as rock then my cock exploded into her and I kept thrusting into that tight velvety hole as I came over and over.  Even after I had nothing left I kept pumping until I was numb.

She had long since stopped screaming and now only sobbed.  My nerve endings were so annihilated that I nearly pissed in her so I pulled out with a loud pop from her hot smooth pussy.  Her sobs got guttural as I pushed myself away from her and stared down at her curling up into a fetal position.  Her dress rolled up around her ribs, her hose down around her knees and the heels of her shoes punctured through the bedspread.

I pulled myself together and couldn't resist touching her firmly muscled calf but as soon as my fingers touched her she flinched violently and pulled her knees to her chest, dislodging her shoes from the bedding and she sobbed louder.  I grabbed her by the ankles and pulled her to the edge of the bed then grasped her by the cheeks.  She winced and tried to turn away.

"Do I need to fuck up your pretty face? Or are you going to stay put until I'm gone?" I growled into her ear.

Through her convulsing sobs she bubbled, "Stay put".

I pushed her back onto the bed and she curled up into a ball, hugging a pillow as she bawled.

"Good girl" I said as picked up the phone on her night table and yanked the cord from the handset then hurried back out to my truck and drove off.  My frustration was finally and more than adequately relieved but I knew it wouldn't be long before I visited my new  favorite coffee shop again.
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« Reply #1 on: August 29, 2013, 07:08:56 PM »

Loved this story from beginning to end:)!

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« Reply #2 on: September 08, 2013, 05:27:05 AM »

very good !

« Reply #3 on: September 12, 2013, 09:10:41 AM »

I enjoyed the story thanks ravishfan, specially the detailed buildup to the attack - nice foreplay!

« Reply #4 on: December 30, 2016, 05:20:27 PM »

I enjoyed his story very much   emot_kiss.gif
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