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Author Topic: CAGED  (Read 215670 times)

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Jia Malik returned to consciousness to find herself lying on her back on a large mattress naked and her previously virgin ass impaled by a large Black man, equally naked, who lay under her, one hand sneaking around her thin body to pinch her left nipple.

Another man knelt between her spread legs, his tongue lapping leisurely along her hairless snatch and flicking her engorged clit. She was surprised to find herself holding on to two stiff penises in her hands, even as one of the men sucked on her tiny right tit, chewing the nipple and causing it to stiffen.

Jia would have protested but yet another man, Mr. Ranal’s cock filled her mouth while his hands, tangled in her loose, dark hair, moved her head back and forth as he pumped himself in and out of her hot, wet mouth.

The morning had started out bad, and had only gotten worse.

“She’ll do. I’ll take her. Tell M’Gomba I’ll come around tomorrow to work out the details.” Jia Malik shuddered inwardly at the memory of the man last night, what had Mina called him, Mr. Ranal? He had said it after raping her mouth.

She had no idea what had transpired overnight, only that early in the morning Mina had entered her room and ordered her to bathe and shave herself.

Expecting to again be molested by the Sapphic Dominatrix, she was surprised that she was left alone to bathe and given a certain amount of privacy.

She emerged to find Mina waiting with clothes, consisting of a simple white cotton short-sleeve blouse, knee-length blue cotton skirt, white cotton camisole and panties, white knee socks and incongruously, black heels.

“Get dressed” she said curtly “You are going on a trip and you won’t be coming back. All I can say is that if you value that pale skin of yours, you would do well to learn obedience quickly.”

Once dressed, Mina pulled Jia’s dark hair into a simple ponytail. With her thin, petite figure and dressed as a schoolgirl, Jia looked much younger than she was, and she guessed that was by intent. Her wrists were cuffed behind her back, and a short jacket placed over her shoulders.

M’Gomba was neither present to bid her farewell, nor Ranal present to take possession. Rather she was placed wordlessly in the back of a limo and driven to the airport, where a sleek private jet waited. The driver turned her over to a crewman who wordlessly led her into the lavish passenger compartment, refused to respond to any of her questions as he strapped her, still restrained, into her seat before taking his own seat and strapping in.

During take-off and the flight, he had creeped her out as he stared at her with hungry eyes, but made no overt moves to molest her. Still, his eyes were unnerving, as if he was seeing her naked, or at least imagining it.

Jia had no idea how long they were in the air, or any knowledge of their destination, but she estimated that it must have been several hours until she felt the jet making its descent. She thought she glimpsed a slice of coastline before they landed on a runway carved out of the jungle which bordered the airfield.

Her restraints were removed, and then a blindfold was applied, taking away her sight. A firm hand grasped her arm, and guided her from the aircraft, and she could feel an almost tropical heat as they left the air-conditioned jet.

Jia was guided down the steps and onto the tarmac where she was handed over, literally handed over, to another man as a voice said “Sign here” and she heard a pen scratching on paper, and then she was guided to what she assumed was another vehicle.

Guided onto an upholstered seat, Jia was belted in, and a hand copped a feel of her small breast, then doors were slammed and the vehicle set off. Sightless, her fatigue and the hypnotizing hum of the engine caused her to doze off.

She came alert when the vehicle came to a stop, but she had no idea how much time had passed. Then the door was open and she was helped out of the car. It was awkward walking in the heels that she wore.

She almost fell as she was led down several flights of stairs, her heels making a metallic sound on the steps, and the air smelled dank and stale. A basement? She heard the murmur of male voices that stopped as she entered the room. The air was chilly, the silence oppressive.

A familiar voice said “Here she is boys, as promised.” Was that Mr. Ranal?

“Not much of her, is there?” she heard a raspy male voice laugh.

“She’s a pretty little thing, but her body looks like a young girl’s” a different voice observed.

“Her clothes cover way too much of her. I think that maybe beneath all those ugly rags, there’s a sweet body” yet another, accented voice said. How many were there, Jia wondered anxiously.

“Let’s get her naked then and have a look” one of the others said

“The bitch hardly has any tits at all” yet another one of the men complained.

“You aren’t going to be fucking her tits, man” deep voice chortled, squeezing her small, tight ass through the skirt

Jia was pushed against a wall, her heels pulled off, and her arms pulled up over her head toward the ceiling and her wrists tightly secured.  

“AAAAHHHH,” she groaned as she was forced up onto her toes.

“I want to look into her eyes as we strip her” deep voice said, and light blinded her as the blindfold was removed. As her eyes adjusted, she saw with some horror, that she was in a windowless basement with Ranal and four other men, all dressed in black tee-shirts and camouflaged pants, almost like a uniform. Ranal still wore his suit, but had removed the jacket and tie.

“Spread her legs wide and secure them. I don’t want her legs kicking out at anyone” Ranal ordered.

Jia cried out as two men grabbed her legs and forced them apart and out to her side, her skirt riding up.  Her arms were now supporting her weight, and the straps cut painfully into wrists.  

“Ohhhhhhh” Jia moaned as her legs were pulled wider apart until they were spread about three feet wide apart and the men began to attach leather cuffs to her ankles and tie them to rings in the floor.  She was now tied, helpless and spread and no one knew where she was.  Her mother and father had no idea what had become of her, and the thought made her suppress a sob.

Soon enough, she had other things to distract her.

“You have really tiny tits” Ranal teased her “you don’t mind if I have myself a feel, do you?” His hand continued to fondle her small breasts through her thin blouse.  Even though she was in her twenties, she had the tiny breasts of a young, developing teenager.  

Jia tried to twist away, but was prevented by her restraints.

“You better improve at cooperating or else I am going to beat your ass bloody. And that would be a shame as I have other things planned for that cute little butt of yours” he laughed. We plan to fuck you whether you cooperate or not, it doesn’t make much of a difference to us.”

Both of Ranal’s hands returned to her breasts, grasping them in his hands.  They were so small that he was able to completely encircle them in his hands.  Ranal tightened his grip, forcing her to groan as her breasts were cruelly squeezed and groped.  

Jia turned red in humiliation as he began to jiggle her tiny breasts up and down under her blouse, the other men laughing at the humiliated expression on her face as her tiny tits were fondled. But she remained motionless, unmoving as she was abused.

“That’s a good cunt,” he said. “There might be hope for you yet. Now let’s show the boys those tiny tits of yours.”

Jia’s pretty face flushed pink as his fingers, starting at the top button, moved slowly down the front of her thin blouse. He watched the humiliation spread across her face as each button came open and she was undressed in front of the men.  

Ranal reached the bottom button and pulled it up and out from the waist of her skirt.  Her plain cotton camisole was now revealed to all the men, her small breasts barely tenting the fabric.  Jia felt a jerk as her blouse was ripped and torn away from her body, the shredding cotton hissing as it came apart.

Ranal’s hands returned to her small breasts, again squeezing them harshly through the thin cotton.  He could feel her fat nipples becoming erect under his rough treatment of her breasts.

“It would appear your nipples like the abuse,” he chuckled and he grasped her nipples through her camisole, earning a groan of pain from Jia as he harshly pinched them.

“Get her top off, we want to see her tits,” one of the men yelled.

“Ask me nicely to take your top off and show your tits, cunt” Ranal sneered.

“Please, t..take off my…my top and…show them my breasts” she stuttered fearfully.

SLAP! “I said “tits” you brainless cow. Try again” he ordered.

Stiffling a sob, Jia said “Please, take off my top and…show them my t..tits” she said, face crimson

“Better” he said nodding as he pulled her camisole out from the center, tugging it away from her body.  Jia’s eyes went wide as she watched him insert what looked to be a razor and slice open the front of her camisole from neck to hem, easily shredding the cotton. Jia could feel it tear apart as it was cruelly pulled it away from her breasts.  He quickly sliced open both shoulder straps and she gasped as he pulled the ruined garment from her body, leaving her small breasts naked for all of them to leer at.

For their small size, Jia’s nipples were large, and the aureole were dark brown, capping her petite breasts.  His hands reached out as her nipples, this time naked, were again firmly grasped.

“OOOOWWW, Pleeeeasssse” she moaned, “that hurts…. too much,” gasped Jia, but she could tell that her begging only excited them more. Her nipples were tugged away from her body, twisted and pinched as Jia was forced to endure the mean punishment.  Another man went over to her other side and began to abuse her other breast, tugging and twisting, as Jia, topless, squirmed under the dual assault.

Ranal and the other man began to forcefully pinch and slap at her small breasts, switching from one to the other, so that her breasts began to turn red from the abuse and her nipples began to ache from being pulled and twisted.  

Their hands abused every inch of her breasts, forcing Jia to squirm and moan in pain. Fingers flicked at her erect nipples, abusing the sensitive nubs, garnering an almost sensual pain.

Ranal knelt and his hand began to teasingly glide up between Jia’s legs, sliding higher under her skirt.  Her spread legs allowed him access to her unprotected cunt.  “You have very pretty legs, bitch. Much better than your tiny tits” Ranal said as his hand moved higher up, raising her skirt.  The other guard began to run his hand up her other leg.  

Jia blushed bright red in humiliation as she was gradually stripped naked in front of five strange men, while bound spread open and helpless to prevent it.  

Ranal reached the bottom of her panty-covered pussy and began to tease his fingers under the legband of her panties, earning a shocked gasp as he touched the sensitive flesh.

“Not therrrrrrrrrrreeeeee” Jia begged

“Jamal, get her skirt off…. and don’t worry about ripping it” he instructed the man next to him, “She won’t be needing clothes again for quite some time.”

“No STOP!” Jia shouted as Jamal, a large Black man, grasped the waist of her skirt in his large, rough hands and roughly yanked at the waist. With a tear, Jia’s skirt tore open and fell to lay in tatters at her feet.  Her white cotton panties were now the only clothing she had remaining.

Jia moaned and closed her eyes as she felt Ranal place his hands at the waist of her underwear and begin to pull her thin underwear down her spread legs until they could go no further.  Ranal yanked hard on the panties and they tore open and fell to lay crumpled on the floor.

“Please, don’t hurt me,” begged Jia, but she knew that they would continue to do what they wanted with her.  She could feel Ranal and the other men staring at her naked, bound body.  It seemed so long ago that she was home safe in her home in Pakistan, a good daughter and serious student.

Ranal’s large hands moved toward her open pussy and Jia cringed, fearful as he touched her naked pussy. Jia’s pussy, once covered with a nest of fine dark hairs was now hairless and bald, fully displaying her thin pussy lips to the men.  Ranal grabbed her pussy lips with two fingers of each hand and began to spread her lips wider apart.

“What a tight little pussy she has” remarked the blond man, leering at the young girl. Jia was ashamed at the way they had stripped her naked, then forgot all about being embarrassed as Ranal forced her pussy lips wider and wider apart, opening her pink pussy for all to see.

The man with the deep voice extended a finger and flicked her now fully exposed clit, and Jia jerked against her restraints.

His intruding finger then remained motionless for a moment. A grin flashed over the man's face. Then, in an instant, he started frigging Jia with his digit, applying pressure to her vaginal wall as he did so. At the same time, she felt pressure being applied by his thumb to her clit, which much to her consternation and humiliation was beginning to throb from arousal.

The man was masturbating her, the poor, helpless girl realized. As soon as Jia realized what he was doing, she began to uselessly struggle, but any real resistance was prevented by her restraints.

She blushed beet red as she was finger-fucked in front of the other men.

"St- stop!" Jia exclaimed, with as much authority as she could muster – her voice trembling, "You ... you can't do this!"
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"St- stop!" Jia Malik exclaimed, with as much authority as she could muster – her voice trembling, "You ... you can't do this!" she protested, blushing beet red as she was finger-fucked in front of the other men.

“Oh, but we can, little dove” Ranal assured her laughing, “you now belong to me.”

Let’s move her to the table, Jefe” the man with the accent said, and Jia noted for the first time a massive wooden table  with several metal rings embedded at the top and bottom, and padded with a thin mattress.

Eyes wide in fear now, she began to struggle as the man with the accent began to release her, until Jamal swatted her sharply on the ass. “Be still, bitch” he growled.

Jia began to beg in a trembling voice “Please…don’t….I can’t….no, please”

Jamal picked up her cotton camisole from her discarded pile of clothes, tore it between two hands and rolled it into a band and forcing it into Jia's mouth in a quick motion before she became aware of what he intended, and tied tightly it behind the back of her head.

“See, now you isn’t naked no more” he chuckled

"Mmmmmpppppfffff" , groaned muffled by the makeshift gag. Pedro and worked quickly to unhandcuff her wrists, then hustled the trembling young girl to the table.

Not again, thought Jia wearily, as she became aware of her own growing arousal, even as her abuse intensified. Jamal, now completely naked to her shock, got onto the table on his back, his long black dick now rigid and said “Lube her up and bring her over. I’m gonna take me that virgin ass, afore you others get to it” he chuckled.

Any arousal Jia had been feeling evaporated as she heard the words “take her virgin ass” and she began to struggle so violently that “deep voice” called “Hey Hans, give me a hand and hold the little bitch.”

The blond man hurried over and took the thin, naked girl in a bear hug, immobilizing her.

The accented man, Anwar, leered into Jia’s shocked face as he pulled on a rubber glove, and applied lubricant to his index finger.

“Bend her over” he ordered and Hans pushed her face down over the edge of the table and Anwar stepped behind Jia's legs and ass. Before Jia could mentally prepare herself, she felt his fat finger firmly rubbing around the edge of her asshole for a second or two, lubricating her before pushing it into the teenager's ass.

"MMMMMPPPPPPPPHHHHH” Jia screamed into her gag as she was indelicately penetrated

Jia felt the inside of her ass being stretched by the giant man's probing finger. The pain itself was tolerable, but she felt utterly ashamed and defeated as the awareness that there was, now, no part of her body that was inviolate, took hold.

She had no privacy left. What was worse, was the fact that she was beginning to feel so aroused she was straining not to push her hips back against the invading finger.

What was wrong with her, she wondered miserably? She began to cry, silently into to the camisole tied between her jaws as the man behind her casually prodded around in her asshole.

“That should do it” Anwar said, withdrawing his finger. She could only comply meekly, as if in a trance, as he ordered her to get onto the heavy table beside the prone Black man. She knelt there on all fours.

“No, you stupid fucking cow. Straddle Jamal and face his feet.” Anwar ordered her, and ashamed, and excited, by her helplessness, she did as she was told, climbing carefully over Jamal to sit on his chest facing the men.

Now all the men, except for Ranal were totally naked, and Jia gasped as hands gripped her shoulders and pulled her backwards until she was lying flat atop Jamal, looking up at Mr. Ranal’s stiff penis waving over her face. He untied her gag, and tossed it aside, freeing her mouth for other purposes.

Jia huffed, her hips rising involuntarily as she felt something prodding at her anus, and she gasped in horror as she realized it was Jamal’s cock.

“Oh my God, noooo” Jia cried out in panic, “Not THERE! Please, that is …UMMMMMPPPPP” she gulped as Ranal’s cock shoved into her mouth.

“UUUMMMMHHHIIIIIIIIII” Jia moaned around the cock in her mouth as Jamal’s hard rod slid deeper inside her nether passage, stretching her to the point that she hardly noticed as the deep voiced man, Vic, took her right hand and placed it around his dick, moving it up and down its length.

“Give us a nice wank, love” Vic said as he bent over to bite her right nipple. Jamal, meanwhile had reached around to pinch and tug on her other nipple and Hans had also tugged her left hand to his penis.

Now Anwar was spreading her legs and bowing his head and extending his tongue and she shivered in anticipation as he took a long leisurely lick along her hairless groove, earning a muffled “Ummmmmm” from the impaled young Pakistani.

Jamal chose that moment to forcefully thrust his hips up, burying himself deep up her ass, and, her brain overloaded by multiple sensations, Jia fainted.

Jia Malik returned to consciousness to find herself being assaulted by five men and wondered why Allah would have such a fate befall her.

Jia felt Ranal’s cock pushing past her lips, and Jia began to tentatively lick at Ranal's manhood, her mouth limply clasped around the end of his engorged prick. She was nothing but a whore to these filthy pigs, who paid to have total control over her body.

Jia felt the dick slip free of her mouth and she struggled to regain contact. What a pathetic sight she must make. “Ummmm” she groaned as Anwar’s tongue flicked her clit, and she unconsciously squeezed the cocks in her hands.

“That’s the girl” Vic encouraged her, “You’re a natural for a slut.”

She blushed at his words, and then started to gag a little as Ranal’s cock pushed deeper into her mouth and, trying not to gag, Jia took as much of him as she could manage into her mouth. She started to slide her mouth obscenely back and forth, trying to stimulate him as much as she could.

Ranal grunted in appreciation, moaning “You have improved since last night, slut” and Jia blushed, both from his words and at the memories from last night. She continued to bob her head up and down, stuffing the cock into her mouth. Her eyes teared up, both from the effort, and at the humiliation.

Just then, she became aware of teeth gently biting and tugging her right nipple, and a hand confidently fondling her tits. she felt a shameful pang of arousal at the contact of his hands with her erect nipples and the crude possessiveness this suggested, by the man who was, she remembered, her new “owner” wave of heat flowing through her at the thought.

Vic manipulated the young girl's tits with expertise and Jia, impaled on her back on the table and her mouth filled with Ranal's cock, was in no position to complain, and Jia now found, much to her distress, that she had to not only focus on pleasuring the men but also to concentrate on not giving way to her own increasing arousal.

Anwar’s actions made that impossible. He placed his tongue on her clit and left it there, pressing gently. His tongue lightly rubbed against her clit. This was too much, and Jia, desperate for some relief, started to rub her pussy against his face.

Anwar lifted his mouth and moved his hand up to hungrily cup her pubic mound, his fingers tracing the tight, bare slit.

“Uuuuuugggghhhh!” she gasped as his fingers went to work on the soft, tender lips of her vagina, gently tugging them apart and running his finger over her tight vaginal slit. Her buttocks twitched and tensed with each manipulation of his finger, making Jamal groan under her and her began to hump her, driving deeper into her tightly clasping ass.

Jia was screaming now, begging him to stop as she squirmed her naked flesh writhing, completely at his mercy. Her face was wet with tears and her whole body trembled, yet she could not deny that a strange, warm sensation was beginning to stir in her loins, a warmth that was uncomfortably familiar to her.

Hans’ mouth closed down on her breasts again and nibbled a bit more violently this time, pulling at her nipples with his teeth until she thought that they would pull free from her breasts. He sucked a bit harder and harder, stretching her tiny tits out, holding them with his teeth and lips, then letting them free, only to bite them again as she squirmed and groaned.

Anwar’s thumb was now rubbing over the sensitive nub of her clitoris, forcing it into stiff erectness again, pushing and pulling it back and forth, teasing it, until Jia moaned, aroused by raging fire between her legs, which was involuntarily growing hotter and hotter.

Her head was so dizzy that the only thing she could think about was the gnawing hunger that was spreading through her loins, into her belly, up to her breasts…

“Ooooohhhh!” she whimpered. “Oooohhhhh!”

Shortly, she felt Ranal's cock twitch. Was he going to...Oh my God! Jia’s mind recoiled as, with his cock buried in her throat, she felt him begin to spurt hot jets of semen, filling her mouth. Ranal groaned happily as he emptied himself and Jia felt herself gagging, but then gasped, distracted by Anwar’s assault on her spread-open pussy.

Slowly, carefully, Anwar pressed his middle finger deeper into her smooth damp pussy, wiggling it sensuously, letting the warm throbbing walls close around his digit. She squirmed violently, feeling the thin mattress rub against her soft, white ass, but she writhed trying to ignore her rising excitement, which proved difficult as he began a steady, pumping motion, finger-fucking the near-virgin.

Jia’s small breasts were flawless mounds of white flesh, each topped with puffy tan areolae no larger than quarters, and fat, stiff nipples. Vic sucked on one, while Hans sucked on the other, as Jamal now used both hands to hold her as he fucked her ass in rhythm with Anwar’s fingering.

Jia’s clit was swollen and ached with pleasure as two of Anwar's fingers pushed up into her cunt as he slowly and deliberately finger-fucked her and she squirmed, her thighs getting wet as her arousal grew. She bit her lip, determined not to humiliate herself by cumming.

Even as Jamal’s cock steadily hammered deep in her ass, Jia’s body began reacting to Anwar’s teasing of her pussy and clit. She began fucking him back, anxious to be finished, by meeting each of Jamal’s forceful thrusts by jerking her hips back forcing his hard cock even deeper into her rectal walls.

She grunted and groaned as her anus contacted to cramp and throb. Her body shuddered now in pain and something else. She clenched her pussy to intensify his arousal and evade her own.

With each compression, she was milking Jamal's cock buried deep in her ass. They both moaned as his throbbing prick exploded, filling her rear passage with his thick, vicious fluid.

Jamal, spent, eased out from under her, and Jia squealed as hard hands grabbed her, and turned her onto her belly, her violated ass now exposed as she was lifted so that she knelt on all fours.

Anwar now mounted the table behind her as Hans got on to kneel before her, his angry red prick rubbing her cheek.

Jia saw that Mr. Ranal had rearranged his clothing and was now taking photos of her rape, then cried out “OHHHH” as Anwar moved her knees wider apart.

Anwar slapped her ass, the spread her cheeks and ran a finger up and down her crack toward her pussy. He heard her intake of breath and he could feel that her pussy was dripping wet. He roughly fingered her wet cunt again earning an embarrassed groan in pleasure and even more of her pussy juices leaked out. He could see her cute anus pucker a bit as he continued to push three fingers in and out of her dripping pussy.

Hans rubbed his throbbing cockhead over Jia’s lips which remained tightly closed. Smiling cruelly, he pinched her nose closed forcing Jia’s mouth to open to breathe. Taking advantage of this, he pushed his dick in her open mouth.

As he slid his shaft into her mouth, he tugged on her dark hair and snarled “You better suck me good, whore.”

Closing her eyes, she tasted him as she began to suck on his stiff cock, one hand coming up to hand grip his thick rod near the base. Keeping her eyes closed, she put everything she could into that blowjob, trying her best to make him cum as she sucked and licked his still growing shaft.

Meanwhile, Anwar had withdrawn his fingers from Jia’s quim, and took hold of his penis to guide it to her dripping gash. He reached around her with his other hand to pull her back as his hips started thrusting forward, his cock penetrating her tight labia and sliding into her wet pussy.

Jia groaned as she was fucked from behind, his thrusts shoving her mouth over Hans’ cock. The head of his penis hit the back of her throat and caused her to gag. She swallowed down her nausea and sucked and licked it, her teeth lightly scraping the top and bottom of his cock causing him to moan.

With little else to do, Vic slapped Jia’s ass in rhythm with Anwar’s thrusts, further distracting the young girl from her dual violation. Occasionally, he reached under her to tug viciously on a nipple and was rewarded with a muffled moan.

Faster and harder Anwar pumped into her from behind and she did her best to go along with him and let him fuck her, as if she had a choice she thought bitterly as her body rocked with his thrusts. His thick penis stretched her lips as he plunged in and out of her. Jia dropped her hand to study herself, his cock still in her mouth.

A shamed groan escaped her lips as she sensed that Hans was nearing his climax, as she could feel his prick begin to tremble, a sign he was getting close. His last plunge nearly made her gag again, but she held on as he erupted, hot semen coating the back of her mouth. His body stiffened as his cock pumped more spurts of semen into her mouth and it was all she could do to swallow the hot, salty cum.

Her subconscious was aware of the steady “click…click…click” of the digital camera as every detail of her violation and degradation was captured digitally for future generations. She sobbed, imagining what her parents would think if they saw her being sexually used by five men, and tears rolled down her cheeks, her distress amusing the men.

Jia was distressed as she could feel her pussy reacting as Anwar fucked her from behind with his hard cock and she moaned, as he roughly shoved deep into her wet, clasping pussy.

Vic replaced Hans in front of her, pushing his cock between her lips as he twisted his fingers in her long dark hair. Now Jia was being fucked from the rear and sucking on a new cock in front.

After what seemed forever to the abused young girl, Anwar finally came in her pussy. He pounded into her, pulling her firm ass against him with hands gripping her hips hard. She felt his cock twitch inside her as a load of cum shot into her. She heard him grunt as he came inside her, and to her horror, she felt her pussy spasm as an orgasm flooded over her and she came.

“MMMMNNNNOOOO” she gasped around the cock filling her mouth, then fainted again.
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I'm caught up again dear Jia is certainly busy.

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Jia Malik awoke on her back, looking at an unfamiliar ceiling, it took a moment to recall that she was in a basement, but she had no idea where. She was still on a mattress covered table, she was still naked, and her body was sore in the most embarrassing places.

“Ah, I see that you have returned to the land of the living” she heard a voice say, and she sat up, covering herself with her hands as she saw Mr. Ranal, again resplendent in a tailored suit, sitting on a wooden crate, watching her. They were alone.

“Where are the other men?” Jia asked nervously.

“You miss them already?” Ranal chuckled. “I can call them back if you wish. I’m sure they’d be delighted at the prospect of spending more time with you.”

“NO” Jia said hurriedly. Then, she asked “Where are we?”

“So many questions” he teased “But I guess it makes no difference if I tell you as you won’t be here long in any event. We are in a villa outside Colon.”

“Colon?” she asked, a question in her voice.

“Colon, Republic of Panama” he answered. “Bienvenidos”

“What did you mean that I won’t be here long” she asked “Where am I going?”

“That depends on who buys you” he said.

“Buys me? You’re selling me?” she asked in a tight voice “Why buy me only to sell me?” she asked, genuinely puzzled.

“I guess the short answer is that you were a bargain. M’Gomba is a fool, and he sold you for far less than your market value. With your thin, little girl figure, if you’re dressed correctly, the perverts will turn up in droves to bid for you and I expect to make a tidy profit on you, at least double what I paid

“And how much did you pay for….” She started.

“Enough questions” he said as he stood to open the zipper of his trousers. “I have other uses for your talented mouth. Come here.”

Seeing his intent, Jia blushed and shook her head, still covering herself.

“It appears M’Gomba’s slut was correct. You shall have to learn obedience” he scowled.

Jia took a chance to attempted to dodge past him. His hand just shot out and caught her arm and that was it.

He took hold of her hair, and her hands grabbed his, trying to reduce the pressure as he tugged her over to the crate and sat down while Jia wriggled and tried to pry his hand off her arm. He flipped her thin frame face down across his knee as though she was a child and easily held her there with one hand. She squirmed on his lap as his other hand rubbed her small, smooth ass.

Her hands tried to push his hand away from her bottom. He pushed her hands aside and delivered a harsh slap to here ass.

“Owwwww. That hurt” she cried out. So did the next one, and the next one, and the next. He ignored her outraged shrieks and cries.

“Will you do as you are told” he asked mildly, halting his blows.

“Pleeeeassssse” she moaned “Stop”

Ranal delivered about a half dozen more firm slaps before Jia started sobbing softly. His hand on her back held her firmly in place so that all Jia could do was uselessly kick her legs and beg him to stop, neither of which stopped the spanking.

“Ohhhhhhh….okay, yes…I’ll do whatever you want” Jia cried. “Just stop.”

“You will do what I tell you without hesitation or you will be punished. Do you understand?"

Jia hurriedly nodded her consent but Ranal smacked her hard on her ass. "You will answer me verbally when I ask you a question," he ordered, as she gave a little shocked whimper. "Do you understand?"

"Yes." Jia replied in a trembling voice. "W-what're you going to do to me?"

"Whatever I please. And call me 'sir.'"

With one hand, Ranal reached under her to play with her small breast squeezing hard and pinching a nipple. His other hand slid between her red cheeks and her hips rose up involuntarily as his fingers gently caressed her wet lips. She kept her head down and closed her eyes.

Ranal slowly slipped a finger between tight lips to probe and he was surprised how small she was, then he teased the folds of her pussy, making it flower despite Jia's best efforts to quell her arousal.

Ranal pressed two fingers into her and twisted them around to open her a little further as the young girl’s moisture started to flow.

Then his hand was gone and he pulled her up to sit on his lap facing away and Jia gasped as something hard pressed against her wet hole. That realization came only moments before his cock prodded her nether lips, then slowly entered her and she adjusted to his thick cock even as he was surprised by how wet she was.

“All this no, no, no, and it’s like a fucking swamp between your legs” he teased the embarrassed young woman. She blushed, knowing it was true.

Ranal gently stroked his cock back and forth inside her. Very quickly however, his cock was more forcefully pumping in and out of her wetly dripping cunt, stretching her and sinking in deeply in a way that she found disturbing.

"My God, Jia your pussy is absolutely drenched!" Ranal taunted her cruelly.

Jia kept her head down in shame, mentally wishing for him to hurry up so it would end. But she realized it might never end, and, much to her chagrin and shame, she was getting turned on. She couldn't cum like this!! She would never be able to look herself in a mirror, and yet she felt the first, increasingly familiar sensations of an impending climax.

Please God, she prayed, Not that!

Grasping Jia at the waist, he lifted the thin girl up then let her down as he pumped into her, and Jia tried to limp to avoid being stimulated but found to her dismay that she was unable to hold herself completely still. Raman’s hard cock felt as though it was an electric current, sending little erotic shocks in all directions inside her tender walls, seeming to arouse her even more as her flesh, if against her will, traitorously responded.

To Jia’s horror, she became aware that there was little hope that she would be able to hold out against her rising excitement. The only way she might escape such disgrace and dishonor, Jia thought, was if she could get him to cum first, before her body yielded to its desires.

Regrettably, Jia realized that there was only one way to do that, and that was to participate in her rape, but much as she hated the idea, it was better than the alternative of climaxing for her rapist.

Biting her lip and praying to Allah to give her the mental strength to do this vile thing, Jia pushed herself down against his cock, lower lip trembling as she slid her pussy up and down over his thick rod, working to bring him off.

She shuddered as his hands tugged on her small breasts, punishing the nipples as he bucked his hips against her now-compliant thighs, and Jia heard him chuckle at her obvious arousal, even as she pretended that she wasn’t enjoying it as much as he was, but then he reasoned, that might be true.

That was too bad, Ranal thought. He would make her cum whether she wanted to or not. He had sensed from the first time he saw her that under that modest, reluctant veneer, there was a hot, sensual, and submissive woman.

Dizzy at the idea of how totally humiliating it would be if she came, Jia labored hard to preserve the few tenuous shreds of modesty she had left, as she bounced enthusiastically on his penis and tried to use her vaginal muscles to milk his cock. She knew how much
it made her look like a slut, but in her own mind, she had no choice.

Ranal, was aware of her intentions, and so he wasn't hurrying himself, working to delay his cumming while his pulsing strokes caused her pussy to flood, driving her closer to orgasm.

Jia clenched her pussy, but it was hopeless. She was going to cum. He was deliberately pushing her to have an orgasm and there was nothing Jia could do about it. Except have it.

Allah forgive her, Jia thought, but she wanted to cum, needed to cum. Then, suddenly, unexpectedly without warning, she climaxed, jerking helplessly on his lap as she was wracked with waves of sensual heat and electric pulse washing through her. She rocked and moaned, trembling with the force of her orgasm.

She was left lying back limply against him undone, trembling and dazed as he continued to pump into her until, with a grunt, he came, emptying himself in the mortified, sobbing girl.

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Who said anything about my hands being idle. I was reading your story  Roll Eyes

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I don't think reading all this there is such a thing as idle hands   *cleans toys up*  nope not idleness here  emot_rotf.gif

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Willow Indawyn sat on the bench seat wedged between Kurak, who was driving and Elan beside the passenger door. They had traded the van for a battered pick-up with 4-wheel drive and were driving south down Highway 49D.

Once Pedro had finished his “examination” and the proper notations made to her documents, they had cleared Customs and drove into Mexico. Kurak had allowed her to change out of the sheer blouse she’d been wearing into a slightly more modest black cotton “wifebeater” tee shirt that struggled to contain her full, braless breasts, but she still wore the brief denim shorts.

At the moment, Elan’s left arm was over her shoulder and was inserted down the front of Willow’s tee-shirt, cupping and squeezing her left breast. Her jean shorts were unsnapped and the zipper open so that Kurak’s right hand could finger her bare pussy while he steered with his left.

Willow’s hands rested in both their laps, grasping their cocks which they’d freed from their trousers so that she could stroke their rigid lengths. Neither of the men were unnecessarily cruel so long as she did what they told her, when they told her. If she hesitated, she was punished. If she refused, she was severely punished and ultimately was forced to obey anyways.

Willow had learned the first necessary skill in her new life; obedience. New life, she mused. Her “old” life hadn’t been that much to talk about. Counseling old, horny convicts. As for her sex life, she’d had more sex in the last week than in the past four years. Since
Devin. Just thinking his name hurt.

Willow knew what was expected of her as she clasped both cocks in her hands and began to slowly slide her hands up and down along their rigid pricks. She was going to give them a hand job but Kurak had other ideas. Withdrawing his hand from Willow’s shorts, he used his right hand to cup her behind the neck and pull her head lower, drawing it down into his lap.

Willow's eyes looked up at Kurak as she licked along the shaft of his cock which was now rock hard with anticipation, even as her other hand continued to stroke Elan’s throbbing penis. Then with a firm grip on its base she took Kurak deep into her hot mouth and wrapped her full red lips around the shaft.

Kurak moaned out loud with pleasure as he felt Willow's hot mouth move over the head to engulf his cock. As Willow began to work her lips up and down, licking and sucking he moaned again and held her head, guiding her back and forth across his stiff rod.

Elan had released Willow’s tit, then as she was bent over Kurak’s lap, he grasped the waist to pull her loosened shorts down off her feet, and with no underwear, he now had total access to her naked pussy.

Meanwhile, Kurak kept a tight grip on her hair and moved her mouth along his cock, forcing her to take him deeper into her mouth.

As Willow sucked on Kurak's cock she wanted him to hurry up and cum. Fortunately her newly acquired skill at sucking cock was skillful enough that Kurak couldn’t prevent his rising excitement and soon, he was close to a climax.

On the verge of cumming, he grabbed ahold of Willow's hair with his right hand and forced her head further down on his cock, holding her in place and then Kurak was groaning as he suddenly came, jetting cum in several spasms into her mouth as he fought to keep the truck on the highway.  Willow didn't put up much resistance and, to Kurak's surprise, she swallowed his entire load.

Kurak looked at Willow's face as she sat up and saw a few drops of cum at the corner of her mouth as she turned her attention to Elan who rubbed her bare thighs and ass as she rode bottomless between them.

Shifting, Willow now lowered her hand onto Elan’s cock and began to softly massage it, rubbing her thumb along the underside and pressing her finger tips on the top side alternately. Elan's cock quickly stiffened under Willow's attentions. Willow was surprised to find that it was of average in length, given his large frame.

Willow lightly held his cock in her palm and wrapped her fingers around it and started stroking it, pulling back and forth, again and again until he was fully hard and starting to breathe more rapidly. Willow straightened her body, trying to get comfortable in the tight space, raising her head from his groin.

Elan' eyes widened, and he felt himself get harder as he imagined what Willow was going to be forced to reluctantly do.

Willow closed the gap between her mouth and his prick and took half of his length into her mouth in one move. She licked her lips with him inside of her mouth and immediately a low moan came from Elan. She slid him almost all of the way out of her mouth and then, teasing him, just put the head back into her mouth.

She sucked on him hard, forming little caverns in her cheeks. She looked up at him as she rolled the head of his penis in her mouth using her tongue. The taste of Elan's precum was strong on her tongue.

Willow started to flick her tongue in and out of her mouth, over and over his pulsing cock. That was one of things that Kurak had liked and it worked similarly here. Elan grunted softly, holding her head.

Willow thought that Elan would be more aroused than he was, so she began to take long, deep slides on his cock. She started with the tiniest part of the tip in her mouth and then pushed it all the way in until just before her gag point. Willow didn't want to go any further.

Over and over again, her lips slithered up and down Elan's swollen member. She focused all her efforts on the smooth, quick movements. Just hurry up and come she mentally urged him, the feelings of being used, being like a cheap prostitute returning in a flood of humiliated awareness at the sinfulness of her acts.

Long moments passed with only the wet sound of Willow's lips sliding up and down Elan's shaft breaking the silence in the cab of the truck.

Willow's lips were starting to go numb, so with a quick flick of the tongue, she slid him out of her mouth and looked up at him. She resumed stroking his cock but did so with more vigor and lubrication than before.

Kurak, still steering with his left hand, was now tugging Willow’s tee-shirt up over her back with his right hand, and she reluctantly released her grip on Elan’s prick so that it could be completely removed, leaving her naked between them.

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It had taken some time, but Kane had come up with an idea for the new floor show for the club. And there had been the matter of how to deal with Sulei’s duplicity. She was an excellent trainer, perhaps the best he’d ever hired, but discipline had to be maintained.

She had been reluctant to “perform” in one of his shows, but the threat of termination, and her lucrative salary, as well as a bad reference, had persuaded her as to the wisdom of agreeing to his terms, and Kane felt that given the script, he could expect an “authentic” performance from her, the hallmark of the Kozy Kitty.

He looked down at the stage, which had been dressed to look like the day room of a correctional facility, with tables, chairs, several couches, a large screen TV, and barred windows and doors.

The “actors” were taking their place onstage in anticipation of the curtain going up exactly at 8pm, and the tech-crew were synching the audio and video feeds, and adjusting camera angles.

Angie Harmon, Blaze Saddel, Joy Fields, Rene Portman and her daughter, Natalie all lounged on the set, dressed in Orange, button-down smocks that reached mid-thigh and white, slipper-like boat shoes. Trevor and Sulei were outfitted in Correctional Officer uniforms and Joy’s sister, Amanda, as the warden, waited offstage attired in a navy business suit.

The wait staff were serving drinks to the early arrivals, and from the crowd in line outside, he was certain it would be another sold-out performance.

On stage, Sulei waited, a bit apprehensive, with Trevor, who had also apparently displeased Kane. The script she had been given, really only an outline, was blank after “the alarm sounds”, by design she knew, given Kane's fondness for improvisation, or as he called it, “winging it.”

Soon enough, the club was full, a cacophony of noise, as all awaited the curtain rising, then there was total silence as the curtain rose, revealing the set.

Angie, Blaze, Joy, Rene and Natalie lounged on the two couches and a chair watching “Kardashian Kapers” on the big screen.

“That Kyia Kardashian’s a slut, just like her gramma Kim” Blaze opined, following the script.

“Not as big a slut as her sister, Koko” Joy said. “I’ll bet her cunt is as big as the Brooklyn Turnpike.”

“Watch your language” Rene complained.

“Fuck you, bitch” Joy said. “Just because you’re a short-timer don’t make you boss-lady. And your prissy little daughter already knows all the naughty words. Ain’t that so, Natalie?” Joy stroked her cheek lightly.

Natalie just blushed, not saying anything. In truth, she DID know all the naughty words, most of them previously unknown to her prior to her capture and sale. Angie sat by herself, nervously watching the others, hugging herself.

“Get your filthy hands off her you dyke bitch” Rene said, slapping Joy.

“YOU CUNT” Joy screamed, leaping at Rene, and knocking them both onto the floor.

The crowd roared, yelling “Get her” and “Rip off her clothes” and “Fuck her up” but it was unclear which woman they favored.

Joy was pulling on Rene’s long brown hair, even as Rene was unable to grip Joy’s short red hair. Natalie moved to help her mother, but was restrained by Blaze who warned her “Stay out of it, bitch. Let’s see who comes out on top.”

A cheer went up, as there was the sound of ripping cloth as Rene tore open the front of Joy’s orange smock, partially exposing her 36C tits, loosely contained in a simple white cotton brassiere.

Joy retaliated by tearing Rene’s smock off her right shoulder, partially revealing a black lace bra as the two rolled on the floor, skirts rising as the crowd hooted in delight.

There is the sound of a whistle, and then Trevor and Sulei rush in brandishing batons.

“All right” Sulei screams, “you cunts line up, NOW!” as Trevor watches, slapping his baton into his open palm. Immediately, all five women get into line, standing along a yellow line painted on the floor, Joy and Rene breathing heavy, out of breath with their clothing askew.

“So, you little bitches are feeling frisky, are you?” Sulei sneered. “Perhaps you just need a little more…exercise, to use up all that energy.”

“OH YEAH!” a voice screams out from the darkened audience.

“Line up by size, left to right” Sulei orders.

Angie at 5’4 is at the extreme left, next to Joy, also 5’4. Then Rene and Natalie, mother and daughter almost identical at 5’6, except for Rene’s slightly larger breasts, and Natalie’s spectacles. At the far right stands Blaze, towering over the others at 5’9.

Trevor stood in front of the line of females, while Sulei paced menacingly behind them. “What a pretty collection of cunts we have here, Trevor. Two redheads, a mother and daughter, and a tall, blond drink of water” she sneered.

“OK bitches, we’re going to play a little game” Sulei said smugly. “Officer Trevor will try to guess what size bras you wear. If he is correct, he gets to remove it. If not, YOU get to keep them.”

There was a roar of approval from the crowd as the women looked at each other nervously. This wasn’t in the script, but they had no choice but to go along as Trevor moved to stand in front of Angie.

He looked at her small, petite frame appraisingly, then said “Hell, Sue, she ain’t got much up top. I’ll guess 34-B”

“What about it, Harmon. What size bra do you wear?” Sulei mocked.

Her blush gave it away, as crossing her arms across her small chest, she stammered “Th…thirty-four B”

“You will answer “Ma’am, my tits are 34B. Try again” Sulei ordered.

“M…Ma’am, m..my t…tits are 34B” a humiliated Angie said unhappily, on the verge of tears. The crowd ate it up, whistling and stomping their feet.

Trevor held out his hand and said “Give it to me bitch.”

Blushing furiously, she looked down, shaking her head, both because that was what the script called for, and because she was still too embarrassed to undress herself on stage.

Shaking his head, and winking at the crowd, Trevor took hold of both sides of the smock, even as Angie raised her hands to hold it closed. Annoyed, Trevor slapped the side of her head, and roughly yanked her hands to her sides.

“You’ll leave them there if you know what’s good for you, he growled.

Angie stood motionless with fear as his hands returned to the neck of the smock. Rather than undoing the buttons, he grasped the sides, and giving a vicious yank, tore open the top half of the smock, buttons flying.

Crying out, much to the delight of the audience, Angie again grasped the smock, holding it together, and Trevor reached into his pocket.

Angie froze as a Trevor waved a long, wicked looking knife before her face, her heart almost stopping.  Was he going to cut her, disfigure her? 

 "Is you 'fraid of the knife, bitch?" he teased as he glided it lightly along her cheek.  "You gonna behave now, cunt?  Or am I gonna have to cut you?"

 "Please, yes…just don’t hurt me" she begged, nodding her head, real terror evident in her eyes, afraid that he might really cut her.

 "Stay real still now then, bitch or I might accidently cut you." 

 Angie froze as he used the blade of the knife to move aside the sides of the smock to expose her chest. Her small breasts were covered by a thin, white cotton bra, anything but sexy.

 She watched wide-eyed as he slid it under first one, then the other shoulder strap and sliced it quickly through her bra straps like they were butter.  His hands pulled them free, and then traced a path with the tip over the upper slope of her breasts, the bra pushing them up.  "Such small titties.  You want I should play with your titties, little girl?"
"Nooo….please," she begged, her head shaking back and forth as she felt him tickling her breasts with the blade. 

 "You won’t need this," he said, inserting his knife under her bra, between the cups, and slicing it open. 

 Angie gasped as she felt the tension release, the loosened cups falling away, her small, pointed breasts now naked.

 "Look at them tiny tits," he exclaimed.  "But you got big, fat nips." His hand reached out and pulled the ruined bra from beneath her dress, tossing it over into the audience, earning a roar of approval from the room.

Face as red as her hair, Angie clasped her ruined dress closed as Trevor moved over to stand before Joy.

“Hmmmmm, This one has smaller teats than the first” Trever mused as he looked  her over, then cupped her right breast through the thin dress. “Hardly anything at all” he laughed. “I’ll go with 32A”

It killed her to do it, but Joy had met lots of psychopaths during her years with the Oakland PD, and you didn’t want to cross someone like Kane. She thought she saw his shadow in the upstairs window as, looking down and beginning to work open the buttons down the front of the orange smock, she said “Ma’am, my tits are 32A.”

Once the first five buttons came open, revealing a black lace bra, she reached behind her back and undid the clasp, then one at a time, pulled the strap down her arm and free. Then grasping it at the center, she pulled it out and handed it to Trevor, who looked at the audience, winked, sniffed the cups, staggered like a drunk, then tossed it into the crowd, that applauded Trevor’s antics with laughter and shouts.

Joy’s almost non-existent tits were capped with thick, bitable nipples, clearly visible to the crowd who roared their approval. Trevor laughed. “Do all coppers have such tiny little titties?”

Joy knew he was playing to the crowd, but still felt the sting of his remarks.

Now Trevor was standing in front of Natalie. The script called for her to be “nervous and scared” not a stretch for the young woman who looked at him with fearful eyes under round spectacles.

“Now this one has some meat on her” Trevor joked, grasping and squeezing the young woman’s firm mound. Without thinking,

Natalie slapped him, then went pale when she realized what she’d done.

There was a collective gasp, then the club went silent, waiting.

Trevor knew that the script called for her to be “nervous and scared” and he had no idea what he should do about the slap, not wanting to get it wrong, and further anger Kane. Well Hell, the boss wanted him to improvise? Then improvise he would.

Grabbing Natalie by her long, light brown hair, Trevor dragged her bodily over to a couch facing the audience and sat, pulling the small struggling young woman down forcefully face down over his lap.

Rene moved to interfere but was roughly shoved back by Sulei who shouted “Stay back bitch, unless you want your ass whipped too”

Natalie squirmed on his lap as Trevor tugged the loose dress up over her waist, revealing a small round ass in modest white cotton briefs. “Oh God, No!” she cried out as he took hold of the waist of her panties.

The club had come alive again at the prospect of her being spanked and there were hoots, and catcalls at the young woman’s dilemma. “Spank her ass” and “Whop her good” rang out from the tables.

Natalie made herself dead weight, and spread her legs, trying to prevent him from removing her underwear. Frustrated, Trevor just grasped the cotton and gave a violent jerk, and there was the sound of tearing fabric. Two more hard yanks, and the torn, shredded panties went flying out into the audience, accompanied by cheers. Natalie’s small ass was now totally bare.

"I'm sorry,” Natalie pleaded, moving her hands up to cover her exposed rear “p…please don't hurt me." She started squirming, trying to get away, but he held her flat on his lap, face down.

Natalie felt a hand reach in between her legs, and she quickly closed her legs. When she again tried to cover herself, her hands were pinned to her back.

"Since this is your first violation” he announced, “I will go easy on you. Just know that if this behavior continues, the consequences will be more serious. I'm going to spank your cute little ass. If you fight me, your spanking will go on longer, the blows will be harder, and the consequences more severe."
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