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Author Topic: CAGED  (Read 229143 times)

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« Reply #2190 on: December 29, 2016, 09:22:33 AM »

Trusting others seems to be June's kryptonite.

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« Reply #2191 on: December 30, 2016, 10:04:13 PM »



Kane looked up, annoyed as the door to his office opened and Sulei entered.

“How is the training of the two new bitches proceeding? Will they be ready for the new performance at the end of the week?” he asked, only half-interested in her answer as he worked on the outline of the “script”.

“No anticipated problems” she said “But that’s not why I’m here” Sulei said.

Kane looked up, raising an eyebrow, but saying nothing.

“I have some information on your… special project” she said.

“Indeed” he said coldly. “Do go on.”

“She is planning to run away later tonight” she said looking at him with a poker face.

Scowling, Kane said “You know this how?”

“Because she asked me to help her” Sulei answered.

“And why, pray tell would she do that?” Kane asked

“Because we are both females, and how could I side with an evil whoremaster who exploited women blah, blah. But if she got free, she only wanted to go home, and she promised not to go to the authorities.”

“And you agreed to assist her why?” Kane asked coldly.

“I told HER that I wanted her gone so we could be lovers” Sulei snickered.

Kane looked at her sharply. “But I figured if I only told you, you wouldn’t believe me. You are blind when it comes to that Bible thumping slut.” His eyes narrowed at that, and Sulei thought she might have gone too far, and continued quickly “This way, you can see for yourself with your own eyes.”

“Go on” Kane said, ice in his eyes.

“She will try to seduce you tonight, then later, she will excuse herself and sneak down to my car, to drive her to Santa Rosa, or so she believes.”

Kane looked at her expressionless. “We will see if it is as you say. We are to have dinner together. We will see what comes to pass.”

Sulei walked into Kane’s bedroom, her arms carrying a bundle of clothing. The clothes were the sluttiest Sulei could find, finding herself unable to resist the opportunity to humble the “oh so holy” bitch.

“I brought you your attire for your dinner tonight with Mr. Kane” she said. Try them on to see if I got the sizes right.”

The top was a very sheer yellow crop-top, that tied below her breasts and behind the neck. She blushed as she noticed that her nipples were clearly outlined in the clinging material. It was almost like being naked. There was no way she could wear this without a brassiere, but she didn’t see one in the pile.

The underwear was just as bad, if not worse. Hot pink hipsters that were little better that small patches of fabric that left half her butt uncovered and were almost transparent and did not even cover her sparse bush of brown curls.

The shorts were little better. Very brief nylon gym shorts and very red, with an elastic waist. The outfit was completed by knee-high black leather boots.

“I…I can’t wear this….Ma’am” June said red-faced, but remembering the agreement. “it’s…it’s indecent!”

“Have you forgotten our agreement so soon” Sulei said coldly “You do what I tell you. I get you home. Remember?”

Looking down, abashed, June nodded.

“Oh and another thing” Sulei continued, not yet done degrading the young girl “I want you to get rid of all that hair between your legs. All of it.”

June looked up sharply at her words. “Why...why do I need to shave, Ma’am?” June was just getting used to having hair there again, and she felt so…slutty… shaved down there.

“No questions. Either you do as I say, or the deal is off. Do you or do you not want to go home. I confess, I grow tired of your…how do your devout friends so delightfully put it…oh yes backsliding. Will you do as I direct or not, LAST chance.”

Praying that she was choosing correctly, June nodded and said “Yes Ma’am” again looking down submissively.

“You will seduce Mr. Kane tonight. Oh, don’t look so shocked. You are hardly a virgin anymore. Think of it as a last romantic Good-bye fuck.” Sulei said, intentionally using the crude word. Then you will find a reason to excuse yourself, and hurry down to the garage. Here is the key to my car. You are to wait in the trunk. Once I drive you to Santa Rosa, you are on your own.” She handed her a bag of coins. “For the payphone.”

That was when it became real for June. She was going home. But at what cost? Could she give herself to Kane voluntarily one last time? The other times she had been forced, but this time, it would be of her own free will. Fornication in the eyes of the Lord.

“You will need to be in the trunk by eleven, which is when I go off duty. If you’re not there, I’m leaving without you, and the deal is off and say good-bye to your last chance for freedom. This is too dangerous for a do-over, and Kane is NOT someone lightly crossed. This is a one-time only offer. Don’t mess it up.”

“How will we get out…Ma’am” June asked

“Collins…you remember Officer Collins? She’ll be working the gate. Now you have a lot to get done before dinner, so you’d best get to it” Sulei said. “Do as I tell you and by this time tomorrow you’ll be having dinner with your family.”

Do as I tell you and by this time tomorrow, Sulei thought to herself, your ass will belong to me.


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« Reply #2192 on: December 31, 2016, 10:13:08 AM »

I must say I'd like to see this Sales punished greatly, maybe she should be in the "script"   Evil

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« Reply #2193 on: December 31, 2016, 06:49:06 PM »



June Bugg listened hopefully as Sulei outlined her plan, but looked skeptically at the clothing that she brought for her dinner with Kane.

“You have a lot to get done before dinner, so you’d best get to it” Sulei said. “Do as I tell you and by this time tomorrow you’ll be having dinner with your family.”

Do as I tell you and by this time tomorrow, Sulei thought to herself, your ass will belong to me.

June nodded meekly, but she had inner doubts. She could wear the slutty clothes, embarrassing as that might be. She could shave herself … down there… but slutty as that was, she’d done it before and she’d survive.

But could she freely give herself sexually and violate every tenant of morality that she had been raised with? The other times, she could rationalize yielding to force as she’d had no choice. She could even rationalize her unwanted orgasms as her body’s natural reaction to sexual stimulation, her mind overruled by her body.

She couldn’t escape the truth that if she gave herself freely, it would be different, and again, she sent up a prayer for guidance, rather superfluous as she’d already made her decision.

Sulei would have been ecstatic if she’d known the depth of the conflict roiling in June’s mind. As it was, she was satisfied that she had the pious little twit right where she wanted her.

Feigning concern, she gently patted June’s cheek and said soothingly “Don’t worry little one, by the end of tonight, this life will be over and a new one begun.”


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« Reply #2194 on: January 01, 2017, 11:16:38 AM »

Let's see what new year has to offer to June

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« Reply #2195 on: January 01, 2017, 05:38:14 PM »



Sulei secretly enjoyed the embarrassed distress on June Bugg’s face as she surveyed the scanty apparel she’d been given to dress in for her “dinner date” with Kane that evening.

Feigning concern, she gently patted June’s cheek and said soothingly “Don’t worry little one, by the end of tonight, this life will be over and a new one begun.”

Neither of them understood at the time how true those words would prove to be.

Smiling she reached the door and turning to June said “And don’t forget to shave away all that fur” and she was gone.

June sat numb for several moments, working at building the resolve to do the distasteful chore of again having her sex shaved bare, but this time, it was SHE who was shaving it.

Keeping the edges of her feminine triangle trimmed had been June’s only prior concession to pubic fashion, and only during bathing suit season, as even the modest one-piece bathing suits approved by the church elders required some trimming, as the Lord had been generous to her with regards to pubic hair and prior to her captivity, she hadn’t been bare there since age thirteen, and certainly never shaved hairless. As she reached for the clippers Sulei had so thoughtfully provided, she felt disgusted and soiled as she despaired at this final, degrading transformation.
True, she reasoned, it was only temporary, but the symbolism of it was not lost on her. She inwardly groaned and she bit her lip as she started the trimmer. She took one last view at her re-emerging mossy carpet before placing the blades of the trimmer at the edge of her bush. With a sigh, she began to go to work.

The vibration of the trimmer was almost erotic as it made its first contact with her skin. The trimmer's hum was steady as it worked its way down from the top of her sparse triangle to her slit, then again and again, reducing her bush. When her most intimate flesh again came in view again, June saw that nearly all her pubic curls had been reduced to stubble.

June could now easily imagine her feminine slit as it would again look completely hairless. The arrival of her bush had been something she had longed for as a young girl, which had, in way, assured her that she was in fact a woman. Did its loss mean that she was no longer a woman?

No, June assured herself, but it DID mean she would appear to be a very different kind of woman then she liked to believe she was, one whose sex was unveiled before God and the world, like some sinful follower of modern fashion, or June thought, again with shame, a harlot or a slut.

She shut off the trimmer and set it aside, the silence stark after the loud buzzing of the clippers. Unhappily, June retrieved the can of shaving gel and, spraying a gob into palm, coated her embarrassingly wet sex with a thin coating of gel, moistening the remaining hair.

Biting her lip, and inwardly despising her helplessness, June picked up a disposable razor and, almost in a trance, June, her hands shaking, slowly put the razor to her skin and began scraping away at the last remaining hair.

June dipped the razor in a bowl of warm water, then resumed shaving, the surreal feel of the cool steel pressing gently against her most intimate flesh was disturbingly sensual. It was like she was watching a stranger’s hand shaving her bare.

June felt dizzy as the “stranger’s” fingers parted the lips of her vagina to track down every last hair. Once finished, she used a warm washcloth to remove the last of the gel and hairs. The washcloth felt very sensual on her now bald sex, which both embarrassed and bothered.

June wanted to cry as she gazed down on her totally bare pudenda, feeling like a little girl, her shame enhanced by the knowledge that it was HER hand that had steered the razor.

Looking at the time, June realized she had to start getting dressed for dinner, and gazed dispirited at the slutty attire. Then, sucking it up, June began pulling on the skimpy garments.

She just had to get through this dinner, then get to the garage, and June would be FINALLY on her way home, to the embrace of her loving family. She looked in the mirror and shuddered.

Fully dressed, her breasts were little better than naked under the sheer top, her nipples clearly visible. The red gym shorts were so tight that a camel toe was visible in the clinging nylon.  With the slutty knee-high boots, the effect was complete.

If Sulei’s intent was to embarrass her and make her feel like a cheap, brainless bimbo, she had succeeded beyond her expectations. June was mortified. Worse, there was no place to hide the key to Sulei’s car. No pockets, no place to conceal it on her body.

She took off her right boot and sock, removed the key from the ring, and slid it into the sock and slipped it on. She was just zipping up the boot when the lock disengaged and Wang entered to escort her to dinner.

In his office, Kane turned off the monitor and closed the cabinet, the brief flame of affection and attraction he’d felt now as dead as many of Kane’s past enemies. Then he left to make his dinner date. He had come to a decision.

As Wang walked her down the hallway, she also came to a decision.

The patio was set up with a small buffet, and a table set for two. Kane was waiting for her when they arrived and he stood up as she approached, then nodded at Wang who rapidly departed, leaving them alone.

“Before we start” June said resolutely “ I have to tell you that I never will, never can give myself willingly to you. I can not compromise my beliefs, even for something I REALLY want. I was promised that if I seduced you, I would be assisted in escaping and returning to my family, and I agreed. But I was wrong.”

“I cannot give up what I AM, for what I WANT. I cannot give myself to you, and it would be wrong to lead you to believe otherwise.” Then blushing, she said “ I won’t deny that there is an attraction between us. But we are of different worlds. And I will not lie to you. Do as you will with my body, but my spirit will remain inviolate.” She raised her chin defiantly.

When Kane had first seen her in the slutty attire, his first thought had been that it was wrong. June was many things, but not a slut. It angered him to see her thus.

Kane nodded, expressionless and said “I know about the plan. I’ve known for some time. Now get a plate of food. You don’t have to be in Sulei’s trunk until 11. Then I will “discover” your attempt.  Sulei, who revealed your, really her, plan to me earlier expects to be rewarded by my giving you to her.

But there’s going to be a change of plans. Sulei IS going to drive you to Santa Rosa.”

June was shocked, confusion on her face. “Excuse me?”

“Yes, June Bugg” he told her, there WAS an attraction. But you were right. I was fooling myself and making a fool of myself. Perhaps if you weren’t who you were or I weren’t who I was…..” his voice trailed off, a faraway look in his eye. Then regaining focus, he said “But what is, is! And you need to be back with your family, so I guess this is farewell.”

June felt terrible. She was conflicted. She was getting what she wanted, so why did she feel as if it were wrong. Then she thought of her siblings, her mother and father, her grandparents, her friends. She knew she was doing the RIGHT thing.

They ate a last meal together, saying nothing, but their eyes speaking volumes. The time passed to quickly, as it always did, and soon it was time to go.

Surprising her Kane leaned forward and kissed her on the forehead. “God speed June Bugg”, he said, a sad smile on his face. Then the light left his eyes as his face went expressionless and he said in a cold voice “Best be on your way to the garage. You don’t want to keep Sulei waiting.”

“What are you going to do if she refuses to take me?” June asked.

Kane went to the desk and returned with a small black automatic which he handed to her. “Then you show her this. Pistols can be very persuasive.”

“Oh I could NEVER shoot someone.” June protested.

“No you couldn’t. At least not with THIS gun. It’s unloaded” he chuckled. “But Sulei won’t know that.”

June gave him a hug, wondering why she’d hug a man who brought so much distress into her life, but found no answer.

June was waiting when Sulei arrived at the car.

“There’s been a change of plans” June said “I’m riding up front with you.”

“Who told you that?” Sulei sneered. Where was Kane she wondered?

June pointed the pistol at her. “My little friend told me. Say hello to my little friend.” She was scared out of her life, but sent up a prayer of gratitude for the drama club where she’d honed her thespian skills. “Now please get in the car. Your driving.”

As she got behind the wheel Sulei asked “What about Collins?”

“I’m sure you’ll think of something” June said poking the gun in her ribs. “You’re very clever.”

Kane looked down onto the street from his office and watched as Sulei’s car pulled away from the garage and headed toward the freeway, then sighed.

The thought of June being back with her family, happy at last, made him smile.

The thought of what he’d do to Sulei upon her return made him smile even broader.


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« Reply #2196 on: January 02, 2017, 01:22:46 AM »


Awe but it's so fun  Grin and I can hardly wait  emot_kiss.gif

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« Reply #2197 on: January 02, 2017, 04:46:08 PM »

GrinWILLOW , ANTI...................................CIPATION


Willow Indawyn was fatigued to the point of catatonia, as both Kurak and Elan HAD felt frisky during the night, and she was sore everywhere. They’d allowed her a hot shower, and when she emerged, semi-refreshed, in just a towel, she saw that they’d disposed of all the clothing she’d been wearing, most of it ruined anyway.

Willow saw that they’d gone through her duffel, and had thrown more than half of her clothes into the garbage, including most of her underwear, which rested embarrassingly visible in the room’s garbage bin. They’d repacked the remainder of her “acceptable’ clothes, leaving out a pair of her jeans, and a blouse.

But Kurak had reduced the jeans, cutting the legs off almost to the crotch, creating the briefest of short-shorts. The blouse was one of her sheerest, meant to be worn with a bra underneath. But they had left her neither bra nor panties.

Get dressed” Kurak ordered as she looked unbelieving at what they left her, but when Elan stepped forward menacingly, Willow quickly stepped into the shorts. The rough denim rubbed and irritated her bare, newly-shorn crotch, barely hiding her.

Without a bra, her full breasts were clearly visible under the thin cloth, nipples and all. Worse, without the support a bra provided, her full breasts wobbled loosely under the blouse.

The panties that had filled her mouth last night had been thankfully removed, but before stuffing the sodden undergarment in his back pocket, Elan warned her as he said “One word out of you without permission and they go back in.”

As they sat in a Denny’s eating breakfast, with Willow aware that every male eye in the place was scoping her revealed charms, Elan said “I don’t know why we don’t turn around and take her back to the Kozy Kitty. Kane would give us a good price.”

“How would you like to go to Mexico. I know this guy in Todos Santos…..” Kurak said.

Willow sat humiliated, playing with her “Grand Slam” breakfast while the two discussed her like a piece of meat as if she wasn’t there. Nor was she unaware of the leers from the men, and the disapproving glares of the women in the restaurant.

Finally, her ordeal was over. They loaded into the van and headed south toward the UoS/Mexico border.

Kurak scanned the traffic slots for the predetermined marker and found it, a small red X in grease paint in the window of slot #5. To anyone else, the X wasn’t that noticeable, but Kurak knew this was the sign that this booth was being worked by their contact at the border.

He pulled slowly into the stall, lowering his window confidently. The young Mexican officer came out of his booth, "Good Morning Senor. May I see your driver's license and passports?"

Kurak handed him his license, along with their passports.

"Bueno” Officer Pedro Montes said leaning in and smiling “Are you traveling to Mexico on business or pleasure?"

Kurak smiled "Our business IS Pleasure. We you transporting one DS for transport to Todos Santos”

Elan handed over the forged paperwork. With only a cursory look, he focused on Willow, sitting in the back seat, and leered at her scanty attire.

“Of course, I will have to take the DS inside to verify the paperwork” Pedro said straight-faced.

“Of Course” Kurak replied, equally straight faced.

Tugging a frightened, but unresisting Willow from the vehicle, he said “I’ll have her back to you shortly” and pulled the trembling Willow from the van and toward the administration building. They went through a back portal into a holding area. Winking at the officer on the desk, he led Willow down a hallway to a holding cell.

Unlocking the door, he guided her inside the windowless cell, closing the door behind them. Inside was a sink, toilet and bunk.

Pedro’s eyes crawled over her barely clad body like dirty hands, and Willow flushed under his hungry gaze. She knew what he wanted. She also knew, willing or not, she’d be forced to give it to him.

"Come over here and take my clothes off," he said to Willow, "and then you can suck my cock. That will be your way of saying Thank You for me not making you suck my mens’ cocks too."

Then Pedro stood up, and Willow loosened his tie and took it off. Next, she unbuttoned his uniform shirt and slid it off, trying not to look at the man she was undressing. She pulled his undershirt up and off, and then loosened his belt, unzipped the fly, and his trousers fell to the floor.

Lastly Willow, blushing pink, pulled his shorts down with shaking hands, tugging them over his hard-on, and down his legs. He sat down on the bunk so she could take off his socks. As she leaned forward to pull them off, he reached in and rubbed her hanging tits. Then one of his hands slipped down to Willow's bare crotch, cupping it and she shivered, then cried out as he slapped her on her bare ass with the other hand.

"This is going to be great!" Pedro exclaimed happily. His thin cock had gotten hard, aroused as she had unwillingly undressed him.

“Now, I think it is time for you to show me how good a cocksucker you are.”

Willow got down on her knees, but he stopped her. “No No, my sweet dove” he admonished her teasingly, “A puta must be desnudo…how do you say, naked, when she sucks cock. Take off your clothes. Puta.”

Her face red from embarrassment or anger at his words, Willow got to her feet, stood for a moment, looking expressionlessly at Pedro, then sighing, began to slowly undress, not that there was that much to remove in any event.

“You will now undress for me” he said, his voice tight as he looked her over.

“Remove all of your clothing and place them in this bag." Pedro reached into a drawer and withdrew a small plastic bag, handing it to Willow.

Willow stared back in disbelief. "Quickly now girl," Pedro quipped, "I want all your clothes in this bag and you naked within one minute, or you will not like what happens to you. I am not accustomed to being disobeyed."

Willow felt tears running down her cheeks as she grasped the hem of her thin blouse and pulled it up over her head, revealing full, heavy breasts with thick, turgid nipples already hardening in the cool air.

The blood rushing through her head sounded like a hurricane as she stuffed the shirt in the bag. She took a deep breath as a powerful wave of humiliation rolled through her trembling body.

Willow, topless now, slowly reached for the clasp of her cut-offs, closing her eyes and blushing red, mortified as she pushed them down and off her ass to drop to her ankles, revealing her cleanly shaved sex to Pedro's view. She stepped free, and stepping out of her sandals, shoved both in the bag, now totally naked.

She thought back to the humiliation she had felt when Kurak and Elan had shaved her pussy bare and she realized that it had been just days ago, when she’d had no idea what true humiliation was. She was learning.

"No panties for you slut?" Pedro asked sarcastically, "and a perfectly hairless cunt too? Wow, a sweet little puta with big tits who doesn't wear panties and doesn't have a single hair on her pussy? I think that you would be very popular with my men.”

Willow shuddered at the thought, which didn’t go unnoticed by Pedro. “Let us see how talented your mouth is, whore. Please me, and I might be disinclined to …. share you” he smirked. “So, let us see how good you suck cock.”

Now as naked as he was, Willow knelt next to the bunk, and then, hesitantly began to tease the tip of his cock with her tongue. She then began to lick it up and down and then, groaning in mortification, she took his cock into her mouth, sliding along its hard length, feeling the smooth skin slip between her lips and his engorged head glide over her wet tongue.

Willow bobbed her head up and down, keeping her lips tight around him, flicking her tongue back and forth along the underside of his cock. Her mouth filled with saliva and she tried not to moan. Almost without conscious thought, Willow’s hand came up to grasp him, her fingers wrapping round the base of his cock, holding him firmly as she sucked him.

She tried hard to ignore the heated sensations building between her thighs, not to derive any pleasure from his abuse. She hated him for what he was doing to her. But as she guided her mouth expertly over and along his stiff, throbbing cock, sucking hard on him, she found herself moaning, felt the familiar warmth between her legs and she was getting wet as she became aroused herself.

She wanted to get this over with as quickly as possible, before she lost control of her senses altogether and became aroused by his mistreatment of her.

She bobbed her head faster, sucking him expertly, and her hand started to pump up and down his shaft, along with her mouth, her fingers sliding easily over the wet hardness of her abuser.

Pedro had his eyes closed with delight and was making sounds of pleasure, groaning and growling softly as she stroked and mouthed his hardness.

It took all of her remaining willpower to keep her eyes cast down, not to raise her gaze to look up at him while his cock plunged between her lips, violating her mouth.

Willow sensed his climax approaching, and felt it coming only moments before it did. The tension in his body, his stance, his gasping breaths,  all were signs she knew and understood, all signals that he was about to cum.

His hard cock pulsed, and his orgasm exploded. She felt his cock quiver on her lips, she felt it quake as it slid over her tongue when the head of his cock was deep in her mouth.

Then Pedro erupted into her waiting mouth, cum poured over her tongue and down her throat, and she almost gagged at the volume.

“Oh Si, puta” he groaned, grabbing her dark hair to hold her head in place as he emptied himself in her warm, clasping mouth.

Willow’s humiliation was complete as, kneeling naked between his thighs, Pedro patted her on the head, cooing “Bueno…bueno.”

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« Reply #2198 on: January 03, 2017, 09:05:33 PM »


Sister Bridget stood waiting while the technicians fined tuned the video and audio feeds. She was on the stage inside what seemed to be a small broadcast studio, complete with a glassed in control booth, several cameras and microphone feeds.

She was again dressed in the vestments of her order. Her clothing had been returned to her. Or most of them anyway, she thought blushing. Her underwear was still in the pocket of the Mexican policeman at the airport, and no replacement had been provided, so she was bare under her skirt. More than bare, she mused, as she was now shaved below, her vagina shorn of all hair.

Off to the side stood Officer Alicia Fuentes and Inspector Escobar, their presence assuring her good behavior, as if that was necessary. Her buttocks still throbbed from earlier when Escobar had to “persuade” her to engage in an act of fellatio. She needed no further reminder.

After her “photo shoot” Escobar had requested, and had been granted, “quality time” with the virgin Sister, and permission had been given with Alshasha’s stern admonition to “remember well what I tell you. You damage the goods, you'll pay for it."

Bridget had been taken by Escobar to one of the Estancia’s “secure” bedrooms and ordered to sit on the bed while he undressed. Bridget had modestly looked away, red-faced and embarrassed as the policeman disrobed until he was as naked as she was, his excitement rigidly obvious.

"You must get on your knees in worship Sister." Escobar placed her hand on Bridget's head and gently forced the young, virginal nun to her knees, now eye level with Escobar's crotch. Bridget was resting on her knees looking up at him, her hands carefully folded in her lap, concealing her bare pussy.

There was something so mesmerizing about her very modest, innocently cute face, and vibrant blue eyes. Escobar bent down and whispered something in Sister Bridget's ear. Sister Bridget suddenly looked down and away from him, and he could see Bridget's face turning red.

“I…I couldn’t do THAT” she protested, face crimson “It’s unholy and sinful.”

Sister Bridget turned her head away, her face now completely red with embarrassment. She had never seen a male's genitals before. Escobar took Bridget's face in his hands and forced her to make eye contact with him as he squeezed painfully and said, "You WILL obey me and remain subservient."

Bridget gasped and nodded yes, causing Escobar to smile as he gently turned her head to face his raging hard-on.

“You will begin by licking my cock as if it were a lollipop.” Bridget flushed at his words.

Hesitantly Sister Bridget began to lick Escobar's cock, starting at the base and moving up in one long lick, as if she were licking a popsicle. The slow sensation caused shivers to run through Escobar's body.

Sister Bridget had her eyes closed as she repeated the process, this time licking the underside of Escobar's cock. Escobar moved his hands up to cup her breasts, and he began to gently squeeze as she caressed him with her tongue.

Bridget gave off soft, embarrassed moans as Escobar gently stroked the side of her tits as she licked his cock, the touch causing her to open her eyes. Escobar and Bridget made eye contact.

Bridget knelt naked on her knees with her hands modestly clasped in her lap, lapping immodestly on Escobar's penis, staring up at him, humiliation in her moist eyes. Escobar could feel her resignation and surrender while they maintained eye contact.

Bridget's tongue began to lap more and more rapidly. Escobar placed his hand on the back of Sister Bridget's head and began to ever-so-slightly guide her closer to his cock. As if by instinct, and while maintaining eye contact Bridget slipped the head of Escobar's cock into her mouth. Escobar felt Bridget's tongue wriggle all around his sensitive head, and he groaned with pleasure, surprising the inexperienced girl who feared she’d hurt him.

Escobar placed his hand on Bridget's head and he began to guide her head further and further down onto his cock, forcing Bridget's tongue to wrap around the underside. Escobar let out a sigh as Bridget was forced to fuck Escobar with her virgin mouth. Bridget's throat squeezed Escobar's cock as she gagged when he shoved too deep.

Escobar placed both hands onto Sister Bridget's head and began to completely control the thrusting of his cock into her warm, receptive mouth, watching her tits jiggle with each thrust. The submissive nun offered little resistance, and let Escobar use her as his limp fuck-doll.

Escobar slowed the thrusting down to long, deliberate strokes. He could feel his lust and desire growing as she serviced him with her almost virgin mouth. As Escobar forced his member deeper and deeper down her throat he felt her gag, which only made Escobar want to force more of him through the Nun's tight lips. Escobar slowly moved his cock deeper and deeper, firmly forcing her head onto his rigid prick with both hands.

Escobar forced his cock forward until it entirely filled Sister Bridget’s mouth and the Nun's nose was buried in his pubic hair, making it difficult for her to breath. Escobar held her lips tight against his penis, enjoying the warm wet sensation almost as much as he enjoyed the helpless humiliated look in her eyes.

Sister Bridget's was fighting her gag reflex with all her might, but her ribcage had started to spasm in a desperate attempt to draw in air. Tears were welling up in her big blue eyes.

Escobar greedily kept his cock buried in her mouth and he groaned as he felt Bridget's tongue wiggle over his shaft. Bridget's face had started to change colors as her body was deprived of air, and her vision was starting to dim. She started shaking, and fighting against Escobar's firm grip.

After a few seconds of enjoying Bridget’s futile efforts to pull free, Escobar released her. Bridget immediately pulled free of his cock, took a deep breath, and began coughing, tears streaming down her cheeks, her face flushed with mortification.

“Now, Sister, you are going to show me how well you can suck cock. And if you bite me, I’ll kill you, understand?" he had threatened her.

Sister Bridget had her head vigorously, her face contorted in despair.

Sister Bridget had opened her mouth as Escobar had guided the head of his cock into her mouth. Pre-cum dripped from the head, a fact that pleased Escobar immensely. Some went in her mouth, some went down her chin. It was hot and salty to taste and Sister Bridget had been both fascinated and repelled. To her credit, she did not gag but managed to carry on with the degrading task.

Escobar had started to pump the shaft of his cock while gently pressing on the back of Sister Bridget's head. Escobar had came quickly but not in her mouth. With a groan, he’d reluctantly pulled his cock free of her mouth and had shot his sperm all over the lower half of her face and the upper part of her body, shocking and shaming the innocent nun.

Sister Bridget had bowed her head and wept softly; Escobar's cum evident on her lips, down her chin and onto her chest. She felt ruined and violated and helpless.

After he’d allowed her to clean herself, Escobar had led her back to the studio, still naked, where her clothes had been returned and she’d been allowed to get dressed.

It felt good to be covered again, but a part of her mind instinctively knew that it wouldn’t last.

“OK” Alicia called from where the two terchnicians sat, fumbling with levers and dials, “I think we’re ready to get started.”

Alshasha approached the abashed nun. “Alright Sister, what we need you to do is look at the camera” he said pointing “and take off your clothes for us. Try to make it sexy.”

The last was said to increase her discomfort. The last thing he wanted her to do was eagerly strip off. He was counting on her embarrassment and discomfort to be apparent, to raise her price once bidding began.

“I….I can’t just undress” she begged “please…..”

“You can, unless you want me to whip your ass” Escobar threatened

“I…I won’t do it. It’s…it’s sinful, and you can’t make me” the young blond nun said, raising her chin defiantly.

“Oh, I think we can” Alshasha said, taking a seat on a wooden chair and nodding at Escobar.

“Stop! What are you doooooing” Sister Bridget whined as Escobar dragged her over and forced her face down over Alshasha’s lap.

“No! Stop that…..don’t” she squealed as he pulled her loose skirt up over her ass revealing thin white panties.

Sister Bridget squirmed as Alshasha rested his hand on her butt and gave her a couple of soft pats, one on each cheek, more to get her attention. I just wanted to assure you that I'll just be spanking you," patting her bottom, "and not fooling around here," moving his hand down onto her virgin pussy, caressing her through the underwear.

She emitted an outraged squeal at that, which he ignored, rubbing gently.

 "Anything to do with touching you here," he said, lightly patting her pussy, "will naturally have to wait until after the auction, as many are excited about bidding for your virginity.”

Bridget went stiff in shock as she felt him grasp the waist and peel her panties down off her butt, baring her.

"What…. What are you doing?" Bridget yelped, mortified.

"I would think it’s obvious, my dear” Alshasha said smiling. I’m baring your pretty little bottom for its spanking.”

"Nooooo….please…..You can't doooooo that” she groaned. “Leave my underpants alone."

"I've already have done that," he pointed out, patting her bare bottom, her underwear bunched at her knees, hobbling her.

“Oh LORD!” she squealed, covering her butt with her hands.

“If you do not move your hands right away, my dear” Alshasha said mildly “After I finish with your ass, I’ll whip your tits”

She gasped and believing he would, she reluctantly moved her hands.

She cried out as Alshasha delivered a nice firm spank to her bottom, leaving a nice red handprint. Another firm spank to the other cheek resulted in a similar handprint.

"That hurt" she wailed, trying to escape his lap. Another sharp slap and a hissed “Be still”

She gasped but stayed unmoving right where she lay, and satisfied she wasn't going to try to get away, at least at the moment, he slipped a hand under her to cup her small, tight breast through her blouse while, at the same time, delivering another harsh spank.

"Owwwwwww. Why are you doing this?" she wailed miserably, wiggling on his lap.

"You need to learn obedience. This is just a first lesson. How many lessons, and how severe, will depend on how steep your learning curve is. “Won’t” is no longer a part of your vocabulary.”

"And this," he said, giving her small tit a hard little squeeze. "This is just to hold you in place."

Alshasha delivered another smart slap to her ass. She yelped and squealed, but he kept up a rapid succession of hard spanks coming until her bottom had a harsh red flush to it. He gazed between her legs and was treated to a fine view of the bare, hairless groove between her legs.

Bridget was openly crying now, her red ass waving like a flag of surrender as she sobbed “St..stop….please no mooooore” she begged.

“Will you do as you are told?” Alshasha asked.

“Yes…Yes” Bridget begged, totally undone with embarrassment and humiliation. She had NEVER been spanked as a child.

Easing the trembling nun off his lap, Alshasha said “Pull up your panties and straighten yourself up. Then we’ll take it from the top.”

“Smile into the camera and start taking off your clothes. Blouse first” Alshasha directed the humbled young woman.

A deep pink color spread across her cheeks, and then spread lower onto her chest as, looking down at her feet, Bridget began to carefully unbutton the front of the demure white blouse, each button coming undone as the blouse gaped open wider and wider to reveal more white flesh underneath.

Alshasha directed one camera to close in on a close-up of her embarrassed face as her blouse came open, her eyes wet, her breathing shallow as she was forced to reveal herself on camera.

Shrugging out of it, the young novice folded the blouse and put it on the chair like he told her to. They would edit his directions out of the final cut. It seemed especially humiliating to have them watching and recording her as she took off her clothes. Her red face and humiliated expression would show up clearly on tape.

Bridget was horrified and ashamed as she disrobed in front of them, but she had no choice and knew that any show of resistance or defiance would result in another spanking…or worse. Would he really abuse her breasts? She didn’t want to find out. Soon enough, her skirt joined her blouse on the chair, followed by her shoes.

Sister Bridget now stood barefoot, wearing only her plain cotton bra and very thin, brief silk panties, supplied to replace her stolen cotton briefs, and Bridget was scandalized by their sheerness.

“OK now Sister” Alshasha said “Time to show your tits. Lose the bra.”

Her bra hooked in the rear, and biting her lip, Bridget reached behind her back in the most feminine of gestures and released the clasp and, as it opened and came loose and slipped down her arms, she crossed her arms, covering her nakedness.

Alshasha ordered her to turn toward the camera and hold your tits up and offer them to the camera. She did as he told her, even fingering the nipples on demand until they were like two stiff nubbins that poked out atop her swaying breasts while she disrobed.

The sheer white silk panties were new and expensive and surprisingly comfortable for being so thin and sexy. Embarrassed, she hoped they wouldn't notice that the cloth was darkening between her legs where she had begun to wet the fabric.

The knowledge that she once again was becoming unwillingly aroused at being degraded and defiled sent a hot wave of disturbing sensations through her loins.

Not wanting her darkening panties to show that she was getting aroused, she stripped them off quickly and put them atop her other clothes, now totally naked before the camera.

"Let me have a look at those, puta" she heard Escobar say, and having no other choice, she handed the soiled undergarment to him and watched, blushing furiously as he examined and sniffed at the wet spot like the pervert she knew him to be.

"You must be getting excited Sister" he chortled, indicating the tell-tale spot, “you are one hot and horny bitch.” He laughed even harder when she began to cry, tears sliding down red cheeks.

He turned her around so that her ass faced the camera, bent her over, and ran his finger along the crease between her legs, where soft hair had once covered her now hairless mound. His index finger found the seam and slipped easily between the well lubricated lips.

“Careful” Alshasha cautioned his lieutenant, and Escobar nodded.

Escobar’s touch was disturbingly gentle and Bridget could feel herself responding even as she prayed that she wouldn't.

The Inspector could see that she was trying hard to withhold any sign of reaction to his touch and lightly teased her emerging clit making her gasp with pleasure despite her best efforts and resolve.

 Her wiggling hips had taken up an unconscious, gentle rhythm, pushing back against Escobar’s questing fingers on her plump clitoris, which nestled between wet, flowering nether lips.

“As you can see” Escobar said looking into the camera “she is very responsive for a virgin, and quite wet.”

Bridget turned bright pink from his comment, horrified to have her virginity the subject of an internet auction. Sure she had grown up sheltered, but had never imagined such things occurred. Alsha instructed the technician to zoom in for a close-up while the second man began clicking away with a digital camera.

Now the embarrassed young nun looked over to see the other technician had now picked up a camera and was starting to take photos of her, and she was dismayed by the knowledge that her nakedness was being forever captured on film and video for future generations of perverts to leer over. She felt like she was going to be sick.

Sister Bridget was forced to pose in the most obscene of positions. Hands behind her head, legs spread apart. Hands behind her head, kneeling. Hands behind her back, legs spread. Kneeling, hands on her thighs. Cupping her breasts. Licking her lips. Looking over her shoulder, displaying her ass. Bending over, facing the camera, tits hanging. Bending over, facing away from the camera, holding her butt cheeks. On her back, legs in the air, spread open.

It had taken the threat of another spanking before the young blond nun had submitted to pinching her nipples erect and, most embarrassing, holding her vaginal lips apart so that photographs of her maidenhead could be taken.

Her face was so red, Escobar was afraid she was going to burst a blood vessel as she stood humiliated and softly weeping, her small frame shaking with her sobs.

“Now our lovely virgin nun will demonstrate how adept she has become at sucking pussy” Escobar said into the camera, “assisted by our own equally lovely Nell.”

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“Now our lovely virgin nun will demonstrate how adept she has become at sucking pussy” Escobar said into the camera, “assisted by our own equally lovely Nell.”

The two young blonds look similar enough to be sisters with curly blond hair, small, perky breasts and shaved pussies, although Nell’s nipples were larger and pinker.

Bridget went pale at the announcement, as did Nell Diamond as Alicia Fuentes, still in uniform, hustled the naked blond over to a wall over which a pulley hung

It took them a few minutes before Nell Diamond was tied with her hands high above her head. Her feet were attached to leather cuffs secured to the floor, spreading her wide open. They pulled the ropes tight so that she was forced to stand on her tiptoes to touch the floor. She was blindfolded and moved her sightless head in the direction of every sound.

"Oh God” Nell begged piteously, “I'm not a lesbian, please… don't do this.”

Bridget looked ill as she dropped to her knees and pushed Nell’s legs further apart, exposing all off her bare pussy to her gaze…and the cameras. Alicia bent over the kneeling nun and whispered “You’d better make her cum, bitch, or I’m next.” Bridget visibly shivered at the thought.

Biting her lip, and praying for forbearance, the defiled novice gently, hesitantly, rubbed her fingers up and down along the tied woman’s slit, then, at Escobar’s direction, she lightly caressed her clit. It was the first-time Bridget had ever touched another woman so intimately.

Shocked and shamed, Nell pleaded again and again for her to stop, but inwardly, deep inside her body’s darker corners, she felt herself losing control the second the nun’s timid tongue made contact with her quaking slit.

Nell let out a loud, embarrassed gasp and moaned "Oh God, stop what are you doing to me. Please, I don't want this, please stop, this is wrong, I’m NOT a lesbian." she pleaded over and over, mortified.

“Neither am I” Bridget mentally thought as she sought to finish her unholy task. She was obviously unfamiliar with the fine points of cunnilingus, however he short, involuntary introduction to girl-girl sex had provided some basic techniques. 

Her moral compass whirling out of control, and sick at her own lasciviousness, Bridget groaned and began lavishing long, lingering licks along the begging Nell’s cunt and she yelped as the nun’s stiff tongue licked Nell’s emerging clit, protruding out from its hood.

Bridget sucked the sensitive bud into her mouth rapidly brushing it with her tongue and heard Nell's moans grow louder then change into weak, helpless mewls of arousal.

Fearing the consequences of not causing the blond to climax, Bridget ran her fingers up Nell’s spread thighs to her pussy lips, pulling them gently apart.

Her inner lips were wet and she slid her tongue over Nell’s inner vaginal lips, flicking them gently, while simultaneously trying to ignore her smell or her taste, or consciously think about the sinful act she was committing.

Oh, God. This feels so wrong, she thought as she continued to orally assault the restrained woman’s genitals.

“Put your tongue inside her” Escobar ordered the innocent nun.

Bridget nearly gagged as she slid her tongue lower until it made contact with the sensitive opening of Nell’s vagina. She pushed, feeling the tight slot yield as her tongue slid inside. She continued until her lips were tight against Nell’s soft pussy lips, her tongue fully inside Nell’s extremely tight, extremely wet opening.

Despite her reluctance, Bridget forced herself to close her lips around one of Nell’s nether lips and suck it into her mouth, running her tongue over it and feeling her juices wash down her chin, as she probed her deeply with her tongue.

Then she withdrew her tongue, pressing it up along her rapidly swelling gash until she again reached Nell’s stiffening clit. A weak whimper escaped her lips as Bridget lapped along her pussy, filling the small room with the sound of her involuntary squeals and groans.

"You- oh, oh.... You're not-ah...please..ah…..whar are you,,,,OHHHHHGAAAAWD" Nell moaned, the erotically electric sensations overwhelming her body, her other senses heightened by her sightless condition.

Bridget ignored her protest, intent on ending this degrading act, and she flicked the small node fervently with her tongue, sending Nell's restrained legs into a frenzy as Bridget relentlessly drove her towards her climax.

She bucked and moaned, her body rocking in its restraints as she peaked, and her restraints kept her tightly held.

Bridget did not release her grip on her thighs until she'd pulled a second orgasm from Nell’s steamy center, the captive shivering in her release, going limp in her bonds. Nell felt faint. The times she'd brought her own climax through rubbing her clitoris had been nothing like having Bridget lick it.

Bridget’s tongue had awakened something inside of her. She was confused. Part of her felt violated and wanted to crawl away and cry. Part of her wanted more of it to happen again.

“As you can see” Escobar said into the camera, “Our little virgin nun is quite accomplished st licking pussy, especially for having only recently been introduced to the skill” he chuckled, as Bridget blushed bright red.

She had forgotten that Escobar was there, or even that she was being recorded as she’d performed an unnatural act on another female. She flushed in shame at the memory.

“Bidding will start at 6PM Pacific Standard Time and close exactly at midnight. Good Luck”

The screen transitioned to a count-down clock set at 6:00 and a window titled ”BID”  with 00.00 in electric numerals.

“Take her back to one of the secure bedrooms and put a man on the door” Alshasha ordered Escobar. “Once the auction is over, we can make arrangements regarding delivery.” Then turning to Bridget, he said “Be patient Sister. Soon enough, you will be rescued from the curse of your virginity.”

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WO IST ALLES???????? Sad Sad Sad  Roll Eyes


It was a bit unusual. Alshasha had to admit that. But Alshasha made a living, a very lucrative living, catering to the special tastes and…”appetites” of his clients. Even before the auction began, Alshasha had known the outcome. Nicolas Fury was not the sort of man who would tolerate not having a hunger sated, and the “auction” had been just a ruse to drive up the price.

He had been very specific. He desired a virgin to take by force. He wanted her to be thin, blond, in her early twenties and submissive. He had almost wet himself when he’d seen her photo and Alshasha had mentioned she Bridget was, or more accurately, had been, a nun.

Nick had insisted that she be dressed like a Catholic schoolgirl and for what he was paying for one night, it was a simple request to fulfill, and she’d been provided a white knit polo shirt with the logo of Saint Genevieve School for Girls on the right breast, and a blue-gray tartan skirt, shorter than any nun would ever have allowed, along with saddle shoes and appropriate undergarments

Bridget’s curly blond locks had been combed out and she wore a pink headband, and no make-up, her legs bare but for white knee-high socks. She looked up anxiously as Nick came into the room with Alshasha.

“This is Mister Fury” Alshasha said without preamble. “You are to do anything and everything he asks of you, as if your future well-being depended on it, as I assure you it most definitely does.” Then turning to Nick he added “No marks, no damage, understood?”

Nick, his eyes never leaving his prey, nodded.

Nick Fury could be considered handsome, Bridget thought, even with the eyepatch but the ice cold look in his one eye filled her with dread. She looked lost as Alshasha said “I will see you at breakfast, 9AM tomorrow morning” and he left, the door locking behind him.

Neither of them were aware they were being taped.

“OK cunt, let’s start by getting you naked. Strip!”

Bridget shocked by the suddenness of it, gasped “What?” She shouldn’t have been surprised. It seemed the only time she was given clothes was so that she could be stripped, or made to strip.

"I said get that fucking shirt off" he snarled into her face. He took the back of his free hand and wiped his mouth as he stared at Bridget who stood unmoving until he started toward her.

Holding her hands up, palms out, she whimpered, “No…Okay, I’ll do it” and tugged her shirt up and out of the waist of her skirt. She’d been forced to strip before. This wouldn’t be any worse she told herself. Of course, she was wrong.

Bridget bit her lip and blushing, lifted the shirt up over her head and dropped it on the floor by her feet. She was now in a plain white cotton bra, much like the type she’d worn as a nun. There was a small bulge around her stomach and falling over the waistband of her skirt, but it wasn’t that noticeable.

Nick felt his penis begin to rise, and he leered evilly at Bridget and she blushed turning her head away from him, horrified as he said "Now, take off the bra too." He smiled at her again. “Time to see those tits naked.” His choice of words was deliberate, designed to embarrass and humiliate.

Sister Bridget didn't move at first, but when Nick pointed the gun at her forehead she suddenly found the ability to move her arms again. In the video control room, Escobar and Alicia Fuentes looked with panic at Alshasha who only calmly smiled and said “It’s not loaded, but she doesn’t know that.”

On the screen, they watched as Bridget moved her trembling hands behind her back and fumbled with the clasp until finally, she got the catch unclasped, the straps falling away. Then she pulled the straps over her arms and dropped the bra in front of her on the floor. Embarrassed, she quickly concealed her bare breasts, crossing her arms to cover them.

"Drop your arms" Nick ordered her. She did so, exposing her firm round tits to him. They were pert, but larger then they’d appeared under her clothes he thought. They were easy B cups if not C cups and hung firm on her chest, jiggling slightly from side to side.

Her gaze dropped to his prick, as he pulled it free so he could take his free hand and start stroking his cock, getting it hard. Bridget stared at it mesmerized and gasped loudly, and put her hand over her mouth. Nick noticed Bridget's pink nipples stiffen into hard cylinders. He smiled.

"Skirt now." He continued while stroking his cock.

Bridget hesitated, but then she remembered the gun, and started unbuttoning the catch of her skirt, then tugged open the zipper, and pushed the skirt down over her hips. The white cotton panties began showing, and by the time the skirt fell to her ankles, her modest panties were on full display.

After the skirt fell to her ankles, she stepped free of them and he licked his lips at the sight of the small cameltoe in the crotch of the white bikini briefs.

They were very boring, and unoriginal but they were perfect for his fantasy.

The still-virgin nun stood subdued and mortified, her arms by her side with her head down and blonde hair hanging over her face, hiding her. She was refusing to look up into his eyes until he ordered her to. He was content with that, as it meant she was probably going to comply with his demands without his having to hurt her….too much.

Bridget knew what was coming, and couldn’t suppress a littlre tingle of excitement as he said " Now, take off your panties and let’s see what virgin pussy looks like." He chuckled as he said it.

"No. Oh God, please mister, don’t do this. It is sinful and…." SLAP! SLAP!

“Shut your trap. The only thing I want you to use that mouth for is sucking dick.

Bridget started really crying now. Large teardrops ran down the abused nuns pretty, round cheeks, and fell on the heap of clothes at her feet. However, once he pressed the gun barrel against her forehead, the crying subsided and she miserably hooked her fingers into the waistband of the panties and slid them down to the floor, stepping free.

In the control booth, Alshasha ordered “Zoom in for close-ups of her face, and keep camera three focused on her pussy.”

Nick leered when he saw her bare pussy in front of him. It looked like a hairless gash visible amid the puffy lips between her legs. Nick’s penis turned into a raging hard-on with help from his stroking and the erotic sight of the totally naked, embarrassed virgin who stood trembling in front of him. He took the step to close the gap between them.

Nick became intoxicated with the sweet, fresh smell of her. He took a few strands of her hair in his hands, and held it to his nose while inhaling deeply.

Then he took his free hand, and she jerked, gasping as he moved it up to cup her naked left breast.

 It was smooth and soft, and full enough to fill his entire palm. He held it in his hand for a few minutes bouncing it up and down, and just massaging it a little. Bridget stood silent as he fondled her, biting her lips, trying to ignore the inciting arousal his touch was eliciting from her. He took the hardened nipple, and pinched it gently between his fingers.

Bridget let out a gasp. He smiled, and pinched again eliciting another gasp. Growing bored with that he took his hand and slid his palm sensually, teasingly down her stomach. When he got to her belly button, she sucked in her breath as his hand dropped to her waist then moved lower, and continued south until his fingers touched the hairless crease he was searching for.

Bridget bit her lip, but remained silent as he rubbed around until her found her slit. Then, the hapless virgin cried out, panicked as he took two fingers and parted her labia. It took his gun waved in her face before she’d reluctantly opened her legs wide enough for him to get his fingers in.

However, now there was a stunning pink, hairless mound in front of him. The labia were slightly darker around the edges, but he would never get tired of opening up a woman's slit. He slid his index finger into the opening as her labia closed around his finger.

Bridget sucked in her breath again, but she didn't start crying. He rubbed his finger back and forth, and pulled and inserted a few times. It was as dry as a desert down there he though and he pulled out with Bridget exhaling in relief. A single tear streaked down her cheek.

Nick smelled his finger, and while she was dry she still had the unique, intoxicating scent of an aroused woman.

"Ok now turn around. I want to check out your ass." His voice sounded tight.

She slowly, hesitantly turned, and faced the bed and she started to blush at being humiliated. Her ass was small, but still nicely rounded. Most importantly, it was tight and firm. She jumped as he grabbed it and squeezed. It tightened in his grasp, amusing him with her reaction.

He was gentle at first, and for that she was grateful. His fingers moved smoothly over her skin, relaxing her as much as she could be relaxed. He watched her reaction as he twisted a nipple, placed pressure on her clit and probed gently at her virgin opening.

"You are very responsive. So sensitive for a virgin."

She didn't know how to respond, she felt a small electric tingle inside her pussy from his touches and caresses.

“Go lay on your back on the bed and open your legs” he said softly.

“Please…we mustn’t…I can’t….” she protested piously, “I just…..WHAP…ohhhhhhh” she cried as he backhanded her.

“Lay on your back on the bed and open your legs” he repeated. “I won’t tell you again.”

Like a shocked animal, she scurried onto the bed and lay on her back, confused by his swiych from gentle to brutal, and very afraid, not just at the loss of her virginity, but for her safety. She almost fainted with relief as he set the gun aside

He pushed her limp legs widely apart, then crawled onto the bed between them and, to her shock and astonishment, did to her what she had been forced to do to the blond woman the previous night, as he lowered his mouth to her spread open pussy and began a slow, languid assault upon her throbbing clit as she bucked under the sensation.

Bridget felt her entire face go beet red, she reached down in protest, feeling exposed and weak.

"I enjoy your innocent moans and protests bitch." Nick had a slightly sadistic edge to his voice, something dark and dangerous was concealed inside him.

"I'm looking forward to your struggles when I deflower you."

Deflower? Who used the word deflower, she wondered wildly? This was rape, plain and simple, her maidenhood ripped from her by force, not freely given as a gift of love.

The pressure inside her loins rose as he pushed a single thick finger inside her. She cried out in surprise, as he pressed against the tissue protecting her innocence.

"Yes, you are indeed a virgin, as Alshasha promised."

She heard a low growl in his voice, something inside him that he’d tried to keep hidden. He found her sweet spot again and her toes curled, and something wonderful happened. She quivered and let out a surprised, aroused squeal.

Nick grinned wide and smiled. "Pleasure, even when you’re being abused. I'm going to enjoy this. Now, it is my turn." She saw that now, he was as naked as she was. Well almost. She still wore the knee-socks, which somehow made her feel MORE naked.

He lifted himself up, a massive cock pulsed between his legs. She gave a squeak of shock.

"I,,,,,I couldn’t possibly,….. it’s too big" she protested fearfully, her eyes wide at his massive shaft.

“OH, but you can…and you will” he assured her coldly.

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So nick fury has an eye on catholic schoolgirls. Nice new chapter.

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Nick fury???

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NICK FURY, AGENT OF S.H.I.E.L.D. ????????????


Nick Fury loomed naked over the equally naked Sister Bridget, about to… to use his term, “deflower” her.

Nick lifted himself up, and his massive cock pulsed between his legs. Bridget gave a weak squeak of shock.

"I,,,,,I couldn’t possibly,….. it’s too big" she protested fearfully, her eyes wide at his massive shaft.

“OH, but you can…and you will” he assured her coldly.

His eyes went dark, he reached for her throat. "I can promise you that to resist me will result in pain you cannot even begin to imagine." His voice was deeper, more ragged now.

He placed the length of his hard, stiff prick at the gate of her tight virgin pussy, then hoisted up her legs and looked down at her between them. "I will savor the look in your eye as you surrender your chastity and I take you, and fuck you until you scream.

Bridget felt like screaming now, as he tried to press his massive cock inside her, but her body would not yield. The thick, round head of his cock pressed against her tight folds, making her scream in a twisted blend of pain and unwanted arousal, the touch of the first cock on her inviolate flesh making her dizzy and ashamed.

Finally his cockhead pushed inside her, tears filling Bridget's eyes, pain and shame equally obvious in her expression. She could sense he was holding himself back.

His arms lifted her limp torso upwards with ease and thrust his hips forcefully, hands upon her hips, her firm breasts crushed to his chest as he sheathed himself deeply inside her until he bottomed out, ripping past her hymen to claim her innocence.

Bridget screamed and jerked and screamed and jerked, and screamed some more until she went limp, sobbing at her lost virginity. He arched his back and, as excited as she got him, he focused on not losing control, not yet.

He let out a groan and collapsed on top of her, shocking her as he kissed her lips. She shuddered as his hands moved to cup her breasts, and she gave a low, sensual moan as he tugged on her turgid nipples, stimulating them to hard nubs. She arched her back and tried to push him out of her, but only succeeded in making her pussy clamp more tightly.

If it was even possible his cock swelled even more inside her. He slid slowly, tortuously slowly out, and then back inside, stimulating her virginal entrance.

Then without warning, it began. Crazy with a hunger to take her my force he thrust into her and her moans gradually changed. She began to fight him, trying to escape, thrashing about, but he kept her pinned, his body knocking the air from her with each powerful thrust.

Bridget began begging him to stop, afraid to admit to herself that her arousal was growing. He impaled her again and again until her body began to lubricate to accommodate him. She felt it again, the deep pulse of the pleasure she’d unwilling been made to feel before. She reached down and tried to find her clit between her legs.

He slapped her hand away. “Beg me to make you come”

Ashamed, she nonetheless tried to find her clit again, desperate for release. Nick grunted and clamped his hand around her throat. "Beg me, to let you come with me, cunt."

Tears of humiliation pooled in her eyes, willing to do anything to ease the burning between her legs. "P-Please" she begged red faced.

He reached between them, slid his hand down and found her clit easily. He rubbed it and, groaning at her degradation, Sister Bridget was horrified to
find herself moving her hips in synch with his thrusts, mortified at her weakness.

Both of them were grunting, the slickness between them a mix of her virginal blood, arousal and his precum easing the friction as he pumped into her, her excitement building and building until with a scream she felt an intense orgasm wash over her, tears of release mingled with tears of shame.

With a groan he flipped her limp body over so that she was now sitting lifelessly on top of him, his hands easily controlling her movements as he easily lifted her up and down, his powerful hips making her ride his cock, her own gravity finally allowing his entire cock to bury itself deep inside her snatch.

The bulb of his cock head pressed against her unprotected and fertile womb. Her breasts bounced wildly with every thrust of his hips, her mind blank as another orgasm rocked her thin body, a weak “Ohhhhhhhhhhhh” escaping her lips.

The rapid pumping changed tempo as he pounded into her faster, and Bridget went pale as his burning hot semen exploded inside her pussy, and she realized that he hadn’t used protection. Her no-longer virgin pussy was too tight around his shaft to even let a single drop of his seed leak out.

Nick groaned happily and kept pumping, and Bridget could feel jet after jet of his semen pumping deep into her womb.

He grabbed a washcloth from the clean water basin and brought it over to her.

Sister Bridget, groaning in shame, had curled into a ball, a slow leak of thick semen dripping from her battered, previously virgin, pussy.

"Wash yourself bitch” he ordered “We’re only getting started.”

Once clean, Nick ordered the shamed nun to her knees before him.

Now, the naked nun once again knelt before Nick, who then used his feet to spread out her knees so that she was forced to keep her legs further apart than she was comfortable with, her bare sex open and exposed. Her engorged nipples had stiffened into hard, pink nuts standing stiffly out from perfectly round aureoles. Bridget shuddered as the cool room air reached the moisture that dampened and darkened the flesh between her legs, a constant reminder of the naked state of her sex and her vulnerability.

"Show me how you touch yourself at night, Sister" he whispered lustfully, "Show me what you've been doing after you’re alone in bed."

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"Show me how you touch yourself at night, Sister" Nick Fury whispered lustfully, "Show me what you've been doing after you’re alone in bed."

Sister Catherine, recently “deflowered”, looked at her rapist (Could a man who paid for sex be considered a rapist?) with disbelief.

“I….uh…I’ve never….uh…” she stammered, mortified, her face bright red. Of course, she’d experimented, but there was no way she’d confess to….WHAP!

“Don’t lie, Sister” he said softly after backhanding the shocked young novice, “Confess your sin, and show me.”

She started to deny it again, but when Nick raised his fist, Sister Bridget's hand quickly slid down over her belly and found the slippery flesh at the opening of her pussy. Nick’s feet urged her knees further apart. She closed her eyes as the carnal, sinful nature of what she was being forced to do swept over her, filling her with shame... and something else. She gently pried the damp lips apart and inserted a finger between them.

"Open your eyes, Sister. Look at me as you touch yourself" he insisted.

Embarrassed and mortified, the kneeling nun looked up at him then as her fingers moved down to caress her increasingly wet groove. The scent of her increasingly aroused sex was obvious and embarrassed her deeply but the shame seemingly added to both her arousal and confusion. She was perversely stimulated by the humiliation and strangely aroused by doing in what she knew was forbidden by both the church and her conscience.

He watched for several minutes as she touched herself, her breathing more rapid, the look of humiliation in her eyes more intense, even as Bridget felt herself becoming wetter and more excited. Nick too, was becoming more excited watching the innocent young nun awkwardly touching herself, and
Bridget was dismayed to see that his penis was again stiffening into a rigid pole.

Nick saw where she was looking and laughed. “Now see what you’ve done, Sister? The snake is awake, and I think you need to show me what a talented cocksucker you’ve become.”

Still touching herself, Bridget looked up with sad, shamed eyes.

"Open up that pretty mouth, Sister" he commanded, “Time for communion.”

Looking sick, she begged “Please, you must not…..OWWWWWWWWW”

Nick pulled her blond hair hard, making her yelp in pain, her mouth falling open. As it did, he pushed his stiff cock into her mouth.

Grabbed by her hair, Bridget suddenly found herself behind guided towards his rigid cock. She delicately took him into her mouth. She imagined that she tasted her virginity on his cock, and the thought made her dizzy with humiliation as she unwilling was forced to wrap her lips around the head of his cock.

He fucked her mouth hard, grunting and groaning as reaching down, he stuck his hand between her legs. "Look how wet you are. I’ll bet that you’re one of those kinky bitches that likes this kinda stuff, aren't ya?"

"Mm-mm!" She shook her head with his dick in her mouth as he teased her clitoris with his index finger. Bridget started moaning on Nick’s cock as he started fucking her mouth harder, gagging her and mockingly murmured, "Oh Yeah, Sister, I’m gonna make you cum, bitch!"

Nick’s hands tangled in her hair suddenly gripped her head tightly, and forced her head down on his cock so that her lips touched the hair at the base of his cock, and the head of it went down her throat. She had no time to protest this treatment as he pulled her head back up coarsely, and then thrust it down her throat again. She feverishly gasped for air as he continued to thrust in and out of her mouth, managing to draw a few short breaths in between having her throat completely filled with his throbbing prick.

Bridget shook her head and groaned and struggled and started moaning. No, no, no, no, no!

Her legs started shaking and quivering and, suddenly without warning, an orgasm shot through her, as she moaned “Ugggghhhhhhhhhh” around his cock in her mouth, face red.

She was cumming as his fingers forced her to orgasm against her will and despite her urgent prayers to Jesus.

"You’re cumming!” he chortled, humiliating the disheveled young novice. “What a slutty little Sister you are, especially for being a virgin….err, sorry.
Former virgin” he corrected himself, chuckling at the look of shame that filled her eyes above his plunging cock.

"Suck harder, bitch," he commanded as he felt his excitement rise in the base of his groin.

Bridget reluctantly complied, applying more pressure to his cock. He took his hands from her hair and planted them firmly at the back of her head, drawing her all the way down onto him again. She suddenly felt his cock start to pulse, and felt something splatter against the back of her throat. He let loose a small moan, forcing her to stay there, his cock down her throat, while his cum spurted over and over, into the girl's almost-virgin mouth.

He shot his load inside her mouth, and growled "Swallow it, Sister."

Gagging, Bridget nonetheless swallowed all of his semen as his cock pulsated in her mouth.

"Fuck, Nick teased, "You’re a natural, Sister!" Finally, he let her go, and she drew back, coughing and gagging as she swallowed his hot sperm.

"Please," she said, tears springing to her eyes, "Will you let me go now?"
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