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Author Topic: Remember Jamie Leigh Jones?  (Read 1760 times)
Raymond Pist
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« on: December 04, 2011, 01:32:24 AM »

'memba her?

You should.
Her story was just terrible. Heart-wrenching!
It even made the front page of the New York Times.  EVERY major newspaper carried the story, as did all TV news magazines.
Ms. Jones was an employee of a company called KBR (a sub-contractor of Halliburton). She  claimed that while in Iraq in '05, she was drugged and brutally gang raped by other KBR employees who then held her at gun point in a small shipping container without food and water for 24 hours. <sob!!>

Every talk show, radio and TV, begged her to come on to promote her book:  “The Jamie Leigh Story: How My Rape in Iraq and Cover-up Made Me a Crusader for Justice". Senator Barrack Obama (whatever became of him?) DEMANDED a State Department investigation.  Comic Al Franken, who also turns out to be a Senator (I guess anybody can be one!), added an "ANTI-RAPE" ammendment to an appropriations bill. Senators who opposed that bill, possibly based only on disagreeing with some of the appropriations, were instantly proclaimed to be "PRO-RAPE".  Jon Stewart made much fun of them!

Turns out--you're gonna laugh here--turns out, she WASN'T RAPED AT ALL! 
See, when she was called upon to PROVE the allegations, medical staff who examined her reported that she had NOT been drugged, had NONE of the bruising that she'd claimed to have, Her boob-implants were NOT ruptured--as she had claimed. And her lying snatch contained the DNA of only one man--one she'd had an ongoing consensual relationship with. 

Oh, AND, this is her FIFTH set of false accusations of rape! 
And now, KBR, who she had been trying to extort, is now suing HER. 
But oddly, this story is no longer front page news. 
The best the New York times can do to help us clear this up, is put it on page 16, below the fold.
Senator Frankin, Former Senator Obama, and Jon Stewart have not comented at all.

A good library contains something to offend everyone. But the only thing that should be universally offensive to all people are threats of censorship. Silencing those with whom you disagree is not an argument; it's a sign that you have lost the argument, and cannot compete in the marketplace of ideas. There is no greater admission of weakness.
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