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Author Topic: Abused by Rupert  (Read 20903 times)

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« on: April 05, 2011, 05:36:02 AM »

My name is Luke, I was 16 years old, it was a hot summer and I was camping in the south of France with my parents. We were traveling around going from campsite to campsite. I found it boring, lots of long days driving in the car stuck in that hot tin box of a car with just my parents to talk to as we drove around France. I hated the food and the heat and wished I had some friends with me until we found a campsite where there was a group of other teenagers.

At first I was shy but soon made friends and it was great to be away from my parents having adventures with people my own age. We spent the days off exploring the woods and swimming in the lake, I gravitated to a group of English boys my age who had weed and we would steal some beers off the adults and go to their tents to smoke and drink away from the prying eyes of the grown ups.

There was one boy called Rupert who I got on really well with and he invited me to stay in his tent with him. I agreed and my parents said it was ok too. I was really excited thinking about how we could secretly get stoned and stay up all night.

The first night I stayed in Rupert's tent was just as I expected, we had two joints and 6 beers and I don't think I have giggled so much in my life. We didn't sleep until we heard the birds chirping. We must have slept until mid day and I awoke to find the tent stiflingly hot. It was like a sauna almost too much to bare, I rolled over and saw that Rupert was awake looking at me really intensely.

For a split second something passed between us, nothing was said but the intensity of his stare made my heart race and I looked away and Rupert made a satisfied noise as if me looking away was something he expected.

The moment passed and he said in a friendly tone "damn it's hot" "I'm going for a shower, you wait here" I said no problems. He left wearing his pajama bottoms with his soap bag tucked under one arm a towel over his other arm and his red wellington boots on. I closed my eyes and even though it was ferociously humid I drifted back to sleep.

I'm not sure how long I was asleep for but when I awoke Rupert was on top of me with his hand over my mouth!

I was still in my sleeping bag with my arms trapped inside as he straddled me, I wriggled and squirmed like crazy but he had me trapped. I was a small lad and he wasn't much bigger than me, both of us were skinny but as he pinned me down I could feel he had a raw strength I couldn't begin to resist. He whispered in my ear "don't fight me or I will strip you naked and thrash you with my belt" "do you understand"

He was still covering my mouth with his hand, and looking into my eyes and I nodded my head to show him I understood. My mind was racing with my situation. He had me totally helpless and if that wasn't bad enough if I tried to escape him he was going to strip me nude and thrash me. The idea was almost too much to bare, If he was just going to beat me up it would be bad enough but stripping me nude and thrashing me with his belt was the most humiliating proposition I could imagine.

He took his hand off my mouth and I whispered "don't hurt me please Rupert" he said "I will do what I want when I want and you will not be able to stop me Luke"

I could feel his erection throbbing on my tummy through the sleeping bag and even though he was so tightly pressed against me that all I could see was his face I knew he must be naked and my heart started racing at the implication of his nudity. He said "I want you to listen carefully and keep quiet" "This is our secret, you can not tell anyone do you understand" I nodded my head emphatically still terrified at the possibility of being thrashed by him.

He told me to stay on my bed until he was ready I lay there feeling like a prisoner. As he rose off me my situation became real as I saw him nude apart from his red wellington boots. His body was pale skinned and smooth accept he had a small bush of red pubic hair above his erection which was uncut with a pink pouting wrinkled foreskin which was moist. His erection was intimidating, and he said don't move as he dangled his erection on my lips and said lick my foreskin clean or I will thrash you.

Oh god I licked the moisture off the tip of his erection and he said "get used to it Luke" then he unzipped my sleeping bag and pulled it off me so I was exposed to him in nothing but my y-fronts. Then he went to his rucksack and pulled out a Swiss Army penknife. I said "Oh god no Rupert please" and scrambled away from him right into the back of the tent curling up in the fetus position.

He put one booted foot on my head and said "This wont hurt if you keep still" then he used the scissors on his pen knife to cut a hole in the back of my undies. I could feel the air on my exposed ass and realising this must mean he meant to rape me with tears in my eyes I uncurled myself and crawled to his feet and kissed his boots and begged him not to rape me but he had no mercy. He lifted my chin with his booted foot so I was looking up at him and he said "you can't stop me, now lie down on your back and spread your legs"

I obediently lay back shaking all over and spread my legs as he commanded as I looked up at him I could tell my fear and total state of abject surrender was making him more erect, his erection was defying gravity pointing straight up and he had a hungry, cruel look on his face as he bent down between my open legs with the scissors and cut another hole in the front of my undies and my penis hung free soft and humiliatingly insignificant compared to his erection.

I felt exposed like an offering, an offering to him, he leaned over me so his face was inches from mine and his erection was touching my exposed penis and said "by the time I have finished with you your pathetic little willy will stand to attention for me Luke"

Then he thrusted his erection into the hole he had cut on the front of my undies against my soft cock and to my horror the sensation of his erection against my penis had an effect and despite my fear and humiliation he made me erect for him then he took his used undies and pushed them into my mouth and held my legs so my feet where up by my ears making me moan into his undies as the tip of his erection touched my bum hole.

For one second I felt a sensation of pleasure like his erection touching my helpless hole was what I needed then the pain, oh the pain as he mercilessly took me. I cried and whimpered into his undies and to my humiliation I was so erect as he raped me. I would have done anything for the pain to stop but it was like my erection was betraying me and he said "your tears say no but your cock says YES Luke" 

When he had used me to completion he pulled his undies out of my mouth and held my quivering naked body to his, his bare legs entangled with mine both of us still erect, his cum dripping on my erection he said "I own you Luke"

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« Reply #1 on: July 27, 2014, 12:17:58 PM »

emot_penis.gif emot_penis.gif ani_bond2.gif emot_penis.gif emot_penis.gif
                        Not  bad ,  I would like more, do you  plan to write a bit more?
                                      Thanks.         peace!
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« Reply #2 on: April 11, 2016, 08:36:07 AM »

If it could happen to me...love it
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