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Author Topic: GILLIGAN'S ISLAND DOES RAPE  (Read 11699 times)

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« on: February 19, 2007, 04:45:53 PM »

Author note:  I saw an old re-run of Gilligan's Island sometime ago and thought, "If this had really happened they would have had sex!"  This is my view of how what would have happened.  (Rape, BDSM, N/C, Preg)


"Thank you finding this secluded place for me to bathe.  Gilligan, the Skipper, and Mr. Howell are always peeking at me when I bathe close to camp," Ginger said in her typical, breathless bubbly voice.


"No trouble at all Ginger, no trouble at all," the Professor, explained in a matter-of-fact tone.  "Every member of our group performs an essential function, and so we must all be as happy with our lives here as possible."


"No need to be modest, Professor.  This was still a very nice thing you did."  The sultry movie star lowered her heavy eyelids in a distinctively seductive manner.

"You know, traditionally, there are other ways in which women in our society express gratitude for acts of kindness."  The Professor was now eyeing Ginger's statuesque body with a glint in his eye that Ginger knew very well.


Ginger attempting to appear nonchalant replied.  "Whatever do you mean by that, Professor?"


"Be serious, Miss Grant."  His face seemed to grow more serious.  "We're both adults and you've been around the horn so to speak.  You know precisely what I mean."


"But Professor you can't mean what I think you mean!"  Ginger started to back away from him.  "You were the one who told us that we all had to be very careful.  We can't have any accidents' as we have no real medical facilities here." 


The Professor reached down and grabbed a coil of rope near his feet.  "I've been getting better and better at performing the duties of a medical doctor, Ginger."  The Professor took a step toward her.  "If you get pregnant I'm sure I can handle any childbirth issues."


"Pregnant!  But, but, but I've not even been with a man in a long time!"  She glanced around hoping one of the others was nearby.  "You can't mean what I think you mean, it's just, just immoral!"


"Quite the contrary," the Professor countered.  "All human beings have definite biological urges.  We've all suppressed our natural inclinations for far too long.  The time to act on them is now and besides I wouldn't mind having some children around so that I might teach them!"  The Professor stretched the length of rope between his hands.


"No!  No I don't want this and if you force me it will be rape!"  Ginger abruptly felt gripped by trepidation, as if she no longer knew this man.  "You can't do this!  I don't want this!"


"These urges can't be continually denied," the Professor said.  "You're a young, healthy woman and surely no virgin given your choice of career field.  You've no doubt had many men and I'll just be another man you can add to that list!"


"I'm not a whore if that's what you're implying and I'm out of here!"  Ginger turned and attempted to run, however her high heels wouldn't allow her to move very rapidly in the fine sand.  Immediately the Professor was on her, taking her to the ground.  He rested his left forearm on her shoulder and pulled her right hand behind her back.

"No, Professor!  You can't do this to MEEEE this is rape," she protested loudly.  Yet she had to allow him to grab her free hand and bind her wrists with the coarse rope.


"Your lips say no, although your body will enjoy it once we begin!"  He chuckled as he straddled her and then cinched and knotted the rope securing her hands.  He rolled her over onto her back, continuing to straddle her waist.


"You'll see what my lips have to say," she yelled furiously.  "Help!  Skipper!  Gilligan!  Mr. Howell!  Help!"


"Yell all you want the others may be along later, however right now its just me and you!"  The Professor smiled and gave a slight, taunting laugh.  He then used both hands and grabbed at the center of her low-cut dress.  With a strong yank, he ripped it open to allow the pink flesh of her ample bosom to surge into the open.  Her huge titties were topped with long pink nipples that were stiffening in fear.


"No please this is rape!  Civilized men don't rape women," she gasped.


"Oh be serious, Ginger.  O course civilized men rape and besides we aren't near any civilization.  And men of all ages, cultures, races, and religions have always committed rape," he sneered.  The helpless movie star squirmed provocatively beneath the Professor as he reached into his pocket to pull out a Swiss Army knife.  She could feel his burgeoning manhood pressed against her slightly convex abdomen as she tried to inch away from him.


"Oh God!  No!"  Ginger pleaded/yelled, futilely kicking her long legs.  "Someone help me, please!  Help!"

"Now be very still now!"  The Professor instructed almost dispassionately as he unfolded the shiny cutting blade.  "We don't want to cut any of your lovely body parts."


He twisted around and made a small cut in the lower part of her gown.  He raised up to tear off a strip as she tried to squirm out from under him.  The movie star again tried to escape as she heard the thin material rip easily.  To stop her attempted escape, he fell with all his weight on her, holding the torn fabric in one hand and the small knife in the other.


"Let me go!"  Ginger pleaded.  "Somebody help me!"

He cut a portion off the long strip and grabbed one ankle.  "I think this will be a most proficient way to keep you from moving around," he said as he tied the strip to one slim ankle and began to cut another strip of material for the other ankle.  "We'll see if we can't restrain those lovely legs now!"  He stood up to quickly in an attempt to move his victim close to a nearby dead fall, however the frantic Ginger used that opportunity to scramble to her feet and then attempt to run again.  She got only as far as the deadfall when the Professor pounced on her again.  He took her down to her knees and then bent her over the fallen tree.  She tried to turn over and kick him as he quickly secured her ankles with the strips cut from her gown to small protrusions on the deadfall.


Ginger continued pleading with him and whimpering for him to stop, but he seemed unshakably determined in his purpose.  "Nooo!  Please you could get me pregnant!  Yes I've had several men, but I was on the pill then!  Nooo don't do this!"  The she felt a strange rush of emotions as he bent her forward over the fallen tree.  Ginger's back arched and her round posterior raised prominently in the air.  He grabbed her long red hair and pulled her head back.


"You've been asking for this ever since we've been on this island!  You wiggle that round ass of yours around in front of all of the men here and then you never put out," he growled.  His strong arm held her bent over the deadfall as he used his other hand to pull her torn gown up over her hips.  She squirmed and tried to free herself from his grasp, half aware that her wiggling movements were only exciting him even more.


She felt his fingers grab at her now-exposed panties, and she tried to press her knees tightly together as he pulled them down, revealing her moist, sexual slit that was lightly downed with ginger colored hair. "You really are quite the actress, Ginger," the Professor said.  "Nevertheless you are still a hot blooded woman and you need release as well as I do!"


Ginger felt her cheeks flush with humiliation.  She helplessly reached back at him with her bound hands, pulling at his shirt.  He leaned over her, pressing his body down against her as he whispered in her ear.

"This is what I've wanted for a very long time.  I have a rather large prick and you'll like it once I get it in that rather tight looking pussy of yours!  I rather thought you might have been stretched out from all that casting couch sex, although it appears all those Hollywood types had pencil dicks!"


Ginger felt his long, stiff member relentlessly prodding against her moist sex slot.  Her eyes widened and she let out a deep and sensual moan of surrender as his throbbing manhood separated her labia and began to slowly jog its way deeper and deeper into her narrow sex channel.  She had always been a hot-blooded woman even on the casting couches and now the Professors attentions were rousing her libido.  He reached around and grabbed her heaving breasts, delicately playing with her fully erect pink nipples.


"One of the many areas I've studied is Sexual Techniques'!"  The Professor declared smugly.  "This should be quite an enjoyable experience for both of us!"

Ginger groaned in sexual surrender as the Professors male organ slid over her G-spot' and pushed her cervix upward in her trembling belly.  She'd never had a man as big as the Professor inside her and while she had orgasmed with men inside her she had never been tied up and forcibly raped before.  In addition this was the first time she had ever had unprotected sex having been on the pill since she was in her teens.


The Professor began to slowly pump his lean hips so that his large prick slid sinuously in and out of Ginger's pussy.  In mere moments Ginger began to wiggle her round rear in sexual heat and babble softly using words she only used when in the throes of passion.  "Ahh fuck me!  UUUUNNN yeah fuck me like that!  That big dick is really rubbing my spot.  Faster Professor, faster!  You wanted to rape me, so rape me hard and rough!  Make me cum you bastard, make me cum!"


The Professor was grinning like a Cheshire cat as his light touch on Ginger's turgid pink nipples was replaced by hard twisting motions that swiftly had Ginger's velvet sex tunnel gushing female fluids.  He growled in a passion filled voice, "Like that Ginger!  You like having your nipples twisted?  Maybe you'd like to have that sweet ass smacked while I fuck you silly?"




The Professor released Ginger's nipples and leaning back a bit his right hand rose and then came down in a vicious smack on her right asscheek!  "SMACK!"  And then in rapid succession the smacks went from right asscheek to left asscheek.  "SMACK!"  "SMACK!"  "SMACK!"

Each blow left a red handprint on Ginger's white asscheeks and caused her internal pussy muscles to grab at the Professors hot pounding cock.  She made minuscule squealing sounds in the back of her throat, although she never screamed in pain.  She had never indulged in bondage/pain sex before, however she knew women who had and most said they loved it.  Ginger was finding out a lot about her sexuality as the Professor picked up the speed of his rut.


The Professor had studied the art of withholding the release of his semen for as long as he desired.  He intended to fuck and abuse Ginger until he had her broken to his cock.  When he did finally fill her womb with his seed, she would be his.


Ginger was gasping as her orgasm rose to incredible peaks fell a bit and then rose again to those incredible peaks.  All the while the Professors thick cock was racing in and out of her slick sex passage.  Ginger finally moaned, "No more, I can't take any more!  Cum in me!  Cum in me now!"


The Professor gave a snarl like a untamed animal as he acceded to her request.  "RRRURR!"  With that snarl the Professors balls unleashed a torrent of semen that raced up his still plunging manhood and filled Ginger's vagina to overflowing.


Ginger convulsed one last time as she relished the sensation of potent sperm racing into her unprotected womb for the first time in her life.  Bondage, rape, unprotected sex, and abuse at last combined to overwhelm her senses and she passed out. 


Meanwhile on another part of the island!¦


 "Where do you think Mrs. Howell could be?"  Mary Ann asked the Skipper.


"I don't know, but I'm sure Gilligan will find her," The Skipper replied curtly.  She detected an unusual degree of tension in his voice.


"Skipper," she began, "Why did you leave Ginger with the Professor?  I mean, normally when we go on a search, they come with us.  And where's Gilligan, he's usually right beside you?"


"I have a feeling it may be a much more serious this time, Mary Ann," The Captain replied, shifting the bag of supplies on his shoulder.  "And I can't have them getting underfoot, screwing things up.  That's why I left them back at the hut.  As for Gilligan he's on another part of island doing something for Mr. Howell."


"I guess Ginger usually isn't much help with these situations either," Mary Ann commented.


"Humph!  A woman like that's only good for one thing, if you catch my drift."  The Captain seemed to be in a foul humor, so Mary Ann attempted to placate him.


"Well Ginger works in Hollywood so we shouldn't judge her by our standards," The willowy farm-girl was making an attempt at idle conversation, but the Skipper wasn't quite ready to let the topic go.


"Nothing, but a two-bit tramp, if you ask me."  The Captain nearly spat out the words.  "She probably got most of her movie work from putting out on the casting couch.  And they were mostly B-grade' movies anyway where she took off her clothes at the drop of a hat.  I've seen her cavorting naked with her leading men!"


Mary Ann didn't feel she could honestly defend the starlet, however she was a little surprised at Captain Captain's attitude.  She had found that men in general were attracted to women of loose morals or women that were portrayed in that manner.  "Really, Skipper, you're a man of the world," she said sweetly, "I'd think you'd have a little more understanding for a woman like Ginger.  I mean, surely you've had some experiences with women like her."


"Listen, girlie, just because I'm a salty old sea-dog doesn't mean I go for strumpets, whores, and the round heel types," he said adamantly.


"I had no idea you felt that way."  Mary Ann was really shocked and a little uncomfortable with his unexpected judgment.


"As a matter of fact, I've always liked the sweet and innocent type myself."  The Captain looked at her with a gleam in his eye which made Mary Ann feel instantly more uneasy.


"Well I guess we'd better keep moving."  She turned away from his gaze, suddenly feeling very aware of all the skin exposed by her denim shorts and short-sleeved, bare-midriff blouse.


"I really do like you, Mary Ann."  The tone of his voice immediately became softer.


"That's nice.  I really like you too, Skipper."  She smiled sweetly at him.  "You've done a wonderful job keeping us all together since the shipwreck."


"Yes, however a man's got needs you know," he declared. 


"A sweet young lady like you probably wouldn't know much about things like that."


"Ah well!  We've really got to find Mrs. Howell."  There was a detectable tenseness in Mary Ann's voice.


"Gilligan will find Mrs. Howell I'm sure of that!  Besides I've been thinking about you and me, Mary Ann," The Captain said.  "And I think it's high time we did something about that."


"No, really, Skipper, this is not the time for this sort of thing!"  Mary Ann backed away from him, and then felt a palm tree behind her.  She turned to run away, however the Captain was far too close.  He lunged and grabbed her forearm, then pulled her back against the tree, holding her still by pressing his massive body against hers.


"No time like the present to attend to some of my needs now," he leered.


"Let me go!" she demanded, her arms flailing wildly.  The Captain grabbed her arms and pulled them behind the slender palm tree.  She felt an unmistakable firmness as he pressed his groin against hers.


"What do you think you're doing?  Let me go, Skipper!"  Her voice rose to a yell as she became more alarmed by the second.  Mary Ann tried pulling away from him however he was much stronger than she was.  He locked her wrists together behind her with one hand in a vice-like grip.  The supply bag slipped down his arm and he pulled out a piece of rope, unfurling it while she continued her useless protests.  "Stop it!  What are you going to do?"  She pleaded, "No!  Please don't tie me up, Skipper!  You want to do this!"


Nevertheless the Captain would not be denied!  He tightly wound the rope around her wrists, and then deftly moved out of the way as she tried to kick at him, moving behind her to cinch the rope.  Then the Skipper used the remainder of the line to attach her waist to the tree, knotting the rope in front at her bared abdomen.

"I don't think you'll be able to get out of these knots, Mary Ann," the Skipper assured her.  "Nobody knows knots better than a sailor!"


"Stop!  Let me go!"  Mary Ann struggled desperately against the taut ropes.  "Help!  Oh someone, please help me!"


"We both know we're too far away for anyone to hear you.  Besides the others are occupied with their own affairs!"  The Captain said with a sinister tone in his voice.  Besides the others have things to occupy themselves with at the moment!" 


"There," he said triumphantly as he surveyed his catch,


"That's much better!  And now for the private viewing I've longed for!"


Mary Ann's eyes widened in disbelief as he reached for the waist of her denim shorts.  She gasped in shock and squirmed as he unfastened them and slowly pulled down the zipper.  She set her feet far apart so he couldn't remove the shorts, but the Captain hooked his legs around hers and used his knees to push her shapely, toned legs in together.  Unable to match his strength, she tried her best to resist as he arduously inched the shorts down.  She gave an embarrassed squeal when he finally revealed her most secret area.  She wore no panties in the heat and her black bush was fully exposed to his malicious eyes.  The Captain reached behind her and pulled the denim below her rounded bottom then grabbed her full, luscious backside, giving a lascivious two-handed squeeze before he lowered the shorts to her knees.  She tried to kick him, but his hand caught her leg, and while her foot was off the ground, he her pulled the shorts to her ankles.


"You're a real fighter," The Skipper complimented her as he tossed the shorts aside.  "Although I like a challenge.  I haven't had a good rape/ravishment scene like this in a long, long time!"


Mary Ann continued to plead, her eyes welling up with tears of anger, fear, and frustration.  She tried kicking at him again.  "Don't do this!  Please don't do this!  This is rape and you don't want to rape me!"


"Sure I want to do that, don't talk nonsense."  He grinned.  "I guess I'll just have to make sure you don't damage the family jewels."


Mary Ann watched in frantic dismay as the Skipper picked up a length of bamboo and pulled more rope from the supply bag.  "I figured you wouldn't spread your legs for me."  The Captain chuckled.  "So I'll have to do it for you."

He knelt down and lashed one ankle to the pole, removed her sneaker and avoided the kicks from her free leg.  Then he moved behind her and grabbed her other ankle, took off her remaining shoe and fastened that ankle so her naked legs were now locked far apart.  Poor Mary Ann tried desperately to close her knees, as she had never felt so completely vulnerable before in her whole life.


"Such a sweet young pussy!  Have you been fucked much?"  The Captain muttered as he approached the helpless Mary Ann.  She jerked against the tight ropes as he reached up to untie the knot of her blouse between her breasts.  He could've undone the single button holding the shirt closed, but instead grabbed the long ends and dramatically ripped the blouse open, exposing her pert young bosom to the hot tropical sun.


Mary Ann pleaded again for her virtue to be spared.  "Please Skipper, you can't do this!  I've only done it three time before with my old boyfriend back home!  He used a condom and we don't have any condoms here!  You could get me pregnant!"


"I've dreamed of this moment for a long time, Mary Ann!  As for brats that's no problem, I got me several bastards scattered around the world, another or two won't make a difference."  The Captain's thick fingers squeezed her breasts and roughly pinched her nipples.  The Skipper reached down and yanked opened his pants.  His thick member sprung out, already standing at full attention and ready for action.  The Captain wasn't really that long, however he was very thick.  He grabbed his turgid member and pressed it up against her soft sexual opening.  Mary Ann turned her head away, unable to look the Captain in the eyes.  She went up on her toes to try to evade his brutal attack, although it was all in vain!  He clutched her firm breasts and pushed his hips toward her again and again.  Finally, Mary Ann gave a muffled squeal as the Captain's hard rod found its way home in her sweet young belly and the long, powerful thrusts rhythmically drove her back against the rough bark of the tree.


Mary Ann screamed as the Skipper rammed his male meat into her unready pussy.  "AHHHHHHHHHHH!  YOU'RE SO BIG AROUND!  NNNNNUUUU!  YOU'RE HURTING MEEEE!  DON'T DO THIS YOU'LL GET ME PREGNANT!"


The Skipper growled, "Oh shut up you little slut.  You're made for fucking and having brats.  We're gonna do a lot of fucking and you'll have a lot of brats!"


Meanwhile on yet another part of the island,..


Mrs. Howell was stark naked belly down over a palm log with her wrists and ankles tied to stakes driven in the ground.  Mr. Howell was naked as well and using a bamboo cane to beat the hell out of his wife's ass.  He was using the bamboo with a will and Mrs. Howell's still tight ass was striped with raised welts.


Mrs. Howell was giving voice to her pain, as her ass was beaten black and blue.  "AHHHHH NOT SO HARD LOVEY, NOT SO HARD!  I WON'T BE ABLE TO SIT DOWN FOR A WEEK!"


Mr. Howell rasped back, "Oh be still Lovey you know you love it!  I bet your pussy is simply gushing!"


Mrs. Howell moaned back, "Yeesss I'm very wet!  When you've finished I'll have to use my dildo to finish myself off!"


Mr. Howell had not been able to maintain an erection for some years.  He was 58 years old and a combination of booze, pills, and stress had made him basically impotent for some seven years.  Mrs. Howell was 42 and still in very good shape for a woman in middle age.  Her titties drooped a bit, her ass was a bit slack, but she wasn't fat and all her female equipment still worked just fine.  She and Mr. Howell had always been into the kinky stuff when he could get it up and nothing had changed since they had been marooned on the island.


Mr. Howell stopped beating his wife's ass and wiping his forehead he rasped to his wife.  "Ah well Lovey no need for the dildo today I've got a treat for you."


"Treat!  What treat you still can't get it up Lovely!"


Mr. Howell stopped beating his wife's ass and gave his wife a wry look.  "No by Jove I can't get it up!  However I've got a friend who can and he's got a big one by Jove!"


Mrs. Howell was about to say something when Gilligan appeared naked beside her.  She did a double take at the size of Gilligan's already erect prick.  He was a good 9/10 inches long and as thick as a woman's wrist.


Gilligan sort of shuffled forward and in his usual whining tone of voice said, "You sure about this Mr. Howell?  I never done no tied up woman before!"


"Absolutely my boy, absolutely!  Mrs. Howell hasn't had a real prick in her slit for ages.  You just shove that monster in her cunt and ride her for fair!"


Gilligan eyed the tied and whipped society woman's hair fringed slit as he stepped behind her.  Fisting his massive male organ he began working the circumcised head into Mrs. Howell's slit.


Mrs. Howell gasped at the size of the cock spreading the lips of her cunt and shouted to her husband.  "WAIT, HE CAN'T DO THIS LOVEY!  I STILL HAVE PERIODS, I COULD GET PREGNANT!" 


Mr. Howell snorted, "Do you a world of good if Gilligan does knock you up!  I could never do the job, being sterile and all from having mumps when I was 13."


Gilligan worriedly said, "You sure about this Mr. Howell?"


"Go to it my boy, go to it!  Fill her belly with your spunk!"


Gilligan was surprised that a woman of Mrs. Howell's age still had such a tight cunt and he quickly lost all his doubts in his enjoyment of sliding his prick home in a tight cunt.  Gilligan as a cocksman was nothing like his normal bumbling self and showed a remarkable knowledge of sex and the human female body.  He sank his prick balls deep in Mrs. Howell's cunt in one long continuous thrust.


Mrs. Howell groaned in a mixture of concern overlaid by the lusty excitement of having her first cock in many years.  "Unnnhh oh dear boy its huge!  Oh, oh do it dear boy, do it.  Fuck me, fuck me just as hard as you can, I like it a bit on the rough side!"


Gilligan reached under the bound societies woman chest and began squeezing her slightly saggy tits.  He pulled on her nipples until he finally elicited a scream from her.  "AHHHHH THAT HURTS!  NNNNNUUUU YOU'RE PULLING MY NIPPLES OFF!"


Mr. Howell sniffed, "Oh come off it Lovey, you know you like it!"


Gilligan said nothing as he continued to torture the woman's tits while his rampant charger long dicked her at a brisk pace.  His belly was hitting her beaten ass on each in thrust, while the tip of his cock was trying to punch through her cervix.


Mrs. Howell grunted as she was fucked without mercy.  She'd never has it so rough and so deep before.  She gasped, "Oohhh Gilligan you're ripping me apart!  Unna hurts, but I love it!"


Gilligan's slim hips picked up the pace until they were a blur of motion.  He had superb control of his own climax and was waiting for the cunt he was sheathed in to convulse in orgasm before dumping his load of swimmers into the older woman's belly.


Mrs. Howell gurgled in the throes of a climax that rose and fell in her plundered belly.  "Unna, Ahhhhh sooo deep!  Unnnhh ripping my guts apart!  Ohhh its good!  Ahhhhh don't let him cum in me Lovey it's the wrong time of month!"


Mr. Howell snorted as he stroked his own cock which he now found to his amazement was growing erect.  "Fill her belly my boy, fill her belly!  Ahhhhh first hard-on I've had in years!  I'll bust my nuts when you flood her belly!"


Mrs. Howell's inner cunt muscles convulsed around Gilligan's pumping prick and Gilligan at last allowed his balls to unleash spurt after spurt of potent semen in the older woman's receptive channel.  He was soaking her womb in his essence and Mrs. Howell had another orgasm from the nearly forgotten thrill of having a man cum inside her.


Epilogue:  Many months late on Gilligan's Island Ginger was on her hands and knees being roughly fucked from behind by Gillian.  Her pregnancy swelled belly and milk filling tits swayed as she took Gilligan deep inside her.


The Professor was laying on his back as Mary Ann rode his like a bucking bronco.  Her own swelling belly and tits bounced as she was deeply fucked by Professor's prick,


Mrs. Howell was of course tied belly down over a special bamboo framework as the Skipper punched her ticket from behind.  Mrs. Howell was showing an advanced state of pregnancy as contrary to what would have been expected she had been the first to conceive. 


Mr. Howell surveyed the fornicating couples with a smile on his face.  He was seated drinking a gin and tonic and jacking his prick I glee.  He'd found that watching others do it was the only way he could get it up and was quite satisfied to watch from the side lines.


Mr. Howell took a sip of his drink and exclaimed in a loud voice, "CAPITAL, SIMPLY CAPITAL MY BOYS!  BY JOVE I HOPE WE'RE NEVER RESCUED!"



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Inside Every Silver Lining There Is A Dark Cloud

« Reply #1 on: February 19, 2007, 05:12:06 PM »

Excellent!!!! Very well done!

I tv show parody that I would have always wanted to write.Great work!!!!


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« Reply #2 on: February 19, 2007, 09:34:25 PM »

Great story!  Loved it.    Thanks!!!!!

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« Reply #3 on: February 19, 2007, 10:52:20 PM »

I thank y'all for the praise! Cool

« Reply #4 on: February 20, 2007, 12:05:23 AM »

I LOVED IT BD!! You have serious talent my friend.

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« Reply #5 on: February 20, 2007, 02:27:30 PM »

I LOVED IT BD!! You have serious talent my friend.

Thanks, I always wanted to write!  Thank goodness for spell checkers and Word Doc! emot_rotf.gif

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« Reply #6 on: February 01, 2014, 06:35:53 PM »

There were a lot of old TV shows were there was surprisingly little sex. This makes as much sense as the real show. I hope someone takes on I Dream Of Genie.
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