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Author Topic: ruthless intentions.  (Read 8508 times)
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« on: October 01, 2010, 11:38:56 AM »

NOTE: this is only a fantasy , real rape is cruel , against the law and brings bad consequences !


He was only 15 , and had the most beautiful eyes someone had ever imagined , they were intriguing ,
Dazzling , they always had a pleading look , the colour of his perfect almond eyes was magnificent, it was a deep icy blue that faded into delicate circles of green and aqua, he possessed the type of eyes that awakens jealousy  and intoxicates weak minds.
His velvety skin was like snow , so pure and  alluring,
his rose red lips stunned everyone he knew, they protected some perfect pearly whites, and last but not least was his toned body , he was tall , and showed some impressive abs and arms ...
Bill was beautiful like an angel , he had masculine features like his body and his square jawline , his imposing facial bone structure but he also possessed feminine features like
his thin beautiful nose , his enchanting shy smile , girls melted for him , they desired him , they needed him and gazed at his adonis perfection with lust
this was why
he was sometimes teased by some guys that burned with envy inside.

But even though with all the attention he received he was a sweet , humble boy , but unfortunately
gullible and innocent which ruined him
for ever.


it was dark,
obscurity embraced the room,
he could feel a breeze of ice cold wind penetrating his skin, cracking his bones, he nervously sighed as he crawled towards the door , a track of crimson red loyally followed him like a shadow, he panted softly as he dried up his blue eyes.
-Bill what the fuck are you doing-- a voice yelled with a macabre tone.
Bill swallowed calmly, he closed his hands into fists and kept crawling.
Suddenly a girl appeared behind him, she was tall , curvy , with luscious blonde hair and piercing green eyes, she was wearing nothing that red thongs, she bit her lower lip as she cruelly smiled.
As Bill felt her presence he froze, she walked towards him, the steps hit the floor like raging thunders
, her heels punished the floor every step she took.
-I asked you a question young man!  she said as she brusquely
 held his chin up , bill kept his eyes closed as tears streamed down his face ,
she gently stroke his face and dried his eyes,
 her hand lowered down his abs and bill's hands started to shake , her hand reached his genitals and bill tried to fight his biological function , he started panting now , she kissed his neck , as he slowly repeated- i...i cant , i cant , please , i just ... cant...
-yes you can she whispered as she licked his cheek , this made bill turn his head abruptly, she started taking
his jeans off ,
-pamela please i thought...-bill pleaded
-what? that we were friends? hah bullshit , your were meant to be my husband , my boyfriends we are meant
for each other , get it?- pamela said in with anger
Bill tried to fight back but he had been injected with a drug that didn't permit him make any moves , crawling
was the maximum he could do but it inflicted him a lot of agony.
Pamela finished taking his clothes off and gazed the beauty of nudity , bill blushed as he noticed her staring at his genitals
-stop it-bill angrily demanded
Pamela took his penis and started to rub slowly
bill's eyes widened in disbelief , he started to moan softly , he lost his breath and regained it repeatedly  
no...dont ,you cant ... mmmmmmphh nnnooooo mmmmm, -soon his words faded into loud moans
-oh bill you turn me on , moan louder baby , moan into my ear-pamela yelled as she held bills chin and pulled
his head towards her ear.
Pamela could hear him softly pant , he was frightened, she could feel it, this turned pamela on she pinched his ass cheeks , she introduced her fingers into his anus making bill
whimper , i will give you anything you need, my parents will pay for ransom,
i swear - said bill desperately .She then started kissing his abs ignoring
his pleads , he tried to push her off everytime he stopped her a shooting pain took over his body making him sob ,
she took his penis still flaccid and started licking it , giving him oral while he groaned and
convulsed ,
ahhhhhghh , mmmmm pammmm aghhh noooooo , mmmm ahhh- bill screamed loudly
she then took his penis and forced it into her wet hole,
bill immediately released a loud grunt filled with pain ,
no , mmmmm ahhh, ahh , ahh  - bill sobbed ,
she started moving her hips rapidly , thrusting in and out furiously
. she started to loudly moan and scream,
bill , bill look at me honey , look at me- she panted
bill's terrified eyes shyly followed her commands , immediately  she kissed him passionately , her tongue invaded his mouth,  bills eyes looked away as more tears streamed down his face ,
bill i want you to please me , have an erection , i need to fill you inside me-pamela insisted
-i will never get hard for you...mmmmm.....for... forget it -bill groaned annoyed
oh honey , really?-pamela said as she separated bill's glorious ass cheeks and introduced
three fingers down his anus making bill scream in pain.
-...d...dont! what is it that you want for me aye?? i havent done nothing to you-bill panted
bill i swear i will i put a dick on your ass i you dont do as i say-pamela ordered
bill closed his eyes and swallowed hard: try me -he said with insolence
pamela wickedly smiled as she introduced the fourth finger down his anus and stated taking them out and again in,
bill squealed as his cock started getting erect,
-ahhh , finally she said , she laughed as she reached for a dildo and shoved it into bills mouth,
suck it -pamela ordered
bills eyes were filled with defiance now, but they conserved the restless pleading gaze
pamela began to move the dildo forward and back , repeatedly , every time more rapid and more furious,
bill began to choke but obediently swallowed the device , almost reaching for his gag reflex she sharply took it off and bill took a big breath and coughed as loud as he could ,
i bet that showed you some manners hun-she said as she pushed his penis deeper into her making him scream
as the pain slowly poisoned his body , he was now shaking and sobbing louder,
shut it angel or someone will get suspicious and you'll pay for that-pamela said
then she held his face and forced him to face her , he was panting loudly but ver slow and rhythmic
she got lost in his eyes and everything became surreal, she just stared and drowned in his blue eyes , supplicant
for mercy, his eyes reflected fear but majorly he was astonished as she again licked his check and softly
kissed his neck , she kept riding him ,
the pain became unbearable and his ability to speak  momentarily disappeared
im coming , im coming babe -she finally screamed as she pushed bill's head to the ceiling
-no...noooo....noooo-bill grunted in pain , not with me inside -he begged
too late-she whispered as her juices bathed his dick
he shrieked in horror and shock ,
im coming again said pamela excited but bill  lost control of his body and collapsed.
bill?-pamela asked while she shrieked in pleasure as she exploded again...
she stood up and carried him to the bed , she sat there and took her laptop out, she looked at the screen and smiled with pleasure...
get ready for the next level bill-pamela laughed as she stroked his naked body,
just wait...
she laughed as she took her mobile out,
she marked a number and waited as she fondled his chest.
-Hello?- a voice responded
-hey marcus-pamela said
-hey pam, watcha need?-he said knowing she needed something.
-i have a prey for you and two of your friends , hes gorgeous , but young-pamela whispered
-how young-he asked
-15-pamela said
-oh fuck , bitch you are crazy , he is still a kid , and-marcus yelled
-calm down, this is an exception , meet me in 2 hours , call your friends, ciao!-she said as she quickly hanged
up before marcus could yell at her , again hoping he bit the bait she took bill and sat him on a chair , injected
him with another illegal dose of drugs and tied him up.
she gagged bill and suddenly she hear a knock.
well that was fast she said with an evil smile.
as she opened the door she saw three buffed guys , all white with blue eyes , the three boy were quite handsome , marcus was the one with the black hair and soul patch , nathan had blonde hair and tattooed arms and nick had brunette hair with some baggy jeans and a tight t-shirt.
-hey boys-pam said as they stared at pam's huge breasts .
-hey pam , whats the big idea?
-heres your pray said pam as she pointed at bill,
marcus looked at him , inspected him as slowly bill started to open his eyes.
-what happened?-he asked
you passed out babe- said pam
as the boys looked at him they started to get hard.
-this is an exception-marcus said as he kneeled to bill's ear and whispered sensually
 , 'tonight you're all mine' he said
bill knew what was coming next.
he started to struggle to get free , but the rope was thick and he was drugged.
Marcus took his dick while bill shuddered in horror,
- no no no!- bill screamed
please said bill panting

will be continued---------------

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« Reply #1 on: August 17, 2015, 07:46:18 AM »

Then continue!!!!! MORE STORIES!!!!

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« Reply #2 on: January 25, 2016, 01:47:06 PM »

continue pls

Like to be dominated from a woman and feel heaven and hell, lust and pain.

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« Reply #3 on: February 14, 2016, 08:33:59 AM »

Shame he never continued. Was a great start for a story.
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