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Author Topic: The Dead, Alive – A Fantasy of Vampire Rape  (Read 3784 times)

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« on: September 21, 2010, 08:17:36 PM »

The Dead, Alive – A Fantasy of Vampire Rape
by Lady Saffron

The day Steph married my mother was one of the happiest days of her life. My mother had been deeply in love with him for a long time, and they had been dating for a year and a half. I had met Steph when I was only fourteen, as he was my mother’s boss at the firm she had once worked at as a secretary. My mother was older than him by about five years – she was thirty-four, he was twenty-nine. Despite his age, he was a practiced lawyer and very rich. However, that had not been what my mother loved about him.

Steph was handsome and also a very good match for her. He had prematurely grey hair, worn long, past his ears, and amber eyes, a color which I had never seen before. I thought they were the cutest couple ever, and was very happy for the fact that they were married once and for all. However, no story has a happy ending.

I woke up with these thoughts in mind. I was spending the summer holidays at home, away from my college dorm in Los Angeles. Home was in Anchorage, Alaska, and very cold, but I welcomed it, as I had been born there. It was the summer after my mother and Steph were married – they had only been legally bound for about two months. I sat up in my bed, groggy and tired. It was gloomy outside, the sun only barely peeking through the cracks in the clouds. I halfway rolled out of bed and stumbled down the stairs to the living room.

Steph was sitting down at the dining room table, sipping a cup of coffee and reading the newspaper. However, my mother was nowhere to be seen, which was odd, because my mother was always in the kitchen, cooking something.

“Good morning, Steph. Where’s my mom?”

Steph looked up at me, his gold eyes flashing. For a split second, a strange sensation of overwhelming fear took over me. My body froze up; I felt my limbs grow heavy, my feet felt like lead. My breath caught in my chest. At the same time, I wanted more than anything to run away from him, to just do anything to get those eyes off of me. I flinched, unable to figure out what I should to do.

After the longest second of my life, Steph looked back down at the newspaper and said, very casually, as if he hadn’t had any effect on me, “Not here.”

I was shaken, but at least those eyes were off me. “Oh. Okay.” I quickly left the room, going back up to my bedroom.

Confused, I stared into the mirror. I had never gotten a vibe of such terror from Steph before. He had always seemed like a wonderful guy, especially because he made my mother so happy. He and I had never had much of a relationship, as I had been off to college for most of the time they had been dating. I had known him from before, and he had actually been much friendlier towards me when we first met, as opposed to when he began dating my mother.

As I stared, I found myself assessing myself. My long black hair fell barely past my shoulder blades, and my light hazel eyes were filled with anxiety from my encounter with Steph. I had olive skin, a curvy physique, and was rather short, although not exceptionally tiny. My height was usually enhanced by the fact that I never wore high heels, preferring flats instead.

I gave myself an awkward smile, and it helped to calm me down. I decided it was about time I changed into real clothing, not just pajamas, so that I could go see my old friend Carrie, who wasn’t expecting me, but I was sure would be happy to see me nonetheless. We hadn’t seen each other since I left for college.

Just as I had fully stripped, there was a knock on my door. I assumed it was my mother, as Steph never approached me on his own terms.

“What!” I called, hastily looking for my robe. The door was locked, so no one would be able to communicate with me on a practical level until it was opened.

There was no answer, which was odd. I still couldn’t find my robe, even as I hurried through my closet.

Then, out of nowhere, there was a crack, and the door swung open. I shrieked, freezing up and immediately covering my breasts and private area.

“Hush,” Steph said, and with somehow inhuman speed, he was upon me in an instant. He gripped my rear and shoved aside the hand across my breasts, then covered my mouth.

What the fuck was going on?!

Steph quickly dragged me over to the bed. I had never realized how strong he was before, but I literally could not move, couldn’t even try to struggle, as his strength was so inhuman. Why did the word ‘inhuman’ keep coming to mind?

As he set me down on the bed and spread my legs, I realized what was about to happen. My mother was not here, so he was going to rape me.

Somehow that just didn’t make any sense! Steph had never come across as that type of person, and he had never seemed to have an abusive or rapist streak in him. If anything, he had been always polite, always nice, always just wonderful to my mom, as she would tell me via phone while I was away.

Everything that was happening right now uprooted all those thoughts and completely wiped the board clean.

I was crying. I didn’t want to be raped, even more so than any other girl my age. While I was not Christian, I had decided to save myself for someone I truly cared about, someone I hadn’t found yet. It was most certainly not Steph, my mother’s husband.

“Hush now, Cecilia,” Steph cooed, his eyes flashing again, but this time it was with a smirk. “It’s all going to be okay. No one’s going to be here to save you, so I would recommend cooperating.”

He said this, but I knew that if I was loud enough, my mother would come running in and this would all be set right. If not her, one of the neighbors would. There had to be someone who could save me!

Steph grinned widely, and I noticed something about his teeth that I had never seen before. The canines were a good few millimeters longer than the rest of his teeth, making him look a lot like a vampire.

But of course, that was just coincidence.

“You can be assured, my dear, that no one is going to come save you. You can scream your pretty little lungs out, but no one is going to hear you other than me. And trust me, you’ll regret ever opening your sweet, kissable lips.”

I felt sick to my stomach as he said those words, and then even sicker as he removed the hand covering my lips and lowered his lips to kiss mine. I jerked my head away; he had given me plenty of time to do so.

“Ah, ah, ah,” he corrected, taking my chin in a death grip and forcing me to face him.

I was able to speak for the first time. “Please,” I choked out, with several tears following. “Please don’t do this.”

He chuckled softly, then bent down to kiss me. As his lips roughly caressed mine, his tongue not seeking entrance, I felt bile rise in my throat. He had probably done the same thing to my mother, except that it was consensual instead of rape.

Tears had soaked my cheeks and the sides of my face, leaking down to the pillow underneath. I whimpered as he slipped his tongue in between my lips, feeling around gently, exploring with his tongue. Finally he pulled away, lust deep in his eyes.

“Oh, Cecilia, how could I have ever given your cow of a mother the time of day when I had such a beautiful treasure lying right before me, just waiting to be claimed?”

He chuckled again, pinning me down with his forearm and then using his other hand to tweak and play with my nipples. I began to struggle again, still to no avail.

After a minute or two of feeling my sensitive breasts and my body in general, he lowered a hand down to my private area, probably to see if I was wet or not. While I didn’t feel aroused in the slightest, he seemed to like what he found.

“I already knew you were a virgin, but I had no idea that you had never been even penetrated before.” He smirked. “You’ve gone from gold to diamonds, my dear.”

I shook my head, even more tears leaking out. He tickled my clit with his short fingernail, then slowly rubbed lower and lower until he was threateningly close to my opening.

“Mhmph!”I squealed as he slipped his thick finger inside of my tight pussy. Steph began to slowly feel around, which was an incredibly uncomfortable feeling. I tried wriggling, but that only made it more uncomfortable.

“Hush, little girl,” he growled, retracting his finger. He put it to his mouth and sucked on it. “Mm, you taste so sweet. Let’s make that blood of yours even sweeter, shall we?”

I was genuinely confused. What was he talking about?

At least a little bit of it started to come together when he began to undo his belt and pulled off his black pants and boxers. This revealed a large, hard dick, the tip already glistening with pre-cum.

I frantically shook my head, squirming and fighting with everything I had. Yet there was nothing I could do; the older man weighed too much and was too strong for me to be able to escape.

“Calm down, my dear,” he soothed, stroking the underside of my chin with a fingernail. He trailed it down to my neck, where he lightly grazed his nail across my throat and up and down my jugular. For some reason, this caused me to become extremely afraid, even more so than I already was. It literally paralyzed me.

Once he was satisfied and had thoroughly felt my neck, he moved his hand down to his thick, hard cock and began to stroke it. I whimpered weakly. There was nothing I could do to stop this.

My only hope was that I would look so pathetic he’d change his mind. Chances of that were very, very slim, if existent at all.

“Are you ready, my dear? I promise, this will only hurt a little bit,” he said as he lowered his hips to in between my legs.

“P-please,” I begged him. “If you know I’m a virgin, then why are you doing this?”

“Shh,” he said, smiling. I suddenly realized that his canines had grown even longer than they were before, because they certainly looked it. “Close your eyes, dear. The pain will be brief.”

I exhaled a hard, choked breath, but for some reason, I felt compelled to listen to him. I closed my eyes, and as I did so, he lifted my chin and began to lick and kiss my neck.

At first I wasn’t sure the purpose of this, but I was sure I would soon find out.

I felt his tip at my opening, and for some reason I felt a rush of pleasure in my abdomen, and my own bodily lubrication began to fill my pussy. No, no! I wasn’t going to enjoy whatever this sick fuck was going to do to me!

Suddenly I experienced a sharp pain in my neck, much like razors cutting into a very sensitive area. I froze up, afraid to scream or make any noise at all, lest I move my neck even a millimeter around his canines, which were the assumed incisors.

That was the first time the word ‘vampire’ came to mind in reference to Steph.

I felt myself growing lightheaded as he began to drink. I could feel stray drops of blood trickling down the side of my neck, and I couldn’t help but feel a vague sense of relief. Maybe this was all he wanted…

But then that hopeful thought was dashed as I felt the probing tip of his dick pressing into my pussy’s opening. I lay there still as a rock, terror seizing me and making me still.

He spread my legs further apart, wider than I was aware they could go. I couldn’t help but whimper as he began to slowly push into me, despite the fact that my neck’s movement around his teeth was painful.

Even though my pussy was doing its best to stretch and make it least painful as possible, he was simply too big. It was slow, agonizing work to rape my virgin pussy. Finally, once he had reached my womb and had made it past the tightest part, he thrust in deeply and I couldn’t help but screech as the pain levels skyrocketed.

The tears began again, but at least he had stopped draining me. He licked over the small bite marks, where my skin was bruising slightly, and I stopped bleeding. Steph grunted as animalistic instinct kicked in; he began to thrust in and out of me quickly, getting as much pleasure out of my body as he could.

“Oh, Cecilia,” he groaned. “You feel amazing for my dick.”

I whimpered, even though it hurt with my now-bruised neck. “Please, stop…”

He was panting, but was still able to ask, “You really expect me to stop now that I’ve felt your wonderful little pussy? I’m so glad I killed your mother – she would have never approved, and now you’re mine forever because of it.”

It didn’t register. He had said it so casually, so uncaringly, like he was discussing the weather. I didn’t want to have to call his bluff. There was no way he could have killed her. I would have heard something; I would have known.

Finally he finished, cumming deep inside of me. Terror seized me once more. “N-no!” I shrieked, but he shoved me deep into the bed and bit me again. I yelped, as he had penetrated the exact same place, and it was extremely sore.

This time he drank greedily. I felt myself fading in and out of consciousness. Then, during a point where I was conscious, I felt him pull away, fully rejuvenated. I weakly tried to move, but there was no way I could even lift up a limb.

“There, there, my dear. Just relax. After all that, you won’t be going anywhere for awhile. Just lay here and rest – you’re going to need it.”

Several more tears leaked out of my eyes. “P-plea…” I couldn’t even finish my word.

“Hush, it’s all okay. Rest now.”

He closed my eyelids, and I didn’t have the strength to open them again, so I let myself drift into bliss.
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