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Author Topic: Invisible slut part 3  (Read 1865 times)

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« on: April 14, 2010, 12:49:46 AM »

The night in New York was dark and cloudy. On the roof of the puppet master's lair stood the lone figure of the Black Widow. She stood silently, shivering in the cold, her long red hair billowing in the stiff breeze. Her skintight black costume offered little protection against the elements and her large nipples stood erect and visible through the tight fabric. She cared little for all of this. She was back in New York on the trail of a hideous gang of criminals, ready and willing to turn any woman into a crass perverted plaything for any with enough cash. She had been trailing the New You salon for weeks now and had finally caught up with them. Tonight she would take those bitches down.


Silently she removed the grill to the buildings air vent and slithered down into the metal tube. She exited on the first floor, her lithe frame gently squeezing through the narrow grate. She quickly sneaked down the hallway, seeing an open doorway she peered inside. The room was empty. She breezed inside, into what appeared to be a small beauty parlor.


"Perfect" she thought, instantly recognizing one of the New You's salons. She began to look round the room. Her guard dropped as she became engrossed in the disturbing evidence she found lying around the room. Large implants stacked, in a corner, row after row of shampoo and needles. Beside the vanity mirror was a large white tub, marked only with the words "Phatass mix"


"So I said to Dee Dee.." Sindy was saying as she walked into the room. Her voice went cold as she turned on the light and withheld the beauteous redheaded spy leaning over a cabinet, a shocked look on her face. The two women stood facing each other for a brief moment.


"Oh my god Candy, its that horrible Black Widow. Quick get help". Before The Black Widow could react Candy who had been following Sindy into the room was running down the hall screaming in her high pitch voice for guards. She silently cursed herself for such a novice lapse in concentration. She leaped to fire a widow's bite at the blonde bimbo to shut her up, but Sindy dived at her, knocking her aim wide.


"Damn" thought the widow, "This was going to be such an easy job too"




"Oh god, yes. Fuck me harder you tin plated god, harder. Susie wanna cum" Sue screamed as the man beneath her in the Dr Doom costume slammed his metal plated cock upwards, deep into her cunt. Two other Dooms were busy massaging her huge bouncing titties as a fourth stood in front of her and shoved his metal phallus between her soft lips. Sue sucked eagerly on the cold metal cock, biting gently as it thrust in and out of her petit mouth.


The puppet master grinned as he watched the bizarre scene played out before him. When one of the others had passed him the idea for the scene he had balked but now he loved it. What better way to humiliate Reed Richards than to see his wife fuck his greatest enemy, even in role-play.


As Sue gyrated to the thrusting of the Dooms, she groaned as the first orgasm hit her. Her tight vaginal muscles locked onto the metal cock inside her womanhood, exciting the owner into cumming deep into her snatch. He groaned with pleasure, muttering something about Doom's greatest victory. He finally pulled out and was quickly replaced by the rigid member of one of the other Dooms. The orgy continued as one after the other the Dooms fucked Sue's tight cunt.


"Excuse me Puppet Master," gasped one of the flunkies as he burst into the room, a panicked look on his face. The crew looked at the puppet master who quickly motioned for them to continue filming.


"Well what is it?" the puppet master asked impatiently. He disliked being interrupted during filming.


"Upstairs.. in the salons" the goon clumsily blurted out. In his desire to quickly reveal the facts he was stumbling over the words. "A redheaded chick in black is here. Sh..She is holding of the muscle. What shall we do?"


If he was alarmed, the puppet master did not show it. Instead he merely smiled a small sly smile and picked up a fresh lump of clay. "The Black Widow eh.. Don't worry" he said calmly "I'll deal with this". As he stood to leave Sue was on all fours, a look of ecstasy on her face as one of the Dooms took her up the ass.




Natasha was becoming more and more concerned. The Salon seemed to have far more security than normal. Still not enough to cause her too much trouble but there must be a reason for all these guards. A large black man rushed at her but was swiftly stopped by a firm kick in the face. Two more rushed at her but were dispatched by two well placed widow's bites.




The black widow stood motionless. She looked from side to side. Her assailants were picking themselves off the floor and were grinning broadly.


"Heh, the old guy got ya now bitch" laughed one as he roughly grabbed at Natasha's ample bosom through the black leather costume. To her alarm she didn't even whimper, all she could do was stand motionless. However she didn't truly begin to panic until a small bald man walked in front of her.


"So you're the famous black widow then" said the Puppet Master calmly as he cradled the hastily prepared doll resembling the buxom redhead. "I'm afraid you picked the wrong case this time my dear. My associates really are not happy with you. In fact I think they want to make an example out of you"


"That's the bitch all right," raged Dee Dee walking into the room "That's the bitch that had Cee Cee put away. You gotta give her to us PM. When we're through with her that stuck up cow's gonna be nothing more than the stupid little whore she oughta be. She's gonna be a big titted, no brained, open legged no good little skank"


The puppet master smiled. He looked his new captive up and down admiring her slender legs and trim stomach. His gaze held on her impressive mammaries for a second before looking at her pretty European facial structure, her long red hair, her soft blue eyes. He walked towards her a gently caressed her cheek.


"If I may make a suggestion?" he added.




The black widow assessed her current situation. She was back in the new you salon and securely bound to the large salon chair. She had been stripped of all her clothing and at least two of the guards had shot their loads over her face and tits. For some reason she was not currently under the puppet masters control but her bonds were so tight that she couldn't move anyway.


The door to the salon opened and the four beauticians walked in. Dee Dee marched over to the bound heroine and smacked her hard across the face.


"Stupid bitch" she said as she smacked the widow again, this time with the back of her hand. "My sister was ten times the woman you are and now she's in jail, just because you think what we do is wrong. Well now it's time for some revenge"


The other girls cheered. They moved around the captive redhead and by manipulating her bonds forced her to lie flat on her stomach.


"But before you took her down my sister had developed a new cosmetic treatment for whores like yourself, and just our luck we got the first batch delivered today" Dee Dee patted the large metal cylinder Natasha had seen earlier, the one labeled 'Phatass mix'. "And seen as how you have such an unattractive and bony little tush, I think you will be an excellent guinea pig." Dee Dee walked forwards, carrying four large needles attached to the cylinder. Natasha yelped as each needle was forcefully inserted into her petit buttocks. Another of the girls tuned a valve and a thick gooey liquid oozed through the four pipes and into her ass.


"What the hell is this?" whimpered a stupefied Black widow as she felt the cool substance begin to affect her buttocks. She could feel her asscheeks, firm up and then slowly (and quite painfully) begin to expand. The beauticians looked on smiling.


"Excellent" beamed Dee Dee watching the Widow's ass rise out from her slender body. "Set up the rest of the equipment, I want a full bimboification done on this bitch. Looks like the puppet master just got himself another whore"




A few hours later the puppet master was back in the film studio. The backdrop behind him was made up to look like a rolling green field on a beautiful spring day. The two aspiring young actors stood before him.


"You know you guys are really lucky" he said to the two teenagers "Losing your virginity to such a sexy and high profile woman such as this is really quite rare."


"Yeah we know," grinned one "Tim and me have been 'fans' of hers for ages.


"We saw her for real once" replied Tim "I had a hard on for days afterwards. She is so fucking hot"


"Yes well since you last saw her Sue has gone through a few improvements so you should find the new Invisible woman even hotter" tittered the puppet master. "Now since you are all ready all you have to do is go over there and pretend to be looking for Easter eggs. If one of you could say something about finding the Easter bunny."


"The Easter bunny?" Tim asked quizzically.


"Just go with it" said the puppet master impatiently "the rest should come naturally enough."


The two teens walked across to the stage still not completely convinced. The puppet master stood beside the cameraman. "Action" he shouted.


On cue the two boys began rummaging around the fake hillock.


"Boy Steve" said Tim "I sure wish I could find an Easter egg round here"


"Yeah" replies Steve "If only the Easter bunny would come and bring us some"


"Well hi boys" came a sultry voice from behind them.


"Holy shit" they said simultaneously as they turned. The two sixteen year olds stood mouths agape at the wondrous vision before them. Sue stood hands on hips, with a radiant smile beaming from her face. Her buxom body covered by a skimpy white bikini that barely contained her humongous titties. Her lipstick and nails were now a pale shade to match her bikini and curly platinum locks. Upon her head she wore a pair of floppy white rabbit ears. She was breathing heavily and the boys gaze fixed upon her heaving bosom.


"Well boys, don't you have anything to say to Sue the Easter bunny?" Sue continued. She seductively bent forward, showing off her ample cleavage. As she batted her long lashes she twisted sideways, showing off her pert buttocks and the white bunny tail attached to her briefs.


"The Easter bunny?" Tim said, a second look of bafflement appeared on his face.


"Who cares, look at that whores Easter eggs" replied Steve, still entranced by Sue's cleavage.


"Yeah I wouldn't mind unwrapping them," agreed Tim.


Sue was made to giggle at this and sauntered forward towards the transfixed teens. She could see their raging members, but instead of horror she now felt only empty. The puppet master was winning.


Sue reached the boys, still smiling. "Well boys, I'll let you unwrap me if I can unwrap you" she purred, gently caressing Tim's chin with her right hand while slowly rubbing Steve's crotch with her left.


"Good" thought the puppet master as he watched the unfolding scene. The boys had quickly removed Sue's bikini top and were smothering themselves in her titflesh, licking her large teats and tugging at her large nipple rings. Sue was moaning with pleasure and rubbing her moist clit as the boys caressed her tender body.


"Excuse me sir". The puppet master turned. Dee Dee was standing next to him with a pleased grin on her face.


"Presenting the all new Black Widow," she continued, raising her arms and pointing to her left. His gaze quickly followed her dictation and was amazed by the sight that stood before him. She stood stark naked and unmoving, her hands held behid her back. Her face was still recognizable as the European beauty she had been but like Sue, her lips and eyelashes were larger. Her hair remained a fiery red but was longer, down to the small of her back and very curly. Her breasts were considerably larger (and faker) than before and her nipples appeared rock hard, but unlike Sue she bore no nipple rings.


"We only bought one pair with us" Dee Dee explained, seeing the direction and disappointment in his gaze. "However we were able to try out our new Phat-ass treatment on this client". On queue Natasha turned round, showing off her huge heart shaped ass. Her new buttocks stuck out prominently from her thin figure and practically oozed sex.


"We couldn't resist" Dee Dee continued "Her ass was so small and bony, it would have been cruel not to do it" They both laughed at this. "She has no recollection of her old life and has very little intelligence left so should meet all of your other specifications too. She should make quite a nice slave."


"Oh god yes, fuck your little bunny slut" screamed sue. She was on all fours as Steve took her from behind. Tim had finally whipped out his member and shoved it into her eager mouth, her large lips wrapped around his young cock and sucked enthusiastically.


Ignoring the hot sex scene filming behind him, the puppet master addressed his naked minion. "Is that true my dear? What do you think of me?


"Oh master" Natasha replied with a new high pitch ditzy tone to her sultry eastern European voice. She rushed forward to embrace him, wrapping her arms around his small frame and pushing her huge titties into his chest. She kissed him passionately, eagerly exploring his mouth with her tongue. Eventually she slowly pulled away from him, a large smile across her face.


"Can we fuck now?" She asked eagerly, any semblance of her old personality and intelligence gone forever. She glanced over at Sue and the boys and instinctively began to rub her crotch, the desire to be filled burned deep within her now.


The puppet master laughed. "I'm sorry my dear but I'm very busy right now" he replied causing Natasha to pout. "However I think my friend here deserves a good fuck. You kicked him quite hard earlier you know". He gestured towards one of the guards Natasha had taken down during her entrance.


"I did!" replied Natasha completely shocked that she could hurt someone. "Gee I'm sorry. Please let me make it up to you, I'll let you do whatever you want with me" she walked over to the guard and rubbed his cheek soothingly. He smiled, his cock already hardening.


"Yeah, well I'm sure we're gonna have lots of fun" he said as he caressed her naked body. He looked over to the puppet master, who nodded approvingly.


"Half an hour, then I want her back."


"No problem boss" he said. He picked up the big-bottomed slut and headed towards one of the smaller recording studios.


"Turn on the camera's in studio C," ordered the puppet master to one of his other flunkies. He turned back to oversee Sue's bunny scene. Steve was now lying on the floor, a huge satisfied grin on his face, having seconds earlier cummed inside the stunning heroine. A few moments later Tim pulled his dick out of Sue's mouth and shot his load over her face. Sue greedily licked off the thick goo, sexily sucking on her long fingers. As Tim joined Steve in bliss, three more teens appeared on set, each sporting a hard on, and quickly stripping.


Sue smiled. "Oh boy more friends for the Easter bunny" she purred as she lay on her back. She opened her legs wide, giving the boys (and the camera) a clear view of her recently fucked snatch. "Cum on in boys" she cried out "Cum enter the Easter Bunny's warren"


The first boy reached her and seconds later was quickly hammering his manhood into Sue's pussy. As she moaned with pleasure the second sat on her stomach and shoved his dick between he mountainous fun bags. Sue mashed her flesh pillows together and titfucked the delighted teen. Finally the third sat down and placed his cock in easy reach of Sue's puffy lips. Sue eagerly clamped onto his rod and began sucking, expertly fucking all three boys at once. Steve and Tim sat watching the gangbang, furiously jerking off their re-erect cocks.


Somehow the puppet master managed to pull his eyes from the delightful scene before him and glanced at a small monitor close by. He could see his guard and the former black widow caressing each other's naked forms. The man clearly loving her massive fake titties and phat ass. The puppet master grabbed the remote and turned up the sound.


"Hell yeah" grunted the guard as he grasped Natasha's large titties and rubbed his large cock against her ass "I got a thing for redheaded sluts like you and that Mary Jane bimbo. She's got a sweet rack and ass like yours. I'm gonna fuck her like this one day too. He tossed Natasha roughly onto the bed, leaving her phat ass upraised. He smacked her large buttocks roughly, enjoying the way her taught flesh quivered on impact and the large grunt that came from her mouth. He smacked her ass again and received a slightly louder moan. He did it again and again....and again.


"Can we get to the fucking now?" Natasha finally begged after he finished punishing her phat asscheeks. "Cause all this spanking has really got my pussy dripping"


 Responding instantly he roughly caressed the rest of her body, feeling his way towards her pussy. He pushed slowly against her tight vaginal lips "Hell yeah" he repeated as he slammed his member deep into the Russian's moist cunt. She moaned louder as he thrust in and out of her tight hole.


"Oh god it's so big. Uhn. Faster, ah, that's it. Make me cum" she moaned as he grasped her waist and pumped harder and faster. Her large titties rocked beneath her sensuous frame as she humped him back, eager to meet each penetrating advance of his cock, her pussy widened, accepting the pleasure of the rough fucking.


"Jesus, you're one tight bitch. Gonna fuck you real good you redheaded ho. Make you scream like that model bitch will."


Back in the main studio Sue was still going. Her pretty body was plastered with drying cum and her tits were reddened and sore from all the attention but still she sucked and fucked as the teens recovered and fucked her anew. Tim was now slamming his young cock into Sue's slender ass, buttfucking the blonde heroine. Steve and one of the other boys were lying below Sue gorging on her titflesh. The rabbit ears still sat on her head but they were battered and bent. Sue squealed as she orgasmed again and was rewarded with a fresh cock to suck. She took it between her thick blowjob lips and nibbled gently on the tip, causing the owner to shiver in delight.


The puppet master sat watching both the orgy before him and the quick fuck on the screen. As Sindy jerked him off he watched as his guardsman orgasmed sending his jizm deep inside the black widows vagina. She responded in kind with an orgasm that shook through her entire body, exciting the spent cock still inside her. The man laughed as he flipped the redheaded whore over before feasting on her jiggling fun bags. Natasha was now content to lie there and be used, her desire to be fucked sated for the moment.


The puppet master looked up as Sue gave a final hand job to the only boy left, deftly extracting the last drops of cum from his penis and enthusiastically gulping them down. ....


A few hours later the puppet master lay in his bed. On either side, pressing their large unfettered tits into his chest were Sue and Natasha. On the floor lay two discarded cheerleaders top and a couple of pom poms. Sue leant over and kissed Natasha. The two women eagerly exploring each other mouths. The puppet master smiled. He had just had yet another brilliant idea.
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