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Author Topic: The Secretary MM/F, abduction, rape  (Read 24590 times)

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« on: September 07, 2006, 07:31:08 AM »

WARNING!    You must be 18 or over to read these stories of rape and nonconsexual sex. If you do not like such stories, please turn back. We don't promote rape or non-consent sex. This is only a story, fiction, if you do not understand the difference between reality and fantasy, read no more. Rape is a heinous crime and the penalty is many years in prison. Anyone who commits rape are despised everywhere. But fantasies are all right so long as no one is hurt.

                                                               The Secretary

                                                              By Throatdagger

I am Hank and my friend is Joe.  We work in the manufacturing part of the local company.  It is long hours and the boss keeps demanding more and more.  Doreen is his secretary and she is as bad or worse than he is.  She sits in her air conditioned office and watches us like a hawk through big glass windows.  It has been really hot, and even more so, around the ovens that bake the paint on the parts.  When we take a short break, she stomps out of the office and hollers down to us to get back to work. I would like to see how long she would last down here.  It wouldn't be as bad if she was something to look at; but she isn't.  She always wears slacks that show her tight ass and a shirt with a camisole top underneath.  She has really small tits so I don't think she even bothers with a bra.  She is cheap as hell; her slacks all have little holes in them, like someone poked them with something.  One thing is for sure; I would like to poke her ass, maybe teach her some respect.

Since the price of gasoline is so damn high, Joe and I have been carpooling.  We are headed home after work and we see a car pulled onto the shoulder with the hood up.  We immediately recognize it as Doreen's.  I tell Joe "Hey it looks like we have a chance to teach that bitch a lesson.  I have a bunch of rope in the trunk from when I roped off the yard after planting grass last spring.  What do you say we take her for a ride that she won't forget?"  Joe replies "let's do it."  I slow as we get closer to Doreen's car.  As we drive past she waves frantically for us to stop.  I pull onto the shoulder and then back down to just in front of her car.

Joe and I get out and ask "Doreen, what is wrong?"  She replies in a pissed tone "The damn radiator hose broke and it over heated."  I say in a helpful voice "Well we can give you a lift home and then maybe Ray can come out and put a new hose on it or have it towed in.  Unsuspectingly she replies "I guess that is what I can do." As she walks to her car and grabs her pocket book and locks the car.  She comes back and Joe opens the front passenger door for her.  She climbs in as I walk around and get in the driver's side and Joe climbs in the back door.  I pull onto the road and drive quickly off.  It takes us several minutes to get where we should turn to go to her house.

I distract Doreen as we approach her turn and proceed past the street.  It takes her about a minute till she realizes that I have missed the intersection.  "Hank, you missed the turn for my street." She hollers.  Joe has quietly slipped his belt off and as I say "We aren't going to your house." Joe slips the belt quickly over Doreen's head and pulls tight.  Her hands fly up to try and pull the belt loose as I sneer "We are going down her to a class where hateful secretaries are taught the error of their ways."  She continues to struggle as Joe orders "Sit your fucking ass still.  If you scream or fight, I won't hesitate to pull this so tight that your eyeballs will pop out."

A panic look spreads across Doreen's face as she suddenly realizes the trouble she is in.  She slowly lets her hands fall to her lap as her she searches for an escape plan.  I drove out of town and pulled down a dirt road leading to a remote wooded location.  I park the car and opened the trunk.  I then went around and opened the passenger door.  I grab Doreen's arm and twist it high behind her back as Joe releases the belt.  I drag her out of the car by her short reddish brunette hair and march her towards a large tree.  Doreen pleads "Why are you doing this; what have I done to you guys?  Please let me go."  I laugh and snap "Because you're a bossy bitch secretary.  We are tired of you slave driving attitude and we are going to teach you to be submissive if you want to live."

Joe had jumped out and grabbed the rope from the trunk along with an old rag; then he quickly joined us by the tree. He had cut a short piece of rope off as he came to the tree.  He grabbed Doreen's other arm and twisted it behind the tree.  I handed him her other wrist as I held her by her throat against the rough bark of the tree.  Joe quickly ties her wrists together and then cuts a longer piece of rope as I order "Open you bitch mouth; and I mean wide."  I shove the dirty rag in Doreen's mouth forcing her jaws wider.  Joe tosses one end of the cut piece around and I run it through her open mouth.  I hand the end around the other end of the tree and he pulls the rope tight; slamming her head back against the tree with a loud thud.

Tears ran down Doreen's cheeks as she sobbed hysterically.  She was bound helplessly against a large tree.  Gagged with a dirty rag and her head tied tight against the rough bark.  Her blue eyes followed our every move as Joe walked to a row of brush and began cutting long switches off with his pocket knife.  He cut the small twigs off as he walked back.  "Do you think these will work?" He asked as he handed me one of the green branches.  I swung the branch hard, whacking the tip across Doreen's leg.  "Does that hurt?" I asked as she winced in pain, jerking her leg up.  Joe whacked her other leg with his branch with similar reaction.  I laughed and said "I bet she could learn to dance real fast for us." As Joe and I alternated whipping her legs with the green switches, Doreen jerked her legs up and down as the branches lashed her legs through her thin slacks.

Doreen protested through her gag, making unintelligible noises.  "Doreen, we are going to take the gag out.  If you scream, we will use these switches right across your face until it is a bloody pulp.  Got that?" I snarled.  Doreen nodded her head the little bit that she could.  Joe untied the rope holding her head to the tree; I pulled the rope lose and jerked the rag from her mouth.  "Why are you doing this?  Please let me go; I won't tell anybody about this." Doreen pleaded.  I looked at the fearful woman as tears flowed from her eyes and replied "We are doing this because you have treated us like shit.  We are fed up with it and we are going to teach you a damn good lesson.  We are tired of having to do every damn thing you say; now it is your turn to obey.  We are going to have our way with you, Doreen.  If you resist or scream we will dump your dead ass in the river for the fish to eat."

Doreen begged "I have learned my lesson; I won't treat you bad anymore.  I promise."  Joe laughed as he taunted "You expect us to believe your worthless cunt mouth?  You have used us to kiss up to the boss.  Well bitch, it is our turn to use you."  "We are going to use you good" Joe continued as he shoved his hand into Doreen's crotch and twisted his hand.  Total fear spread across Doreen's face.  She had just realized that we were not only going to abuse her, we were going to sexually assault her.  "Please don't; I'm married.  Please don't do that." She pleaded.

Joe just laughed as he slowly unsnapped her slacks.  He then ripped them open with a hard jerk that sent the zipper zinging.  Her white cotton panties were now visible as she closed her eyes and bit her lip; standing trembling before us.  Joe jerked her slacks off her tight ass and grabbed Doreen's ass.  "She has a really tight ass for a secretary." Joe remarks.  "Lesson one Doreen, from now on you will wear thin tight white slacks with bright colored underwear and on Fridays it is to be bikini panties.  We want to see panty lines every day."  I instruct as she quivers "Yes."  Joe tugs her slacks down more and then the two of us jerk her feet up, pull her shoes off and then the slacks off her legs.  As we drop her feet to the ground she struggles to stand erect again.  Thin red marks were clearly visible across her pale legs.

Joe grabs the neck of her shirt and rips it completely open; the buttons flying on the ground.  Her thin camisole now exposed.  Joe mashes his hands against her chests and twists his giant paws across her tiny breasts.  "Like we thought; she isn't even big enough to wear a bra.  Doreen, you are a tit less wonder; wonder what the fuck you are good for." Joe taunts the terrified secretary.  He walks around the tree and unties the rope holding her head.  I walk over and wave one of the switches in front of her eyes. "Doreen, get down on your knees.  Put a leg on each side of the tree.  You had better do it fast before I start using my switch."  I order.  Doreen's eyes widen as the switch whips in front of her face.  She starts lowering her body down as she works her arms to get the rope holding them some slack.  Her arms turn red from the rough bark as she twists trying to get down on her knees.  I watch as she works feverously trying to avoid my wrath.  Before long she has managed to get on her knees; she struggles to keep herself from falling forward.  Soon she has managed to balance herself.

Doreen looks up pitifully, awaiting what perverted act we were going to demand.  She was too naive to realized that she was in the perfect position to suck our dicks.  Joe stood behind the tree and quietly removed his clothes.  I distracted Doreen by waving the switch in front of her in a menacingly manner.  Joe suddenly stepped out where Doreen could see him.  She gasped as he stood naked in front of her.  It was now obvious that we were planning to do much more than use switches on her bare skin; we were going to attack her sexually.  Joe stroked his cock as it sprang to life.  Joe stepped closer as he said "I think you know what I want."  Doreen hurriedly said "I've never done that.  I can't; it is disgusting" before she clamped her mouth shut.  I cracked the switch along her bare leg causing her to jerk wildly.  Joe calmly "Doreen, Hank is going to keep doing that till you do what I want.  He's started on your leg but he is going to work his way up.  I don't think you want that switch marking your face with nasty red marks; do you?"

I swatted her leg once more; she yelped as the switch cracked her leg.  "Please don't make me do that." Doreen begged as tears flowed down her cheeks.  I raised the switch once again as she yelled "I don't know how; I've never done that."  "Just open your mouth wide and then seal your lips around my dick.  Just suck as I move your head and remember don't bite; keep your teeth wide open." Joe instructs.  Doreen chokes back more tears as she parts her quivering lips.  Joe moved closer until the tip of his cock almost touched her quivering lips.  Doreen closed her eyes tight as she waited for the touch of Joe's rod.  Joe tapped her lightly on the jaw saying "Open your eyes and look up at me.  Open your mouth wider and remember keep looking up at me."

Doreen had tilted her head back as she tried to postpone the inevitable.  She struggled to stretch her mouth wider as she gazed up at Joe's face.  Joe's cock was right at the entrance to Doreen's mouth.  "Tip your head forward; just let it go in." Joe coached.  Doreen's whole body trembled as she slowly leaned her head forward.  I watched as Joe's dick slowly disappeared inside Doreen's mouth.  He was a little over an inch in when she must have first touched his penis.  She stopped and her eyes grew wide; she had just experienced probably the touch of the first dick in her mouth.  Joe slid his hands gently around her head as he coached "Just keep going; just a little bit more."  Hell she had over six inches more to go; I guess he didn't want to panic her with the thought of how deep it would be in her throat.

Joe slowly pulled Doreen's head closer.  Her eyes flashed around looking for any signs of relief.  She began to making gagging and choking noises as his penis reached the back of her mouth.  He held her head firmly and then as he reminded her "Don't bite; just relax." He jerked her head forward with a hard thrust.  Doreen's mouth flew wide open as the shock hit her.  Joe had jammed his cock all the way inside her mouth.  She twisted her head trying to dislodge his organ from her throat.  Joe gripped her head tight and thrust deeper into her mouth. "All the way in bitch, take it all the way in.  You are going to let me skull fuck you good."  He jammed a thumb in each of her ears and wrapped his fingers behind her head.  He began moving her head back and forth as she still tried to twist away, to reinforce his demand; Joe jerked her head hard against his crotch.

Joe began moving Doreen's head back and forth as she seemed to have gotten the message that it was futile to resist.  Her mouth and throat was going to be used to satisfy Joe's lust.  She tried the best she could to relax and let him move her head.  Joe's cock kept banging against the back of her throat; she felt as if he was going to poke a hole out the back of her neck.  Her jaws ached as she stretched her mouth, not wanting to risk even an accidental scrape with her teeth.  Ray had tried to get her to give him a blow job on several occasions.  She had always refused; surely women didn't find this enjoyable.  Her mouth was sampling being used as an instrument to provide some form of sexual punishment.  What had she ever really done to provoke such an attack?

Joe was jerking Doreen's head really fast; she thought her eyes were going to fall out from her head being snapped so hard. She could feel his penis starting to throb; surely he wouldn't ejaculate in her mouth.  Just then a spurt of hot salty, vile fluid hit her throat.  Doreen tried to shake his prick out of her mouth with all her might.  It was useless; Joe had it clamped tight to his crotch as the terrible tasting spunk just kept on spurting.  It seemed to go on forever; it was coating her throat as she tried to puke it out.  Her throat was packed tight by the size of his cock; she was going to choke to death unless she managed to somehow gulp it down.  She forced herself to begin swallowing the torrent that was dumping in her mouth.  Tears poured from her already red eyes as she gathered her strength; she felt the spurting subsiding and finally it ended.  Joe pulled slowly out and looked down at Doreen as she knelt coughing and gagging at his feet.  He jerked her head back by her hair and looked directly into her face as drool and vomit dripped down her chin, drenching her camisole top.

"Get your bitch ass up" I ordered as Joe step back.  Doreen hesitated, trying to gather her strength.  I swatted the green branch against her leg; shocking her back to reality.  She struggled against the tree as she pulled her feet back under her.  She soon seen that I had removed my clothes whole she had been occupied with Joe.  I stepped close to her and said "Doreen, look at that wet nasty camisole.  I didn't think you would ever be caught like that.  Here I will help you." I ripped the camisole completely down the front; it sagged loosely by the two thin shoulder straps.  I brushed it back to reveal her tiny breasts.  Two small nipples adorning them like tiny buds.

I looked down into her eyes as I said "It is my turn now."  My fingers slid inside the waist of her cotton panties as I asked "What do we need to do?"  Doreen froze; not saying a word.  Joe said "Well let me help the cat let go of her tongue" as he raised the switch and struck her bare leg.  Doreen stammered "Hank, please don't.  I am sorry for everything that I have ever done to you and Joe.  Please don't do this."  "What do I need to do?" I demanded.  "Take my panties off." Doreen replied in a voice barely above a whisper.  "Tell me to rip them off." I demanded.  Doreen bit her lip as she lowered her head.  The zing of the switch was heard just before it impacted her bare leg again.

"Rip my panties off" Doreen blurted.  I jerked my hands down and the thin cotton material split away in a loud rip.  I held her torn panties in one hand as I ran my other hand through her hairy bush.  I pressed hard as my finger slid lower toward her pussy.  "Hank, please don't do this.  Stop now and I won't tell anyone.  Please don't" Doreen's voice trailed off; unable to say the R word.  My dick jabbed her abdomen as I stepped closer; Doreen looked down to see my prick probing her like a piece of meat.  "You're too big.  You will tear my inside; please don't do this.  You will hurt me bad; I can't take that." Doreen pleaded wildly.  Laughing I said "Hold these; I am going to plug your hole with them when I get done." I shoved her panties in her mouth "Don't drop them" I demanded.

Doreen stood with her hands bound behind the tree, her panties dangling from her mouth.  I bent my knees and positioned my cock between her quivering legs.  She shook her head, still trying to plead for mercy.  I raised up just a little and lodged my dick just inside her entrance.  I stood the rest of the way up quickly; Doreen was lifted completely off her feet momentarily before my cock impaled itself deep inside her.  She fell to stretched toes as she screamed through clenched teeth around her panties. Her muscles felt like a rubber band going around a newspaper as they gave way and dropped her onto the length of my throbbing cock.  I slammed up into her repeatedly as her body trembled; I could feel that I was hitting her cervix, but I didn't care.  Her face grimaced with pain as I tore into her.  I knew that she had never experienced anything like this before.

"Relax Doreen and just let me have my way.  The more you the fight the more it will hurt and the longer it will take." I told her as she shuttered in agony.  She wasn't having any part of relaxing; her dignity was being ripped away and she wasn't going to just accept it.  I kept forcing my deep into her vagina for at least fifteen minutes.  Her strength was finally giving out; she slumped almost lifeless as I thrust in and out.  I felt my cock throbbing and I knew that I was going to shoot my prized load deep in her.  My spunk started gushing out; Doreen tensed as she could feel it splattering her insides.  She groaned as it kept pouring more into her depths.  When I was done, I jammed hard twice more and then pulled out.  I jerked her panties from her mouth and shoved them into her dripping hole; I didn't want my present leaking out on the ground.

I stepped back to admire my work as Joe snapped a picture of her with her panties crudely hanging from her pussy.  Joe was rejuvenated and ready for another go.  He untied her wrists and let her fall into a crumpled pile at the base of the tree.  I helped him tug her shirt and camisole off her shoulders and off her limb arms.  Joe slipped the camisole over Doreen's head and wrapped it tight.  We lifted the motionless woman to her feet and helped her stagger to the car.  A glimmer of hope flashed in Doreen that her ordeal was over.  That was far from the truth.  Joe and I got her into the back seat.  We stretched her legs up to the back of the front seat and secured each ankle under a headrest.  Joe quickly climbed over the center console and jerked her hips to the edge of the seat.

Joe jerked her panties out and thrust in.  He slipped all the way in easily since she was completely saturated with my spunk.  He began jabbing in and out hard as Doreen simply moaned in the seat.  She was too exhausted from her previous attack to even struggle.  Joe slapped her face and told her "I want you to give it up.  You know what I mean; the longer you resist the longer and harder I am going to work you over."  Doreen was so exhausted that she was almost in a trance.  Her mind was totally blanked and it was a matter of natural reactions.  It wasn't long before she was subconsciously responding to Joe's sexual penetrations.  Faint moans started coming from her mouth as she slowly and aimlessly tossed her head.  The moans grew louder and louder until Doreen's eyes shot wide open.  Joe laughed as he announced "The old girl just climaxed; I didn't think she had it in her, but she flooded the insides."  Doreen bit her lip as her faced turned red with embarrassment; she had just climaxed for a rapist.  Joe shot his load just afterwards and then pulled out to admire his achievement.  He stuffed her panties back in her hole so that she wouldn't drip all over the car.

We decided that we had better quickly finished as the sun was starting to set.  We struggled to get the near lifeless Doreen out of the car.  There was a large tree that had fallen over in a recent storm that would be perfect for our next task.  We carried Doreen over to the tree and slumped her over the trunk.  It was exactly the right height; her ass stuck up for the perfect target.  Her arms hung down on the other side.  Joe pulled her now cum soaked panties out of her pussy and jammed them in her mouth.  We didn't want to take any unnecessary chances on a blood curdling scream.  I slapped her ass with the green switch as I ordered "Spread your damn legs."  Doreen, not realizing what was about to happen, shifted her feet apart.

I stepped forward and placed my hands on her hips.  When my cock began sliding between Doreen's raised hips, she jumped and flailed her hands back trying to dislodge my grip.  I pressed my cock deeper, spreading her hips further apart.  As I pressed harder, my tip touched her sphincter.  Doreen was panic stricken as she began to jerk wildly.  Joe grabbed her neck and forced her head down over the tree trunk.  I thrust forward and my dick began to penetrate her very tight ass.  It felt like I was trying to pry a vise open as I shoved harder.  I could feel every wrinkle in her anal canal as I continued to shove deeper. Joe was lying on top of Doreen's back to hold her down as she continued to punch and slap wildly.  Screams emanated through her panties still stuck securely in her mouth.  I bent my knees and tried to pull her hips further back on my throbbing prick.  I began to thrust with short hard jabs sending my raging cock deeper in her pulsing canal.  Her muscles were working to expunge the invading object like a huge bowel movement.

Doreen kicked her legs furiously as I kept shoving in.  Unexpectedly, her anal canal gave way and my dick sank completely in.  My balls slapped her pussy as they impacted; I began riding her like a cowboy on a bronco.  My hands jerked her hips wildly as exhaustion overtook Doreen's battered body.  My assault went on for fifteen minutes as I alternated between short jabs and long hard thrusts.  My cock finally felt like it was going to explode; by back tensed and with a final thrust, my spunk shot like a bullet from a gun deep into her bowels.  Doreen collapsed as I drained my load; she was completely defeated and she knew there was nothing she could do except accept my abuse.  I finished after several minutes more and finally withdrew, only to be quickly replaced by Joe.

Joe slid easily into Doreen's stretched ass.  She simply moaned and twisted a little as he jerked her like a rag doll.  All of her energy had been exerted on avoiding my attack.  Joe smacked her ass like a jockey prodding his mount to go faster.  Joe slipped his hands under Doreen's abdomen and lifted her up off the tree trunk.  He walked her around the clearing his cock working around deep in her ass; her near lifeless legs merely trailing where he shoved them.  Joe would stop every few minutes to jerk her tight against him for some rapid thrusts.  It looked like her had a machine gun in her ass; the way her body vibrated from his movement.  He finally lifted her entirely off her feet and slung her back and forth like a dog would with a toy.  He dropped her back to her feet as he emptied his spunk into her.  Joe let go of her and she fell to the ground crying hysterically as she curled into a ball.

Joe and I got dressed and threw the pieces of rope in the trunk of the car.  We then gathered Doreen's clothes, tattered as they may be, and tossed them in the back of the car.  Joe pulled Doreen, who was now just beginning to regain some strength over to the car.  He sat her on the back seat and then shoved her backwards so that she lay stretched on her back.  I got in the driver's seat and started the car as Joe climbed in the back and shut the door.  As I drove back to the highway, I could catch glimpses of Doreen's legs shoved up and hear her feet brushing against the top of the car.  Joe was fucking the helpless woman again.  Doreen moaned as he pumped in her.  We finally pulled into Doreen's driveway.  The house was completely dark.  Joe asked "Do you want to.  We have time since no one is home."  I thought what the hell.  Joe and I traded places and I raped Doreen again as we sat in front of her house.

When I was finally done, Joe and I found her house keys in her purse and pulled her from the car.  I quickly opened the trunk and got the half full bottle of scotch out.  I poured the booze over Doreen's head and the tossed the empty bottle back in the trunk.  We then walked her to the door.  We helped her inside and deposited her in a pile on the living room floor along with her clothes.  Joe and I quickly made our way back to the car and drove quickly away.  We reached the main road and turned to go home.  A little while later we passed her husband, Ray, on his way home.

                                                          THE END       

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Inside Every Silver Lining There Is A Dark Cloud

« Reply #1 on: January 17, 2007, 06:06:17 PM »

Another great work by throatdagger! Excellent story!!

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« Reply #2 on: October 11, 2013, 11:37:12 PM »

This was definitely an interesting story, I would love to find out the husbands reaction, weather or not she goes back to work and so on... will you be writing another chapter?

« Reply #3 on: October 12, 2013, 04:40:45 AM »

Great story, I love the detail. Maybe I can add another request to foxy5150's for you to consider writing another chapter.  emot_thankyou.gif
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« Reply #4 on: October 12, 2013, 09:45:03 AM »

You were such a bitch Doreen! Hank and Joe just had to teach you some lessons! And boy, did they ever! I liked this a lot throatdagger!

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