Pennsylvania man sentenced to life for rape in Idaho


Associated Press, July 1 2009

BOISE, Idaho - A Pennsylvania man has been sentenced to life in prison in Idaho for sexually assaulting a woman at his Sun Valley condominium in 2005.

Jeffrey Marsalis, 35, was sentenced yesterday by Judge Daniel Hurlbutt Jr., who said Marsalis must serve at least 15 years before being eligible for parole.

Marsalis was extradited to Idaho last fall from Pennsylvania, where he is serving a 21-year sentence for 2007 convictions on two counts of sexual assault.

Prosecutors say Marsalis drugged the victim's drink while the two were at a bar. He later raped the 21-year-old while she was incapacitated. During the trial, defense attorney Doug Nelson argued that the night was nothing more than a date between two people who got drunk and had consensual sex.

An Ada County jury found Marsalis guilty in April of one count of felony rape. His father, Forrest Marsalis, asked the judge for leniency before the sentencing.

Jeffrey Marsalis apologized to the victim for his actions.

"I am sorry," Marsalis said in court. "I was drunk."

Marsalis will be returned to Pennsylvania to finish serving his sentence before serving his latest punishment.

In Philadelphia, he was portrayed as a smooth talker who met women on the online dating site, telling them he was an astronaut, doctor, or spy and then slipping something into their drinks to incapacitate them. A Philadelphia jury convicted him of two counts of sexual assault but acquitted him of eight counts of rape.

His Idaho victim told the jury that she'd met Marsalis shortly after moving to the resort town of Sun Valley. He was a security guard at the resort; she was a new employee who had moved to the region for work and to be closer to her younger sister.


RF's comment: Jeffrey may be the US champion 'date rapist'.  They don't even know for sure how many women he drugged and raped, as less than 20% are ever likely to remember it OR want to report it later.  My guess would be up to 100 women or more over a 5 year period from 2001 thru 2005.

They just had a 'Special News Report' on him... apparently he told women he was an astronaut (WITH what looked like a 'shopped photo), an ER doctor, a CIA agent, and other unlikely jobs.  From what they said, his profile was utterly amazing.  Ladies, if it sounds like bullshit, don't take a drink from him!

The news report said he was tried AND ACQUITTED twice in PA for date rape.  Neither case had enough evidence (long after the fact) to convict him.  What finally did him in was stupidity: he raped a lesbian.  Oops.  ZERO chance she wanted to have 'consensual sex' with him, and the smart gal went to the police the next day with her suspicions and had a rape kit taken.  The cab driver remembered him literally dragging her unconscious body into the condo complex before he raped her.

What did they suspect he'd been using for his 'date rape drug'?  Benadryl (diphenhydramine HCl), liquid in some of the cases, powdered in the last case, although it clears the system quickly enough that no evidence was ever found.

Raymond Pist:
Know what though?
Here's the dealio:
If women say "yes" to a guy, based on thinking he's an astronaut, don't they deserve whatEVER they get?
(My parents were always proud of me, because the teachers all said "He's taking up space in school!!!")

Awwww, c'mon Ray, even YOU can't be callous enough to believe that they 'deserved it' for falling for his shtick!  :emot_rotf.gif:

BTW, I was mistaken... 'Dr. Jeff' was acquitted in the first PA case, but convicted in the second PA case of 'sexual assault'.  The rape he did in Idaho was while he was out on bail during the first trial.  The judge had wisely refused bail during the second trial.  He got 10 to 21 in PA and life (with parole possible in 15 years) in Idaho.  Dunno if the sentences are set to run concurrently or consecutively, but it'll be a while before he's back on again.   emot_dancing.gif



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