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Time Traveler: Sally
« on: June 28, 2009, 11:04:23 PM »
Time Traveler: Sally
(M+/f, slavery, rape, bondage, nc)

What would you do with an invention so astounding it can change the nature of the universe and of reality itself? I once had, perhaps, some ideas along those lines. I would be, in the end, a benevolent supreme commander of the universe. Reality is a bit less lofty. I used it for cruel and kinky sex.

“What do you mean you have a time machine?” Dave asked me. “Did you invent a flux capacitor?”

“Yes, that’s exactly what I did,” I replied. “Christ, don’t be a moron! I don’t even know how it works. I was painting the family room downstairs and found a false panel in the wall. That old professor that used to live here, I checked into him. He’s like some kind of freak genius. Or was, before he died.”

“Alright, show it to me,” Dave said. “Let’s see it.” So I led him downstairs. The device itself was ordinary enough on the outside. There was, in fact, just a large stainless steel box, about three feet on each side. Only the thick cable leading out to the computer gave it any semblance of life. It was heavy, though. It must have a pretty solid interior, though I wasn’t about to go cutting it up with the acetylene torch.

I woke the computer and showed Dave the software. “See, it’s all done from here,” I said. “I’m not sure what all the options are, but I’ve figured out the basics. I’ve used it, dude. It actually works.”

“Like, what? You can travel five minutes into the future, and it only takes five minutes to get there?”

“Just shut up. You’ll love this.” He would, too. I wouldn’t show it to anyone else, but since Dave and I both narrowly avoided juvie for raping that girl when we were both fifteen, I knew I could trust him. Dave’s own habits hadn’t calmed down nearly as much as mine had. He’d love this.

I started up a saved run. “I can keep returning to the same past. There’s like infinite possible pasts, all kind of like in parallel universes, but they’re also our past, for real. It’s like that episode of Next Generation where thousands of Enterprises came through the rift, all from slightly different universes. Except I’m actually going back in time. But it’s all real, man. Totally real. Watch this!”

Dave watched as a window opened. The view was an old, dusty basement. I frowned, though. No one was there.

“Where’s the woman you told me about this morning?”

“Okay, she’s been rescued. But that’s what’s cool. This happens sometimes. I just go scan back to find her moment of rescue, and then I fix it.”


“Okay, look. This woman lived in the nineteenth century, okay? I left her off in 1870. I keep her chained up in her own basement in Texas. Naked. I leave her provisions each time. I go whenever I feel like it, but each time I visit her a week later. She’s been chained up to the wall since 1866! She just waits around for me!”

“So where is she?”

“Well she’s been rescued obviously. But I can go back a bit and prevent the rescue. Look, there’s some guys helping her out. Idiots! I go back a little further and pan the view upstairs. Alright, who the hell are these guys? Wait, take a look at that. Oh, they’re census takers. Walked right up to the front door of the old farmhouse and heard her screams I suspect. Easy enough to fix that I suppose. Come on.”

“She was hot, dude,” Dave said.

“Of course she was. Like I’m going through this hassle for an ugly chick. Let’s go.”

“Go where? Do you really think I’m going through the magic time portal with you?”

I just shook my head. See is believing to guys like Dave. I just set the jump for two and in a flash we were standing outside, under the Texas sun, in August. It was a sufficiently different scene from November in Framingham that Dave seemed to take it seriously in a hurry.

“Shut up and let me speak,” I said. “Here they come. Let’s meet them away from the house.” We walked out to the men arriving in the carriage. “Howdy,” I said, trying to get the accent right. The conversation was short. I told them Dave was my brother and no one else lived there. They were on their way soon enough. We walked back to the house.

“And that’s how history is changed. Sally was never rescued today. Her ordeal will continue.”

“And where is this Sally?” Dave asked.

“In the fucking basement where you saw her! Jeez! Come on, I’ll show you.” We went back into the house and down the stairs. The cellar was lit from the windows, which was good since electric lights didn’t exist. Dave’s eyes opened in surprise and Sally’s in horror when we saw each other.

She was naked, as always. She was thirty-four, blonde, buxom as women of that era tended to be, all in all not a bad package at all. Except she’d been locked in her own basement for four years now. “Surprise, Sally. I brought a friend today.”

“No, dear lord, not two,” she cried. She sobbed as we approached her. “Each day I pray for mercy. Why am I mocked with another rapist?”

“They really talk like that?” Dave asked.

“She’s a little off her rocker,” I said. “Something about being chained up for four years. You want to go first? I’ve had her many times.”

“Okay, yeah.” He began getting undressed right there. I headed upstairs to give them privacy. There was no telling how long Dave would take with her, but I heard her cries and screams and knew he was totally into her. I was worried when I heard the crashing of boxes, but she sounded no worse for wear.

Dave came upstairs over an hour later. “That’s totally fucked up, man! I love it!”

“Good. Take a walk or something. I may as well fuck her while we’re here.” I headed downstairs and found Sally seated against the wall, crying and a bit bruised up. Cum was leaking from her twat. She had her knees drawn up to her chest and was curled up in a seated ball, rocking back and forth. For a change, I let her sit while I set up the room. I didn’t need to leave any new food items. I took a few trips out to the well to replenish her water. I emptied and cleaned out the bucket and left her new paper and small rags for hygiene. Then I pressed my hard cock to her face.

“Get to it, Sally whore,” I told her. I called her that every time I visited her. She used to fight me, but now she was obedient, if not enthusiastic. She sobbed the whole time, even though she used her tongue expertly on my member to bring me to orgasm. She couldn’t quite get used to it at all. I guess being a nineteenth century preacher’s daughter made some things impossible. No matter, though. I blew my first shot down her throat and put the rest on her face and in her hair. She could clean herself up on her own time.

“Mercy, let it end, I beg you!” she wept as I got dressed. I just ignored her. Sometimes we had conversations, but usually I only spoke to her to give orders or tell her things she needed to know. There was no further need for either when I’d finished with her. I headed upstairs and out to find Dave. He was down by the creek.

“So how do we get home?” he asked. I showed him the controller.

“Unlike the machine, I have a schematic for these, and I can replace them with a little work. The machine monitors the signals this thing makes. They aren’t special or anything. It’s just a bit of electronics. If it breaks, we get yanked back immediately. And I’ve set it to pull us back in five hours regardless, so if we lose it we just have to wait. There’s no way to get stuck in the past. Just don’t get killed. The machine doesn’t know if a bullet or arrow is about to hit you.”

“Cool.” I pressed the return button, and in a shimmering instant we were back downstairs in my house.

“Take a look at the clock on the wall,” I said. “Then at your watch.”

“Did we come back when we left?”

“Exactly. Of course you might get tired early tonight. That’s the risk.”

“Hey, why didn’t my watch give us away to those guys?”

“It was under your sleeve. And the clothes you’re wearing are passable nineteenth century if no one looks too closely. I paid attention before we left, don’t worry.”

“So, when can we go back, man? You’re gonna share this with me, right?”

“Dude, of course. But not Sally. That was just once, but I think I’ll keep her for myself. Don’t worry, though. We can go back any time, any place, and rape anyone. And we can repeat it over and over. One more thing though. Watch this. See that number?”

Dave looked at the monitor. “Yeah, point zero zero zero zero sixteen. What is it?”

“That’s our signal that we can lock that past in. If it’s too high, we might change the present. We have to erase those events from history. We’d still remember what we did, but like a dream. I’ve had to do that before. But not today. I’ll just lock it in like so. And presto, it all really happened.”

“That is the coolest thing ever!”

“Yes, it is, isn’t it? And the possibilities are utterly endless.”

The rumors about me are scurrilous, depraved rantings of a sick mind, and I categorically deny any sense of falsehood attributed to them.

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Re: Time Traveler: Sally
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What a great idea for a story!  I really enjoyed it.  I do hope there is more to this!

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Re: Time Traveler: Sally
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Would love to see more.

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Re: Time Traveler: Sally
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Please keeping going!

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Re: Time Traveler: Sally
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Semi fun fact that may or may not help you work on this story should you decide to come back to it.

The 1890 U.S. federal census had 99% of it destroyed in a fire in 1921. Only fragments of it remain that document 6,000 people out of nearly 63 million.

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Re: Time Traveler: Sally
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Excellent work ... thank you.
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