forced sex with my son

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hi to all ; is there anybody else into the same situation ? since 3 years i'm into forced sex relations with my 28 y.o. son ....and....i think i love it despite his monstruous appetite ; i'd appreciate some other woman experiences (pm are welcomed) kisses to all  :emot_kiss.gif:

Welcome!  If you are sure it is consensual at this point and you are enjoying it I won't judge. 

But will this make it difficult for your son to have a relationship with a woman to marry and raise a family?  Is he doing this out of some unresolved anger?  Do you believe you are being abused?  And do you want to marry again someday?

And of course if any of your friends and family were to find out.  I think that would be very difficult.  But I am sure you have thought of all these things.

what i mean is that i never have any provocative attitude and i am always a "mother" - in fact except the sexual aspect - we have "normal" relations ! but at home (we live together for materail reasons) he constantly want to have sex , despite my denegations , he forces me to wear fine lingerie , talk to me as a slut , sometimes use ropes and simulates rapes scenes ...but ...shame on me ...i have orgasms despite what he forces me to do ! am i becoming crazy ? is there anybody else knowing a such situation ? :o
p.s. his new "obsession" is to see me with another woman  :o

I loved my mom dearly, but never had the slightest Oedipal interest... though others here well may. ;)

I've never had children, but I am sure others have shared your experiences.  Otherwise they would not have a name for it.  I am referring to the whole Oedipus thing.


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