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Quote from: Noname on October 15, 2007, 09:33:29 PM

Elliquiy now has a dedicated IRC setup, and which is now visible to guests since it's on a public server anyway.

And I'm not certain why Nathan thinks the site isn't forced sex friendly. It's important to keep in mind that not everyone on the site cares for that, though, so there are some guidelines people are asked to follow outside of the Heavy sections. This includes usernames, and sometimes signatures, avatars, and custom titles - a lot of members browse it from work, too.

But there are some 285,000 posts in the Heavy section - the non-consensual part, which is some 60% of the site.

I experienced a bit of heat when I posted there, part of which I attribute to my perception (from what I read around that board at the time) that people who were into the Forced Sex fantasy were not welcome, or were at best tolerated. My perception may have been off (it happens sometimes), or it may have simply been a clash of personalities (mine v theres).

Personally, I was left with a bad impression. Still, I would encourage anyone interested in role playing to visit the site yourself (with an open mind) and give it a whirl. "Your Mileage May Vary".

UPDATE There have been some changes over there, and a bit of dust I guess was kicked up (I don't know the details); but as of June 2008 (this post was originally written in October 2007) I'm having a pretty decent time over there; the only criticism I have is that there's a lot of sprawl and it's hard to figure out how to get the ball rolling (it's doable though). They're working on addressing that problem by mentoring people and things.

So, I went back and things are a lot better for me at this point; and I'd go as far as to recommend it above darker roleplay (there's starting to be a lot of bleed-over of members from DRP right now).

I just opened for extreme fantasy artists so if there are any accomplished 2D or 3D artists out there who want to share their work... come on down!

Hey guys ther is also a german board, I take the most of my postings from there, its very great.

This is the 'Wipipedia', a kinked version of with more interesting content:

It's kinda handy if you're new to the sport and trying to figure out what someone is talking about.  It's a free / open Fetish and BDSM encyclopedia run BY adults FOR adults, so you don't have to worry about puritans and prigs deleting the offensive content.  :emot_bigok.gif:

Hello there is also another forum but for german speaking peoples but very great too.
If anyone intereted on german extrem stories so look here:
This site are for free.


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