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I watched that show constantly. If I went to meet a 30 year old woman and she offered me sweet tea, I would be out of there so fast......

Quote from: Tor Inju on October 03, 2008, 11:59:20 PM

Just to be clear to anyone that cares, the nitro couple we are talking about does not include Toes.  At least not to me and I strongly suspect not to Jamie either.  Whatever disagreements I have had with Toes in the past, they do not include considering her unstable.  Heck, I'll come right out and say it, Toes is a nifty gal.  Normally I ignore that forum of bullshitting whiners, but I certainly hope that Toes doesn't feel I was taking potshots at her due to the constant twisting of the truth from a certain obsessive lunatic who insists on dragging the innocent into her petty vendettas.

Another looser.  This is the Mr. Jealous I told you all about.  He seems very nice, but is the most abusive person I've ever met, and he does it all in the name of protecting women.

When I met him he could not get an errection.  No biggie, it happens.  The problem was that he took it badly.  He took it in his mind that the only reason I was going to see someone else after him was because he could not perform.  He clutched onto me the entire time I was with him.  Gawd there is nothing worse than a clingy man!  (Toes definitely agreed about the clingy part.  She started dating him after I saw him and dumped him because of his clingyness.  Of course, when Toes dumped Tor, Tor blamed me.  I was the reason for everything bad at RC and in the world.  :emot_rotf.gif:)

Tor Inju and I spent New Year's weekend in a hotel room.  I got bored and tried to turn on the TV, and he turned it off insisting I pay attention to HIM.  I waited for him to go to the restroom so that I could check my e-mail.  He came out and read my e-mail over my shoulder!  I refused to hide it because he was the one being rude, but he sure didn't like what he read!  He found out my next meeting was with none other that Raymond Pist - LOL!

In an attempt to calm him down I asked him if he would be a safety monitor (of course I already had one.)  I figured if i gave him responsibility he would feel empowered and thus better about the situation.  Part of the job was that I would call in and let him know I was ok.  I also gave him my e-mail password so that he could allow access to the police department if I did not call to check in on the agreed upon schedule.  What a big mistake!  His actions showed me that my safety was not his motivation at all, petty jealousy was.

He used my password to access my e-mails himself.  He then crafted a document using excerpts of my e-mails to Ray Pist, and Ray's correspondence to me (I still have this blackmail document) that he then e-mailed to me and threatened to post on RC if I didn't break off my date with Ray.  Of course I was livid.  Betraying my trust and blackmail?  I had just met Tor Inju, and he had no cause for such jealously.  Hell I was dating LaJan!  Now LaJan and I had an open relationship.  If I saw anyone besides Lajan it was no one else's business.

Of course Tor Inju should have been banned for the blackmail attempt.  It is right there in the RC charter!  I told the owner of RC at the time, and he asked me if I had proof.  Well of course I did, but I wasn't going to show it to Nicki or anyone else.  Tor had put very private stuff in that e-mail, and I didn't want to show it to anyone, and I still don't.

In the months following, Tor strove to make my life hell.  He constantly picked fights via YIM and put me in tears often.  I finally had to cut him off and put him on "permanent" ignore.  LaJan helped me with this because I didn't know how YIM worked very well. 

Toes had a very similar experience with him picking fights with her via YIM, and she had to cut him off too.  I've also heard from a couple of other women he chased away by getting incredibly possessive and showing jealous behavior if he thought the women were chatting with anyone besides HIM.

But let it be a warning to the gals out there - BEWARE Tor Inju is one very unstable asshole!

Quote from: Naje on October 07, 2008, 11:18:55 PM

Quote from: Tor Inju on October 07, 2008, 04:27:45 PM

Fuck you for calling me a liar. 

I think that was a bit out of line, Tor. I understand why you're upset, but Lydia did not directly accuse you of anything. Just my opinion.

I am really sorry that Emily posted those things about you on her board. It was petty and cruel, and you are a good man who does not deserve to have his reputation called into question like that. For what it's worth, I don't think anyone (sane, at least) here who has spent any significant time reading your posts believes that you are anything like the man Emily described. Indeed, out of all our regular posters here, I can't think of a single person I would trust more than you to behave himself politely in real life (no offense to anyone else, of course). Don't let this BS get to you.. it will only serve the agenda of those who are fueling this incredibly overplayed drama.

Yes, I thought the same thing once Naje.  That is why I met with Tor.  But honestly, meeting him is the only meeting I ever really regret.

As for the person who supposedly called Tor a liar, it was a friend I just found out is on RC.  She saw the posts about me and brought them to my attention.  I merely set the record straight and told her that LaJan was not involved with organizing the RC meet-up, that it was Toes and I that organized it.  She posted this on RC as coming from me and for that Tor accused her of calling him a liar.

Typical Tor.  There are two things that get him frothing at the mouth 1) any mention of my name, and 2) Raymond Pist.

Toes and Lord Verde were the only two persons that did not flake out.  Everyone else did.  This meant that I ate a lot of the expense

And here is Tor's blackmail letter to me.  I have edited parts of it that was taken from my personal e-mails:

From: Rape Fantasists <>
Subject: New Personal Message: (No subject)
To: rory_helm at yahoo dot com
Date: Sunday, January 1, 2006, 10:29 AM

You have just been sent a personal message by Tor Inju on Rape Fantasists.

IMPORTANT: Remember, this is just a notification. Please do not reply to this

The message they sent you was:

This is what I was going to post just before you called me. Make of it what you will. 
(I called him responding to his blackmail threat (left via voice mail) that he would post this if I did not call off my date with Raymond Pist.  He said he's written a letter "exposing me".  Of course i reassured him i would not see Ray - but then did so anyways.  I was enjoying a good bit of self-induced fear over the prospect of meeting Ray too ....  all fucked up by Tor's pitiful attempted blackmail.  I was really steamed.  Just ask Ray.)

As some of you know, Emily has been meeting people from the board, including

I am going to break a promise here.  But she has left me no choice.
(oh yeah, I put a gun to his head. ::))

She has hidden that she is meeting Raymond Pist, who some of you may remember being banned from this board.
(as if being banned from RC is a crime.)

She has met various people on this trip and has been open about each one, except Pist.
(Actually I told my safety monitor and why is it Tor's business?)

She has shown me her correspondence with him and I find it extremely disturbing.   All of us talk alot and some of us meet and that is great.  But there are certain minimum common sense safety rules to meeting and Emily has decided to break all of them. (What rules?  You mean there are rules?)

She does not know his real name.  I made her email him requiring his real name
and the exchange was:


    I am sure you understand that I am taking a terrible risk in seeing you.

Actually, no.
I thought it was ME taking the terrible risk!
I mean, what if i rape you,
then you decide you don't like it,
THEN you decide to try to send me to prison for 15 years.

    Can you please provide me with your real name, as I have provided mine to

Real names are soooooooooo overrated.
I kind of like it that you don't know my real name.
Please. Call me Pist.  Ray Pist.

    Pretty sure last name is not Pist.  Ray-pist is just to cool to be

Mohammed Ali's "real" name is Casius Clay.
But in the immortal words of his close friend Howard Cosell:
"it is your right to be called whatever you want me to call you.  If you
wish to be called Mohammed Ali, then Mohammed Ali is what I shall call

Classic Ray!

I was unable to get this until Emily had left for Michigan or else I would not have let her go

He offered an address of:

xxx xxx Road
Saginaw MI

But no address shows up in reverse lookup and a paid title search shows no owner.

When asked for pictures:  He sent her pictures where his face was covered and unrecognizable.

When asked for a phone number he claimed that due to some bizarre combination of circumstances, he could only call out and not recieve any calls.

He is picking her up, so she has no way to get around by herself.

(edited the part here where Tor took things from my e-mails out-of-context, to prove that Ray was a real rapist.)

I called Emily as soon as I found out that he refused to give his name and that the address he had given was false.  She promised to get that information from him and call or email me back.  She then turned of her phone and I recieved no email from her.
(Duh!  Guess what dipshit, the FAA requires that I turn my phone off until the airplane lands.)

She gave me access to her emails to him, believing that it would allay my fears and so I could check his real name and that is where the above information comes from.  Everything I read has sent up red flags for me.
(Yes I did, but the primary reason I gave him the password to my accounts was so that Tor could be a safety monitor.  For Tor to read my e-mails and use them to construct this letter goes way beyond the pale.)

She claims that she knows that he doesn't really mean all the things he says.  She was particularly convinced because he said that there were nice places he wanted to show her.

She thinks I am being jealous and that is why I don't want her to see him. 
I like Emily very very much, but I have known of her desires and I have
supported the safe exercise of them with enthusiam, as some of you know.  It is
one of the things I like about her.

Many of you know me and know I am not given to hysterics.  (What do you call this then?)
If anything, I have been accused of a certain silliness.

But this is suicidally reckless.
(And that is why I'm writing from the dead now.  :emot_rotf.gif:)

And, for the record, when I met Emily I was unable to function, through
absolutely no fault of hers.  Some may think this is an attempt to get back at
her, so I am putting that up front.  Despite that, my meeting with her was
wonderful and extremely fun, until I found out about Pist.  I care deeply for
Emily and would never try to embarrass or 'get back' at her.  I fear
very much for her and it is extremely difficult for me to break the trust she
has placed in me.  She is a wonderful women and I know that by posting this I
have lost a very important friend and someone I love deeply.  I have no idea of
what else to do.  I would rather she hate me than to allow her to get hurt or
killed and I truely believe that is  a strong possibilty here.  She doesn't
seem to care.

I hope that by posting this, someone here who cares about her will try to help
her, since this pretty much ends any possibility of her listening to me.  I hope
that she finds what she wants without taking these insane risks, even though it
will not be with me.

The email that she corresponded to Pist was FORCEfantasies4 at aol dot com. (Feel free to contact him gals for really good anal rape!)  I have emailed him a warning I knew what was up with him and that there would be repurcussions if he did anything beyond what she wanted.

Reply to this Personal Message here:;sa=send;f=inbox;pmsg=9314;quote;u=1231

And this was all based on the worries of a guy that had only met me once?  I am an adult.  There is that in our kink that is definitely "edge play".  Who I see is my business.  Tor knew from the start I was not exclusive to him.

Damn!   emot_hug.gif

You've met some real gems over the years.  Thankfully you recognize that assholes like the two mentioned above don't represent ALL of us by a long stretch.

You're doing the right thing in publishing the PM, though.  The one thing that habitual liars can't stand is exposure.  In our little corner of kinkdom, honesty and understanding are vitally important.  Those few diseased individuals that can't act like adults SHOULD be flagged so that others don't get caught in the trap of trusting them.

I was GONNA use the analogy of a vampire exposed to sunlight, but I *like* vampires!  However ...

Here's your new avatar, Tor! :fu:  


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