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 on: Today at 02:08:46 AM 
Started by GEMINIGUY - Last post by GEMINIGUY
I grunted, as my cock started spewing out across the water. Melissa eagerly pumped out rope after rope, commenting obscenely on how much jizz I was blowing from time-to-time, marveling at the sheer quantity.
I spurt twelve or thirteen times, before my cock started to drool but not necessarily soften.
"I feel like I just did a scene in a porn movie!" Melissa laughed, squeezing out one last bit of cum.
"I'm sure lots of guts would love to see you star in a porn movie," I grinned.
Melissa laughed.
"I seriously doubt that!"
"Just me, they'd rather see a real woman, than some 6' tall, 90lb. girl!" I quipped.
She grinned, then looked around again warily.
"I better go," Melissa said, letting go of my cock. She pulled her bra back down over her tits, tucking them back in just right.
"Will I see you again?" I found myself asking.
Her eyes twinkled.
"If you want to."
"I do."
"Then you'll see me again," Melissa promised, taking one more look at my monster cock before I pulled up my briefs and shorts.
She headed back the way she'd came. I stayed to watch the peacefulness of the waves rolling in, the water feeling great on my bare feet. I was sure I'd never see Melissa again...

 on: Today at 01:52:48 AM 
Started by GEMINIGUY - Last post by GEMINIGUY
I couldn't stop myself. Letting go of one of Melissa's tits, I pushed down my shorts and briefs. Taking her hand, I wrapped it around my cock. Or tried to.
"Omg! This thing is huge!" Melissa cried out.
I've never had any complaints though. But I think Melissa was the perfect woman for my 14" cock.
Yes, you heard me right. I've made a lot of girls pass out while fucking them.
"Shit, I've seen porn, I thought only Black guys had dicks this big!" Melissa blurted out.
Using both hands she started jacking me off. It always takes s whole to get it up because of the size. But once it's up, I can keep it up until I cum. Like Melissa, I'd seen porn too, and White guys nearly as big as me have a hard time keeping it up the whole time.
Melissa jerked my cock faster, letting loose a choice swear word or two every now and then. I stopped sucking on her tits, kneading those heavy orbs roughly. I admit it, those were the best tits I'd ever gotten my hands on. And I was thinking about all the other things I'd want to do to them...
I took over fifteen minutes, but Melissa finally had my cock throbbing. Another five minutes and it started swelling up.
"Here she blows!" Melissa cackled excitedlt.

 on: Today at 01:06:06 AM 
Started by strugglealt3 - Last post by vile8r
Well done!

 on: Today at 12:01:03 AM 
Started by strugglealt3 - Last post by strugglealt3
I wrote this for myself a while ago. Eventually posted it to reddit and now to here. It's as unrealistic as these types of fantasies get but I enjoyed writing it. I hope you'll enjoy reading it.


They rode through the shadow of the mountain as the sun dipped lower on the horizon.

The wind whipped at their hair; they drove slow, for they didn't wish to wear helmets today. The road was empty save for them and their bikes, filling the air with the growls of their engines as they echoed off the mountain walls.

Jessica's bike grunted and spat, lurching as it nearly stalled; Ella looked over and Jessica gestured. They crossed into the leftmost lane together, looking for a place to pull over.

They had pulled in at their usual gas station on this route, three miles back, only to find it hollowed out and burned, lain low by a fire in the night. Jessica had been banking on it, and now she knew she did not have the fuel to reach the next station. They would need to find another way.

They crested the top of the incline and the setting sun made Jessica squint. As her eyes adjusted, she noticed a small fire burning a few dozen yards off the asphalt, down a small pebbled road. As they drove closer, she saw what sat next to the fire: two bikes, a pickup truck and what looked like two distant men sitting on the trailer.

Smiling, she reached down to her hip and fondled her pistol. She and Ella had surreptitiously stolen plenty of gasoline before, but this would be the first time they'd robbed it directly from men. She hadn't used this pistol in too long; it would be good to give it some air.


"I'm sayin', though, I ain't got the money." said Hank.

Waylon sighed and tossed his empty can of beer towards the fire; it missed, landing a foot or so away.

"Well, I ain't gonna give you any. I'm gon' be stretched thin as it is. These things ain't cheap."

Hank shook his head. "I ain't askin' you to give me shit. I'm just sayin', I ain't got the money for a whole new bike right now. You go right ahead and get one, I don't mind, I just ain't gon' be able to keep up."

Waylon looked over at their bikes, parked near the edge of the gravel circle that rested at the end of this small road. They were covered in rust and falling apart; Hank's had to be propped up with a piece of metal scavenged from this old, abandoned pickup, what with the stand having broken clean in two mere hours before. They had well and truly had it; the problem was that only he could afford a new one, and try as he might to deny it, he didn't want to leave his lifelong friend in the dust.

Then he heard the familiar sound of two Harley engines echoing off the green mountain ahead of them, and he looked up in interest.

Two lights crested the incline and descended downwards, heading their way. As he watched, they slowed and turned steadily into the gravel road; he squinted as the lights momentarily blinded him, shining directly in his face.

The two bikes revved in right to the fire, their engines spitting and growling. He recognised the distinct sound; these bikes were nearly out of fuel. It was a wonder they'd even made it this far.

The lights turned off and his eyes adjusted. Through the green splodges they had left on his retinas, he saw the two riders.

They were women; both young, though one moreso than the other. If he had to guess, the one with jet-black hair - taller, wearing a leather jacket strewn with pins for AC/DC and Guns 'n' Roses over a white Stone Temple Pilots tank top and leather pants - was in her late twenties, while the other - blonde, wearing a black t-shirt with the words "Biker Chick" emblazoned upon it, along with very short cut-off jean shorts held up with a studded leather belt - was more early twenties. Both pale white, skinny in the waist and beautiful - but even from here, as they got off their bikes, he caught glimpses of their big, fulsome asses, fully thick and round in their tight clothing, the blonde one's especially almost overflowing through her cut-off jeans. The black-haired one had big tits, too, visible even behind her leather jacket.

There was one other factor, too; the pistols on their hips, tucked nearly into a holster in the black-haired one's case and just shoved into the belt for the blonde.

"Say, Waylon," muttered Hank, "I dunno how I feel 'bout this."

Waylon slid off the truck's trailer and walked towards them. He extended his hand.

"How goes it?" he asked. The black-haired one shook his hand, her small fingers almost getting lost in his.

"Fine, mostly." she said. "Wondered if we might borrow your fire for a lil' bit? It's gettin' dark and we're runnin' low."

"Sure, no problem!" said Waylon, feigning enthusiasm; something definitely didn't feel right here. He gestured to the old logs round the fire - the ones that had been there for as long as anyone could remember, presumably set there by the first bikers to use this pullover. "Take a seat." he said.

The girls sat their big asses down on the logs. The black haired one pulled out a cigarette packet and a lighter, offering one of the cigs to the blonde one; she happily accepted.

Waylon sat down opposite them.

"I'm Waylon." he said. He gestured to his friend. "This here's Hank. We been ridin' round this part of North Carolina for a few years now. You?"

The black haired one raised an eyebrow in a manner Waylon thought was very cocky.

"I'm Jessica." she said. "This is Ella. We travel all over, but we come here every year for a couple weeks in the summer." She lit her cig and took a deep breath of it, exhaling the smoke in Waylon's direction; he restrained the urge to cough.

"You want one?" she asked, without extending her hand.

"Nah, we don't smoke." he said, waving the offer away. "'Least not since I last checked, right Hank?"

Hank chuckled. "Nah, gave that shit up ten years ago. Didn't wanna end up like my pops."

Jessica looked down at the fire, not making eye contact; Waylon bristled. Something was clearly off.

"Ten years, huh?" she muttered. "When you start?"

"When I was fifteen." laughed Hank. "All the other kids was doin' it. Weren't nothin' but foolishness."

As Hank talked, Waylon closely watched the two girls. Jessica was occupying herself with her cigarette and keeping the other hand on the log, but Ella had kept her hand near her gun the whole time; clearly younger and less experienced, she was giving the game away. He was certain they were here to rob them of something; the question was what? Fuel, maybe?

Hank clearly realised this too; Waylon heard him getting up and walking over next to him, remaining standing.

The girls clearly sensed that the game was up; Jessica got up and stared directly at Waylon.

"Any chance y'all could spare us some gas?" she said, her eyes not moving from his. "We ain't got the fuel to make it to the next spot."

Waylon stared right back. "Nah." he said. "We ain't got no gas for ya."

Ella got up and began walking round the fire in Hank's general direction. Waylon tensed.

When Ella pulled the gun, it came as no surprise except for how slowly she did it; she delicately reached into her belt and gently pulled it out, leisurely pointing it at Hank as she strolled closer.

Jessica strolled round too, keeping her hand near her holster but not yet drawing the piece.

"Well, see," she said, nonchalantly, "I think y'all might wanna reconsider your answer to that question."

Waylon glanced over at Ella and Hank. He saw how close she was standing; he smiled.

Hank, quick as a viper, swung out and grabbed Ella's arm, pulling it in while he kept her gun pointed at the ground. She yelped.

Jessica cursed and grabbed her own gun; as she pulled it from her holster, Waylon lunged forward and grabbed her wrist, holding it firmly and keeping her gun pointed right at the ground next to her feet.

"Y'see, I think y'all misjudged us." he said, calmly, as she grunted and struggled; he grabbed her other arm and held it back, controlling her, as Hank pulled Ella to the ground and knelt down above her, placing one knee on her back as he held her arm down, reached into her fingers and plucked the gun right from them with consummate ease.

"You thought we was just some victims." said Waylon, pushing both Jessica's arms behind her back as she grunted and kicked ineffectually at his shins. "Y'all thought you was some badass, dangerous women." Her head barely came up to his chin, she suddenly noticed; though she was tall for a woman, he was still far taller.

"Truth is," he said as he held both her struggling wrists together with one hand and reached down and took her gun from her clutching fingers with the other, "that we ain't such good guys ourselves."

Jessica moaned and tried to struggle as he threw her gun away; she heard it clatter across the stones as he held her wrists firmly together behind her back. She squirmed and kicked at his legs, but he didn't seem to notice; he grabbed her jacket and pushed it back, letting it fall from her shoulders, then quickly let go of her wrists, grabbed it with both hands and forced it right off her arms, revealing her bare shoulders in her tank top. She grunted, but before she could do anything he grabbed her wrists again and pulled her arms right up above her head, quickly grabbing the bottom of her tank top and yanking it up over her head, exposing her plump breasts to the damp night air as he pulled it off her arms and threw it away. She tried to lunge at him, but he effortlessly grabbed her arms again and forced them back behind her back, her breasts jiggling as she squirmed and struggled. He held them behind her back with one hand again as he used the other to grab her shoulder and push her to her knees; she fell to them instantly, shocked at his strength. He stepped behind her and pushed her further; she moaned as her face landed on the pebbles, her knees still on the ground, presenting her ass in her leather pants. Methodically, he let go of her hands and grabbed her pants, pulling them right down and exposing her big, jiggling ass, complete with its red rose tattoo on the left cheek; she gasped as he quickly pulled them right off her legs, jolting her knees painfully as they made sudden naked contact with the stones. Her sandals, she noticed, had come right off with the pants; she lay there, completely naked and prone on the pebbles, her ass jiggling. She weakly reached back with her arms, but Waylon simply grabbed them and effortlessly pulled them behind her back again, and she realised there was nothing she could do to prevent what was about to happen.

Ella had been watching intermittently as all this happened, but she had had issues of her own to deal with. The moment Hank had disarmed her, he had pulled both her arms above her head, still holding her to the ground while she ineffectually struggled, and pulled off her shirt, revealing her black bra holding her pleasant, mid-sized breasts. She yelped and squirmed as she slapped and clawed at him; he briefly eased up the pressure with his leg and grabbed her side with one hand while he undid her bra with the other, rolling her onto her back while he pulled it right off her arms. She lay there, her breasts exposed in the firelight, as he placed his leg back on her lower chest, covering her small broken heart tattoo, and reached down to her belt. She kept reaching up and grabbing at him, clawing, but it accomplished nothing; he ignored her feeble resistance and pulled off her belt, then bodily ripped open her jean shorts, sending the button flying as it was pulled clean off. He grabbed the shorts, making sure to clutch her panties underneath, and pulled them off her hips; he swept a hand under her legs and lifted them up, then fully pulled the shorts off, throwing them into the distance. Her loosely-fitting shoes came off with them, and she was left completely, totally naked on the ground, struggling helplessly and in increasing panic as Hank grabbed her body, pushed her onto her left side and lifted one of her legs clean up, fully opening her pussy while he clutched onto her side with his other hand, preventing her from moving.

Jessica squirmed helplessly against Waylon's masculine strength as he effortlessly held her feeble arms behind her back with one hand; with the other, he spanked her ass hard, and she yelped a feminine squeak of pain as she felt her ass cheeks bounce. Before the pain had even gone away, he rested his hand firmly on her face and pushed it into the ground as she felt his cock enter her pussy, and a wave of pleasure immediately filled it, making her gasp. She felt his hips collide with her ass cheeks and set them to bouncing, before the cock withdrew a little and slammed hard into her again, then again, then again, harder and faster each time. She moaned a long, helpless sigh of irresistible pleasure as the bliss began to fill her, emanating in waves from her pussy as he kept steadily, strongly fucking her, holding her arms firmly in place as he made her ass bounce and shake beautifully as his hips continued to rhythmically collide with it.

She watched, helpless, as Hank pushed Ella's leg into the air and reached round it and grabbed her side with his other hand; she watched his long, hard cock enter her pussy and heard her moan the same helpless moan of raw pleasure she had let out herself as he pounded it hard and fast, watched her ass cheeks jiggle and bounce as the kinetic force traveled through them. She watched her hands squirm and clasp ineffectually at Hank's strong arms, accomplishing nothing as he firmly held her down and fucked her into submission. After a little while, Hank let go of her leg and propped it up against his body, reaching round to her throat with his right hand and grabbing it, beginning to choke her as he fucked her. She clasped at his hand with her own, but he grabbed them with his other hand and forced them down to the ground, holding them there as he fucked and choked her, making her delirious with oxygen-deprived pleasure as he kept relentlessly pounding her pussy. He held her there, utterly helpless, as he firmly dicked her down.

The orgasms came inevitably and irresistibly, overwhelming them both. Jessica strained her arms against Waylon's hand, accomplishing nothing whatsoever against his strength, as he kept pounding her harder and harder; she wondered deliriously if he had any limit at all as the pleasure kept building higher and higher in her, turning her panting moans into feminine squeaks of helpless ecstasy. Her legs began to tremble and her back began to arch, and she felt a dam break inside her; an overwhelming, all-encompassing sea of bliss pummeled its way through her and made her scream long and hard, all the while his dick kept pounding, not letting up and giving her no quarter at all as the overwhelming bliss made her spasm and convulse uncontrollably. Undeterred, Waylon firmly held her down, holding her mostly in place as she squirmed helplessly, as if she was trying to escape the sheer pleasure that filled her body. Dimly, she saw Ella's back arch and her outstretched leg convulse and kick wildly as she, too, screamed loudly in helpless orgasm, Hank holding her firmly in place and continuing to relentlessly fuck her as she did so, her ass cheeks bouncing majestically as the raw physical force connected.

The men didn't let up; Waylon transferred his hand from Jessica's head to her throat and started to choke her too, and her vision soon became blurry as the pleasure continued to sear through her, burning through all her defenses and rendering her completely delirious. Hank pushed Ella over onto her back and grabbed both her arms, holding them firmly to her side as he pulled her in and fucked her even harder, making her breasts shake and spin as he tossed her about. Her moans were beyond her control, escaping her throat endlessly as she lost all control over herself and squirmed constantly at the pleasure that was filling her every limb; screaming and convulsing, she came again, barely two minutes after her first orgasm. Jessica could feel another building up too, but she was barely conscious from the choking and had no ability to even try and resist it; he let go of her throat just before the orgasm hit, slapping her face and making her yelp in pain before the tidal wave of sheer pleasure crashed through her again and made her scream raspily, what little breath she'd been able to catch escaping her again as she lost every ounce of self-control she'd ever had.

The men had finally stopped, but Jessica, still lightheaded from the oxygen deprivation, didn't think she remembered them cumming. It wasn't over yet, she could already tell. She heard Waylon chuckle.

"What'dya think, Hank?" he said, clutching her big ass and making her moan softly.

Hank laughed and slapped Ella's face. Ella yelped miserably in pain. "Lovin' it so far! Great asses on these cunts!"

Jessica mewled as Waylon picked up her trembling body and brought her to her feet; she could barely stand, even with him continuing to firmly hold her in a bent over, prone position. He kept one hand around her waist as he spanked her ass with the other; she yelped helplessly as her ass jiggled and bounced, and realised her pussy was sopping wet. He grabbed her breasts, jiggling them too and making her moan in pain and pleasure.

"Great tits, too." said Waylon, appreciatively. Moaning and panting, Jessica tried to process the humiliation; here were two strong, badass biker chicks, and the men were enjoying them as inanimate objects. She realised he wasn't even bothering to hold her arms behind her back anymore; she was simply too helpless to be any threat.

Without warning, the dick entered her again, and she screamed and gasped as the pleasure suddenly tore through her again, overwhelming all her senses. Her ass and tits were both immediately set to hard, constant jiggling as Waylon held her in place, keeping her on her feet while fucking her firmly from behind. The pleasure pulsed through her in overpowering waves, even more powerful than before, and he pulled her arms to her side and held them there, his arms both round her lower chest in a hug, as he fucked her. Her moans were all high-pitched, feminine squeaks now; she had no dignity left at all. She was submitting completely to him, and there was nothing she could do about it. She stood there, squealing in helpless, submissive pleasure, ass and tits bouncing perfectly, as she was fucked firmly into complete submission.

Hank held Ella's hands to her chest while Waylon fucked Jessica; he used his other hand to hold her head in that direction, forcing her to watch.

"I want you to see this without any distraction." he said, smugly. "I want you to see your badass biker bitch mentor getting put in her fucking place."

Ella watched in horror and arousal as the baddest bitch she'd ever known, the terror of the roads, was fucked like an object and used for pleasure. She had no self-control at all; she was completely, utterly helpless. She had been completely conquered by Waylon, and it had barely taken him ten minutes. All her reserved strength and quiet power was gone, replaced by total submission and dependence on his cock. Her naked body glistened in the firelight, covered in a sheen of sweat, as her beautiful breasts jiggled and bounced with every firm pound of his cock into her helpless, soft pussy. Those weak, feminine squeals escaping from her throat were coming constantly, completely outside her ability to control; her legs were trembling so hard that she clearly wouldn't be able to stand if the man wasn't holding her in place as he fucked her. She was his sex toy.

Ella felt Hank's hands fondling her breasts; she looked up at him in fear and anticipation. He pushed his finger into the spot where she had her tattoo.

"Someone broke yer heart, eh?" he said, conversationally. She said nothing, continuing to look up at him in submissive terror.

"C'mon, you can tell me." he said, rolling her onto her front. He spanked her big ass, and she moaned as it jiggled; he spanked it a few more times, from both directions, making the cheeks clap into and off of each other. She was moaning and sweating, her pussy dripping wet. Still she said nothing, so he tried a different tack.

"You don't usually see asses like this on white girls." he said, fondling her right ass cheek and slapping it again. "You pay for it?" Jessica's squealing moans, and the wet slap of flesh on flesh, filled the background; she said nothing.

This finally pissed him off. He grabbed her face. "Answer me, you bitch."

She breathed heavily and managed to force out the words: "No... no... it's natural."

He shrugged. "Not sure if I believe you." he said, spanking it again from the right. She moaned as Jessica screamed louder and louder, clearly being brought to her third orgasm of the night.

"Still", he continued, "it's a great butt." Jessica squealed and screamed so loud and long it made Ella wince, the high-pitched noise pealing off into the night as Waylon held his cock deep inside her and drew the pleasure out as far as possible. Finally it trailed off and she hung there limp in his arms, her black hair dangling from her downturned head as she panted and moaned and tried to get her breath back.

Hank grabbed Ella's face again as she lay, naked and helpless, on the ground. "You like what you just saw, bitch?"

Ella gulped and nodded. She wished she was lying, but she wasn't; her pussy was sopping wet from what she had just witnessed.

"Then it's your turn, cunt." he said happily. She moaned as he picked her up off the ground and carried her over to the pickup, laying her prone over the trailer, presenting her ass and sopping pussy. He spanked her again, hard enough to make her squeal; Waylon grabbed Jessica's chin and forced it up so she could watch the reddened cheeks bounce and clap.

"That ass might even be better than yours." he said, mockingly. "You'll get to be the judge." Jessica groaned helplessly; his hard dick was still inside her, and she couldn't think straight.

She watched as Hank penetrated her protégé once again, making her scream instantly as the pleasure immediately overwhelmed her. She moaned, helpless, as Waylon gently massaged his dick in and out of her tender pussy while she watched, enough to give her pleasure but not enough to distract her from the humiliation she was witnessing. The girl she'd had such high hopes for - the girl who, she'd hoped, would eventually take up her mantle as the badass biker chick you didn't mess with on the roads; the girl who'd been so eager to be a strong, powerful bitch - was just as totally, utterly helpless as she was; the man was making her cheeks clap constantly, pounding her pussy with ever-increasing force, making her squirm and spasm and convulse as he held her firmly down to the trailer and fucked her into absolute submission. Her screams were constant and louder than hers had been, as if she was in constant orgasm with the sheer pleasure he was forcing upon her; sweat dripped down her forehead and into her eye as she watched, and she blinked, hoping it would disguise the tears that were forming.

Here she was, crying like a normal, weak woman. But then again, wasn't that exactly what she was?

Ella screamed louder and longer than Jessica had ever thought possible as she came to her final orgasm; Jessica watched through her tears, by now streaming uncontrollably down her face, as Hank triumphantly slapped her fat ass one last time. He turned and beckoned to Waylon.

"Bring her on over." he said as she tried to contain her mewling sobs. "I've got an idea."

Waylon picked the trembling Jessica up and brought her to the trailer, where he deposited her in the same position as her protégé. Jessica stared into Ella's eyes; she was crying, too. They both wept softly, sobs occasionally escaping as they processed the men's total, humiliating conquest of the both of them.

"Now, let's do it like this." said Hank, lifting Ella's legs up and depositing her on her side on the trailer, her back to Jessica, ass jutting out.

"Ah." said Waylon. "I see what you're going for here." He did the same with Jessica, placing her on her side with her ass jutting out towards Ella's; Jessica moaned as she felt her ass come into contact with Ella's, and the men held them there, their asses firmly resting on each other, their legs stretched outwards to present their soft, wet pussies.

The helpless women knew what was coming; the men, almost in unison, grabbed their sides and throats. Jessica groaned in frightened anticipation through her tears, still streaming uncontrollably down her face, as she felt her oxygen flow cut off once again.

"Great minds think alike." remarked Waylon in amusement.

The two women gasped and groaned almost simultaneously as the men shoved their cocks in one last time. This time was the last, she could tell, because they were, impossibly, going even harder than before; their aim this time, at last, was to cum inside them. The pleasure immediately filled her up again and punched through her in waves, making her dizzy in combination with the oxygen deprivation; everything started to go fuzzy and dark and she nearly lost consciousness before Waylon let go and let her breathe again. Ella wasn't so lucky; the last thing she perceived before she went truly unconscious was the raw pleasure filling her body, making her spasm and convulse in every direction as she lost all semblance of self-control. Their asses bounced constantly into and off of each other, the waves of kinetic energy clapping into each other with wet slaps as they moaned and squirmed helplessly against the men's strength. Waylon watched, satisfied, as Jessica's rose tattoo rippled with the constant jiggling of her ass, her moans and occasional sobs punctuating his enjoyment like music to his ears.

Ella came to again as she was about to climax; she woke to pure pleasure filling her every sense and looked around, deliriously, having no connection to reality as she found herself unable to process any sensory input except the aggressive bliss that was destroying her. She felt the pleasure breaking through her and spasmed hard, uncontrollably kicking and flailing her arms as she screamed with what little breath she had; Jessica screamed a weak, raspy scream alongside her, lain low by her own overwhelming orgasm, kicking involuntarily and ineffectually against Waylon. Neither of them noticed the men grunting and groaning in orgasms of their own, finally allowing themselves to empty their cum into the women's helpless pussies. The body fat in Jessica's soft thighs bounced just like her ass as her flailing legs made contact with Waylon's hips, and he sighed in enjoyment as he looked down on her, holding his dick firmly in her pussy and filling it with the last of his cum.

Hank laughed and triumphantly slapped Ella's face; Ella moaned in pain, aching all over, panting through her sore throat. She moaned as Hank grabbed her and rolled her back over to face Jessica; she found Jessica right in front of her, staring right at her, her face right next to hers.

"Go on." said Waylon. "Kiss."

They didn't hesitate; they leaned forward and kissed each other. The men grabbed their heads and held them there; they kissed long and hard. The men held them there until they were satisfied, then pulled them back; Jessica saw her lipstick on Ella's face.

They stared at each other in empty shock, eyes still red from the now-dry tears. They were badass biker chicks, or so they'd thought; they were strong, powerful figures who struck fear into the hearts of law-abiding citizens across the country. But here they were, aching and sore, filled with cum, covered in sweat, panting and moaning helplessly as the men who had so effortlessly raped them into complete submission held them down and drank in their sexy, naked bodies.

They'd never been defeated this completely before, let alone raped so utterly effortlessly. It was utterly humiliating; most humiliating of all was that the thought of this very humiliation was making Jessica's pussy wet again, aching and sore as it was. Even armed, and against an unarmed man, she'd been so completely and utterly helpless that she hadn't been able to do anything whatsoever to even slightly defend herself from the man she'd been trying to dominate; now she was his bitch, and it hadn't even been the slightest effort for him to make her so. She tried to suppress the deeply submissive feeling that was building up inside her, but she couldn't; she felt nothing but respect for these men, who had so easily taken two armed, strong biker women and raped them into such total submission. They were the men's property now.

As were their possessions.


The horizon glowed yellow with the sun's early summer rise. Waylon finished filling up the Harley's tank, then tossed the tanker away.

"That's it all full." he said, happily. "Should be more'n enough to get us to the next gas station. And then after that, it's all smooth sailin' - there's a station on every corner up in Tennessee."

Hank smiled. "God works in mysterious ways, don't he?"

He sat upon the seat of his new Harley, the girly stickers freshly peeled off. He marveled at it, sighing; perfectly maintained, shiny, very reliable. These girls might've been helpless in a fight, but they were clearly good mechanics.

He beckoned. "C'mere, dear."

The naked Ella gingerly stepped towards him and climbed on the bike behind him, stretching her arms round him and holding onto him tightly. Waylon looked upon the duo, smiling; she knew her place now. There was an important line between a biker bitch and a biker's bitch.

He turned to Jessica, behind him, also completely naked and looking at him submissively. He clambered onto the bike; he didn't even have to beckon her to follow him. She climbed right on behind him, and he sighed at the pleasant sensation of her soft breasts on his back and her warm arms round his chest.

The men revved up their new bikes; they filled the air with a glorious growling roar. Hank shook his head in wonderment.

"We're blessed now." he shouted over the engine noise. "This was a miracle. Don't you forget that, Waylon."

Waylon laughed as he drove off in his bike; Hank marvelled at the way Jessica's ass jiggled constantly from the vibrations of the seat. It was truly a sight to behold; he was just sad he wouldn't be able to see Ella's doing the same thing. He set his bike in gear and set off, following Waylon.

The two bikers drove into the distance, their sex slaves clinging to their backs. Jessica felt the vibrations in a deep place in her pussy; she wasn't sure if it was just the different position or her newfound submissiveness, but either way it was like sitting on a vibrator. Silently, she orgasmed hard on the back of what had once been her own bike, clutching its new owner's chest harder as she did so. As the orgasm faded, she felt it building up again as the vibration didn't let up.

She sighed in pleasure. This was the life.

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Started by VeiledInnocence - Last post by vile8r
Southern girl, huh. Well, I guess I'm Northern guy, LOL! Way up north.....as in Canada.   Welcome to RU and I hope we see more of you!

 on: Yesterday at 11:19:50 PM 
Started by SoftGameHunter - Last post by vile8r
Wow SGH! Fucking brutal! Brutal and creative. I almost want some cops to come busting in and rescue poor chubby Melanie. .......Almost. Because if they did the story would be over and I don't want that. 

 on: Yesterday at 10:36:10 PM 
Started by mercilessman - Last post by Kodiak
Sehr interessant bin gespannt wie es weiter geht :)

 on: Yesterday at 09:49:32 PM 
Started by Lois - Last post by CameronCrash99
Okay, thanks! Sorry if it was a stupid question, I'm quite new here lol

 on: Yesterday at 09:41:27 PM 
Started by badsammie - Last post by badsammie
Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed it!

 on: Yesterday at 09:31:54 PM 
Started by Lois - Last post by SoftGameHunter
Will swearing in a story I write get me banned? I ask this cause I just posted a story to the true stories forum and there's a fair share of swearing in it.

Also do you have to ask permission before making a post?

Um, no and no. And not to sound too lordly, but I'd love to know why you're asking. Well, no matter.

And actually, asking about swearing is less odd that some of us might think. After I became a mod I learned that I'd been reported for saying god damn on my very first day here.

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