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Title: Please Help. How do I write a story?
Post by: hoelottalove on December 24, 2016, 01:48:07 PM
I am brand new to the site and having a little trouble navigating. I would like to write a story, and well, not sure how to do that.

Title: Re: Please Help. How do I write a story?
Post by: Algore on December 25, 2016, 12:20:10 AM
Welcome to the board. Hope you have fun and make new friends!

Writing a good story isn't easy. You need a firm idea of what you want to achieve and whether it will be plot-based or action-based. If you want a "story that features rape" then you focus on your plot. If you want a "rape with a bit of story" then you focus on action.

 When I write a story I usually make a rough outline of what I want to happen so I can refer to it as I develop the story. I rarely write my stories from beginning to end - instead I write whatever scene I feel inspired to write at the time and string it all together later on. Partitioning your story into chapters makes it easier to do this if the story is long.

 When setting the scene for your story it helps to choose something you are familiar with - your place of work, perhaps a nightclub you visit - or any other place/scenario that you know well. This will make it easier for you to describe the scene and make your story more "solid" - as in convincing to the reader.

 It also helps to have a good idea of who your characters are. If you are writing about yourself that's easy - but don't forget you need other characters as well. One thing I find helpful is to pick a character from a TV show who suits your needs. That way you already have a fully-developed character and you can easily imagine how they would look/sound/act.

 So: first rough out your story, then choose your characters - then start writing. I find that good ideas often come to me at work and I write them out later. I just write whatever scene I feel inspired to write and then edit later. Once you have your story more or less complete it's time to start editing. Spelling, grammar, punctuation - tedious but very important. And don't forget paragraph breaks - a wall of text is very difficult to read and most people won't even bother.

 As you check your spelling etc be mindful of the narrative. Does everything fit together? Do some parts need more detail? Have you told the story you intended to?

 As I said - it's hard to write a good story. But it can be rewarding and it definitely improves your writing skills if you do it properly. Good luck!

Title: Re: Please Help. How do I write a story?
Post by: darklord on December 26, 2016, 08:09:25 PM
Great advice from algore.  If you want to know the basics of how to submit.  I usually work from a word doc.  Do all the spell check etc and then copy and paste to the site under the correct heading.  In the "Literature" section you will find different headings.  When you are ready to submit just select the "New Topic" button and paste your completed story.  Always good to preview it before actually posting.